Estetica Magazine UK (2/2020)

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com


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<strong>UK</strong><br />

the Hair<strong>Magazine</strong><br />


The Relaunch of the Service<br />

They Missed the Most!<br />


This Year... It’s a Season<br />

Like No Other<br />


British Hairdressing<br />

Embraces a New Normal

express<br />

highlights<br />

natural looking,<br />

sunkissed hair<br />

Hair by Robert Eaton, Wella Professionals Technical Director <strong>UK</strong>&I





Controlled and<br />

reliable lightening<br />

5<br />

LEVELS<br />

OF LIFT IN<br />

15 MINS *<br />


HEAT<br />

Up to 5 levels of lift in<br />

15 minutes with the<br />

addition of heat<br />

Multi-tonal results<br />

when used alongside<br />

multiple colours<br />



With the use of heat you are able<br />

to half the development time of<br />

your colour, maximising on column<br />

time enabling you to fit in one more<br />

colour client per working day.<br />


Talk to your Account Manager/Education Team or visit education.wella.com to find out more.<br />

uk.wellastore.com | @wellahairuki | #WellaColour<br />

*When developed under heat.



To find out how you can become a Great Lengths<br />

certified stylist, speak to our team on<br />

+44 (0) 113 278 1292 and start your journey.<br />


editorial<br />

After a Spring that was memorable for all the wrong reasons, we are absolutely delighted to<br />

present a Summer issue of <strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>UK</strong> which is full of optimism and positivity. Uncertainty<br />

still prevails, of course, but both as a nation and as an industry we have proven that in<br />

Hair:Robert Eaton,<br />

Wella Professionals<br />

Technical Director <strong>UK</strong>&I<br />

Photography: Ben Ottewell<br />

Styling: Clare Frith<br />

Make-up: Lucy Floweral<br />

challenging times, we will come together to face whatever obstacles are put in front of us.<br />

For weeks after many public services<br />

were resumed, hair salons still had to sit<br />

tight - the frustration was palpable, both<br />

for industry professionals & their clients.<br />

Then reopening day arrived. Despite weeks of confusion and woeful lack of clarity from<br />

government over in-salon social distancing recommendations and personal protection<br />

requirements, our industry simply embraced the new protocols - even when it meant using<br />

common-sense to try and unravel what government directives actually required of us.<br />

I visited a salon on reopening day, 4th July - Manifesto in Leather Lane, London, to be exact.<br />

Like other salons up and down the country, they were just doing what was necessary to get<br />

on with what they do best - making people look and feel fantastic with quiet dignity,<br />

efficiency and professionalism.<br />

Gary Kelly,<br />

Editor-in-Chief, <strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>UK</strong><br />

Keep in touch by following us on<br />

social media or by visiting<br />



<strong>Estetica</strong> n. 2/<strong>2020</strong><br />

contents<br />



Roberto Pissimiglia<br />


Gary Kelly<br />

estetica.uk@lineone.net<br />



Sergi Bancells<br />

sergi@esteticamagazine.com<br />



Laura Castelli<br />

l.castelli@estetica.it<br />


Sara El Basyony<br />

adtraffic@estetica.it<br />

Serena Monachesi<br />

s.monachesi@estetica.it<br />

LAYOUT<br />

Manuela Artosi<br />

m.artosi@estetica.it<br />

Davide Cardente<br />

d.cardente@estetica.it<br />

<strong>UK</strong> SALES & MARKETING<br />


Luca Pissimiglia<br />

l.pissimiglia@estetica.it<br />

Inspiration Strength & Solidarity 8<br />

Initiative Time to Say Thank 12<br />

Collection HairDays<strong>2020</strong> 14<br />

Looks Extreme Colour 16<br />

Focus Online and Inspired 20<br />

Vision Colour Stories 24<br />

Bespoke colour<br />

options to set<br />

Summer aflame<br />

and lift the spirits<br />

for a new revival.<br />


FRANCE<br />

Stéphanie Argentin, Marie Coccoluto<br />

SPAIN<br />

Elisabet Parra,<br />

Bel M. Dolla, Cristina Hernández<br />


Michaela Dee<br />

ITALIA<br />

Lucia Preziosi, Glorianna Vaschetto<br />


Héctor RamÍrez, Ernesto Álvarez,<br />

Karla Cuéllar, Fernando Farfán<br />

USA<br />

Marie Scarano<br />


Matteo Franceschini Beghini,<br />

Erica Balduini, Ludovica Cavalli,<br />

Erika Marchese, Wilma<br />

Sommariva, Valentina Stella<br />

Haircare YES to Sun-Kissed Hair 82<br />

Inspiration Hair Together 86<br />

Step by Step Festival Folds 90<br />

international trends<br />

Conserve and<br />

protect: ensuring<br />

your clients make<br />

the most of their<br />

holiday hair.<br />

Out and About 33

Strength &<br />

Solidarity<br />

As we all hunkered down and confronted the biggest<br />

challenge our country has faced in over 75 years, British<br />

Hairdressing shone a light across our social media<br />

platforms, with messages of love, unity and hope. by Gary Kelly<br />

In the earliest, darkest days of the lockdown, we like many other media platforms recognised the<br />

need to stay in touch with as many people as possible in our industry, while maintaining a sense of<br />

solidarity and belonging. Across social media we saw an extraordinary number of hairdressers<br />

reaching out to each other, so we decided to harness all that positivity and publish their comments. In<br />

an unprecedented step for <strong>Estetica</strong>, took our digital front cover layout and we published the<br />

hairdressers' own faces, rather than the models in the collections they have produced over the years.<br />


This initiative - which carried the hashtag #HairdressersStayingStrong - began in the <strong>UK</strong>, Italy and<br />

Spain, but very soon began to spread across other countries in our international network. By the time<br />

the campaign drew to its close on 30th April, we were proud to be able to announce that an incredible<br />

250 digital front covers of <strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> had been produced, each one featuring an inspirational<br />

quotation by renowned hair protagonists from around the world, along with their image of course.<br />

These messages arrived from a staggering 38 countries all around the world. Despite geographical<br />

distances, the core messages were all very similar: while we have published many messages of<br />

optimism and support, the most common recurring theme was one of solidarity – of hairdressers<br />

expressing both unity and pride in the industry which they represent.<br />

8 inspiration

In just five weeks, we<br />

produced over 250 digital<br />

front covers of <strong>Estetica</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>, arriving from<br />

a staggering 38 countries<br />

all around the world; the<br />

<strong>UK</strong> was among the top 3<br />

biggest contributors.


The end of our campaign –April 30th– coincided with #HairdresserAppreciationDay. This is a global<br />

initiative aimed at encouraging consumer and clients to recognise the outstanding work that<br />

hairdressers do in our communities, honouring them and celebrating their creative genius. While<br />

this day had already existed for a number of years, it was only in <strong>2020</strong> in the midst of the CoVid crisis<br />

that it really grew wings. In doing so, it was further confirmation of just how much hairdressers were<br />

being missed within society and the recognition by everyone that a highly trained, highly skilled hair<br />

professional will not only make you look good but also make you feel good.<br />

MAY, JUNE... 4TH JULY!<br />

It may have been a hugely significant day in the USA since 1776, but this year 4th July was OUR day.<br />

When asked what they were looking forward to most, practically every member of the interviewed<br />

public, for weeks beforehand, seemed to be giving one of two answers: "Going to the pub", or "Going<br />

to the hairdresser's"! Throughout early June it felt as if we were being tormented by the Government<br />

- all we wanted was some clear-cut information on reopening dates to end all the speculation and<br />

give salons some lead-time so they could start preparing properly to reopen. Finally... on 23rd June<br />

- exactly 3 months since we first went into lockdown - Boris Johnson staggered up to the lectern at<br />

the 5pm daily press briefing to give us the news we'd all been waiting for. Our industry has always<br />

been about drawing on the experiences of the past, so we can be even better in the future, we're doing<br />

that now, perhaps more than ever before.<br />

inspiration<br />


Time to say<br />

thanks!<br />

Earlier this Summer, Great Lengths launched its Hairdos for<br />

Heroes initiative as a way to send a huge ‘thank you’ to frontline<br />

workers and to recognise their bravery and dedication.<br />

Great Lengths’ Hairdos for Heroes is providing a free cut and blow-dry for those frontline workers<br />

who worked so tirelessly and bravely to help get us all through the terrible crisis that we’ve all had to<br />

endure. The brand is enlisting interest from salons to participate, while offering event planning and<br />

kits as well as marketing support to all salons that are involved.<br />


Now that it’s once again safe for salons to reopen and resume client services, Hairdos for Heroes<br />

encourages salons across the <strong>UK</strong> to dedicate their column to providing frontline staff with a free cut<br />

and blow-dry. The free pamper session is a way to reward frontline staff for their amazing and selfless<br />

work that has helped us all so much during this time. As the timeline to complete vaccine trials is a<br />

long one, we all know that COVID-19 may not as yet be completely behind us; now is, however, a<br />

time when frontline workers have got a chance to rest properly and Great Lengths’ Hairdos For<br />

Heroes is just one fantastic way we can ensure their efforts are not forgotten in a hurry and continue<br />

to praise them as we should for their work not only during a crisis, but always.

