old ardinians football club - to go Home


old ardinians football club - to go Home


As you will see the school has given

the OA’s a make over to bring us

in-line with the branding that has

been adopted college-wide.

At the time of the changeover the

school discovered that over 60

versions of the pelican were in use!

We would welcome your opinions on

this modern interpretation of the old

bird; please send your comments to



OA’s Day 2008 has been replaced

by a programme of alternative events

organised by the school.

The programme as it stands today

is detailed in this newsletter (pg 2).

Please note, not all these events

are open to OA’s.

Calling all OAs

in Germany

Max Lobermeyer, our German Rep,

is currently working on the planning

of an event to commemorate the

150th Anniversary. Please contact

him ASAP to register your interest.

His details are to be found in the

Who’s Who on the back cover.


Number 24 - Lent Term 2008

From your President

As we enter the period of celebrations

and events to mark the School’s

Sesquincentenary I took this as an

opportunity to re-read the Old Ardinians

Handbook last published in 1992. The

initial reason for this was to see how

much information there was about the

society of which I am the President and

of which I did not know about. It also

made me think that this would be an

ideal time to review the handbook and

bring it up to date. So providing that

we can afford it I intend to make this

my challenge during my second year

as President.

Due to the Ball at the College on the 31st

May this year there will be no official OA

Day. However I hope to hold a committee

meeting during the afternoon prior to the

dinner and would welcome any views

and items for discussion. I also intend

to arrange an OA Dinner in London on

November 14th this year which will be

preceded by the AGM. This is returning

to the tradition started in the 1880’s.

I am pleased to see that my pleas for news

from the members is starting to make

some of you contact me. Even though

some of the comments about school

life in the past were not so favourable at

least my nagging has got you writing. This

publication is your outlet for comment and

if you feel strongly enough that you want

your views in print please send them to the

editor for consideration. Perhaps we could

also have some accounts and pictures of

any events you may attend this year.

Following a committee meeting in January

this year we were able to talk to a large

group of students (soon to become

leavers) about the Society and its aims,

and to find out what they knew about

us. Andrew Greves - the secretary of the

Football Club - talked about its future and

hopefully inspired some of the students

to think about playing in the future. The

committee agreed funding for the next

year to enable the club to continue hiring

grounds and facilities.

My thanks to Fenella Holmes for trying to

arrange a Dinner in Manchester which has

had to be cancelled due to low numbers.

Perhaps smaller local evenings are the

step forward.

I hope you will all take the opportunity

this year to attend some of the School’s

celebrations and I look forward to meeting

you at them.

I leave you with a plea for a member to

step into the shoes of Adrian Arnold

and take up the reins of the Veterans

Association. My thanks to Adrian for all

his efforts over the years.

Chris Wilson, OA President

The next Old Ardinian will be published in July 2008. Please submit copy to

Mark Keatley-Palmer by Monday 19 May. mark@sycamoredesign.co.uk

GeoRGe Robb - a pupil remembers!

I remember George very fondly; he used to teach English and

History, I think, to the younger age groups. He was also a stalwart

coach of football teams and a ref in A and B leagues when I was

playing in the early 1980s.

You may remember that he was a stickler for looking smart on the

field, being particularly exercised about socks (which he would

call stockings) being pulled up and shirts tucked in during play or

even running to and from nine-acre! I can hear the call “#victim’s

name# stockings!” as I write! Players were even sent back to their

dormitory to fetch “tie-ups” (bits of string) if their socks wouldn’t

stay up! And yes Mrs Robb had curly short blond hair and ran the

tuck shop.

Down Mount Fuji

on a Skateboard!

