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We are Krazy Keys - an auto locksmith in Perth, presenting this informative PDF on how to buy window wipers for a car that best suits your vehicle model. Kindly read this PDF and visit us at for more.

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How To Buy Window

Wipers For Cars?

Krazy Keys are the car key specialists. At Krazy

Keys, we also provide buying tips to choose the

best quality car window wipers.

We at Krazy Keys believe that you should

replace your car windscreen wipers as many

times as you see your dentist: twice a year.

It is worth remembering that you should

always replace your wipers in pairs. If one of

them is already damaged, chances are the other

one will soon follow suit.

Krazy Keys

When should you replace your window wipers?

The general rule of thumb is that if you run a

finger along the rubber edge of your wiper and

find a chipped or rigid part, then you need to

replace your car windscreen wipers.

Finding the Right Wiper Blade

You must first find out what size of wiper blades

you need when looking for a window wiper, as

wiper blades come in different sizes. And, in most

cars, one wiper blade is longer than the other.

By logging on to Wiperworx’s website, you can

find out which specific Wiperworx wipers

blades are suitable for your vehicle.

Krazy Keys

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