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…and everyone wants to have a smile

Savvy Shields

New York City, New York

they feel good about, no matter their age,

gender, profession, or circumstance.

Understanding that simple fact

has allowed us to provide not only

exceptional results, but a pleasing

experience as well.

So whatever the story may be

Savvy Shields

New York City, New York

General Dentistry

General Dentistry












































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Lori Quinn, Drew Spurgers, Jackie Mahar, Shari Hoover, Colleen Holt, Linda Mars, Robin Stauffer, Leah Ashby, and Courtney Bordeaux



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Jennifer Stanley

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Leah Ashby


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Andrea Lennon


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on the cover

Backyard Bliss

Leo took off two months at the beginning of the COVID crisis

and was a big help outside. We repotted and straightened our

huge sago palms. Some are almost like family, as we bought

our first two at Plant Outlet 20 years ago.

—Lynne Crafton

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Lynne and Leo Crafton have

created an oasis in the backyard

of their Centennial Valley home.

Their home was built by Leo’s

brother, Hal Crafton, in 2005. Jerrell’s

Pool and Supplies installed the pool

at that time. “Over the years I’ve

changed much of the landscaping. It is

a labor of love as I’ve always enjoyed

working outdoors. I do it all myself,

and my goal now is to make it much

less labor intensive!” says Lynne.

The extra time necessitated by the

pandemic motivated Lynne and Leo

to update their backyard. “Leo took

off two months at the beginning of

the COVID crisis and was a big help

outside. We repotted and straightened

our huge sago palms. Some are almost

faulknerlifestyle.com 7

like family, as we bought our first

two at Plant Outlet 20 years ago. We

now have eight large ones, some of

which I harvested as baby sprouts that

grew off of the base of the palm and

have grown into beautiful palms. We

have to move them to the garage each

winter, which is getting a bit out of

hand,” laughs Lynne. “It’s about time

for some of them to go to new homes!”

In addition to her beloved palms,

Lynne has planted several varieties for

use in floral designs for wedding receptions,

such as olive trees, hydrangeas,

pittosporum, and peonies. “I use a lot

of evergreen plants in containers, as

they can stay out year-round.” The

majority of the flowers, shrubs, and

containers were purchased at Plant

Outlet, Lumber One in Mayflower,

and Haynes Ace Hardware.

Other recent changes include

updated exterior paint, done by Chuy

Mendez with Chuy’s Painting LLC

(mpaintcontractors@att.net). “We

went from a darker taupe to a bright

off-white. I have always been a fan of

classic black and white, and the new

color inspired me to update some of

the outdoor decor.”

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Meet Eduard Millan. Eduard is a CBC graduate

from Spain and has made Conway his home with

his wife, Miah. He is key to First Community Bank’s

efforts to serve everyone, no matter what language

is spoken, or how much help is needed. He goes

above and beyond to make banking with us as easy

as possible. Call or drop by and let Eduard show you

what it looks like when a bank puts the community first.

FirstCommunity.net | 501.764.9640 | Temporary Location: 1089 Front Street, Conway

faulknerlifestyle.com 9

The Craftons added new umbrellas,

chair cushions, and outdoor rugs to

complement their new paint color.

“I gave a fresh coat of paint to our

outdoor containers and repurposed

some vintage tables to use on the

back porch,” adds Lynne. The outdoor

wrought iron furniture was purchased

“years ago at Hambuchen’s,” says

Lynne, and the updated light fixture

on the back porch is from Hambuchen

Lighting. The cushions and

pillows are from At Home (in Little

Rock) and Target.

As Lynne and Leo’s ingenuity proves,

adding some new touches and

sprucing up some previously owned

items can result in a refreshing,

updated backyard haven.

10 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

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I really love helping patients

correct their feet, which are the

foundation, and seeing that change

their life by avoiding knee surgery

and hip replacement. I enjoy giving

them mobility back and helping

them work without pain.

—Dr. Amanda Bledsoe

Dr. Amanda Bledsoe

Bledsoe Chiropractic:

Loving Patients Like Family


14 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020



Dr. Amanda Bledsoe, owner of

Bledsoe Chiropractic, is here to

help Faulkner County be, and stay,

well. Amanda established her practice

in December 2017. Her family includes

husband Adam, who recently retired

from THV 11; daughter Audrey, 12; and

son Hunter, eight. They have two dogs,

Bo and Ruby, and a cat named Pickles.

Bledsoe Chiropractic offers standard

chiropractic care along with massage

therapy, posture and balance rehab, laser

therapy, kinesiotaping, custom orthotics,

manual adjusting, and instrument

adjusting. Dr. Caitlin Haley Corona is

also part of the Bledsoe family. “We have

a fantastic team, including four licensed

massage therapists and a complete team

of loving hearts and hands ready to

serve,” says Amanda.

Amanda is a graduate of Cleveland

Chiropractic College in Kansas City and

has a Bachelor of Science in Biology

from the University of Central Arkansas.

The practice most commonly treats

conditions such as, “Lower back pain

and radiating lower extremity pain (knee,

hip, feet) brings in 75 percent or more

of our patients. The neck keeps them

coming because it’s easily ignored but

bears more chronic stresses. We help

people with sinuses, allergies, dizziness/

vertigo, ear pain, TMJ pain, and are feet

specialists,” she says.

Bledsoe Chiropractic largely sets itself

apart through its interactions with

patients. “We love our patients like

family. We go above and beyond and

offer more bang for your buck than other

chiropractors, while also being generous

and affordable,” says Amanda.

“I really love helping patients correct

their feet, which are the foundation, and

seeing that change their life by avoiding

knee surgery and hip replacement. I

enjoy giving them mobility back and

helping them work without pain.

Most of all, I love seeing them enjoy

life - traveling, grandkids, gardening.

My associate, Caitlin, is amazing with

pregnant moms and babies. We hear

stories of better-sleeping babies and

breech babies turning in the womb to

make pregnancy smoother and labor

better, resulting in happy, healthy babies.

We hear stories of hope and healing

daily, which is the best part of our jobs!”

As for the future of Bledsoe Chiropractic,

Amanda and company plan to continue

offering the best care with the latest technology.

“We want to offer hope through

healing to more patients. We also want

to mentor new chiropractors and bring

them from school to our beautiful

Downtown Conway clinic. We strive to

support our community more each year,

finding new partner organizations to

help and creating jobs for amazing team

members to impact lives in and out of

our clinic with loving service.”


Bledsoe Chiropractic

1155 Front Street

Conway, AR 72032

T: (501) 504-6999


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1165a Main St. • Vilonia

(501) 514-4916

robin stauffer | owner & art director

501.730.6725 | conway, ar



Want to advertise?

Contact us today!


Shari Hoover 501.269-0196

Jackie Mahar 501.472.9447


Allison Wilson, APN

Conway Regional,

Hendrix College open

medical clinic in the village

Conway Regional Health System

has opened a family medical clinic

with expanded hours that is accessible

to the Hendrix College community,

as well as the public. A partnership of

Conway Regional and Hendrix College,

the clinic officially opened on July 6.

“The partnership with Hendrix College

is another innovative way that Conway

Regional is keeping its promise to provide

high-quality, compassionate care to the

community,” said Matt Troup, President

and CEO of Conway Regional Health

System. “Partnerships are what make our

community successful and organization

stronger. As a community-based hospital,

the partnership with Hendrix College

supports our mission, and we look

forward to serving the students and our

community through this new clinic.”

