August 2020 - These Curious Times


In this issue, the town of Salem cancels its 2020 Halloween festivities, a Florida family finds that its resident ghost can speak to them and even knows one of them by name, Hollywood's favorite witch Patti Negri starts a podcast, artist Topher Adam shares his artwork, and much more.

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August 2020

Salem Cancels Halloween Festivities

The Salem Witch Museum in Salem, Massachussetts.

Bowers Museum Staff Expose Their

Haunted Experiences

Tammye McDuff

Like many other institutions which

retain the memories of the once living,

the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana,

California is home to a great number

of personal effects, the types of items

which seem to generate ghost stories.

The building was constructed in

the 1930s and there is no hard, scientific,

empirical evidence that ghosts exist.

However, when visiting the museum

after hours, alone, closing down galleries

or setting up exhibitions, questions arise.

Museums can be frightening during

the day, but once they are empty, at

night, and upon reflection, it is not as

lonely. Any Bowers employee will admit

to once being skeptical, but not since

experiencing the paranormal firsthand.

Case in point: the docent who was

alone in the First Californians exhibit

one late afternoon. Suddenly she could

feel “someone else in the room.” She didn’t

have much to say about the tale, or even

what she did next, but the experience

made her uneasy.

The caliber of fright increased from


There is the tale of an assistant to

the museum’s graphic designer. Years

ago she was hanging labels in the Vision

of the Shaman exhibition after hours.

It was a standard job, something she

could have done with her eyes closed.

Halfway through her task she distinctly

felt a chilling presence moving behind

her, one which she described as “a feeling

of blackness and heaviness.” Within

seconds she had goose bumps up, and

her hair stood on end. Though the

presence said nothing, she felt it was

unhappy. She decided to leave, gathered

her things and did just that, finishing her

job the next day.

TCTN had the privilege to take a

private tour with one of the security

guards, who has such a story. The

intrepid keeper of the Bowers peace

boldly stepped up to the plate once

more, unknowingly involving himself in

yet another Bowers ghost story.

Moby Dick had his white whale,

Linus his great pumpkin, and Bowers

‘Bowers’ Continued Page 4


Each year in October the City

of Salem – a community of around

40,000 residents – welcomes close

to 500,000 visitors who celebrate

the Halloween season during the

month long family-friendly Haunted

Happenings festival. The month of

October is very important to the local

economy, producing thousands of jobs

and millions in local sales revenues for

Salem’s restaurants, shops, and other

businesses each year.

With the ongoing COVID-19

pandemic still presenting a significant

public health and safety threat this

year, many of the official events and

activities that constitute Haunted

Happenings will be either cancelled

or scaled back. Most of the events and

programs of Haunted Happenings are

not City-sponsored activities, however,

and are instead, privately organized by

local businesses and nonprofits. In all

cases – whether an event is an official

Andrew Perry

Nadine Brown of Port Richey, Florida

reported that her and her boyfriend heard

the voice of a woman speak in a whisper,

but close enough and clear enough as if

there was someone right next to them.

The first inclination of a haunting

were small things: lights turning on and

off, the baby’s swing moving on its own,

and then finally it spoke. These incidents

started to pick about four months ago,

when their baby boy was born. The most

recent incident was last week, when the

baby’s swing moved on its own.

Her Boyfriend Hears It First, Then Her

Brown’s boyfriend was sitting on the

couch one day, while she was in the kitchen.

According to him, he heard a woman’s voice

distinctly say their son’s name: “Jayden.”

He called out to Brown and asked if

she said anything. She didn’t. A few weeks

later, Brown heard the same voice, except

this time the voice said, “Mommy, mommy.”

Brown said, “It was a soft whisper

right in my ear, as if there would have been

someone behind me had I turned around.”

She called out to her 14-year-old

daughter, who was also home and inside

City-sponsored event or a privatelysponsored

one – limitations imposed

by the state’s reopening requirements

will be in effect. For planning purposes,

the City is assuming the state will still

be in Phase 3 and not yet in Phase 4.