James Langridge 1994 - 2000

Next autumn James is planning to skateboarding down

Mount Fuji to raise money for the Foundation for the Study

of Infant Deaths. Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in

Japan at 3,776 metres (12,388 feet) and one of the longest

continuous longboard descents in the world. James is going

to risk life and limb rolling 16 miles down the mountain on a

plank of wood, dodging ghosts, goblins, bears, and molten

lava along the way, all to raise his target of £1,600.00 for

the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) If you

would like to help James to reach his target check out:

www.justgiving.com/skatemountfuji OR


150 th Anniversary


Here is an outline of the events the school have planned to

celebrate the 150th Anniversary

We are aware that some of you were expecting to be able

to attend more events than just the Anniversary Ball and the

Concerts, particularly the Mass in September, but with a school

roll of 800 pupils and around 250 staff, we really aren’t able to

accommodate more people on campus. This is a great shame but

we hope you understand our position. However, we hope to see

some of you at the Ball and the Veterans Reunion (OA Day this

year has been replaced with the OA Ball).

As a professional footballer, George played 200 games on the

left wing for Spurs scoring 58 goals between 1951 and 1958

(source: Spurs website). Pretty impressive huh? Tom Finney

and Stanley Matthews were England wingers during George’s

prime so perhaps unsurprisingly his opportunities for international

recognition were limited. He did however win one full international

cap, as someone rightly suggests, in the disastrous first defeat at

Wembley: England 3 Hungary 6 in 1953, deputising for the injured

Finney. He has an entry on the FA’s website as follows:


2&searchname=Robb &ap=p

Editor: He is now in his 80’s and happily is still with us! Any other memories of

masters we can share?

Mike Hawthorn

- F1 World Champion!

With all the talk in F1 of young Lewis Hamilton I thought

it was high time we OA’s celebrated our own F1 champion.

Not only was Mike Hawthorn an OA but he was also the first

British F1 World Champion. He achieved this remarkable

milestone 50 years ago, shortly before his unfortunate and

tragic death at the age of 29. A book to commemorate

this great life is being written and the author would like to

fill in the blanks surrounding the time “Snowball” spent at

Ardingly. Please can you get in touch with me if you were

a pupil in the 1940’s and remember Mike.

Mark on w 01892 511165 h 01580 201777

or oa@sycamoredesign.co.uk

April ‘A School With A View’- a History of Ardingly College

1858 – 2008 is published

12th April Foundation Service in Shoreham for invited guests

16th April Full School Photograph

8th May Official Opening of the Farmhouse Preprep. School

31st May The 150th Anniversary Ball (tickets available from Sarah

Fricker in the School Office Tel: 01444 893000)

10th Sept An open air Mass for the whole College with the

Archbishop of York as the chief Celebrant, followed

by an evening BBQ for pupils and staff

16th Sept The OA Veterans’ Club Champagne Reception and

Reunion Luncheon. Invitations will be sent out in May.

November Faure’s Requiem in Chapel *

December Handel’s Messiah in Chapel *

* (more details in the next Old Ardinian)

OA Golfer, fancy a round?

The OA Golf Society fixtures are confirmed as Thursday 24th April at West Sussex GC, Monday 9th June at Piltdown GC, Wednesday

16th July at The Berkshire GC and in October at Walton Heath on Wednesday 1st. If you would like to take part, have a walk with friends

or even share a beer in the 19th, please contact Bill Maingot on 01444 482116 or bill@maingot.co.uk

Veterans’ Update

& Rep Wanted!

O.A.Veterans may be pleased to know that two tables of

ten brave octogenarians with their spouse or daughters

assistance in truth!, will be attending the College

Sesquicentennial Dinner & Ball on May 31st. They are

Roger & Audrey Adcock, Adrian & Anne Arnold, Tabby &

Pat Blunt, Keith & Jean Dodson + daughter Kym & friend,

Stan Ginzler & daughter Kate, Peter & Anne Hollier, Tony

Lovell & daughter Sarah, Derek & Sandi Spall and Graham

& Anne Wise. We hope to be seeing others there on such

a celebratory occasion also.

