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Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at


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Renewal Remedies

Treatment Experience

Hair Transcendence

Discover Oribe’s new professional treatment service at




Hair color that turns heads. Extraordinary brilliance

and shine that can only be achieved through

Elumenation by Goldwell. From the intense vibrancy

of Elumen to the multi-layer, customizable effects

of @Pure Pigments, to the premixed, easy to use

Topchic @Elumenated Shades, our mastery of direct

dye technology gives you infinite ways to create

color that goes beyond your expectations.




In the troubled times we find ourselves living in, some of the exceptionally unique qualities

that have always been inherent to the hairstyling community are today more relevant than

ever. I'm talking about concepts like resilience –the capacity of a person to recover from

adversity to continue planning for the future; empathy –the ability to see with the eyes

of others, listen with the ears of others and feel with the hearts of others; or solidarity –

expressing both strength in unity and pride in the industry hairdressers represent–. While

Hair: James Pecis

for Oribe Hair Care

Photo: Sharif Hamza

Creative Direction:

Haidee Findlay-Levin

we're still far from celebrating having overcome this terrible Covid-19 crisis, during these

last months the world really began to understand what an essential and indispensable

service our hair professionals provide, one which invariably goes far beyond haircuts,

blow-outs or hair coloring: they are our friends, allies, confidantes, psychologists...

as the popular meme says: who needs

a therapist when you have a hairstylist

who will listen to all your problems and

make you pretty for the same price?

That's why salon re-openings everywhere have been a reason for celebration for both

hairstylists and their clients and one of the most eagerly awaited events worldwide. We

This 2020 has been a horrible

year in many ways... but

whatever happens, whatever

your situation is today, please

remember this: your current

circumstances do not dictate

your future potential.

have not seen anything like it in other industries, just as we have seen few people as active

during confinement as hairdressers: sharing, educating and getting educated day after day,

keeping our industry creatively inspired and maintaining a state of unity and solidarity

from which many of you have emerged much stronger than before. Here at Estetica, we

launched the #HairdressersStayingStrong campaign during the first weeks of the

lockdown (see page 10), posting on social media 250 digital front covers of our magazine,

each one featuring an inspirational quote by renowned hairstylists worldwide. We

received plenty of amazing, encouraging messages, but today I'd like to share just this one

with you, from our friend and industry icon Candy Shaw: “Now more than ever we must

support our hair community. We are creative, resilient and united. Take this time to share

your knowledge with others freely and keep yourself inspired. Our circumstances do not

dictate our future potential. Together we are stronger!”

Sergi Bancells

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*oil after disinfecting

Estetica n. 2/2020




Roberto Pissimiglia



Sergi Bancells



Laura Castelli


Sara El Basyony

Serena Monachesi


Manuela Artosi

Davide Cardente


Nives Carena


Marie Scarano


Bel M. Dolla

Elisabet Parra, Cristina Hernández


Michaela Dee


Stéphanie Argentin, Marie Coccoluto


Gary Kelly


Lucia Preziosi, Glorianna Vaschetto


Héctor Ramírez, Ernesto Álvarez,

Karla Cuéllar, Fernando Farfán


Matteo Franceschini Beghini,

Erica Balduini, Ludovica Cavalli,

Erika Marchese, Wilma Sommariva,

Valentina Stella

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Trends Lockdown top hair inspo 12

Products Back to basics 14

Interview Daniel Kaner 18

Collection Blondes all the way 22

Competition Global Artistry 24

Events IHAs set for 2021! 27

Vision Nuances of freedom 28

Updates United we stand 82

Updates Creating a New Normal 84

Color Color and care 86

What’s new

in color looks,

texture, and

styling this


How the industry

responded to the

pandemic and where

do we go from here?

international trends

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hair that you can achieve with

the right products," says

James Pecis, Oribe Hair Care

Global Brand Ambassador.

Cover Story

Our Summer cover features Oribe’s new Renewal

Remedies Treatment Experience campaign – the brand’s

first salon-exclusive professional service that perfects and

protects hair from root to tip.

8 photoshoot "This shoot was about quality

After years of development, Oribe is excited to introduce Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience, a

revolutionary system that is customized by professionals to address clients’ individual hair needs. Building

on Oribe’s heritage as a salon focused brand, this service enables salon partners to present their customers

with innovative technology, while generating a new opportunity for the salon to add business value.

Designed to address the full spectrum of concerns including smoothness, strength or color retention, each

custom-blended treatment improves texture and provides intense hydration for all hair types.

Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience includes two components, Foundations and Amplifiers, that are

combined by a salon stylist at the backbar and applied to the hair for just five minutes. The Foundations

contain a fortifying sugar-protein complex called Bio-Synergy, which strengthens the inner structure of

hair while simultaneously repairing the damaged outer layer. The Amplifiers are concentrated ingredient

blends, customizing each treatment to address the client’s primary hair need. In a clinical study, hair was

visibly smoother, softer and more manageable after one use.

Sustainability and functionality were priorities when developing the Renewal Remedies Treatment

Experience packaging system. The Foundation and Amplifier bottles are made from 100% Post-

Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic and are recyclable, with the PCR being domestically sourced and

produced in the United States. The applicator bottles and applicator tips were developed to be washed

and reused multiple times, which results in a lower overall carbon footprint when developing, producing

and filling the packaging.

For more information, visit

“A few models came to

the campaign shoot with

hair that was severely

damaged from constant

styling at fashion shoots

and shows. We wanted

to really highlight the

power of using the right

Renewal Remedies

Treatment to create

healthy and hydrated

hair. The shoot was about

the simplicity of having

beautiful hair that can be

obtained by all,”

James Pecis, Global

Ambassador, Oribe

Hair Care.

The Renewal Remedies system sits beautifully at the backbar within

a sleek, durable display, designed to have a minimal footprint and

featuring modern patinaed brass & smooth black Corian.


Staying Strong

Times are hard for everyone. The world as we knew it

changed from day to night after the global outbreak of the

pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis triggered by

Covid-19. That's why we need to stay more united than ever.

The Covid-19 crisis has hurt everyone in every country and in every industry... and the beauty

industry has not been an exception as it has been greatly affected; first, during the period of

lockdown –salons across the world were forced to close their business for months–, and later,

throughout the de-escalation phase, in which the economic activity has been harmed both by the cost

and implications of the application of the hygienic-sanitary measures, and by the limitations regarding

the number of clients that could be looked after, infringing on the capacity allowed and the speed of

the service and speed of the service. Many have suffered and many still suffer. That's why Estetica

Magazine, during the first weeks of the lockdown, triggered the #HairdressersStayingStrong campaign

– making it a dominant feature across our global network and social media platforms. This beautiful

initiative was just one expression of how we all were – and still we are facing this challenge together.

As it drew to its close, we are proud to highlight that an incredible 250 digital front covers of Estetica

Magazine had been produced, each one featuring an inspirational quotation by renowned members

of the hairdressing community from around the world, along with their image. These messages

arrived from a staggering 38 countries! Despite geographical distances, the core messages have all

been very similar: while we have published many messages of positivity, optimism and support, the

most common recurring theme has been one of solidarity – of hairdressers expressing both strength

in unity and pride in the industry which they represent.