Conway Regional Hendrix Medical

Clinic provides primary care to Hendrix

students, faculty, and staff and is taking

appointments, as well as walk-ins, from

the community.

“We are excited about the opening of

the new clinic, and we are grateful to

Conway Regional for their partnership

on this critical and timely project,” said

Hendrix President Ellis Arnold. “The

new clinic will offer a higher level of

care and service for our students and

employees and will serve the health

and wellness needs of our campus and

the community for years to come.”

Previously Hendrix offered health services

to students only. “I am excited about

being able to provide expanded services

to include our faculty, students, staff, and

the community. The new clinic will allow

our faculty and staff to be able to receive

care on campus,” said Necie Reed, one

of the advanced practice nurses who is

providing care at the clinic. “In the past

we have only been able to offer health

and wellness services to the students.”

Reed served as director of student

health at Hendrix since 2008 before

joining Conway Regional. Prior to that,

she was an advanced practice registered

Necie Reed, APN

nurse with Mayflower Medical Clinic

for six years. She holds a master’s

degree in nursing from the University

of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Reed and Alison Wilson, an advanced

practice registered nurse, are currently

accepting telemedicine as well as

in-person appointments. Wilson also

holds a master’s degree from UAMS

and worked there as a register nurse

prior to becoming a nurse practitioner.

Katie Deacon, APRN, and Samantha

Primm, APRN, are expected to join the

medical staff in September. Located at

1700 Altus St., the site of the former

Hendrix College Bookstore, the

spacious office building has four exam

rooms, x-ray and laboratory services,

and a procedure room, as well as offices

and work areas for the staff.

To schedule an appointment,

call 501-852-1366 or visit


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Looking for a clean start?



810 N Creek • Conway • 501-514-1218

Call for adjusted hours & private party booking!

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at home

20 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

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Dream Dining Room

We extended the area, and it’s now our dining room

with lots of windows. It’s most beautiful in the morning

when the sun shines through.

” —Angel Duncan faulknerlifestyle.com 21

Angel Duncan of Mayflower

created a beautiful dining room

in the space that formerly

served as the family’s sun room.

The Duncan family purchased their

home in 2002 and have embarked

on its full remodel in phases. “We are

working on what we consider phase

three of our remodel and hope to be

done with the finishing touches this

year,” shares Angel.

faulknerlifestyle.com 21

The home’s proximity to the

interstate drew them in, as well as

its surrounding land. “We live down

a one-lane road, we have nine acres,

and we are about a minute from the

interstate,” she says. “We definitely

love the space and solitude, but we

also love the easy access and sevenminute

drive to Conway. It’s been a

process and a labor of love working on

our house all these years.”

The most recent remodel is to the

family’s dining room, which was

previously the sun room. “We

extended the area, and it’s now our

dining room with lots of windows. It’s

most beautiful in the morning when

the sun shines through,” says Angel.

Angel designed the space, saying, “I

knew what I wanted, and it did take

me a hot minute to find my table

and chairs, but it all came together

at the right time. I knew I wanted a

very relaxed, inviting space. I wanted

every chair to be comfortable for every

person that sat at the table, just in case

we decided to sit and visit for a while,

which my family loves to do.”

The room has a nautical vibe. Angel

says this is intentional, as her house

“has always had a beachy cottage feel,

but now with a modern twist. We are

still in the process of adding the final

touches.” The light fixture is a wooden

beaded chandelier in turquoise. The

table and chairs are from Cantrell

Furniture Design Center, and the

turquoise armoire came from Nadeau,

both in Little Rock. “They have some

very unique pieces, and the prices

are very reasonable. I love to use this

piece to store seasonal tableware,”

says Angel.

She was particularly drawn to the

table’s modern design. “All the chairs

have a very comfortable feel, and

22 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

faulknerlifestyle.com 23

the four side chairs have a gorgeous,

round detailed back. They have a

uniqueness I love and definitely bring

the ‘beachy’ feel to the room. The rug

completes the look. The turquoise

theme was a surprise, and not

something I planned, but it’s just what

makes me happy. The room has a

bright and happy feel and is now one

of my favorite rooms in the house.”

Get ready for

back to school


1052 Harrison Street

Ste. 1-6

Downtown Conway

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We build beauuful custom websites that

increase customer engagement and will grow your











0099 234 5678900

your email@us.com

D I G I T A L M O V E M E N T M E D I A . C O M

We invite you to consign with us today.

Open 10-5, Mon.-Sat.

1052 Harrison Street • Ste. 1-6 • Downtown Conway

faulknerlifestyle.com 25

local flavor

YGFBFKitchen -

The Restaurant

812 Chestnut St., Conway

HOURS: Mon-Fri 10am-2pm

Currently Only Offering

Online Ordering for

Pick Up or Delivery

What type of food do you serve?

Here at YGFBFKitchen we specialize

in gourmet food! We specialize in

Southern dishes with our Smothered

Shrimp and Grits and Soul Food

Platters; Italian dishes with our delicious

Bacon and Spinach Alfredos, and Pasta

Tasting Boxes; Cajun with our Cajun

Shrimp Boils; American with our

Homestyle Hamburgers and Homemade

Chili Cheese Fries, Fresh Cobb

Salads; Mexican with our Mixed Fajita

Nachos and Tacos! We don’t like being

placed in a box and neither should you!

NOTE: Our dining room is currently

CLOSED until further notice because of

COVID-19 precautions. We are accepting


ONLY. We hope to serve you soon!

ORDERING (COVID-19 limited

service): We are currently only accepting

ONLINE ORDERING. Please visit our

website at www.ygfbfkitchen.com,

click on Order Online, place your order.

OR you can place an order through

Facebook. CLICK shop *Please note if

you receive an error or Page Not Found

(404) - that means the item selected is

not available for purchase.

How long have you been in business?

We started in 2018. We started Catering

— then we opened our Food Truck in

June 2019 and we’ve been blessed to

open our first restaurant in June of 2020

Tell us about your specialties: Our most

popular dish is our Cajun Smothered

Shrimp & Grits. We also offer Southern

Fried Catfish Sliders with our homemade

Remoulade Slaw. We also serve our

version of a southern classic — Southern

Fried Chicken and Very Berry Waffles.

-->Please follow us on Social Media —

Facebook & Instagram for updates on

our Daily Specials! We thank the good

people of Conway for all their support

during our “new normal!”

26 faulkner lifestyle | june / july 2020

local flavor

Grab It & Go

Smoked Meats & More

278A Hwy 65N, Conway

HOURS: Tues-Sat 11-6;

closed Sun-Mon

Owners, Ken & Cassie Patrom

Opened January 2020

What type of food do you serve?

Smoked ribs, brisket, pork loin,

shredded pork, smoked meat loaf,

chicken breast (halves / shredded),

jalapeno sausage links. We also carry

sides. House prepared smoked baked

beans, smoky cream cheese corn and

hash brown casserole. We also carry

mustard potato salad, sour cream and

bacon potato salad and coleslaw. We

also carry Coursey’s smoked bacon,

cheese, turkey, ham and summer

sausage, as well as carrying Petit Jean


What sets you apart from other

restaurants? WE ARE A SMALL


wanted to provide quality smoked

meats to our community. Our meats

and house sides are cooked from start

to finish over open flames. No stoves

or ovens. Our smoked food is the

original authentic way smoked food is

supposed to be.

