Secure Sensitive Denture Adhesive For Sensitive Gums


Secure Denture Adhesive, the best Zinc free denture cream. Waterproof and 100% taste free. If your dentures need glue, get Secure.

The Waterproof Denture Adhesive

Contains soothing Aloe Vera & Myrrh

Designed For Denture Wearers With Sensitive


Same great 12-hour hold as Secure regular

Same neutral taste

Plus it contains Aloe Vera & Myrrh

Combats the problems of gum irritation

often c

aused by ill-fitting dentures

Effectively eliminates slip and slide, prevents

dentures from rubbing against gums

Patented waterproof adhesive won't wash

away when you are eating and drinking

Gives you extra comfort for your gums and

extra hold to eat, drink, talk and smile with


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