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Whether you're arranging a party, gala, or another event that you want to remember, the best way to do this is to hire a face painter for your corporate event. A face painter provides a service that consists of giving the artistic aspect to a face that is required by some professional corporate events.

Faces on Fleek LLC
Address : 6224 Edith Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107
Phone Number : 505-261-5158

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Faces on Fleek provides an array of di erent services including Makeup for

special occasions, professional face painting and body art, glitter tattoos and

coming soon Henna.

We create gorgeous sparkly custom pieces of bling that adds that special

touch to some of our designs to wear on their own or any glittery occasion.



Our services are great for weddings, school dances, birthdays, corporate

events, festivals, fairs, church events,school events, Halloween, Dia de los

Muertos, private appointments, and many other fabulous occasions.

We are not shy about using plenty of glitter and bling to enhance our designs

and make your little ones shine like the stars they are.

Faces on Fleek is owned and operated by double certi ed professional

makeup artist Xaviera Aragon.

She not only has certi cations and years of experience in professional

makeup application but also Co-owns a local preschool so she knows what it

takes to work directly with children.



Faces on Fleek has been showcased at some of the largest events in New

Mexico and Colorado including The New Mexico State Fair, Colorado State

Fair, and the International balloon Fiesta.

Any event big or small Faces On Fleek is Armed with the latest eye-popping

colors and designs for the best face painting in Albuquerque and Rio

Rancho,New Mexico.

Faces on Fleek services all of Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

Hire a Face Painter to add something new to your party

Make-up artists

for hire are professionals in their eld.



One of the important factors in selecting a professional is how well you trust

your vision and personality with your make-up artist.

Ask friends and family for recommendations for make-up artists for hire.

Also, consider asking friends for reviews of any companies that they have

hired in the past.

For any type of festive event, asking how to hire a face painter is a critical

step in making sure the right artist comes on board.

Every face painting job must be taken seriously; a sloppy job may lead to an

embarrassing situation for the company.



We will outline the most important points to ask about when interviewing

potential face painters.

• First, know who you are hiring. Your customers should not have to su er

from a stranger’s oddity of skin texture.

Your face painting contractor should be an experienced, professional

individual who has been hired for similar facial issues before.

Ask what kinds of skills he or she has as a performer. Do they o er samples

of work, such as past clients’ testimonials?



• Second, consider hiring a make-up artist to make-up for you. Though face

paint is a little di erent from make-up, your artist must o er up some kind of

make-up suggestions before you go ahead with your face painting. A

cosmetic make-up artist will be able to provide you with ideas of how you

want your make-up applied, and they will also be able to show you how to

apply your make-up properly.

• Third, ask how much experience your company will need with this artist.

Does your company already use artists or do you plan to outsource this

project? Will you require your make-up artist to be at your location while you

are at work, or can he or she come to your location on his or her own? Also,

consider if the make-up artist will need his or her equipment and supplies,

and what fees are charged by your make-up company.

• Fourth, know how to tell a good makeup artist from a bad one. Poorly done

face painting can bring bad vibes into your workplace. To avoid this, ask your

make-up artist for samples of work done in the past. Also, look at previous

job ads to see how other companies describe their make-up artists.

• Fifth, ask about tools and supplies. How often will the make-up artist need

brushes, shades, painting brushes, creams, foundation, concealers,

foundation powders, etc?? When should these products be used, and what

do they cost?

For example, do you only need the foundation for a birthday party, or do you

need concealer, blush, eyeshadow, lipgloss, or eye shadows? Other

important questions to ask include: Will the make-up artist supply any

supplies, such as mascara, mascara applicators, make-up bags, brushes,

blusher, and eye shadows?



• Sixth, discuss your expectations for the outcome of the painting. This may

not be something that concerns you if you are planning on a special, onetime

project, but if you are hiring a make up artist to come to your workplace

regularly, this is an important question to ask. Some companies are

uncomfortable with a make-up artist coming in unannounced, while others

are more comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable with the make-up artist,

ask about the company’s policy on makeup artists being given access to the

client’s private space.

Lastly, discuss your expectations for payment. You should consider how

much you will pay per painting session, and if you are going to need to pay an

up-front fee at the end of the project. These are just a few of the questions

you should ask when you are trying to learn how to hire a face painter.


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Faces on Fleek is your #1 choice for Face painters in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho,

New Mexico. Whether you are planning an event for 10 or Company Picnic for

1000 employees, Faces on Fleek will WOW your guests. We use only professional

grade, skin safe products. We have many themes and designs to choose from

including Dia de los Muertos, Batman, Spiderman, Princess parties, Unicorn, and

many more. Faces on Fleek is trusted by the Canon Albuquerque International

Balloon Fiesta, Intel, Presbyterian Hospital, Governor’s Mansion, and many more.

From small designs to large detailed designs Faces on Fleek will blow your mind.

We offer the latest in demand designs and can transform you into your favorite


Faces on Fleek LLC

Address : 6224 Edith Blvd NE,

Albuquerque, NM 87107

Phone Number : 505-261-5158

Mail : xaviera@facesonfleek.com


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