Good Stores Guide - 2020

Our definitive guide of outstanding stores we should all be taking note of in 2020.

Our definitive guide of outstanding stores we should all be taking note of in 2020.


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<strong>2020</strong><br />

<strong>Good</strong> <strong>Stores</strong> <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Directory<br />

This is our selection of must-visit stores for <strong>2020</strong>, our annual<br />

gathering of outstanding retail experiences from around the<br />

world. Here, we check out the best of the very best.<br />

Our team of retail specialists travel the globe in pursuit<br />

of the most innovative retail concepts, exceptional visual<br />

merchandising and service excellence. In this <strong>Guide</strong>, we<br />

profile these stores, showcasing retailers who are doing<br />

things differently, and doing them well.<br />

From the biggest global brands to lesser-known,<br />

independent retailers in off-track neighbourhoods, each has<br />

been chosen for delivering dynamic retail propositions and<br />

store concepts, responding to an exciting new era of retail<br />

opportunities.<br />

High-profile brand failures and the wider retail sector<br />

challenges can make it easy to lose sight of the power of<br />

the physical store. In these pages, we aim to inform and<br />

inspire, offering a robust reminder that the future for bricksand-mortar<br />

shops remains bright.<br />

The <strong>2020</strong> <strong>Good</strong> <strong>Stores</strong> <strong>Guide</strong> is simply the latest instalment<br />

in our continuous pursuit of the pinnacles of retail<br />

performance.<br />

Clothing & Accessories<br />

Burberry<br />

Flannels<br />

Snow Peak<br />

Aviator Nation<br />

The Conservatory<br />

RM Williams<br />

Primark<br />

Also Visit<br />

Off-White, Calvin Klein,<br />

Caramel, Allbirds<br />

Homewares<br />

Parachute<br />

The Kitchen by Artilleriet<br />

Bolia.com<br />

Also Visit<br />

Forty Five Ten, Designtorget,<br />

Workshop Living, Ambiente Direct<br />

04<br />

05<br />

07<br />

09<br />

11<br />

13<br />

15<br />

17<br />

19<br />

20<br />

21<br />

23<br />

25<br />

27<br />

Let’s explore.<br />

visualthinking.co.uk<br />

Food & Hospitality<br />

Dylan’s Candy Bar<br />

M&S Food<br />

Chök The Chocolate Kitchen<br />

Also Visit<br />

KitKat Chocolatory, Citrella,<br />

Starbucks Reserve Roastery,<br />

Urban Remedy<br />

28<br />

29<br />

31<br />

33<br />

35<br />

Department <strong>Stores</strong><br />

Nordstrom<br />

David Jones<br />

Neiman Marcus<br />

Oberpollinger<br />

36<br />

37<br />

39<br />

41<br />

43<br />

Credits<br />

Also Visit<br />

La Rinascente, Saks Fifth Avenue<br />

45<br />

Editorial<br />

Kay Garrett<br />

Speciality<br />

46<br />

Contributors<br />

Ellie Pask<br />

Karl McKeever<br />

Katy Trodd<br />

Kirsty Kean<br />

Suzanne Tanner<br />

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Gro Urban Oasis<br />

Lush<br />

Adidas<br />

Muji<br />

Also Visit<br />

Drip Doctors, Catai, Nividas,<br />

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company,<br />

Lovepop, JustFoodForDogs<br />

47<br />

49<br />

51<br />

53<br />

55<br />


In With The Old<br />

A decade ago, online retail was in its infancy. Today,<br />

it’s become a powerful retail channel disruptor. Not<br />

simply a new fad or gimmick, but bringing lasting,<br />

generational, structural change across the industry.<br />

Few would argue that this was a supernova moment for<br />

retailers, in all sectors. It has spawned a wave of new<br />

technologies that can serve shoppers better.<br />

It challenged the dominant positions of established<br />

‘bricks-and-mortar’ brands that for decades had<br />

enjoyed doing things the old way. New brands and<br />

retailers have been born, challenging incumbent players<br />

and stamping on rose-tinted glasses — refusing to look at the world through<br />

nostalgic eyes. It has been the game changer — ruthless in its growth and<br />

impact. But has not signalled the death of the high street, as some predicted.<br />

Instead, it has (although too late for some) been the catalyst for much-needed<br />

industry-wide transformation.<br />

Global brands with a vision, the drive and capital funds have integrated the<br />

leading edge of digital technology across stores and online operations to<br />

reinvent themselves as more relevant, attractive and better equipped ‘all<br />

channel’ merchants for tomorrow. Retail remains on a journey; one that has<br />

only just begun.<br />

There will be ever-deeper penetration and integration of smart tech across<br />

retail ahead. More short-term leased, high experience branded pop-up shops<br />

in high-profile space; mobile and cashless payments will quickly become<br />

the norm; AI and AR will create new 3D virtual worlds instore; vending-only<br />

convenience stores will set up shop; and automated ‘on-the-go’ kiosk fulfilment<br />

will be a convenient everyday choice for us all. Robots will do more instore and<br />

we’ll be open to accept deliveries from remote vehicles and drones in the sky.<br />

This is no time for Luddites. It is time for heroes to step forward.<br />

Brand leaders will be tested to respond with high-impact new strategies for<br />

maximising their ‘physical’ stores. Where e-commerce leads on access, choice<br />

and convenience, the social aspects of shopping are not (yet?) adequately<br />

fulfilled by the digital form.<br />

As this decade ends, retail is coming full circle. Our need for ‘real-life’ human<br />

interaction and connection can be seen in the number of digital native retailers<br />

who are discovering the ‘joy of shops’. So too the rise of instore hospitality<br />

— not simply offering shoppers more ‘stuff’ to buy, but places for people to<br />

socialise, connect and engage. And all while technology continues to find its<br />

place amongst more traditional approaches.<br />

The benefits of having ‘old and new’ thinking working in complementary union<br />

is being realised by C-Suite Leaders. The importance of investment in traditional<br />

‘retail crafts’ are being rediscovered. Instore presentation, customer service<br />

and retail operations. Tasks of human energy, endeavour and the development<br />

of finely tuned retail skills that complement the use of tech to deliver increased<br />