What was your inspiration for owning

business? I have always had the drive

to own my own business. I’ve said

many times, “I never went to college

but was in the Navy. That helped form

my work ethic—it gave me the mindset

that to fail is not an option.” In 2004

I opened K & C Power Washing and

am still currently running that business

today. In 2016 we purchased a property

storage building property and renamed

it to K & C Storage. This is where Grab

& Go is currently. Smoking meats was

something I loved to do at home, and

for Antioch, our home church.

Our Specials: We offer daily specials.

They all come with a pound of meat

(you pick), two sides and our house

sauce. All food is smoked/cooked,

packaged and ready to eat. We provide

customers with warming instructions.

faulknerlifestyle.com 27

local flavor

Laddie Daddy‘s

Hillbilly Kitchen

294 S. Broadview (Hwy 65)

Greenbrier (Springhill)


How long in business? 10 years

Just wanted to take a moment to share a

few things about our little Cafe located

in Springhill between Greenbrier and

Conway. In the past couple months I

have gained a lot of new customers.

I named my business after my DAD,

Laddie Pendergraft when an opportunity

opened up to cater for a fracking

company in 2010. Things were fabulous

for awhile. Then the gas field died down

and was no longer booming, so I decided

I would open a Cafe. I jumped right in

with both feet and hoped for the best.

The first 2 years were rough mostly due

to our not so great location. Then out of

the blue I got a call from Maree Coats

asking if I would be interested in renting

the current location I am at now, and

have been at that spot going on 5 years.

We currently make most of our bread

completely by hand until our new

dough mixer comes in. We do not have

a fryer or a microwave in the cafe, and

we cook everything to order. Mac &

Cheese is made to order every time,

along with the Alfredo and Cajun Pasta.

We make the au jus for the French

Dips and use that for making gravy

for the Salisbury Steak made to order.

We hand-cut our salad using Romaine

lettuce, iceburg and spring greens. We

smoke the chicken for the Smoked

Chicken Salad and BBQ Chicken

Sandwich. We have a full menu along

Smoked Chicken Strawberry

Spinach Salad with Homemade

Balsamic Vanilla Bean Vinaigrette

with a daily special. We make all of the

desserts, including cookies, cakes, pies,

creme brulee, etc. We are a very small

cafe with 10 tables and 3 members on

the staff — myself, my aunt and my

mom. Slowly training my 14 year old

son how to do prep work. : }

We always put or best efforts into

making our customer’s experience at

the cafe a good one. The Cafe is like my

second home and the place I express

my passion for making tasty foods

and desserts, and I’m always open to

requests. There are a lot of things I

still want to bring to the Cafe — new

desserts and new specials. I have made

a lot of upgrades the past couple of

months — getting equipment I have

been wanting for a long time to expand

our ability to bring more into the cafe.

28 faulkner lifestyle | june / july 2020

local flavor

Almost Famous

Smokehouse & Grill

258 Hwy 64 E

Conway, AR 72034


What Type of Food do you serve?

Southern Barbecue with a Cajun Flair,

Steaks, Gumbo, Crawfish, Catfish,

Shrimp and more! Stay tuned for

holiday season, you won’t want to miss

out on our Cajun Fried Turkeys!

How long in business? This September

will mark 10 years! We opened our

doors September 2010.

Specialty dishes featured in photos?

At Almost Famous you can expect a

variety of menu items. Featured are a

customer favorite, Gator Tacos with a

side of Boudin Balls. The Boudin Balls

paired with the house-made Raspberry

Chipotle sauce have been a staple at

Almost Famous for 10 years. The Gator

Tacos are a new runner up. Blackened

gator on a bed of spring mix, topped

with housemade pico and Cajun Aioli

wrapped in a flour tortilla. You won’t

find anything else like it.

If Gator is not your thing, try our

smoked, then grilled Badazz Brisket

Burger or one of our Cajun Ribeyes.

Our Ribeye will melt right in your


Do you offer Catering, Curbside

Pickup or Delivery: YES! We cater

events for folks from all over the state.

And even though the restaurant gets the

lion’s share of our time and attention,

we’re still ready and happy to load up

the crew and some tasty eats and head

out to wherever you are. We do corporate

events, sports games, birthday

parties, weddings, food truck parks,

festivals, and can handle just about any

size crowd you can muster.

Our foodtruck — which we nicknamed

“the Beast” — is 28 feet long, and

features a full kitchen and space for

enough food and staff to serve any

event, large or small. We also have a

self-contained, quiet generator installed

inside — no electricity needed, and no

extra noise to disturb your meal!

Give us a call today, and we’ll get your

crew fed!

faulknerlifestyle.com 29

local flavor

Spud Love

1200 Harkrider St.

Conway, AR 72032

What kind of food do you serve?

We serve Jumbo Loaded Spuds

When did you open? June 2020.

Where are you located?

Look for the red food trailer on Harkrider

between Hog Pen BBQ and Sonic.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday


Tell us about your specialties: Our

most popular dish is the Carnivore Spud

— a jumbo spud topped with chicken,

steak, shrimp, bacon, broccoli and

cheese, drizzled with a homemade garlic

butter sauce. We introduced the Pulled

Pork Loaded Spud at the beginning of

July and every Friday for the month of

July that has been the daily special. We

have several Spuds that are yet to be

introduced, but once we do we know

that our customers will love them too!

30 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

PattiCakes Downtown

1137 Front Street

Historic Downtown Conway


local flavor

We offer pastries, quiche and breakfast casserole for our early

morning customers. At lunch we serve sandwiches, salads and

soups. Our goal is to make from scratch as much as possible.

When we can’t (or it doesn’t make sense to), we purchase top

quality ingredients. We proudly use only Boar’s Head meats

and cheeses on our sandwiches and salads. All of our soups

are scratch made.

This is PattiCakes 14th year in business. We originally opened

in Russellville in 2006. PattiCakes on Robinson (behind Stoby’s)

opened November 2010. PattiCakes Downtown opened

September 2019. We sold the Russellville location in 2011.

Our menu downtown is designed around top quality items

that can be produced with a quick ticket time. We purchased a

Merry Chef oven, which allows us to offer toasted sandwiches.

We deliberately offer a limited menu for speed of service, and

will alter the menu seasonally. My current favorite sandwich is

The Downtown. Served on a hoagie roll with turkey and ham,

gruyere cheese, herbed mayo and scratch made cranberry relish.

We were delayed opening PattiCakes Downtown because

tearing out all the injustices done to this fabulous old building

over the years kept sending us down different rabbit holes.

When we finally opened, we were just hitting the 2019 holiday

season. We made the decision to open offering very few items

so that our main focus could be getting through the holiday

season at the Robinson Ave bakery. As we got into 2020, I

had several work obligations to take care of before I could

focus 100% on Downtown. And then COVID-19. The bright

spot from COVID has been the outdoor eating area we have

established. It meant moving our loading dock to the alley,

something we had wanted to do for a long time.

The Future: When we were in the planning stages for

PattiCakes Downtown, one of my goals was to offer limited

grocery items for those living close to downtown. We are

adding items daily that will save a trip to the big grocery stores.

faulknerlifestyle.com 31



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Supreme Speed!

