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At First Jenks We Believe:

Jesus Chris

as Lord and Savior of all.

Engaging as Disciples

to reach others

Neighborly love being

lived out by serving others

Knowledge of Scripture as

the foundation of our faith

Small Groups as vital

to our spiritual health.

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Monthly Statistics

Tithes & Offerings: July 2020

(Only 2 in-person services were held in July)

Monthly Anticipated Giving.......$25,893


Sunday School.......$0

“Each of you should give what you have decided in

your heart to give, not reluctantly or under

compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

2 Corinthians 9:7

Attendance: July 2020

(Only two Sundays were held in-person,

and services are limited to 47 reservations.)



“Not giving up meeting together,

as some are in the habit of doing,

but encouraging one another - and all the more

as you see the day approaching.”

Hebrews 10:25



“Houston, how far off course do you think we


These words, uttered by Apollo 13 Commander

Jim Lovell in 1970, were heavy. He and his crew

mates had long dreamed of walking on the moon

and this was to be their chance. When there was a

small mechanical failure, not only their dream but

their lives were in jeopardy. He had to ask. How

far off-target are we?

This has been the focus of our prayer and self-examination

through July.

In Matthew 7, Jesus says the road to destruction is

broad and the gate is wide, but the way that leads to

righteousness is small and narrow. It takes earnest,

ongoing effort to stay in step with Jesus and not get

off course. Therefore, we must pause from time to

time to consider whether we are bearing fruit of

the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives or doing the very

opposite and allowing the flesh to take the lead. We

must present ourselves to the Lord who loves us and

wants us to flourish, and allow Him to determine if

there are offensive ways, idols or fears that make it

harder for us to remain faithfully on the path.

This isn’t a charge the gates kind of boldness that

comes to mind when we think of courage. Instead,

it is a humble, meek kind of courage that is deeply

rooted in a trust of God, fear of God and desire to

please and glorify God.

Next month, we will dig deeper into the fruit of

the Spirit with a specific focus on love, love of God,

love of self, love of others, and we will move beyond

‘we should’—because we all know that already—to

what it looks like to live out love when people need

it so desperately.

I’m truly excited to be here in Jenks and to join with

you in discerning the Lord’s leading as we begin

our 109th year carrying out our original mission to

demonstrate the love of Christ and bring people

into relationship with Him.

Joyful and Expectant,

Rev. Glorida Denton

Senior Pastor

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f o r D e ta i l s !




Let me be honest: I hate this pandemic. It’s exhausting

and inconvenient. It’s controversial and stirs up

discord among everyone. Beyond the health issues for

so many thousands of people who contract the virus,

there has been a toll on the mental health of everyone.

And to be honest, I’ve flirted with feeling burned out

in all of this.

But I was studying 2 Timothy today. And in chapter

1, verse 6, Paul tells Timothy to stir up the gift of

God that is in him. In the Greek, the phrase “stir up”

means to fan the flames, to rekindle, to keep burning.

Since Paul gave this instruction to Timothy, this scripture

also implies that the fire is capable of going out

if not stirred up. Paul didn’t tell Timothy to pray to

God to stir it up, but it was Timothy’s job to keep that

fire blazing. And that’s kind of tricky for us lately.

In a world where we long for normalcy, we have to be

diligent to keep the fire burning within us and not give

up! Within us all, God has placed gifts. So we need

to keep pushing, we need to find new and innovative

ways to carry out the purpose we’ve all been given.

With that, the youth has continued to meet regularly

on Zoom. Now that we are almost done with the Old

Testament, we are able to combine some sections

to see how they relate to each other. This month, I

uploaded a series of 4 videos discussing again the life

of King David. Along with each video, I uploaded a

sheet with a series of questions relating to a particular

Psalm that David wrote which embodies that portion

of his life. After watching the videos, reading the

Psalm that went with it, they were given a few questions

prompting them to dig deeper into the meaning

of the Psalm and find how it relates to us today with

the things that we deal with.

We will be having our rescheduled cookout this

month, weather and pandemic restrictions permitting.

I’m excited to actually see them on something

other than a computer screen!

Finally, school starts this month. As you may

remember, high school and middle school is a period

of time where every year feels different than the year

before - how much more true that is this year! Join

me in adding our young people to your prayer time.

We need to join together and pray for wisdom from

the administrators on how to best handle the proto-

cols and procedures for this upcoming year - may the

Lord give them understanding in all things.

As always, if you feel a leading to work with our

young people, please send me an email. Our return

to Sunday School and youth events are coming, and

we could use you!

Youth Cookout

Rescheduled Date will be announced soon.

Follow firstjenksyouth on

instragram for updates.