brand value and better, more profitable retail experiences<br />


Clothing &<br />

Accessories<br />

<strong>Good</strong>bye monotonous store presentation. Hello highimpact,<br />

elevated visual merchandising. Forwardthinking<br />

fashion brands are creating new store styles<br />

to suit the experientially oriented, internet-savvy<br />

shopper. On-trend seasonal collections are presented<br />

to exacting standards, store environments are rich<br />

in brand and product storytelling and smart tech is<br />

seamlessly integrated with bespoke style advice.<br />

Fitting progress.<br />


Dubai, UAE<br />

Burberry<br />

Bringing its heritage values to a smart<br />

new outpost in the Middle East, Burberry<br />

has effortlessly translated its elegant<br />

brand aesthetic into a bang-up-to-date<br />

retail proposition.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

8/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

10/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

10/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded<br />

1856<br />

Origin<br />

Basingstoke<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

475<br />


A proud bastion of Britishness, Burberry confidently draws<br />

on its 163-year heritage in its new Dubai Mall store. Inspired<br />

by Joseph Paxton’s 1851 Great Exhibition celebrating the<br />

best of British culture and industry, the store design offers<br />

a refined blend of old and new, perfectly encapsulating the<br />

classic Burberry brand while simultaneously reflecting Dubai’s<br />

luxurious and vibrant backdrop.<br />

Offering an immediately impressive entrance, the long, glazed<br />

façade was created using the same techniques and attention<br />

to detail that Burberry pattern-cutters craft into the brand’s<br />

iconic gabardine trench coats.<br />

Inside, a sense of sophistication and elegance permeates in<br />

a subtly tasteful celebration of all things Britain. Indeed, the<br />

brand imported British materials for the interior and hired<br />

British landscape gardener Peter Beardsley to create its<br />

outdoor terrace. Here, shoppers can enjoy one of the best<br />

views in Dubai, while escaping the often-stifling summer heat.<br />

This cleverly elevated retail proposition<br />

has propelled the brand into a<br />

contemporary era.<br />

Organised across several rooms, the store design discreetly<br />

whispers with understated details, imbuing the space with<br />

a luxurious, private and warm feel. Curved glass display<br />

cabinets and sumptuous velvet curtains soften the look,<br />

adding delicate fluidity and charm. The spaciously indulgent<br />

layout exudes a sense of serene calm, while the sweeping<br />

staircase connecting the two floors is a typically grand yet<br />

unshowy fixture.<br />

Product presentation is minimal, crisp and precise. Apparel<br />

and accessories are artfully displayed on polished brass<br />

and iron rails and gleaming marble and glass shelves, all<br />

with impeccable attention to spacing and detail. Instantly<br />

recognisable as Burberry, this cleverly elevated retail<br />

proposition has propelled the brand into a contemporary era.<br />

A masterstroke of merchandising and exquisite retail design<br />

Latitude:<br />

25°11’57.3”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

55°16’46.4”E<br />

Burberry<br />

Unit No GF-321 & FF-316,<br />

Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE<br />

Find it<br />

ae.burberry.com<br />


London, UK<br />

Flannels<br />

Opulent, chic and luxurious, the new<br />

Flannels London flagship store redefines<br />

perceptions, delivering a lavishly modern<br />

experience which elevates Oxford Street<br />

East.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

9/10<br />

Innovation<br />

10/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

10/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

8/10<br />

Founded<br />

1976<br />

Origin<br />

Altrincham<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

42<br />


Three years in the making, the impressive flagship represents<br />

a pinnacle for its high-profile owners, Mike Ashley and the<br />

Sports Direct Group.<br />

Located below the Group’s London head office, this new<br />

store is in sharp contrast with its better-known counterpart.<br />

A Sports Direct opposite serves to emphasise the extreme<br />

polarity of both the businesses and their respective customer<br />

propositions.<br />

Colour, pattern and texture are in riotous<br />

abundance, with an explosion of floor and<br />

wall finishes in opposing and quirky style.<br />

Previously The Academy cinema and home to the original<br />

Marquee music club, the retro, luxe store design brings<br />

its own star quality, reflecting its former colourful clientele.<br />

Costing an eye-watering £10m, the Italian-designed interior is<br />

lavish and even a little vulgar, but that’s part of its appeal.<br />

Inside, colour, pattern and texture are in riotous abundance,<br />

with an explosion of floor and wall finishes in opposing and<br />

quirky style. VM is restrained, focusing on product handling<br />

and driving standards to create an elevated, premium look.<br />

The exterior is equally bold, making its own striking statement<br />

with an impressive three-storey 4K screen digital wall. One of<br />

the world’s biggest permanent public digital art installations,<br />

this will change regularly, showcasing work from Europe’s<br />

best contemporary artists in partnership with art initiative W1<br />

Curates.<br />

The brand mix is a veritable “who’s who” of UK and<br />

international contemporary and streetwear luxury goods,<br />

while the second floor will host an ever-changing line up of<br />

immersive brand experiences, collaborations and events.<br />

No detail, or expense, has been spared. An audacious<br />

demonstration of the owner’s wealth and ambition, the store is<br />

evidently intended to impress. Exclusive brands stocked will be<br />

reassured by the quality of retail execution and overt ‘splashing<br />

of cash’. It is a store for Oxford Street, but one conspicuously<br />

designed to show the world the Sports Direct Group is fast<br />

evolving from its “pile it high and sell it cheap” roots<br />

Latitude:<br />

51°31’05.9”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

0°08’17.7”W<br />

Flannels<br />

161-167 Oxford Street<br />

London, W1D 2JP, UK<br />

Find it<br />

flannels.com<br />


London, UK<br />

Snow Peak<br />

Bringing the outdoors in… Snow Peak’s<br />

first UK flagship showcases its unique<br />

range of alfresco apparel and equipment,<br />

with service at its heart.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

9/10<br />

Innovation<br />

8/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

10/10<br />

Founded<br />

1958<br />

Origin<br />

Japan<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

33<br />


It offers an immersive brand experience<br />

catering for all aspects of outdoor living,<br />

with its products renowned for their<br />

longevity, style and functionality.<br />

Founder Yukio Yamai initially launched his brand to sell<br />

innovative mountaineering equipment. Over the years, the<br />

focus shifted towards hi-tech camping gear, incorporating<br />

apparel into its portfolio. Today, it offers an immersive brand<br />

experience catering for all aspects of outdoor living, with its<br />

products renowned for their longevity, style and functionality.<br />

Situated on London’s Regent Street, the UK flagship is also<br />

the brand’s first European opening. The grand three-storey<br />

store sits comfortably alongside its contemporaries in this<br />

prestigious area.<br />

The relaxed, pared-back interior showcases the products<br />

superbly, with a neutral palette and materials adding to the<br />

modern ambience of the store. Long, wooden carved tables<br />

display an array of products, collectively working to tell the<br />

brand’s story, while curated displays and styled mannequins<br />

demonstrate how completely the brand has mastered its<br />

niche market.<br />

Wooden logs and wild flowers strewn throughout the clothing<br />

department effortlessly evoke a sense of ‘the great outdoors’.<br />

The two sides of the brand, apparel and outdoor equipment,<br />

segue seamlessly together in perfect harmony. Meanwhile, the<br />

careful balance of black and softened wood fixtures creates a<br />

premium look while staying true to its authentic roots.<br />

Camping equipment incorporates clear instructive messages<br />

alongside digital ‘how-to’ guides, a bold statement of the<br />

brand’s expertise and authority. Indeed, service is key instore,<br />

with limited products on display and a one-to-one service for<br />

sales.<br />

Cleverly adapting to attract a new generation of shoppers,<br />

the brand appeals to both the ‘outdoorsy’ community and<br />

fashion followers. It has taken ordinary, practical products<br />

and injected them with contemporary gloss, fusing style with<br />

function… a welcome addition to the UK market<br />

Latitude:<br />

51°30’33.5”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

0°08’00.8”W<br />

Snow Peak<br />

16A Regent Street, St James’s,<br />

London SW1Y 4PH, UK<br />

Find it<br />

snowpeak.co.uk<br />


San Francisco, USA<br />

Aviator Nation<br />

Creating quality products that showcase<br />

‘the beauty of imperfection’ might seem<br />

contradictory, but it’s an aim which fits<br />

this brand perfectly, reflecting its retro<br />

spirit and laid-back vibe.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded<br />

2006<br />

Origin<br />

California<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

8<br />


Step into the 70s… inspired by fashion and music that<br />

defined the decade, Aviator Nation’s founder Paige Mycoskie<br />

created her handmade clothing brand as a celebration of the<br />

era, when music, surfing and a love for community shaped<br />

American culture.<br />

Since its humble beginnings in a domestic garage, the latest<br />

Hayes Valley store is the company’s tenth US outlet and its<br />

second in San Francisco. The brand had long aspired to the<br />

area, finally launching in August 2019 on the site of a former<br />

café bar.<br />

The Woodstock music festival has entered into the realms of<br />

legend, and the Aviation Nation experience and look and feel<br />

was inspired by the incredible energy surrounding the event,<br />

with Mycoskie citing it as a huge influence to her.<br />

Other elements are carefully pared back, with upcycled<br />

furniture, pot plants and a large service desk decorated with<br />

70s apache graphics creating an overall effect that is youthful<br />

and fun with a modest, upcycled, thrifty look. VM and display<br />

is charmingly basic, too, presenting an overarching brand<br />

delivery effect of bold design and POS messaging that is both<br />

cool and powerful.<br />

The store exudes its own carefree personality, a bricks-andmortar<br />

image paying nostalgic homage to the iconic decade.<br />

One word of caution: as the company grows, it must nurture<br />

and preserve its unique look, to avoid overexposure or dilution<br />

The store exudes its own carefree<br />

personality, a bricks-and-mortar image<br />

paying nostalgic homage to the iconic<br />

decade.<br />

As you’d expect, the store design is bursting with colour. A<br />

1970s graphic style dominates, as painted wall murals and<br />

applied to furniture, while a montage music festival poster<br />

makes for an impressive instore focal point.<br />

Latitude:<br />

37°46’37.3”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

122°25’30.4”W<br />

Aviator Nation<br />

520 Hayes St, San Francisco,<br />

CA 94102, USA<br />

Find it<br />

aviatornation.com<br />


New York, USA<br />

The Conservatory<br />

This upscale lifestyle boutique brings<br />

an immersive, real-life atelier shopping<br />

experience, with an ultra-personalised<br />

service.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

10/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

10/10<br />

Founded<br />

2019<br />

Origin<br />

New York<br />

Sector<br />

Showroom<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

2<br />


Bolke symbolises a new generation of<br />

savvy retailers not bound by conventional<br />

or inflexible process, accumulated<br />

company history or blinkered views.<br />

Bolke had to change his original business model, having<br />

created his stored based on his assumption most shoppers<br />

would be local. Visitor feedback told him the majority of<br />

shoppers were tourists, so he wisely moved back to a more<br />

conventional concept, with the majority of products now<br />

available to buy instore.<br />

New York’s Hudson Yards was one of the most-hyped real<br />

estate developments to open in 2019. Ambitious, bold and<br />

visually spectacular, it is now home for creative, luxuriously<br />

appointed retail showroom The Conservatory.<br />

Founder Brian Bolke’s visionary idea was to create a store<br />

which offered the bespoke exclusivity of a high-end boutique,<br />

but the convenience of online retailing to reduce the need for<br />

stockholding.<br />

His concept was to bring together exclusive relationships with<br />

premium designer brands with the use of smart technology<br />

and digital data, superior one-to-one client service and<br />

elevated store design and presentation. Instead of holding<br />

stock, the store would have every piece in every size for<br />

clients to try instore before placing orders for delivery.<br />

It was the ultimate in retail innovation. Shoppers would be<br />

offered a personal consultation with a sales associate, and<br />

only then could they access the ‘hidden’ e-commerce site. An<br />

ingenious idea, offering the benefits of expert, bespoke service<br />

for the trade-off of deferred gratification.<br />

This is far from a negative story. In fact, it demonstrates how<br />

active listening and agile response to shopper feedback is a<br />

vital part of business success. A brilliant idea is only brilliant<br />

if it fits with shopper needs. Flexibility outsmarts holding firm<br />

to a failing ideal. Bolke symbolises a new generation of savvy<br />

retailers not bound by conventional or inflexible process,<br />

accumulated company history or blinkered views. Fitting<br />

qualities for success<br />

Latitude:<br />

40°45’12.8”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

74°00’04.1”W<br />

The Conservatory<br />

20 Hudson Yards, New York,<br />

NY 10001, USA<br />

Find it<br />

theconservatorynyc.com<br />


Canberra, Australia<br />

RM Williams<br />

Authentic, raw and strong, the revitalised<br />

RM Williams store design forges an<br />

intensive, personal connection with<br />

shoppers across the generations.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

