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Hospitality Lighting Trends - Architectural SSL

market: hospitality


restaurant and hospitality design have

numerous similarities, while some aspects

are unique to their service model.

they are in business to serve the public,

carving their slice of the market, from

popular-price to luxury. Both apply elements

of theatricality to their physical

facilities, interior and exterior.

lighting becomes a communications

medium to transmit the operational

point-of-view of the operator, linking the

décor and architecture with service that

makes the client feel comfortable and

appreciated. exterior lighting treatments

convey the brand image appropriate for

its market appeal. Functionally, hotels

are 24/7 users of lighting, while restaurants

shut down for part of the day.

For a typical full-service restaurant,

front-of-the-house spaces to be lit

include entry and waiting area, the main

dining room, private dining rooms, bar

area, server stations, and optional open

kitchens and patio dining areas. Back-ofthe-house

includes closed food preparation

areas, storage, etc.

many restaurants are moving toward

a lighter and brighter atmosphere.

Dim restaurant environments are almost

a thing of the past with the trend to

lighter surfaces and large windows.

themed restaurants have largely been

replaced by dining destinations that

reflect their locale, such as starbucks

neighborhood concept design program

implemented for its times square theater

District in New york. Focus lighting’s

design cue was a vintage Broadway

stage set. Fresnel fixtures were equipped

with leD lamps and barn doors are

Yotel New York City

Yotel is a U.K.-based hotel chain designed in the Japanese capsule hotel model. For its Manhattan

facility, the hotel’s public spaces are illuminated almost exclusively with leDs to coordinate with the

sleek, predominately white and gray interiors. the luggage robot is the central feature of the lobby,

where it loads and stores guests’ belongings. lighting: Focus lighting. Photo: Scott Frances/otto

mounted on triangular trusses. two leD

lamp types—16.3-watt leD par 30 and

6.7-watt leD mr16 lamps—were used

throughout the space.

hotels often have restaurants cafés,

and bar areas, plus lobbies, corridors,

guest rooms, conference centers, meeting

and event rooms, wellness centers

and gyms, staff offices, and special

purpose areas. multi-story boutique

hotels in the past decade have expanded

and added amenities to the informal

bed-and-breakfast. For the 24-room

Bungalow hotel in long Branch, N.J.,

lighting designers Beam brought an upscale

image to the four-story beachfront

building’s exterior with linear extruded

leD seaside-rated striplights across the

roofline. at the entry are 39-watt metal

halide decorative wall fixtures.

S28 illuminate: APril 2012 a supplement to Architectural Products magazine

UNgAlow hotel Long Branch, N.J.

this 24-room luxury boutique hotel is located in an area of the beachfront community that is undergoing

upscale redevelopment. interior lighting for the guest suites include minimalist slot design lights at vanities

and simple-form surface fixtures. All sources are controlled by dimmers. lighting: beAM. Photo: courtesy of

ironstate Development.

All AboUt elegANce

the up-scale antonia two-light wall sconce with crystal

accents is a handsome addition to 2nd ave. lighting’s

high-end decorative lighting products. the sconce’s

candle-style arms are embellished with floral accents and

draped with crystal jewels, which connects the two arms.

made from steel and hand finished in copper rust, the wall

scone measures 13 in. x 15 in. Circle 198 .

2nd Ave. Lighting

locate at lightfair

booth NUMber 1641

glAMoUr AND glow

With streamlined sophistication,

harlow combines leD technology with

incandescent lighting. available as a single

or double sconce or pendant, it features a

cool, understated color palette of stainless

steel, neutral tones and multi-faceted

“diamond” accents incorporated in to the

stem and base, which are illuminated by

leDs. the base features incandescent bulbs

and an attractive fabric shade. Circle 199 .

Corbett Lighting

bArbAcoA London, UK

market: hospitality

PiPiNg hot

Named for its distinctive shape, the leD pipe

pendant is dimmable with either a magnetic

or electronic low-voltage dimmer. the 6-watt,

12-volt aC luminaire is designed for use with

low-voltage track systems or port systems, such

as monorail and Fast Jack canopies. Circle 197 .

from Pure Edge Lighting

locate at lightfair

booth NUMber 3135

Pipe light, created by the restaurant’s interior designer tom Dixon, is suspended

in clusters around the double-height restaurant. Above the flexible seating area,

the decorative galvanized steel cylinders are suspended in groups of three. each

Pipe light houses a single leD. lighting: Speirs + Major. Photo: James Newton.

a supplement to Architectural Products magazine illuminate: APril 2012 S29

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