Anya Schneider

Children’s Minister



Monthly Devotional

The choir has been active by continuing with

their ZOOM meetings on Wednesday evenings.

We meet for about an hour each time and have a

great time talking, laughing, singing, and praying!

Each week we have a particular topic to cover.

On July 1 we were able to introduce one another

to Pastor Denton and her family. We also sang

Psalm 100:1-5 to the tune of "Amazing Grace."

On July 8 everyone was asked to bring to the

meeting a Scripture song and be prepared to

sing it! We did it! Rachel sang 1 John 4:7 and

8; Mark sang "Therefore Let the Rdeemed of

the Lord Say So" from Isaiah 55:11; Kathryne

sang from Psalm 91, "On Eagle's Wings;" Jack

sang "Fill My Cup" from John 6:35; Renae sang

from 2 Timothy 1:12, "I Know Whom I Have

Believed;" Martha sang "Thy Word" from Psalm

119:105; Vicki sang from Psalm 42:1, "As the

Deer;" Jane sang "Surely God is My Salvation"

from Isaiah 12:2-4; and Johnnie and Tammy

sang from Psalm 100:1, "Make a Joyful Noise

Unto the Lord." We had a great time encouraging

one another with the Word of God!

On July 15 everyone was asked to come with

three trivia questions about Hymns or from the

Bible. The choir members could make them

hard or easy; whatever seemed fun to them.

One thing about our ZOOM meeting is that we

have fun and enjoy seeing one another. It is a

wonderful and encouraging time for us!

Rachel Hall

Music Minister

Kathryne Hall

Associate Music Minister

I’m currently reading a book called

Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret: The

Power of Little Things Done Well by Pat

Williams. As you might imagine, it’s filled

with wisdom that is so relevant for us

today. Here’s a paraphrase of an excerpt

I’ve returned to several times:

Dennis DeHaan tells a story about a

woman who lived in Hanover, Germany.

She claimed not to believe in the Christian

doctrine of resurrection, but she also

feared it might actually take place and she

wanted no part of it. Per her own instruction,

she was buried in a grave beneath

two huge slabs of granite fastened together

with massive steel clamps, and her headstone

held these words, “This burial place

must never be opened.”

If you go to the cemetery today, the

immovable stone and unyielding steel has

already been moved and already yielded.

What shifted them? An earthquake? A

stray blockbuster bomb dropped during

WWII? Powerful earth-moving equipment?

No, the stone and the steel were not moved

by big things. A tiny seed germinated at the

edge of one of the stone slabs, then grew

into a seedling, then into a small tree that

sent out tiny roots. As the tree grew, the

roots spread, the granite slabs slowly shifted

and the steel clamps were forced upward.

These immovable things were moved by

the lifeforce of a little thing.

In our lives, we tend to focus on big things

such as career goals, finances, daily schedules,

world events and so forth. We should

pause and pay attention to the little things

that can, over time, exert a massive influence

over the course of our lives. Good

decisions in all the little things in life add

up to produce a positive effect in our character

and on the course of our lives. But if

we’re inattentive and carelessly make a lot

of little decisions toward selfishness, greed,

dishonesty, immorality, expediency, we will

one day look back and see that all those

‘insignificant’ choices have taken a terrible

toll on our lives, our relationships and our


We don’t want to be inattentive and

one day look back and see that we missed

the mark, thus we continue to search the

scriptures and study Jesus’ teachings and

commands, for this is the key to life in

Christ. “If you love me, you will keep my

commandments.” -Jesus, in John 14:15.

Rev. Glorida Denton

Senior Pastor


Making connections and offering opportunities

for faith, love, and service.

HOW BLESSED WE ARE! We have finally

gathered TOGETHER for a church service

after almost an exact 4 months. The service

may have been changed, and oh, yes, there is

a new face in the pulpit, yet as a congregation

we all look pretty much the same. At least we

were recognizable to our friends. Pastor Gloria

and family have the hard part now - putting

names to our smiling faces.

With these encouraging signs we can all begin

to plan for a future of Sunday School re-opening,

coffee and donuts on Sunday morning,

and HUGS! Although, the hugs will probably

be on hold for a few months, but we know they

will be in our future.

One of the other things to be determined in

our future will be a return to UMW activities.

The first of these just may be the food box for

the Jenks Food Bank. I have asked Philip to list

those items in our newsletter for August, since

we now have a means to collect them. As soon

as feasible, we will have a board meeting to

plan our adjusted schedule for finishing out this

calendar year and begin plans for 2021.

Christmas or Easter.

I am very hopeful that by September both

circles can begin meeting again and doing

the Lord’s work. That is my goal. I feel sure

masks will be required, but at least we can

renew friendships and plan for our new goals.

