Happiful August 2020



17 Care for a metaphor?

Four images that perfectly capture what

anxiety feels like, and how metaphors can

help us say what we really mean

42 The green scene

Discover how ecotherapy can be the first

step to a healthy mindset

67 Think ink

Could going under the needle and getting

a tattoo help us build mental resilience?

73 Joe Wicks

We speak to the man who got the nation

exercising about the power of role models

79 Job done

84% of people aren't in their dream job –

get your foot on the ladder with these tips

The Uplift

8 In the news

13 The wellbeing wrap

14 What is friluftsliv?

What can the Nordic value of

spending time outdoors teach

us about our wellbeing?

90 Quickfire: MH matters

Lifestyle and


20 Dear diary...

Columnist Grace Victory explores journaling

24 Lessons from the Dalai Lama

What can we learn about happiness

and compassion?

30 Ask the experts: work worries

47 Craft a memory box

64 Robert Douglas

The blogger on fatherhood and BLM

84 Who am I?

What makes us who we are, and how can

we develop a strong sense of identity?


36 Book smart

Discover the new releases out this month

51 The new normal

Follow these practical tips for managing

anxiety about returning to normal

54 Things to do in August

Life Stories

37 Katie: tearing up taboos

When Katie first began perimenopause,

she felt ashamed, upset, and confused.

But after learning about the condition,

she felt empowered to take back control

57 Tamara: there for myself

More than a decade ago, a road

accident shattered Tamara's life. With

time, she finally discovered a path that

help her heal from the inside out

87 Gian: building happiness

Gian's life was turned upside down

when his father was murdered. By

reaching out to others, over the years,

he found the strength to face the future

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