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5780 קיץ / 2020 SUMMER


3 Messages from Rabbi Jason Nevarez & President Kimberly Carnot

4 Mazal Tov to our Confirmation Students


5 Beth Israel Teens- Our Future is Bright

Yasher koach to the teens serving our community

6 Jewish @ Home

How some of our members are surviving and thriving with stay-at-home orders

11 What's Happening at Beth Israel


14 Congregant Spotlight

Meet Marcia and Shana Hazan

15 Meet Your Board Members & Community Volunteers

16 Welcome New Members

17 Mazal Tov to Our Graduating Class & Honoring Our

Volunteer of the Year and Women of Valor

18 Mazal Tov! B’nai Mitzvah, Baby Namings and Weddings


19 Many Thanks to Our Ner Tamid Circle and Dor L'Dor Society Members

20 Thank You for Your Contributions!


2 SUMMER 2020 / 5780


By Senior Rabbi Jason Nevarez

As I write this, Nicole, Ethan, Sophie, and I have been readying

ourselves for a journey….traversing our beautiful country [albeit in

the midst of global pandemic and a country battling real-time and

historical currents of systemic racism], ending with our arrival in

our new homes of San Diego and Beth Israel. So much to prepare

and process - we purge and donate and sell. We save and pack. We

stock up. We get angry and sad about the pains of the world while

preparing to say goodbye and hello.

At the time of this communication, we’ve been on lockdown for

nearly 90 days, and we are itching to physically embrace friends

and loved ones before setting out on our new adventures, and

eagerly anticipate gaining new insights about our new

community and ourselves, as well as all the wonderful things that

happen on a journey.

Our Torah offers us wonderful lessons about journeys. At the end of

the book of Leviticus, the Israelites received their packing list, and

the book that comes next, Numbers, in Hebrew, Bamidbar,

animates the most defining journey of our lives – a journey into

the wilderness.

Standing at the foot of Mt. Sinai, ready to head out on the journey,

the Israelites are given an endless packing list, some of which

doesn’t seem necessary or even relevant in the moment. That

moment in our Torah is filled with expansive instruction of what to

do and what not to do. How to be holy, how to act in the face of

uncertainty, how to treat others who are sick or most vulnerable.

When we get to the Book of Numbers, we’re tasked with following

one of two paths, based upon the instructions received. We can go

one way and follow God’s laws and live a life of blessing, or we can

go the other, ignore God’s instruction and live a painful, broken life.

We’re told to rest the land and our bodies, go out of our way to be

fair and good and just, even when it feels untimely.

These teachings prepare us for the journey: what will be needed to

survive and thrive in the next chapter – those essentials needed to

make the right choices when we come upon scenarios that, while

packing, we can’t even imagine we would have ever needed.

In some ways, this is where we are now in our country. States are

beginning to open, but we have a long journey of unknowns ahead.

Since March, we have all lived the loss of stability and predictability,

and have been pained by the loss of so many lives. Our daily

rhythms have been upended, and social distancing has become a

mode of daily practice. Additionally, our country has been layered

with profound pain and trauma, as rage and grief pour into the

streets and cities around our country.

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By Kimberly Carnot


Beth Israel

As I draft this message, it is the last day of school for my kids. Camps have been

cancelled and summer plans scrapped. Our friends are feverishly sharing

information on which camps are still planning to have in person options, so we can

shift reservations and try to stay ahead of constantly changing information. There

are many unknowns and that lack of certainty causes us stress. But, I am reminded

of the lyrics to a Green Day song:

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road

Time grabs by the wrist, directs you where to go

So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why

It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right

I hope you had the time of your life

And there you have it. We spent much of the past few months existing under the

auspices of stay at home orders and behavioral guidance. Many in our community

experienced fear, confusion, illness, and sadly death as our family and friend circles

were touched by COVID-19. But, as a caring community, Beth Israel did not merely

exist, we chose to thrive.

We adapted and strengthened our connections. Our hearts expanded to embrace

each other through words of encouragement and virtual check ins. Our teachers

called our students, our students spent time before and after classes catching up

with each other – we heard their laughter echo through our homes. Our virtual

services gained sophistication as we learned how to make technology meet our

needs – we chatted before and after (and maybe a little bit during) worship. Through

Zoom we were invited into each other’s homes. We learned that some of us have the

same wire fence on our decks, similar paint colors and furniture. We got to see

treasured candle sticks and symbols of our commitments to Judaism. We felt our

connectedness and saw opportunities to learn more about each other. We laughed,

we studied, we prayed – together and for each other – we counted the Omer, we rose

to welcome the Shabbat bride, we learned new rituals and new tunes, and we

showed up.

I’ve been on the Board of Beth Israel for 7 years now. We are always focused on how

to get more people to show up – tweaking programs and plans, establishing metrics

of success, and looking for opportunities to improve.

My question to each of you: in these times, have you been showing up more at Beth

Israel than you did in the past? I’ll let you in on a little secret – you have. Attendance

numbers across the board are up – services, Torah study, classes and discussion

groups, programs, and social events. A cynic might attribute this to limitations on

the activities we can do right now. But, that is neither factual nor accurate. We can

always find ways to pass time – we can binge watch Netflix, taste test our bottles of

wine, bake, bike ride, garden, sleep … In these times, we are choosing Beth Israel and

this, this is the reason we speak of the need for Beth Israel to be here now and into the

future. This choice, this feeling, this connection, this realization of wanting to be part

of something much larger than us as individuals – this is why Beth Israel. This is why

we are members. This is why we give to our hearts content. This is why we look

optimistically at the months ahead as we welcome Rabbi Jason Nevarez and his

family and plan for a time when we can fully re-open and welcome you back to our

campus. Thank you for being with us on this unpredictable but amazing journey.

SUMMER 2020 / 5780 3


Daniella Abbott

Frances Altes

Hillary Altes

Gabrielle Biederman

Emily Boodman

Kate Chasin

Sarah Dean

Trevor DePodesta

Emily Fisher

Julia Galperin

Elizabeth Gardner

Liora Krantz

Anna Livingstone

David Lutz

Jeremy Mandel

Marina Nevin

Rachel Prager

Matthew Remish

Max Rosenblum

Cade Schwartz

Simone Shupper

Melanie Spitzberg

Olivia Stabile

Andrew Valdez

Sydney Wilensky

What does Judaism mean to YOU? Here are some snippets:

Daniella Abbott

I realized what Judaism meant to me when I went to my

first NFTY event. It made me realize that Judaism means

community and friendship. I feel like I’m given a sense

of belonging. I went to my first NFTY event only really

knowing a few people, but by the time I left I had a whole

group of friends that are still a big part of my life today.

Kate Chasin

The moment that makes me proud to be a Jew was

during our L’Taken trip. We put our arms around each

other, at 11 at night, and quietly sang Hashkiveinu in

the hotel hallway. The moment was so precious, and

so powerful. That moment truly made me proud to be

a Jew. It confirmed, in my mind, who I was as a Jew.

Yes, I am a social Jew. Yes, I am a cultural Jew. Yes, I

am a religious Jew. And yes, I am a musical Jew. But my

identity, truly and simply, is a proud Jew.

Julia Galperin

Nearly three years ago, I stood in front of this

beautiful congregation as a bat mitzvah. As I taught

the crowd about my Torah portion and as we sang

together, I glimpsed at the faces of friends and family,

as well as many others. Right then, I felt a strong

sense of community and connection. No matter where

I am, religious school, on the Bimah, camp, or even at

home, I feel a sense of community and it makes me

realize how meaningful Judaism is to me.

4 SUMMER 2020 / 5780

Liora Krantz

Beth Israel is my home where I have enjoyed pursuing my

Jewish passions, growing my Jewish identity, and creating

many friendships. I believe that every time when I am

at Beth Israel, I am confirming my faith to myself, those

around me, and opening up to others why I am here.

Anna Livingstone

At the end of this past year’s Yom Kippur service, I

heard the opening notes of my favorite song, L’Dor

VaDor. After just a few lines, I became overwhelmed

with emotion and tears. As I let the beautiful lyrics

wash over me – with my mom by my side supporting

me in the sanctuary where I grew up, surrounded by

the music and synagogue that I love, that although, I

was brought up with Judaism, I have now chosen it.

Rachel Prager

One of the moments from our L’Taken trip that

confirmed my Jewish identity was a visit to the

Holocaust Museum. It was in the Hall of Remembrance

when we wrapped our arms around each other and

sang prayers that my Jewish identity was confirmed.

Being surrounded by other Jews saying prayer in such

a devastating part of our past made me realize how

lucky I am to be a Jew and that I want it to be a part of

my identity forever.