9/10<br />

Innovation<br />

7/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded<br />

1932<br />

Origin<br />

Adelaide<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

50<br />


With a rich heritage dating back to its inception in 1932,<br />

the much-loved RM Williams footwear brand pulls off the<br />

delicate balance of remaining faithful to its roots, respecting its<br />

powerful relationship with the rugged Australian outback and<br />

appealing to a new breed of shopper.<br />

This store came with a demanding design brief. Not only did<br />

it need to offer a refined instore experience that was scalable<br />

and flexible for implementation in premium shopping centres,<br />

urban locations and pop-up shops, it must also attract<br />

and educate new customers. All while still connecting with<br />

their core loyal customers, and expertly presenting their full<br />

collection of footwear and apparel.<br />

And it delivers beautifully on all counts. Unashamedly<br />

drawing on iconic Australian themes to influence its palette<br />

and materials, it harnesses sheep-shearing sheds with<br />

wooden roof trusses, rusted metals, wire fencing and the red,<br />

weathered earth of the outback.<br />

Collections are presented in a raw,<br />

refined style, complemented by authentic<br />

POS and branding.<br />

The popular RM Williams boot repair service is promoted<br />

instore, where customers can have their boots restored to an<br />

almost-new condition.<br />

Above all, this store is a perfect illustration of how blending<br />

new vision with heritage can result in a reimagined brand that<br />

speaks to generations. A brand that really does walk the walk<br />

Its trademark boots are crafted from leather which also<br />

features on the store’s bespoke furniture and design<br />

detailing. Innovative customer journey mapping informed<br />

the development of fixtures, furniture and product displays,<br />

ensuring strong engagement at every turn.<br />

Sustainability was high on the agenda, with recycled,<br />

recyclable and sustainably sourced materials preferred<br />

options. Highly efficient low-energy, long-lifespan LED lighting<br />

adds the right ambience, alongside state-of-the-art airconditioning<br />

systems to reduce energy consumption in hot<br />

weather. Collections are presented in a raw, refined style,<br />

complemented by authentic POS and branding.<br />

Latitude:<br />

35°16’46.2”S<br />

Longitude:<br />

149°07’58.4”E<br />

RM Williams<br />

Shop CG02 Bunda St,<br />

Canberra ACT 2601, Australia<br />

Find it<br />

rmwilliams.com.au<br />


Birmingham, UK<br />

Primark<br />

The world’s largest Primark has opened<br />

its doors in Birmingham, fast becoming<br />

an impressive feature in the city’s skyline<br />

and offering a best-in-class lesson in<br />

VM perfection.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

9/10<br />

Innovation<br />

7/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded<br />

1969<br />

Origin<br />

Dublin<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

360<br />


The eagerly awaited replacement Primark store has been<br />

three years in the making. With a staggering £70 million price<br />

tag, redevelopment of the former Pavilions shopping centre<br />

transformed the vast site into the world’s biggest Primark.<br />

Putting complete faith in its bricks-and-mortar retailing appeal<br />

— and shunning the trend for online growth — the brand has<br />

been successfully expanding its global store network and<br />

opening new flagships worldwide.<br />

This particular opening is a bold act of retail chutzpah.<br />

Spanning five floors, it is four times the size of its original store<br />

in the city, making a strong architectural statement with its<br />

extraordinary exterior. Innovative interior designs and bespoke<br />

department concepts add intrigue to the customer journey,<br />

with collaborations with Disney and Harry Potter particularly<br />

creating standout.<br />

This is a prime example of the soaring<br />

heights a brand can achieve when it thinks<br />

and behaves on a grand scale.<br />

Transitioning seamlessly into a department store, Primark has<br />

introduced a whole array of partner-run instore experiences,<br />

services and food and drink outlets, broadening shopper<br />

appeal and creating strong new commercial opportunities.<br />

Always busy and stock-intensive, the brand has risen<br />

admirably to the VM challenges this presents. An army of<br />

store cleaners and visual merchandisers keep the store and<br />

products abundantly stocked and pristinely maintained at all<br />

times.<br />

This is a prime example of the soaring heights a brand can<br />

achieve when it thinks and behaves on a grand scale. Where<br />

previous retailers have unsuccessfully attempted ‘supersize’<br />

formats in the past, here Primark offers undiluted ambition,<br />

with its elevated brand experience proving that bigger really<br />

can be better.<br />

At a time when many clothing retailers are retreating from their<br />

physical estates, Primark’s leap of faith appears to be paying off<br />

Latitude:<br />

52°28’44.2”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

1°53’38.9”W<br />

Primark<br />

38 High Street, Birmingham,<br />

B4 7SL, UK<br />

Find it<br />

primark.com<br />


Also Visit<br />

Melbourne, Australia<br />

Off-White<br />

off---white.com<br />

Cologne, Germany<br />

Calvin Klein<br />

calvinklein.de<br />

Young and edgy, Off-White is on a mission of expansion,<br />

boosting its current global portfolio of monobrand<br />

outlets, boutiques and shop-in-shops. This, its first<br />

Australian outlet, features a uniquely executed sculptural<br />

installation. A masterclass of instore theatre, it comprises<br />

meticulously reassembled sections of a demolished house,<br />

with burnt-out framework, exterior panelling and original<br />

doors and windows. Meanwhile, the brand’s distinctive<br />

black and white stripes are prevalent, while the ultra-minimal<br />

layout gives a nod to urban streetstyle.<br />

Find it | 280 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia<br />

Celebrating over 50 years of aspirational fashion and<br />

innovative design, global lifestyle brand Calvin Klein<br />

has taken its traditional store format and infused it<br />

with a vibrant burst of colour. Collections are cleverly<br />

colour blocked to match the interiors, while discreet sales<br />

tags reflect the brand’s ‘minimal’ ethos. Impeccable store<br />

standards and VM work with pared-back POS to offer<br />

a deceptively simple yet enticingly immersive shopper<br />

experience, while striking furniture complements the classic<br />

products. All you’d expect from Calvin Klein, and then some.<br />

Find it | Schildergasse 55, 50667 Köln, Germany<br />

London, UK<br />

Caramel<br />

caramel-shop.co.uk<br />

San Francisco, USA<br />

Allbirds<br />

allbirds.com<br />

Starting life as a childrenswear retailer, Caramel has<br />

since branched into womenswear and homewares,<br />

bringing its ethos of transcending stereotypes to instil<br />

creativity and variation across all its ranges. This modern<br />

vintage-style store is laced with understated charm, with<br />

furniture and storage expertly used to evoke a cosy,<br />

quirky feel. Its outfitting service stylishly coordinates entire<br />

wardrobes, and a clever mix of props and products add a<br />

storytelling aspect to its classroom-style environment.<br />

Find it | 77 Ledbury Road Notting Hil, London W11 2AG, UK<br />

Answering the rallying cry from the green movement,<br />

Allbirds have created their very own renewable material<br />

using wool and eucalyptus tree fibres. Already a firm<br />

footwear favourite on the streets of the US, their new<br />

opening in San Francisco has a strong local influence.<br />

Artists from the community helped create the store, which<br />

puts the material at the heart of its VM. Simplistic, minimalist<br />

and interactive, display focuses on the natural, breathable<br />

fabric, easy comfort and clean designs. It’s a brand which<br />

knows its USP… and wears it well.<br />

Find it | 425 Hayes St. San Francisco, CA 94102, USA<br />


Homewares<br />

As the lines between home and work life become<br />

increasingly blurred, our living space needs to be<br />

ever-more adaptable. Reflecting a renewed energy<br />

to reinvent the retail experience, more digital native<br />

brands are moving into the physical arena. Global<br />

names are playing with new formats and niche<br />

retailers are elevating experience.<br />

Welcome moves.<br />


San Francisco, USA<br />

Parachute<br />

Initially established as an online only,<br />

direct-to-consumer brand, Parachute has<br />

now taken up residence in its own bricksand-mortar<br />

stores, a wake-up call for the<br />

dormant US premium bedding category.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