Hairdos For Heroes encourages<br />

salons across the <strong>UK</strong> to dedicate<br />

their time to providing front line<br />

staff with a free cut and blow-dry.<br />

Salons can register their interest<br />

in participating by contacting<br />

Great Lengths directly on<br />

marketing@greatlengthshair.co.uk<br />


The campaign will take place nationally on Sunday 6th and Monday the 7th September, and salons<br />

can decide which day they participate or can opt to participate across both days. Salons can register<br />

their interest in participating by contacting Great Lengths on marketing@greatlengthshair.co.uk<br />

Each participating salon will be listed on the dedicated Hairdos for Heroes web page on the Great<br />

Lengths website: www.greatlengths.com<br />

Joscelin McCourt - CEO for Great Lengths <strong>UK</strong> & Ireland comments: “We are really excited to be<br />

launching the Hairdos for Heroes campaign, we are putting all our current efforts into gaining more<br />

participating salons so we can really give back on a large scale to everyone that’s worked so hard<br />

keeping us all safe over the last few months. The hairdressing industry has been hit hard with salon<br />

closures and pauses in production and sales, but most of us can’t even begin to imagine the hardship<br />

our frontline staff have had to endure. During these days in September, the Hair for Heroes initiative<br />

will be a time to pause once more, reflect and celebrate all the people that continued to work and got<br />

us through this, stronger than ever! Please do give up one day of your time to say a big thank you!”<br />

initiative<br />


HairDays<strong>2020</strong><br />

It is often said that a major crisis can also be a chance<br />

for creative renewal, which is certainly the case with the<br />

latest Mario Krankl collection. Giancarlo Rapetti

The most striking aspect of Mario Krankl’s Quarantine Collection is its juxtaposition between the<br />

realities of past decades and the new normality imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally<br />

from Austria, Krankl is a global hairdressing superstar who has created a collection that depicts<br />

the retro styles from the 1960s through to the beginning of the 2000s. Pop Art is its collective<br />

genre, with surreal, enclosed surroundings recalling the circumstances that billions of people have<br />

had to endure over the past few months. As regards the hair, the common threads are the<br />

vivacious textures that range from voluminous to structured, from blow-dried to organic shapes<br />

held together by organic accessories. Blonde dominates in all its hues - from neon to pastel -<br />

contrasting with the most intense shades of red.<br />

Hair: Mario Krankl<br />

Photos: Fritz<br />

Hauswirth<br />

Make-up: Eva<br />

Hauswirth<br />

Stylist: Brigitte<br />

Schiebler<br />

Products: Goldwell<br />

and KMS<br />

collection<br />


Extreme Colour<br />

We asked eight top stylists to showcase the beauty of their<br />

colour expertise through one stunning image. Gary Kelly<br />

Extreme colour makes a bold statement, it grabs attention and creates a lasting impression. Creating extreme<br />

colour that is both bold and beautiful takes skill and artistry, an eye for detail and a vision that draws inspiration<br />

from a myriad of sources. Skilfully executed, extreme colour should generate wonder and uplift the spirits of both<br />

the wearer and those around them. We've lived through some strange times, so now is the moment when we all<br />

need some uplifting colour in our lives.<br />


This image represents an extreme colour and cut combination. The cut is a very androgynous look, an aggressively masculine shape, softened<br />

and made more feminine by throwaway pieces which contrasts beautifully with the extreme nature of the colour. To create the colour, I<br />

pre-lightened all the hair to a level 10, then applied a silver-grey shade through the roots. I then used a smudging technique to apply an<br />

intense, dynamic neon yellow throughout the top of the hair. I varied the level of the yellow colour, starting at the front for huge impact then<br />

softening towards the crown to blend out the flat top shape.<br />

Steven Smart, Smart:East 73, Weston-Super-Mare<br />


For me, colour is all about self-expression, not following the tribes but wearing colour to express your mood and<br />

personality. For this look I worked on pre-lightened hair and used a sponge to paint on the colour, using swiping<br />

motions which created this textured cameo colour. This technique works best on towel-dried hair; this offers a nice<br />

base to work on that helps blend the colour. It’s about being organic, layering up to three colours on your sponges<br />

and swiping down onto the hair, layering different ways each time so you end up with quirky colour pops.<br />

Grace Dalgleish, Brooks & Brooks, London<br />

16 looks


This look is a stunning combination of a strong cut and extreme colour, working together to create a<br />

beautiful finished look. The cut is an example of mullet chic, cut to create over-emphasised layers<br />

around the perimeter point and razor cut for depth and shape. The colour is a rich auburn formula<br />

with a flash of red, which creates a breath-taking finish that really shines. The effect is an ultra-metallic<br />

auburn with real depth.<br />

Errol Douglas, Errol Douglas, London<br />


“From a trend perspective sheer and nude blondes will be huge next season. Platinum blonde is<br />

the ultimate statement and looks stunning on short hair! From a colourists point of view, it’s not the<br />

easiest of colours to apply as it’s extremely hard to achieve root to end shine and even tone. It takes<br />

a true artist to create a beautiful platinum and is a guaranteed head turner.”<br />

Warren Boodaghian, Head of Technical, HOB Academy<br />

trends<br />



This enchanting look from our liquid collection is the epitome of eye-catching colour. To create this<br />

colour we used several shades of blue and green finely woven together into a sea of turquoise to create<br />

a multi-dimensional look. As the hair moves it reveals several varying tones. The colour in this image<br />

is so important as it draws the viewer in as they try to figure out what shades are intertwined together.<br />

The sharp lines of the Bob, combined with the bold colour, create a striking look that demands a second<br />

glance. This colour would be perfect for anyone who wants to step outside the norm with hair colour<br />

to really make a statement.<br />

Joseph I'Anson, Mark Leeson, Mansfield<br />


This look makes a statement, while remaining commercial. We wanted to create an expensive looking<br />

blonde shade using a simple, salon-friendly technique. We applied a level 8 Colour Excel by Revlon<br />

professional on 15 vol. Following the colour application, we took four large sections from the crown<br />

area and coloured them with Blonderful by Revlon Professional, using a freehand balayage technique.<br />

At the back wash we used a bespoke toning technique, alternating two toners for the lengths and ends.<br />

I love the end result with the different tones of blonde— it’s so luxurious and modern.<br />

Danilo Giangreco, Danilo Hair Boutique, Chelsea<br />

124 trends trends 125


I love the vibrancy of this look and the colour element plays a major part in this. I used a variety of shades, but, while the overall<br />

effect is extreme, the individual colours are actually quite muted, so there are no jarring clashes where the different shades meet. I<br />

used Colour Sync from Matrix to create an almost transparent, pastel effect. It’s somehow simultaneously soft and bold. The different<br />

shades also enhance the fabulous texture and volume of the hair. It’s an image that represents beauty, femininity and confidence.<br />