Matt Remish

A moment in the past year that confirmed my Jewish

identity spending my Sunday mornings at Beth

Israel, being a Madrich for 2nd graders. I became

close with the students and I realized I found joy in

helping out with children. Working with those 2nd

graders and earning their trust really made me feel

closer to Judaism and made me realize I was doing a

mitzvah every week when I walked into that classroom,

knowing that the students were about to have a fun

morning of learning about Judaism.

Olivia Stabile

A few months ago, during winter break I was missing

class, I missed the students I would see every Sunday

and Thursday. I decided to see if I could find some

of my favorite songs on Spotify. The first song that I

played was “Who By Fire,” one of my favorite songs

from Rosh Hashana, and one of the first songs I

learned to sing in choir. I immediately burst out crying,

because that song, that tune, held such beautiful

memories of Rosh Hashana services, of warmth and

familiarity. I finally felt like I was a part of a synagogue.

Andrew Valdez

One of the moments I really felt connected was during

our L’Taken trip outside of Kamala Harris’ office in the

Senate building. I looked to my right as I walked in

and saw various flags. Among them was the flag of the

United States, a trans pride flag, a gay pride flag and a

sign in Spanish that said “all dreamers are welcome.”

Knowing my family history and who I am now, I know

that I am me and being Jewish and having that being

a part of who I am and my identity is important to me

and I wouldn’t change it for anyone or anything.

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I believe these past three months has been our instruction phase –

the packing for what lies ahead. During this time, we’re acquiring

masks and gloves, figuring out the safest and most hygienic systems in

order to interact with the world around us. We’re learning new ways of

supporting those in need, and how we should learn to listen to the pains

of others. We’re learning to pay attention to what truly matters.

Now we stand between packing for our journey and being on the

journey, needing to draw on all that we have learned in preparation…

to learn how to walk in new ways, and navigate uncertain terrains.

We may not even know it, but each of us has been packing and storing

up new ideas—about ourselves and the world—over the past three-plus

months. You and I have learned things about vulnerability and honesty,

fear and strength. We’ve learned about insurmountable loss of life and

letting go. We’ve learned about systemic racism and that we must listen

and educate ourselves. We’ve learned about love and faith.

As my family and I pack and prepare to physically and spiritually enter

into this beautiful community, I am mindful that we are all bringing

items that will remain on our packing lists, and will help define our

journey forward. May the inspiring teachings and wisdom of our

tradition guide us as we continue to do all that we can to keep ourselves

both healthy and safe. Although physically distanced, may we use these

instructions as spiritual motivation to strengthen our resolve as we

journey through our modern day midbar (wilderness).

Contact Rabbi Nevarez at

Beth Israel Teens

our future is


Recently, two Beth

Israel teens, Tzipporah

Moehringer and Sadie

Smith, were named

as part of 18 under

18 by the Jewish Teen

Initiative. 18 under 18

is a community-wide

awareness campaign

that recognized 18 teens

doing outstanding

things in our


This past year

Sadie served

as our BITY


and since


in place she

has collected over 3000 pounds of food

and toiletries from over 100 Beth Israel

families for Jewish Family Service. Her

passion for Jewish culture and social

action bleeds through her work ethic.

Tzipporah has a passion for Tikkun Olam.

She exemplifies what it means to be a

leader within the greater San Diego Jewish

community. Motiv is only one of the many

communal leadership touchpoints that she

holds; she is also involved with the San

Diego Jewish Teen Leadership Peer Leader

Fellowship, Beth Israel, StandWithUs and

Camp Mountain Chai.

In addition, this past year five Beth Israel

teens received the Presidential Volunteer

Service Award. This award honors

individuals whose service positively

impacts communities in every corner of

the nation and inspires those around them

to take action too.

The gold award (over

250 hours of volunteer

service) has been

awarded to Anna




and Sadie


The bronze award (100-174 hours of

volunteer service) has been awarded to

Josh Goodman and

Trevor Keith.

Last but not least, we

want to acknowledge Anna Livingstone and

Kate Chasin as they are Religious Action

Center (RAC) fellows. This program has

them learn community

organizing skills, deepen

their understanding of

civic engagement, and

initiate a project in their

home communities

connected to the URJ's

larger Civic



Yasher Koach to

these amazing teens! Keep up your

work of doing good.

SUMMER 2020 / 5780 5




We’ve stayed connected with Beth Israel and our Jewish community by attending many of the

wonderful Zoom classes offered by Beth Israel. We also attended Friday night Erev Shabbat

services, and regularly attend Saturday morning Torah Study and the Minyan service. We’re so

happy with the way Beth Israel has provided all of these online opportunities to learn and stay

connected while we’re in quarantine! We attended a wedding by Zoom, and also a Shiva service.

At Passover, we had a Zoom Seder with family spread out from Japan to Colorado to several

locations in California. Our engagement with Jewish life has actually been richer during this time

due to our increased attendance of Zoom classes offered by Beth Israel. Our monthly Chavurah

meetings have taken place via Zoom, and it has been wonderful to see everyone. Our home

observance of Shabbat hasn’t changed, except that Mary has begun baking challah every Friday.

She’s a first-time baker, so it’s been an adventure, and a lot of fun.


Our family has always loved celebrating Shabbat. Before the pandemic, we looked forward

to preschool Shabbat, Tot Shabbat, Shabbat during summer camp, and Shabbabeque. With

the transition to Zoom gatherings, we've added havdalah to our weekly traditions. We enjoy

gathering Tuesday mornings with our preschool community and Rabbi Jeremy for songs, prayers,

and laughter.


During this challenging time, I have appreciated the amount of virtual programming offered by

Beth Israel. I participated in at least two Zoom presentations/discussions with my Encore group

and at least one scheduled virtual program. Virtual Shabbat services have been spiritually

uplifting with beautiful music and chat messages from other congregants. Beth Israel clergy and

staff have made it easy to stay connected; open your computer, a few clicks, and you're part of

the community! I am definitely looking forward to the time when we will see each other in person,

especially with a hug, but until then...keep the virtual programming coming!


Staying connected to Beth Israel during this time has been extremely important to us. We have

enjoyed watching and celebrating Shabbat via the online platform during these past few weeks.

In fact, we have "attended" more Friday night services during this time than we traditionally

do. We have appreciated this virtual option and plan to continue celebrating Shabbat with the

congregation in this way. Our children, Ashley (10) and Maya (7), get excited to hear the prayers

they know and to see the clergy during Shabbat. The girls have also enjoyed their religious school

class meetings via Zoom. They have loved seeing their teachers, their friends and continuing

with their Jewish education during this time. It brings a level of normalcy during this unique and

unknown period. Maintaining a strong Jewish identity as well as staying connected to Beth Israel

is important to us, especially during this time, and Beth Israel has helped us find an easy way to

continue and do just that! We are so grateful to be a part of the Beth Israel community and look

forward to returning to campus when we can.

6 SUMMER 2020 / 5780

We asked several Beth Israel members how they

have stayed connected to their Jewish community

and their Judaism during these past few months.


Our family has been doing Shabbat regularly during quarantine at home, but Zoom has been a great

addition to our lives and has allowed us to connect with loved ones from far away. We held a Zoom

Passover Seder and celebrated Shabbat and b’nei mitzvah with our loved ones on Zoom during this time.

Our children have stayed connected with the religious school through their Zoom classes; our daughter

participated in classes with Morah Amira. She was incredible during this time as she really helped our

daughter continue her learning of Hebrew and instilled in her a love for the Hebrew language.


I attend Torah study every Saturday morning through Zoom. I remain involved with the Men’s Club

through board meetings and the semi-monthly Discussion Group on Mondays. I have seen the

Friday night services on YouTube and I still try to help out with Caring Community by calling fellow

congregants to check on how they are doing. I attended a Zoom Shiva Minyan service. The number of

attendees to Torah study has increased. Some of our elderly members can attend now that they don’t

have to drive to these events. So instead of 35 to 40 at a Torah Study we average 55. My engagement

with Jewish life, or the following of rituals have not changed. I do miss physically being at temple with

my friends and fellow congregants.


I am thrilled that we have a virtual service weekly and I get to see the familiar faces of long-time

participants. Rabbi Bernstein’s class in Counting of the Omer reminded me of the significance of the

period of time that so often goes unnoticed in our busy lives. Her preparation, and even personally

dropping off the counting book provided an opportunity for introspection and regularity, just as Shabbat

does. I particularly enjoyed having Rabbi Stein join us and his thoughtful preparation of Pirke Avot

added to the class. The initiation of Rosh Chodesh events as an ongoing activity is one of the highlights

of my enhanced connection to Beth Israel. The thoughtful preparation of the organizers enabled me

to meet new people, some of whom were long-time members of Beth Israel who I would not have

had an opportunity to get to know in different circumstances. The most significant virtual event, for

me, however, was our communal seder. As someone who lives alone, Rabbis Bernstein and Gimbel

provided an experience of a seder with music, and children searching for afikomen. It didn’t matter

that there were more than 260 computers tuned in…I still felt as if I was part of a family gathering and

certainly not alone. While I’ve always been connected to Jewish life, this period of time has reinforced

that bond. The regularity of Shabbat continues to be a staple for me, but also the connections with the

broader community have enriched me and helped me not to feel so alone. Kudos to Ilene Tatro for her

professional management of everything at this time.