Call Today to Start Your Mortgage Application


Katherine Lyons

Loan Officer, NMLS # 1468227

Direct: 501.358.7272

Fax: 501.358.7282



505 Amity Road, Suite 601, 602, 604

Conway, AR 72032


ID #2129 (www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org) 14801 Quorum Dr., #300, Dallas, TX

75254. 877-350-5225. © 2018. This is not an offer to enter into an agreement.

Information, rates, & programs are subject to change without prior notice and may not

be available in all states. All products are subject to credit & property approval.

Supreme Lending is not affiliated with any government agency. Intended for Arkansas

consumers, Arkansas Combination Mortgage Banker-Broker-Servicer License 12046.

RE/MAX Elite

2450 N Donaghey Ave.

Conway, AR




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Shari Hoover 501.269-0196

Shari Hoover 501.269-0196

Jackie Mahar 501.472.9447

Jackie Mahar 501.472.9447


What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is an infection, inflammation,

or swelling or the sinuses and nasal

cavity. The sinuses hollow spaces in the

bones surrounding the nose and eyes. Sinus

infections typically include cloudy or colored

discharge from the nose accompanied by

nasal congestion or facial pain/pressure. Other

symptoms can include fever, cough, reduced

sense of smell, and upper tooth pain.

Sinus infections can be caused by viruses,

bacteria, or fungi. A viral infection has

symptoms similar to a bacterial infection,

but generally improve within 10 days. A

bacterial sinus infection is typically more

severe and can last a longer period of time.

An acute bacterial sinus infection typically

fails to improve over 10 days or suddenly

gets worse after an initial period of getting

better. A chronic sinus infection is when the

symptoms last for greater than 12 weeks. A

fungal sinus infection is typically a chronic

infection associated from mold or yeast.

There are also other causes of sinusitis, such

as upper tooth infections and exposure to

nasal irritants such as wood dust or smoke.

How do you diagnose sinusitis?

A healthcare provider can typically

diagnose a sinus infection through a

medical history and exam. This includes

noting which symptoms are present

and for how long. Other conditions can

seem like a sinus infection, but in fact be

something else. For example, facial pain

or headache with minimal accompanying

nasal symptoms is often not a sinus infection.

Dizziness is not typically associated

with sinus problems.

There are several physical findings associated

with sinusitis as well. These include

swelling or inflammation in the nasal

cavity, nasal or sinus drainage, or even nasal

polyps. Ear, Nose, and Throat physicians

will commonly use a nasal endoscope to

examine further back in the nasal cavity

and sinuses. Finally, a CT scan can be

ordered to look inside the sinuses and

will usually confirm the diagnosis or help

determine if surgery would be indicated.

How do you treat sinusitis?

The best course of action for acute

sinusitis is “watchful waiting” for the first

10 days. Most symptoms will resolve over

that time, especially if they are from a viral

infection. Medications to control symptoms

include nasal saline, over-the-counter pain

relievers, decongestants, and nasal steroid

sprays. For symptoms extending beyond 10

days, antibiotics with or without steroids

are commonly prescribed.

Chronic sinusitis is treated differently from

acute sinusitis, especially if nasal polyps are

present. This usually includes treatment of

any underlying problem such as allergies or

nasal irritants. Mainstays of therapy include

nasal steroids, antihistamines, and nasal

rinses. Antibiotics or steroids are sometimes

used for worsening symptoms. If symptoms

persist, nasal procedures such as balloon

sinuplasty or sinus surgery can be considered.

These procedures both involve opening the

sinuses, allowing them to drain and ventilate

properly. Whereas medications address the

inflammatory aspect of sinusitis, procedures

address the “plumbing” aspect.

What are Balloon Sinuplasty and

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally-invasive

procedure that dilates or stretches the openings

to the nasal sinuses. Small balloons

are placed in the sinuses and then inflated,

opening the sinuses by fracturing the bone

around the openings to provide lasting

benefits. The balloons are then removed.

Endoscopic sinus surgery also expands the

openings to the sinuses, but does so by

removing bone and soft tissue with forceps

or shavers. This is typically used for more

severe sinus problems or when nasal polyps

are present. Both balloon sinuplasty and

sinus surgery can be performed in the office

setting or operating room. It is important

to remember that neither are not a cure

for sinus problems, but only a tool to help

treat them. It is often necessary to continue

medications afterward to control nasal

inflammation, allergies, or polyps.

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Darwin Arch

Galapagos—Land of Evolution



Hello Faulkner Lifestyle friends,

hope you are all staying safe

and healthy. It’s summertime in

Arkansas and we are in the middle of a

pandemic. The only traveling I’ve done

for the past several months is from the

inside to the outside of my house. So, I

was more than excited about the opportunity

to share my travel experiences

from The Galápagos Islands. I hope you

enjoy the pictures and like me dream of

a day when we can travel again.

We began our journey with a flight from

Houston to Quito, Ecuador. The same

time zone so no jet lag, which was great.

From Quito, we boarded a smaller plane

for our 600 mile flight out to the islands.

We stayed on San Cristobal a couple of

nights to rest while waiting on our boat to

arrive. The only way to see the islands is

by boat, and there are many options available.

However, Galapagos is a national

park, and a marine national park, so very

protected and tourist travel is limited. We

chose our cruise based on diving and also

traveling to Darwin Arch, Darwin and

Wolfe Islands 250 miles out in the open

Pacific Ocean. There were 16 passengers

from all over the world, so it was a very

culturally enlightening trip as well.

Considering the population of the Galapagos

is approximately 25,000 people,

this gives some idea as to how small the

village is. A few restaurants, bars and gift

shops all within walking distance and

on the beautiful water. The Sea Lions

were everywhere and definitely not

afraid or shy of tourists. San Cristobal is

also home to Charles Darwin’s famous

Finches, where the beaks have evolved

over time to adapt to eating the yellow

flowers on the native cactus.

We cruised overnight to North Seymour

Island, where we were able to tour and

34 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

Galápagos Tortoise taking a rest

Iguana resting in the street

Blue Footed Boobie with nestling

Blue Footed Boobie

get up close and personal with Blue

Footed Boobies and Red Breasted Frigate

Birds, Iguanas and Sea Lions just to

name some of the wildlife we saw on

this uninhabited island. The animals here

have no fear of humans because they

have evolved over thousands of years

with little to no contact with humans.

We had to be quiet while we were there

and walk slowly, but we were able to

take some amazing video and photos.

Seeing these animals in their natural

habitat, unchanged for thousands of

years, was definitely a highlight for me.

After our land excursion, we were back

on the boat headed out to open ocean —

destination Darwin Arch. On our overnight

cruise we sailed past Isla Isabella where a

large volcano was erupting into the ocean.

We were miles out to sea, but could still

see the light from the lava flowing into

the ocean. The photos I’ve shared don’t

do justice to just how large and massive

this rock mass is, sticking up in the middle

of the open ocean. This is one place in

the world where the three currents meet,

the Humboldt or Antarctic current, the

Southern Equatorial current, and the

Panamanian current. The weather there on

the equator was temperate — definitely

not a tropical island cruise. Jacques

Cousteau said this was the coldest place on

the equator. However, these large currents

and upwellings of cold and warm currents

bring in large schools of Hammerhead

Sharks and Whale Sharks. Again, the

pictures cannot do justice to the experience

of being in the open ocean, with these

strong currents amongst these fabulous

creatures. Our dive master, a former

Ecuadorian Navy diver said we were seeing

thousands of Hammerhead Sharks during

our multiple dives. This is one experience

I will never forget, and one I will probably

not experience again in my lifetime.