Desmond Murray, Atherton Cox, London<br />


I love that this look takes risks, playing with the concept of what constitutes gorgeous colour. The colour has an almost self-done look<br />

about it. It appears simple and effortless, when in fact it took a lot of creativity and skill. The finished look is edgy but beautiful. Hair<br />

was pre-lightened all over, then ends were coloured using a golden topaz tone. The colour creates a striking contrast with the bleached<br />

crown. It borders on being harsh, but is ultimately beautiful. To add to the ‘real’ nature of this image, the photographer Jenny Hands<br />

captured it in one take.<br />

Darren Ambrose, D&J Ambrose, Pinner<br />

looks<br />


Online<br />

and inspired<br />

Throughout the lockdown period, the Fellowship for<br />

British Hairdressing kept its members educated and<br />

inspired with weekly livestreams under the banner of the<br />

organisation’s education platform, #THEKNOWLEDGE.<br />

Prior to the Coronavirus crisis, #THEKNOWLEDGE library of online education was accessible to<br />

Fellowship members only. The catalogue of videos includes tutorials, live show recordings and interviews<br />

with a host of the industry’s leading names – from emerging talent to established artists. At the start of<br />

lockdown, the decision was quickly made to make the entire back catalogue of #THEKNOWLEDGE<br />

videos accessible to all. New videos are added weekly in addition to the existing back catalogue.<br />

Fellowship President, Ken Picton, says: ““Although it’s normally a member benefit, we decided it would be<br />

the right thing to do to make #THEKNOWLEDGE accessible to everyone over lockdown. Inspiration,<br />

education and community are at the heart of what we do at the Fellowship, and it was important for us to<br />

do everything we could to maintain productivity and creativity during this difficult time.”<br />

On top of this, the Fellowship launched weekly livestreams on social media to keep the industry<br />

engaged. This took the form of weekly interviews each Monday and pre-recorded broadcasts each

Although it’s normally a<br />

member benefit, The<br />

Fellowship decided it<br />

would be the right thing<br />

to do to make<br />


accessible to everyone<br />

throughut the period of<br />

the lockdown.<br />

Thursday with guests including Anthony Mascolo, Sally Brooks, Errol Douglas and Mark Hayes.<br />

Friday nights also became a chance for a catchup via ‘Drinks with the President’ – as Ken opened his<br />

bar and invited industry guests in for a (virtual) cocktail or two.<br />

Chancellor Ashleigh Hodges says: “I have been so proud to see what #THEKNOWLEDGE has done<br />

for our members and the industry during this time. The live sessions gave Ken and I the chance to<br />

stay connected with members, check in with the community, and discuss all the important things<br />

going on. As well as getting the chance to talk to some of the industry’s top hairdressers about what<br />

they’ve been up to during this time, I loved seeing people commenting about how much seeing us has<br />

helped them – because that’s exactly why we created this. The Knowledge platform has undoubtedly<br />

kept people inspired and motivated.”<br />

Photos: Ashley Martin<br />

focus<br />


An eye-popping palette of<br />

multi-dimensional colours<br />

forms the backdrop for Shaun<br />

Hall’s bold silhouettes and<br />

expertly-executed texture<br />

and outstanding finish.<br />

Hair: Shaun Hall at Mark Leeson<br />

Photos: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Clare Read<br />

Styling: M&R<br />

Colour<br />


Best of<br />

B ri t<br />

“Love the<br />

shade... then<br />

it’s all about<br />

the shape ”<br />

vision<br />


“Onwards and<br />

upwards: textured<br />

hair reaches for<br />

a new horizon”<br />

26 vision

Best of<br />

B ri t<br />

‘Boys in Blue’ takes on a whole<br />

new meaning. Dynamically<br />

unconventional, it’s the hair shade<br />

that lad culture is owning.Blue<br />

is no longer cold - it’s strikingly<br />

incandescent!<br />

Hair &Colour: Anthony Osborne<br />

& Royston Blythe @ Royston Blythe<br />

Photos: Richard Miles<br />

Styling: Nick Malenko

A collective of pared back<br />

minimilistic cuts and colours,<br />

showcasing expertise that<br />

inspires with both professional<br />

flair and commercial appeal.<br />

Hair: Guy Kremer and the Guy<br />

Kremer Artistic Team<br />

Photos: Jonny Engstrom<br />

Make-up: Ellen K Bridger

Best of<br />

B ri t<br />

“Take it short, but<br />

make it amazing:<br />

colour & cut in<br />

perfect synergy”<br />

vision<br />


“Creative techniques<br />

showcasing strong<br />

colour & more<br />

playful pigments”<br />

30 vision

Best of<br />

B ri t<br />

‘Craft’ is a stunningly eye-catching<br />

collection which pays homage to<br />

creativity and colour in its boldest<br />

form, with an execution of pigment<br />

that’s wild at heart.<br />

Hair: Thomas Hills and<br />

Lauren Killick at TH1 Hair<br />

Photos: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Claire DeGraft<br />

Styling: Bernard Connolly<br />

adloremter<br />


MODA<br />

INT’L<br />

Hair: Andrey Pulin, Ilya Skovorodko, Olga Potapova/Photo: Georgiy Semenov<br />

Make-up: Maria Dolina/Styling: Lilia Kisselenko/Products: Estel<br />

OUT<br />

and<br />


Hair: Andrey Pulin, Ilya Skovorodko, Olga Potapova/Photo: Georgiy Semenov<br />

Make-up: Maria Dolina/Styling: Lilia Kisselenko/Products: Estel<br />

Out and about - or how to fully enjoy this season in spite of setbacks, to savour a sense of renewed freedom to get out amidst the<br />

wonders of nature at the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains. Or maybe sightseeing in a new city….<br />

Preparatevi a ripartire e a godere al massimo di questa stagione, assaporando un senso di rinnovata libertà a contatto con le meraviglie<br />

della natura: mare, campagna, montagna. O magari visitando una nuova città...<br />

Machen Sie sich bereit: Genießen Sie diese Saison in vollen Zügen und das Gefühl der neuen Freiheit inmitten der wundervollen Natur:<br />

Meer, Landschaft, Berge. Oder vielleicht eine neue Stadt besuchen!?...<br />

Préparez-vous pour le grand départ afin de vivre au maximum cette saison. Goûtez aux nouvelles sensations de liberté au contact des<br />

merveilles de la nature : mer, campagne, montagne. Ou même en visitant une nouvelle ville...<br />

Prepárate para salir de nuevo y aprovechar al máximo esta temporada, disfrutando de una sensación de renovada libertad en contacto<br />

con las maravillas de la naturaleza: mar, campo, montaña. O tal vez visitando una nueva ciudad…

Hair: Lyndal Salmon<br />

@ Biba Academy<br />

Photo: Elizabeth Kinnaird<br />

Make-up: Bernice Mansfield<br />

Styling: Vy Nguyen

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Lisa Vann<br />

Photo: James Cheng<br />

Make-up: Hannah Vann<br />

Styling: Deyonte Weather<br />

Freedom for us<br />

and for our hair<br />

as well! Medium<br />

lengths but plenty<br />

of amped up<br />

volume for curls<br />

galore out in the<br />

open air. Natural<br />

textures are chic<br />


Hair: La Biosthétique<br />

Hair: Team Education Soco Professional/Photo: Ugo Ricciardi<br />

Styling: Annarita Mattei/Products: Soco Professional

Hair: Sens.ùs

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Team Education<br />

Soco Professional<br />

Photo: Ugo Ricciardi<br />

Styling: Annarita Mattei<br />

Products: Soco Professional

Hair: Fabien Provost/Photo: Adel Awad<br />

Make-up: Alia Awad/Styling: Virginie Fauconnier/Products: Franck Provost

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair & products: Paul Mitchell<br />

Photo: Daniella Midenge<br />

Make-up: Fiona Stiles<br />

Styling: Martina Nilsson<br />

Sweeping locks back into<br />

simply elegant shapes for<br />

sensual femininity<br />

Perfect for anytime,<br />

any place, any mood

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Juanmy Medialdea<br />

@ Juan Miguel<br />

Medialdea Peluqueros<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Sergio Peña Castillo<br />

& Jessica del Arbol<br />

Styling: Juanmy Medialdea<br />

Products: Schwarzkopf<br />


Hair: Luigi Neri @ Classhair.comi/Photo: FZerophotographers/Make-up: Simone Belli/Styling: Daniela Fiorilli<br />

Artistic Director: James Longagnani/Creative Director: Alessandro Squarza<br />

Hair: James Hair Fashion Club/Photo: Jorginho do Santos/Products: Wella

Hair & make-up: Sherri Jessee/Photo: Nathan Mays

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: L. Chapalain,<br />

J. Ponthieu, R. Bernard @ Intermède<br />

Photo: Bruno Jumier<br />

Make-Up: Natacha Maillard<br />

Styling: Viergine Fauconnier<br />

Products: Intermède Professionnel

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Sens.ùs<br />

Finally carefree<br />

with lowmaintenance<br />

short choppy cuts<br />

and easy-going<br />

styling. Perfect<br />

for a day at the<br />

beach, a hike<br />

in the hills,<br />

an afternoon<br />

in a museum, or<br />

an evening on<br />

the town.

