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??Download EBOoK@? Quichotte: A Novel download ebook PDF EPUB

??Download EBOoK@? Quichotte: A Novel download ebook PDF EPUB


EBOoK@? Quichotte:

A Novel download

ebook PDF EPUB

Description Quichotte is Salman Rushdie at his best. An exquisite satire on the world we live in,

Rushdieâ€s latest novel pays Cervantes a great, clever compliment with this deliciously funny

Don Quixote for modern times. Quichotte is a story within a story, a fictional novelist unraveling his

own journey of love and family through writing the story of a man (whom the novelist names

Quichotte) not wholly unlike himself. Quichotte is a simple man who has watched too much

television and now believes we are living in a world of “Anything-Can-Happen,― when even

an aged pharmaceutical salesman can win the love of a beautiful TV star whom he has never met.

And so Quichotteâ€s quest begins. Quichotte creates a son for himself, Sancho, sprung wholly

formed to sit beside him in his reliable Chevy Cruze on this cross-country adventure and with

whom he might share his vision of the world. Unfortunately, this familial bond does not turn out the

way Quichotte imagined. The fictional novelist finds himself in the same situation, discovering that

the truths heâ€s told himself about his relationships and family have been wrong all along. A

road trip across America in an age that would be utterly surreal if we werenâ€t actually living it,

Quichotte is an antidote to fear, a novel bursting with intelligence and wit—and exactly what so

many of us need right now. —Seira Wilson, Amazon Book Review Read more “Rushdie

weaves together all of his subjects, sharply observed, with extraordinary elegance and wit. . . .

Cervantesâ€s hero, who is eternally modern perhaps because he is essentially anticontemporary,

couldnâ€t be a more inspired transplant into the mad reality of the present day,

which Rushdie sends up in terms both universal and highly specific, tragic and hilarious, strange

but hauntingly familiar. . . . At least hereâ€s something worth reading as civilization crumbles

around us, before we succumb to our fates. Right?―—Entertainment Weekly “QuichotteÂ

is a novel that attempts to reflect back to us the total, crumbling insanity of living in a world

unmoored from reality — that shows what happens when lies become as good as facts. . . . And

if Quichotte drives you nuts, thatâ€s fine. Itâ€s meant to. Itâ€s layered in such a way that

you will lose yourself in the shifting reality of it.―—NPR “Quichotte, Rushdieâ€s Trumpera

reworking of Cervantesâ€s Don Quixote, is a frantically inventive take on ‘the Age of

Anything-Can-Happen†weâ€ve endured these last few years. Itâ€s a concoction of

narratives within narratives that blends the latest news headlines with apocalyptic flights of fancy. .

. . Rushdie doesnâ€t offer much hope for our dispiriting times. But in a frayed and feverish way,

he captures their flavor exactly.―—The Boston Globe “Salman Rushdieâ€s Quichotte is

a behemoth of a novel, and with reason. A postmodern dystopian tale, it tackle

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