After three days at Darwin Arch, Wolfe

Island and Darwin Islands (no tourists

allowed on the islands), we traveled back

toward the main islands and stopped at

faulknerlifestyle.com 35

Darwin’s Finch

Fernandina Island to do some snorkeling

with Oceanic Iguanas that live on the

green sea grass that grows on the volcanic

rocks. This was the warmest water

because of the active volcanoes that were

bubbling all around. These Iguanas were

large and not afraid of people either, so

some got up close and personal with us.

Baby Sea Lion under water

There were also many Sea Lions with

babies. The baby Sea Lions would swim

up to your scuba mask then veer off

in another direction really fast. They

wanted to play and show out with their

underwater gymnastics. They were so

entertaining, but the big mama Sea Lions

were never far away ensuring their safety.

The next day we arrived on the island of

Santa Cruz and Darwin Station. The Galapagos

Tortoise is famous the world over.

One tortoise (see photo) was from the San

Diego zoo, and we figured out he was

at the zoo when I went there as a child!

The Galapagos brought him back to Santa

Cruz and he is single-handedly responsible

Frigate Bird

Auto Body Repair & reenishing

Whatever lies for you on the road ahead

you can always count on us.

From major collision repair

to minor dents and dings,

we have got you covered!

36 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

Large schools of Hammerhead Sharks on a SCUBA dive

Our dive master, a former Ecuadorian Navy diver said we were

seeing thousands of Hammerhead Sharks during our multiple

dives. This is one experience I will never forget, and one I will

probably not experience again in my lifetime.

—Mary Etta





fsbank.com • onlyinark.com

Member FDIC

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for bringing the species back from near

extinction! He weighs 175 lbs and is about

5’ tall. I read that he was recently retired

and moved to his native island of Espanola

to live the rest of his life. Fascinating to see

how they were incubating the eggs using

hair dryers. The temperature determines

the sex of the tortoise.

Lobsters fresh

from the ocean

and good wine

After spending the day touring Darwin

station, we walked into the town and

had dinner with our cruise group.

Lobsters fresh from the ocean, some

good wine and fun, before our journey

back to port and flights back to reality.

Give us the chance to exceed your expectations!

1327 Main Street

Conway • AR • 72034



Bank of England Mortgage is a division of Bank of England, NMLS 418481, Member FDIC

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It’s Back to School


Conway’s Largest Music School!

Serving Over 5000 Central Arkansas Families Since 2009!

• Great parking for parents

• 13 state-of-the-art teaching rooms

• Security cameras in each room

• Large glass windows on each door

• No hidden recital fees

• Free trophies, achievement wristbands

and certificates

• Full-time office staff

• Lessons 6 days a week, morning

until night

• Lessons for children and adults

• Unlimited make-up lessons

• On-Line Lessons

• Device charging stations in lobby

• Outdoor patio seating

• Over 10 years in business

Call 501.450.2931 now to get your spot!

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Sign up for lessons and receive

a $35 registration & 1st lesson ($65.00 value) for



Expires 8/31/20

945 Carson Cove



Limit one per household, one per customer. Can’t be combined

with any other offer. Coupon must be surrendered at time of original

registration. Not valid for cash refunds.

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truth on the go

Moving Beyond Regret

For all of us who look back and experience regret over a decision that

we made or an opportunity that we missed, we can learn from the life

of Peter. Jesus was willing and able to bring beauty out of the ashes of

Peter‘s life, and Jesus is willing and able to do the same for us.

40 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020


Think about a moment in your

life when you experienced

regret. You said something or

did something that turned out to

be wrong, or maybe you missed an

opportunity to do something right.

Regret — the longer we live the

more likely we are to experience it

in our lives!

The Apostle Peter dealt with his fair

share of regret. He wanted to do the

right things and say the rights things.

Often Peter got it wrong. When Jesus

offered to wash Peter’s feet the reply was

quick and to the point. “No,” said Peter,

“you shall never wash my feet.” (John

13:8, New International Version) Jesus

replied, “Unless I wash you, you have no

part with me.” (John 13:8) “’Then, Lord,”

Simon Peter replied, “not just my feet

but my hands and head as well.”

After the foot washing experience and

prior to the cross, Peter denied knowing

Jesus. The denial was clear. Peter

communicated, not once, not twice,

but three times that he did not know or

follow Jesus. The moment Jesus looked

at Peter following the denials was full

of pain. Scripture states that Peter wept

bitterly. (Matthew 26:74) Certainly, Peter

experienced regret because of his actions

and missed opportunities.

I am thankful that Peter’s story did not

end at the foot washing incident or at

the cross for that matter. Jesus did not

give up on Peter!

After Jesus’ resurrection from the grave

and before His ascension to heaven,

Jesus met Peter on the water’s edge and

cooked breakfast for him. Jesus asked a

tough question. Three times Jesus asked,

“Peter, do you truly love me?” Each time,

Peter gave an honest reply. “Lord, you

know that I love you.” (John 21:16) In

response, Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.”

I love the message that Jesus conveyed

to Peter. It was a message of hope

and restoration. Jesus was letting

Peter know that his life and ministry

were not over. God still had a plan for

Peter’s life. Because of that, Peter could

look ahead, not behind.

In the book of Acts, after Jesus went

back to heaven, we see a changed Peter

who had learned from his mistakes.

Peter no longer lived for himself. Most

importantly, Peter was empowered by the

Holy Spirit. By God’s grace, Peter moved

beyond regret and lived the full, free,

abundant life God had for him. Check

out the book of Acts for the rest of the

story. Be sure and read Acts 15. We don’t

hear a lot about the Jerusalem Council,

but it was an important moment in the

development of the early church. You will

be encouraged to see who is there leading

the way. That’s right — Peter!

For all of us who look back and experience

regret over a decision that we

made or an opportunity that we missed,

we can learn from the life of Peter. Jesus

was willing and able to bring beauty out

of the ashes of Peter’s life, and Jesus is

willing and able to do the same for us.

He does not toss us to the side when

we make a mistake. He graciously

shows us that we can move beyond

regret and embrace God’s good plan.

No matter what you have done, today

can be a new day for you. God’s grace,

love, and forgiveness are available. How

about bowing your head, confessing

your sin, and watching Jesus wash away

your regret? One thing is certain, He will

replace the regret with an incredible life

lesson that will be part of your journey.

Along with that life lesson will come an

incredible sense of peace and purpose.

Right now, you can move beyond regret

and experience the love and grace of

God as He reminds you that He still has

a plan for your life!

Andrea Lennon: An “on the go” kind of girl who loves Jesus, Andrea’s life

calling is to teach women to know the truth, live the truth, and share the

truth. Her passion is honest conversation about the topics that drive our

lives and how we can weather the storms through the love and power of

our Lord and His Word. Connect with Andrea at AndreaLennonMinistry.org.

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2020 Conway Kids Triathlon

The Conway Kids Triathlon was

set to celebrate its 23rd year on

August 8, 2020 at Hendrix College.