Hair: R. Billaud, L. Faria,<br />

C. Lanoir, A. Pinto @ Saint Algue<br />

Photo: Pulmanns<br />

Make-up: Elsa Durrens<br />

Styling: Marion Malabre<br />

Products: Saint Algue

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Laetitia Guenaou<br />

Photo: Alex Czyba<br />

Make-up: Karolina Supernak<br />

Styling: Patrycja Dziewit

Hair: Marco Migliorelli<br />

Photo: Paulo Higornunes<br />

Make-up: Paolo Nicolai<br />

Styling: Leila Da Silva<br />

Products: Jean Paul Mynè<br />

A touch of class<br />

Just slightly sophisticated<br />

Hair: Marco Migliorelli<br />

Photo: Paulo Higornunes<br />

Make-up: Paolo Nicolai<br />

Styling: Leila Da Silva<br />

Products: Jean Paul Mynè

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Artistic Director: Roberto Bombardieri<br />

Hair: Emsibeth Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Tiziano Zatachetto @ Zatac<br />

Make-up: Max Moretto<br />

Styling: Carmen Incarnato<br />

Products: Emsibeth

Hair: Compagnia della Bellezza

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Compagnia della Bellezza

Hair: Art Hair Studios/Photo: Tiziano Zatachetto @ Zatac/Products: Wella<br />

Hair: Art Hair Studios/Photo: Tiziano Zatachetto @ Zatac/Products: Wella

Hair & products: Paul Mitchell<br />

Photo: Daniella Midenge<br />

Make-up: Fiona Stiles<br />

Styling: Martina Nilsson<br />

Longer lengths and<br />

lighter palettes for<br />

sun-kissed<br />

summery looks

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Artistic Director:<br />

Roberto Bombardieri<br />

Hair: Emsibeth Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Tiziano Zatachetto @ Zatac<br />

Make-up: Max Moretto<br />

Styling: Carmen Incarnato<br />

Products: Emsibeth

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Genny D’Auria<br />

Photo: Mauro Mancioppi<br />

Make-up: Eva Vecchione<br />

Styling: Romina Power<br />

@ Bookin’ Agency<br />

Products: Alfaparf Milano

Tossing fears<br />

to the wind<br />

with soft and<br />

touchable<br />

styles that fall<br />

naturally into<br />

place and move<br />

freely with your<br />

every gesture.<br />

Easy does it.<br />

Artistic Director: James Longagnani<br />

Creative Director: Alessandro Squarza<br />

Hair: James Hair Fashion Club<br />

Photo: Jorginho do Santos<br />

Make-up: Giovanni Iovine for ICC Italy<br />

Styling: Leonardo Caligiuri<br />

Products: Wella

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair & make-up:<br />

Sherri Jessee<br />

Photo: Eric Donahue

Hair: Jolanda Schenke,<br />

Mirella Tyas, Saskia Bolk<br />

Photo: Johnny ten Have<br />

Make-up: Tamara Sauer<br />

Styling: Marit van Bergen<br />

Products: Trinity

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

The bob always<br />

offers freedom of<br />

choice in colour,<br />

cut and styling:<br />

platinum to copper<br />

to chocolate,<br />

all brimming<br />

with depth and<br />

dimension.<br />

Which combination<br />

suits you?<br />

Hair: Jolanda Schenke,<br />

Mirella Tyas, Saskia Bolk<br />

Photo: Johnny ten Have<br />

Make-up: Tamara Sauer<br />

Styling: Marit van Bergen<br />

Products: Trinity

Creative Directions:<br />

Blue Tit for Oway<br />

Photo: Simone Lezzi<br />

Make-up: Marco Antonio<br />

Stylist: Rubina Marchiori<br />

Products: Oway

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Stylistic Team Echosline<br />

Photo: Marco Di Filippo

Hair: Alfaparf Milano

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Creative Director: Eric Maurice<br />

Hair: R. Maurice, E. Belmonte,<br />

C. Pascual, Y. Hernandez,<br />

M. Santana, E. Acosta<br />

Photo: Latil Pascal<br />

Make-up: Orlando Martin<br />

Styling: Elp Hair Production

Oriental blooms<br />

define palettes<br />

ranging from tiger<br />

lilies to peonies<br />

to delicate cherry<br />

blossoms and<br />

fragrant jasmine.<br />

Hair: Elise Antoine<br />

Photo: Pawel Wylag<br />

Make-up: Natasza Bigos<br />

Styling: Joanna Wolff

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Elise Antoine<br />

Photo: Pawel Wylag<br />

Make-up: Natasza Bigos<br />

Styling: Joanna Wolff

Drawing inspiration<br />

from the forms of nature,<br />

land & sea<br />

flora and fauna.<br />

Hair: Christophe Gaillet<br />

Photo: Pawel Wylag<br />

Make-up: Natasza Bigos

Hair: Manuel Mon @ Manuel Mon Estilistas/Photo: Bernardo Baragaño<br />

Make-up: De Maria Make up/Styling: Visori Fashionart<br />

Hair: Jenni Tarrant<br />

@ Bond Hair Religion<br />

Photo: Kurt Anniss<br />

@ Anniss+Barton<br />

Make-up: Leah Preston

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Mélanie Machado,<br />

Adr Formation<br />

Photo: Latil Pascal<br />

Make-up: Elodie Beauchamp,<br />

Melanie Machado<br />

Styling: Crystel Pilone

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Mélanie Machado,<br />

Adr Formation<br />

Photo: Latil Pascal<br />

Make-up: Elodie Beauchamp,<br />

Melanie Machado<br />

Styling: Crystel Pilone

Hair: KaperaTeam & Aveda<br />


OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Time at the<br />

seaside offers<br />

the utmost<br />

freedom of<br />

style in both<br />

couture and<br />

coiffure, with<br />

easy-going<br />

beauty that<br />

leaves time<br />

to relax.<br />

Hair: Mod’s Hair

Hair: Fabien Provost<br />

Photo: Adel Awad<br />

Make-up: Alia Awad<br />

Styling: Virginie Fauconnier<br />

Products: Franck Provost

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: KaperaTeam & Aveda<br />


Hair: Kevin Murphy,<br />

Nathan Gorman, Wade<br />

Blackford, James Nicholson<br />

Photo: Luis Murphy<br />

Make-up: Kenneth Higgins<br />

Styling: Emily Ward<br />

Wild textures are<br />

perfect for that<br />

ì Jungle jive<br />

The tropics bring us<br />

back to our roots.<br />

Hair: Evos Parrucchieri<br />

Photo: Ivan Genasi<br />

Make-up: Alessio Giovannelli<br />

Products: Creattiva Professional

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Art Director: Mauro Galzignato for Kemon<br />

