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August 2020



August 2020














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Volume 17, Issue 7




Linda Gomez

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Mike Landry

Heather Latimer

BJ Killeen

Kathy Manney

Kyo Mitchell

Liz Palmer

Dan Roberts


Ray Sarbacker


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ABOUT The Vegas Voice

In 2019, The Vegas Voice received 11 national awards from the North

American Mature Publishers Association. The awards were for our

guardianship special efforts, editorial and columns, front page graphics,

overall design and “General Excellence.”

The judges found (and we humbly

agree) that The Vegas Voice puts

a premium on well-informed

columnists who cover a lot of bases.

Serious issues are thoughtfully

discussed, but there’s enough fun

to lighten the mix.

A Promise Kept

By: Dan Roberts / Roberts Rules

And if you want, you can bring the other

guy.” That was his name for me.

Forgive me if this column is “another family

story” but I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss Marty Allen.

Our relationship began in 2007 when wife Amy and I resumed

publishing The Vegas Voice. Through a

friend of a friend we were invited to have

lunch with him.

No doubt, everyone remembers Marty

Allen. Through his “Allen & Rossi” comedy

routines, TV game shows and Ed Sullivan

appearances (Note: For those under 50 and

never heard of Ed Sullivan, “google him”)

he was only a handful of performers that

could make all generations laugh.

While I was thrilled (and have to admit

slightly intimidated) having lunch with a comedy legend, Marty was

everything you saw on television. Beyond funny, witty and extremely

friendly - it was like being with a favorite family relative.

Marty and Amy instantly hit it off. Amy called him Uncle Marty and

he always smiled when she asked him “What’s new?”

That initial lunch soon became a standard event.

Marty was the one who initiated the lunches. He would call The Vegas

Voice and when I answered the phone would, without hesitation state:

“I didn’t call for you, put the better one on.”

To my amazement they would have a 10-15 minute conversation

about everything and nothing. When we greeted each other, he would

hug Amy, stare at me, turn to her and say: “You brought the other guy?”

Even with that nickname, it was always wonderful to be with him.

And then in September 2011, Amy died. To say I was devastated,

depressed, and destroyed would be an understatement. No need to

rehash this period of my life. Regular readers know full-well my


Anyway, eight months after Amy passed, I received a telephone call

from Marty. I remember being shocked when he called me “Dan”

instead of “the other guy.”

Marty asked me to join him for lunch since he wanted to discuss

something “very important.” I declined saying that I was in no mood

to go out.

Not only did he ignore my wishes but absolutely insisted that I meet

him. I reluctantly agreed.

Marty’s “very important” message was that he wanted me to know

that he knew exactly what I was going through. He talked about his

first wife “Frenchy,” how he fell into a deep, dark hole when she died

and how his life resumed when he met, fell

in love and married Karon Kate Blackwell.

“You’re still a young man,” he remarked.

“You’ll find someone.”

I was indignant and for the first and

only time raised my voice at him. I was

beyond furious.

I bluntly told him he had no idea what

he was talking about. Amy was in my life

since I was 15 and it was not like losing

a pet dog that can be replaced with a

substitute. “My life will never return” I


To my everlasting gratitude, Marty just listened. He then (honest-togod,

with tears streaming from his face) placed my hands in his, and

quietly replied:

“No, no” he softly stated. “Nobody’s going to replace Amy.”

As my tears matched his, he continued: “ Dan, you’re going to meet

somebody. And with that person by your side, your life won’t be better…

or worse than what you had. It will just be different.”

“And I promise you, you’ll be happy again.”

Three months later I met Rana Goodman.

It’s now been almost nine years since my Rana become my PILL

(partner in love & life). As for Marty? He’ll forever be in my heart for

keeping his “promise.”

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with our columnists?

Did anyone get you angry, make you

think or simply put a smile on your

face? Please tell us by forwarding

your comments, thoughts or

suggestions to Publisher Dan at:




Unique Equipment for

Seniors & Veterans

By: Carol Chapman

During the challenges in recent weeks, The Foundation Assisting

Seniors has responded to more than double the usual number

of requests for durable medical equipment. We’ve provided this service

to seniors and veterans in addition to maintaining our HowRU

wellness check program, all because of our dedicated volunteers.

We’ve also been fortunate to have companies step forward to sponsor

our Gala (October 3 at The M Resort) and provide other support. In

particular, I’d like to mention Jonathan Miller, President, In-Step

Mobility Products, who recently donated a U-Step 2 walker. This unique

equipment is designed specifically for neurological conditions such as


The Foundation has built an inventory of special equipment over

the 18 years since our inception. You may see our vans around the

Vegas Valley as we deliver equipment throughout southern Nevada. It

is our intention to continue expanding deliveries statewide when our

donation levels return to capture the momentum we experienced prior

to the pandemic.

As a reminder, FAS is the only local organization of its kind to clean,

disinfect and sanitize its equipment with MicroShield 360, keeping our

clients protected from infection.

If you have the ability to help us continue these crucial services, I

invite you to donate online or mail your check to our office at 2518

Anthem Village Drive, Henderson, NV 89052.

Corporate sponsors, such as In-Step Mobility, are critical to our

mission. If you know of a business that would like to align with us,

contact us at 725/244-4200.

August 2020

Sun City Retirees

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

Questions & Answers concerning Sun City

Retirees (SCR)

Q. When is a SCR’s bedtime?

A. Two hours after they fall asleep on the couch

or favorite chair.

Q. What is the biggest gripe of SCR?

A. There is not enough time to get everything done.

Q. Why don’t SCR mind being called “seniors”?

A. The term comes with a 10% discount.

Q. What is considered “formal attire” for SCR?

A. Tied shoes.

Q. What do SCR call a long lunch?

A. Normal.

Q. Why do SCR count pennies?

A. They are the only ones who have the time.

Q. Why are SCR so slow to cleanout their garage?

A. They know as soon as they do, one of their adult kids will want to

store their stuff there.

*Why, Why, Why:

1. Do we press harder on the remote control when we know the

batteries are getting weak?

2. Do banks charge a fee due to insufficient funds; when they already

know you’re broke?

3. Is it that when someone tells you that there are one billion stars in

the universe you believe them, but if they tell you there is wet paint you

have to touch it to check?

**Math Test

Q. Bob has 36 candy bars. He eats 29. What does he have now?

A. Diabetes.

***And finally: Speaking of math – another day has passed, and I

still didn’t use algebra.

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at: bill@thevegasvoice.net.

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My Life in No Particular Order

By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

We’re living in very strange times right now

where nothing seems to make sense.

Between Covid-19, politics, racism and school

violence, it’s hard to find something to watch that isn’t upsetting. The

news is like a rerun, day in and day

out, and all the chores I wrote on a list

have not inspired me to lift a finger,

even though I have the time.

Then I looked at all the cartons

of photos and memorabilia I have

stashed in the closets. What a mess! It

dawned on me that if anything were

to happen to me, all those memories

would be a big pile of chaos.

I’m not sure how interested my

heirs will be but maybe I will feel

better if I create my own photo diary

of my life. I can enjoy doing it and

they will not have to deal with the


Now I’m deep into assembling it all; having everything scanned onto

USB drives and making digital photo books of my life. As I’m doing it,

I laugh and cry.

I am amazed at how much fun I’ve had. I even remember how I felt

as each picture was taken.

It keeps me busy and I can get about 1,000 photos into a book. Some

are in miniature and some full size.

Putting everything in its proper order would be preferable but that

would also be impossible, so I call the books “My Life in No Particular

Order” with parts 1, 2, etc.

What started out as a planned

distraction has turned into a great

adventure through my past. I highly

recommend it for anyone who is

overwhelmed with memorabilia


And, of course, there’s always the

chance that I may have to change

my living arrangements as I age, so

having something like this with me

will always be a joyful reminder and

quite portable.

There are many sites that advertise

scan services so if you’re thinking of this, price check and do a test run

first for quality. And wait for photo book coupons!

Adrea Nairne-Barrera writes of celebrations, observations &

complaints of life in the 60s to being in your 60s.


August 2020

Back in the early ‘70s, actor Darren McGavin

roamed Las Vegas streets as rumpled

newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak, hunting down

a mythical vampire in TV’s Night Stalker.

Chronicler of everything entertainment, a dapper John

Katsilometes of the Review-Journal walks the Vegas beat too,

stalking lounges, night clubs and showrooms as the new decade’s

Walter Winchell, reporting on the people, shows and behind the scenes

news of the city’s entertainment scene.