This annual tradition where kids and

families come together to swim, bike

and run might be the longest running

athletic event in Faulkner County! The

event emphasizes health, self-esteem,

families working together and fun in a

safe setting. Every year the Kids Tri board

and an army of local volunteers who are

dedicated to making this a premier event

where hundreds of kids toe the starting

line, splash into the pool, transition to the

bike ride, finish with a run and return to

school the following week as a triathlete.

Expanded the Reach to Include

Community Connections

Three years ago the event worked

with Community Connections (www.

communityconnectionsar.org) to add a

division for kids with special needs. This

partnership expanded the reach of the

event to include kids of all abilities. Each

of these participants has a “buddy” with

them throughout the race to help them

navigate the course and cross the finish

line. The cheers and tears as these kids

finished confirmed the event had taken

on new meaning in our community.

Benefiting Soul Soul Food Café Mission

Five years ago, the board changed

the beneficiary of the event to Soul

Food Café Mission (www.soulfoodcafemission.org),

a behind the scenes

organization that has been feeding and

caring for hurting families for the past

19 years. In 2019, they provided service

to almost 30,000 individuals and 38%

of these were under the age of 18.

Through the generosity of our sponsors,

the Conway Kids Triathlon has been

able to donate $12,000 from the event

each year to Soul Food, expanding

its reach beyond the healthy families

who participate in our event to hurting

families who we often don’t see.

Facing the Challenge of COVID-19

2020, the year of COVID-19, presented

unprecedented challenges to the Kids Tri

Board. As every other Kids Triathlon in

the state cancelled their event, they were

determined to find a way to keep the

tradition alive. In a series of Zoom board

meetings, the event was changed to a

duathlon (run-bike-run) with a determination

to “Just Du Something”. They worked

with the city and police department to

relocate the event to the airport where

there would be plenty of space to social

42 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

distance and put on the race. But as the

health and safety concerns took a turn

for the worse with the rise of COVID-19

cases in Arkansas, the difficult decision

was made to cancel the event for 2020.

Canceling the event did not change the

commitment to support the hurting

families served by Soul Food Café

Mission. Rather, the increased number

of hurting kids and families because of

COVID-19 fueled their motivation to see

this commitment through regardless of

whether the race could go on. Following

the lead of Johnny Adams at First

Security Bank, the event’s title sponsor,

many of the event sponsors have agreed

to financially support the event even

though it has been cancelled in order

to support the work of Soul Food Café

Mission in our community.

”Just Du Something“

The Conway Kids Triathlon board is

proud to present $12,000 to Soul Food

and encourages all of the kids and families

who are being denied the opportunity

to race this year, to get out and “Just Du

Something”, something for your health,

your family and your community.

On behalf of Soul Food Café Mission,

Rick Harvey, Soul Food‘s founder:

“Soul Food Café Mission has been

around since 2001. For 19 years we

have been motivated to reach out to

the hurting with love, compassion, and

hope! The yearly Kids Triathlon has been

a huge part of our operation. We are so

thankful to Pete Tanguay and the board

as well as all the volunteers that work so

hard to put this on for the children of our

community and other communities, but

also to enable us to reach out to children

that are hungry and hurting right here in

our community.”

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About Soul Food Café Mission


Soul Food Café Mission is reaching out

to the hurting with love, compassion and

hope in feeding low income and homeless

children and their families. One day

recently, SFCM gave out 254 food boxes

and 373 hot meals to feed families that

included more than 165 hungry children.

They are giving out over 50 hot meals to

the homeless of our community each and

every evening to help while the Ministry

Center is closing for remodeling. We are

working with Bethlehem House who

are cooking these meals. Soul Food Café

Mission then distributes them out into

the homeless community. For the year we

have given out more than 3,960 children’s

meal boxes, as well as over 6,182 hot

meals to those in need.

Networking and Partnering

with Other Organizations

Hope Dealers is a rehabilitation nonprofit

that is reaching out to chemically

addicted women who want a new start.

Several of these ladies are either pregnant

or have small children. The program is

proving to be very successful. The ladies

come on Tuesday to Soul Food Café

Mission and help with the preparations

for our food distribution. They have

smiles on their faces now as they give

back to those in need in our community.

We are working with “In His Footsteps

Ministry” as they reach out to those who

need showers and laundry facilities, plus

food and clothing. We are partnering with

them as they also come on Tuesdays

to help make up the food boxes with

their 25 college students. They make

and distribute around 80 food boxes

each week. James and Angela Morrison

have a perfect heart for this outreach. It

fits perfectly with what Soul Food Café

Mission’s heart is, and together our work

is clearly more effective in reaching out to

the hurting in our community.

Soul Food Café Mission is launching a

Mobile Soup Kitchen to be able to take

it out to the low-income communities as

well as to be used for crisis situations like

tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes and fires.

We will make this available to volunteers

who help in times of community crisis as

well as feed the National Guard if they are

called in to help build sandbags and the

such. We have had help building this truck

from scratch from Sam Stevenson, owner

of “Guiles Refrigeration” and Appliancem

and Danny Yancy Owner of “Integrity

Equipment Services” right here in Conway.

We are working now with Eric Bryan

and an engineer who is designing for

us the plans to convert another one of

our box trucks into a Mobile Shower/

Laundry unit. It will have four regular

shower rooms with toilet and sink, one

handicap shower stall with toilet and

sink, and two washing machines and

four dryers. This can be used for crisis

situations as well as reaching out to the

homeless community when needed.

During COVID-19 we have closed our

in-house showers and laundry area, so

this Mobile Shower/Laundry Truck will

be parked out in our parking lot for those

to use during this time of crisis.




Go Swimming


Complete Your Summer


Buy A Boat

Go Hiking

What is on Your List?

Clean Out Closets

I am prepared when you are ready

New Landscape

Sell Your Home

to buy or sell real estate!


robin stauffer | owner & art director

501.730.6725 | conway, ar





Buy a New Home

609 Locust Avenue - Conway, AR

44 faulkner lifestyle | august/september

We have now networked with Shane

Wilbanks, an authorized USDA

representative in distributing commodity

boxes of dairy products such as milk,

butter, cream cheese and also produce

commodity boxes each week at our

facilities. Shane is using our equipment

to unload semi-truck trailer loads of food

to feed those who are in desperate need

from unemployment and poverty.

Renovations and COVID-19

We have been renovating our mission

building with plexiglass barriers when

we decide the time is right to start phase

1 opening. We are almost ready to open

for that, but are watching the curve of the

virus before we make our decision to open.

We will be ready when that time comes.

Bill Reed, a local insurance man from

Conway, has donated his time to build

us six 4’x 8’ picnic tables to re-open our

farmers market when the timing is right.

These tables take the place of staking

pallets up five high and overlaying

them with a ½’ piece of 4’x 8’ plywood.

Other volunteers are painting them

candy apple red to match the red and

white colors of the Mission.

Donations Needed

We have a forklift that needs a new

transmission. We are able to operate it

backwards fine, but very limited to go

forward with it. We have an estimate to

fix it of $3,800 plus $300 to transport

it to the shop and back. We can get a

loaner forklift for $300. The forklift is

an integral part of what we do at the

Mission, and need it very badly.