While it’s still too soon to celebrate any definitive victory over the Covid-19 crisis, we are proud to share

with you just some of the #HairdressersStayingStrong covers we posted – but you still can find them all

on our @esteticamagazine Instagram. We, at Estetica Magazine, will never cease to honor hairdressers

everywhere, while celebrating their everyday work, their beautiful soul and their creative genius.

10 unity

A time for unity, reflection and inspiring each other

In these long and uncertain times, Estetica has never interrupted the dialogue with hairdressers

around the globe, talking to hundreds of hair heroes worldwide since day one of the lockdown.

We know that messages of strength and solidarity are so empowering and that's why we started

this campaign: the recognition that like-minded people and those we admire are with us on our

journey makes the difficulties easier to face. Each one of the personalized covers of the campaign

included an inspirational quotation carrying messages of positivity, optimism and certainty that

we will get through the catastrophe that has shrouded our world. We are all in this together.




top hair inspo

An awe-inspiring sampling of the most-liked posts on our

@esteticamagazine Insta page during the lockdown days!




124 exhibition



Estetica Magazine wanted to gather together a sampling of the most-liked

posts on our Instagram page during the Covid-19 crisis lockdown,

reflecting the riotous burst of colors, cuts, and coifs that continues to stand

witness to the indominatable spirit of hairdressing professionals.




In the last months,

people turned up in

record numbers to

Instagram to learn,

to glean inspiration,

or to just pass their

time at home in

good company.


Sheltering at home is perhaps hardest on people-oriented professions, like hairdressers, who are used

to personal interactions and working with their hands to channel their creativity. Yet it takes much

more than a lockdown to squash hairdressers’ creativity, as illustrated by the exponential boom of

posts and engagements on Instagram, as we have seen these past months on our @esteticamagazine

page. These posts feature everything from video tutorials to brand new mannequin looks, from

reminiscent repostings of faves to amusing or inspirational memes, all intended to foster creativity,

encourage experimentation, cultivate competence, and simply offer moral support.



Back to


Your color looks great and styling is perfect, but remember

that great hair starts at the roots - and scalp - with shampoo

& conditioner to face the unique challenges of summer! Marie Scarano

“To everything there is a season...” and the same is true for your hair. All too often we tend to shampoo

& condition under the shower to save time and trouble, then working on our blowout with heat

protection and styling products to get everything “just right”. Instead we should always take care of our

“crowing glory” much as we would our skin, finding specific products to pamper our scalp, fortify our

roots, and second the very nature of our hair while protecting our investment in color treatments.

It may sound complicated, but today your hairdresser is happy to recommend a specific regime

to keep your hair healthy and color fresh long before you worry about styling. And the good news is

that today’s products are mostly free of sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride; many are formulated with

sustainably and organically sourced botanicals. And more demanding consumers and find 100% vegan

and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free products in PCR packaging, like R+Co’s Super Garden CBD

Shampoo & Conditioner, infused with hemp-derived CBD and a unique blend of hydrating and

14 products

Wahl’s 3-in-1 Hair and

Body Wash and


Professional Cleansing

Shampoo pamper both

hair and scalp.



CHI has come out with a unique 7-piece collection of Aloe Vera

and Agave Nectar Haircare Line that will moisturize, protect

and care for curls while helping to define, create and maintain

the natural curl pattern of each strand.

Summer trends focus on natural textures and

embracing your curls - keep them healthy!


Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee - Photo: Nathan Mays - Model: Gracyn

invigorating oil to cleanse hair and pamper the scalp. And remember, like your skin, hair will need plenty

You like to relax

of moisture and protection to avoid the frizzies. One of the best ways to do this is to use plant-based

ingredients to create a natural protective barrier on the hair. Using a regimen of hydrating products

such as Rahua Hydration Shampoo, Hydration Conditioner, and Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier,

or CHI’S Aloe Vera Line, or Wella Professionals Nutricurls Care Line, which includes everything from

Shampoos to Conditioners and styling products formulated with wheat bran extract and jojoba oil.

Another option is MOP® Citrus Replenishing Shampoo, infused with Vitamin C, Passionflower and

Abyssinian Oil, all natural humectants capable of hydrating the hair and scalp, without stripping color.

Another obvious tip to help keep your hair healthy and happy is to embrace your hair's natural texture

instead of fighting it, especially curls and waves: take a break from your blow dryer, curling iron, and

flat iron and let your hair air dry! Your hair will thank you!


Sebastian Professional Dark Oil is a special lightweight blend of oils that smooths and adds body to your

hair, leaving it looking shiny and silk. ApHogee Green Tea & Keratin Shampoo and Restructurizer harness

the benefits of green tea to restore, revitalize stressed out hair and scalp with antioxidants. Wella Professionals

Nurtricurls Shampoo and Conditioner nourish, define and hydrate scalp and hair. Right: Nioxin Scalp

Recovery Purifying Exfoliator removes scalp flakes, debris and dead skin cell build-up for the perfect

pre-shampoo treatment.

16 products

Sebastian Professional

during the summer

and so does your hair.

Less stress and more

self-care! Fewer

chemicals and more


Wella Professionals

R+Co Sun Catcher

leave-in conditioner

nourishes and protects

while detangling and

fighting frizz.

Using the right shampoo & conditioner can

make all the difference in your hair’s health


Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee - Photo: Nathan Mays - Model: Gracyn









Daniel Kaner, President and Co-Founder of Oribe Hair Care and brilliant conversationalist,

talked with Estetica about the company joining forces with Kao and Goldwell,

touching upon everything from synergies, to development, and roads less taken.

Tell us about the internationalization of the Oribe brand after becoming a part of Kao?

Several years ago, I was introduced to Cory Couts (Global President, Kao Salon Division)

through my friend and industry veteran John Moroney (VP Creative & Communication,

Kao Salon Division). We identified Goldwell as a strategic partner for us, as their color is the

gold standard in our industry and a perfect companion for our brand, which eventually led

to a partnership with the Kao Salon Division North America in 2018. What was amazing is

that we really got to know the organization before we joined them. We worked closely with

Trevor Attenborough (President & GM, Kao North America) and his team, including

educators, field sales and marketers. It usually doesn’t work that way, as acquisitions often

happen before a relationship has been formed. But we had a great relationship going into

the acquisition which has made our transition seamless. Kao brings a structured footprint

throughout Europe and Asia: professional managers and educational facilities that span the

globe, and in many ways it's really a dream for a brand like ours to be able to share these

“We launched Oribe Hair Care in 2008

during the recession… we believed that resources. Our goal is to bring the very same values and principles into the expanded

there was room for us. I’ve spent a great deal network that the professional division has provided. We’ve learned that a true global brand

of time in my career with very serious

hairdressers and business owners, and there speaks in local dialects and is sensitive to local market conditions. Our partnership allows

is such a deep sense of professionalism and

us to enter the market in a careful and thoughtful way.

love for the artistic side of the business. This

was the group that tested our products in the

early stages; these were the salon owners that

loaned us the money to create the brand; we

remain deeply tethered to this community.