When coronavirus

forced the closure of all

entertainment venues last

March, the award-winning

writer (2013 Nevada Press

Association Journalist of

the Year) refocused. “I’m

very much into playing

the hand I’m dealt. The

people who make the news

are still around.”

Kats Responds to Coronavirus

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

Katsilometes has

reported their efforts -

whether it be the big super shows or the intimate lounge performers

whose predecessors kick started Las Vegas in the ‘60s.

He feels ”smaller, no cover shows will lead the comeback,” pointing

to his self-defined “cool hangs”: Bootlegger, Pizzeria Monzu and

Dispensary as examples. “They’re uniquely built to survive,” adding,

“South Point, Station, other local casinos need to lead the recovery.”

Kats credits the resourcefulness of the town’s entertainers. “Online

shows have become a component of live entertainment.” He referring

to Facebook and Cameo, a fee-based service that allows fans to order

personalized messages from celebrities.

Before the large venues welcome audiences, “people need to be

comfortable in groups.” Katsilometes, who tested positive for the virus,

is one of 45 members of the Vegas Events Covid-19 Committee that

meets weekly to chart a recovery course.

The future though, looks murky for now as the virus has been

unpredictable. He points to December’s upcoming National Finals

Rodeo. “With events all over town, if that can come off as scheduled, I

think we can come out of this all right.”

The deserted Strip presented unique opportunities for Katsilometes:

bicycle rides down Las Vegas Blvd. with Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton

and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.

As R-J readership moves to electronic media, Katsilometes maintains

his “responsibilities in print. I do stories that I think make the city

distinctive. People need to open the newspaper and get reassurance that

life is still going on.”

Sam Wagmeister is The Vegas Voice Nightlife Editor. He loves to

hear from our readers. Please feel free to contact him via email:


People have

always come here

looking for a sign.

Gangsters, pranksters, vixens,

visionaries, rascals, ranchers.

They all came, along with thousands

of ordinary people, with either a

fortune to find or nothing to lose.

They all made history. Our history.

Come take a walk through it.




Remembering Jane Wyman

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

As I sat down to write my Vegas Voice

column, I realized that I have been doing

so for 10 years, and yet I never wrote about the

lovely Jane Wyman. I had the pleasure of working with her when I

was 6 years old.

It was in a movie called “Here Comes the Groom” which also

starred Bing Crosby and was directed by Frank Capra. It also won

the Oscar that year for the best song “In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the

Evening,” written by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer.

At the risk of being redundant, I must say that although I loved her,

I didn’t really know how famous she was. It wasn’t until I became an

adult that I realized how fortunate I’ve been to have worked with so

many wonderful stars.

Wyman also gave me a beautiful dress of which there is a photo

in my book, Reel Tears, Take Two. She was so dear and kind to me

and as the photo shows, sitting on her lap during a movie break was

something I did quite often. I was a lucky little girl.

She won an Oscar for her performance in Johnny Belinda and

will be remembered for her stellar performance in such films as The Lost

Weekend, and Magnificent Obsession. Jane will also be remembered

for her popular TV series Falcon Crest. She also has two stars on The

Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Her real name was Sarah Jane

Mayfield but was changed to Jane

Durrell when she was known as a

radio singer. Then in 1936, Warner

Bros. changed her name to Jane


Jack Benny nicknamed her

Minnie Mouse! She was also

friends with Loretta Young and

Barbara Stanwyck and was the first

wife of Ronald Reagan.

As I reflect back on my life as a

child actress, I feel so very blessed, and although I didn’t realize it at the

time, I now count my blessings every day. During this pandemic, we all

have blessings, but sometimes we just have to look for them .

Until next time, remember... Be thankful for the bad things in life, for

they can open your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention

to before.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@


By: Morris Heldt / A Senior’s P.O.V.

first met Stacy Keach in 1987 when he

I was interested in a property that my writing

partner and I had written. We had many meetings

over the following months to rewrite

and work the story to the point that

Stacy was comfortable with pitching

the script to one of the studios.

I have continued to be in touch

with him over all these years. I can

honestly state he is one of the nicest

people in Hollywood that you could

ever meet.

Here is an example: My father

passed away in 1993 and my mother

was really feeling the loss. She was a

huge fan of Stacy’s and a very loyal

follower to his series, Mike Hammer. Of all the celebrities I had met,

and worked with, none impressed her, but Stacy Keach.

Every time I would call home she would ask, Have you talked to

Stacy Keach? I asked my mother if she would like an autograph picture

of Stacy. Can you do that? She enthusiastically asked. He would sign

a picture just for me?

Stacy was doing a play on Broadway and not to digress, but if you

ever get a chance to see Stacy Keach on stage, do it. He is one of the


More Than Just a Great Actor

August 2020

finest American stage actors this country has produced.

Now back to the story: I called Stacy in New York and explained

the situation and how I was trying to cheer up my mother. Without

hesitation he responded and told me not to worry he would sign a

picture today and have his secretary

get it in the mail.

My mother began greeting the

mailman every day to check if the

picture had arrived. As life goes there

was a snafu and the picture was

returned to Stacy. He called me and I

gave him the correct address and he

quickly Fed-Ex the picture to her.

When the special delivery man

knocked on her door and delivered

the picture her face lit up. The man

asked her if this was from the famous

actor Stacy Keach. She said it was

and proudly said “Stacy knows my son.”

For the rest of her life she had that framed picture of Stacy Keach, and

the note he sent, displayed in her living room. She would always swear,

with a huge smile, regardless of where she was in the room Stacy’s eyes

would follow her.

Morris Heldt is a retired award winning film and television

producer and published author. He and his wife moved to the Las

Vegas valley from the beach in 2004.




• Ranked in Top 3% of Agents at Simply Vegas

• Inner Circle Award Winner 2017, 2018, 2019

• Honored to be on the list “20 Best Agents in Henderson”

• Zillow Premier Agent

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Certified Expert Negotiator with over

17 years of experience representing Buyers

and Sellers in Henderson and Las Vegas.










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55+ Community Expert




Mars in Aries

By: Kate Wind / Kate’s Insight

Mercury definitely takes the spotlight when

it comes to retrograding, but did you know

all planets retrograde?

Mars is a fast-moving planet, only spending

roughly six weeks in each sign. Unlike Mercury which retrogrades

several times a year, Mars retrogrades the least out of all the planets,

making this upcoming 6-month cycle in Aries something to talk about!

Mars rules action, aggression, competition, desires, and motivation

which is fitting for the red-colored planet! Mars moved into Aries on

July 27 th .

Not Born Yesterday

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments

Judy Holliday (1921-1965), stood 5’8” tall

and was an incredible actress, comedian

and singer. She was incredibly smart (IQ of 172)

although her career was noted for her distinctive voice and playing

endearing dumb blondes on stage and in film.

She started her career in nightclub acts and eventually performing

on Broadway. She won many awards on Broadway and in movies for

her acting abilities.

While Mars is in Aries, it will make a square to Jupiter, Saturn and

Pluto; the three planets that joined forces in January of this year. What

did you birth during the initial quarantine period of Covid-19? It may

give you a hint of what action needs to take place on a personal and

worldly level.

On September 9 th Mars will retrograde at 28 degrees of Aries, making

its way back to 15 degrees of Aries on November 13 th . This retrograde

could pose as a challenge if you have any personal planets sitting

between 15-28 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn.

The last Mars retrograde in Aries was 1988! That’s 32 years ago! What

happened that year that made you “get mad”, “push back” or initiate


Aries rules new beginnings, determination, bursts of energy and

wields power; making the latter half of 2020 to be a great time to make

a change! Mars is fiery, so feelings of anger and frustration may rise up

during the retrograde.

Though this may not sound fun, it’s these feelings that will initiate

the needed change or adjustments in your life!

If you have been putting off starting a project, hiring someone or a

potential move, Mars in Aries will give you the extra burst of energy to

do so!

Kate Wind is second-generation Astrologer and Feng Shui

Consultant. She speaks on an array of topics, from astrological

influences, Chinese New Year, Feng Shui and Tarot. You can contact

her at: the katewind@gmail.com


August 2020

No doubt many readers remember her from her role in Born

Yesterday. She used a squeaky high voice as Billie Dawn, the “dumb

blonde wife” of Broderick Crawford.

One of her famous lines to Crawford was: “You an’ your big

numbers. You don’t watch out; you’ll be wearing one across your


In her last movie, Bells Are Ringing, Holliday gave a glowing

performance as a telephone operator who meddles in clients’ lives.