Since the beginning of quarantine, we have been participating in many preschool Zoom events. We

enjoyed Preschool Director Cathy Goldberg’s Letter People sessions and Wednesday Wonders sessions.

We’ve also been participating in some of the preschool Shabbat and Havdalah Zoom sessions and have

also been keeping in touch with other preschool families. Our engagement with Jewish life has stayed

the same. We have, however, been focusing more on our family, celebrating each Shabbat with wine and

challah, and we also celebrated Shavuot and Passover.

SUMMER 2020 / 5780 7





By Katey Lindley

During these challenging times, it has been heartbreaking

not to be able to deliver mish bags to those in need.

Caring Community has been working on protocols to

fill our freezer in an effort to keep everyone involved in

providing meals for our freezer, delivery volunteers and

recipients safe. Our first step was to fill our freezer which

had been emptied and sterilized at the outset of COVID-19

restrictions. Knowing that all restaurants have suffered

during the pandemic, I reached out to The French Gourmet

and offered to purchase 60 quarts of the restaurant's

immensely popular chicken soup.

In response, owner/chef Michel Malécot said: “absolutely

not,” but that he would donate the chicken soup to Beth

Israel's Caring Community, just as he has done for the past

many years. Moreover, he arranged for his assistant Eugene

(pictured) to deliver the chicken soup to Beth Israel.

We are so grateful to our community partnership and

would like to publicly thank Michel Malécot and his staff

at The French Gourmet for their generous and continued

support of Caring Community. This hero in a toque

exemplifies the best among us, especially during this time

of hardship and uncertainty.

If you would like to thank and support The French Gourmet

and enjoy some delicious soups, comfort foods, bakery

items, to-go meals, or wine, we encourage you to go online

to and place your order for

delivery or curbside pickup. After all, you don't have to wait

for a mish bag to enjoy their fabulous chicken soup!


for taking on the duties of ACTING SENIOR RABBI


8 SUMMER 2020 / 5780

Give to your

heart’s content.

Support the future of Beth Israel.




Passing on traditions and teachings to future generations.

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of those it touches.


Taking steps to aid those in need from every walk of life.

Nurturing personal growth.

As Moses asked each individual to contribute toward building the

tabernacle according to their own ability, we ask YOU to help sustain

and support Beth Israel in a manner that is meaningful to YOU.


I joined Beth Israel with my parents, Karen & Si Coleman, and my brother when we moved to San Diego in

1972. I grew up in the Madrichim program and was a song leader after I completed my bat mitzvah. After

college, I returned to San Diego where I married Mike. We are blessed to have our girls, Emily and Kate,

participate to their fullest at Beth Israel. Both of our girls became bat mitzvah, were in the Madrichim

program and are now doing what they love most, playing in the Tizmoret band under the guidance of

Rabbi Cantor Bernstein. Some of our longest and strongest friendships started at this temple. There is a

strong sense of belonging here for our family. I know our girls are building lifelong relationships while

developing a strong sense of Jewish identity and confidence. I have many favorite experiences over my

45 years at Beth Israel, best are of being at Hebrew Camp. -Stacey Coleman & Mike Chasin Family

SUMMER 2020 / 5780 9

Beth Israel Summer Camp

IN-PERSON Camp Chaverim

Ages 2 to 5 years

VIRTUAL Camp Sababa

Kindergarten to Grade 4

Camp Chaverim is offering in-person preschool summer camp. Detailed action

plans and protocols were created covering a myriad of areas, including limited class size, staggered

pick-up and drop off times, health screening and temperature checks, and increased cleaning.

Camp Sababa is providing a virtual camp options for children Kindergarten through 4th grade.

Depending on our ability to do so safely, we may conduct some on-campus options for camp as well.

The popular B’nai Mitzvah Boot Camp will be conducted in August both virtually and on-campus.


2020-2021 BITY BOARD

BITY is Beth Israel Temple Youth, part of the NFTY SoCal region, and the youth group for 9th-12th grade temple youth

at Beth Israel. Every year, the board works to put together events, including volunteer opportunities to get Beth Israel’s

youth involved in the greater San Diego community. The new board is an amazing group that is passionate, energetic,

and ready to get started as the new leadership for BITY.


Liora Krantz


Vice President:

Sydney Wilensky

Social Action

Vice President:

David Lutz


and Cultural

Vice Presidents:

Andrew Valdez &

Taliah Wendoll


Vice President:

Justin Angert


Vice President:

Max Rosenblum

Financial Vice


Trevor Keith

9th Grade Rep:

Katie Ditter

A HUGE thank you to last year's board, who rose to the occasion of the many challenges they faced to create programming and

keep community alive. Thank you to Sadie Smith, Elyssa Abbott, Jeremy Mandel, Maia Fram, Liora Krantz, Trevor Keith, Hudson

Kahn, and Nina Bernstein!

10 SUMMER 2020 / 5780


Beth Israel

July - August 2020

We will continue to offer Virtual Worship & Programming through our YouTube Channel, our Facebook page and through Zoom.

For all updates regarding COVID-19, reopening and scheduling, visit our COVID-19 Resource Corner:


Friday, July 3

6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Service

(Rabbi Nevarez’s first service

Saturday, July 25

Torah Portion: D’varim, Deut. 1:1-

3:22, Haftarah: Isaiah 1:1-27

9:00 a.m. Torah Study; Leader:

Rabbi Bohm

Saturday, August 15

Torah Portion: R’eih, Deut. 11:26-

16:17, Haftarah: Isaiah 54: 11-55:5

9:00 a.m. Torah Study; Leader:

Rabbi Bohm


Visit us at

adults/adulteducation or contact

Program Director Ilene Tatro,, 858 900-2516

with us!)

Saturday, July 4

Torah Portion: Chukat-Balak, Num.

19:1-25:9, Haftarah: Micah 5:6-6:8

9:00 a.m. Torah Study; Leader:

Rabbi Gimbel

10:30 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

Friday, July 10

6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Service

Saturday, July 11

Torah Portion: Pinchas, Num. 25:10-

30:1, Haftarah: Jeremiah 1:1-2:3

9:00 a.m. Torah Study; Leader:

Rabbi Nevarez

10:30 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

Friday, July 17

6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Service

Saturday, July 18

Torah Portion: Matot-Mas-ei, Num.

30:2-26:13, Haftarah: Jeremiah

2:4-28; 3:4

9:00 a.m. Torah Study; Leader:

Rabbi Lawson

10:30 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

10:30 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

Friday, July 31

6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Service

Saturday, August 1

Torah Portion: Va-et’chanan, Deut

3:23-7:11, Haftarah: Isaiah 40:1-26

9:00 a.m. Torah Study; Leader:

Rabbi Graubart

10:30 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

4:00 p.m. The congregation

celebrates a bar mitzvah

Friday, August 7

6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Service

Saturday, August 8

Torah Portion: Eikev, Deut. 7:12-

11:25, Haftarah: Isaiah 49:14-51:3

9:00 a.m. Torah Study; Leader:

Rabbi Lawson

10:00 a.m. The congregation

celebrates a bar mitzvah

10:30 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

4:00 p.m. The congregation

celebrates a bat mitzvah

Friday, August 14

10:30 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

4:00 p.m. The congregation

celebrates a bar mitzvah

Friday, August 21

6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Elul Service

Saturday, August 22

Torah Portion: Shof’tim, Deut. 16:18-

21:9, Haftarah: Isaiah 51:12-52:12

9:00 a.m. Torah Study; Leader:

Rabbi Nevarez

10:00 a.m. The congregation

celebrates a bat mitzvah

10:30 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

Friday, August 28

6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Elul Service

Saturday, August 29

Torah Portion: Ki Teitzei, Deut. 21:10-

25:19, Haftarah: Isaiah 54:1-10

9:00 a.m. Torah Study; Leader:

Rabbi Gimbel

10:00 a.m. The congregation

celebrates a bar mitzvah

10:30 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

4:00 p.m. The congregation

celebrates a bat mitzvah

Morning Mindfulness with

Julie Potiker

Wednesday, July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29,

August 5, 12, 19 & 26 @ 10:00 am

- 10:40 am

Jews and Israel in the Age of

Trump and Netanyahu

Tuesday, July 7, 14, 21

@ 10:00 am - 11:30 am


Visit us at

daytimers or contact Program

Director Ilene Tatro, itatro@cbisd.

org, 858 900-2516

Remarkable Jewish Women

of San Diego with Dr. Gloria


Thursday, July 9

@ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

DayTimers Book Club

Tuesday, August 4 @ 1:00 pm -

2:30 pm

Friday, July 24

6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Service

6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Service

SUMMER 2020 / 5780 11


Beth Israel July - August 2020


Visit us at

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Community Conversation with Eric K.