Our products are designed to speak to them.”

18 interview

“I love the Rough Luxury Molding Paste. It works

beautifully, with just a very small amount of it in

my hair. Then several years ago we went into handmilled

soap... it’s so dense, that to me if feels like

you’re using beauty cream on your body...”

“We used to joke, “How fun would it be to

create a factice, an oversized perfume bottle,

and use it at the back bar, because you would

see a beautiful design that would be there

like a statue, a work of art. I love the Shampoo

for Beautiful Color. I love the way the big

red liter bottle looks in my shower and the

fragrance is so nice.” Daniel Kaner

How has education been adapted in the wake of COVID?

Our program consists of in-salon classes and larger-scale regional workshops. We had to pivot to a

digital format in the wake of COVID. Oftentimes, we can only see the challenges that change

brings, but in this case, we have a new format in which to reimagine our education. Portability,

accessibility, broader audiences and nondiluted messaging are all pieces of the puzzle that our

educators are currently working through. We see this as an opportunity, which is exciting and will

provide more for all.

What COVID emergency initiatives have impressed you?

The current situation has brought our community closer together, and we’ve witnessed broadbased

support throughout our industry. We overcommunicated throughout the pandemic,

sharing information from the lead markets as they began to open, which was very helpful...

because none of us knew what to expect. We were delighted with the consumer response

wanting to support their local salons by participating in curbside retail programs. In addition,

many of our most distinguished salon owners and managers participated in national podcasts

to share insights, resources and best practices. I’ve always experienced tremendous generosity

within our salon community. I’m proud of our Kao Professional Division and am grateful to the

spirited leaders that led us through this troubled period... we truly are stronger together.

Read the complete interview with Daniel Kaner at

Reunite With Your

Beauty Community





Photo Credit: Hair by 2020 NAHA

Winner Chrystofer Benson

NOVEMBER 8-9, 2020













all the way

From the subtle whisper of lightened locks to icy

platinum strands, Paul Mitchell artists create beautiful

looks to inspire new blonding routines and techniques.

124 adloremter

The latest Paul Mitchell

Blonde photo shoot was

filmed on location in

beautiful Southern

California – the perfect

backdrop for a most

chic blonde moment.

Just ask a blonde. There’s more than one way to go blonde. This season, Paul

Mitchell Professional Hair Color artists introduce three whimsical, inspiring

looks. ‘Kiss of Blonde’, created by Heather Ka’anoi, shines with glistening hints

of gold to complement the client’s natural base; ‘Golden Girl’ is a beautifully

lived-in balayage created by Colin Caruso – “It looks like her hair has been

on vacation and is naturally sun-kissed,” says Colin; and ‘Platinum Perfection’

is a cool-toned, fabulous icy blonde created by Lucas Doney... Irresisti-blonde!

Platinum Perfection

Kiss Of Blonde

Golden Girl



Eli Mancha

The Salon by Instyle Design Team

Global Artistry

The 2020 Global Image Awards by America’s Beauty Show

recognize hairdressing talent on a global level, celebrating

the passion and artistry of professional & emerging stylists.

Charlie Price

Ammon Carver

Stephanie Gorman & Carl Belfiore

24 competition

The 2020 ABS Global Image Awards Winners are: Avant-Garde – Eli Mancha, Bang! Salon, Chicago, IL; Avant-Garde

Shool Team – Stephanie Gorman & Carl Belfiore, Brown Aveda Institute, Euclid, OH; ColorAmerica® Colorist of the

Year – Chrystofer Benson, Chrystofer Benson Salon, South Weber, UT; Haircutting – Chris Baran, Fountain Hills, AZ;

Men's Haircutting – Alazne Gonzalez, Bilbao, Spain; Salon Team – The Salon by Instyle Design Team, Plano, TX,

featuring Rachel Cordasco, Darcy Falls, Kellie Ferraro, Jaimee Harris Smith, Brendnetta Ashley, Miguelina Mejia &

Amberle Kerskstra; Student Champion – Brennen Richardson, Eric Fisher Academy, Wichita, KS; Texture – Charlie

Price, Underground Studios, Denver, CO; Editorial – Ammon Carver, Bolingbrook, IL. In addition to each category

winner, Chris Baran won the Leo Passage Gold Trophy, given to the competitor with the highest cumulative scores.

Chris Baran

Chrystofer Benson

Alazne Gonzalez

Brennen Richardson

After the huge success of their

two first editions, the International

Hairdressing Awards announced

the calendar of their third year.

The International


Hairdressing Awards are

an independent

company, powered by

hairdressers, founded

and directed by the

well-known Spanish

hairdresser Mikel Luzea.

set for 2021!

The third edition of the International Hairdressing Awards will take place in February 2021 in a

completely new and surprising format that cannot yet be unveiled, due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

The International Hairdressing Awards are supported by Revlon Professional as main sponsor, Estetica

Magazine as global media partner and Salón Look Madrid – Ifema as sponsor. Entries will be open until

September 23rd. Once the entry period closes, the judges will vote the participating collections and on

16th October, the finalists will be announced in live streaming from the finalists gallery, located in Salón

Look Madrid. For more information, please visit

The winners in the five categories will be revealed among the fifteen

finalists whose candidacies will be chosen by a jury made up of five world

famous international hairdressers... Who will win the 2021 'purple ladies'?



Incredible shadings and

dimension on a new and classic

base. Just make it big, make it

sexy, make it WOW!

(Left) Hair: Steve Elias

Make-up: Risa Hoshino

Photo: IJfke Ridgley

Products: Olivia Garden

(Right) Hair: Mego Ayvazian

Photo: Hussein Idriss

Make-up: Takla Chidiac

Styling: Missaki Couture

Products: CHI


of Freedom

Best of


“Blue indigo and

blond moods

setting the pace -

big bob glam or

platinum power”



30 vision

“Brights and darks

reflect the ups and

downs of life itself...”

Best of


Bold statement colors for street-smart

looks, where texture and styling reflect bold

geometrics or easy-going sensuality.

(Left) Hair: Kevin Nguyen (@yakuzabarber)

Products: Wahl Professional

(Right) Hair: Nichole Jones

Photo: Tom Carson

Make-up: Nichole Jones

Model: Dori Emmons



Hair: Sophie Gibson, Jonathan Turner @ Hooker & Young/Photo: Michael Young/Make-up: Kirsten Baillie/Styling: Claire Frith



Blue skies, rainbows, fun’n’sun. Who’s ready to swing into summer with a new lease on life? Jump right in,

the colour is fine! You’re guaranteed to make a big splash from your back yard to the beaches to the streets!

Cieli azzurri, arcobaleni, sole ed energia positiva. Chi è pronto a scivolare nella luce dell’estate

per un nuovo inizio? Tuffati con noi nel colore! Viaggerai con la fantasia: dalle spiagge alla street-fashion.





Cielos azules, arcoíris, sol y energía positiva. ¿Estás listo para disfrutar del verano como un nuevo comienzo?

