Pictoreal Volume 22, Get amazed by the world of thoughts!


A magazine- a relevant one-should be a sound in itself and not just an echo.

PICTOREAL is a community of artists, writers, social workers, and creative thinkers who voice the activities in and around PICT. There’s a lot more to college than its curriculum. At PICTOREAL, we take up the responsibility of creating a collage by putting together articles, interviews, write-ups, pictures, and document the various phases that form an integral part of a student’s life in PICT. Therefore, the best way to discover our college is through our annual magazine. Our club promotes the students and faculty members to showcase and hone their creative and artistic skills by acknowledging their work in our magazine. We conduct editing, designing, carrier guidance workshops, donation drives, photoshoots, exhibitions, and competitions throughout the year with an aim to promote a constructive, healthy, and competitive atmosphere in the college. Our members in PICTOREAL always live by one motto-

‘May Thoughts, Colours and Words prevail!

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