We have a great relationship with

Kimberly Clark as they donate boxes

and clear plastic bags to help us keep up

with the demand for food boxes. Cheryl

Gilliam has been so good to help us

there. Also, the AR Food Bank and White

Harvest have been generous in helping

us with our food needs both for food

boxes and hot meals. Local merchants

have supported us with donations as

well from the local bakeries to Walmart

and Kroger. We could not do what we

do without their backing and support.

We are trying to refinance our water

sprinkler system installation loan with

First Security Bank. We owe them

approximately $135,000. This is the

only debt the Mission has. We are trying

to pay this off, so we can be debt free.

Since we are an all-volunteer organization,

we can run a very low operating

budget. This opportunity allows us

to reach out to more people than ever

before, because the donations go directly

to helping those in need. We have the

best volunteers in the world, who are

not only hard workers, but have hearts

of pure gold! They work in a non-air

conditioned environment, and in rain,

sleet and snow. They endure summer

high temperatures and winter freezing

temperatures without complaining.

Soul Food is also helping families with

children to pay rent and utilities during

the COVID-19 pandemic.

SFCM has been around since 2001.

For 19 years we have been motivated

to reach out to the hurting with love,

compassion, and hope! The yearly Kids

Triathlon has been a huge part of our

operation. We are so thankful to Pete

Tanguay and the board as well as all the

volunteers that work so hard to put this

on for the children of our community,

and to enable us to reach out to children

who are hungry and hurting right now.

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Cla of 2021


46 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020


Hydro Facial = Amazing Skin


Hydro Dermabrasion, often referred to as a Hydro

Facial, is one of the most requested spa services

and for many good reasons. A gentle yet thorough

vacuum exfoliation utilizing serums and crystal

free microdermabrasion will leave your skin feeling

baby soft and ultra clean with a dewy, more full

and even complexion.

Your skin is most beautiful when it’s healthy.

Hydration, nutrition, and collagen are the foundation

to healthy, radiant skin. UV exposure, as well

as dehydration and skin irritants, have been proven

to increase signs of aging. Triggered by repeated

exposure to the elements, sun damage, smoking,

pollution, and genetics, a decrease in the skin’s

tone and texture can add unwarranted years onto

a person’s appearance. Over time, both men and

women develop discoloration, enlarged pores, fine

lines and wrinkles. The good news is that skin has

the ability to regenerate and renew itself. A Hydro

Facial will help restore your skin to its healthiest

state by removing impurities and replenishing

your skin with essential nutrients and hydration.

A Hydro Facial is not only effective at improving

overall skin health, but also excellent for improving

the appearance of:

• Fine Lines & Wrinkles

• Elasticity & Firmness

• Rough Skin Texture

• Dry, Flaking Patches

• Brown Spots & Blemishes

• Blackheads, Break-Outs & Acne

• Oily, Congested Skin

• Enlarged Pores

What is a Hydro Facial?

A Hydro Facial is a wet Microdermabrasion treatment.

It is also referred to as a HydroDermabrasion

or HydroFacial. This non-invasive procedure

utilizes hydro-technology to exfoliate, polish,

detoxify, rehydrate and replenish your skin. It

delivers immediate results without discomfort,

irritation, or downtime. This multi-step procedure

uses a series of hydro-tips to perform different

functions. The Hydro Facial Tip has an abrasive

edge which gently exfoliates and buffs the skin

with each pass. The Hydro-Extraction Tip has a

unique spiral design that creates a vortex which

is effective in dislodging blackheads and flushing

impurities to deep clean pores. The Hydro-Fusion

Tip infuses skin with Hyaluronic Acid, rejuvenating

by restoring hydration and plumping. The hydrotips

are able to more effectively deliver therapeutic

ingredients deeper into the skin, resulting in higher

levels of cell absorption. Treatment serums that

contain vitamins, antioxidants and anti-aging

peptides are then massaged into the skin. Our

serums do not just sit on top of the epidermis, like

a lotion or cream; Our serums readily absorb into

the skin, healing skin from the inside out. This

rejuvenating exfoliation treatment is soothing,

refreshing, non-irritating and delivers immediate

results without downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Hydro Facials:

Am I a candidate for a Hydro Facial? A Hydro

Facial is suitable for all skin types, including thin

or aging skin, ethnic skin, dry or oily skin. Even the

most sensitive skin easily tolerates a Hydro Facial.

Other skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

can benefit from this treatment as well. Our skin

care therapist will tailor the corrective serums to

treat your unique skin condition.

How long does the treatment take? A Hydro

Facial session takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

Any add-on optional treatments will add to

session time.

Is there any downtime or pain? There is

NO discomfort during the procedure. It is often

described as feeling like a “cool paintbrush moving

slowly over your face.” Skin may appear slightly

pink after treatment, but will quickly subside.

You may put on make-up and return to normal

activities right after the treatment as there is no

downtime. You should always wear sunscreen

daily and avoid direct sun for the next several days.

What results may be expected? A Hydro

Facial improves the appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, dry flaky

skin, oily or acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation

like blemishes and brown sun spots.

How many treatments are needed to see

results? How long do results last? Many people

see visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin

tone after just one treatment. Depending on your

skin type and condition, the number and frequency

of sessions will vary. A single treatment is perfect

for those who need a fresh and glowing appearance

for a special event or occasion. Raised bumps,

more deeply pitted holes, and darker pigmented

spots may require multiple Hydro Facial sessions

combined with professional peel treatments

over an extended period of time. Improvement

increases with every session. For those wanting to

maintain healthy skin and a vibrant look, monthly

treatments are recommended.

All the treatments listed above are

performed at Studio Skin. Contact us to

schedule a consultation to determine

the best anti-aging regimen for you.

Angela Jackson, Licensed

Aesthetician, offers

microcurrent facials and

other anti aging facial

treatments at Studio SKIN

in downtown Conway.

Ageless Glow MD Hydrofacial

1315 North st, ste 102 • Downtown Conway • 501.358.4653


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at home | christmas

critical for the building blocks for

development. A balanced diet really

does matter. It’s important that your

puppy get a diet that is labeled for

“growth” or at least says “all stages

of life.” These diets have been shown

to be adequate for growth for an

average dog. But beware, your puppy

might not be average, so be sure to

ask your own veterinary team to

weigh in about the ways your pup

might be unique.

Should I give

my puppy vitamins?

Since it’s especially important that

puppies have what they need while

they are growing, be aware that

from boredom. Puzzle fe

multiple feeding sites can

mental stimulation to hel

your puppy’s brain too.

Gorgeous 7 BR/5 BA home in Cresthaven subdivision nestled on 3 acres with a heated saltwater pool & 2 shops (one 2400 .² and one 1800 .²).

Iron gate & fence around property. Huge media room with bar, formal dining, living room, office/study, playroom, basement & bonus room.


Updated master bath with granite. 4 HVAC units new 2017.

New roof in 2019. New stainless steel appliances in kitchen 2019. is property is a must see!