It is also so very good to hear that the College has on

12th April organised a celebration of those early days of

our College’s foundation with a church service and lunch

in Shoreham. I am sure there will be several able to report

back to you on that special occasion in the next Old

Ardinian. (ed – please submit to me at oa@sycamoredesign.co.uk)

Otherwise I can but repeat, is there none willing, even keen,

around that fulsome age of 60 and retirement, to take on

the O.A.Society’s veterans’ role? If Londoners, we could

meet up at the Hurlingham Club or in central London at

the Civil Service Club (off Trafalgar Square), and I could

supply the wherewithal, including a list of addresses of

500 O.A. veterans etc etc. I can assure you that it is a very

pleasant task - with much help also from the College itself.

I have however had a year with an excellent G.P., who has

managed to prepare me for either heaven or hell with a 4th

replacement hip, two new lenses in those eyes, a hearing

aid or two, hospitalised me for a couple of days (to check

me out internally also!) and I feel a new bionic man, albeit

a new brain would help. However I am quite sure that a

new Society Vets Rep is the real answer and it really is

a rewarding task with an excellent back-up group today!

Do give me a tinkle on 020 8788 6151 or of course our

redoubtable President, Chris Wilson, or our versatile Old

Ardinian editor, Mark Keatley-Palmer, who both likewise

would be very pleased to hear of a volunteer also for that

vital and enjoyable role of O.A.Society Secretary.

Adrian Arnold - Veterans Rep


Annual Dinner

The Palace Hotel, Torquay

Saturday 18th October 2008

7.30pm for 8.00pm

This year we are encouraging leavers from the 1970’s to

join us, although all OA’s are very welcome! As always

Special Accommodation rates are available so you

can take in the English Riviera experience as well.

Partners & Spouses Very Welcome

Dinner price is £30.00 for a Four Course Dinner

For further information or a booking form

please contact;

Chris Sumner (JH & D 1968 - 74) 01803 853959

or e-mail chris.sumner@palacetorquay.co.uk

New Regional Reps in

OZ / NZ & US Mid West!

We are delighted to announce the addition of 2 more

International representatives for the overseas OA’s

John Beaty has agreed to help develop OA links in Australia

and New Zealand - a rather large task given the geography!

And joining us in the Mid West USA is Tim Day.

It is early days for both of them but they have plans to

contact OA’s in their regions in due course. How about

making their life easier and getting in touch? Their details

can be found on the back cover of this newsletter.

Calling OA reps in France, Spain, South East Asia, Russia

&, &, &... we need your help! Please step forward if you

want to help in your region, e-mail



www.oldardinians.com 3

50 years on…

…remembering our

100 I find it very hard to believe that Ardingly’s 150th anniversary has mention well known faces like that of the present Archbishop of


already come round, retaining, as I do, vivid memories of the 1958

celebrations to commemorate the school’s Centenary. Two events

particularly stand out, the Royal visit of the Queen and Prince

Philip to the school, and Commemoration Day which included the

formal opening of the Cricket Pavilion, which had been given by

the OA Society.

Everything had been stage managed for the Queen’s visit from the

very moment Her Majesty arrived by helicopter with Prince Philip

until their departure; the actual landing was on the Upper! Each of

us had to be in a specific place for the royal tour and, as a member

of the school choir, mine was the Chapel where we held a choir

rehearsal. However, I do recall one of my contemporaries being

assigned two positions on the route. The first was his dayroom,

where he was meant to be seen hard at work on his studies, and

the second, the Art School finishing off a painting. Unfortunately,

he was caught out by a very observant Prince Philip! There are

some splendid photographs of the day itself which appeared in

the next issue of the Ardingly Annals (Winter 1958).

Moving on to Commemoration Day, I was allowed to attend the

Commemoration Lunch as part of the small choir singing Grace.

The principal guest was the current Prime Minister, Harold

Macmillan, who actually had a house not far away at Birch Grove.