She received further positive reviews as Ella Peterson in the movie The

Party’s Over.

There was also glowing reviews when she played Doris Attinger in

the romantic comedy, Adam’s Rib with Spencer Tracy and Kathryn

Hepburn. One of the famous scenes in this movie occurred when Judy

was asked in a trial: “And after you shot your husband, how did you

feel?” Her reply was “’hungry.”

During the Communist political “cleansing” of actors during the

1950s, she convinced the United States Senate, (using her characteristic

squeaky voice) of not being a Communist, thus saving her career and

not identifying nor naming other fellow actors.

A funny story about her should be noted in light of the “MeToo

Movement.” It concerned actresses in dealing with a producer’s


A friend had given her “stuffings” to be placed in her bra when she

was going to an appointment with a prominent movie producer who

was a sexual abuser. When he tried to place her on his “casting couch”

she took the stuffings out, threw them at him, while shouting many

choice words.

She married David Oppenheimer a clarinetist, conductor and

composer and had one son. She divorced David after ten years.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She researches and

reports about music on SCA-TV.com/Anthem Alive! You can

contact her at www.mytimeisragtime.com.

Bathroom Remodeling

$750 OFF

Tub or Shower Remodel

Not to be combined with any other offer. Expires 8/31/2020.

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August 2020

Marriage Can Be Murder

- On Zoom!

By: Dianne Davis / That’s Entertainment

You want to see a show, but don’t want to

go to a show? Marriage Can Be Murder

will come to you – online.

The show, which celebrated 21 years in Las Vegas is a comedy, a

mystery, and a killer! And you can watch it from the comfort of your

home (or anywhere) on your computer, laptop, tablet or iPhone

It was a dinner show, but these days you’ll have to provide your own

meal. But you don’t have to worry about tipping.

You saw it a few years

ago? Not to worry, there

are new murderers and

new victims every few


You’ll have the

chance to put your

sleuthing skills to the

test as this interactive

show on Zoom

challenges you to

figure out who-dun- it.

Not once, not twice, but

four times. Yes, this show is drop dead delicious entertainment.

The jokes are corny, the clues are fun, and the chase to find the

murderer is the mystery that you can hope to solve. If you guess right,

you can win a prize.

If you guess wrong, hey, you had a lot of fun interacting with the

actors and other audience members. At any given performance there

will be a bunch of others playing along and being entertained by the

energetic shenanigans on screen.

When you register (and pay in advance) you’ll receive downloads

to help you play detective. Jayne Post, the ditsy looking blonde, will set

the stage (so to speak) at the beginning and you may be called upon to

help by playing a doctor, part of the band, or a cheering section. Trust

me, it’s fun.

You never know who you’ll meet at this event as the audience is not

confined to locals. Hey, get your friends from New York or Florida to

come to the show with you by signing on for the same performance.

There are ten minute breakout rooms following murders. Subjects

there include what weapons would you use to commit murder and why.

It is possible that someone in your breakout rooms could be the

murderer – or the next victim. The show is fun, and you know you’ll

have a good seat.

Find out more at https://ivorystar.com/shows/marriage-can-bemurder-online-show/.


Dianne Davis is also a reporter for Sun City Anthem TV (SCA-

TV) specializing in entertainment, and LV Associate Editor of

lasvegassplash.com. She hikes, travels with her husband Burt, and

works on her stand-up comedy.

Wake Up!

By: Jerry Creed / Trust Jerry

Have your estate plan reviewed before it’s too

late. Many people think they are on safe

ground when in fact they have climbed way out

on a limb or are walking on a high wire.

Most people discover their

estate planning is poorly done or

inadequate to their needs only after

it’s too late to correct the errors. A

few examples from the last few


First, a couple that has been

together more than 40 years has

done only a Will. One spouse loses

capacity due to disease and the

other spouse needs to sell their

family home but finds in order

to do the sale, they need a court

order (guardianship) or a Durable

Power of Attorney for their spouse, which they can no longer get.

Second, a spouse is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s; the healthy spouse

has COPD but wants to do some advanced planning for his spouse. They

have a trust and a durable power of attorney for financial matters, but

when you look at the details within the power of attorney, the spouse is

not allowed to create or fund irrevocable living trusts.

This means no advanced planning is allowed. No advanced planning

means the spouse was going to have to live out their golden years

impoverished, without financial options.

Third, a family’s three adult children were all special needs and

on disability and government assistance. Their trusts did not have

adequate Special Needs provisions.

When the parents passed, all

three children had their assistance

disrupted. Had the parents done

proper planning the children could

have gained benefit from their

inheritance without interrupting

their disability assistance.

Proper skilled nursing planning

or memory care planning can

result in saving people hundreds

of thousands of dollars. If your

estate planning did not include

a discussion of paying for a

skilled nursing or memory care facility, you are way out on a limb, or

unknowingly walking on a high wire.

The simple way to avoid these tragic outcomes is to have your Trust or

Estate plan reviewed by an attorney who specializes in Estate Planning

or Elder Law.


Drink More Water

By: Heather Latimer / Heather’s Self-Help Tips

Many people believe they don’t need to

quench their thirst if they don’t feel

thirsty. Not so!

Learn from Fred Avri who fainted in his kitchen due to heatstroke, fell

against a knob on the cooker that turned on a slow leakage of gas. If his

daughter hadn’t visited later, found him unconscious and rushed him

to the hospital, he probably would have died.

Think of it! That life-threatening experience was brought on by

something as simple as dehydration. It could have been avoided by

simply drinking more water.

According to Fitness Director Kristie McWhorter “the elderly are

especially vulnerable to the effects of hot and humid weather. Drinking

plenty of water is the speediest means of offsetting the resulting

dehydration. It’s used by the body to transport nutrients and oxygen

to cells, regulate temperature, moisten mouth, eye and nose tissues,

lubricate joints and flush out waste products.”

Take heed! If you are thirsty, your mouth is parched, or you’re passing

dark yellow urine you’re already dehydrated. The Mayo Clinic advises

that “there’s no single formula for everyone but drinking eight 8-oz

glasses a day is easy to remember and a reasonable goal.”

If you make it a habit to sip one glass upon awakening, two glasses at

lunchtime, one at bedtime, and more during and after exercising, that

should get you started. If it’s insufficient to relieve the above symptoms,

increase your intake to 12 glasses a day - or better yet, see your doctor.

Heather Latimer is a nationally recognized specialist in making

difficult subjects easy and author of 17 books. See amazon.com/

heather latimer/how to overcome.

By: BJ Killeen / Down the Road

Hard to believe that it’s been over a

decade since we began playing with our

smartphones. No question these hand-held

miniature computers have become our lifelines while we work, play,

and travel.

Unfortunately, as technology has

become a major part of our lives,

we often forget that there’s always

bad that goes with the good. The

bad I’m talking about is how we are

distracted by our toys while behind

the wheel - and forget that we need

to concentrate on driving first.

AAA’s Foundation for Traffic

Safety conducted a study about

dangerous driving habits. It looked

at recent crash data and found that,

while drivers believe anyone who

drives aggressively, is distracted, or

even impaired are dangerous on

the road, many of those questioned

admitted to engaging in at least one of these actions in the month

before the study.

The survey reported that half of those from the study were involved in

a recent crash, and the cause was talking on a hand-held device while

driving. Slightly fewer study participants involved in a recent crash said

they were texting while driving.


What are You Doing Behind the Wheel?

August 2020

Another 39% admitted to running a red light. And almost all of the

respondents said that driving while tired and when typing a text was

extremely or very dangerous - yet they still did it.

So how do we reduce these types of crashes? It’s not that hard; common

sense will do more to save lives than

any safety device manufacturers

have installed in your vehicle.

First, put the phone away where

you can’t reach it when driving. Or

put it in Do Not Disturb or Airplane


Second, just slow down. You have

to drive 100 miles to save 5 minutes

if you’re going 75 vs. 70 mph. Is it

worth it?

Third, stay alert. Fatigue impairs

judgement, similar to being drunk.

Fourth, drive sober. This includes

alcohol, marijuana, and even

prescription medications. A great

site to visit to see if your medication

impairs your driving is roadwiserx.com.

Finally, wear your seatbelt. That’s the easiest way to keep yourself


BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at



My Celebrity Corner

By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

As COVID-19 puts a detour on Las Vegas

shows, let me tell you about The Vegas

Voice Celebrity Corner, which I host. I am

bringing you a front row seat to “Behind the

Scenes” interviews with Las Vegas’ performers and entertainers.