Sources: Kathryn Pri

48 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

Lori Quinn, Realtor, GRI, ABR, GRLA

Coldwell Banker RPM Group-Conway



Conway Office:

609 Locust Street



. Puzzle feeders or

g sites can provide

tion to help build

rain too.

pet care

New pup predicament:

”What‘s for dinner?“

Your puppy is your new best friend, These diets have been shown to be adequate

and you want to give him the best for growth for an average dog. But beware,

foundation to grow and thrive. your puppy might not be average, so be sure

athryn Primm, DVM; Joe Bartges, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN

to ask your own veterinary team to weigh in

You certainly don’t want to unknowingly

about the ways your pup might be unique.

contribute to anything that might be harmful

or inadequate for him. This is where

nutrition comes in! We all know that there

are pet food brands and varieties stacked to

the ceiling at pet stores and grocery stores, so

how do you know what your puppy really

needs as he grows?

Here are some common questions and a few

important tips to help you put the perfect

portion on your pup’s plate, peppered with

advice from Dr. Joe Bartges, a board-certified

veterinary nutritionist and internist.

What‘s the most important thing

to know about feeding a puppy?

Dogs are omnivores, like people. Puppies are

trying to build heathy bones and muscles, as

well as brains and organs. The right nutrition is

critical for the building blocks for development.

A balanced diet really does matter. It’s important

that your puppy get a diet that is labeled

for “growth” or at least says “all stages of life.”

Should I give my puppy vitamins?

Since it’s especially important that puppies have

what they need while they are growing, be

aware that high-quality diets should provide all

the nutrients needed, making vitamin supplements

unnecessary. In fact, giving supplements

to growing animals can be a bad idea. Excessive

or abnormal mineral balance can impact normal

growth. Ask your veterinary team for their

favorite food brands, and keep in mind that the

best brands might not be the most expensive

and rarely are the most advertised.

How much should I feed my puppy?

It’s important that your puppy have adequate

calories during growth, but you do not want to

begin a trend toward obesity. Your veterinary

team is the best resource for telling you if

your puppy is growing appropriately or is

overweight, and they can give you an accurate

feeding guide. It’s important that you measure

the amount of food you offer and set up feeding

times so that your puppy does not overeat or

snack excessively from boredom. Puzzle feeders

or multiple feeding sites can provide mental

stimulation to help build your puppy’s brain too.

Isn‘t some vomiting and

diarrhea normal for puppies?

No. Even if your puppy feels great, he should

not be throwing up or having loose stool.

It’s critical to have puppies with these issues

evaluated right away by a veterinarian. There

are lots of causes of these issues, and only a

veterinarian can diagnose and treat them.

Should I feed my puppy

a homemade or raw diet?

Raw diets are in the news, but Dr. Bartges

thinks that raw and homemade diets are

risky for young animals. He thinks that the

risks for nutrient imbalance and infectious

disease are too high during such a critical

phase of growth.

The best advice for having your puppy’s

nutritional needs met is to take advantage

of your veterinary team’s treasure trove

of information that they’d love to share

with you.


2725 COLLEGE AVE • CONWAY • 501-329-2940


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scene | heard

Kids Triathlon

Haven — The Susan Salter House

Haven started their capital campaign

in 2017 with director Marti Jones,

Susan Salter and a 15 person steering

committee of Haven supporters and

community leaders. To be “all in” they

needed to raise $2.7 million dollars. “All

in” included construction, land, consulting

and architectural fees, and furnishings.

Between foundation grants, local donors,

and businesses and corporations, the Haven

steering committee were still shy $80,000.

Recently, Eric King with Centennial Bank

and Gene Salter reached out to Marti Jones

to pay off the remaining $80,000. There are

still $95,000 in pledges still coming in from

local donors to be fully debt free. They

surprised Susan Salter in renaming the

house: Haven — The Susan Salter House.

Susan Salter was in the original Junior

Auxiliary class of 1986 when Haven was

started, and has supported Haven all

these years. Susan was the chair of the

fundraising steering committee. Marti

said, “She was my right hand man, partner

in crime. Where I went, she went. I could

not be more proud to get to work in a

home every day named after her.” Marti

told the crowd at the dedication that when

people ask her what she is personally most

proud of in the work that she did these last

3 years, she responds, “the day I got Susan

Salter to say YES!”

50 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

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faulkner fam


Our Faulkner Fam:

the Shaw Family

52 faulkner lifestyle | august/september 2020

Names: William and Sarah Shaw, and

Allison, Emile and Brandon

Where are you from? We are all

Conway Natives. We were all born at

Conway Regional and lived here all our

lives. William and I both graduated from

Conway High School and UCA.

Where do you work? William is an

Energy Auditor for Conway Corporation

Sarah is Executive Vice President and

Commercial Lender for Bank OZK in


What schools do your children

attend? Brandon graduated from

Conway Christian High School and is

currently enrolled at UCA, pursuing his

Cyber Security Degree.

Emile graduated from Conway High

School, attended UCA and graduated

from UAMS. She is currently a

Registered Nurse at UAMS.

Allison also graduated from Conway

High School. She has a degree from

University of Arkansas and UCA and is

currently an Athletic Trainer for Episcopal

Collegiate School in Little Rock.

How did you two meet? We met in

high school, he was a senior and I was a

sophomore. William was my first date.

We dated for 7 years, then we married in

1989. True high school sweetheart story.

Our first date was to Little Rock for dinner

at Bennigan’s and the State Fair. This was

my first date to Little Rock and we were

supposed to be home by 11:30, well we

were late. I was surprised my dad allowed

me to have the second date.

Describe parenting in one sentence.

Parenting is like a rollercoaster, hang on

for the ride and enjoy every second of it

because it goes by really fast.

When you get a date night where

do you go? Since COVID-19, our back

porch around the pool has been our

date night and we really enjoy it. Prior

to COVID-19 we enjoyed going to

Outback Steakhouse.

When you shop local (for fun) what

stores are always on your list? (her)

The Kitchen Store, Plant Outlet, Bell &

Sward. (him) Tractor Supply Co., Conway

Farm & Home, Farmers Coop, and Ace


What are your favorite things to do

as a family? We enjoy traveling/vacation,

spending time on Greers Ferry Lake

with wonderful friends, snow skiing, and

4 wheel/side-by-side rides.

What activities are your children

involved in? Not so much anymore

but we have all been involved in travel

baseball, football, competitive cheer,

travel volleyball, travel soccer, and dance.

We spent many weekends on the road

supporting our kiddos.

What is a favorite inspirational quote

that is important in your family?

When our daughter died in 2005 my

go-to saying was “Just take it one day at

a time.” I later expanded that to “Be kind

and just take it one day at a time.”

What do you love most about living

here? It’s always been home. This

community has allowed us to raise our

children in a great Christian atmosphere

and provided a great education. The living

conditions in Conway are second to none

with great shopping, a wide variety of

restaurants, and a low cost of living.

faulknerlifestyle.com 53

Want to

make a move?

Let one of our

Realtors help you

find the

perfect home.




Paula “PJ”
































































Rick Green




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As a leader in endoscopic procedures,

the Conway Regional Gastroenterology Center uses the

latest technologies to provide our patients the best gastrointestinal care,

resulting in shorter hospital stays, less pain, fewer risks of infection, and a faster recovery.

If you are over age 50, talk to your doctor about a colorectal screening. It can save your life. Providers in the

Conway Regional Gastroenterology Center advise that 90 percent of colorectal cancer can be detected with the screening.

Don’t delay your care—learn more about Conway Regional Gastroenterology Center, visit


Pictured: Martin Moix, MD of the Conway Regional Gastroenterology Center

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