I still remember a line from the speech he gave at the lunch. “The

advantages of a classical education, is that you always know when

the other chap is talking rot.” I wonder how far those sentiments

would be true today! I also recall Commemoration Day concluding

with a rather moving service in the Chapel.

Coming up to 2008, life at St Katharine’s Foundation Limehouse

is as busy as ever with consultations, residential conferences,

away days and retreats. It certainly isn’t uncommon to meet all

sorts of interesting people from throughout the globe, not to

Canterbury. I combine my educational duties at St Katharine’s,

running short courses and organising seminar suppers and

retreats, with work for Mission in London’s Economy (MiLE for

short) which in a variety of ways seeks to relate Christian faith

to the world of work. There is now a multi-faith dimension to our

work as well.

Despite our busyness, we are always keen to welcome OAs to

St Katharine’s, as several will testify. Do pay us a visit if you are

passing through, or if you are looking for somewhere to stay, or

perhaps your company needs a venue for an away day. Even

more importantly, we would value stronger links with the school,

as we are so well placed in east London with lots of networks for

anyone seriously considering community work. That also goes for

educational trips too.

At this very moment we are developing our website which

provides an excellent introduction to the wide range of things

we do. Take a look for yourself on www.stkatharine.org.uk.

David Driscoll (A 1957-61)


One Hundred Years Ago!

The Station noticeboard (off left) read ‘Ardingly for Ardingly College’

Ardingly Station 1906, portly Station Master George Fossey by the signalbox, a college boy or two,

a permanent way quartet on the track, railway staff and a few passengers - and the Avins Bridge left!

HRH spots the ruse!

I went to Ardingly in January 1958 and will

never forget my early days in Gibbs where I was

allocated the bed by the door with a good draught

blowing under it!

Apart from all the normal matters (such as making

toast for the School Prefects after early morning

PE and before breakfast), the news of the Munich

air crash involving the deaths of a number of star

footballers remains firmly embedded in my early

memory (it was a miserable cold and dark day at

Ardingly and I was transferring between classes

when I heard the news - a Cotton Smith French

class could have been involved!).

The next abiding memory was the Royal Visit to

celebrate the School’s Centenary which took

place early in the Summer term. The planning and

preparation seemed endless. George Snow, the

then Headmaster, wanted the Queen and the

Duke of Edinburgh to see Ardingly and its many

activities in all their glory although the time for the

visit was not that long, starting about mid morning.

Various masters and the School Prefects were

charged with developing a suitable plan and

timetable for the whole School. This involved

moving from area to area without being seen by

the Royal Party. I started in the Gibbs study room

trying to look diligent when the Queen and Duke


www.oldardinians.com 5

looked in.

I then had to embark on a small route march from

the South Quad to the modelling / recreation hut

which was situated between the Art School and

the Carpentry building. We had to get prepared

and wait for the arrival of the Royal Party. The

Queen merely looked in but the Duke stopped

for a word. He asked me what I was doing and

I replied making an aeroplane (looked fairly

obvious to me!). The Duke had got wise to what

was going on and is reported to have suggested

that he had already seen certain individuals

elsewhere but he did not say this to me!

After the Queen had planted the Centenary

Tree, with the help of Dusty Miller, the Royal

Party departed and everyone was able to relax.

It had been a truly memorable day blessed with

glorious sunshine.

Andrew Greves (D 1958 - 62)


The Football Club has hopefully witnessed a marked change in its

fortunes so far this season. After many months / years of trying, including

advertising in this magazine, some younger OA footballers have at last

come to light (individuals in their twenties who have been to University

and most of whom seem to have a job!).

The Club has so far played three matches, all of which were lost, but

has at least two more games to come. The first game was a friendly

against the Old Harrovians when I was delighted to meet five new OA’s

who were all at the ground at Roehampton on time when I arrived (two

or three had come up from Brighton on a Sunday morning.) The game

was closely fought and the OA’s could have won but the Harrovians ran

out 3-2 winners.