You can check out my numerous interviews with these top performers

by going to: www.vegasvoicetv.net.

My most recent one was with “Reckless In Vegas” himself, Michael

Shapiro. Before that, there was a very entertaining, funny, and

informative interview with both Vinny Adinolfi (from The Bronx

Wanderers) along with John DiDomenico, the award-winning Donald

Trump impersonator.

Then facing the cameras were Rich Natole, our Vegas Voice radio

host, and before that was Craig Canter. I also interviewed George Grove

(Folk Legacy Trio) and detailed Chase Brown’s tale of success, along

with many earlier interviews.

Amazon Prime

By: Renee Riendeau / Movie Revelations


’m still in” lock-down”, still in a bathrobe,

still sitting in my comfortable chair with

snacks handy. Last month, I wrote about Netflix,

this time I’m reviewing Amazon Prime.

Let’s start by reviewing the benefits of viewing movies from your own

home. You don’t have to shave or put on make-up; you can leave on

your P.J.’s or favorite robe; you have various categories to choose from:

drama, comedy, thrillers, documentaries, children’s movies, etc.; you

can fit your movie into your own time schedule, each selection has a

summary so you can choose whether you want to see it or not. In short,

the benefits are endless.

I have chosen just 2 selections with Prime summaries and my

comments and ratings. There are many, many more.

In my years with The Vegas Voice, I’ve seen it go from a newspaper

format to a magazine publication. From a web site to YouTube and now

to Vegas Voice TV along with streaming on ROKU through the Golden

Network TV.

Did you know that we are the only media company that produces

professional entertainment shows and performances around the Las

Vegas Valley? The shows that I will be producing and bringing to Sun

City MacDonald Ranch’s community center in September and October

are still a (hopeful) go, with top singers, comedians, and musicians.

There still may be social distancing, so make your reservations early.

My crystal ball is a little cloudy now but sooner or later we’ll have

more shows around town. I’m not sure exactly when that will be, but

they will re-appear.

And if you want an up to date list of what’s happening on the

entertainment scene, call, text or email me and I will include you in

my weekly email newsletter that will have a current calendar to what’s

going on.

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at: evan@thevegasvoice.net.


Michael Shapiro was my guest

this month

August 2020

Rambo: In a deadly journey of vengeance, Rambo must confront

his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a

final mission. Rambo is still in great shape but difficult to understand

at times.

The story line is weak, and I gave it 3 out of 5 boxes of popcorn,

although it was good seeing him again.

Saints and Sinners: The prodigal son returns to Greater Hope

Baptist Church, dodging fallout of Insider Trading investigation only

to find the hometown of his past swallowed up by greed, lust, and deceit.

If you ever lived in a small town, you’ll be able to relate.

It’s life in a nutshell and I gave it a 5 out of 5 rating with boxes of


As of this writing, movie theaters have not yet opened up, and

there seems to be much debate on how they will handle the seating

arrangements (with social distancing still in place). And/or should

“masks” be required or not.

There are indeed many advantages of Netflix, Amazon Prime and

many other programs. You save on gas, sit in your favorite chair, no

mask needed and get snacks at the Dollar Store.

I never realized how much money you can save and still choose from

hundreds of movie and TV selections!

Renee Riendeau is the movie critic for “Renee’s Revelations”

on Anthem Alive SCA-TV. As a dog sitter she operates “ Renee’s

Roommates” out of her home and can be reached at




At The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, we can’t share our stage with you now. When we

went dark in March, no one could have imagined the postponement of over 300 performances,

totaling more than $7 million in ticket revenue, a significant setback for The Smith Center. With

your help we can return to the stage, please donate to our Road to Reopening Fund.



Everyone Old is New Again!

By: Susan Goldfein / Susan’s Unfiltered Wit

Perry Mason has been resurrected! For 40

years, beginning in 1933, the character

created by Erle Stanley Gardner, appeared in

more than 80 novels and short stories.

Like my favorite police procedurals, the stories followed a formula.

A client was wrongly accused of murder, but during the trial, Mason,

aided by sidekicks Della Street and Paul Drake, would uncover the true

guilty party, who would then confess.

Beside the novels, there was film Perry Mason, radio Perry Mason, TV

Perry Mason - all recognizable and consistently dependable. Until now.

HBO Perry Mason is not the Perry Mason of The Case of the Velvet

Claws, and the rest of The Cases of.... This Perry Mason isn’t a lawyer,

but a melancholy, shell-shocked WW I veteran who is a gum shoe, a

flat foot, a tail. In other words, a private detective in noir-ish 1930s Los

Angeles. That’s not right!

But wait, I get it. Matthew Rhys is prequel Perry Mason, the character

before he became a lawyer. Should I surmise by the end of the series,

we’ll witness Perry taking the California bar exam?

On reflection, I find the reinvention of the character inspirational.

Which leads me to my current project.

What if we took other iconic TV characters from the late 50s-early 60s

and rearranged them? How might this play out?

I LOVE LUCY. Lucy Ricardo is a young widow. Ricky has died of

the Cuban flu, leaving her to care for their child, little Ricky. To make

matters worse, she’s lost her job as the Vitameatavegamin Girl, leaving

her financially destitute.

Landlord Fred Mertz, who has had his eyes on Lucy for years, tiring

of dowdy Ethel, tells Lucy he won’t evict her if she’ll grant him sexual

favors. Seeing little choice, she agrees, until one day she’s had quite

enough of lecherous Mr. Mertz.

Lucy rebels, and along with Alice Kramden, (who’s grown sick and

tired of Ralph’s threats to send her to the moon) joins the #METOO

Movement and becomes its vice-president.

MARCUS WELBY, MD. For his birthday, this kindly California GP

receives a gift from his adult children. It’s a membership in Ancestry.


Marcus is thrilled that he can finally search his family tree, and

discover if, with a name like Welby, he was destined to become a doctor.

He cancels his appointments for the next day, telling his patients to take

two oxycodones and call him in the morning, and logs on to begin his


He is elated to discover that he’s a third cousin of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

He’s so excited by this information that he gives up his practice, moves

to Washington, D.C. and joins the COVID-19 task force.

Henceforth, he can be seen at the podium during the briefings. He’s

the one wearing the colorful tie carefully chosen to compliment Dr.

Deborah Birx’s scarf of the day.

If anyone is interested in backing these concepts, please don’t

hesitate to contact me. Story lines for Gilligan’s Island and Batman

are already in the works. Until then, I’ll continue watching new Perry

Mason, and wondering when he will finally apply to law school.

Susan Goldfein’s newest book, How to Complain When There’s

Nothing to Complain About, is available at Amazon.com, BN.com,

Read her blog at: www.SusansUnfilteredWit.com. Email Susan:



August 2020


All in the Family Hoskin

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

am sure you will all find comfort in knowing

I that while Nevadans are struggling to keep

businesses open and bills paid, two of Judge

Charles “Chuck” Hoskin’s family members are getting

steady paychecks working for the Eighth Judicial District Court, Family

Division (EJDC).

Yes, this is the same courthouse where Judge Hoskin currently works

and previously served as the Presiding Judge for Guardianship.

For approximately four years, Courtnie Hoskin, who is Judge

Hoskin’s daughter, has worked in the Family Court Clerk’s office. She

first obtained part-time employment at the court while her father was

serving as the Presiding Judge.

Courtnie is now a full-time courtroom clerk working with Judge

William Voy. You remember Judge Voy. Publisher Dan’s article last

month exposed his family connections.

I guess these repeat “honorable” offenders

look out for each other. As The Vegas

Voice has claimed: The Family

Court system is not broken –

it’s fixed.

Anyway, in 2019, another

Hoskin mysteriously appeared

in a supervisory role for the

Family Court Clerk’s office. This

Hoskin is none other than

Judge Hoskin’s wife, Teresa

Hoskin. How can this happen you


The individual “responsible for

personnel and fiscal services” is Steve

Grierson who is the Chief Executive Officer and

Clerk of Court for the EJDC. Mr. Grierson is beholden

to the pleasure and whim of every sitting judge.

After all, it was the judges that collectively voted Mr.

Grierson into the top court position and provided him with an overly

generous pay raise which the judges convinced the Clark County

Commissioners to ratify.

While there is a Human Resources (HR) division of the EJDC, the HR

Manager works at the pleasure of the judges too. Let’s face it, everybody

in the Court system gets and stays employed at the pleasure of the

judges - and the judges resoundingly get what they want.

