LUCYS Vol.54

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LUCY’S<br />

VOL.54<br />

July 2020


Editor in Chief & Publisher<br />

Graphic Designer<br />

+1 323-609-7090 submissions@LucysMagazine.com<br />

COVER<br />

Photographer Adam Peterson @adamavidphoto Model<br />

Audrey Hines @audreyhmodel Designer Lory Sun<br />

@lorysunartistry Hair & Makeup Joselyne Ortega @byjawz<br />


Photo Fei Luo @bluehourfilms_ fishluo.com Designer Peimeng<br />

Wang @iccyyy_wpm Retoucher Yage Makeup Ai Ling Hair<br />

Andy Fei @andyfeicheng Model Arina L @missmoreish<br />


Photographer Bineet Mohanty @Dreamzfx.studios Model Cianneh<br />

Browne @Ciannehbrowne<br />

Hair /Make Up Farasoge @Farasoge<br />

Harness Pinwe Gold Leaf Teekia Jewelry Couya, Jeteho, Minesign,<br />

Csiyanjyy99, Ginfonr, Woogge<br />


Photographer Holly Parker @Hollyparkerphoto<br />

Wardrobe Stylist Jessie Ajluni @Jessieajlunistyling<br />

Model Kc Kelso @ Industry Model Management @Kc.kelso @<br />

Theindustryny Hair Stylist Damian Monzillo @ Creative Management @<br />

Damianmonzillo @Creative.management Makeup Artist Misuzu Miyake<br />

@ Creative Management @Misuzumiyake @Creative.management<br />

Light Tech Faktory Nyc Photo Assistants Ben Kasun & Maaz Khan<br />

Rhinestone Collar Erickson Beamon Francoise Gown Flor.et.al<br />


Photographer Julia Laser @julialaser.de Model Dalina Birko<br />

@dalina_birko Hair and MakeUp Alexandra van Bedaf @a.vanbedaf<br />

Wardrobe Stylist Nayara Wiechmann @nayara.<br />

aparecidaa Fashion Desinger Aparecida Design<br />

@aparecida.design Dress Zara Hat South Beach<br />

www.LucysMagazine.com<br />

Instagram @LucysMagazine



EMAIL US AT:<br />


VOL.54<br />

LUCY’SJuly 2020

VOL.54<br />

LUCY’SJuly 2020

LUCY’S 7<br />

Isolation<br />

Photo Liubov Pogorela @liubovpogorelaphotography<br />

MUAH Liudmila Agakhanova @agakhanova_liu<br />

Flower arranger Sweta Yaremko @swetayaremko.flowers_design<br />

Model Anastasia @_a_kolomiets_ @prime_model





LUCY’S 16<br />

Under the<br />


Photographer Marcelle Adrianna Wardrobe Stylist Marine Breter<br />

Makeup Artist Anusha Solanki Hair Stylist Mollie Merrifield<br />

Model Michelle Krumov @PRM agency




Wonderous<br />

Summer<br />

Photographer Angela Garcia @angelagarciaphoto<br />

Model Yael Katz @yael_katz16 for @elite_israel<br />

Makeup Gaya Yaffe @gayayaffe<br />

Styling Hodaya Edelstein @hodayaedelstein<br />

Hair Maayan Lichtlau @maayan.l.makeup<br />

Assistance & second camera Tal Marom @talm29<br />

@tulagashri__design opposite page @Boobamacho


Private Collection Boots Shoofra Hat Zara opposite<br />

page @tulagashri__design Shoes Castro



look by @tulagashri__design

Private Collection



@Boobamacho Shoes Renuar opposite page Private collection

LUCY’S 35<br />

opposite page Private collection Hat Mango

W<br />

flo<br />

LUCY’S 36<br />

Photographer Yannis Abenzoar @yannisabenzoarphotographe<br />

Male Model Edwing Hop @edwinghop @mlleagency all ASOS

ilted<br />





Designer Reiko McNish<br />

How did you start AMATERAS?<br />

I am 100% Japanese but have my cultural background<br />

in both Canada and Japan since I spent some<br />

teenage years in Canada, and my second last name<br />

McNish comes from my Canadian stepdad.<br />

I’ve established my company AMATERAS inc. when<br />

I was a senior in college, 2 years ago. While all my<br />

friends were out job-hunting everyday, I knew that’s<br />

not what I wanted to do, and I thought the only way for<br />

me to get out of that was to just establish my own path.<br />

Honestly, it wasn’t like I wanted my fashion brand, it<br />

could’ve been a cafe, restaurant, or anything, but I<br />

wanted my own business. But since I was already in<br />

the fashion scene back then by doing modeling in<br />

