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The Tale of the Rabbit

It all began with a race to chase and be ahead of the rest

Without napping!

Decoding Our Name

The name "Rabbit on Steroids" is inspired by our core strength of tireless

innovative ideas. It is a metaphor for our team who thinks like a

super-fast rabbit, unlike the conventional one. With a strategic approach

towards each project, we start from conceptualizing to shooting and

editing under one banner.

Gifted with 360 degree vision, our bunnies know how to utilize their skills

to the utmost capability. With an intensive ground research and

high-grade production level under optimal cost, we take the challenges

head on.

Let us walk you through our drill and skill.

The Hop

Our Strategy

Our strategy is the route we take to make you win the race.

For different requirements, we have different routes. With our

creative vision and technical excellence, we ensure your brand's

message reaches the finish line in time, without any compromises

right from its inception till the end.

On our way to the finish line, we sure make the heads turn with

our moves that make the audience cheer and go woooowww!!

Taking a comprehensive charge on the project, our creative

bunnies work relentlessly paying attention to each detail so that

no hurdle can come in our way.

The Fur

Our Services

The services we offer are customized as per the project requirement

and delivered through the lens of visual and technical brilliance.

With ears up, we always keep a note of the latest trends in the

market and use the ammo whenever the situation demands it.

Our work is a result of charting the right strategy with the right mode

of communication to deliver the message in the most effective way.

• Brand film

• Commercial films

• Creative Audio-visual communication

• Corporate Audio-visual communication

• Campaign Photography

The Carrot

Our Portfolio

We like to experiment with our taste and so we have had our

share of diverse explorations in the field. With our paw prints all

over different projects in multiple domains, we keep growing

exponentially, delivering excellence, and satiating our hunger

or doing good work

Do Not Visit T-Homes


A TVC for our real estate client T&T was devised on reverse

psychology to disrupt consumer's attention and appeal to their

intrigue. The film targeted on the basic principle of reverse

psychology where people do exactly the opposite of what they

have been asked.

00:05 00:15 00:20 00:40

T&T Aazadi


Another commercial for T&T, this one was made with a mix of

humour and a subtle hint of traditional advertising message. It

was relatable and relevant so that people could connect to the



00:05 00:15 00:20 00:40

Mobikwik Supercash

Brand AV

Showcasing the brand's proposition by incorporating

emotional value, the brand AV for MobiKwik beautifully

depicted the benefits of using it.

00:06 00:09 00:18 00:33

Amway Attitude

Brand AV

An internal communication audio visual that aimed at building

affinity and generating a sense of community among the

employees through communicating the 'Amway attitude'.

00:05 00:35 02:08 02:10

Timeless Bond-

Divinidhi Jewellery

Brand AV

A film commercial for Divinidhi showcasing the trust of the brand

and the quality and shine of the diamonds in

one word: timeless.

00:09 00:18 00:30 00:35

Our Clientele

The Burrow

Connect with us

In between nibbling away at our creative pursuits, we like to take out

time and connect with lovely human beings who share our vision for storytelling.

Drop us a line. We would be happy to hare from you.



Rabbit On Steroids


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