The moral of this story about the three Hoskins of Family Court

is: Nepotism is alive and well in our Family

Court system. Do you really believe the judges and

court management would turn a blind eye to

any transgression of either Courtnie or Teresa

to the detriment of other employees and

the public? I think the answer is clear.

It’s time for us to start draining this

cesspool. It is readily apparent that

the Nevada judiciary (from judges to

lawyers to all “insiders”) cannot or

will not do so.

In the November election Judge

Chuck Hoskin is once again asking

the public to return him to the (Family

Court, Department E) bench. We are

hoping that our readers, “we the people”

will make sure that does not happen.

We will have a lot more to say about this

judge and the failure of the judicial system in the

upcoming months.

Let’s tell CHUCK the Hoskin family taxpayer BUCK stops here! THROW

THE CHUCK OUT - once and for all!


August 2020

You can contact Rana by email: Rana@thevegasvoice.net. Also

check out her blog about life in Sun City Anthem at:




August 2020

By: Liz Breier / Guest Column

recently attended a virtual class and the name

I and source will not be identified to protect

the innocent (or ignorant). However, the facilitator really got me so

distracted by his butchering of the English language and his failure to

speak properly in a public setting, that I was encouraged to express my


How many

times in any

given 5-minute

period (over a

2-hour course)

did I hear, “um”,

“you know” and

his most favorite

Where Has Our

Language Gone?

sentence ender

“right”? In one

5-minute period

I counted 16

“right” and 4

“you know.”

It’s true this

is just one

individual (who by the way is practiced at giving classes in person

and virtually, so no excuse for lack of experience) but then I started to

notice how badly our language is butchered by the real professionals.

News reporters, writers and TV talking heads that repeatedly say

“like” and butcher the English language to the detriment of their

reputation and the bleeding ears of the listeners. If you are old enough

to remember Edwin Newman, Strictly Speaking, he must be rolling

in his grave and his concern that America could be the death of the

English language seems to be coming to fruition.

I must aks (common cringeworthy pronunciation of ask) – is

anyone teaching public speaking in high schools and universities? Is

there no time to educate our youth on the difference between to and

too or not to end a sentence with a preposition?

How about explaining that when speaking, take a breath, rather

than “umming” their way through a speech or lecture?

I suggest that if anyone is going to speak publicly, or write an article

or expound on social media, that they take a moment to edit, spell

check and by all means practice what you will be saying so they can be

confident enough not to fill it with unwanted, extraneous verbiage that

has absolutely no meaning or bearing on the topic at hand.

I’m sure that if examined closely by a professional, there are

grammatical and punctuation errors in this article too. It just shows

that even those of us cognizant of the abuse, are not without fault.

I will therefore request forgiveness now and try to do better in the


Liz Breier is a Sun City Anthem resident and a very nice person.

Enough is Enough!

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

The Henderson Mayor and City Council are

learning a tough lesson. When the people

(that’s you and me) get riled up about an issue

– like the Henderson Pavilion fiasco they had better listen or there will

be consequences!

Remember the so-called “credible survey” they conducted a couple

of months ago whereby they surveyed 400 residents and they said 72%

supported the Arena at the Pavilion location? Well, what about the

3,000+ voting residents who signed a petition saying NO to that Arena?

Also, what about that $40 million+ bond they’re floating to pay half

the cost of the Arena? What’s the sense in doing that when every other

governing entity in the state is slashing budgets due to the COVID-19


What a crock! As we went to press, the City Council had scheduled

a meeting to consider the petition to not place the hockey arena on

the November ballot. City staff concluded that it was invalid, which is

total BS; though a predictable conclusion that I warned in my previous

column would happen.

The petitioners have pledged to file a lawsuit to force the politicians

to do what they should have done on their own accord – follow the lead

of the people they are supposed to represent and put it to a vote.

If that effort fails, I strongly suggest the petitioners follow through

with a recall petition of the Mayor and all of the council members who

supported her position. Councilman

Daniel Stewart (at least initially)

was the lone exception as he voted

against the Arena proposal.

That changed last month

when he joined the other Council

members to reject the petitioners’

appeal! A turncoat to say the least!

As far as I know, recalling

four sitting members of a single

governing body has never been

done before. But, it certainly is an

attention getter!

Recall them, beginning with the

mayor! A formidable task but, because the issue is such a thorn stuck in

the voters’ rear ends, it just might get the traction to work!

This is a wakeup call to YOU the voting public! Do not let these

misguided and totally incompetent politicians get away with

committing your financial resources and adding serious congestion in

a densely populated area of the community under the pretense of “new

economic opportunity.”

We deserve better!

Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He can be reached at: dhyde9@cox.net.



What happens here only happens here...

But should it?

The story thus far-a recap of Parts I & II

In our June and July issues, this publication described how a

man named Thomas Moore has acquired control over hundreds

of dead people’s estates in the Las Vegas area under unusual

provisions of Nevada probate law. As a court-appointed

“independent administrator,” Moore is empowered to dispose

of estate property with minimal supervision, involving a

series of opaque transactions. The process circumvents interests

of potential heirs and other parties in ways that probate

experts across the country find bizarre and disturbing. Even

as Moore faces challenges from Clark County’s elected public

administrator, Robert Telles, as well as from families claiming

harm from his activities, he and his attorneys have denied


A Vegas Voice

Investigative Report

by Judy Polumbaum


1. Nevada looks mighty whacky!

Senior citizens are often told: Make a will. Designate

beneficiaries. Name an executor.

The coronavirus pandemic reminds us that life is

tenuous, more so for the elderly and marginalized, but

for everybody. The videos of brutal killings that have

sparked protests across the country remind us that

death can strike precipitously and prematurely.

Less obviously, Thomas Moore’s activities in Clark

County under Nevada’s Independent Administration of

Estates Act underscore the need to make arrangements

for the afterlife.

Prior installments of this investigation describe how

Moore took over hundreds of dead people’s estates

with surprising ease. This part introduces the state

law that enables someone with no relationship to the

deceased to administer probate, the legal process by

which a person’s assets pass to heirs and/or creditors

after death.

Not that this process is always squeaky clean elsewhere.

Probate has long had a bad reputation, say

scholars in the field, because lots of money may be up

for grabs in estates without obvious fiduciaries.

In recent decades, however, experts across the country

have endeavored to clarify and simplify an often

cumbersome and expensive process, while also ensuring

safeguards. These efforts have produced a kind

of model law, the Uniform Probate Code, under the

umbrella of the Chicago-based Uniform Law Commission.

That organization drafts legislation in complex

areas for use by the states. To date, 19 states have

adopted or adapted the model provisions for probate.

Nevada is not one of them.

In bygone days, say scholars familiar with the history,

a main source of probate corruption was a kind

of pay-to-play scheme, in which those seeking a piece

of the pie made contributions to candidates for probate

judge, who then appointed their donors guardians

over estates. Stricter campaign reporting rules,

closer supervision of guardianship, and increased

regulation of the probate process have pretty well

eliminated this sort of dealing.

So what’s going on with all these Las Vegas cases?

Half a dozen experienced practitioners and scholars

contacted by phone for this report expressed various

degrees of amazement at the seeming ease with

which an individual can gain an independent administrator

appointment here. They were taken aback at

the evident lack of thoroughness and protections in

Nevada’s probate law and practices, and dismayed by

the murkiness of real estate dealings that may take

place without court supervision.

2. A benign idea gone astray?

The concept of independent administration itself is not

unusual or even problematic, according to David English,

University of Missouri professor of law, who was

one of the major authors of the Uniform Probate Code.

Numerous states have such provisions.

Typically, however, a court will appoint an independent

administrator only if everyone on a long list of other

candidates with higher priority has signed a waiver, “or

sometimes if a case comes up long after a death,” English


And typically, the appointee is the relevant public official

in that jurisdiction – someone like Nevada’s public

administrators, elected officials at the county level. As

readers of this series know, Clark County’s public administrator,

Robert Teller, has endeavored to assert this

responsibility by challenging Moore’s dubious takeovers.

On occasion, a creditor will step into the administrative

role – the bank, perhaps, (Continues on next page)


August 2020

(Continues from previous page)

...if the house is underwater and nobody wants to deal with it.

“This is like a last resort, and it’s not a common thing,” said

English, who has 40 years of expertise in the field.

Probate rests on a basic bulwark, the assurance that anyone

seeking authority must prove their standing “before you are entitled

to mess with a decedent’s estate,” according to John Langbein,

professor emeritus of law

at Yale. That safeguard

seems to be absent here,

said Langbein, who began

teaching probate law 50

years ago, and also helped

draft the model code.