Hair: P. Baltieri, A. Candido, D. Carlucci,<br />

D. Comandulli, R. Rogari, D. Tworuschka<br />

Photo: Omar Macchiavelli<br />

Styling: Alessia Caliendo<br />

Products: Kemon

Hair: Art Hair Studios<br />

Photo: Tiziano Zatachetto @ Zatac<br />

Products: Wella

Hair: Evos Parrucchieri<br />

Photo: Ivan Genasi<br />

Make-up: Alessio Giovannelli<br />

Products: Creattiva Professional<br />

Sugary sand and<br />

sultry climes make<br />

White Lace<br />

the perfect complement<br />

for sexy hair

OUT and<br />

ABOUT<br />

Hair: Genny D’Auria<br />

Photo: Mauro Mancioppi<br />

Make-up: Eva Vecchione<br />

Styling: Romina Power<br />

@ Bookin’ Agency<br />

Products: Alfaparf Milano



A new digital way to enhance<br />

international business is<br />

now available!<br />

An editorial and digital<br />

service supporting hair & beauty<br />

product manufacturers in enterprises<br />

into new international markets.<br />



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YES to Sun-<br />

Kissed Hair!<br />

Whatever their Summer schedule, when it comes to<br />

your clients’ haircare this really isn’t the time of year<br />

to let them take their eye off the ball. Gary Kelly<br />

It’s been a Summer of two halves – to put it bluntly, ‘lockdown’ and ‘the new normal’. While there are still many<br />

people who, for personal or health reasons, are sadly having to conform to the rigours of social shielding, most of<br />

us can almost pin-point the day when we began to feel our lives were starting to transition back to something like<br />

what we had known before. With leisure activities such as eating in restaurants and meeting friends in pubs & bars<br />

such a fundamentally important part of our existence, it was inevitable that 4th July would have heralded that<br />

pivotal moment for many millions of us, especially as it was also the day when hair salons up and down the country<br />

were able to experience the joy of welcoming clients and guests back through their doors.<br />


And then the fun started… well, in most cases, anyway! Despite the stark warnings from so many hair and colour<br />

experts on social and mainstream media, some clients thought it might be a good idea to ‘have a go’ themselves,<br />

especially with off-the-shelf box colour. Instead of embracing their root regrowth and looking upon it as a fashion<br />

sign-of-the-times, many otherwise loyal colour clients chose to ignore your advice and proceeded to make a very<br />

big mess of things. As we already know, covering root regrowth professionally with an exact colour match is a<br />

Anne Veck<br />

Toni&Guy<br />

Steven Smart<br />

82 haircare

Great Lenghts<br />


Color Protect harnesses the power of sunflower extract for<br />

longer-lasting hair colour, while helping to protect against<br />

sun damage. Color Protect Shampoo infuses brilliant shine for<br />

vibrant, healthy looking hair, while Color Protect Conditioner<br />

detangles and helps strengthen and repair hair for a silky feel.<br />

Color Protect Locking Spray gives the final touch, by helping<br />

makes hair look conditioned and super shiny while locking in<br />

and extending the life of hair colour.<br />


This latest innovation for blonde hair is now available after being specifically<br />

formulated for Great Lengths premium hair extensions. You can banish brassy tones<br />

and refresh blondes on a weekly basis without the fear of damage or dehydrating hair,<br />

perfect for use between salon visits. For hair extensions wearers, coloured blondes and<br />

natural blondes, Silver Shine Shampoo is the perfect remedy to fading blonde hair and<br />

suitable for all hair types. Designed with blonde and grey hair in mind, the innovative<br />

violet colour pigment neutralizes yellow and brassy tones and nurtures the hair.<br />

“Our stylists and I have been really excited about these new product launches, each<br />

one of them has been in the development stage for a while to ensure we got it right,”<br />

explains Louise Jenkins Great Lengths <strong>UK</strong> & Ireland Creative and Education Manager.<br />

“The products are really going to help improve our current aftercare offering and will<br />

mean we’re able to offer something suitable for all hair types with the addition of the<br />

Silver-Shine Shampoo. Aftercare is so important to us and to our stylists and their<br />

clients, styling products are always well-received and the new Leave-In Conditioner<br />

and Heat & Care Spray are going to be perfect for the summer months.”<br />

TIGI<br />

In-Salon Copyright Care SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment by<br />

TIGI is clinically proven to repair internal damage and return<br />

hair back to virgin strength in just 5 minutes. This innovative<br />

formula works to improve hair’s condition prior to colouring and<br />

is especially advantageous on damaged or heat styled hair. One<br />

treatment contains as much protein as is lost by damaged hair in<br />

one entire year. Key ingredients include Marine Protein Complex<br />

to help reconstruct and repair hair at its core and Elastin to<br />

increase hair flexibility, making it less prone to breakage prior to<br />

colour services. “TIGI Copyright Care SOS Extreme Recovery<br />

Treatment helps to re-align the cuticle layers and lock-in colour<br />

for longer,” explains Aaron Overton, TIGI Educator. “Due to the<br />

gap between services being longer than normal due to the volume<br />

of clients wanting appointments and social distancing measures,<br />

you need to provide clients with the best chances of preserving tone<br />

during the summer months.”<br />


EKSperience Sun Pro harnesses the power of the sea using Thalasotherapy<br />

care of hair during Sun Exposure, enriched with Aquamaris Complex &<br />

Corallina Officinalis Algae. “It makes complete sense that after spending<br />

money, time and effort to get your clients hair in beautiful shape that you<br />

educate them to protect it in the sun, so all that hard work doesn’t go to<br />

waste,” explains Mark Leeson, Global Artistic Ambassador for Revlon<br />

Professional. “I always recommend EKS Instant Two phase hydrating<br />

conditioning spray to all my clients because it actually harnesses the power<br />

of the sea through Thalassotherapy & nutrient rich sea algae. Spray into<br />

strands for UV protection, shine, manageability and touchable softness.”<br />

Paul Mitchell<br />

Great Lenghts<br />

TIGI<br />

Paul Mitchell<br />

Revlon Professionals

IDHair<br />

Joseph Ferraro<br />

A combination of<br />

financial uncertainty<br />

and travel restrictions<br />

mean that we've all<br />

speculated about<br />

what our summer<br />

holidays will look like<br />

this year, but UV rays<br />

are still damaging to<br />

the hair, wherever<br />

they're soaked up!<br />

completely different story from the long process of trying to firstly navigate your way through a DIY homecolour<br />

disaster before performing a colour correction and then utilising all your skills and experience to do an<br />

exact colour match – a lesson many clients ended up having to pay for, in more ways than one. The scissorhappy<br />

brigade produced another batch of quite different horror stories, too. The fringes seemed to be the worst<br />

– “I’ll just snip off a quarter-of-an-inch in a perfectly straight, horizontal line,” they must’ve said to themselves;<br />

alas it just doesn’t work like that. And women weren’t the only ones – there was an absolute slew of media ads<br />

throughout lockdown for men’s electrical grooming tools. It’s understandable that manufacturers would have<br />

grasped the opportunity of every barbershop in the country being closed to try and flog a few more sets of hair<br />

clippers, but sadly many of the outcomes weren’t a great advertisement for their brand. These men need to be<br />

told, before they get too confident and start thinking they are good enough to carry on doing it themselves!<br />


While we can go a long way to rectify (and even forgive) the hair catastrophes our clients performed on<br />

themselves throughout lockdown, we shouldn’t be quite so understanding when they come back to the salon at<br />

the end of the summer with their hair in tatters due to the effects of sun, wind, salt water, chlorine, or UV rays –<br />

not when there’s so much they can do to prevent the damage that these external elements can cause. Flight<br />

restrictions, quarantines, and ongoing safety concerns mean that there every possibility that the Summer holiday<br />

season is likely to extend well into the Autumn this year – even more reason to remind clients that haircare need<br />

to be at the very top of their agenda for quite a while yet. Here are just a few of the many professional hair<br />

products around that have been specifically researched and developed to answer this very need:<br />