my whole college time, I had a lot of connections in<br />

Tokyo and some knowledge and interest in fashion. I<br />

wanted it to be something that nobody has ever done<br />

before; something meaningful. Then, I just started<br />

combining all my unique perspectives and thoughts<br />

from experiences, and came up with this concept<br />

“East x West” (nightwear brand that conceptualizes<br />

the idea of modern Japan). Taking the nightwear<br />

like nightrobes and silky/cotton Pj’s from the western<br />

culture, and combining that with modernized<br />

Japanese kimono designs or fabrics; two mixtures<br />

of my background. What do you associate with if I<br />

said a word “Japanese brand”, maybe you can think<br />

of the names of some famous Japanese designers<br />

and artists, but not a brand that visually translates the<br />

Japanese culture I bet. So that’s something I’m trying<br />

to create. Luxurious and modern yet traditional!<br />

What led you to design?<br />

To be honest, I have never studied or practiced<br />

designing. I always had the creativity and ideas but<br />

was never an artist. So I started learning after this<br />

brand was established but I am definitely still learning.<br />

I’ve been using some help from my professional artist<br />

friends, but it is super exciting when my ideas and<br />

images are printed on beautiful fabrics.<br />

B R A N D<br />

How would you define the AMATERAS woman?<br />

The word Amateras comes from the Japanese<br />

mythological goddess of the Sun. So we have a<br />

message for all the ladies who wear our pieces to<br />

shine brighter than all others with confidence and<br />

their inside beauty.<br />

Who is on your wish list to dress?<br />

As much as the brand is somewhat cultural, I want<br />

all ethnicities to enjoy our pieces and the unique<br />

concept without any borderlines. But as the meaning<br />

of AMATERAS, definitely someone with strong core<br />

and a beautiful mind who understands the concept

B I B L E<br />


and messages of this brand from many different industries/categories.<br />

How do you think social media has played a role in your success?<br />

Absolutely a lot. Since we don’t have any physical shops, all of our orders are through online,<br />

and I would say 80% of that is from instagram. As I have been on the model/influencer side<br />

myself, I knew how the system and the instagram marketing works so that helped a lot with our<br />

brand strategy as a start up. One little hype could lead your brand twice the profit or three if<br />

anything. The hype and results you can get out of social media marketing is pretty incredible and<br />

interesting, but knowing how to use the hype is the key to the long lasting brand.<br />

How does it feel to be young female business owner in today’s industry?<br />

I personally read or watch a lot of English news because I always felt like their perspectives and<br />

motives are always ahead of Japan. But so I feel like as a world it is becoming more acceptant<br />

to the idea of “young CEO” or “female CEO/leaders” but not quite yet in Japan. So I have faced<br />

numbers of weird situations, difficult times, and criticism, but I have never let them get to me.<br />

People want to comment on something/someone that’s different, but at the same time you get all<br />

the credits and opportunities if you continue to succeed in it. I believe I’m being able to push a lot<br />

of young generations back by proving them with results and it is pretty exciting!<br />

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?<br />

I want to say a lot of things but realistically, AMATERAS is already profiting 5 times more compared<br />

to the first year, and we plan to see AMATERAS grow more internationally within the next 5 years.<br />