10/10<br />

Founded<br />

2014<br />

Origin<br />

California<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

8<br />


Since its launch in 2014, Parachute has landed in the<br />

market with a resounding thud, quickly becoming one of the<br />

fastest-growing US home brands. Traditionally dominated by<br />

department stores with few specialist retailers, the Stateside<br />

premium bedding market had been snoozing somewhat. But<br />

things are changing, thanks to this bold new brand with big<br />

ambitions.<br />

First opening in its hometown of Venice, California, Parachute<br />

currently has eight US stores and is planning to grow to 20 by<br />

2021. Its move instore was driven by an understanding that<br />

shoppers wanted to engage with the brand and products in a<br />

more tactile, personalised purchasing experience.<br />

Each store has its own individual personality, within a typical<br />

brand look and feel. The latest, in San Francisco’s trendy<br />

Hayes Valley neighbourhood, is a sheer statement of laidback<br />

California style, with natural materials and neutral hues<br />

exuding a relaxed simplicity and sophisticated chic.<br />

Boosting the sensory brand experience is the complete<br />

lack of plastic packaging. Here, people can touch and feel<br />

the products. A simple idea, but one which resonates with<br />

increasingly environmentally aware shoppers.<br />

This modern, responsive approach to retailing is one of<br />

Parachute’s many strengths, a far cry from the formal<br />

conventions of the traditional department store. There is a<br />

real sense of connection with shoppers, with thoughtful retail<br />

practices offering a reassuring instore experience. Comforting<br />

stuff<br />

Latitude:<br />

37°46’36.8”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

122°25’25.4”W<br />

There is a real sense of connection with<br />

shoppers, with thoughtful retail practices<br />

offering a reassuring instore experience.<br />

In an intelligent move, Parachute has swerved the retail<br />

misstep of striving for picture-perfect visual standards, instead<br />

dressing their display beds and product collections with a<br />

relaxed, lived-in look. Sharp edges are softened, and brand<br />

messaging is delivered in a friendly storytelling style, creating a<br />

homely environment where shoppers feel at ease.<br />

Find it<br />

Parachute<br />

445 Hayes Street, San<br />

Francisco, CA 94102, USA<br />

parachutehome.com<br />


Gothenberg, Sweden<br />

The Kitchen<br />

A micro retail space that’s brimming<br />

with personality, The Kitchen exudes a<br />

zest for life and passion for food, turning<br />

this bighearted brand into a culinary<br />

powerhouse.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

10/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

10/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

10/10<br />

Founded<br />

2015<br />

Origin<br />

Gothenberg<br />

Sector<br />

Independent<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

1<br />


Opened in 2015, The Kitchen by Artilleriet is a charming<br />

culinary store owned by the adjacent Artilleriet upmarket home<br />

furnishings shop. Equally eclectic as its neighbour, it presents<br />

a lively tribute to our ‘love for food and life in the kitchen’,<br />

offering an unrivalled kitchen shop experience.<br />

The Kitchen perfectly inhabits its<br />

space, fastidiously organised and with<br />

no sense of clutter.<br />

Its product range is lovingly sourced from around the globe,<br />

with a distinctive blend of classic, vintage and modern objects,<br />

all crafted using traditional skills and heritage worksmanship<br />

and designed to live on in families for generations.<br />

Beautiful handmade kitchenware, utensils, serving items,<br />

ceramics and textiles and unique everyday objects are<br />

somehow elevated to a sense of higher function and<br />

form through their expert curation and outstanding store<br />

presentation.<br />

Micro it may be, but The Kitchen perfectly inhabits its space,<br />

fastidiously organised and with no sense of clutter. Designed<br />

to be a mix of compact retail store, kitchen and dining area,<br />

its instore presentation is befitting of a high-quality magazine<br />

photoshoot. Merchandise is presented and coordinated<br />

exquisitely, with gentle references to historic themes and<br />

bygone times never venturing into faux pastiche.<br />

Drawing inspiration from global travel, table and countertop<br />

vignettes create stunning tableaux to demonstrate<br />

provenance, style and use. Meanwhile, the muted chalky<br />

shades and premium materials of English Oak smoothly<br />

combine with white-and-grey veined Carrera marble and<br />

vintage wood to provide the perfect backdrop.<br />

This exclusive brand concept is superbly represented through<br />

unparalleled execution standards, turning a tiny retail space<br />

into a perfectly presented proposition<br />

Latitude:<br />

57°42’09.9”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

11°57’46.8”E<br />

Artilleriet<br />

Magasinsgatan 19, 411 18<br />

Göteborg, Sweden<br />

Find it<br />

artilleriet.se/en/the_kitchen<br />


Munich, Germany<br />

Bolia.com<br />

With meticulous attention to detail and<br />

rigorously exacting standards, Bolia.com<br />

is the epitome of Scandinavian chic.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

8/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

10/10<br />

Founded:<br />

2000<br />

Origin:<br />

Aarhus<br />

Sector:<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong>:<br />

62<br />


Originating in Denmark, Bolia.com has built its brand<br />

propositions based on true Scandinavian style — simplicity,<br />

elegance, craftsmanship and the use of honest materials. And<br />

these shine through magnificently instore.<br />

Arranged artfully over two floors, the store’s ground floor is<br />

a small taster space, acting as an access point to the much<br />

larger first floor showroom, the hub of the main action.<br />

Exquisitely designed in an innovative circular layout, the retail<br />

space comprises a series of more than 20 mini room sets.<br />

Each is beautifully decorated and immaculately furnished.<br />

Additional areas selling accessories and soft furnishings<br />

are dotted between the room sets, presented with equally<br />

stunning visual appeal.<br />

international designers. Vital in today’s changing consumer<br />

and retail landscape.<br />

Brand consistency is bang on. All its stores are individually<br />

designed, moving away from the carbon copy approach<br />

favoured by some retailers. But the brand values resonate<br />

loudly throughout, with every detail and nuance carefully<br />

considered. The coffee they serve is freshly brewed and<br />

organic. The music is a specially selected playlist.<br />

It has taken its visual appeal and blossomed into a multisensory<br />

brand experience. It’s a category where specialist<br />

expertise is needed to truly get it right. Bolia.com is clearly in<br />

its comfort zone<br />

Bolia.com is a brand with a strong ethos.<br />

Its products don’t just look good — they do<br />

good, too.<br />

A well-equipped design studio complements the first-floor<br />

room sets. Here, shoppers can conceive their own bespoke<br />

items, choosing between a variety of textile and leather<br />

finishes, trying out wood samples and browsing an array of<br />

colours.<br />

Bolia.com is a brand with a strong ethos. Its products don’t<br />

just look good — they do good, too. Natural, sustainable<br />

materials are used to produce their own collections, and<br />

they also collaborate with a host of world-renowned, modern<br />

Latitude:<br />

48°08’28.0”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

11°34’03.9”E<br />

Bolia.com<br />

Lenbachplatz. 2A, 80333<br />

München, Germany<br />

Find it<br />

bolia.com<br />


Also Visit<br />

New York, USA<br />

Forty Five Ten<br />

fortyfiveten.com<br />

Gothenberg, Sweden<br />

Designtorget<br />

designtorget.se<br />

Dramatically disruptive and sublimely visionary, Forty<br />

Five Ten’s New York boutique is an eclectic collection<br />

of four individual stores: women’s designer, men’s,<br />

collected vintage and 4510/Six, its platform for emerging<br />

fashion and home design. Effortlessly merging style and<br />

art, this boldly unconventional brand mixes art installations<br />

with retail, creating curated collections exploding with<br />

imagination and ingenuity. Set in the cultural hub of Hudson<br />

Yards, its showstopper façade houses raw concrete<br />

architecture and wooden fixtures.<br />

Find it | 20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA<br />

Acting as a marketplace for both renowned and<br />

unknown designers, Designtorget is Scandinavian<br />

design at its finest. Products showcased must meet<br />

rigorous expectations of aesthetics, quality, function,<br />

innovation and sustainability, all reflecting the ethos of the<br />

brand. The neutral space is filled with light wood textures,<br />

with subtle design features and pops of colour. A simple<br />

shopper journey makes for easy navigation, with highly<br />

curated product grouping. Meanwhile, an abundance of<br />

greenery help to soften the interior, bringing it to life.<br />

Find it | Vallgatan 14, 411 16 Göteborg, Sweden<br />

Brighton, UK<br />

Workshop Living<br />

workshopliving.co.uk<br />

Munich, Germany<br />

Ambiente Direct<br />

ambientedirect.com<br />

Working to the adage that ‘less is more’, Workshop<br />

Living is a haven of clean, uncomplicated home, fashion<br />

and lifestyle products designed for fuss-free everyday<br />

living. Expertly curated with aesthetic flair, its back-to-basics<br />

ranges are simple and unrefined, but made with superb<br />

skill and craftsmanship. The store has a Scandinavian feel,<br />

neutral and minimal, with raw décor, pine wood fixtures,<br />

rough paint marks and unfinished flooring adding to the<br />

workshop vibe.<br />

Designer furniture giant Ambiente Direct has set up<br />

home in its new flagship store, its first offline offering.<br />

The striking historic building spans three floors, with an<br />

imposing street presence. Showcasing over 200 premium<br />

international home furnishing brands, the store is the perfect<br />

place for shoppers to ‘try before they buy’, also doubling as<br />

a collection point for online orders. With its café, outdoor<br />

terrace and accessories and décor space, it’s a place to<br />

linger, dwell… and make yourself at home.<br />

Find it | 13a Prince Albert St, Brighton, BN1 1HE, UK<br />

Find it | Lenbachplatz. 3, 80333 München, Germany<br />


Food &<br />

Hospitality<br />

The role of food, beverage and hospitality concepts<br />

instore have seen a resurgence, as shoppers are<br />

increasingly buying everyday goods online. Quickthinking<br />

brands are adjusting their space, finding new<br />

ways for drinking, dining and socialising, buoyed by<br />

shopper needs for instant gratification.<br />

Growing appetite.<br />


New York, USA<br />

Dylan’s Candy Bar<br />

With the intention to create ‘the biggest<br />

candy store in the world’, Dylan’s Candy<br />

Bar aims to transport shoppers to a realworld<br />

version of Willy Wonka’s iconic<br />

chocolate factory, a place where sweet<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

dreams come true...<br />

Founded<br />

2001<br />

Origin<br />

New York<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

25<br />


The chain of inspirational boutique confectionery was founded<br />

in 2001 by Dylan Lauren, daughter of celebrated American<br />

fashion designer Ralph Lauren.<br />

Step inside and you’re transported into<br />

chocolate factory heaven.<br />

Its first store in New York City has welcomed over two<br />

million visitors per year ever since. Additional stores have<br />

now opened in smart US locations, including Chicago, Los<br />

Angeles, Miami and East Hampton. This latest opening is in<br />

the city’s new go-to retail development, Hudson Yards.<br />

Step inside and you’re transported into chocolate factory<br />

heaven. Pop art installations include a flamboyant, oversized<br />

lollipop tree, dripping chocolate shelves, kaleidoscopic<br />

wallpaper and candy-encrusted staircases. The ultra-sensory,<br />

deeply immersive experience embodies the concept of ‘retailtainment’,<br />

sweeping you in and embracing you with a heady<br />

mix of luscious aromas and eye-popping graphics.<br />

The brand appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds,<br />

which explains its impressive fan base of celebrities and<br />

influencers. Despite its obvious appeal, this is no kid-in-asweetshop<br />

store, instead targeting nostalgic adults craving a<br />

sugary fix.<br />

Despite recent health concerns about refined sugar and<br />

additives, Dylan’s Candy Bar remains a popular choice.<br />

Escapism is very much part of the appeal. Here, people of all<br />

ages, are transported to candyland, a place where they can<br />

dream, play and have fun. Sweet<br />

Latitude:<br />

40°45’13.3”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

74°00’03.0”W<br />

Whimsical displays highlight the vibrant colours, assorted<br />

textures and creative packaging. In addition to the edible<br />

treats, sweet-inspired lifestyle products include stationery,<br />

technology, toys, accessories, scented body lotions, and<br />

sweaters.<br />

It’s an ever-evolving brand, redefining itself regularly and<br />

switching its assortments and window displays to match<br />

holidays or cultural events. It’s guaranteed to melt the hearts<br />

of even the most sophisticated, seen-it-all shoppers.<br />

Find it<br />

Dylan’s Candy Bar<br />

20 Hudson Yards, 4th floor,<br />

New York, NY 10001, USA<br />

dylanscandybar.com<br />


London, UK<br />

M&S Food<br />

In a bold move for the usually reserved<br />

brand, the new M&S Food store serves up<br />

radical reinvention, with a timely shakeup<br />

of its proposition and instore execution.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