It’s been a summer of two halves - the<br />

surreality of lockdown followed by our<br />

re-emergence into the ‘new normal’<br />

84 haircare


Clean Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner have been created to erase<br />

damage and unwanted brassy yellow tones in just one wash. The duo<br />

contains max-strength violet micro-pigments that instantly knock out<br />

brassy tones, whilst Fudge Professional’s unique Opti-PLEX technology<br />

penetrates deep into the hair’s core to reconstruct bonds after chemical,<br />

styling and environmental damage, as well as weightlessly smoothing the<br />

cuticle. “During the summer months, lots of conditioning and treatments<br />

are always advisable to keep the hair in good condition,” explains<br />

Tracy Hayes, Fudge Professional Ambassador. “For your blonde clients<br />

recommend toning shampoos to help prevent their hair going brassy from<br />

the sun, the Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind range will<br />

help keep their colour looking fresh and is the ideal duo to recommend.”<br />

TONI&GUY<br />

Fudge Professional<br />

LABEL.M<br />

label.m Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner is a colourtoning,<br />

duo-led regime that defines a healthier way to eliminate<br />

brassy/yellow undertones on: blonde, silver and grey hair with the<br />

exclusive infusion known as Violet Botanical Complex. Delivering<br />

tonal-corrective care with equal measures of nutritional benefits,<br />

this is all about the combined ‘Power-of-Three’, purple super-food<br />

ingredients: Blueberries, purple Potato and purple Carrots.<br />

These natural wonders work together by depositing violetintensifying<br />

pigments to support overall fibre strength and collagen<br />

for optimised resistance. “Roots and yellow ends are a definite<br />

no go, but roots can look ultra-cool if you can just cool down<br />

those ends,” says Siobhan Golden, International Artistic Director,<br />

TONI&GUY/label.m. “The label.m Cool Blonde Shampoo is the<br />

ultimate product to do just that, as it’s formulated with purple<br />

pigments – derived from specific purple superfoods to help<br />

neutralise unwanted yellow tones and has the added benefit in<br />

that it’s sulphate-free. This product is amazing for creating<br />

brilliance in blonde hair with beautiful condition to match.”<br />


System Professional Solar is designed to protect the hair from damage<br />

through exposure to the sun, the System Professional Solar is the perfect<br />

companion for your client’s summer haircare wardrobe. Hair is protected<br />

with the System Professional HelioGuard Complex, less UV rays fade<br />

colour and in-salon colour is retained for longer. The range is made up<br />

of: a versatile Hair & Body Shampoo, Hydro-Repair Conditioner, Sun Oil<br />

Keratin UV Protection and the Solar Cream Nourishing Sun Protection.<br />


The Kerasilk Color collection by Goldwell helps fight the fade and<br />

preserve maximum colour vibrancy whilst under the sun, and nourish<br />

post-hours spent in the sea. Goldwell <strong>UK</strong> Guest Artist, Lisa Whiteman,<br />

has a great in-salon summer tip for clients planning a holiday in the sun:<br />

“In salon, we always use a porosity spray and post colour treatment to seal<br />

the colour, and this ritual is even more important during the months that<br />

the sun is at its strongest. Never have a colour makeover just before your<br />

holiday, the cuticles will need time to recover and seal before exposure<br />

- newly coloured hair is a target because it is still recovering from a<br />

chemical process. Ensure you have a couple of weeks grace period, and<br />

pre-treat the hair three weeks before you go in the sun, use a UV spray<br />

whilst away and use regular colour treatments on your return which will<br />

help to repair any damage that the sun has caused.”<br />

Fudge Professional<br />

Goldwell<br />

label.m<br />

Wella Professionals<br />

oioioioioioi<br />


Hair<br />

Together!<br />

As this is our post-crisis relaunch issue of <strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>UK</strong>, we are<br />

proud to dedicate this space to some of the many behind-thescenes<br />

unsung heroes who have helped keep the hair industry<br />

engaged and proactive through the past few weeks.<br />

The <strong>UK</strong> hair industry has one huge asset that often goes unacknowledged and unappreciated – the support of our Public<br />

Relations network. Although only a relatively small number of brands and salons may be able to employ the services of a<br />

PR agency, the knock-on effect for the hair industry as a whole is absolutely huge. They help keep us all in the news,<br />

while ensuring that the spotlight shines brightly on the very best aspects of what makes British hairdressing so worldbeating<br />

– be it our creativity, technical skill, business acumen, or philanthropy. As we emerge into our state of ‘new<br />

normal’ we are so pleased to have this opportunity to hand over to some of our top hair media gurus, so they, too, can<br />

impart their personal messages of solidarity and support. These are just a few of the many guiding hands that work<br />

tirelessly behind-the-scenes, but we feel their words speak for everyone:<br />

“<br />

Amy Fredriksson – PR & Digital<br />

Manager, Salon Success<br />

“Salon doors may have been closed for<br />

over 3 months, but one thing that certainly<br />

didn’t shut up shop was the kindness<br />

and resilience of our industry. Brands,<br />

distributors, educators and our trade<br />

media adapted their output to be more<br />

inclusive; keeping the language of hair alive<br />

as well as focusing on business, wellness<br />

and creativity. Salon Success also adapted<br />

quickly to bring regular updates, new<br />

products and continued support to our<br />

customers; and we’ve been overwhelmed<br />

at the feedback we’ve received from our<br />

wonderful customers. The outpouring<br />

of support for one another that I’ve seen<br />

across our social media platforms has<br />

been truly overwhelming and proves yet<br />

again how lucky we are to work in such<br />

an amazing industry. We face testing<br />

times ahead and a lot of uncertainty, but if<br />

anyone can adapt and make a success of the<br />

‘new normal’ it’s our amazing hairdressers<br />

and barbers.”<br />

86 inspiration<br />

Paul Evans - Director, VIViD PR<br />

It’s said that challenging times do not build<br />

the character of people or a nation, they<br />

reveal it. The Coronavirus pandemic has<br />

certainly done that. In these exceptional<br />

times we’ve been touched, warmed and<br />

inspired by the camaraderie, generosity<br />

of spirit and direct action that many<br />

professionals, brands and industry<br />

organisations have taken to help, protect<br />

and support fellow professionals, and the<br />

loyalty of our clients who’ve supported us.<br />

It’s a genuine privilege to be part of this<br />

amazing industry. We are truly confident<br />

that we will all emerge stronger with a<br />

renewed appreciation of our businesses,<br />

colleagues, families and friends, along with<br />

fresh determination to recover and achieve<br />

even greater success together in the future.<br />

Emma Summersby - Director, Summersby Media<br />

“Remember, we are all just passing through and everything will<br />

pass – it always does. We’ve all faced immense challenges in recent<br />

months, but whatever position you are left in is the place you are<br />

meant to be right now. This has made many of us re-evaluate our<br />

priorities, some of us will now want to work harder and longer, and<br />

some of us will want to slow down and use our time on this planet<br />

differently. The cliché ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey<br />

that matters’ is so true. Our businesses may take years to recover,<br />

but that’s ok, as long as we are happy on that journey and enjoying<br />

the challenge. If not, then make changes. And remember, there<br />

is always a solution and a path you can take; the most exquisite<br />

destinations are the hardest to find.”<br />

”<br />

Alison Jameson - Founder & Director, AJC93<br />

“Although lockdown has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride, there have been so many good and positive things to come<br />

from it. I love the way that everyone has pulled together, supported each other and as an industry we’ve realised how<br />

important training and education is. We’ve picked up the phone and had lengthy conversations and managed to catch<br />

up with old friends from all over the world. We launched a weekly newsletter, AJC Connects, which much to our<br />

surprise has really taken off, I’ve spent a lot of time learning new skills and doing things that were not on my radar<br />

– I’ve been on zoom calls, webinars and listened to podcasts – I am now an expert on TikTok!! Just goes to prove it’s<br />

never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Throughout this time my intention has always been to #comebackbetter<br />

and as an industry I think we will.”