¡Sumérgete con nosotros en el color! La fantasía te permite viajar: desde las playas hasta la moda de la calle.

Hair: Manuel Ferreres

@ Salón Five

Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up: Nacho Sanz

Styling: Ban & Ro


Cryptic allure. Seductively demure.

Look but don’t touch. Hair as a

sensual contradiction in terms.

Hair: Royston Blythe

& Anthony Osborne

Photo: Richard Miles

Styling: Nick Malenko

Art Direction: Team Elgon

Global Artist: Marco Girotti for Elgon

Photo: Andrew O’Toole, Chiara Romagnoli





Hair: Essential Looks by Schwarzkopf Professional

Sunrises, sunny beaches, and

sunsets inspire easy-going

textures for a no-nonsense you




Hair: Steph Peckmore

Photo: Tom Goddard

Make-up: Meg Lindow, Ruby Landles

Styling: James Earnshaw, Tarin

Sawyer Scott, Danyl Knox

Hair: Excel Coiffure

Photo: Pawel Wylag

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska

Styling: Joanna Wolff

Hair: Dan Spiller @ Marc Antoni

Photo: Jamie Blanchard

Make-up: Katie Moore

Styling: Bruno Marc

Hair: Francesco De Nile

Photo: Carlo Battillocchi

Make-up: Markus Theisen,

Fashion avenue

Styling: Romina Power

Products: Kaaral






Anything goes! Being the best

version of yourself makes you

the most-followed trendsetter

Hair: The Club

Photo: Danilo Falà

Make-up: Fausto Cavaleri

Styling: Eleonora Papetti,

Riccardo Rubino

Products: Wella









Hair: Extrema Hair

for Wella Professionals

Photo: Stratis Kas

Make-up: Claudia Zambello

Styling: Rudy Mostarda

Products: Wella

Hair: Norm Wright

Photo: Natasha Gerschon

Make-up: Poala Manigat


Shocking effects!

Hair: Alba Andreu @ Salones Carlos Valiente/Photo: Esteban Roca/Make-up: Noelia Molina/Styling: Salones CV



of movement

Reverberation of lights and colours in

rippling waves. Hairdressing and physics

meet at the edge

laurencoophair smartest73

ana.malk.artist jamiefurlan

Hair: Adrian Gutierrez

Photo: Damien Carney

Make-up: Joanne Gair

Styling: Nikko Kefalas

Hair: Adrian Mark Van Gutierrez/Photo: Westerop/Photo: Damien Ivo de Carney Kok

NAHA 2020 Finalist Hairstylist of the year

Hair: Julie Vriesinga/Photo: Paula Tizzard/Courtesy of PBA

Hair: Xaro Ferri Sanchís @ Xaro Ferri Estilistas/Photo: Juanjo Martín

Hair: Luciana Sabariz, Norma Mejía @ Sabariz Hairtists/Photo: David Arnal

Hair: Makeover/Photo: David Arnal

Crazy hair

Animal instincts...

gone wild

Hair: Dan Spiller @ Marc Antoni

Photo: Jamie Blanchard

Hair: Manuel Mon @ Manuel Mon Estilistas

Photo: Bernardo Baragaño @ Vertigo Estudio

Hair: Stevie English Hair Team @ Stevie English Hair

Photo: David Mannah

Hair: Beauty Underground/Photo: John Rawson

NAHA 2020 Winner Team of the Year

Hair: Salon by Instyle Design Team

Photo: Robert Reed

Courtesy of PBA

Hair: Stevie English Hair Team

@ Stevie English Hair

Photo: David Mannah

Hair: Bernat Sayol

@ Salones Carlos Valiente

Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up: Nacho Sanz

Styling: Salones CV

Hair: Darren Ambrose/Photo: Jenny Hands/Make-up: John Christopher


Body art, vanguard cuts,

complex colours, sassy styling.

Pushing fashion and hair art

to the limit.





Hair: Charo García @ Salón Ilitia

Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up: Charo García

Products: Previa

Hair: Rafael Bueno

@ Rafael Bueno Peluqueros

Photo: Edu Gomez

Make-up: Lulú Pérez

Styling: Xisco Morales

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Angelo Seminara

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Laura Dominique

Styling: Niccolò Torelli




Breathtaking creations

that take haircolor artistry

to the next level.

With Moonlight,

Seminara has conquered

his 5th AIPP Grand

Trophy Award

– an absolute record!

Hair: Mayte Garrote

@ Different Estilistas

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Jose Luis Blasco

Styling: Visori Fashionart

Hair: Michael Rackett for Rush/Photo: Chris Bulezuik

Make-up: Roseanna Velin, Kristina Pavlovic/Styling: Magdalena Jacobs





Hair: Leonardo Rizzo, Alter Ego Italy

International Creative Director

Color: Stefania Fraccaro,

“Metamorphosis Collection”

Technical Director and Team Akademìa

Photo: Marco di Filippo

@ TM Studio Productions




Hair: Miquel García Cotado

for Revlon

Photo: Miguel Reveriego

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Oscar Vera, Leonie

Ollacarizqueta, Xavi Rosés

for Kin Cosmetics

Photo: Marcos Domingo

Make-up: Concha Rodríguez

Styling: Ángel Cabezuelo

Products: Kin Cosmetics








Hair: Gandini Team

Photo: Paulo Rentfle

Make-up: Alemka Krupc

Styling: Amélie L.

Art Director: Tom Connell for Davines

Hair: Salones Carlos Valiente/Photo: Esteban Roca /Make-up: Gloss Make Up

Styling: Visori Fashionart/Products: Revlon Professional, American Crew

Hair: Dan Spiller @ Marc Antoni/Photo: Jamie Blanchard

Make-up: Katie Moore/Styling: Bruno Marc

When less is more...

so much more!

Focus on colour and

precisely sculpted details

makes all the difference.

Hair: Tracy Doak @ De Stijl Hair/Photo: Kishka Jensen/Make-up: Sofia Pafitis/Styling: Tracy Doak

Hair: Gonzalo Zarauza

@ Centro Beta

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Wildvandijk

Styling: Eunnis Mesa

Products: Montibello

Hair: Manuel Ferreres

@ Salón Five

Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up: Nacho Sanz

Styling: Ban & Ro

Hair: Makeover

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Wild Van Dijk

Stylist: Aaron Gil

Products: Schwarzkopf



Icy and spiky, the Curaçao blue

of summertime cocktails

Hair: Alberto Manchado,

Ione Erice, Alicia Navarro

Photo: David Muñiz

Make-up: Alicia Najera,

Sarai Imizcoz

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Norm Wright /Photo: Natasha Gerschon

Hair: Sophie Gibson, Jonathan Turner @ Hooker & Young

Photo: Michael Young

Hair: Royston Blythe @ Royston Blythe/Photo: Richard Miles

Hair: Joseph I’Anson, Lisa Graham @ Mark Leeson/Photo: Richard Miles

Hair: Christian Ríos @ Christian Ríos Salón/Photo: Esteban Roca

Hair: Borja Carbonell @ Salones Carlos NAHA Valiente 2020 Finalist Make up of the Year

Photo: Esteban Roca Hair: Noel McKinnon/Photo: Adam Peterson/Courtesy of PBA



Hair: Mayte Garrote, Olga García/Photo: David Arnal

Ready for graffitti, tattoos,

and bas-relief by hair artists.