As a company, I plan to create a lifestyle brand with the theme of AMATERAS, not only to expand<br />

this current AMATERAS line but to have other lines with the same concept, and perhaps to food<br />

and beverage industry? Or hospitality business?<br />

What inspires you to create new collections season after season?<br />

This is my favourite part! I have my radars on 24/7 for trendy, unique, and new stuff for fashion,<br />

art, and designs on a daily basis, so I carry around my notebook to draw in case get an idea. I<br />

usually get my inspirations while I’m traveling and usually designing on the plane ride back home.<br />

B R A N D<br />

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?<br />

Just keep believing in yourself.<br />

As a young entrepreneur, what advice would you give to girls wanting start their own business?<br />

First of all, don’t be afraid of being different. It is amazing to be able to even think that you want to<br />

start your own career, because to some people it requires a lot of courage.<br />

It is not that difficult to establish a company or a brand nowadays, what’s difficult is to keep that<br />

business up and running continuesly and make it bigger at the same time. I’m still three years in<br />

on this journey but I’ve already had numbers of times where I felt like I can’t anymore. But if I gave<br />

up there it’s done, so keep getting up no matter how many times you fall, and when you feel like<br />

falling, ask yourself why you’re doing this.<br />

Website: http://amateras-japan.com<br />

Instagram: @amaterasjapan

B I B L E<br />


Photographer Julia Laser @julialaser.de Model Dalina Birko<br />

@dalina_birko Hair and MakeUp Alexandra van Bedaf @a.vanbedaf<br />

Wardrobe Stylist Nayara Wiechmann @nayara.aparecidaa<br />

Fashion Desinger Aparecida Design @aparecida.design Dress<br />

Zara opposite page Corsage Aparecida Design Dress Zara<br />

Open<br />


ons<br />


all Zara opposite page look Zara Belt LUCY’S Tony Lama 49

Earrings Zara Belt GUCCI opposite page Dress Zara LUCY’S Hat South Beach 51

Jumpsuit H&M opposite page Dress Sans Souci



Dress Sans Souci

GOLDEN<br />


Photographer Bineet Mohanty @Dreamzfx.studios Model Cianneh Browne @Ciannehbrowne<br />

Hair /Make Up Farasoge @Farasoge<br />

Harness Pinwe Gold Leaf Teekia Jewelry Couya, Jeteho, Minesign, Csiyanjyy99, Ginfonr, Woogge


LUCY’S 58<br />

Outfit Panegy


Harness Pinwe Gold Leaf Teekia Jewelry Couya, Jeteho, Minesign, Csiyanjyy99, Ginfonr, Woogge