“I’ve never really heard

of anybody doing this; this

is a new script for me,”

Langbein said of Thomas

Moore’s multitude of appointments

as an independent

administrator. “What

strikes me as so curious is

that this fellow doesn’t seem

John Langbein

Yale emeritus, Probate expert

to bear any relationship to

the heirs; nor is he in a

lawyer-client relationship.”

“It’s almost like a bountyhunter

machine,” exclaimed another scholar. “It’s so illogical, so

corrupt, so bananas.”


3. Legislative Origins

Thomas Moore’s ability to gain authority over hundreds of

estates in Clark County rests on legislation dating back nearly a


A couple of years into the housing crisis, the Nevada legislature,

in its spring 2011 session, took up a package of proposed

changes to state probate law, including the addition of a lengthy

section known as the Independent Administration of Estates Act.

[Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapters 143-147]

Valerie Wiener, then a state senator, and Tick Segerblom, an

assemblyman (now a Clark County commissioner), co-sponsored

the bill. Segerblom admitted in a committee hearing that

he didn’t actually understand the changes, and would leave the

explanation to the experts.

In committee hearings on the proposed changes, advocates

said the independent administrator provisions would reduce the

costs of probate and burdens on clogged courts.

With few questions, and no significant objections that appear

on the record, the bill handily cleared both houses (21-0 in the

senate, 28-14 in the assembly). That June, in his first term as

governor, Brian Sandoval signed the changes into law, effective

October 1, 2011.

The results proved to be a slippery slope.

Stay tuned for-




Stupid Scam of the Month

Editor’s Note: Thanks to all

who forwarded their scams

emails to The Vegas Voice. And

take a look at our “Scams,

Schemes & Senior Safety” video

broadcasts on our new Vegas

Voice TV website: www.vegasvoicetv.com.

Talk about stupid! Can you imagine anyone dumb enough to do

anything with this (unedited) email scam received last month?

We realize that it “only takes one” idiot to fall for this, but come

on, don’t insult the remaining millions of people who received

and immediately purged this message.

As always, think before you click on those attachments.

If in doubt, don’t!

Subject: File Identification Code (AWB33XZS)

From: info. lilisch@fibertell.com (Add as Preferred


To: unlisted-recipients

Attn, We the IMF wish to inform you that your total compensation

fund worth of $3.5 Million USA Dollars will be transferring to you

daily $6000.00 through-World remit Transfer. So contact Mr.Wilson

Bob with your Full name, Home address, DOB and telephone Number.

Below is the pay off director in-charge contact details.

Name: Mr.Wilson Bob Telephone Number: +1(xxx) 583-1474


Email: od647704@xxx.com Note: That you will only pay to them

file reconfirmation fee and fund transfer permit fee $100 only!

Regards, Dir. Ricardo Maxwell, IMF Fund Compensation -Unit

Director NY City.



Our “New Normal”

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

Since “Rona” hit we’ve been adjusting our lives.

That goes from “hunkering down” to avoiding

crowds, wearing a mask and continually washing

or sanitizing our hands.

Some friends have ventured out to restaurants, casinos, large crowds,

etc. Some even dare to NOT wear a mask. Sorry, folks, but I’m abiding

by wearing my mask as soon as I leave the house (except in my car),

avoiding large crowds and NOT going to casinos or restaurants. I carry

my hand sanitizer with me at all times.

Also, since my beloved Smith Center is dark right now and we don’t

know when we will be back to work, I’ve had “Smith Center withdrawals.”

The beloved shows’ cast, crew and fellow co-workers are missing from my

daily routine.

I miss ushering all the fantastic shows that I’ve enjoyed for the past

8-1/2 years. But we will re-open again! And it’ll be safe, secure and


Have you gained a little weight? I managed to maintain my weight

- but believe me, it’s been tough. Without teaching my beloved Zumba

classes (while the fitness centers are closed) I’ve taken virtual classes.

Not the same as “live” but at least it’s something! Soon I’ll be able to

teach “live” again.

Do you prep all your vegetables when you get home? I wash the celery

stalks and cut them into bite size portions, so they’re ready to nibble when

I have a snack craving.

One helpful hint is to shave off a pound a week by cutting just 500

calories a day. But do be careful to eat enough – otherwise your body will

start to store energy as fat.

You can also drink lots of water. This helps to make you feel a little

fuller and helps with digestion.

Rule of thumb: Take half your body weight – divide it by 2 and that is

your “normal” amount of ounces per day. If you exercise or are outside

for any amount of time, additional ounces of water are needed.

Positive attitude and good health to all!

Mary Richard is a long term supporter of senior fitness. She

teaches Zumba, toning and dance classes throughout the Las Vegas

Valley. She can be reached at zumbaqueen@cox.net.

August 2020

When it Becomes Too Much

By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

I have practiced medicine for 20 years and I have

never seen anything like this. Our lives have been

held hostage by COVID-19 for months now.

Beyond the infectious effects of the virus and how it can become a

potential threat to the body, we are now seeing the effects of shutting

down and isolating from each other. Patients that usually come in for

other complaints are now seeking treatment for stress, anxiety, depression

and insomnia.

One of the biggest concerns is that this is creeping up on many people

slowly. They do not even see it happening to them until they suddenly find

themselves anxious, depressed and not sleeping.

It is important to understand what is happening and why. Our nervous

systems are designed to handle and adapt to a certain amount of stress.

It was not, however, designed to handle a threat that lasts months on end

with no clear resolution in sight.

Add on top of this the protests, riots, concerns about equal treatment,

what is happening and may happen to police departments and it becomes

the proverbial straw that can break the camel's back.

The sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) becomes

overused and the body forgets how to relax - resulting in anxiety,

insomnia, digestive issues, headaches, etc. The unending strain on the

body eventually overwhelms its resources resulting in fatigue, depression,

moodiness or the exacerbation of current medical problems.

What’s the solution? There’s no easy answer in these times.

Social distancing is necessary to decrease the spread of COVID-19 but

at the same time, we are a social species. We require interaction and

support with family, friends and people to stay healthy.

Taking a walk with family (when it is not too hot) or exercising with

friends while still maintaining social distance may help. Eating healthy,

getting enough sleep, laughing, and engaging in activities the promote

personal growth will also ease the burden of these times.

If you are feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed, please seek

medical attention. There are many modalities and strategies that can

help you feel better and assist you through these difficult times.

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or




Wait Till Next Year

By: Liz Palmer / NSG

It’s 2020, the 40 th anniversary of the Nevada

Senior Games, but our celebration will have to be

postponed until next year.

Sadly, our Board of Directors voted to cancel

our 2020 Games – the COVID Monster was simply

too much to overcome. We did our best to “control the controllables”

by preparing a sanitation protocol for athletes (and volunteers) and

designing disinfecting procedures for our competitions, as well as

securing personal protective equipment for all participants.

But Nevada’s mask directive caused us to cancel all indoor sports.

Combine that with climbing infection rates for Nevada and surrounding

states (we get a lot of out of state athletes) along with several of our venues

being in jeopardy regarding our usage – and suddenly the decision was

simply out of our hands.

This was tough. All our Board of Directors, Executive Staff, and Sports

Coordinators were keenly disappointed that we would not be able to

promote and advocate health and wellness for our senior community

through our Games this Fall. Obviously, the safety and well-being of

everyone remains foremost in importance.

We will extend a 100% refund on registration and events fees to all 2020

registrants. If you are a registrant, please check your email in the next few

days for all relevant information.

The National Senior Games Association has likewise taken into

account the cancellation of games for many states. Since this is a

qualifying year, they have implemented qualifying standards based upon

previous year’s participation.

Chances are you are already qualified for the 2021 Nationals next

November in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Please see their website at www.

nsga.com for qualifying information.

The Nevada Senior Games will plan for a bigger and better Games in

September and October of 2021 and we will do it with YOU, our friends

and supporters! We’re already looking forward to designing a new athlete

t-shirt, ordering medals, securing our venues, and making sure that next

year’s competition has everything illustrated by our motto “Fitness For

The Fun Of It!”

Put the Nevada Senior Games on your calendar for 2021! We’re looking

forward to welcoming you.

Liz Palmer is the Executive Director of the Nevada Senior Games.

For more information on how you can participate, contact Liz at:

702/242-1590 or by email: Nevadaseniorgames@outlook.com.