Hair: Cristo Rodríguez Alonso @ Ulises Peluqueros/Photo: Esteban Roca

Hair: XXL Team/Photo: David Arnal

Hair: Christian Ríos

@ Christian Ríos Salón

Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up: Nacho Sanz

Styling: Christian Ríos,

Rosa Hernando Designs,

Yaidelin Peralta

Products: Revlon Professional,

Kevin Murphy

Hair: Salones Carlos Valiente

Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up: Gloss Make Up

Styling: Visori Fashionart

Products: Revlon Professional,

American Crew

Hair & Make up: Hairkrone

Photo: David Arnal

Styling: Visori Fashionart

Hair: Dimitri Tsiknaris

@ Tsiknaris Hair

Photo: Bill Tsiknaris

Make-up: Sarah Smith

Styling: Sarah Birchley

Hair: Laetitia Guenaou

Photo: Przemysław Choła

Make-up: Karolina Supernak

Styling: Patrycja Dziewit

Hair: Pascal Lombardo/Photo: Fabrice Meuwissen/Make-up: Julie Roux

Punkish imps on

the rise, filling the

streets and social

media alike,



taking issue with

the classics.





Hair: Cristo Rodríguez Alonso

@ Ulises Peluqueros

Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up: Manuela Giménez

Styling: Ulises Peluqueros

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Albert Deynega

Photo: Maria Mart

Make-up: Nataliia

Styling: Kristina Muza

Hair: Errol Douglas MBE

for Salon Services

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Clare Read

Styling: Desiree Lederer

Hair: Christian Ríos

@ Christian Ríos Hair Couture

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: De Maria

Styling: Christian Ríos

Products: Revlon Professional





When the fringe is the

protagonist and the hair is

merely an enhancement


Concept: Lorenzo Marchelle

Hair: Attilio Artistic Team

Photo: Vanessa Polignano

Make-up: Davide Maisano

Products: Alfaparf Milano

Hair: Makeover

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Wild van Dijk

Styling: Aaron Gil

Products: Schwarzkopf


Hair Concept: Luigi Martini & Woow Hair Project/Photo: Mauro Mancioppi

NAHA 2020 Finalist Haircolor

Hair: Rossa Jurenas/Photo: Paula Tizzard/Courtesy of PBA

NAHA 2020 Finalist Hairstylist of the Year

Hair: Julie Vriesinga/Photo: Paula Tizzard/Courtesy of PBA

Hair: Maggie Semaan/Photo: John Rawson




There are no limits

anymore when it comes to

hair color. Create your own

boundless beauty with the

palette, design, and cut of

your choice.

Hair: Cristiano Suzzi/Photo: Manuela Masciadri

Hair: Megan Panozzo/Photo: Alyssa Blake @ Neon Theory

Hair: Hairkrone/Photo: David Arnal

Hair: Shaun Hall @ Mark Leeson/Photo: Richard Miles


Blonde - for timeless looks - has been reinvented to keep up with trends and the desires

of every woman, thanks to infinite shades that add depth and brilliance to hair colour.

A personalised professional service, for bespoken results.

The new professional choice for total freedom

in playing with light while keeping hair healthy


High-performance and non-aggressive decolouring thanks to the formulas created by Vitality’s laboratories.

Characterised by the presence of Complex Oil, a precious blend of cotton oil and illipe oil to nourish hair and

protect hair during decolouring. Keratin also acts in synergy with Complex Oil to protect and condition hair,

keeping it strong, healthy, and beautiful.

A complete range that meets all your lightening needs:

• Free Hand: decolouring powder for freehand techniques

• Multi-performance: decolouring powder for

all types of lightening

• Sweety Hair Bleach: cream bleach

• Activator: 30-volume activator


we stand

During pandemic lockdowns, leading hairdressing brands

rolled up their sleeves and put their inventiveness to work to

sustain creativity and professionalism among salon pros.

Marie Scarano

The worldwide Covid-19 emergency lockdown took its toll on hairdressing professionals who found

themselves having to close their salons for weeks on end, many facing the risk of putting their very livelihoods

at stake. But the hairdressing industry is known for standing strong together and this was no exception. The

response and participation was outstanding, with brands networking and developing assets and programs to

target down-time education, the sharing of inspiration, fundraising and relief efforts and more.

For example, Wella Professionals acted on all fronts, challenging the stylist community to create hairstyles

on themselves, family members or even mannequin heads, inspired by characters from their favorite movie

or TV show. Their creations were posted on Instagram with info about the Hairdressers at Heart program

and the disaster relief initiative to which Coty Professional Beauty and Wella Professionals had made a

sizable donations. Additional support for stylists and the highly impacted communities included:

100+ free provide business and skills education classes in Coty’s Virtual Classroom and @WellaEd

Instagram Live. 800 iPad minis sent to schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District for home

schooling, donating +180,000 pairs of gloves to healthcare providers in LA and NYC areas, and

manufacturing and distributing free hand sanitizer to medical and emergency services.

L’ORÉAL USA Professional Brands; Matrix, Biolage, Redken, L’Oréal Professionnel, Pureology, Mizani, Kérastase and Shu Uemura

Art of Hair, Pulp Riot and Baxter of California came together the #SupportYourStylist initiative to encourage clients to donate to the

Professional Beauty Association (PBA) Relief Fund. R+CO EDU designed a Virtual Salon Series to help salon owners and managers to

create additional revenue opportunities by establishing a virtual salon business that drives round-ghte-clock sales, even during nonbusiness

hours. JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS introduced the JPMS Salon Jumpstart Stimulus plan, a $4 million USD program that

includes free hair color, free back-bar product, enhanced education and digital support for participating salons. JPMS is partnering

with their loyal salons and distributors on flexible terms to get salons back into business as quickly and easily as possible.

FAROUK SYSTEMS, INC. also switched production and donated $1 million worth of the CHI® Organic Gardens Moisturizing Hand

Sanitizer to Cities of Houston and Tomball, increasing the production of hand sanitizer to help hospitals, hairdressers, salons and

consumers have access to an FDA approved product with higher levels of alcohol.


L'Oréal USA

John Paul Mitchell Systems

SAM VILLA COMPANY led the industry with live digital educational events to raise funds for the PBA Covid-19 Relief Fund. When the ABS Show was forced

to cancel, Sam Villa and his ArTeam produced 'The Show Must Go On", 2-days of classes live streamed to both Facebook and YouTube - co-sponsored by

Pivot Point, Redken and ABS. More recently, the company confirmed its commitment to social responsibility with 'The Fabric of Change' education to

inspire racial equality. EUFORA INTERNATIONAL made their signature VisionQuest 2020 event a virtual personal development seminar and waived the $600

event fee to offer two-day access to salon professionals worldwide, hoping to empower owners and stylists with tools to shape success. On a more tangible

level, new launches included "Cash Back To You" affiliate program and Eufora.University, an online learning platform that gives beauty professionals access

to resource-filled content designed to drive business, inspiration, and creativity forward. They also “digitalized” their Blow Outs for a Cause event in order

to provide continued support to Childhelp®.