LUCY’S 64<br />

Décadence<br />

Photographer Alexandra Richter @alexandra.richter.ph<br />

Models Olena @lea.domas , Tani Ahn @a.rfyl<br />

Style Christina @christina._pr Make-up Veronika Könitzer @kvamakeup<br />

Dresses Wunderkind Shoes Wunderkind Boots Ten Points


Dress Matsour’i Shoes Wunderkind


All Wunderkind opposite page Dress Wunderkind<br />

Shirt Zara Belt Vittozzi Shoes Wunderkind

LUCY’S 71<br />

Dresses Wunderkind Shoes Wunderkind Boots Ten Points

All Wunderkind opposite page Dress Wunderkind<br />

Shirt Zara Belt Vittozzi Shoes Wunderkind


LUCY’S 74<br />

Dresses Wunderkind Shoes Nine West<br />

Shoes Venturini Dresses Wunderkind<br />

Shoes Nine West Shoes Venturini

Anthropologie Embroidered Blouse<br />

www.anthropologie.com<br />

@Anthropologie Re/Done Comfort<br />

Stretch High Rise Ankle Crop<br />

Denim Re/Done High Rise Denim<br />

Shopredone.com @Shopredone<br />

opposite page Zara<br />

Button Short Sleeve Shirt<br />

www.zara.com<br />

@Zara<br />

Vince High Rise Short<br />

www.vince.com @Vince And Other<br />

Stories Button Up Blouse www.<br />

stories.com @Andotherstories<br />

Vince Drapey Silk Habotai<br />

Short www.vince.com @Vince<br />

Siblings of The Sun<br />

Models Maddie Sonnendecker<br />

@ Directions Usa, Wanted & Bang<br />

Management @Maddiesonnendecker<br />

Morgan Sonnendecker With Directions Usa,<br />

Dt Model Management @Morgansonnendecker<br />

Photographer Joseph Bradley<br />

@Joseph_bradley_photo Creative Director,<br />

Hair & Makeup Janis Lozano @Thejanismara<br />

Wardrobe Styling Julia Gray @Juliagraystyle<br />

Styling & Photo Assistant Kaya Birch @Kbirch<br />

Retoucher Andreas Gamsreiter @We.retush


Free People Lilah<br />

Strapless Midi Dress Free<br />

People 3 Button Blouse<br />

www.freepeople.<br />

com<br />

@Freepeople<br />

Madewell Ruffle-Hem<br />

Midi Skirt In Stripe<br />

www.madewell.com<br />

@Madewell<br />

Reebok<br />

Court Double Sneaker<br />

www.reebok.com/Us @Reebok<br />

Adidas Hoops 2.0 Shoes<br />

www.adidas.com/Us @Adidas<br />

opposite page Co Shirt Dress<br />

Co Belted Shirt Dress<br />

www.Co-Collections.com @Co


Free People Lilah Co Shirt Dress<br />

Co Belted Shirt Dress<br />

www.co-Collections.com @Co<br />

opposite page Anthropologie<br />

Embroidered Blouses www.<br />



LUCY’S 82<br />

Reformation Chianti Dress Reformation Boston Dress<br />

www.thereformation.com @Reformation opposite page<br />

Zimmermann Wavelength Blouson Sleeve Floral Long<br />

Dress Zimmermann Wavelength Floral Print Silk Midi Dress<br />

www.zimmermannwear.com/Us @Zimmerman

LUCY’S 84<br />



Photographer @a_ria_h Model @faith.aziz www.ariellailona.<br />

com Mua @faith.aziz Creative Direction @faith.aziz, @a_ria_h<br />

Wardrobe @faith.aziz all white look skirt @fashionnova<br />

crop top @ohpolly runners @adidas plaid skirt look<br />

skirt @brandymelvilleusa top @garage runners<br />

@adidas leopard print look skirt @H&M top @H&M




LUCY’S 92<br />


Our Brand is HoneyBloom Cosmetics is founded by<br />

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Educator, Jaime Nardiello.<br />

The product showcased in the photos is the Rose<br />

Water Facial Toner. This cute little bottle is infused with<br />

soothing cucumber extract to calm the skin, witch hazel<br />

to wick away excess oil, and hydrating rose extract to<br />

keep you glowing. Formulated with love for all skin types.<br />

honeybloomcosmetics.com @thehoneybloomcosmetics


Retoucher: @anthony.serrantonio<br />

Model: @naimamora Photo: @hla_photo<br />

HoneyBloom Cosmetics




LUCY’S 97<br />

ill<br />

Photographer Karis Kennedy @kariskennedyphotography<br />

Makeup & Hair Mira Parmar @miramakeup Using La Roche<br />

Posay, EyeBrow Queen & Mehron Makeup Model Gardelina<br />

Bautista At The Hive Management @iamgardelinabautista


LUCY’S 101

LUCY’S 103

the vinta

LUCY’S 105<br />

Alex Semeniuk @Alex_semeniuk Model Julia Deminskaia<br />

@Juli_ern @Secret.mngt Stylist Victoria Nozdracheva @Wnvivien<br />

Hair & Make Up Anna Egorova @Anna_egorova_makeup<br />

Hat Maison Michel, Jacket: Escada Sport, Turtleneck Joseph<br />


Hat Maison Michel, Jacket Escada Sport, Turtleneck Joseph<br />

Pants Brunello Cucinelli, Accessory Bottega Veneta Shoes Gianvito Rossi<br />

opposite page Blazer Zara Top Zara Accessory Bottega Veneta

LUCY’S 107

LUCY’S 108<br />

Hat Maison Michel Cropped Blazer Zara Pants Brunello Cucinelli Accessory Bottega Veneta