In general, Phase 3 prohibits indoor

gatherings of more than 25 people and

outdoor gatherings of more than 100


Based on that guidance, while

some events and activities may still

be able to take place with restrictions,

including several attractions,

museums, walking tours, retail shops,

and restaurants, many large-scale

functions will not be able to proceed.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to

call the event organizer or business in

advance to confirm that it is still open

and taking place. In some instances,

reservations/advance tickets may be

required due to limitations on the

number of participants or attendees

‘Salem’ Continued Page 4

Disembodied Voice Knows Their Son’s


For CoVid-19 Updates, Visit HMG at

her room. “I said ‘What did you say’? And she

said that she said nothing.”

After she heard the voice, Brown

checked with her boyfriend and the voices

they heard both seemed to be the same


“Maybe it was a ghost, I don’t know,”

she said.

Reports of Past Deaths in the House

“We first moved into the house we are

renting about five years ago,” said Brown.

“Our neighbor claimed that four elderly

people have died of natural causes in that


TCT News has reviewed property

records associated with the Browns’

address. Of the 72 individuals who have

‘Voice’ Continued Page 10


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Vive Le Difference?

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Created by Mike

The French phrase, “Vive le

difference,” was once considered an

acceptable and famous way to say,

“May the fact that we are different live

forever,” or “Long live the difference.”

I’ve always liked that.

One school autumn, as a teacher, I

created a colorful bulletin board of a

large tree with floating, tissue paper

leaves in green, gold, and orange.

Beside the tree I wrote in sizable black

construction paper letters, “It’s Okay to

be Different.” What prompted me to

make such a statement?

While instructing middle school

English at the time, I noticed students

who were particularly intolerant of

differences in dress, mannerisms, their

preference of soft drinks, shoe color, or

choice of notebook and ink pen. There

was discrimination and random overt

mockery if a student arrived at school

without the commonly accepted

appearance or manner. They wanted to

think, dress, and talk alike. Not tolerated

were students who did meet certain

standards and, often times, squabbles

and even fist fights were the result. The

students were learning, or had learned

at home, an intolerance for anything

and anyone who was different.

Years before, as a young adult, I had

learned to be tolerant and civil towards

those with opposing views, even if I

did not agree or accept their opinions.

It was a matter of courtesy, to listen

to and respect another’s perspective,

although I was not expected to adopt

perspective unless it was right for me.

I would have felt severely

compromised had I been forced to

adopt a view I could not embrace. People

have the right to believe, think or be as

they think best. I wanted to teach this

to my middle school students, to have

them learn appropriate ways to debate

differences, and have them learn in

the process social skills I hoped would

elevate them in character and stature.

Teaching literature and language

skills was a good fit with the middle

school concept of that time, one that

involved working social skills into the

curriculum and teaching students

how to move forward in a swiftly

changing world. It was disturbing

to observe discrimination against

students because they were unable to

afford the popular brand of athletic

shoes. I watched one day as insults

were hurled at a young lady who wore a

small diamond pendant gifted to her by

her father. It was time they learned to

respect the differences of others.

I compared my observations with

teachers in elementary schools. It

A scene from the civil unrest of the past few months sparked by the

recent incidents of police brutality towards blacks.

Photo from Getty Images

seemed that younger students were

much more accepting of differences; in

fact, the younger the student the more

accepting. I realized somewhere in their

growing up years, they had been taught

that anything other than the norm of

their own existence was “wrong,” “lame,”

or undesirable. I wondered how they

would make it in a college or university

setting where differences were not only

tolerated but encouraged.

But that was then, when a Liberal

Arts education taught tolerance of

alternate ideas and opinions. Learning

to accept differences was an art form.

By the time a student finished college,

social behaviors were instilled, civility

was solidified, and a young person was

well on their way to learning diplomacy

in a multicultural environment.

A more moderate, balanced

social climate should have been the

result, one in which opposing views

could be expressed with civility and

tolerance. Freedom to share ideas

should be respected and applauded,

if for no other reason than we are all

unique human beings with the right

to present concepts, creeds, religious

beliefs, and political preferences in the

United States of America. We should be

able to showcase differences without

recrimination. That’s what freedom of

thought and speech is all about.

However, somewhere along the

way this has changed drastically, and I

am disappointed and disillusioned.

I thought we would forever remain

a country of varied opinions and

expressions, following through with

the “melting pot” perspective of long

ago when the United States was young

and idealistic.