KAO SALON DIVISION launched #WorthTheWait, a global social media campaign designed to celebrate the unique and intimate relationship that salon professionals

establish with their clients, appealing to the consumer-oriented component of the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative. The brand-agnostic creative content

focused on the human element of salon relations, as well as the unmatched skills required of licensed stylists. HENKEL Beauty Care Hair Professional brands

launched a comprehensive affiliate program for salons and stylists in need. Also, in collaboration with the Fritz Henkel Stiftung charity foundation, Henkel's

#HairdressersUnited brought together some of the world's biggest artists to a 24-hr live stream in a celebration of solidarity with the hairdressing industry. The

event was also recorded as a Guinness World Record for the ‘longest online hair education seminar streamed over the internet’. HAIRDREAMS USA created a special

“Help Your Local Hairdresser” voucher program, in an effort to help jump start future business and make up for some of the financial losses for salons.

AVEDA launched the Aveda Cares campaign to help Aveda salons recover via six initiatives,

including $1.5M in fundraising, monetary contributions, increased online commissions,

extended terms, free online eduction, and a weekly virtual owners forum. MATRIX VIRTUAL

CLASSROOM featured an amazing line up with Matrix Brand Ambassador Philip Wolff, Matrix

Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas and Matrix Technical Director Robert Santana. WAHL

PROFESSIONAL USA , in addition to making donations to trade organisations, also made

available complimentary online clipper and trimmer education on the company’s Facebook

page with Wahl Education and Artistic (W.E.A.T.) members.

JOICO launched “The Big Give-Back” campaign and sweepstakes that awarded a lucky pro up to

$1,000.00* to help pay for salon expenses, like rent costs or booth rental fees, or even salon utilities.

Moreover, digital education was planned to help licensed professionals to keep up their skills and

creativity during this time of social isolation and Joico Global Artistic Director, Richard Mannah

hosted a series of “JoiChats,” on how to remain professionally active during the lockdown.



KELLY CARDENAS SALONS (Above) spaced work stations to 6 ft instead of 5 and added Plexiglas®

to help keep everyone safe. Their policy? "Don’t abide by state guidelines, exceed them and you

will never be bound by them. Put the health and safety of your team first, then your clients and

then your community." Chris Lee, co-owner of THE GOSSIP SHOP with Catherine Lee (right), says,

"One of the greatest challenges [...] is having to wear masks [...] because you can’t hear or see each

other clearly during consultations. So we’re teaching our stylists to communicate more with body

language and eye expressions to ensure sound communication.”

Creating a New


In light of the Covid-19 lockdown and a host of inevitable

hygiene and distancing requirements, salons are learning

to re-invent protocols and spaces to adapt and reopen.

Marie Scarano

The creativity of salon professionals is not limited to making their clients look good. Indeed, the need to

protect themselves, their livelihood, their clients and community triggered an outpouring of ideas and

suggestions for adapting salons and service protocols to meet a host of new challenges. Like Carmen and

Justin DePasquale, of DePasquale The Spa in Morris Plains, New Jersey who created a comprehensive plan,

video tutorial, and Salon Tool Kit dubbed “Four Pillars of Safety”, proposing protocols for social distancing,

health and safety procedures, safety and sanitation measures and how-to minimize touch points.

Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee at Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, California are stepping up to the

challenge as well. "We’re going to require all staff members (front desk, stylists, assistants, cleaning ladies)

and all clients to wear a mask," they explain, "Our front desk will take clients’ temperatures at the door and

we’re going to require clients to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before sitting in the salon chair. If

you get to an appointment early you will have to wait in the car until your appointment time."

84 updates

COLOUR BAR STUDIO courageously opened its new flagship salon in McLean, Virginia on June 2,

2020, more determined than ever to continue serving both men and women of all ages with care

and expertise, including coloring, styling, and customizable treatments utilizing only top-of-theline

products from Oribe, Kerastase and Wella Professionals to name a few. Colour Bar Studio is

taking every precaution to protect both its staff and its guests. All employees will wear face masks,

operations will be limited to appointments only, social distancing will be maintained between

guests, and equipment will be disinfected after each interaction.

Co-owners of Salon Audace and Blow Dry Bar, Christopher Saint John and Nathan Creger, strongly believe

in the sustainability of their staff. “It started with lighting and hanging blow dryers," explains Saint John,

"and then literally every aspect of our salon was upgraded to offer a healthy experience for both our stylists

and guests.” In addition to perks like heated cushioned floors that are easier on feet and backs and hanging

blow dryers from Freestyle Systems that help reduce rotator cuff and repetitive stress injuries. Chris Lee

dealt with staff retention issues by paying gratuity free stylists what they're worth and commissions on

product sales. “We tell our clients that the best tip is a referral, a good Google review and rebooking!” adds

Lee. "During a pandemic, core values and missions become crystal clear, gratitude rises to the top and

giving back to community and industry is no longer an afterthought, it’s a priority!"


Taking a cue from the

ongoing trend for fuller,

longer hair, Odisho is

recommending that salons

and stylists re-evaluate

their hair extensions as

a way to make clients

look and feel instantly

beautiful, while boosting

revenues long-term. “Not

only are hair extensions

low maintenance and

transformative for your

clients, but they can bring

in an incremental $200-

1000 per service depending

on the type of extension

and the quality/location of

the salon. It’s the perfect

win-win situation and



This Asheville, NC salon co-owners Gary Topple and Alejandro

Jimenez prioritized safety, closing one day before the mandatory

lockdown. They now apply and advise the strict enforcement of

social distancing, adding shifts to accomodate all stylists, the use

of masks and gloves, sanitized robes and capes for clients, and

stricter retail guidelines, with front-desk customer service team

members removing products from shelves as needed for clients.

Ashes & Steel Studio also added e-commerce to their website so

clients can now purchase their favorite products online.




and care


Sheltering and working at home confirmed what we

already knew: there’s nothing like expert salon pro color

and treatments to keep us at the top of our game.

86 color

Jessica Scott Santo

John Paul Mitchell Systems

JESSICA SCOTT SANTO, (left) owner of

Jessica Scott Hair in Pennsylvania and

social media influencer. As a Balayage and

Foil Design Specialist serving as a

Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador and

Sunlights Balayage Educator, she also

teaches other colorists how to get a

natural-looking Balayage. "Balayage is

extremely popular now," she says, "because

everyone wants low-maintenance, lived-in

color that delivers a sun-kissed look

without having to visit the salon too often."


Kayla Newman, owner of Hair by Kayla

Newman and self-proclaimed Blondologist,

created a cool, icy platinum blonde with a

Paul Mitchell CremaXG formula. “This is

probably one of my favorite products I have

ever used and I am definitely going to keep

using it. This is going to be a great asset to

my work behind the chair. The fact that it is

vegan and cruelty-free is such an important

part, it plays a huge role in my day to day.

