ESTETICA Magazine USA (2/2020)

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Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at


In the troubled times we find ourselves living in, some of the exceptionally unique qualities

that have always been inherent to the hairstyling community are today more relevant than

ever. I'm talking about concepts like resilience –the capacity of a person to recover from

adversity to continue planning for the future; empathy –the ability to see with the eyes

of others, listen with the ears of others and feel with the hearts of others; or solidarity –

expressing both strength in unity and pride in the industry hairdressers represent–. While

Hair: James Pecis

for Oribe Hair Care

Photo: Sharif Hamza

Creative Direction:

Haidee Findlay-Levin

we're still far from celebrating having overcome this terrible Covid-19 crisis, during these

last months the world really began to understand what an essential and indispensable

service our hair professionals provide, one which invariably goes far beyond haircuts,

blow-outs or hair coloring: they are our friends, allies, confidantes, psychologists...

as the popular meme says: who needs

a therapist when you have a hairstylist

who will listen to all your problems and

make you pretty for the same price?

That's why salon re-openings everywhere have been a reason for celebration for both

hairstylists and their clients and one of the most eagerly awaited events worldwide. We

This 2020 has been a horrible

year in many ways... but

whatever happens, whatever

your situation is today, please

remember this: your current

circumstances do not dictate

your future potential.

have not seen anything like it in other industries, just as we have seen few people as active

during confinement as hairdressers: sharing, educating and getting educated day after day,

keeping our industry creatively inspired and maintaining a state of unity and solidarity

from which many of you have emerged much stronger than before. Here at Estetica, we

launched the #HairdressersStayingStrong campaign during the first weeks of the

lockdown (see page 10), posting on social media 250 digital front covers of our magazine,

each one featuring an inspirational quote by renowned hairstylists worldwide. We

received plenty of amazing, encouraging messages, but today I'd like to share just this one

with you, from our friend and industry icon Candy Shaw: “Now more than ever we must

support our hair community. We are creative, resilient and united. Take this time to share

your knowledge with others freely and keep yourself inspired. Our circumstances do not

dictate our future potential. Together we are stronger!”

Sergi Bancells

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