9/10<br />

Innovation<br />

8/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded:<br />

2019<br />

Origin:<br />

Kent<br />

Sector:<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong>:<br />

2<br />


Designed to appeal to affluent customers expecting<br />

convenience and simplicity, but also seeking to ‘make the<br />

right choices, the new concept store also moves away from<br />

its specialist origins, catering to a broader audience. Here, the<br />

company is championing its ‘foodie’ and service credentials<br />

while underpinning a new drive to more accessible everyday<br />

value.<br />

The reopened store appears to have<br />

had a clear brief: to go ‘bigger, bolder and<br />

louder’.<br />

The product range focuses firmly on fresh foods, packaged<br />

easy choices and prepared ready meals, while its strong<br />

‘grab-and-go’ offering includes a hot ‘disco ball’ pizza<br />

counter and other takeaway options.<br />

Overall, the reopened store appears to have had a clear brief:<br />

‘to go bigger, bolder and louder’. Its darker colour palette<br />

creates a cosier, more intense look, artificially increasing the<br />

sense of space. Wider aisles and lower front-of-store fixtures<br />

maximise the layered ‘arena effect’, while stacked wooden<br />

crates evoke a fresh market look and feel.<br />

Meanwhile, bold LED category signage nods to street food<br />

markets, creating a more urban vibe for the retailer. Quirky<br />

and informal POS is extensive, again dialling down the<br />

‘exclusive’ and ramping up mainstream appeal.<br />

Latitude:<br />

51°27’44.5”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

0°10’00.3”W<br />

There is marked move towards showcasing sustainability and<br />

environmental solutions. Hydroponically grown fresh herbs<br />

from Germany’s Infarm are cultivated in front of shoppers’<br />

eyes, with plenty more similar fun and gimmicky touches –<br />

from clucking hens in the egg section to whistling teapots in<br />

the hot beverage area. There’s a real sense of instore theatre<br />

and playfulness that’s a refreshing change for the retailer. In<br />

homage to its revived slogan, this is not just any store. This is<br />

M&S Food at its most masterful<br />

Find it<br />

Store<br />

45 St John’s Rd, London<br />

SW11 1QP, UK<br />

marksandspencer.com<br />


Barcelona, Spain<br />

Chök<br />

Since opening its doors in 2013, Chök has<br />

become a Mecca for confectionery lovers<br />

across the world, who take a pilgrimage<br />

to worship at this opulent chocolate<br />

temple.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

8/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

8/10<br />

Founded<br />

2013<br />

Origin<br />

Barcelona<br />

Sector<br />

Independent<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

7<br />


Its latest venue, in the centre of Barcelona, is nothing short of<br />

chocolate paradise. Here, the artisan chocolatiers push the<br />

boundaries of creativity, resulting in audaciously innovative<br />

delicacies.<br />

The shop seamlessly unfolds into the kitchen, bringing<br />

behind the scenes to front of house. Watch as the handmade<br />

products take shape, as the chefs create kronuts — a blend<br />

of croissant and doughnut — macaroons and chocolate-filled<br />

biscuits. Its signature dish is the chök itself.<br />

Resembling a ring-shaped doughnut, but with less fat and<br />

sugar and a much lighter texture, it is covered with white or<br />

dark chocolate and lovingly decorated with fruits or chocolate<br />

chips. Displayed on a highly Instagrammable Chök wall, they<br />

offer a riot of sensory VM, with colours and aromas fusing<br />

enticingly. Complementing its range are a tempting array<br />

of handcrafted truffles, chocolate lollipops and chocolatecovered<br />

marshmallows, all in novel and imaginative flavours.<br />

While undoubtedly a place for<br />

indulgence, it is also a testament to<br />

contemporary demands.<br />

Everyone is catered for here, with a wide selection of vegan<br />

and gluten-free products available. While undoubtedly a<br />

place for indulgence, it is also a testament to contemporary<br />

demands, with low-sugar, all-natural ingredients and<br />

handmade products made fresh daily.<br />

Watching the chocolate makers at work is a thing of wonder.<br />

They share some of their secrets in the intimate cooking<br />

workshops, where customers can immerse themselves in this<br />

delectable world and learn to craft their own products. Here,<br />

life really is like a box of chocolates<br />

Latitude:<br />

41°23’05.6”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

2°10’05.9”E<br />

The exposed brick walls and pale white and grey décor work<br />

together to stir an experience that is more kitchen, less shop.<br />

Meanwhile, intricate features such as carved woods and<br />

stained glass windows add to the bountiful ambience.<br />

Chök<br />

28, Carrer de les Ramelleres,<br />

26, 08001 Barcelona, Spain<br />

Find it<br />

chokbarcelona.com<br />


Also Visit<br />

London, UK<br />

Kit Kat Chocolatory<br />

johnlewis.com/content/kitkat<br />

New York, USA<br />

Citarella<br />

citarella.com<br />

Launching the humble KitKat into the stratosphere,<br />

the KitKat Chocolatory is housed in the confectionery<br />

department of John Lewis & Partners on Oxford Street.<br />

Here, chocolate lovers can ‘create their own’, mixing and<br />

matching from a variety of Best of British flavours for their<br />

own bespoke bar. All made on site in full view, the chocolate<br />

is also available in pre-made exclusive flavours. The ultraluxury<br />

gold bar is the pinnacle of KitKat gilding, with<br />

personalised boxes turning the treat into a truly personalised<br />

present.<br />

Find it | 300 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1C 1DX, UK<br />

Hungry New York shoppers can relish exclusive<br />

offerings at Citarella’s new home in the vibrant Hudson<br />

Yards complex. Regulars can still enjoy its renowned<br />

seafood and dry-aged meats, along with whole grilled fish,<br />

and freshly made pizza and panini. A raw bar caters for<br />

the plant-based crowd, while a hot bar serves up delicious<br />

breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Barista-served<br />

espresso, wine and coffee is a welcome addition. Although<br />

the food can be served as a takeaway, it’s really best<br />

enjoyed in its chilled-out, ambient surroundings.<br />

Find it | Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA<br />

Chicago, USA<br />

Starbucks Reserve<br />

starbucksreserve.com<br />

San Francisco, USA<br />

Urban Remedy<br />

urbanremedy.com<br />

The world’s largest Starbucks is a multi-sensory<br />

experience which pushes the boundaries of coffee craft.<br />

The adventure starts on the first floor with handcrafted<br />

beverages and fresh pastries, while the second floor is<br />

dedicated to star baker Rocco Princi’s authentic Italian<br />

bakery. Continuing up, immerse yourself in the art and<br />

science of coffee and experience new and exploratory<br />

brew methods. Coffee and tea cocktails are next, in the<br />

innovative Arriviamo Cocktail Bar, and finally, reach the<br />

top for unique views of Michigan Avenue.<br />

Find it | 646 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA<br />

‘Food is healing’ is the mantra of Urban Remedy<br />

founder Neka Pasquale, a philosophy she diligently<br />

applies across her brand. Every ingredient is selected<br />

for its healing properties, and all products are organic, plantbased,<br />

gluten and dairy free and non GMO — from snacks<br />

to wellness shots and cleansing juices, ready meals to<br />

desserts. The clean, white open space of the store interior is<br />

shiningly wholesome, the hanging plant wall green and fresh<br />

— step inside and you instantly feel revitalised and uplifted.<br />

Find it | 450 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA<br />


Department<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

The traditional department store is facing a shakeup,<br />

with agile competitors putting the future for<br />

some famous names into jeopardy. But for a<br />

select few, business is on the up. Shining stars<br />

of the sector have wisely invested in new brands,<br />

revamped environments and added creative instore<br />

experiences. Smarter in look and feel, these are<br />

exciting must-visit destinations.<br />

Another level.<br />


New York, USA<br />

Nordstrom<br />

Seven storeys of womenswear<br />

perfection… the new Nordstrom store is<br />

right at home in uptown New York City.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

10/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

10/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded:<br />

1901<br />

Origin:<br />

Washington<br />

Sector:<br />

Department<br />

Store<br />

<strong>Stores</strong>:<br />

379<br />


Overtly designed to impress, the Nordstrom women’s store<br />

boasts a unique, curved glass exterior, with its statuesque<br />

presence already a prominent feature of the cityscape. Here,<br />

the company hopes to solidify its presence in Manhattan,<br />

where wealthy visitors are willing to shop, in person, instore. A<br />

place to be seen and to be seen in.<br />

Inside, thoughtfully curated women’s clothing, shoes and<br />

accessories, beauty, home goods, restaurants, cafés and<br />

bars await. The store was created by joining several older<br />

properties together, resulting in a curious layout with intricate<br />

and complicated spaces.<br />

In deference to its shoe-company roots, the store stocked<br />

100,000 different pairs of shoes for its opening, along with<br />

10,000 handbags and 6,000 pairs of jeans. A shopaholic’s<br />

dream.<br />

In a key area of differentiation, it’s a<br />

department store which transcends simply<br />

‘shopping’.<br />

The main space is a place to discover new brands, while<br />

designated areas for high-end and contemporary brands, a<br />

dedicated shop-in-shop for Nordstrom x Nike and a ‘homage’<br />

space for Burberry complete the full spectrum of brand<br />

offerings.<br />

Nordstrom prides itself as a business built on service, and this<br />

is evident throughout. Shoppers can enjoy a facial, blowdry<br />

and free personal styling, or visit the waxing room, nail salon<br />

and brow bar. Indeed, it’s sheer service indulgence, with<br />

clothing alterations, shoe repairs and stroller cleaning also<br />

available. In a key area of differentiation, it’s a department<br />

store which transcends simply ‘shopping’.<br />

Latitude:<br />

40°47’39.4”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

73°58’36.1”W<br />

From a quick drink to a lingering fine-dining experience, the<br />

store offers a cornucopia of eating and drinking choices,<br />

including a martini bar, gluten-free donut shop, pizza and<br />

pasta options, a bar with a terrace overlooking Times Square<br />

and a high-end eatery. An Asian-inspired seafood restaurant<br />

and a ‘to-go’ coffee counter complete its portfolio, and staff<br />

will even deliver hot food to you while you shop. A brand that<br />

really is at your service<br />

Find it<br />

Nordstrom<br />

235 W 57th St, New York, NY<br />

10019, USA<br />

nordstrom.com<br />


Sydney, Australia<br />

David Jones<br />

Australian retail icon David Jones<br />

is midway through a towering<br />

transformation, with the ultimate ambition<br />

to become the leading department store<br />

in the southern hemisphere.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

8/10<br />

Innovation<br />

8/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

8/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

8/10<br />

Founded<br />

1838<br />

Origin<br />

Sydney<br />

Sector<br />

Department<br />

Store<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

45<br />


Along with many retailers, David Jones has been struggling of<br />

late, closing stores and reducing space. But this latest project<br />

could see its fortunes change.<br />

The historic and much-loved Sydney destination is being<br />

given a new lease of life. Rich in Australian heritage, the<br />

remodelled store will offer a more contemporary, inspiring retail<br />

experience. Blending the existing fabric of the building with a<br />

vastly improved layout, the store will also feature refurbished<br />

brand spaces, upgraded food and beverage offerings, and<br />

new store-based services. If ever the word transformation<br />

applies, it is here.<br />

The first of the 12 levels to be completed was the designer<br />

Shoe Destination. In a first for Australia, customers can now<br />

experience the worlds of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci<br />