Ward, long time civil rights strategist

Wednesday, July 29 @ 6:00 pm

Volunteer at Rachel’s Women’s Center

Sunday, August 9 @ 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm


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Women of Beth Israel: Rosh Chodesh


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Men’s Discussion Group

July 13, 27, Aug. 10 & 24

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Virtual Tour of Ben Gurion’s House in

Tel Aviv

Wednesday, July 22 @ 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Will COVID Change the Middle East

as We Know It? An Evening with

Ambassador Dennis Ross and David


Tuesday, August 11 @ 6:00 pm


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B’nai Mitzvah Boot Camp

Boot Camp is THE summer experience

our rising B'nai Mitzvah students

won't want to miss! Boot Camp is a

great fit for all students celebrating

their bar or bat mitzvah before

December 31, 2021.

We will offer three sessions of Boot

Camp this summer: one week of

virtual programming and two weeks

of on-site programming, from

9:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Session 1 - virtual camp: Monday, July

27 - Friday July 31, 2020

Session 2 - on site camp: Monday,

August 3 - Friday, August 7, 2020

Session 3 - on site camp: Monday,

August 10 - Friday, August 14, 2020

Each session cost $180. For more

information, contact Jessica Kretzer,

12 SUMMER 2020 / 5780

Beth Israel can be YOUR

home away from home


Karen Foster Silberman & Jeffrey Silberman

Alan Haubenstock, Lori Shearer & Brian Haubenstock

Esther Fischer • Marcia Hazan & Marc Cammell

Betty & Leonard Kornreich • Lawrence Krause • Arlene Rosen

Pathfinder Partners

Elizabeth & Mitch Siegler, Lorne Polger

Margaret Katleman • Ava & Michael Kurnow • Helene & Allan Ziman

Camp Mountain Chai


o ffers




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In addition, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Men’s Club

Board of Directors voted at the Men’s Club Zoom meeting

in May to donate to several organizations:

San Diego Jewish Family Service – Emergency Response Fund

San Diego Jewish Family Service – Serving Older Survivors

The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank

San Diego ADL in memory of Lori Kaye

Leichtag Foundation Coastal Roots Farm in support of Holocaust Survivors

Our many donations are made possible by voluntary

contributions to the Beth Israel Men’s Club. For more information

on how to donate, please visit our website.

Caring Community is

excited to reinstate


meal drop off! Please

schedule an appointment

with Katey Lindley, Caring

Community Director

( to

arrange a safe drive-by drop

off of a prepared meal

and/or pick up of meal tins. We are in need of savory meals

(chicken and rice, pasta, vegetarian, etc.), sweets (kugel, cupcakes,

small loafs of banana bread, brownies, cookies, etc.) and challah!

If you would like to be a volunteer for Caring Community, (deliver

a Mish Bag, make calls, or write cards) please contact Katey.

Thank you – YOU are Caring Community!

SUMMER 2020 5780 13


Meet Marcia & Shana Hazan

By Sara Harelson & Meg Mandel

“L’Dor V’Dor” – “from Generation to

Generation.” These words have never been more

appropriate than when describing Marcia and

Shana Hazan. Both mother and daughter grew

up at Beth Israel, and they are carrying on a long

tradition of leadership in the Jewish and greater

San Diego communities. Their family’s long

connection to Beth Israel and deep involvement

in the Jewish community helped to shape their

Jewish identities, laid the foundation for giving

back to the community, and influenced their

passions for social justice.

The family’s decades of commitment to Beth

Israel began with Marcia’s parents, Stan and

Pauline Foster. The Foster name may sound

familiar because our very own Foster Family

Chapel was graciously donated by them. But even

before the chapel had its groundbreaking, Marcia

was deeply involved in life at Beth Israel. Marcia’s

life has been intertwined with Beth Israel since

she was nine years old. Her earliest and favorite

memory is celebrating Sukkot in the courtyard

at Beth Israel’s old campus on Third and Laurel.

She attended religious school and summer camps

and participated in youth group. When she was a

teen, Beth Israel offered support to Marcia and a

safe and socially conscious space for her and her

peers to grow. The home Beth Israel provided for

14 SUMMER 2020 / 5780

her at such a young age deepened her connection

not only to the institution, but to Judaism and the

Jewish community.

Shana also grew up at Beth Israel, and some of her

earliest memories go back to her time as a student

at Beth Israel Day School, attending many Purim

carnivals and becoming bat mitzvah at Third and

Laurel. It was at Beth Israel that she discovered

what it meant to be an American Jew and how her

Jewishness shaped her identity. She feels a deep

sense of pride and connection to Beth Israel and

feels she is part of a rich and robust religious and

cultural heritage. It is a place that reminds her of

her roots and offers her young daughters a place to

learn and engage with Judaism.

Stan and Pauline believed volunteerism,

leadership and philanthropy to be core values

and wished to instill those values in their three

daughters, Marcia, Karen (Foster Silberman) and

Lisa - all of whom are still members of Beth Israel.

These core values not only led Marcia down a path

of philanthropy but were also passed on to Shana.

Shana says that getting involved and giving back

is something that has been modeled for her for as

long as she can remember.

Marcia’s and Shana’s early experiences at Beth

Israel were instrumental in fostering their deep

sense of social justice. Marcia recalls rabbinic

sermons that addressed social issues, challenged

assumptions, and put forth a call for action. As an

institution, Beth Israel still helps her feel rooted

in community within the context of an ever

changing, fast paced world. For Shana, spending

every day at Beth Israel’s Day School emphasized

the importance of the Golden Rule: always treat

others as you would like to be treated. The school’s

progressive and open-minded atmosphere

encouraged students to ask questions, take risks,

and turn their ideas into deeds when change was

needed to make the world a more equitable place.

This approach reinforced the examples she was

observing at home.

Being surrounded by a family of civic minded

doers, there is a strong thread of a “you can do

it” mentality that is woven into their family tree

along with strong Jewish values of tikkun olam

and tzedek. These values are clearly reflected in

Shana’s new socially-minded consulting practice,

Hazan Strategies, and in her longtime position

as Chief Philanthropy Officer at Jewish Family

Service where she served as a key member of

the executive team. Shana further demonstrates

these values as a commissioner on the State of

California’s First 5 Commission and the City of

San Diego’s Human Relations Commission, in

addition to serving as president of the Friends of

Franklin School Foundation.

Marcia demonstrates similar values by focusing

her philanthropic and volunteer involvement on

fostering economic self-sufficiency and leadership

opportunities for women and girls, direct human

services, arts and education. These priorities

are reflected in the organizations with which

she has been involved, some of which include

Jewish Family Service, Women Give San Diego,

Jewish Women’s Foundation, the Museum of

Contemporary Art San Diego, and the Stanley

E. Foster School of Engineering, Innovation and

Design at Kearny High School.

While the congregation has changed, and the

location may be different, Marcia and Shana feel

that Beth Israel is wonderfully inclusive and has

become much warmer and more welcoming

over the last decade. Marcia feels the services are

more joyful than ever — enhancing her spiritual

connection to Judaism, as well as to Beth Israel

and fellow congregants. She was thrilled when

Shana and her husband, Marc Schaefer, made the

decision to join Beth Israel and send their oldest

daughter, Sloane, to the Bill & Sid Rubin Preschool.

She knows her parents would be “kvelling” to see

their great granddaughter, a 4th generation Beth

Israelite, celebrating Shabbat with her classmates

in the Foster Family Chapel. Although the faces of

the people praying next to Marcia and Shana may

be different, these new families and faces reflect the

growth of the community at Beth Israel. Just as it

has been a spiritual home to their family for many

generations, Beth Israel is sure to be a home for

future generations.






Board Member

Sari has been involved with the Beth Israel

community since 2014 when her oldest

daughter, Adara, started at the Bill & Sid Rubin Preschool.

She jumped right in to volunteering with the Preschool Parent

Committee and hasn’t looked back. When her second daughter,

Harlow (a recent preschool graduate), was born in 2015, Sari and

her husband, Sean, became members. Though her children keep

growing out of the preschool, Sari remains an active preschool

parent volunteer, having chaired the Preschool Parent Committee for

several years as well as the annual Embrace-a-Family campaign and

several fundraisers. Now, with her son, Eli, she is looking forward

to a few more years in preschool. Sari also chairs the Social Action

Committee, is active in the Lee & Frank Goldberg Family Religious

School Parent Connection, serves on the Gala Committee, and is part

of the committee reigniting Women of Beth Israel.