August 2020

The Pain of it All

By: Mike Landry / Golf Fore Ever

Well it’s over – my knee surgery was a success

and now I’m on my way to recovery. This is one

experience that I wish I could have skipped in my

life, but that wasn’t to be.

The boredom of sitting around with ice on my knee several times each

day and going from my bedroom to my recliner is making a path in the

carpet. The pain I feel during the day is tolerable and getting better each

day, but the night is different.

I only get about 4-5 hours’ sleep before I wake up with pain and forced

to the recliner and more ice. The physical therapy is going great, my knee

is quite functional and I’m walking very well with no help from a cane

or walker.

After 35 days since the surgery, I went putting for 30 minutes and did

some chipping for the first time. I chipped just like before. I sure hope for

the same results when I finally pick up my irons.

But enough about me!

As a result of being laid up, I watch more PGA golf than ever before. The

golf I watched is nothing short of excellent – even without spectators, it’s

still good to watch.

What do you all think of Bryson DeChambeau and what he’s doing to

the game? It is exciting to watch golf right now with DeChambeau driving

the ball 364 yards…are you kidding me?

I must say he works hard and is totally dedicated to taking his game to

another level. He’s shaking things up on the golf scene by doing things

never done before – such as all his irons being of the same length and

his decision to put on a weight.

Whatever he’s doing seems to be working and the doubters out there

are beginning to quiet down. During the first 5 rounds since the restart of

the 2020 season, he’s finished in the top 10 all five weeks and winning last

week. All I can say is “Wow!”

Until then, hit “em” straight!

Mike Landry resides in Sun City MacDonald Ranch and is a

member of Winterwood Men’s Golf Association.. He can be reached

at: airmikel1@cox.net



Gained a Few Pounds?

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

While this pandemic has far more serious

concerns than our waistline, it’s not gone unnoticed

by many that the lockdowns have also resulted in

our clothes fitting a bit more snug.

For lots of us, our weight seems to easily settle around the middle and

never seems to spread out evenly. While an overall loss of weight might

help, I decided to see what options might be available for my waistline.

If I was dedicated, I’d try to get “abs”, but the truth is, I’m not that

motivated. After just turning 65 I’m happy to settle for just a little less

around the midsection!

For a pricier and more hi-tech option, med spas have options like

Emsculpt. It uses Hifem technology to produce super maximum rapid

contractions to shape your abdominal muscles.

They claim they can reduce and sculpt your abdomen, giving you the

very sought after six pack. There are 4 treatments, usually a week apart,

and runs about $3,000.

While a bit (okay a lot) more than I personally want to spend, this is

an interesting option for those really wanting a more toned look.

There are also other procedures like Coolsculpt, which basically freezes

the fat cells and melts them away. It doesn’t sculpt your abs, but it gets rid

of that stubborn surface fat. This is usually two treatments a month apart

Your Fashionable Mask

By: Sandi Davis / Fashion “Cents”

Good morning, good

afternoon, and good

evening. It all seems to

be running together, doesn’t it?

I’m thinking about what to wear at home

today, or perhaps which mask to wear when I

go to the grocery. Is this fashion? Considering

the climate and that a mask is a social

distancing requirement, I am saying YES, it

can be.

No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service. Big

Sigh? BUT WAIT - Maybe not.

Disposable blue, online purchased with

an air vent, or the big “cover your face”

plastic one that makes you feel like a welder.

Remember Jennifer Beals in Flashdance? I

loved that movie.

Maybe I can forget about how weird it looks

and just pretend I am her. Do I need the torn

sweatshirt, too?

I was wondering how many of us rely solely

on the disposable blue masks for convenience.

That’s good but let’s amp it up.

I did make my own mask, and several readers have asked about it. A

August 2020

running about $2,500.

I decided to go an entirely

different route and try a home

workout with…a hula hoop

device. It is designed not to fall

down which should help.

I purchased a YouTen 2020

weighted hula hoop at a cost

of $59.97. I’ll see just how long

and how hard it is to use. Much

cheaper to be sure, but will it


Next month I’ll give an

update and share how often I

use it - and if it works. There is a good chance I won’t make it past day 3,

as that is my normal dedication level to exercise, but desperate times call

for desperate measures.

I’m staying pretty much at home, so there are no excuses for lack of

time. We shall see!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at TimelessBeauty2020@gmail.com or

through her website www.fullips.com.

picture was posted with my column where I added my rhinestone lip pin

to the outside. And it is fashionable.

I am going to make more because I want to

have the straps go around my head instead of

over my ears, so when I am wearing glasses or

hearing aids it does not interfere. And I may sew

on earrings, too.

I have a reader, Caroline, who shared with me

pictures of some unique masks that she wears.

Functional but also attractive and fun. They are

from the Wassa Wear Boutique. I’m intrigued

and looking forward to visiting the Boutique.

So now I am on a mission to discover

other masks to wear. They must be functional

because we cannot forget WHY we are wearing

the masks. But they can be fashionable too.

Of course, now I must see what outfit goes

with my mask, rather than the other way

around. And I think any mask would enhance

a pair of Louboutin sandals. Now if I only had

a pair.

Let me know your thoughts readers. Send me

your mask pictures. Be safe and MASK UP!

Sandi Davis is the Fashion Style columnist and Behind-the-Scenes

Research Analyst for The Vegas Voice. She welcomes all questions

and opinions. You can contact her at Sandidavis@cox.net

you are welcome


pastor paul block

senior event

7/13/20 @ 9:00am

” Maximizing your

NV Medicare

Advantage Plan”

Free. Visit us online

for more information.

Our doors are open!

Join us for Church in-person or online.

We have taken precautions to create a safe

worship space. Come to hear the Good News

of God’s love for you!

Saturdays at 5:00pm

Sundays at 8am, 9:15am, 10:30am

Online Sundays at 9:15am

New Song Church is located at 1291 Cornet Street

in Henderson. Call us at (702) 492-1771 or visit

us online at www.NewSongAnthem.com



Mysterious Crop Circles

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

Historically people have been perplexed by a

phenomenon many claim to have been around

for centuries. Crop circles, as we know them, are

usually only spotted by airplanes because of their

size and inaccessible locations.

Their unexplained patterns are found worldwide in fields, sides of

mountains, etc. Although, there are no definitive answers as to how they

are created or why they appear, theories suggest they are formed by dust

devils, waterspouts, supernatural powers, etc.

Hoaxers Bower and Chorley confessed that from 1976-1991 they created

some 200 crop circles in England’s countryside. They demonstrated to

reporters how they created them using boards, ropes, balls and wires.

That’s when many of the mainstream sources considered the case of

crop circles closed. Yet, this didn’t explain the crop circles that appeared

elsewhere on the same night or the other thousands of designs that

appeared in over 60 countries - before, during and since those years.

Researchers claim that 30% of the crop circles are man-made. There’s

also evidence differentiating the hoax circles from the authenticated ones

that become increasingly more complex and intricate.


August 2020

To date there is no known technology that can duplicate their

characteristics, nor have they been able to reproduce the same quality.

Eyewitness claims include seeing bright lights and the astounding fact

that the circles would appear in 20 seconds or less.

The authentic crop circles are found on earth’s electro-magnetic

locations, such as Stone-Hedge. Additionally:

1. The plants ’cells are always altered,

2. Their apical nodes were lengthened, due to some kind of electromagnetic/microwave

energy exposure,

3. The seed embryos are distorted and subjected to intense heat from

the inside out. This softens the plant stems which forces them to drop

to 90 degrees above ground where they re-harden undamaged into this

permanent position.

The symbols are holograms similar to the Egyptian hieroglyphs. It is

believed that this is the language of the Soul that apparently activates the

consciousness of the observer. Their energy is understood on a level far

higher than one’s mind or personality.

Therefore, the human intellect cannot contaminate their real meaning

or purpose.

To contact Ali or for spiritual consultations, coaching, workshops

and readings, email: alivegasvoice@yahoo.com.

August Heat & Your Garden

By: Howard Galin / Happy Gardening

In August, because of extremely high

temperatures, prolonged daylight and minimal

humidity, keeping our gardens healthy and

attractive can be quite a challenge! I have listed four areas that require

your garden attention.

1. Keep adequate moisture levels around your plants. While many

native plants have adapted to our August conditions, many non-natives

that have been introduced into our neighborhoods require more TLC.

As I tour neighborhoods, I see numerous flowering shrubs and bushes

that are heat and moisture sensitive. Roses, for example, require moist

soil and moderate temperatures to blossom.