outside their eponymous boutique stores. Natural light streams<br />

in from huge windows, while a new mezzanine Champagne<br />

bar with commanding views over Sydney’s Hyde Park offers<br />

an extra touch of luxury to the designer experience.<br />

In this focus on redefining the retail<br />

experience, David Jones could be well on<br />

the way to reaching its ambitious goal.<br />

children can explore the worlds of Winnie the Pooh’s 100 Acre<br />

Wood and Marvel. Star Wars fans have an interactive flight<br />

deck from the Millenium Falcon, as well as clothes and toys<br />

and a Lego world, while the Disney Princess area will offer<br />

fairy lights, castles, carousels and a magic mirror.<br />

The completed floors are all different in their concept<br />

and execution, but with an overarching approach. This is<br />

unparalleled brand choice and an elevated customer journey<br />

instore. In this focus on redefining the retail experience, David<br />

Jones could be well on the way to reaching its ambitious goal<br />

Latitude:<br />

33°52’13.9”S<br />

Longitude:<br />

151°12’25.2”E<br />

The new children’s space has been developed in partnership<br />

with the Walt Disney Company of Australia and New Zealand.<br />

And the Disney magic is in full flow. ‘Experience curators’ will<br />

offer everything from face painting to reading to kids, and<br />

David Jones<br />

65-77 Market St, Sydney NSW<br />

2000, Australia<br />

Find it<br />

davidjones.com<br />


New York, USA<br />

Neiman Marcus<br />

Bringing high-end glamour to New York<br />

City for the very first time, Neiman<br />

Marcus has opened the doors to its new<br />

flagship with a characteristic sassy<br />

Texan style.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

9/10<br />

Innovation<br />

8/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

10/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded<br />

1907<br />

Origin<br />

Dallas<br />

Sector<br />

Department<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

42<br />


This is retail at its finest, oozing<br />

confidence and style from every pore.<br />

It’s clear the retailer has put careful thought into its entry<br />

into the city’s competitive luxury market, using architectural<br />

focal points and lively displays to welcome shoppers to<br />

neighbourhood’s newest luxury playground.<br />

This is retail at its finest, oozing confidence and style from<br />

every pore. Each display commands full attention, with<br />

authoritative retail theatre created by the vast surrounding<br />

spaces. Pristine product presentation and elegant materials<br />

radiate understated luxury and prestige.<br />

Expert storytelling reflects a modern ‘fairytale in New York’<br />

theme, woven cleverly into the store’s grouped mannequins,<br />

captivating window schemes and impactful central displays.<br />

Instore VM is, in a word, superlative. Calm and assured, each<br />

brand in the extensive selection is given space to breathe, with<br />

no clutter or jostling for attention. Equally, there is a distinct<br />

lack of distracting discount messaging and competing brand<br />

signage. The whole experience is comfortable, unhurried and<br />

indulgent.<br />

Neiman Marcus is renowned for its impressive instore<br />

modern art collection, and here its adopted art shines,<br />

complementing and enhancing the ranges. Fluid links and<br />

natural, yet considered, adjacencies between products make<br />

for a seamless shopping experience. Buy flowers while<br />

purchasing a new purse, play vintage arcade games in the<br />

men’s department and take a cooking class after browsing<br />

homeware.<br />

Latitude:<br />

40°45’12.5”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

74°00’04.1”W<br />

In short, it’s a masterclass in retailing standards, the<br />

perfect place to meander, socialise, browse and absorb the<br />

spectacular views<br />

Neiman Marcus<br />

20 Hudson Yards, New York,<br />

NY 10001, USA<br />

Find it<br />

neimanmarcus.com<br />


Vizona – Shopfitter<br />

Roman Thomas – Photographer<br />

Munich, Germany<br />

Oberpollinger<br />

Proudly standing the test of time,<br />

Oberpollinger’s transformation has<br />

raised it to the illustrious heights of<br />

pared-back perfection.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

9/10<br />

Innovation<br />

8/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

8/10<br />

Founded<br />

1905<br />

Origin<br />

Munich<br />

Sector<br />

Department<br />

Store<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

1<br />


Vizona – Shopfitter<br />

Roman Thomas – Photographer<br />

Oberpollinger has something of a dramatic history — indeed,<br />

the fact it is still standing is testament to its tenacity. Opened<br />

in 1905, it was originally billed as the luxurious department<br />

store in Neuhauser Straße.<br />

Sadly, it was burned down in a bombing raid in 1945, but nine<br />

years later, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a whole new<br />

building was opened. Fast forward to 2016 and it was time<br />

for renovation and reinvention, under the creative watch of<br />

celebrated British ‘starchitect’ John Pawson.<br />

Bringing his trademark minimalist aesthetic with pared-back,<br />

clean lines, the neutral interior has a dramatically different look<br />

and feel to most premium international department stores.<br />

Here, there are no lavish decorations. In fact, the look is ultraplain<br />

chic, borderline austere.<br />

The transformed Oberpollinger is a<br />

superlative example of minimalism on a<br />

grand scale.<br />

A new addition to its offering, a living floor has recently<br />

opened, along with a ground floor accessories, beauty and<br />

jewellery hall. Premium brands are given their own ‘shop-in-<br />

shop’ space within the store, while the innovative ‘The Storey’<br />

concept is in the basement, neatly reflecting its urban theme.<br />

VM is sharp and authoritative, with an understated narrative<br />

permeating the store. Departments are expansive, while<br />

Pawson’s trademark trestle-style tables allow flat low-level<br />

merchandising — a masterclass in sophisticated simplicity.<br />

The transformed Oberpollinger is a superlative example of<br />

minimalism on a grand scale, effortlessly applied here to<br />

the potentially complex and cluttered visual landscape of a<br />

department store.<br />

Brands and products sit harmoniously within the same space,<br />

neither competing too hard nor vying for attention. Overall,<br />

the look and feel may be too stark for shoppers seeking<br />

sumptuous surroundings. But for clarity of brand and defined<br />

product expression, it is a shining exemplar<br />

Latitude:<br />

48°08’23.6”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

11°34’06.1”E<br />

Vizona – Shopfitter<br />

Roman Thomas – Photographer<br />

Oberpollinger<br />

Neuhauser Straße 18<br />

80331 München, Germany<br />

Find it<br />

oberpollinger.de/en<br />


Also Visit<br />

Florence, Italy<br />

La Rinascente<br />

rinascente.it<br />

A love letter to its home nation, La Rinascente’s<br />

Florence store has Italian style running through its veins.<br />

Its lavish layout spans seven floors, while the rooftop<br />

terrace overlooks the domes and historic rooftops of the<br />

city. Here, prestigious brands meet refined handmade<br />

products, all with a proud ‘Made in Italy’ theme. Luxurious<br />

leather goods and high-end menswear are stitch-perfect<br />

Italian style. Meanwhile, the ‘ToscaNino’ concepts offer an<br />

authentic flavour of Tuscany, through traditional recipes in<br />

the café-restaurant and in the upper floor wine selection and<br />

shop.<br />

Find it | Piazza della Repubblica, 4, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy<br />

New York, USA<br />

Saks Fifth Avenue<br />

saksfifthavenue.com<br />

As the battle of the NYC department store giants<br />

gathers pace, the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue store is<br />

undergoing a transformation. Three recently reopened<br />

departments show the impressive results of serious<br />

investment, delivering high style and a dramatically<br />

upgraded shopping experience. The new Saks exudes<br />

high-end poise, confidently using light and colour to add<br />

serious instore sparkle, and effortlessly fusing heritage<br />

splendour architecture with futuristic, bold style. A winning<br />

combination.<br />

Find it | 611 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022, USA<br />