Today? It appears there is no unity,

as if I am back in my disrupted middle

school classroom, refereeing battles

between youngsters who were only

just beginning to learn how to accept

opposing views. Have we learned

nothing? Are we a nation of egocentric

adolescents fighting among ourselves

in order to be popular amongst our


Now when an opposing view is

expressed, it is often black-balled,

cudgeled with extreme language,

accusations, and acidic and insulting

remarks. The foulness of language is

vulgar, if almost comedic. Are there no

adjectives other than the f-word and

other terms that refer to parts of the

anatomy that have nothing to do with

the matter at hand? Our thinking has

broken down, as has our verbiage. We

have a beautiful, eloquent language.

But what will follow if the perfectly

apropos adjectives, adverbs, nouns,

and adverbs continue to deteriorate

with insulting remarks and jejune putdowns

on social media and national

television networks?

Have we no dignity? No self-respect?

No tolerance?

No longer can we be different

and still be accepted. No longer can a

person who adheres to a conservative

viewpoint exist as a friend of a person

who adheres to a liberal viewpoint.

Moderation, which was something we

all once strived for, is no longer allowed.

Someone with a balanced viewpoint

is laughed off the circuit. People want

hate, cynicism, insults, chaos. People

want to bury anyone who has a

different opinion from their own. We

are a country of tribes and fiefdoms; a

nation of insane warmongers fighting

along the dank trails and dirt paths of

a new Dark Age.


Getty Images

Getty Images

Podcast Review

‘The Witching Hour’ With Patti Negri

Ghost Adventures star and

international bestselling author Patti

Negri has launched The Witching Hour

- a new podcast of a different nature.

The celebrity medium and selfproclaimed

“good witch” brings her

vibrant personality to the new weekly

venture featuring intriguing guests

and magical workings. Negri infuses

each podcast with her expertise and

charming personality. The Witching

Hour débuted amid the pandemic

exclusively on the DASH Radio platform

with a wide release. In the following

weeks Anchor, Spotify, RadioPublic,

Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Breaker,

iTunes and all podcasting platforms

picked up the show.

Listeners tuning can expect to

hear from a gamut of amazing guests

including Catholic priest exorcists,

world famous Crime Reporters,

Astrologers, and everything in

between. Her first guest was fang

smith Father Sebastian, creator of The

Endless Nights Vampire Balls, and The

Girls Next Door star, Playboy Playmate

and paranormal investigator Bridget

Marquardt. Fellow Ghost Adventures

cast mates Catholic priest and

Exorcist bishop Bryan Oulette and

Demonologist Darren Evans were next

on the list.

With every episode Negri shares

exclusive “Magick Moments,” in which

she guides her audience through easy

spells and exercises to help balance

and empower daily living during these

curious times.

Negri’s newest endeavor pulls from

her vast wealth of paranormal work

starting with her first séance at the

age of 8, her reality TV experience, along

with tidbits from her international

best-selling compendium, Old World

Magick for the Modern World: Tips,

Tricks, and Techniques to Balance,

Empower, and Create a Life You

Love. The book provides easy to use

techniques that require no previous

experience or change to anyone’s

current belief system in order to shift

their energy, perception, and outcomes

to create their particular desired life.

Voted the number one psychic

medium in the world, Negri is also a

trance medium, tarot reader, magical

practitioner, crystal energy healer,

and life coach. She was named the

Number One Intuitive Entertainer

Occult Personality of the Year and an

influential women in business. She has

graced six magazine covers including:

American Psychic & Medium, Art;

Parapsychology and Mind Power;

4th Dimension and Stars Illustrated,

and has contributed to over twenty

books, several of which are Amazon


Negri’s working style is magical,

loving and upbeat, creating a positive,

safe and fun environment to grow

and heal. A natural practitioner, her

specialty is adjusting the energy and

flow in people, spaces, and situations.

She works organically by creating

rituals that arrange natural elements

to the rhythms and cycles of the

universe to bring about healing, change

lives for the better, and create balance.

Negri is honored to be President

and Chief Examiner of the American

Federation of Certified Psychics and


For more information visit www.



A still from the security camera at the Bowers Museum.