Excessive sunshine reflecting on rock mulch can raise the ground

temperature to levels above 160 F severely damaging or killing many

plants. In order to protect these non-natives, it is important to create an

“organic mulch” buffer around these plants extending from their base to

the width of their branches.

This will prevent heat reflecting off of the ground and burning leaves,

flowers and stems. Organic (wood) mulch also retains the moisture and

can lower ground temperature by 60 degrees!

2. Keeping plants healthy. The hot and dry conditions put stress on

your plants. This encourages diseases and insects to invade.

Be vigilant when signs of disease or insect infestation appear. In

addition to visible insects on many plants, if you have agaves, keep in

mind that during August, the agave weevil lays eggs underground that

will hatch and eat the roots and kill these plants in the future.

To prevent this, I recommend

using a “systemic” insecticide

poured around the plants

and absorbed by the roots. In

August, Opuntia and Cholla

cactus are attacked by cochineal

bugs (resembling small cotton

balls) that cover these plants

and suck their juices, scarring

and killing the plants. Spittle

bugs (resembling little pearls)

attack rosemary doing the same


3. Pruning. With the

exception of palms and plants

such as lantanas, I would refrain from any extensive pruning since

pruning stimulates new plant growth.

4. Should you add new plants in August? Except for palms and cactus,

the answer is NO! New plantings need milder temperatures and less

sunlight in order to establish strong roots and to protect young leaves

and buds.

Have any gardening questions? Contact me at: Theplantwhisperer28@


Howard Galin, a/k/a: “The Plant Whisperer” is a retired NYC

school administrator, transplanted in Las Vegas who devotes his

time to communicating with and lecturing about our native


ADA Compatibility

Grab Bars + Ramps

Curbless Showers + More



Families on the Front

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

When a G.I. goes to war, the family goes to

war as well. When he or she is wounded,

the family is wounded as well.

I salute the families that endure their own kind of pain and suffering

while their loved ones are in the line of fire. It is another side of serving

in the military that rarely gets acknowledged.

I believe that every man and woman that goes to war gets wounded

in one way or another, and the soul becomes an early victim. Souls are

connected first through family, and each wounded soul affects the rest

of the system.

Just as individuals are systems of physical, mental, emotional, and

spiritual interconnected parts, families are systems as well. For example,

when one part of us is out of balance our entire system is affected.

When we have a sore throat or broken nose, we do not function at our

best. Likewise, our family. When a warrior is separated from them (and

worse yet, becomes physically wounded), the family ceases to function

as well as it should.

When I was in Vietnam, I knew little of the degree of emotional pain

it caused my family. Only when I got home did I find out.

Since it was the first televised war in American history, the horror of it

all being broadcast daily into living rooms across the country brought

a lot of stress to families...mine included. The killed-in-action list was

posted like some kind of tally sheet, and my folks suffered high levels of

anxiety for the entire year I was in the war zone.

They waited helplessly and could only hope and pray that I would

return safely.

It is through love that families are tied together. It is also through

that same love that we become vulnerable to the wounds of our loved

ones. And perhaps through that same love and connectedness, we can

find some newfound healing.

It is good for us veterans to stop and consider how much our families

were affected by our service; it helps us heal in unexpected ways. I

believe that by turning ourselves inside out and focusing on what our

loved ones suffered can lead to another level of healing for ourselves.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.


August 2020

Why Do I Have


By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight

Sound like a silly question? Well, in some

ways it is, but the real purpose of insurance

as it was originally developed has been lost over

the years.

Here is the reason you should have insurance: To mitigate the

severe impact that a loss might have upon you financially and/

or personally.

You should only have insurance to mitigate (lessen) the impact of a

loss from which you could not easily recover.

Example: If you own a vehicle valued at $40,000 and it is stolen or

is a total loss in an accident, can you afford to spend $40,000 out of

pocket to replace it? If you can’t, then you should insure it.

This example is hypothetical of course since most people finance

large asset purchases (houses, cars and boats, etc.) and the finance

company “requires” that you protect the asset with insurance.

The key is that you insure assets because you are either:

1. Required to by a finance agent that holds the title or deed, or

2. Because the total loss of the asset would cause severe financial

damage to you.

That’s the key to understanding insurance. The question really is:

Can you afford not to insure?

And that is where our contemporary societal norms have broken

down. The fact is that most people will file insurance claims for minor

occurrences simply because they have insurance and are convinced

that is the reason they have it.

A broken window, a minor dent, or even a minor accident will send

people rushing to their insurance company to be compensated when

they could easily have suffered the loss without a severe impact on their

life. The litigious nature of our society is no help either.

Seems like the first words out of the mouth of someone who thinks

they have been wronged is, “I’ll sue!” The fact that our societal norms

have eroded to the point that we rarely think of “healing ourselves” but

instead, look to insurance companies (and the courts) to do it for us.

Every minor insurance claim that could have easily been handled

personally will have an impact on the industry and every frivolous

lawsuit that should have been handled outside the court system will

only exacerbate the problem.

For now, stay healthy and safe.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance executive.

He and his wife owned and operated their own insurance agency for

over 16 years. His primary purpose is to give out real information

that can be used to make intelligent insurance decisions.

Hot August Nights

By: Pat Alexander / Art of Entertaining

Our hot August days remind me of living in

North Carolina where the days are long

and sultry.

Every Saturday morning was spent in the same way. My friends and I

would meet at the Farmers Market in the early morning and browse the

stands of fresh, beautiful fruits and vegetables.

The tomatoes were always fat, red and delicious. The corn was

reaching its end, but the small ears with the yellow and white kernels

were still the sweetest. We’d touch, sample and select, always trying to

be close to the fans that circulated at each stand.

The flower tent with its glorious colors and fragrances was always

our last stop. Afterward, we’d stow our finds in our coolers and head to

a restaurant.

We’d sit in air-cooled luxury, drink our iced beverages and talk and

talk. They were truly the lazy days of summer and we enjoyed each

other’s company and conversation as only good friends can.

We’d make our plans for the evening and head home to refresh

ourselves and unpacking our purchases. Later we would meet at one

home, have a light dinner and play cards on that most coveted feature

of a southern home, the screened-in porch, while the fan circled lazily


I loved those evenings and miss them still. The hostess made cold

dishes, as no one wanted to cook in the oppressive heat. And pie from

the Farmers Market and ice

cream were always the dessert of

choice, the only variation being

the flavors.

My favorite cold dish was

always antipasto served with

crusty Italian bread and chilled

white wine. There are so many

variations of this, but here is

my favorite. It’s simple and


Try it. I think you’ll enjoy it.

ANTIPASTO: Layer a rimmed

platter with thinly sliced genoa

or hard salami. Cover with a

layer of sliced crisp celery.

Top with marinated red pepper strips, yellow or red peppadews,

marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts and small mozzarella balls.

Add a can, drained, of black olives and a jar of drained green olives

with pimento.

Add strips of anchovies. Pour ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil over top

and let marinate for an hour (or mor)e before serving.

Pat Alexander writes about all things home. She is well known for

her cooking, parties and interior design, and consults on kitchen

and bath remodels.


Jan's Olympics Inspired No-Brainer Column (Part 2)

By: Jan Fair / A No-Brainer Minute


s I wrote last month, the Olympics, which would've run through August 9th, have always

inspired us to be more fit. Since we're quarantined for the most part, we need to get

exercise AND we need to reduce our stress. According to Brain Fitness: The Easy Way of

Keeping Your Mind Sharp Through Qigong, by Dr. Aihan Kuhn (see below), doing Qigong will

exercise our body AND mind. What on earth is Qigong you ask? It's a more gentle exercise

than Tai Chi, it stretches and strengthens the body, improves balance and reduces stress.

Qigong for Health & Longevity

Press forearm

against opposite

upper arm. Take a

breath and hold.

Slowly move to

repeat this on

opposite arms.

Place hands on your lower

back. Slowly rotate your

hips as if you using a hula

hoop. Switch direction.


(pronounced chee·guhng)

Slowly lift hands & one

leg. Take a deep breath.

Lower hands & foot.

Repeat with other leg.

Mental Minutes


1. In one minute, name

places where you can

do Qigong.

2. Make an alphabetical


Any room in your home,

Backyard, City park, …

A No-Brainer Pick

See Qigong videos on


Search for "Qigong"

Jan Fair is a writer, consultant & public speaker who has published over 40 books PLUS the

No-Brainer Brain Games series. Sign up for her FREE newsletter at www.JanFair.com

Tai Chi

August 2020


August 2020


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