How to Spice up Your Staircase


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How to Spice up Your Staircase

If you think your home’s staircase is simply a way of getting to the second floor, think

again. The stairs are a focal point of your home – and often the 1st thing that your

guests will see. And if your selling, it will be most likely be the first thing a

prospective buyer looks at when he or she walks in the front door.

Here are some ideas that that will increase the value of your home while adding a

piece of beauty that you will enjoy for years to come.

Update your Newel Posts:

Your entry way could benefit from a fresh new contemporary newel

post. And you can always find these posts super cheap online. A

sharp new post with clean lines and a burst of color that matches

your flooring or cabinetry will always do the trick.

Swap out the railing?

If your staircase comes with a plain ol’ traditional wooden banister,

take into account an upgrade. Don’t hesitate to experiment with a

different baluster or a contemporary design. A fresh new style can

enhance your entryway and if you buy from

you will find a system that will fit any budge. Always take into

account your home’s décor & then pick the coordinating material

(stainless steel, wrought iron, horizontal Railing or even glass).

De-clutter your staircase:

Don’t crowd the space at the top or bottom of your staircase.

Too much furniture on the landing or at the base of the stairs

can potential be a hazard and also give off a cramped

feeling. And as a side note, please don't place the back of the

couch against the railing. Little kids like to crawl and if your

couch is at the same height as the railing, you could have a

serious problem. Make sure that the handrail is 36 inches at

the grab point when walking up the stairs and at least 38 inches

on any balcony. This is a standard code and one of best for

safety purposes. And as an aside, if you live in certain counties,

the balcony code may be 40 inches. Your staircase railing

should be a safe and calm transitional area. Clean spaces are

best but always watch your step.

Keep it Neat and Tidey:

No matter how your Railing is designed, your staircase has to shine in

order to make a good impression and remain in good condition. If

your steps are carpeted, vacuum every single inch of the tread and the

riser. Yearly steam cleaning is always recommended. In a pinch, you

can use a carpet rake to wake up fibers that are matted down due to

heavy traffic. And please Don't be afraid to purchase wooden

treads. They are beautiful, timeless and you will not slip. Even with

socks on. It's a myth. However, you still need to keep them clean and

wipe off the dust when you can.

If you are looking for contemporary stair railing ideas, then feel free to

check out horizontal railing from Stair Warehouse. We are your one

stop source for all staircase related supplies and accessories.

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