Sari grew up in Santa Clarita, where her parents were founding

members of Temple Beth Ami and instilled in her the importance

of volunteering. Sari was president of her NFTY youth group and

was president of Hillel at Cal State Long Beach as well as a campus

liaison for AIPAC. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Sari was

an expeditor for Wesco Aircraft, coordinating with factories and

manufacturers such as Boeing, Volvo and Raytheon. Sari and Sean,

a project manager for a defense contractor that readies ships for

deployments, live in Point Loma with their three children.


Community Volunteer

Sabrina and her husband, David, have

been members at Beth Israel for 11

years. Their son, Nathan, who is a rising

senior, has grown up at Beth Israel

and is a madrich. Sabrina regularly

volunteers with Beth Israel’s Caring Community. She loves

baking and cooking, helping to keep the freezer stocked,

delivering mish bags and interacting with our amazing

community. Making calls to seniors during COVID-19 and

the holidays has been her most rewarding experience.

Sabrina is a native Californian and grew up in Orange

County. She studied Chemistry at UCSD and was a

researcher at Salk and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

After 25 years at UCSD/SIO she took a break to stay at home

with their son, Nate, during high school. She plans to go

back to UCSD once Nate is off to college. She uses this time

to give back to the community, serving on the Hillel of

San Diego Board, Challenged Athletes Foundation,

Westview High School Foundation, Torrey Highlands

LMAD committee and Rancho Peñasquitos Planning

Board. She loves bringing joy to others through cooking and

baking, gardening and taking care of her roses. Her passions

are photography and travel.



to our exiting board members, APRIL FINK,


MALK and GREG MARKOW, for their

commitment and dedication to Beth Israel.

We also want to welcome our new board members,

Kevin Berkowitz and Mike Chasin. You will learn more

about them in future Beth Israel Quarterly issues.

SUMMER 2020 / 5780 15



Jiyoung, Ari and Leo Raz

We met in Seoul, Korea while Ari was working for a mobile app company. We now live in University City. Ari is interested

in participating in the weekly Torah Study, Jiyoung is interested in volunteering and getting involved in the community.

Leo is three months old and is interested in childcare. Jiyoung loves practicing ballet, yoga and playing piano. Ari loves

to surf, swim, hike and read. Our favorite shows include Game of Thrones, Unorthodox and Korean Dramas. We loved

the Intro to Judaism class, the conversion process to Judaism for Jiyoung, and all the friendly and interesting people

we’ve met along the way! This should go without saying, but we also love Rabbis Bernstein and Gimbel! We are excited

to be members of Beth Israel and getting to know more people once we can meet in person again!

Nancy and Joe Gordon

We live in Solana Beach. We were Beth Israel members for many years and recently rejoined after the passing of Nancy’s

father this past February. Nancy is looking forward to getting involved in synagogue activities and with Women of Beth

Israel. Nancy is passionate about her Jewish roots and cultural traditions. She has volunteered with UJF and JFS for the

past 20 years. Nancy was an occupational therapist specializing with children who had sensorimotor integration issues.

Now she loves spending time with friends, playing canasta, mahjongg, crafts, reading and enjoys needle work such as

knitting and crochet. Joe, a retired orthodontist, loves to fly drones and spend time with friends. We love the outdoors,

hiking and traveling. Rabbi Cantor Bernstein is our favorite part of Beth Israel. She is the same loving, passionate,

supportive person as we remember. We also love the Virtual Shabbat Services; it has become one of the highlights

of our week. We feel blessed that our daughter, Julie, lives close by in San Diego, working as a speech pathologist at

Mount Carmel High School. We hope to find a chavurah of seniors in their 70’s with similar interests to develop close

friendships with.

Nicolette, Sage and Ben Suskauer

We are looking forward to meeting other families with young children in the area. We are excited for Sage to have a

community to socialize with. We are passionate about animals and have two dogs, Louie and Brody. We are members at

the San Diego Zoo and love to go as often as we can. Ben is also passionate about football and cannot wait for it to come

back. Nicolette is a recruiter and Ben is a family law attorney. One thing we already love about Beth Israel is the people.

Every single person we have interacted with has been so warm and welcome and have made us feel like we have been

members forever. Sage was also in the infant center for a couple weeks prior to the preschool closing and we were blown

away by all the teachers. We are high school sweethearts that met in Scottsdale, Arizona, and moved to San Diego in

2015 when Ben was going to law school. We are in love with San Diego and are excited to plant roots here. We live in

University City.

Lauri, Randy, Avett, and Daria Scherer

It's time for our kids to go to Hebrew school, and we are excited to meet other Jewish families who share our values and

interests. Twenty years ago we drove from New Jersey and Maryland straight to the end of the 8, and we have lived in

Ocean Beach ever since. Our family loves going to the beach, connecting with family and friends who are like family,

hiking with our dog Canyon, doing yoga, playing music, gardening, doing beach clean-ups, supporting Surfrider and

other clean water/environmental organizations, and generally doing our part to make our community and schools the

best places they can be. Lauri is the owner of LSF Editorial, an editorial firm, and Randy works in the High Tech High

school system, where both Avett and Daria attend school. We love how friendly and open everyone is at Beth Israel and

how all of the services feature so much music!

Emily and Jerrod Jones

We are looking forward to joining a chavurah. Jerrod is also very excited to take adult bar mitzvah classes to become a

bar mitzvah. We also can’t wait to meet some new couples and enjoy Shabbat dinners. We live in San Carlos. We love

traveling and spending time with our families. We are both real estate agents and that tends to take up most of our

free time. Jerrod is a veteran who did two tours in Iraq. We were supposed to get married in Italy in April, but COVID-19

cancelled our wedding. So, we had a last-minute backyard wedding with Rabbi Gimbel, the day before the stay at home

order. We LOVE the community we’ve met so far, and we can’t wait to meet more of you!


Nidia Alduncin & Bernardo Kracer

Steffi & Allan Bokser

Sarah & David Bredhoff

Feray & Cennk Cevik

Fiona Franklin & Spencer Stone

Tracy Gilmour-Nimoy & Daniel Nimoy

Jonah Goldstein & Deanna Nino

Patricia Greenfield

Hagit Neta & Amihai Horesh

16 SUMMER 2020 / 5780

Maia Fram Haley Weinstein Paul Vollrath Emily Chasin Elyssa Abbott Alan Senoff Aaron Lowy Daniel Book




Sophie Stein Satchel Breier Cole Rudnick Steven Earle Josh Miller Alex Alverez- Milch Cooper Jaffe



Please join us in congratulating Allison Golding

as Beth Israel’s Volunteer of the Year. Allison was

honored at the Virtual Annual Meeting in June.

We thank her for her significant contributions to

the community and to Beth Israel.

Volunteer of the Year – Allison Golding

The selection of the volunteer of the year is a challenging decision. So many give so much of their time and energy to help Beth Israel meet the

needs of the community both on our beautiful campus and beyond. However, it is without hesitation that this year we selected Allison Golding

for this honor. Allison has in a small time jam packed an extraordinary amount of volunteerism and she continues to say yes (if not self-volunteer)

when we ask more of her. Allison served on Phase 1 of the Senior Rabbi Search Committee. She brought incredible organization skills, an

inclusive approach, and wonderful wit. She was a natural choice to step into the role of Co-Chair for Phase 2. In this capacity she managed the tremendous administrative

workload of behind the scenes communications with candidates and the Central Conference of American Rabbis (the placement entity). She kept the committee focused

and organized as we reviewed application materials, conducted interviews and reference checks, and ultimately selected Rabbi Jason Nevarez. Allison also serves on our

Board of Directors. In her professional life, Allison is the Vice President, Employee Well Being and HR Operations for Premier, Inc. – a nationwide healthcare company.

Allison, her husband Matt, and two about to start high school aged children, Matson and Landon, have been members of Beth Israel for many years.

Women of Valor Each year, for the past 11 years, Women of Valor has honored and

profiled remarkable women and pillars of the San Diego Jewish community. This year, 2 of the 6 women

chosen are longtime, active members of our Beth Israel community. They were celebrated in June by

individual production videos where their stories of strength and inspiration were told.

JANET ACHEATEL is a longtime member of the

Beth Israel community and the larger San Diego Jewish

community. She serves as the Board Chair of the Jewish

Community Foundation and previously served on the

board of UC San Diego's Hillel. She is a Senior Wealth

Advisor at HoyleCohen and co-founder of HoyleCohen's

Women's Practice.

HEIDI GANTWERK is a pillar of the Beth Israel community,

making each Friday night service special with her and her family’s

passion for music. She is the Chair of the Board of the Jewish

Academy and she is also involved in other Jewish organizations

throughout San Diego, including Hillel of San Diego, Hadassah, the

JCC, Federation, the Jewish Community Foundation, The Butterfly

Project, Ner Tamid, and the Jewish Poverty Convening.