The next match was a Veterans Cup tie against the Old Salopians at

the Old Paulines ground at Thames Ditton, courtesy of Alex Harris.

It was an extremely cold day with a strong wind blowing. The Salopians

led 2-1 at halftime but the second half was 1 -1 with the Salopians

winning 3-1, probably the better side on the day.

The third fixture was a new one against the Bank of England Vets

played on the pitch at Roehampton used by England to prepare for the

1966 World Cup (it being the same size as the old Wembley pitch).

The Bank play each week and the OA’s had 14 players present,

including 6 of the new young contingent. It was a close and hard fought

match played in very good conditions, the sides shared a penalty each

in the first half with the Bank scoring with a free kick outside the OA’s

penalty area in the second half, hanging on for a 2 -1 victory with only

ten players at the end.

Much of the credit for the influx of new OA’s rests with John Laird

(mobile 07900 491197) who is keen to organise regular Saturday

afternoon football, hopefully by the Club getting back into the Arthurian

League. However this is not to say that the Club needs more young

good players and if you are interested please contact myself or John.

Andrew Greves - Hon Sec OAFC

Tel 01865 750900 Email andrew.greves@btinternet.com


OAs have your say...

• Letters

• Who’s Who Feature

• Births / Marriages / Obituaries

• Sport / Events / Music

• Regional & International gatherings

• Nostalgic memories / Photos (300dpi minimum)

Readers who have contributions to make to the newsletter should send

it to: oa@sycamoredesign.co.uk or call Mark on 01892 511165

Where are ?

they now

Dr Chris Willmott (E 1980-85)

same programme at the same institution.


I stayed on at Ardingly for a ‘seventh term’

in the autumn of 1985 for what turned out

to be a unsuccessful attempt at entry into

Cambridge (the last year Oxbridge entry

operated in that way). I settled instead

on studying Biological Sciences at the

University of Leicester. I never imagined

that twenty years on I’d be teaching on the

Having missed the start of the academic year, I spent five

months fruit-picking and sightseeing in Australia before taking

part in the inaugural Ardingly Expedition to Iceland – a truly

inspirational experience.

During my undergraduate studies I developed an interest in

antibiotics and elected to stay on at Leicester to do a PhD on

the mode of action of a major class of antibacterial compounds.

Alan Peter Zealey (JH&G 1947-54)

Alan’s wife Judith wrote to say that Alan died suddenly of a

heart attack on October 23rd 2006. He had enjoyed his time at

Ardingly, both in J.H. and Warren House in Senior School. They

had also just enjoyed the meeting of the O.A.Society’s South

West Region’s reunion last year at the Palace Hotel, Torquay,

run by the O.A.General Manager, Chris Sumner (JH&D66-74)

- they were also celebrating their wedding anniversary the

following week. Alan had for many years an optician’s practice

in Bristol and later with Judith in Clifton nearby. They had retired

to Bournemouth, to travel a great deal, including Canada and

Alaska in June 2006.

Victor Bradley

A much admired music teacher with a passion for antiquarian

books, particularly the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire of

which he had at least 8 and possible as many as 20 editions,

has died.

John Crosse

The son of Canon Crosse – Headmaster, has died in Canada.

No further details are known.

It was, however, a growing number of invitations to run workshops

for Christian Unions that led to my first job, as a regional staff

worker for the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.

I spent four years in this role, effectively an itinerant chaplain,

helping CUs in Universities around the Midlands.

Believing I’d burnt my bridges to working in Higher Education,

I then took a PGCE and became a science teacher at a

Secondary School in Northamptonshire. However, two years

on I was invited to apply for a lectureship in the Department of

Biochemistry back at the University of Leicester and in January

2000 I returned.

The last eight years have involved a variety of biochemistry and

study skills teaching, and I was fortunate in 2005 to be awarded

a National Teaching Fellowship. My attention is increasing focus

in the field of bioethics. The ethical implications of recent and

future developments in biology and biomedicine are an important

component in the education of contemporary bioscience

undergraduates and I have been involved at the national level in

the development of resources to equip secondary teachers as

well as lecturers to tackle these issues. These have included

authoring and editing a series of “Bioethics Briefings” papers and

the establishment of a web-based database, www.bioethicsbytes.