Speciality<br />

Brand shapeshifters are creating a new generation of<br />

retail concepts and experiences, breaking free from<br />

conventional formats and keeping pace with changing<br />

demands. Strikingly designed brand spaces combine<br />

retail with hospitality, places not merely to transact,<br />

but to just be. Deliberately disruptive, without tipping<br />

into indulgence, reinvention and reimagination are the<br />

watchwords. Fortune favours the brave.<br />

New worlds.<br />


Miranda, Australia<br />

Gro Urban Oasis<br />

Reframing thinking around the humble<br />

houseplant, Gro Urban Oasis is leading<br />

the indoor green revolution, bringing the<br />

great outdoors home.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

10/10<br />

Founded<br />

2008<br />

Origin<br />

Sydney<br />

Sector<br />

Independent<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

6<br />


Amplifying the immersive experience, virtually everything<br />

instore is living, nature in its purest, rawest form. The<br />

retail standards are pitch perfect, with impressive visual<br />

merchandising and stunning feature displays enhancing the<br />

chic, premium look.<br />

As the cost of city living rises, outdoor space is rapidly<br />

becoming a luxury few can afford. But with the muchheralded<br />

wellness benefits of the natural world, city dwellers<br />

are increasingly looking for ways to add some horticultural<br />

touches to their living spaces.<br />

In this highly innovative and inspirational<br />

retail concept, green is the new black.”<br />

Other offerings include design, advice and plant-care services,<br />

potting and planting demonstrations, and instore terrarium<br />

design and creation.<br />

Taking ‘disruptive’ to new heights, Gro has nurtured forgotten,<br />

unappreciated products and injected them with vitality, using<br />

innovative thinking and expert store execution to bring them to<br />

life for a new consumer generation<br />

Australian retail concept Gro Urban Oasis is the brainchild<br />

of Simon and Anna Ainsworth. As life-long plant lovers and<br />

respected horticulturalists, their ambition is to bring the ‘joy<br />

of plants’ into more people’s lives. Ripping up the rulebook<br />

on the much-maligned houseplant, they have turned it into a<br />

fashion product, moving it away from specialist garden centres<br />

and into popular shopping malls. Fast forward to the present<br />

day, and there are soon to be six Gro stores making their<br />

unique contribution to the conventional mall line up.<br />

In this highly innovative and inspirational retail concept, green<br />

is the new black. The stores are breathtakingly sensory, a lush<br />

green space filled with an earthy aroma and popping with<br />

vibrant colours and an array of textures. It’s a look and feel<br />

that effortlessly blends jungle, rainforest and steamy botanical<br />

hothouse themes, offering an expertly selected range of ontrend<br />

plants, coordinating ceramics, contemporary décor<br />

items and essential garden sundries.<br />

Latitude:<br />

34°02’06.2”S<br />

Longitude:<br />

151°06’02.5”E<br />

Gro Urban Oasis<br />

600 Kingsway, Miranda NSW<br />

2228, Australia<br />

Find it<br />

gro-urbanoasis.com.au<br />


Munich, Germany<br />

Lush<br />

Bringing its signature scents and sensory<br />

delights to its new store, Lush is breaking<br />

new ground on its sustainability mission.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

10/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded<br />

1995<br />

Origin<br />

Poole<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

900<br />


Its largest premises in Germany and second largest in Europe,<br />

Lush’s new Munich store is an immersive powerhouse,<br />

propelling visitors beyond simply ‘shopping’ into a modern<br />

world of ‘shopping sustainably’. Centred close to Marienplatz,<br />

the main tourist destination, the store design was inspired by<br />

Munich retailers’ minimalist attitudes towards packaging and<br />

focus on sustainability.<br />

The quirky visual elements are still there,<br />

but with a more accessible approach.<br />

Product categories are clearly split across the three floors,<br />

creating straightforward destination points, while innovative<br />

features throughout perfectly reflect the brand’s ethos. A<br />

permanent florist offers locally sourced bouquets for any<br />

season, and shoppers can enjoy a Fairtrade coffee from the<br />

kiosk, or gather in the activist community space. And in a nod<br />

to its other recent concept openings in Florence and Paris,<br />

Lush has also installed a ‘perfume library’, selling fragrances<br />

and perfumery books.<br />

In something of a step change, the retailer has moved away<br />

from its traditional black interior, opting instead for white and<br />

grey tones. Rich, green potted plants and wooden fixtures<br />

give a lighter feel, with the overall effect is one of a cleaner,<br />

more grown-up store. The quirky visual elements are still<br />

there, but with a more accessible approach.<br />

Sustainability is the refrain throughout. A refill drinking water<br />

station, recycling board and inventive gift wrapping all work to<br />

reinforce the ‘go green’ maxim. Meanwhile, large-scale POS<br />

adds supportive sustainability messaging, while innovative<br />

digital signage works well to balance out the pared-back<br />

‘blackboard’ style.<br />

Latitude:<br />

48°08’15.6”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

11°34’28.5”E<br />

This is Lush plus — all the elements you’d expect from the<br />

brand, such as staff demonstrations, relatable messaging and<br />

themed products, but with clever interactive concepts and a<br />

sustainability core focus adding depth and gravity<br />

Find it<br />

Lush<br />

Kaufingerstraße 10, 80331<br />

München, Germany<br />

de.lush.com<br />


London, UK<br />

Adidas<br />

A refreshing antidote to the prophecies of<br />

retail apocalypse, the new Adidas flagship<br />

store is the epitome of modern retail, and<br />

then some.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

10/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

9/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

10/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded<br />

1949<br />

Origin<br />

Herzogenaurach<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

460<br />


A piece of prime retail estate on Oxford Street, the store’s<br />

location is a win in terms of both footfall and retail marketing.<br />

Exploiting the ‘tourist trap’ element of the area, Adidas have<br />

turned the ground floor into a celebration of London and its<br />

diversity.<br />

The store’s exclusive LDN range is designed in collaboration<br />

with London artists, a blueprint for prestige and desirability.<br />

Nods to the city are present on other floors, too, in graphics<br />

and focal points but, essentially, within the products<br />

themselves.<br />

Digital touchpoints are an integral feature. Smart mirrors<br />

recognise clothing tried on, and offer product information<br />

or alternative options, while digital screens and projected<br />

imagery on exposed concrete enhance the futuristic and<br />

industrial aesthetic. Via the app, shoppers can scan products,<br />

check stock, and purchase on the spot, avoiding queuing<br />

or searching for collection points. The overall effect is one of<br />

encouraging shoppers to wander and discover, an immersive<br />

experience with purchase as just one of its strands.<br />

Creative treatments add a real ‘wow’ factor, evoking a sense<br />

of a shop-exhibition hybrid. Collaborations and exclusive<br />

collections are in ‘discovery areas’, while interactive services<br />

such as a customisation station and a sneaker services<br />

repairs kiosk help shoppers connect with both staff and their<br />

purchases.<br />

The store is unashamedly designed<br />

as a destination to be experienced, not a<br />

showroom for the brand.<br />

Sustainability has been carefully considered throughout. The<br />

use of responsibly sourced materials are communicated<br />

subtly, without detracting from key brand messages. Likewise,<br />

plus-size mannequins are integrated rather than highlighted.<br />

The store is unashamedly designed as a destination to be<br />

experienced, not a showroom for the brand. Staff aren’t just<br />

there to sell. They exude an infectious energy, with endearing<br />

and genuine enthusiasm encouraging shoppers to stay a<br />

while longer<br />

Latitude:<br />

51°30’50.8”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

0°09’07.9”W<br />

Store<br />

425 Oxford Street, London,<br />

W1C 2PG, UK<br />

Find it<br />

Adidas.co.uk<br />


Hong Kong, China<br />

Muji<br />

As Muji opens the doors on its 21st Hong<br />

Kong store, the leading Japanese massmarket<br />

retailer showcases its trademark<br />

shining simplicity and meticulous<br />

merchandising with spectacular results.<br />

Brand Experience<br />

9/10<br />

Innovation<br />

9/10<br />

VM/Presentation<br />

10/10<br />

Retail Execution<br />

9/10<br />

Customer Service<br />

9/10<br />

Founded<br />

1980<br />

Origin<br />

Tokyo<br />

Sector<br />

Multiple<br />

<strong>Stores</strong><br />

656<br />


It’s a city known for lavish international designer stores. But as<br />

Muji joins the ranks in one of Hong Kong’s most fashionable,<br />

luxury malls, it’s a step change demonstrating the desire for a<br />

diversified retail and service offer.<br />

The classic MUJI design aesthetic is an<br />

exquisite balance of elegance, functionality<br />

and comfort.<br />

Muji is famous for its design minimalism and strict ‘no-logo or<br />

no-brand policy’. Its positive stance on recycling and waste<br />

avoidance in production and packaging resonate strongly with<br />

today’s shoppers. Don’t be fooled into thinking all this means<br />

Muji is lacking in style. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.<br />