LUCY’S 110<br />

Dress Massimo Dutti

LUCY’S 112<br />

Model Sophie/Shtorm models @3.14sosss<br />

MUA Lucy Kostuk @lucyyy_juicy<br />

Hair stylist Ekaterina Kanishcheva @catincahairstyle<br />

Stylist Tamara Ju @tamaraju<br />

Photographer Ilsina Rezyapova @ilsinare<br />

Location Loft Pavilion @loft_pavilion<br />

Dress Devanatalia Tights Conte<br />

Accessoriesvintage Shoes Zara<br />




Dress Rinascimento Shoes Mango

LUCY’S 115<br />

Dress Viktoria Kuksina Gloves Arte Accessories Vintage Shoes Mango

Top Devanatalia Shorts Topshop Accessories Mad Vintage Shoes Zara

LUCY’S 117

Dress Rinascimento Shoes Mango LUCY’S 119

LUCY’S 121<br />

Dress Rinascimento Earrings El Tesoro Store

LUCY’S 123<br />

life Lust for<br />

Photographer Ania Kosik @aniakosik Assistant<br />

Mateusz Kowalski Model Roksana Salewska<br />

@r_salewska Model Agency Malva Models<br />

@malvamodels Dress, coat Zara Shoes Mango

Suit Sinsay Shoes Aldo opposite page Dress Żaneta<br />

Barbarewicz @Jeanettebarbarewicz Body Zara Shoes Mango

LUCY’S 125

LUCY’S 127<br />

Dress Zara Shoes vintage self-made customized<br />

opposite page Blouse Reserved Skirt Krystian<br />

Szymczak @kry_szy Shoes Reserved

LUCY’S 128<br />

Dress Żaneta Barbarewicz @jeanettebarbarewicz Shoes Deezee

Jumpsuit, shoes Reserved opposite page Blouse Reserved<br />

Skirt Krystian Szymczak @kry_szy Shoes Reserved

LUCY’S 131

Dress Żaneta Barbarewicz @jeanettebarbarewicz Shoes Deezee opposite<br />

page Dress Krystian Szymczak @kry_szy Shoes Aldo

LUCY’S 133

LUCY’S 134

Dress, coat Zara Shoes Mango

LUCY’S 137<br />

Dress Krystian Szymczak @kry_szy<br />

Shoes vintage Hat Bershka opposite page Dress<br />

Żaneta Barbarewicz @jeanettebarbarewicz<br />

Body Zara Shoes Mango

Child of Na

LUCY’S 139<br />

ture<br />

Photographer<br />

Jane Revina @artrevinajane Makeup Artist Maria Pavlikova @_m.a.r.i__<br />

Model Victor Skrypnik @victor_ooops Ip Models Agency @ip_models_agency

LUCY’S 140

LUCY’S 143

LUCY’S 145<br />

Giuliana<br />

Photographer Katarina Hildebrandt @katarinahildebrandt<br />

Production/Set design HR Studios @hrstudioshamburg Model<br />

Giuliana @giulianaxgg Muse The Agency<br />

@musetheagency Hair&Make-up Shari Kramer<br />

@shari.mua Retouch Abhijit Dharankar @abhijit.retouchingart

LUCY’S 147

LUCY’S 148

LUCY’S 151

LUCY’S 153

LUCY’S 154<br />

Photographer Adam Peterson @adamavidphoto<br />

Model Audrey Hines @audreyhmodel<br />

Designer Lory Sun @lorysunartistry<br />

Hair & Makeup Joselyne Ortega @byjawz


LUCY’S 157

LUCY’S 159

LUCY’S 160

LUCY’S 162

Photographer Justin Bellucci @Justinbellucci Model Holly Parker @Hollyparkerrr<br />