SUMMER 2020 / 5780 17

Mazal Tov TO OUR




August 1



August 8



August 15

(originally April 25)

Shane is the son of Lisa

Lipschitz and Steve Montal

and the grandson of Gerald

and Ann Lipschitz, and

Maurice and Myrta Montal.

He attends The Children’s

School. Shane’s favorite

hobbies are baseball,

music, and playing the guitar.

Elijah is the son of Jennifer

Johnson and the grandson

of Michael and Michelle

Saul. He attends Bernardo

Heights Middle School.

Elijah’s favorite hobbies

include video games,

reading sci-fi and history.

For his Mitzvah project,

he helped collect food

for Friends and Family

Community Connection

during Covid-19.

Jack is the son of Rachel

and Bruce Biederman. His

grandparents are Helene and

Edward (z’’l) Ross and Linda (z’’l)

and Gerald Biederman. He

attends Earl Warren Middle

School and enjoys soccer,

video games, skiing and the

beach. For his Mitzvah project,

he collected books for the San

Diego public library.



August 29

(originally March 21)



August 29

(originally May 2)

Jacob is the son of Heather

and David Hofflich and

grandson of Susan

Markovitz, Joel Hofflich

and Marcia Hofflich. His

favorite hobbies are soccer

tennis and all sports. For

his Mitzvah project, Jacob

collected clothing to donate

to Sharia's Closet and San

Diego Rescue Mission. He

also served food to people

in need at San Diego

Rescue Mission.

Isabella is the daughter of

April and Mathew Fink and

the granddaughter of Anita

and Irv (z’’l) Hosenpud,

Rochelle and Marvin

Stillman, and JoAnn and

Gary Fink. She attends High

Tech Middle School. Her

favorite hobbies include

drawing, reading, tennis,

golf, piano, time with her

friends, family and pets.

For her Mitzvah project,

Isabella prepared and

served dinner at The Safe

Parking Program and JFS,

and helped fundraise for

Conservation Beyond

Borders, an organization

that saves rhinos, giraffes,

elephants and tigers in their

natural habitats.


June-September, 2020

Shane Montal, August 1

Elijah Johnson, August 8

Ryan Robinson, August 8

Jack Biederman, August 15

Emma Valdez, August 22

Jacob Hofflich, August 29

Isabella Fink, August 29

Mazal Tov





• Ita & Alan Adler on the birth of their daughter Leslie

• Silvana & Richard Christy on the birth of their

grandson Jonah Lucas

• Daniel & Jennie Gregory on the birth of their son Ariel

• Jiyoung and Ari Raz on the birth of their son Leo

• Mindy Scarano on the birth of her granddaughter


• Laura & David Schairer on the birth of their

daughter Lily

• Naima Solomon & Jason Bercovitch, and

grandparents Herbert Solomon & Elaine Galinson on

the birth of their (grand)daughter Raizel

• Naama & Oren Koreh on the birth of their daughter

Rachel Millie

• Julia Brusilovsky Gerardo Marquez on the birth of

their son Aron Isaac

• Natalie & Elad Spira on the birth of their daughter Liel


Fiona Franklin and Spencer Stone

Emily and Jerrod Jones

18 SUMMER 2020 / 5780


As of: June 5, 2020

You make Beth Israel membership possible for others.


Sandra and Earl Altshuler

Deanne* and Dr. Leonard Bloom

Phyllis Cohn and Arthur Brody*

Alberta and Charles* Feurzeig

Lisa Massry Neichin and Barry Neichin

Ernest and Evelyn Rady

Cassidy and Jeremiah* Robins

Iris and Matt Strauss

Carol and Charles* Swimmer

Rachel Swimmer-Flores and Armando Flores


Allison and Robert Price


Debby and Hal Jacobs

Karen Foster Silberman and Jeff Silberman

Anne and Ron Simon

Marcie Sinclair and Andy Ratner


Melissa and Michael Bartell

Joan and Jeremy Berg

Barbara Bloom

Lisa Braun-Glazer and Jeff Glazer

Deborah and Dan Carnick

Pamela and Edward Carnot

Phyllis and Dan Epstein

Lee and Frank Goldberg

Sookie* Jacobs

Barbara Goldman and Howard Katz

Terry Klitzner

Betty and Dr. Len Kornreich

Dr. Lawrence Krause

Sandy and Arthur* Levinson

Meg and Jess Mandel

Anabel* and Ted* Mintz

Haydee Ojeda-Fournier and Andy Lowy

Jeanette and David Osias

Lorne Polger

Dr. Ellen Potter and Dr. Ron Evans

Gayle* and Donald Slate

Deborah Szekely

Bebe and Marvin Zigman

Helene and Allan Ziman


Nancy and Dean Abelon

Janet and Larry Acheatel

Dr. Ingrid Scharpf and Dr. Roger Acheatel

Loretta Adams

Nenette Adelson-Rodriguez and Walter


Betty Amber

Ronit and Tim Austgen

Rusti Bartell Weiss

Nan and Alan Barth

Judith and Lawrence Belinsky

Michelle and Kevin Berkowitz

Julie and Edgar Berner

Beverly and Dr. Leonard Bernstein

Terri Bignell

Joyce and Robert Blumberg

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Julie and Howard Haimsohn

Merrill and Robert Haimsohn

Sophie and Henry Haimsohn

Alan Haubenstock

Marcia Hazan and Mark Cammell

Carolyn and Gary Jacobs

Linda and Dr. Edward Janon

Margaret Katleman

Heather and Brandon Keith

Edy Kenton

Karen and Dr. Warren Kessler

Lawrence Leichman

Lainie Lesser-Mark

Heidi and Steve Levin

Stefanie Levine and Michael Breslauer

Judy and Marshall Lewis

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Mary Marshall and Steve Gould

Lynn and Michael Maskin

Jessica and Michael Middleton

Lesley Mills

Elaine Moser*

Ann Levenstein Mound

Nancy and Alan Nevin

Ronald J. Newell

Rebecca and Dr. Lawrence Newman

Anna Newton and Steven Guthauser

Haydee Ojeda-Fournier and Andy Lowy

Sima and Joseph Oppenheimer

Renee and Joseph* O'Rourke

Linda and Shearn* Platt

Cynthia* and Lorne Polger

Seymour Rabin*

Vivian Rich

Barbara and Dr. Norman Rozansky

Rae and Ed* Samiljan

Marjorie and Sanford Schane

Mary Ann and Dr. George Scher

Brenda and Ben Schneider

Laura Schumacher

Judi and Robert Schwartz

May Sebel

Sydney and Rick* Serwin

The Shapiro Family

Elizabeth and Mitchell Siegler

Karen Foster Silberman and Jeffrey Silberman

Bev and Howard Silldorf

Anne and Ronald Simon

Debra and Robert Skomer

Gayle* and Donald Slate

Penny and Sidney* Spector

Susan and Rabbi Jonathan Stein

Mickey Stern*

Celia Tingley

Susan and Richard Ulevitch

Tammy and Louie Vener

Diane and Buddy Voit

Jamie and Kevin Wechter

Cathy and John Weil

Arlene* and Fred Weitzen, Jr.

Cynthia* and Sydney* Wexler

Elaine and David Wilson

Geraldine* and Lt. Col. (ret) Hubert* Wolff

Marcia and Don Wolochow

*of blessed memory

SUMMER 2020 / 5780 19



acknowledge these contributions, processed through

May 15, with appreciation. To make a contribution email, or call Liz Martin at 858 535-1111.


In appreciation:

Of Rabbi Bernstein teaching, guiding, and

supporting Lev through his bar mitzvah

by Perry Kirkland and Uriel Grezemkovsky

Of Rabbi Bernstein helping Harrison by

Andy Ratner and Marcie Sinclair

Of Rabbi Bernstein’s kind words of

reminiscence by Joan and Arnold Gass

Of Rabbi Bernstein’s support by the Kalal-

Falberg family

Of Rabbi Bernstein’s extra efforts and

virtual services by Valerie Leman and Ross


Of Rabbi Bernstein by Meryl Maneker and

Peter Herman & Family

Of Rabbi Bernstein’s efforts to prepare

Jason Rosenzweig for his bar mitzvah by

Ina and Irwin Rubenstein

Of Rabbi Bernstein by Martin Stern

Of Rabbi Bernstein and in appreciation

of the online Shabbat services by Connie

and Richard Unger

In honor of:

Elias Ardizzone’s bris by Stuart Rubenstein

Ariel Gregory’s bris by Stuart Rubenstein

Hannah Lowy’s bat mitzvah by the Gimbel


Leo Raz’s bris by Stuart Rubenstein

Esther Rosenberg’s 90th birthday by

Lillian, Robin & Amy Weiner, and Carol &

Ralph Levy

Conor Wood’s bris by Stuart Rubenstein

In memory of:

Clifford Acheatel by Janet and Larry


Sydell Acheatel by Janet and Larry


Goldina Almus by Fanny, Larry and Sonya


Marvin Alper by Janice Alper

Nellie Davidson by Susan Levin

Adolfo Di Capua by Silvana and Richard


Gertrude Edwards by Ellen and Larry


Cathy Engel by Tom, Max and Carly Engel

Howard Falberg by the Kalal-Falberg


Joseph Feinstein by Jean Feinstein

Sigrid Fischer by Sylvia & David Geffen,

and by Susan & James Morris

Lori Gilbert-Kaye by Ellen and Larry


Charles Ginsberg by Robert Ginsberg

Marc Greenbaum by Robert and Frances


Samuel Greenberg by Martin Greenberg

Jeanne Gross by Joani and Steve Gross

Leon Gross by Susan and Ed Weiner

Herman Kaplan by Betty Glaser Kaplan

Florence Kass by Irving & Jan Kass

Donn Kobernick by Karen Kobernick

Jeff Loeb by Joan and Arnold Gass

Karola Loeb by Jean Feinstein, and by

Joan & Arnold Gass

Hazel Levenson by Terri Levenson

Maurice Levenson by Terri Levenson

Bernie Levine by the Levine-Breslauer


Morton Maneker by Meryl Maneker and

Peter Herman & Family, and by Naomi &

Myron Shelley

Irene Osias by Jeanette and David Osias

Benjamin Pearl by Sylvia and David


Linda Pomplun by Betty Glaser

Louis Preisman by Robert and Frances


Harry Roller by Linda and Larry Okmin

Sylvia Roller by Linda and Larry Okmin

Minna Rowelsky by Susan Morris

Abraham Shelley by Naomi and Myron


Anne Shrager by Laurie Black

Ryan Wayne Smith by Margaret Katleman

Beatrice Taffel by Sheree and Mayo


Joseph Taffel by Sheree and Mayo



In appreciation:

Of Rabbi Gimbel making their Ketubah

ceremony possible by Fiona Franklin and

Spencer Stone

Of Rabbi Gimbel’s memorable Seder and

online services by Iris and David Gimbel

Of Rabbi Gimbel teaching, guiding, and

supporting Lev through his bar mitzvah

by Perry Kirkland and Uriel Grezemkovsky

Of Rabbi Gimbel’s beautiful prayers

conducted for her husband by Beulah Koz

Of Rabbi Gimbel helping Harrison by

Marcie Sinclair and Andy Ratner

Of Rabbi Gimbel’s inspirational

leadership with the youth of Beth Israel by

Elizabeth and Mitch Siegler

Of Rabbi Gimbel by Martin Stern

In honor of:

Our 50th wedding anniversary by Sally

and Joe Nalven

Our granddaughter Marina Nevin’s

Religious School Confirmation by Nancy

and Alan Nevin

In memory of:

Marvin Alper by Janice Alper

Eleanor Cooper by Dale and Jerry Spector

Mervin Cooper by Dale and Jerry Spector

Gail Gross by Susan and Ed Weiner

Gordon Koz by Kaylee Brogadir

Sue Lynch by Elizabeth Lynch

David Roller by Linda and Larry Okmin

and family

Alfred Wohl by the Parker Wahl Family

Fund of the Jewish Community


Bertha Wohl by the Parker Wahl

Family Fund of the Jewish Community



In memory of:

Marlene Bennett by Allan Bennett


In memory of:

Lenore Leholt by Nancy and Steven


Earl Richmond by Lois Richmond

Samuel Harold Wiener by the Scharaga



Contribution by:

Barbara Bloom

Janine and Sanford Feldman, for video

monitors in the sanctuary

Edith Kaspin

Donation of PPE masks by Sarah and Marc

Stein in memory of Marjorie Stein

In appreciation:

Of John Lefter for his kindness and

support during this challenging time by

Marsha and Herbert Lubick

Of the virtual Seder on Zoom by Sara Ellen


In honor of:

Esther Rosenberg’s 90th birthday by

Dena Bloom, Sue Daniels and Dan

Belsky, the Gruber Family Fund of the

Jewish Community Foundation, Linda

Hutkin-Slade, the Karasik Family Fund of

the Jewish Community Foundation, Molly

Moores and John Poutsch, Lorraine and

Mort Schrag

Jerry Kronovet by Linda Mansour

Jerry Sampson’s 60th birthday by Laura


Stuart Simmons and his kindness to our

family by Harriet and Sheldon Wolpoff

In memory of:

Pauline Blackman by Mary Blackman

Mildred Borden by Betty Garrity

Rose Bronstein by Terri Bignell

Lucille Brotman by Howard Brotman

Reatha Burnett by Barbara Lauer

Jack Charney by Ann Mound

Danielle Coombs by Helena Berger-


Elias Djanogly by Marianna and Sidney


Sarah Djanogly by Marianna and Sidney


Herman Zwi Feier by Robert Feier

Minnie Fein by Fran, Phil and Laura


Eileen Feldman by Sharron Resnick

Jean Goldberg by Suzi and Bernie


Beth Greenberg by Iris and Allan Weiss

Don Greenberg by Iris and Allan Weiss

Susan Greenberg by Alan Greenberg

Morris Greenwald by Kathie and John


Hymie Gros by Sara Gros-Cloren and

Joseph Cloren

Miriam Kaplan by Jessica and Michael


Esther Kronovet by Linda Mansour and

Jerry Kronovet (z”l)

Gertrude Kronovet by Jerry Kronovet (z”l)

Morton Maneker by Nan Huson, Linda

Banta & Hilda West

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Renee Mayer by Heidi Gantwerk and

Andrew Mayer

Anabel Mintz by Rosanne and Bud Clark

Ted Mintz by Rosanne and Bud Clark

Joel Nagorner by Susan and Bernard


Jodi Nathenson by Barbara and James


Becky Paul by Helene and Allan Ziman

Seymour Rabin by Adele Rabin

Norman Radin by Harriet Radin

Minnie Rothman by Mary Blackman

Dorothy Rubenfeld by Bill and Cookie


Ida Schaffer by Bill and Cookie Rubenfeld

Peter Pinchas Shaanan by Suzan and Gad


Yvette Devidas Shaanan by Suzan and

Gad Shaanan

Barbara S. Silldorf by Beverly and Howard


Donald R. Silldorf by Beverly and Howard


Robert L. Smith by Greg and Arlette Smith

20 SUMMER 2020 / 5780

Elene Solomon by Herbert Solomon and

Elaine Galinson

Jacob Stein by Edith and Bernard Stein

Irving Suknow by Lynn and Richard


Isabelle Tennebaum by Stephanie and

Michael Heinzman

Esther Udoff by Ronni and Eric Udoff

Ethel Wagner by Steven Wagner

Sidney Winicki by Suzi and Bernie


Wassey Zbikowski by Nancy and Dean




In memory of:

Morton Maneker by Ava and Michael



Contribution by:

Michelle and Kevin Berkowitz, Julia

Brusilovsky and Gerardo Marquez,

Nairin and Adam Collardey, Hima

Bindu Damercharla and Suman Murari,

Bethany and Michael Eisenberg, Mike

Fishback and Bruce Wu, Genevieve and

Jon Goldstone, Sari and Sean Hartman,

Kokila Mohan and Devender Singh, Laura

Paul and Marc Gould, Noa and Niv Scott,

Jennifer Sulkin and Zachary Schuessler,

Lisa and Ben Sussman

In memory of:

Charlie Ziman by Helene and Allan Ziman


In honor of:

Esther Rosenberg’s 90th birthday by

Debbie and Phil Druker

In memory of:

Edith Heinzman by Stephanie and

Michael Heinzman

Morris W. Stein by Nancy and Don


Ralph Wahrer by Lynn and Jerry Sampson


In memory of:

Bob Fischer by Rachelle and Adam Fischer


In honor of:

Esther Rosenberg’s 90th birthday by

Heidi and Bernie Blotner

In memory of:

Eileen Arroll by Janice and Jay Schuffman

Ethel Schuffman by Janice and Jay


Josef Emdin Usatin by Netanya & Karl



Contribution by:

Melissa and Michael Bartell, Vicky and

Geoffrey Bergman, Carolyn Blumenthal,

Karen Coleman, Debbie and Carl

Dorfman, Anna Gluzman and Michael

Galperin, Joan and Steve Gross, Diana

Hahn, Cecile Jordan, Robert McNeese,

Lyndall Nipps, Ilana and Steve Shupper,

David R. Valdez, Lori Waizman, Robin


In honor of:

Esther Rosenberg’s 90th birthday by Rena

and Perry Horowitz

Martin Stern’s 70th birthday by Barbara

and Sheldon Krueger

In memory of:

Mindy Bornstein by Sandy Bornstein

Sol Lefkowitz by Joyce and Jim Spievak

Charlotte Steinbach by Sandy Bornstein

Ernest Wellisch by Edith Koppel and

Moselio Schaechter


In memory of:

Jessie Deutsch by Simma and Paul



Contribution by:

Julie and Howard Haimsohn, David

Holleb and Trudy Ennis-Holleb, Adrienne

and Martin Levine, Bev and Alan Springer,

Sally and Joseph Nalven

In appreciation:

Of our son Mike’s positive test results by

Sandie and Dan Linn

In honor of:

Irene Biro’s recovery by Diana Hahn

First Responders by Rachel, Stacey and

Mike Chasin

Get well wishes for Deborah Gill-

Hesselgrave by Ron Newell

Hannah Lowy’s bat mitzvah by Barbara

Parker and Geoff Wahl

Sally and Joe Nalven’s 50th wedding

anniversary by the BenMichel Family

Fund of the Jewish Community


Lee Keno’s recovery by Diana Hahn

The birth of Barbara and Norman

Rozansky’s great-grandson by Irene


Jerry Sampson’s 60th birthday by Ron


Harold Small’s birthday by Lois and

Martin Ehrlich

In memory of:

Claire Aboulafia by Gladys Aboulafia

Elie Aboulafia by Gladys Aboulafia

Ralph Aboulafia by Gladys Aboulafia

Clifford Acheatel by Ingrid Scharpf and

Roger Acheatel

Sydell Acheatel by Ingrid Scharpf and

Roger Acheatel

Eli Amiel by Nancy and David Amiel

Inez Amiel by Nancy and David Amiel

Gustav Axelrod by Vivian Reznik and

Andrew Ries

Rose Axelrod by Vivian Reznik and

Andrew Ries

Earl Bayle by Joan and Leon Kutner

Vernon Bayle by Joan and Leon Kutner

Morris Berelowitz by Ruth and Jim Harris

Osias Berkowitz by Trudy Ennis-Holleb

Max Bern by Brenda and Fred Bern

Gracie Boyce by Marlene and David


Thornton Boyce by Marlene and David


Max Brody by Marla and Gordon Gerson

John Bush by Ron Newell

Arthur Chasin by Rachel Chasin

Stephanie Christy by Silvana and Richard


Sandra Fairman by Joan and Leon Kutner

Bernice Felsenthal by Brenda and Fred


Hyman Glaser by Debra & Ron Herz &


Anna Goldstein by Suzanne and Marc


Morris Goldstein by Suzanne and Marc


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Sam Greene by Beverlee Greene

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Joseph Gutstadt by Jan and Irving Kass

Gussie Herman by Ronald Newell

Sala Hudes by Rachelle and Adam Fischer

Samita Jacobs by Barbara and Robert


Max and Ann Kamel by Roxanne Hersh

Florence Kass by Ronald Newell

Harry Kass by Jan and Irving Kass

Aline and Samuel Kaye by Michael Kaye

Philip Kluger by Ruth and James Harris

Jordan Lagman by Diana Hahn, and by

Ronald Newell

Jim Lewis by Theodora Lewis

Joseph Loeb by Jean Feinstein

Marcie Merel by Sheldon Merel

Anabel Mintz by the Barbara Bloom


Ted Mintz by the Barbara Bloom


Joel Nagorner by Barbara Nagorner

Sol Nagorner by Barbara Nagorner

Nathan Newell by Ronald Newell

Sibley Newman by Margy Newman

William Newman by Margy Newman

Patsy Ruth Nourok by Marlene and David


Doris Paerse by Gladys Aboulafia

Casra K. Pollack by Suzanne and Marc


Saul Racah by Gladys Aboulafia

Nadia Reznik by Vivian Reznik and

Andrew Ries

Naftal Reznik by Vivian Reznik and

Andrew Ries

Ann Rivers by Eileen Bachrach

Paula Russell by Marge and Sanford


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Johana “Hannie” Schattman by Philip


Marvin Shenkarow by Lois and Martin


Lillian Smulowitz by Ronald Newell

Joseph Spievak by Joyce and Jim Spievak

Lawrence Sternfield by Hedy Witham

Ben Stiegler by Sheree and Mayo Stiegler

Dorothy Stone by Michael Kaye

Phyllis Suchman by Rosalind Streichler

Murray Sussman by Ron Newell

Mel Wasserman by Irene Borevitz

William Stephen Weiss by Judith Weiss


Contribution by:

Shelley Miller-Odelson and David

Odelson, Andrea and Larry Oster,

Charles and Marilyn Perrin, Dorian

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Rabin, Susan Resnik, Marilynn and

Richard Rowen, Kathleen and David

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Robert Savitch, Cynthia Schairer and

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Harriet and Alan Shumacher, Judith and

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Silverstein, Anne and Ron Simon

In memory of:

Meyer Weiner by Ed and Susan Weiner


In memory of:

Beatrice Low by Gail Wurtz Rose

Hans Low by Gail Wurtz Rose


Contribution by:

Laurie & Mark Spiegler

In memory of:

Abraham Golokow by Gail Wurtz Rose

Gordon Koz by Karen Coleman

William Louchheim by Joanne and Ken


SUMMER 2020 / 5780 21


Contribution by:

Francine and Phillip Ginsburg


Renee Barnow, Allan Bennett, Sharron



In honor of:

The birth of Jason and Naima Bercovitch’s

daughter by Elizabeth and Mitch Siegler

In memory of:

Ben Alexander by Norma and Al


Stephen Berkowitz by Jorrie Miller and

Jay Berkowitz


In appreciation:

Of Chuck Helsel by Stephanie and

Michael Heinzman

In honor of:

Sally and Joe Nalven’s 50th wedding

anniversary by Leslie Satz

Rosalie and Mark Phillips by David Phillips

Esther Rosenberg’s 90th birthday by

Susan Daniels and Daniel Belsky

In memory of:

Ethel Alper by Janice Alper

Joseph Alper by Janice Alper

Sharon Alper by Janice Alper

Ed Fleischman by Sandie and Dan Linn

James Goding by Jane and Herbert


Rose Goding by Jane and Herbert


Jessie Krueger by Barbara and Sheldon


Jeffrey Loeb by Jean Feinstein



In memory of:

Abraham Berkowitz by Jorrie Miller and

Jay Berkowitz

Albert Stern by Martin Stern





In honor of:

Abby Hirschfeld, wishing a speedy

recovery by Elizabeth and Mitch Siegler

In memory of:

Howard Falberg by Elizabeth and Mitch


Jim Lewis by Elizabeth and Mitch Siegler

Morton Maneker by Elizabeth and Mitch




In memory of:

Sadie Breitbard by Joan and Jeremy Berg



In memory of:

Jerry Rosen by Marcia and Matthew



In memory of:

Norman Levi by Robert Levi




In memory of:

Rachel Greenberg by Martin Greenberg



In memory of:

Elaine Wolf by Linda Platt



In memory of:

Debra Berton by Robert Berton

Mel Wasserman by Robert Berton



In appreciation:

David Kroll by Genine Rainbeau-Heart

In memory of:

Avi Greenberg by the Kadima Havurah



In memory of:

David Leeds by Barbara and Norman


Paul Leeds by Barbara and Norman


Jim Lewis by Barbara and Norman


Rae Rozansky by Bob and Leah Temkin

Leah D. Temkin by Bob and Leah Temkin





In memory of:

Millie S. Friedman by Deborah Horwitz

and Paul Nierman

Leonard G. Nierman by Deborah Horwitz

and Paul Nierman



In memory of:

Ben Hayden by Edythe Kenton

Bill Hayden by Edythe Kenton

Sam Hayden by Edythe Kenton

William Kenton by Edythe Kenton

Daniel Kleinberg by Edythe Kenton

Abe Levin by Edythe Kenton



Contribution by:

Gail Wurtz Rose

In memory of:

Harry B. Rogow by Murray Rogow


In memory of:

Jack Shumacher by Harriet and Alan




In memory of:

Aenne-Ruth Kahn by Vivian Rich and





In memory of:

Aileen Eisenstatt by Linda and Steve


Leo Eisenstatt by Linda and Steve Luttbeg

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Marsha Starr donated 24 sewn

masks for the preschool

Abi Hirschfeld donated 24 sewn

masks for Caring Community

Josh and Leslie Miller donated 24 shield

masks for the preschool



In memory of:

Salvador Joshua Azieri by Margarita Brill



In memory of:

Florence Kass by Helene and David


22 SUMMER 2020 / 5780

Be someone's


when their

skies are grey

Donate your car,

truck, or boat and do a

mitzvah! The pick-up is

free and your gift is

100% tax-deductible.

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Member discounted pricing

For more information,

without obligation, call

Stuart Simmons at 619 871-4160.

Mount of Olives

Memorial Lawns

at El Camino

Memorial Park

Home of

Peace Corridors

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