It is easy with so much time on our hands

to think of all the hardships we have had to

endure, but I do hope each one of us will also

take the time to count our blessings and there

are many. One of the most important blessings

is, all of the work that our Board of Trustees,

Philip Crawford, Anya, your Leadership team

and last, but not least, both of the ministers

over these past 4 months have accomplished.

Without those efforts, we would not be able to

gather at the church. I am impressed by the

devotion and dedication that our newest additions,

Pastor Gloria and Anya have added to

our community and service.

A huge thank you to all.

God Bless You Always


As I mentioned in the youth ministry page, I have been

studying 2 Timothy lately. It’s a strong book. In fact, I was

struck by how many commands are given in that book. By

my count, Paul has 24 imperative sentences in that one

book. 24 times where Paul says do this or don’t do that.

Every 3.5 verses there’s one! That’s a lot of things for us to

learn to do or not do. And just like the rest of the instruc-

tions we receive in all of the Bible, that just seems overwhelming,

you know? It sure seems like we are doomed to

mess up before we even start.

But one key to success is finding areas where we can start,

and then growing into the rest of them. It’s kind of like

learning to drive a car. You don’t just know how. There’s

the mechanics of operating the car, and the handling when

in motion, and the rules of defensive driving, and then all

the traffic laws, and who has the right-of-way here? But

when you start learning, you start with a couple of things,

and then more and more things are added until you are

ready to take the test and get your license.

In 2 Timothy, I think a good place for us to start comes

from 2:16. Paul tells Timothy to shun profane and idle

babblings, for they will increase to more ungodliness. (Now

in this exact instance he is talking about some false doctrine

First Jenks KIDZONE!


but the principle remains the same for us.). Shun profane

and idle babblings. As you prepare to go back to school

and be around other people again, you have a choice to

make. When people start speaking profanity, you have the

choice to participate, spectate, or walk away. When people

are talking about sinful things, you have those choices. You

can join in, you can watch or you can leave.

In the Greek, when it’s talking about shunning these

things, it carries a meaning of crossing a threshold like

stepping into a building. You can step over that line or

you can walk away. But if you step over that line it will

increase to more ungodliness. Just like driving a car, you

can know all the techniques to regain control of a car

when it’s lost control. Or you can just drive the speed

limit. You can have the courage and strength to do this

one thing well, and we see you avoid all the other ungodliness

that comes with it.

When you study the Word, or learn something new, find

where you can begin, find what will be most helpful as a

start, and then grow from there. Success will follow. Your

spirit will grow, and your car insurance premiums will


It has been suggested on more than one

occasion that a cookbook be considered-I

would like to know about interest from the

church members. First, would you support

this endeavor by submitting recipes and

second, just as, if not more important, would

you purchase them? Just let me know by

email, phone, or in person at church. If there

is interest, maybe we could get them out by

Our Sunday School classes are

discussing ways that they can

meet online with various means

of video/teleconferencing. If you

are unaware of what your class is

doing, or if you’d like to join a

class, please contact the church

office for information on how

you can join them!

Services at 9 & 10:30 am

Services at 9 & 10:30 am



9 & 10:30am



9 & 10:30am



9 & 10:30am

All Monthly Events are cancelled or Postponed due to CDC and Conference

Guidelines. we have two identical “blended” services at 9:00 and 10:30am.

(reservations are necessary at

All services are streamed live at

Starting at 6pm

Starting at 6pm

Starting at 6pm

Starting at 6pm

Our Thursday night ZOOM meetings

have been a wonderful time of discussion and interaction.

Be sure you join us every Thursday at 6 PM!

See your email for information to join.

Dont forget to make your

reservation for Sunday Worship!

Reservations can be made at

beginning on Monday each


Thursdays @ 1:00pm

This group of knitters and crotcheters gather every

Thursday to make hats for those in need,

plus they knit together a special fellowship time.

Join them this and every Thursday.

Now that we have reopened we ask that you

Help us spread the Gospel, not Germs!

“Blended” services are at 9 and 10:30

Reservations required

Here’s what you need to know:

•You must wear a mask.

•Social distancing will be maintained.

•Families will be seated by an unsher, one

family at a time - please arrive early.

•Restrooms are for emergencies only, and

are limited to one occupant at a time.

•All children and youth facilities are

temporarily closed.

If you have any of these symptoms

we invite you to worship with us

online at :

Reservations can be made at

If you have any questions,

please contact the church office

at 918-299-5462 or


• Fever/Chills • Cough

• Fatigue • Muscle/Body Aches

• Headache • New Loss of Taste/Smell

• Sore Throat • Congestion/Runny Nose

• Nausea/Vomiting • Diarrhea

• Shortness of Breath/Difficulty Breathing

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