Paul Mitchell, thank you for this new color,

you’ve got a fan for life, for sure!”

One of the very first curiosities of consumer spending during the Covid-19 lockdowns worldwide (!) was

that - in addition to toilet paper - the hottest selling non-essential product that was flying off of

supermarket shelves as soon as hair salons closed was boxed hair color... whether to maintain a minimum

of appearances during Zoom video conferencing or merely to boost individual morale, fully realizing that

it was just a stopgap measure and no one could possibly compare to the quality of products and services

offered by our trustworthy colorist. Now that salons are reopening, clients will be eager to get their hair

literally back into shape with a cut, but also to refresh or renew their color and restore some vitality.



PRAVANA introduced the all new Vivids Clear-Pastel to create more muted, pastel tones, and Vivids Clear-Dilute to lighten Vivids shades

without compromising vibrant tonality. Now creative color stylists looking to expand their color palettes can rely on two clear additives to

help them create endless variations and unleash their boundless creativity! BIOLAGE presented the latest addition to the small but mighty

Biolage Deep Treatment Pack family for treating the most extreme hair damage. Each pack contains at least four applications and 84% of

the total hair conditioning agents in each pack is vegetal derived. Biolage FiberStrong Deep Treatment Pack is formulated for fragile and

mechanically damaged hair. Formulated with bamboo extract, known for its resilience, the FiberStrong Deep Treatment Pack fills gaps in

the cuticle and enhances fiber integrity. Biolage Recovery Deep Treatment Pack is the perfect solution for dry, chemically damaged, and

over processed hair. Formulated with concentrated amino acids, it balances moisture and functions as targeted reinforcement that overprocessed

hair craves.

EUFORA AloeLite 9 Level Blue Lightener and AloeLite Free Style Clay Lightener both feature an improved formula in a “stay-fresh” package. The loose

powder format means less time waiting for pods to dissolve. Eufora Style Sculpture styling glaze delivers medium styling control while reducing frizz and

static flyaways and Style Illuminate is a lightweight mist that adds shine and moisture while eliminating frizz. Both products are safe to use on colored hair.

JOICO’s new K-PAK® Color Therapy Luster Lock® Glossing Oil delivers instant wow-factor plus powerful protection to ensure your shade shines and lsts.

African Manketti Oil, Keratin, Argan Oil and Smart Release Technology enables this clear oil to tame frizz without weighing hair down while adding an

enebriating perfume filled with notes of jasmine, water lilies, and crisp apple. KERATIN KOMPLEX just changed the packaging of It’s A Blonde Thing, a

conditioning, keratin-enhanced lightening treatment that also helps to strengthen and restore damaged hair. This professional product boasts a triple

protein formula that combines Keratin Complex’s proprietary keratin, silk and collagen amino acids to brighten and condition even damaged hair.

What can salon owners expect in terms of products, trends, and innovations? Plenty! From color products

and additives that enable you to express myriad nuances of any shade you can dream up, from bright

pastels to warm browns and the coolest platinums, to techniques, and color care and styling products to

keep it fresh. Eufora Color Brand Manager Doug Smith touts the brands Intense Natural Warm Series for

this season, offering 6 shades ranging from a level 4 to a level 9. Brown is no longer boring, as Doug's

creativity kicks in behind the chair. "When I use them in the salon, I go for .00/IN as the foundation for a

cool based formula, especially when I want to add Blue/Violet or Red/Violet tones. Other times I start

building my formula with a .003/INW when I'm aiming for a richer tone like a coffee Ash/Gold or even a

warmer blonde that needs a little yellow underlying pigment at Levels 8 or 9," he explains.

KMS STYLECOLOR has most recently added Read Red to their lineup of fashion nuances, Stylecolor is a unique polymer complex with

a blend of pigments that evenly adheres to the hair‘s surface and builds a flexible ultra-thin film to guarantee even results on both

lighter and darker hair tones and a moveable finish. The water-repellant surface ensures Stylecolor only comes off with shampoo and

makes it waterproof and pillow-friendly. WELLA PROFESSIONALS The Koleston Perfect Intense Natural Cool Collection was

specifically designed for cool coverage, especially of grey hair. Sonya Dove, Wella Global Creative Artist, says, "The new shades are my

favorite to use on coarser hair types in need of superior cool, opaque grey coverage with a natural result. I love adding these new

shades to my existing Koleston Perfect Pure Natural color palette to round out and complement the complete shade assortment."

Photo Courtesy of Colour Bar Studio

Wella Professionals Koleston




Keratin Complex

88 color


When times get tough,

salons can evolve and

thrive by restoring their

relationships with

clients through the

ultimate Salon Emotion



he Covid-19 pandemic

and resulting emergency

shutdowns have had a

devastating impact on

many small businesses,

hairdressing salons

especially. These are

trying times that put our

mettle to the test, obliging us to

evolve and adapt. They have also

given pause to reflect on what will

never change: human values, empathy,

and passion – consolidating the

importance of relationships. We

spoke to Yureesh Hooker, National

Artist and Educator for L’Oreal

Professionnel, who observed, “I am a

firm believer that we are not in fact

in the ‘beauty business,’ I believe

that we are in the relationship business.

Approaching our clients as human

beings and not just as customers,

building strong relation-ships on top

of a foundation of trust and true

connection, using our empathy,

listening to understand and not to

respond, are all relevant in business

no matter what times we’re in, let

alone these complex times. Empathy

is so essential right now on many

levels, and it is the lens through

which Salon Emotion looks at

business. Whether dealing with

the Covid-19 experience and its

aftermath, or the more recent societal

movements, strong connections

and deep relationships will be what

allows us all to thrive in this moment,

and into the future. That’s what Salon

Emotion is ultimately all about.”

International Artist for L’Oreal

Professionnel, and Stylist/Director of

Education at Broome Street Society

(images to left), Yureesh Hooker is

determined to share with stylists, educators

and business owners the skills necessary

to not only have a thriving, successful

business, but a fulfilling life & career.

90 business



Created by L’Oreal Professional

Products, Salon Emotion is a salon

Emotion is a unique transformative

program designed to heighten the

client experience and drive loyalty

to partner salons that implement an

exclusive seven-step program that

provides the tools, mindset and

training necessary to create the

ultimate client experience. Making

the client central to the experience

will set a salon above the rest.

Indeed, Yureesh quotes the Salon

Emotion mantra: ‘Great products

and services are everywhere; it’s

amazing experiences that are

hard to find.’ He claims, “As much

as our clients will be telling

us that ‘their hair missed us’

during quarantine, the truth is

that they missed our conversation,

our laughs, our connection, and

our relationship even more.”


As an educator, Yureesh has come

to understand the give and take

equation of relationships that often

add up to a win-win on different

levels. In a Salon Emotion salon it

all starts with the Consultation.

“The tools Salon Emotion shares in

how to listen to understand and

not just to respond, in how to

connect to our clients’ human

needs and not just their customer

needs, and in how to introduce the

retail conversation in this moment

is a thread that weaves throughout

the entire service organically,” he

explains. “Many attendees have

shared wih me that this approach

has been a game changer for them

and their business,” says Yureesh.