The classic Muji design aesthetic is an exquisite balance<br />

of elegance, functionality and comfort, and this is expertly<br />

reflected in all aspects of brand delivery. A strictly disciplined<br />

approach to store and product design, presentation and<br />

instore marketing means retail standards are consistently<br />

executed with impressively coordinated global efficiency.<br />

This latest, single-floor, store showcases their apparel,<br />

household and food collections in a stunningly simple store<br />

design. Nothing is flashy or synthetic, no technology gimmicks<br />

are to be found. It faithfully respects the brand’s DNA,<br />

reflecting its Japanese roots, culture and tradition with quiet,<br />

understated grace.<br />

The apparel collections feature everyday wardrobe basics<br />

and easy-to-wear seasonal pieces. In line with millennial<br />

marketing trends, the Muji Labo concept is a unisex collection,<br />

transcending gender, age and body size.<br />

The home area includes a new design service to help<br />

shoppers maximise interior space planning, with room<br />

sets created for visual demonstrations. Shoppers can also<br />

browse the Muji IDÉE collaboration, designed to bring art into<br />

everyday life through special furnishings and décor pieces.<br />

In a nod to its designer neighbours, the store places a strong<br />

emphasis on innovative and impactful display features, all<br />

faithful to the brand’s understated, signature VM look<br />

Latitude:<br />

22°16’38.9”N<br />

Longitude:<br />

114°09’58.5”E<br />

Muji<br />

88 Queensway Road,<br />

Admiralty, Hong Kong, China<br />

Find it<br />

muji.com<br />


Also Visit<br />

San Francisco, USA<br />

Drip Doctors<br />

dripdoctors.com<br />

Barcelona, Spain<br />

Catai<br />

catai.es<br />

Drip Doctors is a hybrid of a private healthcare centre<br />

and a spa. Opened in April 2019 in a lively, bustling<br />

neighbourhood, the venue boasts a clean, polished<br />

interior with a fresh, modern design, in contrast with its<br />

blue and white ‘pharmaceutical’ exterior. Offering IV vitamin<br />

therapy, cosmetic enhancements and health and wellness<br />

treatments, it directly appeals to the inside-out health<br />

culture of the state. A green plant wall reflects the nurturing<br />

aspects of the brand, while art and photography in the<br />

waiting room references their health credentials.<br />

Find it | 1877 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA<br />

A world away from the clinical ‘click-and-book’ online<br />

travel agencies, Catai’s philosophy is that the best<br />

way to plan your perfect trip is to sit down and talk.<br />

To this end, its new venue in Barcelona is welcoming<br />

and interactive. Its modern interior offers a sharp contrast<br />

between natural wood and charcoal grey, while vintage-style<br />

suitcases and wall maps reflect its global offering. Budding<br />

travellers are offered a personalised, tailored service to<br />

create their own, bespoke dream trip.<br />

Find it | Carrer de Còrsega, 298, 08036 Barcelona, Spain<br />

Gothenberg, Sweden<br />

Nividas<br />

nividas.com<br />

New York, USA<br />

JustFoodForDogs<br />

justfoodfordogs.com<br />

Translating as ‘we see’ in Esperanto, Nivadas’ ethos<br />

reflects the language, created to break down barriers<br />

across countries and cultures. Its affordable eyewear<br />

is designed for every lifestyle and individual, and it gives<br />

equal priority to style and function. Transcending traditional<br />

clinical layouts, its store shines with a Miami beach, art deco<br />

vibe. Simple product placement and clear POS work well<br />

with small shelves and curved mirrors, balancing style and<br />

function instore as perfectly as in its product range.<br />

Find it | Östra Hamngatan 29, 411 10 Göteborg, Sweden<br />

The fresh food movement for pets is marching on, with<br />

the latest launch by JustFoodForDogs at the Petco<br />

flagship store in New York. Nine years after opening<br />

their first kitchen producing fresh, human-grade food<br />

exclusively for pets, the brand is taking canine care to new<br />

heights. Its new kitchen facility is furnished with stateof-the-art<br />

equipment, where trained chefs hand-prepare<br />

the signature recipes, all proven to boost dogs’ immune<br />

systems. Every item is subject to rigorous quality control,<br />

and the brand also has nutritional consultants instore.<br />

Find it | 860 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, USA<br />


Also Visit<br />

New York, USA<br />

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company<br />

deciem.com<br />

A beauty brand with a clean, pure ethos, Deciem’s<br />

New York store’s surprising interior is in direct contrast<br />

with its products. Industrial and raw, it makes good<br />

use of paint props to create the overall impression of an art<br />

studio. Playful and teasing, it offers engaging instore theatre<br />

through cleverly creative product presentation. Clean white<br />

tiles pop with strong shades of black and yellow, while<br />

industrial lighting adds to the rustic, unpolished vibe. Brand<br />

inversion at its finest.<br />

Find it | 1134A Broadway, New York, NY 10010, USA<br />

New York, USA<br />

Lovepop<br />

lovepopcards.com<br />

Lovepop’s beautiful, laser-cut pop-up cards have to<br />

be seen to be truly appreciated. And the brand has<br />

now opened its first bricks-and-mortar store in New<br />

York’s Hudson Yards’ ‘Floor of Discovery’. The gleaming<br />

white store, with vibrant pops of colour, is evocative of an<br />

art gallery, proudly displaying its cards in carefully curated<br />

groups and themes. Shoppers can use its innovative<br />

catalogue, in the form of a touchscreen mirror, to browse<br />

and ship products, while clever use of storage keeps the<br />

store clean, clear and easy to navigate.<br />

Find it | 20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA<br />


Agenda:<br />

The <strong>2020</strong>s<br />

Retail Responsibly<br />

What will define retail in <strong>2020</strong>?<br />

It will not be retail technology, though continued advances are<br />

a given. Instead, the big agenda change for retail will be the<br />

need for direct and positive action on climate change.<br />

It’s a positive an enabling agenda that will see retailers, brands<br />

and citizens quickly unite around ‘the greater good’. Shoppers<br />

will demand it. Legislators will act for it. Humanity needs it.<br />

Retailers will have to respond. This will lead global brands to<br />

the front line of development.<br />

Shopper attitudes to purchase and consumption behaviour will<br />

fundamentally change. People will be less willing to tolerate<br />

unnecessary food miles, and will want localised production<br />

and eco-friendly farming solutions.<br />

We can expect to see a new generation of significantly<br />

greener stores emerge as a result. Retail design will be less<br />

polluting, the use of space more efficient. <strong>Stores</strong> contributing<br />

to reduced waste, greater use of renewable energy and<br />

more onsite recycling. Supply chains will be overhauled<br />

with a transformation in sourcing, production methods and<br />

packaging solutions. New partnerships and wider industry<br />

cooperation will see concerted international drives to tackle<br />

the colossal challenges that will lead to game-changing<br />

innovation. This is not time for procrastination, but action.<br />

One thing is clear, retailers will need to act fast to escalate<br />

projects that help and to ‘do the right thing’ to protect their<br />

businesses and secure their bottom line. As a key ‘axis of<br />

society’, it is morally right for retailers to lead the way in these<br />

important areas and to demonstrate good stewardship for<br />

their brand communities.<br />

This year’s edition of the Visual Thinking <strong>Good</strong> <strong>Stores</strong> <strong>Guide</strong><br />

acts as an early indicator of the new thinking that will be<br />

demanded of retail in the decade ahead, if it is to evolve and<br />

thrive.<br />

With more than 25 years’ retail experience, we’ve been there<br />

and seen it all. It enables us to bring you this authoritative<br />

review of retail best practice every year. And it’s the reason<br />

that leading retailers trust us to elevate their customer<br />

experience. Raising standards, developing people, and<br />

growing sales continues to deliver our kind of sustainability —<br />

taking retail performance from the every day to the exceptional<br />

for now, for next year, forever.<br />

While the ‘to-do list‘ for retailers will never be complete,<br />

retail has proven again and again that it is well placed to<br />

adapt, evolve and embrace innovation. It’s why we should be<br />

confident and optimistic in the industry’s ability to pioneer and<br />

lead the way. The brands that do will be richly rewarded<br />


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Directory Listing A / M<br />

Adidas<br />

Adidas.co.uk<br />

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company<br />

deciem.com<br />

425 Oxford street, London, W1C 2PG<br />

1134A Broadway, New York, NY 10010, USA<br />

Allbirds<br />

allbirds.com<br />

Designtorget<br />

designtorget.se<br />

425 Hayes St. San Francisco, CA, USA<br />

Vallgatan 14, 411 16 Göteborg, Sweden<br />

The Kitchen by Artilleriet artilleriet.se/en/the_kitchen<br />

Magasinsgatan 19, 411 18 Göteborg, Sweden<br />

Drip Doctors<br />

dripdoctors.com<br />

1877 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA<br />

Aviator Nation<br />

aviatornation.com<br />

Hayes St, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, USA<br />

Dylan’s Candy Bar<br />

dylanscandybar.com<br />

20 Hudson Yards, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001, USA<br />

Bolia.com<br />

bolia.com<br />

Flannels<br />

flannels.com<br />

Lenbachpl. 2A, 80333 München, Germany<br />

161-167 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2JP, UK<br />

Burberry<br />

ae.burberry.com<br />

Unit No GF-321 & FF-316, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE<br />

Forty Five Ten<br />

fortyfiveten.com<br />

20 Hudson Yards Suite 512, New York, NY 10001, USA<br />

Calvin Klein<br />

Schildergasse 55, 50667 Köln, Germany<br />

calvinklein.de<br />

Gro Urban Oasis<br />

gro-urbanoasis.com.au<br />

Shop 2113/600 Kingsway, Miranda NSW 2228, Australia<br />

Caramel<br />

caramel-shop.co.uk<br />

38B Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 2AB, UK<br />

JustFoodForDogs<br />

justfoodfordogs.com<br />

860 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, USA<br />

Catai<br />

Carrer de Còrsega, 298, 08036 Barcelona, Spain<br />

catai.es<br />

KitKat Chocolatory<br />

johnlewis.com/content/kitkat<br />

300 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1C 1DX, UK<br />

Chök The Chocolate Kitchen<br />

chokbarcelona.com<br />

Carrer d’en Xuclà, 110, 08001 Barcelona, Spain<br />

Lovepop<br />

Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA<br />

lovepopcards.com<br />

Citarella<br />

citarella.com<br />

Lush<br />

lush.com<br />

Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA<br />

Kaufingerstraße 10, 80331 München, Germany<br />

David Jones<br />

davidjones.com<br />

65-77 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia<br />

M&S<br />

marksandspencers.com<br />

Clapham Junction, 45 St John’s Rd, London SW11 1QP, UK<br />


Directory Listing M / Z<br />

Muji<br />

88 Queensway Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong, China<br />

muji.com<br />

Snow Peak<br />

snowpeak.co.uk<br />

16A Regent Street, St James’s, London SW1Y 4PH, UK<br />

Neiman Marcus<br />

neimanmarcus.com<br />

20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA<br />

Starbucks Reserve Roastery starbucksreserve.com<br />

646 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA<br />

See Also: Explorer — New York | April 2019 | Read Me<br />

Nividas<br />

nividas.com<br />

Östra Hamngatan 29, 411 10 Göteborg, Sweden<br />

Nordstrom<br />

235 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, USA<br />

Oberpollinger<br />

Neuhauser Straße 1880331 München, Germany<br />

nordstrom.com<br />

oberpollinger.de/en<br />

The Conservatory<br />

theconservatorynyc.com<br />

20 Hudson Yards Suite 112, New York, NY 10001, USA<br />

Urban Remedy<br />

urbanremedy.com<br />

450 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA<br />

Workshop Living<br />

workshopliving.co.uk<br />

13a Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HE, UK<br />

Off-White<br />

off---white.com<br />

280 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia<br />

Parachute<br />

parachutehome.com<br />

445 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA<br />

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