Away from work, I’ve been married to Anne (now a Consultant

Paediatrician) for the past fifteen years and we have two sons

Donald Steward Cradduck

We have been informed by his daughter, Mrs J M McCaig that

Donald died on 11th January this year he was 81.

P. P. Righton (A 1940-44)

Peter Righton (1926-2007) died peacefully in Poole Hospital

on 12th October. After a career in teaching and social work

education, he had returned in recent years to live in Poole,

Dorset, close to his childhood roots in Purbeck, where he was

at school in the 1930s.

Dr Stephen Norman Tranter

(H 1965-1969)

Stephen (Steve) died in Trier,

Germany in October 2007

aged 56, following a long

illness spanning almost nine

years. A St Pauls Cathedral

chorister, he gained his place

at Ardingly by winning an

academic scholarship and

subsequently a music award

– twelve and ten. We are all active members of a local church.

I endeavour to play hockey most weekends, but ever longer

recovery time after injury and clashes with Leicester Tigers rugby

matches are starting to curtail direct participation and nowadays

I’m more likely to be watching the boys play. I have never

really managed the time to follow up on the drama I was involved

in at Ardingly, but I am certain that involvement in a variety of

productions has laid the groundwork for a career in lecturing.

If anyone would like to get in touch, my e-mail address is


Chris Sumner (JH & D 1966-74)

It’s been many years since my involvement with the OA’s,

having been London Dinner Organiser for a number of years

back in the 90’s. Furthermore the last time I saw the College

was 25 years ago and on reading the Ardinian I’m not sure that

I would recognise the place for the amazing changes that have


www.oldardinians.com 7

taken place!

Living in Brixham on the English Riviera these last 16 years I

am still in the Hotel Industry, the last 8 years as General Manager

of the Palace Hotel in Torquay where I run across OA’s quite

regularly from all over the country when they are on holiday or

business. Some of you may remember my older brother Nigel

Sumner 60-68 (JH & Lea) who I am very bad at keeping in touch

with and who is well and living in London with his family.

and went on, via an academic scholarship, to read for an MA in

English at Jesus College, Cambridge and subsequently gained

his PhD from Freiburg University in Germany.

His love of English began at St Pauls and continued to

develop at Ardingly when, like so many boys, he came under the

spell of both John (Jock) Craig and Colin Temblett-Wood. He

contributed significantly to the music and drama activities of the

school at that time as an accomplished flautist, a singer with a

fine tenor voice and an accomplished actor who played many

parts in school productions.

Steve was a gifted academic, highly recognised by colleagues

in his subject area, with a high profile in both teaching and

research. His final post before being taken ill was as Head of

the Department of English and Professor of Mediaeval English

at Jena University in the former East Germany. When he was

appointed the English Department did not exist, having been

disbanded under the communist regime even to the extent

that all English texts had been destroyed. Steve’s task was

to re-establish the Department from scratch immediately

post re unification, on a very limited budget. This he did with

academic rigour, a very practical approach, an infectious level

of enthusiasm and the support of his former colleagues and

I’m sure that like many of you from my time at Ardingly you

are suddenly realising that you are in your fifties now and where

have all those years gone? Furthermore with my Pearl Wedding

anniversary this year and 4 out of 5 children departed from home

with one daughter out in New Zealand, two more daughters

away from home, one son at University and Abigail our youngest

girl permanently at home, life is suddenly a lot quieter. and full

of reflection.

Whilst we all have very varied memories of those school days

I must admit that it was like unlocking the flood gates last year

when I organised a Dinner reunion down in Torquay and I was

able to sit with colleagues from 66-78, exchanging stories and

memories that had long been forgotten. My wife pointed out quite

rightly that had my son known half of the antics that we got up to

I would have lost all credibility in the discipline department these

last 5 years with my own children!