‘Bowers’ from Front

ghost hunters have “the orb,” as it is

affectionately referred to by believers

and non-believers alike. Though June

is at least in part a summer month, it

is well known to Californians as June

Gloom. On June 27th of this year, at 5:24

am a motion alarm went off in the Old

Wing of the Bowers Museum. It was

in the sunless, pre-dawn hours of the

morning that a Security Officer arrived

to check on the situation. When they

checked on the alarms, he noticed a

frightful thing: nothing. No windows

or doors had been opened or broken,

no paintings or cases disturbed and all

through the museum not a creature was

stirring. But the alarm had been tripped.

When the officer checked the security

footage, he saw the image of an almost

imperceptible transparent orb traveling

through the frame.

The tales of the ethereal get more

physical, including multiple cases of a

very specific happening in the museum’s

historic wing. The first person who

recorded such an occurrence was the

First Shift Assistant Security Manager.

He had arrived early in order to set up an

event in the Fluor Gallery which was to

take place later in the day. “With nothing

but the dawn’s lazy first light illuminating

the way, I passed through the wing when

suddenly my right shoulder brushed up

against something thick and smooth,

just as I heard a whooshing sound.”

Certain that he had bumped into a plant

or some other out of place object he’d

missed in the gray morning light he

turned around, but there was no plan

in sight. Another employee shared a

similar story. Descending from the Fluor

Gallery on the staircase in the old wing

he too sensed something sweep over his

right shoulder. Again when he looked to

see who it might have been, no one was


Over the years the historic wing

has acquired something of a reputation

for being haunted. One account from a

housekeeper working late into the night

near the Indonesian coffins recalls the

terrifying experience of witnessing a

full-size floating apparition; there have

sounds of banging on the walls; echoing

whispers out from the old exhibits and

even an apparition out in the admissions


Next time you visit the Bowers bring

a friend, or brave a solitary journey. But

you may not be alone.

The Jonathan Corwin House in Salem, Mass., aka ‘The Witch House’.


‘Salem’ from Front

allowed into a site at a time.

At present, the following Haunted

Happenings events and programs

will not take place this year as they

customarily do:

Haunted Happenings Grand


Mayor’s Night Out

Kids’ Costume Parade

Lanterns in the Village

Biz Baz Street Fair

Creative Collective Merchant

Marketplace vendors

Salem Food Truck Festival

Outdoor food vendors, including

Fiesta Shows food trucks

Great Salem Pumpkin Walk

Haunted Harmonies

Howl-o-ween pet parade

For further information visit

Salem Haunted Happenings www.


Herbie J Pilato

Feed Our Families

K-Earth 101 and KROQ have joined

with to help students in the

Los Angeles area who no longer have

the benefit of attending class every

day. Schools are a primary source of

meals, not only for several students

but for their families as well, even

during these unprecedented times.

In 2020, with remote learning,

feeding families has become an

increasingly significant challenge. The

Los Angeles Unified School District,

along with K-Earth and KROQ, and

many Southern California radio

stations, have stepped up to continue

to feed those in need.

Daily and throughout the

Southland, “Grab & Go” sites provide

breakfast, lunch and a snack to

children and their families whether or

not they are affiliated with the LAUSD.

No questions asked. This program

ensures our communities will be fed

and receive the nutrition they need to

excel in school and society.

RADIO.COM allows listeners to

heart their favorite radio stations for

free - anytime, anywhere, amidst 500

stations and thousands of favorite

podcasts. By location or genre, music,

news and sports may be discovered

and explored in homes, locally or

across the U.S.

School districts are reimbursed for

a percentage of the meals they serve,

while all monies raised fund meals for

Los Angeles Unifies families.

To donate visit

Television host & acclaimed

author focusing on the lives of

classic television stars.

Check out herbie on Amazon





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(562) 451-6242




Into the Black

The hot summer night

settled into the small mountain

village like a suffocating

turtleneck in the winter. The

tendrils of humidity grabbed

onto any surface it could while

the humming sound of insects

busied themselves into the

witching hour of the night.

The only life afoot was the

inky black sky that swallowed

thousands of stars floating in

its void leaving them merciless

to shine. The sound of silence

wafted through the air making

my heartbeat a pounding

warrior’s cry.

The old gnarled oak trees

dotted the landscape as their

branches stretched for the

sky and reached out to grab

unknowing wanderers. The

windows of the scattered cabins

showed no signs of life; only dark

and cold reminders.