Alison Jameson<br />

Amy Fredriksson<br />

Paul Evans<br />

The PR community in<br />

the <strong>UK</strong> hair industry is<br />

second to no other in the<br />

world. The advice and<br />

recommendations they<br />

give ensure that British<br />

Hairdressing is showcased<br />

in its finest form.<br />

Samantha Grocutt<br />

PRs help keep us all in the news,<br />

while ensuring that the spotlight<br />

shines brightly on the very best<br />

aspects of what makes British<br />

hairdressing so world-beating.<br />

Louise Wood<br />

Laura Hinton<br />

Emma Summersby

Whether it’s a major task like putting together<br />

a collection to enter the British or International<br />

Hairdressing Awards, or just getting some local<br />

coverage for a charity event that your salon has<br />

organised, no task is too big or too small for the<br />

Public Relations angels who operate in our industry.<br />

Ruth Hunsley<br />

Julie Bellinger-Gibb<br />

Emma Roberts<br />

Samantha Grocutt - Managing Director, Essence PR<br />

“What a rollercoaster we’ve all been on. The Essence team has continued to work through the crisis but in a new at-home way. It’s been a challenge, but<br />

my team rocked! I’ve been in awe of the hair industry as a whole and how we’ve all come together, whether that’s from the non-stop free live education,<br />

charity auctions and webinars, to even Friday night virtual drinks. Our industry bodies have been outstanding in how they’ve kept us all informed with<br />

news too. It’s been tough but everyone has pulled together and I’m excited to see what we all learn from the crisis and surely come back stronger.<br />

Welcome back everyone – here’s to <strong>2020</strong> part II.”<br />

“<br />

Louise Wood – Director, LWPR<br />

Gratitude is my take-away from CoVid19. In our business at LWPR, my team has been<br />

awesome, positive, working from home, but also show each other encouragement throughout.<br />

I’m also very grateful to our incredible clients - every single one has stuck with us and we feel<br />

highly valued, secure and privileged to be able to keep the circle of business support flowing.<br />

Finally, I’m so thankful to the industry bodies, press, friends and colleagues, I think as a broader<br />

team within this amazing sector we have found creative, uplifting and honest ways through this.<br />

The quality of relationship always shines through and it has been the resounding message.<br />

”<br />

So, are we stronger? Maybe. More thoughtful? Definitely. Thankful? 100%.<br />

Julie Bellinger-Gibb – Founder & Director,<br />

Gorgeous PR<br />

“Like most people, my immediate response to the COVID crisis was<br />

blind panic. But one of the best outcomes in all of this has been the<br />

opportunity to reset. The smart ones have analysed their businesses<br />

and assessed their goals. But I encouraged all of my clients to spend<br />

the time we had during lockdown to pause and take a breath too.<br />

Not just that, but to truly consider in the rush to return to normal,<br />

which parts of ‘normal’ were worth rushing back to. My hope is<br />

that we’ll all emerge from this with a greater understanding of what<br />

matters most in our lives AND our businesses. It’s certainly taught<br />

us about our personal strengths and skill sets. And another thing’s<br />

for sure – it’s absolutely proved the all-important part hairdressers<br />

play in the world. Make the most of it – you will have never been in<br />

so much demand!”<br />

Laura Hinton – Founder, Little Light<br />

“It has been such a challenging time but living<br />

through this moment in history together has<br />

definitely brought us closer & made us all more<br />

appreciative of our communities & our industry as<br />

a whole. The world has also woken up to the importance<br />

of hair on mental health & the role it plays in<br />

our wellbeing – long may it continue!”<br />

Ruth Hunsley – Director, RedMane Media<br />

“One Life, No Fear - it’s our family motto and has really come<br />

into its own during lockdown. Life is for living and whatever<br />

happens, always do it with positivity, love and a smile!”<br />

Emma Roberts - Senior Account Executive, Catalyst PR<br />

“Quick-thinking, a proactive approach and reactive ideas have never been so important as<br />

they have been these past few months. We all have had to do a 360-degree turn on our current<br />

strategies. That said, it has been amazing to see how everyone has stepped up their game<br />

digitally. We all knew this area was growing, but this situation has given us all the push I think<br />

we needed to really embrace and utilise the digital tools we all have at our fingertips. It’s also<br />

been incredible seeing the industry come together, more than usual to launch new initiatives,<br />

give back to the NHS and frontline workers and also as a collective push for answers from<br />

the government during a very unsure phase for salons. The renewed and stronger love for<br />

hairdressers has never been clearer than now, and we can all use this to our advantage!”<br />