Makeup/Hair Shani Gottlieb @Shani.gottlieb Swimsuit Soah Swimwear<br />

Earrings Chvker Jewelry Black Long Sleeve Crop Top Meshki<br />

feel<br />

Tan Shorts Aerie<br />


t<br />

LUCY’S 165

LUCY’S 166

LUCY’S 168

LUCY’S 171

LUCY’S 172<br />

Photographer Holly Parker @Hollyparkerphoto Wardrobe Stylist Jessie Ajluni @Jessieajlunistyling<br />

Model Kc Kelso @ Industry Model Management @Kc.kelso @Theindustryny Hair Stylist Damian Monzillo<br />

@ Creative Management @Damianmonzillo @Creative.management Makeup Artist Misuzu Miyake<br />

@ Creative Management @Misuzumiyake @Creative.management Light Tech Faktory Nyc Photo<br />

Assistants Ben Kasun & Maaz Khan Rhinestone Collar Erickson Beamon Francoise Gown Flor.et.al


LUCY’S 174

Golden Flower Earrings Isabella<br />

May Top and Skirt Sienna Li<br />

opposite page Floral Driver Glove<br />

Wing & Weft Gloves Asymmetric<br />

Flocked-Tulle Top Mola Walker

LUCY’S 176

Golden Flower Earrings Isabella<br />

May Top and Skirt Sienna Li<br />

opposite page Pearl Drop Earrings<br />

Isabella May Rhode Dress Stine Goya

LUCY’S 178

Floral Driver Glove Wing & Weft Gloves<br />

Asymmetric Flocked-Tulle Top Mola<br />

Walker opposite page Rhinestone<br />

Collar Erickson Beamon Francoise<br />

Gown Flor et.al Thyra Heel Jimmy Choo.

LUCY’S 181

Wildly Beautiful<br />

Photographer/Retoucher/Creative Director/Stylist Joseph Noll<br />

@josephnollphotography Model/Makeup Artist/Stylist Mary Munn @mary_munn

LUCY’S 183

LUCY’S 185

LUCY’S 186

LUCY’S 188<br />

Photography Ayelet Arad @Ayeletr MUA Ortal Elimeleh @ortalelimeleh1 Hair Guy Samuel<br />

gentle<br />

@guysamuel_official Model Martina Kudelova @martinakudelova @mc2telaviv

LUCY’S 191

LUCY’S 193

LUCY’S 195

LUCY’S 196<br />

Ebb and Flow<br />

Photography & Creative Direction @ellerouphoto Model @tayelizabethsheek<br />

Makeup @reina.roxanne Set Design @sheekgalagencyboutique<br />

6. Dress Kaufmanfranco @kaufmanfranco/

LUCY’S 199<br />

9. Dress Philip Lim @31philliplim opposite page<br />

3. Suit Keepsake @keepsakethelabel Jewelry Vintage

LUCY’S 200<br />

Dress Saloni @saloniofficial opposite page<br />

Dress Fame & Partners @fameandpartners

Dress Fame & Partners @fameandpartners opposite page Dress Saloni @saloniofficial

LUCY’S 203

LUCY’S 204<br />

Photographer Daniela Escobar @danielaescobarph Model Danielle<br />

Yablonka @danielleyablonka The Walk Collective @thewalkcollective<br />

Makeup Artist Yulia Afanasieva @yulia_afi Outfits Forever 21, H&M


LUCY’S 207

LUCY’S 209

LUCY’S 211

LUCY’S 212

LUCY’S 214<br />


mmertime sadness<br />

Photographer Daria Koso @daria.koso.photo Model Kristina Smolyar @kristina_smolyar<br />

Brands used Nasty Gal, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Monica Hansen Beachwear, Steve Madden