Silence of Night

The silence was shattered

by the laughter of a child

dancing through the tree tops.

Hanging from an old oak tree

was wooden swing, she swayed

back and forth in the breezeless

night. The frail child sits on the

swing in her white Sunday best.

Her lace dress covered the small

outline. Long, brown braided

pigtails framed her porcelain

white face and dripped down

across her collar bone. Her eyes,

mere black holes, stared back.

Her fingers gripped the frail old

rope as she leaned forward. She

pursed her lips together, and let

loose a slow silent hissing sound.

In the blink of an eye, she

was gone with a giggle, leaving

me standing in the clearing,

staring at the swing as it swayed

back and forth in a breezeless

moment of time.

She pulled open the back door and stepped out into the

suffocating heat of the early evening.

Instantly her guard was up as the stillness of the night and

deafening silence wrapped around her like a thick weighted


Praying her eyes would adjust faster to the quickly waning

light, she scanned the hill in front of her, searching for any signs of

a predator in silent motion that could cause the world around her

to stop and hold its breath.

Cautiously stepping down the porch steps, the thick night air

enveloped her legs and crawled up her body pulling her down to

the earth. Hitting the last step, she felt her feet fall into the yielding

soil of the yard. Digging her toes into the soft brown earth, a

feeling of unease crept up her spine. Before she has a moment to

cry out, icy fingers danced across her shoulder blade. At first it was

a light touch, gentle enough to make her body begin to tingle. As

the fingers reach her collarbone, they began to rake and grab at

her neck. She tried to cry out in pain but a hand reached out from

behind her, covered her mouth and silenced her call for help.

Her eyes darted around wildly looking for the attacker, blood

dripping from the wounds on her neck. She felt her lip being forced

into her teeth; she tasted the blood but could not whimper for help.

The ground opened in front of her, a blinding flash of light

shot out as the shadow began to take shape. Starring in horror, the

specter gazed down into her eyes. Black as night its mouth was a

grimace of delight as it fed on her terror.

Two ghastly hands reached through the soft fresh soil and

wrapped themselves around her ankle. The specter laughed, her

bloody wounds flowed faster and, with one hard tug downward,

she was sucked into the bowls of the earth.

All is quiet and still. The only proof left even to suggest once

standing in that spot was a single beautiful moon flower, sparkling

and dancing, settling into the inky black night illuminated by the

October moon so full.


About the Author

Kate Rochester, a.k.a. “WysperSoul,” is an

avid paranormal enthusiast with a passion

for the darker, more mysterious side of life.

“Into the Black, just sort of fell into place,” said

Rochester, “I took the dogs outside one evening

and the night was still and thick; so dark and

quiet it just just struck me. I sat down at my

desk and just let the words flow.”

Silence of Night is the sum reflection of

some of the places that Rochester has visited

on her paranormal investigations. “Sometimes,

when you find yourself all alone looking down

at a town, you realize that you’re not ever really

alone. So many people never notice when the

quiet sets in.”

Rochester’s inspiration usually comes

while running her daily mail route. “I toss

around a lot of ideas. Once night falls though, I

will sit at my desk, light a single candle and set

the mood with music. Van Morrison’s ‘Into the

Mystic’ is one of my favorites to write to.”

Rochester described herself as “a weirdly

introverted extrovert.” Many of her mystic

moments come to her when she is feeling

withdrawn and emotional. “It’s usually just me

and the dogs,” she said. “They get comfy and

start snoring while the cats are off chasing


“I usually write in the quiet hours before

bed. The house settles down for its evening

slumber. The animals have had all their needs

met and it’s just me and my thoughts. I love the

dark, the stillness of the night air; it allows the

mind to run amok.”

She called her short scenes the “inside

wanderings” of her mind. “They are expressions

of emotions and feeling. I want ‘worded

visualization.’ I take all the days thoughts and

stresses…worries and happiness…and pull

them out of my mind and into words that you

can see.”

Check out Season One of

Then Again with Herbie J.

Pilato, starring classic TV

stars like Ed Asner and

Burt Ward. Find it on

Amazon Prime.

For more information, visit



Shadow Man: Not Just Another Horror Novel

Excerpt from Shadow Man: Toni

returns to the town of her abusive

upbringing for the funeral of her longmissing

high school friend. She only has

one thought on her mind - pay her respects

and leave. But a strange text has brought

all of her high school friends to this one

point and they soon realize that all is

definitely not what it seems.