88 inspiration


MOST<br />


AWARDS<br />

IN THE<br />



Association Internationale Presse<br />

Professionnelle Coiffure<br />

5, Rue Boudreau<br />

75009 PARIS (France)<br />

Don’t miss the opportunity... visit now<br />

www.aipp.net<br />


GHD<br />

Hair: ghd Global Team<br />

Photos: Philip Blythman<br />

Make-up: Claudine Blythman

2<br />

1<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6 7<br />

3<br />

8<br />

10<br />


is one of four fab<br />

looks in the<br />

Summer Punch<br />

SS20 Collection by<br />

ghd - and here are<br />

the very simple<br />

steps to help you<br />

recreate it!<br />

9<br />

1. Prep using ghd root lift spray.<br />

Divide the front hair line with a<br />

low side parting, then section the<br />

front from temple to temple, and<br />

on the low side parting to 3 inches<br />

back from the front hair line.<br />

2. Starting at the nape, wrap a<br />

vertical section of hair around<br />

a ghd size 2 ceramic brush and<br />

direct the air flow around the<br />

brush, leaving the ends out.<br />

3. Alternate the direction of<br />

each section. Continue until all<br />

the hair has been styled this<br />

way, apart from the pinned-up<br />

section at the front hair line.<br />

4. In the section on the lower<br />

side of the parting, dry all the<br />

hair around the brush, away<br />

from the face.<br />

5. Pin into a barrel curl.<br />

6. Repeat in the top section,<br />

working away from the parting.<br />

This will add volume in these<br />

areas.<br />

11<br />

7. Soften the texture using a ghd<br />

detangling comb so you still keep<br />

some definition.<br />

8. Release the barrel curls and<br />

smooth back using a ghd oval<br />

dressing brush.<br />

9. Roll around your fingers and<br />

pin to the head.<br />

10. Repeat on the opposite side,<br />

folding and pinning toward the<br />

head.<br />

11. Pinch and pull the section to<br />

soften.<br />

step by step<br />


Advertorial<br />

Forward<br />

together<br />

Wella Professionals continues to support<br />

hairdressers as salons reopen, with<br />

services created to make the transition<br />

to normality as smooth as possible.<br />

T<br />

he team at Wella<br />

Professionals has pulled<br />

out all the stops to offer<br />

free services to salons,<br />

in a bid to help them get<br />

back on their feet.<br />



Wella Professionals brand new<br />

Advisory Video Consultation<br />

appointments are the latest FREE<br />

offering to hairdressers looking<br />

for technical advice once salons<br />

reopen. In addition to the regular<br />

advisory service offering, you can<br />

now book exclusive 20 minutes<br />

consultations, via an Instagram<br />

video call, with an experienced<br />

technician to address your queries.<br />

You can even invite your clients<br />

to join! With all the anticipated<br />

colour correction work we know<br />

you are facing, this could be crucial<br />

to providing your clients with the<br />

quickest solutions. Appointments<br />

run from Mon-Fri 8am-8pm<br />

and can be booked here: https://<br />

wellaeducationukcom/#events<br />

92 online<br />

As a brand, Wella Professionals has synonymous with providing<br />

help and care for salon owners and industry professionals.<br />

Now - through their education portal education.wella.com - they<br />

are extending that support at a time when it’s most invaluable.<br />



There’s been a whole catalogue of free<br />

education on the Wella Education<br />

site throughout lockdown, and with<br />

new content added, there’s even more<br />

to keep you busy until the return to<br />

work. From appointment bookings,<br />

to waiting lists, to digital education<br />

and profit calculators, to a Hygiene<br />

Safety Seminar, Wella Professionals<br />

has an essential toolkit that helps<br />

hairdressers to reopen. There are<br />

also many free classes, including a<br />

Glazing Masterclass using Illumina<br />

Color with Wella’s Colour Trends<br />

Expert, Zoe Irwin. Alternatively,<br />

Wella’s Technical Director, Robert<br />

Eaton (left) delivers both Blonde<br />

Toning and Express Highlights<br />

Masterclasses. In addition, there’s a<br />

whole library of HairTribe Tutorials<br />

that you might not have seen,<br />

where Guest Artists demo step by<br />

step tutorials that are guaranteed to<br />

inspire. To find out more visit:<br />


To hero Wella Professionals’ Come<br />

Back Colour Menu Services, the<br />

<strong>UK</strong>’s top professional colour brand<br />

presents one simple technique to<br />

service 3 different types of client<br />

needs, created in association with<br />

James Earnshaw, Wella Professionals<br />

Craft Expert.<br />




The Glow Up Collection is part<br />

of the new comeback colour<br />

menu of express colour services<br />

developed by Wella Professionals<br />

to give salons a quick solution for<br />

clients looking to refresh their<br />

colour after lockdown. This new<br />

comeback menu comes with<br />

a profit calculator to help you<br />

maximise profitability over those<br />

first crucial weeks and months<br />

after reopening doors. Some<br />

important considerations:<br />

• Charge correctly for longer services<br />

Clients are likely to have longer<br />

regrowth when they return to<br />

the salon, so price accordingly to<br />

reflect the longer application time<br />

and product consumption.<br />

• Offer Colour Correction Services<br />

Some clients will have coloured<br />

their hair at home, which may<br />

require correction services when<br />

they return to the salon. Ensure<br />

this service is included in your<br />

colour menu.<br />

• Maximise Time and Profit<br />

The number of clients you can<br />

service at any one time may be<br />

limited due to social distancing.<br />

Prioritise offering the most<br />

profitable services to maximise<br />

time available.<br />

“The Glow Up is a simple & easy face framing technique that can be adapted to any hair length<br />

& texture, the technique works on any depth of hair and is very much hair that clients are<br />

wanting right now,” explains James. “Choose from one of 3 services: Express, Instant and Luxe<br />

Glow Up (see 'before' and 'after' images + demo below) using a range of Wella Professionals<br />

colour products, such as Blondorplex, to make your salon life quicker and easier, enabling you to<br />

cater your clients time, frame, and budget.” James Earnshaw, Wella Professionals Craft Expert<br />


AFTER<br />

The Express Glow Up<br />

Blondor Mèches Cream + Welloxon Perfect 1.9% Illumina Color<br />

20ml 10/93 5ml 9/59 + 50ml Welloxon Perfect Pastel 1.9%<br />

AFTER<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

The Instant Glow Up<br />

Magma 30ml /39+ + 3ml /75 + 49.5ml Welloxon Perfect 9%<br />

Follow us on Instagram @WellaHair<strong>UK</strong>I<br />

Discover products at wellastore.com<br />

and learn more at education.wella.com<br />

AFTER<br />

BEFORE<br />

The Luxe Glow Up 20G Blondorplex (New)<br />

+ 30ml Welloxon Perfect 6% Toned with Color Touch 15ml 9/97 + 15ml 7/75<br />

+ 60ml Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%



Boost colour performance and outcomes with<br />

transformative processing technology.<br />

Roller Ball F halves processing time,<br />

intensifies results and increases the<br />

value of your colour business.<br />


Advertorial<br />

Maximise<br />

Colour<br />

Roller Ball F has revolutionised colour<br />

technology globally since its<br />

introduction over 30 years ago to<br />

become an equipment sensation.<br />

Since it was first presented to the hairdressing world Roller Ball F<br />

has evolved and endured as a concept, inspiring salons to boost<br />

their colour reputation and business income. With the current<br />

surge in demand for colour services, its value in maximising<br />

business income is appreciated more than ever.<br />

Trevor Sorbie, Bristol © Andy Tyler<br />

Photography<br />

Daniel Galvin, Selfridges<br />

s you welcome clients back<br />

into the salon, managing<br />

the surge in demand for<br />

colour services, especially<br />

with new social<br />

distancing measures,<br />

will be a challenge.<br />

But with the need to maximise<br />

business incomes and invigorate<br />

your financial recovery also<br />

top of the agenda, one piece of<br />

technology not only helps manage<br />

peaks in demand by accelerating<br />

colour services, it enhances<br />

the customer experience and<br />

improves colour intensity,<br />

durability and shine. Championed<br />

by icons of hairdressing and<br />

colour, such as Daniel Galvin<br />

and Trevor Sorbie, its distinctive<br />

rotating infrared ring literally<br />

halves processing time. It is also<br />

scientifically proven to intensify<br />

colour penetration by locking<br />

colour deep into the hair shaft for<br />

a more vibrant, glossy result that’s<br />

longer-lasting. “Our free-standing<br />

unit is mobile, so it’s convenient<br />

to use around the salon, whilst<br />

the wall-mounted version is used<br />

at the styling station and neatly<br />

stows away after use,” says Takara<br />

Belmont’s National Sales Manger<br />

Katie Wrighton. “Roller Ball F can<br />

be quickly introduced into the<br />

salon and it enables colour clients<br />

to be serviced more quickly.<br />

This will increase the number of<br />

appointments that can be added<br />

to their schedule. Plus, at a time<br />

when financial recovery is<br />

paramount, this will generate<br />

colour incomes faster. As clients<br />

have had a long wait to return<br />

to the salon, there’ll be many<br />

more happy customers too!”<br />

As the pinnacle of colour innovation,<br />

Roller Ball F presented a world-first<br />

in hairdressing technology. It has<br />

evolved and endured as a concept<br />

ever since, inspiring salons to<br />

boost their colour reputation and<br />

business income. Why not equip<br />

your salon for the colour surge<br />

with Roller Ball F?<br />

Discover Roller Ball F at<br />

https://www.takarahairdressing.co.uk<br />

Call 020 7515 0333 or email<br />

hairdressing@takara.co.uk for<br />

information<br />

Larry King, London<br />

design<br />


Advertorial<br />

Prep, sculpt,<br />

finish!<br />

Fudge Professional is perfect<br />

not only for stylists, but also<br />

for clients who want to<br />

experiment with their style<br />

at home, on the move, or<br />

wherever they feel like it.<br />

Fudge Professional has<br />

completely re-launched<br />

its styling range. Grouped<br />

into 3 categories – Prep,<br />

Sculpt and Finish – the<br />

range also includes 4<br />

totally new additions.<br />


The essential first step<br />

for the ultimate, longlasting<br />

blow dry. With heat<br />

protection up to 230°C, blow<br />

dry in for loosely defined<br />

texture and hold with natural<br />

body and volume and a nonsticky,<br />

weightless feel.<br />

F<br />

irst launched in 1991,<br />

Fudge has been rewriting<br />

the rule book<br />

on styling ever since.<br />

The brand’s mission<br />

is still to offer a<br />

comprehensive range<br />

of unique and on-trend products<br />

which support the needs of the<br />

salon professional and their clients.<br />



Fudge Professional believes in<br />

using recycled materials wherever<br />

possible; in fact a massive 76%<br />


Weightless curl enhancement<br />

to revolutionise the look<br />

and feel of curls, with no<br />

stickiness, no heaviness and<br />

no crispy crunch.<br />

of plastic in the new styling range<br />

contains recycled plastic*.<br />

The brand's now iconic ‘toothpaste’<br />

tubes and all its aerosol packaging<br />

is fully recyclable. The new, simpleto-handle<br />

flip-top styling pots<br />

pack the same amount of product<br />

as before, but are made from 30%<br />

less plastic.<br />

#PlanetF @fudgehair<br />

*Post-Consumer Resin or Post-Industrial Resin<br />

For more information please visit<br />

www.fudgeprofessional.com<br />


The ultimate weightless, smoothing,<br />

glossing finish to every style.<br />

Weather-Shield technology delivers<br />

all day humidity resistance and<br />

frizz control whilst Shine-Lock TM<br />

creates your best ever smoothness<br />

and long-lasting shine.<br />



Flexible, medium hold<br />

and long-lasting matte<br />

finish in a lightweight<br />

formula, ideal for<br />

finer hair types. A<br />

unique clay-cream<br />

texture smooths easily<br />

through hair and won’t<br />

weigh it down.<br />

96 products

<strong>Estetica</strong> n. 2/<strong>2020</strong><br />

ad index<br />



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AIPP 89<br />

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www.beautyasia.com.sg<br />

FANOLA 22-23<br />

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www.fudgeprofessional.com<br />


www.greatlengthshair.co.uk<br />


OBC<br />

www.hairandbeautycharity.org<br />


www.ihawards.com<br />

TAKARA BELMONT 94-95<br />

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