LUCY’S 217

LUCY’S 218

LUCY’S 220

Th<br />

LUCY’S 222<br />

Pa<br />

Photographer and retoucher Torgeir Pilskog Rørvik @toorgeir<br />

Models Hansine Sæverud @hansinesave Trend Models Adrian özkal<br />

lorentzen @dr.drian95 Trend Models Ylva Lieng @ylva_lieng Trend Models<br />

Hair and makeup Eline Johanne Arneberg Nicolaysen @mua_ejan Location<br />

Rotvoll Nedre Trondheim, Norway Off shoulder blouse H&M Biker Jacket H&M<br />


stime<br />

rough<br />

The<br />


LUCY’S 224Jet<br />

Stream Dress Copenhagen Muse opposite page Max Cutwork Shell<br />

Shirt New Look Ganni Lamb Leather Dress and Lamb Leather Shorts

LUCY’S 226

Collarless Flare Sleeve Jacket Missguided Pleated Midi Skirt New Look opposite<br />

page jacket/shirt in tricot H&M Pants -skinny fit H&M Adidas Vintage Shoes

Shirt H&M Vikamma Skirt Vila opposite page jacket/shirt in tricot H&M Trousers in linen H&M

LUCY’S 229

LUCY’S 230

Tailored Belt Pants Nly by Nelly opposite page T-shirt dress with print H&M

Vililja Puff Sleeve Top Vila Onlvenedig Paperbag Longskirt, ONLY Petite<br />

opposite page Max Cutwork Shell Shirt New Look Ganni Lamb Leather Shorts

LUCY’S 233

Sweatshirt Yourturn Jet Stream Dress Copenhagen Muse

LUCY’S 235

LUCY’S 236<br />


in Neon<br />

Photographer Adam Peterson @adamavidphoto<br />

Model Abby Rae @abbyraemodel Stylist Lory Sun<br />

@lorysunartistry Makeup Artist Kayla Scheffler<br />

@makeuplushair Hair Stylist Kaylee Shutts @kaylor__

LUCY’S 238

LUCY’S 241

LUCY’S 242

LUCY’S 245

LUCY’S 246<br />


st<br />

Designer @jasminelewisdesign Photo @ericalindseyphotography<br />

Hair @glamoureyes Model @internationalqueen<br />

Model @maepotter MUA @caitlinhope_mua

LUCY’S 249

LUCY’S 250

LUCY’S 252

Photographer Alicia Churilla @aliciachurilla<br />

Makeup Brithani Phatal @therealbritphatal<br />

Hair Sarah Lam @sarahlambeauty<br />

Stylist Greis Dodona Dragoti @gdodonastyles<br />

Model Adele with Next Canada<br />

@adeleruboneka @nextcanada @ethosmodels<br />

Model Oksana with Plutino @shesoksana @plutinomodels<br />

24k beauty

LUCY’S 255

LUCY’S 257

LUCY’S 259

LUCY’S 260<br />

by<br />

FEI<br />

Photo Fei Luo @bluehourfilms_ fishluo.com Designer Peimeng Wang @iccyyy_wpm Retoucher<br />

Yage Makeup Ai Ling Hair Andy Fei @andyfeicheng Model Arina L @missmoreish

LUCY’S 262

LUCY’S 264

LUCY’S 266

LUCY’S 267

LUCY’S 268

Forget<br />

me not<br />

Photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist Anastasiia Musiiuk @nas_mus<br />

Model Maria Morina @morina1398 @sistersagency<br />

Dress Sister Jane Tops House of Holland, Whistles

LUCY’S 270

LUCY’S 272


LUCY’S 275<br />

Fashion Designer DARCYGOM @darcygom Photographer/Retoucher Jun Seong Lim @creator.danb Accessory Designer Dian Textile @diantextile<br />

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist Soyeong Choi @mimi.nara Assistant Taemin Jin @jintaemin Female Model Song Yi Han @kr_ssong

LUCY’S 277

LUCY’S<br />

www.LucysMagazine.com<br />

Instagram @LucysMagazine<br />

Fashion Designer DARCYGOM @darcygom<br />

Photographer/Retoucher Jun Seong Lim @creator.danb Accessory Designer Dian Textile @diantextile<br />

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist Soyeong Choi @mimi.nara Assistant Taemin Jin @jintaemin Female Model Song Yi Han @kr_ssong

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