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Don't you know when should a car battery be replaced or how to choose a good battery that best suits your car model? Then visit us at Because at Krazy Keys, we have car batteries Perth experts. Kindly read this PDF for more information.

Right Time to Replace

Your Car Battery

A car battery is basically the heart of your vehicle.

Without it, your engine will not start and all electrical

components won’t function. According to the experts

over at Krazy Keys, the battery’s lifespan depends on

how long it can store its charge. The moment car

batteries Perth fail to recharge, it’s a good time when

you need to replace a car battery.

If it Takes a While for the Engine to Start

Slow start of an engine are often signs that you need to

look for a replacement car battery soon. Because the

components of a battery become less effective over


When the Check Engine Sign Lights Up

The check engine light can mean all sorts of things to

different vehicles. While that is true, it can also mean

that your battery is starting to run dry.

If it’s Time to Replace Your Battery

Batteries can last up to a maximum of five years. The

number of years, of course, depend on your driving

habits, electronic demands, and the climate.

When there’s a Funky Smell

The battery leaks gas whenever it has internal

damages. If the scent of rotten eggs greets you when

you pop the hood open, then your battery may be

leaking. Get the mechanics to check on it and see if you

need to buy a new one.

If You’re Experiencing Electrical Issues

The more electronics you use while driving, (including

charging your phone), the faster you drain out your

battery. So if you're experiencing an electrical issues, it

means you need to replace your car battery.

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