In fact, many attendees –after

attending a Salon Emotion training

and event and applying its

principles consistently– report that

they have been able to increase

their revenue significantly over all.

Yureesh says feedback from artists

indicates that they have been able

to increase their rebooking, their

retail, and their average tickets as

well. Other salons that have shifted

their entire salon culture to be

more client and experience centric

have seen an increase in business,

as well as in team job satisfaction.

“Building relationships on trust,

creating amazing experiences,

are the cornerstones of success”

Yureesh Hooker

Many hairdressers might find this

sufficient incentive, but Salon

Emotion adds another whole level

to the hairdresser’s experience as

well. “So many of us have gotten

so lost in what we are doing, that

how we are doing it has suffered.

And in turn many of us have

forgotten why we fell in love with

our craft in the first place,”

he comments. “When people hear

what this program has to share, it

reconnects them with that passion

and that purpose that truly is the

foundation of why we all got into

this amazing industry in the first

place... When I get a message

from a team that shares with

me that I not only helped them

experience more success in

business, but also more fulfillment

in their career and in life, that’s

when I know that Salon Emotion

has really made a difference.”

For more information, please visit or follow

on Instagram @salonemotion.official

The industrial

chic open-space

ambience and stark

elegance of the

‘Broome Street

Society’ at 407

Broome Street, Soho,

NYC, where Yureesh

Hooker works, won

a NAHA award for

‘Best Salon Design’

in 2017. Join the

future and elevate

the client journey

in your salon.

Find a class today at









Taking action

Wahl Professional

provides Free Online

Education to help pros

sharpen their skills

during Covid-19.

Wahl Professional’s Facebook features: Nieves Almaraz (@howtofadehair)

teaching how to perfect a Mid-Fade Shape Up; learning how to create

The Modern Pixie cut with Miguel Rosas (@newstyle84), and how to cut

a perfect Flat Top with Kevin Nguyen (@yakuzabarber.) First year Barber

Battle winner, Benny Machado (@mr_executive_barber), Juan Ramos

(@offical_j_ramos), & Almaraz have also created videos in Spanish.


n order to help barbers and

stylists improve their skills

during the COVID-19

lockdown, Wahl Professional

USA has made available

complimentary online clipper

and trimmer education on

the company’s Facebook page.

The Wahl Education and Artistic

(W.E.A.T.) members hosted

Facebook Lives twice a day to

provide step-by-step instructions

and answer questions from viewers

on how to create a collection of

different looks. The videos onl

Wahl Professional USA’s Facebook

profile can be re-watched if a

viewer missed the original

livestream. The company also has

been hosting Instagram Lives, in

which followers can get to know

the selected W.E.A.T. members of

the week and learn how they are

handling the slowdown in business

during these times. The company

continues to engage online through

Disruptour Live on Instagram,

hosted by the tour educators and

creative consultant Byrd Mena

(@byrdmena), although the tour is

currently on hold. Moreover, Wahl

Professional partnered with the

Professional Beauty Association’s

PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund by

making a donation and donating

50% of the proceeds of its 1919

men’s grooming line during the

month of May. “Wahl Professional

has been doing everything we can

to ensure that we are supporting

these barbers and stylists through

education and donations as they

prepare to reopen their salons and

shops,” says Wahl Professional’s US

Director of Sales and Marketing,

Anne Marie Kollias. As these

barbers and stylists head back into

work, Wahl Professional wants to

reinforce the importance of tool

sanitation. Clini-Clip, a sanitizing

spray, is the fastest blade disinfectant

that works within two minutes

and helps protect against any

bacterial, fungicidal, viricidal,

and tuberculocidal organisms.

The company also recommends

maintaining clippers and trimmers

with Wahl Oil after usage to ensure

blades are well lubricated.

To further assist in the COVID-19

efforts, Wahl Clipper Corporation

has produced thousands of face

shields for area hospitals in and

around its company headquarters

in Sterling, Illinois, to help protect

the medical workers who are on the

front lines. The face shields were

redesigned by Wahl’s top engineers,

who also made the design available

for makers and creators to use and

expand upon in good faith.

The face shields are not FDA

certified and cannot be sold to any

reseller. “We understand there is a

great need for protective equipment

among our healthcare workers

right now and we want to be as

helpful as we can to those who

are doing so much for all of us,”

says Lance Wahl, global vice

president professional products.

Visit Wahl Professional on

Instagram (@wahlpro) and

Facebook to stay up to date on

how the company is giving back

with quality education and

resources during this difficult time.










Association Internationale Presse

Professionnelle Coiffure

5, Rue Boudreau

75009 PARIS (France)

Don’t miss the opportunity... visit now



Do blondes have more

fun? Maybe! What’s

sure is that Eufora is

certainly committed

to helping colorists

have more fun creating

gorgeous blondes.


rom Ice Cold Platinum to a

Sun-Kissed Highlights, the

Eufora AloeLite family of

lighteners provides what you

need to get the job done.

Here’s what Joanne Remple,

Eufora Color Development

Manager, suggests for different

blonding techniques…and why.

Blue Bleaching Powder is Eufora’s

“go to” lightener. This dust-free blue

lightener is a terrific universal

lightener that can be used for a vast

array of techniques. Whether

lightening with foils or performing a

global lightening service, this

traditional lightening system lifts up

to 7 levels with ease while helping

control unwanted yellow tones.

Hand painted lightening techniques

such as Foil Free Highlights, Shatush

and Balayage all require lightener

with a creamy consistency that will

stay put while maintaining its active

moisture long enough to get the job

To learn more about the Eufora

recommended blonding techniques,

including how to formulate toners

for a perfect tonal result, be sure to

check out Joanne Remple’s tutorials online

done. For guests with a lower level

(darker) base wanting the perfect

“J-Lo” warm ombre effect, choose

Freestyle Clay Lightener. This creamy

yet firm clay option makes it easy to

place lightness exactly where wanted.

The clay lightener closest to the hair

stays moist longer to keep lightening

strength evenly consistent.

By contrast, Cream Lightener is for

use on guests craving a handpainted

result, but are starting out

with a lighter base or have finer

hair. The creamy consistency stays

put and gently lifts with ease.

Cream Lightener is also

recommended for gently and

evenly removing Artisan Direct

Dye from the hair. Both Freestyle

Clay and Cream Lighteners provide

up to 6 levels of evenly controlled

lift, and both contain an oil-based

delivery system that enhances their

lifting and conditioning abilities.

Finally, if you consider Level 14 too

dark, 9 Level Blue Lightener is a

dream come true. This powerhouse

lightener can lift from as low as a

Level 4 or 5 all the way to platinum

in one application. Having stood

the test of time, Platinum Blonde is

here to stay, so it's nice nice to have

a lightener that will “Get the Light

Right” without having to undergo

multiple applications and potential

stress from overworking the hair.

Whatever technique is on the books, there

is always an added bonus in choosing a

Eufora Lightener. All the EuforaColor

AloeLite Lighteners contain AV+, an infusion

of Aloe Vera that protects hair and provides

nourishment and hydration during processing.



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