This is why I am asking you all to think about joining us once

again here in Torquay for a re-union Dinner in October, for it

will bring back many good memories and suddenly you will be

remembering names, events, characters and stories, good & bad!

allowing you to disappear again afterwards to your normal life.

I would love to hear from contemporaries again so e-mail me at

least, but also try and make the effort in book Saturday October

18th in your diaries.


contemporaries within other universities across the UK and

Europe. Never did one travel eastwards from the UK across

Europe without a box, suitcase or car laden with books, donated

by academic friends and destined for Jena!

Linked to his expertise in Mediaeval English was Steve’s

knowledge of the main Celtic languages, their history, literature

and derivation. He was a recognised specialist across Europe

in this field, and his knowledge and skills extended from the

historical into an ability to speak and translate the modern

equivalents, from Breton, Welsh, Irish, Scottish and Icelandic to

the Scandinavian languages. He was the author of significant

publications through his research and much in demand at

conferences in this specialist area.

Steve is survived by his wife Doris and daughter Maria.


Who’S Who 2008


President of OA Society Chris Wilson 07857 858705 chriswilsonkempton@hotmail.co.uk

Dep. President of OA Society Situation vacant!

Llangalanga Scholarship fund (Kenya) Harry Vialou Clark 01264 773674 vialouclark@onetel.net

Lodge Master John Donegan 01444 236389

Lodge Secretary Paul Wolff 01235 850520 paul@wolff.co.uk

Minutes Secretary John Deane 020 8325 8605 johndeane@mac.com

Music Tom King 01444 413172 kingmyten@btinternet.com

OA Newsletter Editor Mark Keatley-Palmer 01892 511165 mark@sycamoredesign.co.uk

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OA Scholarships David Petitpierre dpetitp@telus.net

School link Gesa Paulfeierborn 01444 893014 gesa.paulfeierborn@ardingly.com

Treasurer Nick Greenwood 020 89956725 nickg@haighomes.org.uk

Veterans Adrian Arnold 020 87886151 adrianarnold@madasafish.com

Website Emma Duggan emma@emmaduggan.com


Cricket (President) Robin Whitbread 07768 977155 robin@robinwhitbread.com

Football (President) Andrew Greves 01865 750900 andrew.greves@btinternet.com

Golf Bill Maingot 01444 482116 bill@maingot.co.uk

Hockey Jessie Prynne 01580 241583 j.j.prynne@durham.ac.uk

Netball Carrie Walshe 01444 892011

Shooting Mike Lakin 020 85661778 lakinmj@compuserve.com

Tennis & Squash Lucy Tardrew 07973 737400 lucy@ashdownimaging.co.uk


Australia / New Zealand John Beaty 03 9583 9991 jhbeaty@iprimus.com.ua

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UK - East Anglia Peter Newnham 01502 475116 p.g.n.@btinternet.com

Northern Fenella Holmes 01132 688066 fenella@fenellaholmes.com

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The Old Ardinian Society is looking for OA’s who are prepared to help

with the running of our society.

We need to find a variety of individuals:

• A website manager to update and oversee the OA website

• Regional & international representatives to help co-ordinate events and reunions in their area/country

• Committed OA’s who can give their time to run the society - ideally you should be South East based

If you are interested in discussing the roles and the input required please make contact TODAy:

Mark Keatley-Palmer (JH & E 68-78), Committee Member of The Old Ardinian Society, Hopbine House,

Vineyard Lane, Ticehurst, East Sussex TN5 7LP or 01580 201777 or mark@sycamoredesign.co.uk


old ardinians

01444 893000

Ardingly College,

Haywards Heath,

West Sussex

RH17 6SQ


The Old Ardinians

Society website:


Registered Charity No.1076456

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