There is more in the darkness here

than just shadows.

Coming to terms with her mother’s

abuse and the terrors of her upbringing,

the ghosts of Toni’s past become more than

metaphorical – they become dangerous.

Fighting them, a terrifying dark demon

and a serial killer that is closer to home

than any of them suspected, Toni learns

some steep lessons about friendship, love

and just how much she is capable of.

But will it be enough to save her


The girl with all the books became

the woman who writes them. Brown

always knew she would be an author.

She was struck early in life by a quote

from Benjamin Franklin: “Either write

something worth reading or do

something worth writing about.”

“I needed to do one first in order

to be any good at the other,” she said.

“I lived a life less ordinary in every way

I could and now I am putting all that

into my stories. Over a year of hard

work has paid off and I am officially a

published author! Phew!”

Any lovers of horror or

supernatural thrillers should enjoy

her debut novel Shadow Man. It has

been out just a few weeks and the

reviews have been overwhelming,

“Some from people I don’t even know!”

laughed Brown.

Brown is a published freelance

writer and designer with an avid

interest in photography and

videography. She began her career at

The Coventry Telegraph, an English

tabloid newspaper that was founded

as the Midland Daily Telegraph in

1891 and was Coventry’s first daily

newspaper. “I was the entertainment

reporter straight out of college,” said

Brown, who continues to write, edit,

design, typeset and research for several

publications in print and online in the

United Kingdom and in Spain.

Brown has worked as a presenter

and producer on a number of radio

shows for over 15 years and is currently

in production for an in-house studio,

continuing her voice-over career.

Available on Amazon in paperback

or digital form or her website at www.

Pop-Up Elopement


Just about everything has had to

be put on the backburner, including

engagements and weddings. But true to

form, These Curious Times offers an odd

but stylish solution.

“Short + Sweet” is an Elopement

Pop-Up for the wild at heart, mad in

love and seriously stylish couples who

want a little more stardust than a

traditional courtroom ceremony. Bob

Baker Marionette Theater sets the stage

for your wedding at the most magical

theater in Los Angeles.

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater

has been a haven for celebrations for

nearly 60 years. With a touch of twinkle

and a whisper of whimsy, the space is

unique and unforgettable and now

lovebirds have the rare opportunity to

get married in this wonderland.

On August 22nd, The Bob Baker

Marionette Theater opens its doors to

celebrate couples seeking to tie the knot

in the most enchanting way possible

with a Marionette officiator; Technicolor

floral; Cake, Champagne, and a Custom

Certificate, all captured on camera by

their ultra-talented photographer who is

ready to capture that big day.

The epic elopement package includes:

• Two Hour Venue Rental for up

to four guests, plus officiate or puppet


• Photography Coverage and Portrait


• Ceremony Floral Installation and

personal floral arrangements

• Six-inch Celebration Cake

• Champagne Toast

• Designer Marriage Certificate

• Live Streamed Ceremony and

Recorded Ceremony

In short, it’s all the bells and whistles

of a big wedding within a simple and

stress-free package. The only thing left to

do is to show up.

Partners have two hours at the

Bob Baker Theater. The timeline is up

to them, but at least ten minutes is

recommended for arrival and touch-ups,

a 20-minute ceremony, 30 minutes for

cake, champagne and certificate signing,

with the rest of your allocated for taking

portraits with the photographer.

Wearing a mask to plan or attend a

ceremony is not required, but observing

social distancing protocols may be

necessary and guests should wear masks.

Following all safety guidelines, time is

allotted between ceremonies to sanitize

the theater.

The live stream can host up to 100

devices. Each couple will receive a recorded

ceremony afterwards, to be shared with

family and friends. The turnaround time

for photos is two weeks.

Spaces are limited on first come,

first serve basis, with the entire package

priced at an affordable $4,000.

For more information, and bookings,


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Heroes Caught In



Christopher Ludwig and Dakota

Berger are just two regular guys who

decided to thrive regardless of CoVid-19.

Out of sheer boredom from lock-down

comes creativity and ingenuity.

Welcome Nerdtography!

“We were just hanging out one day

and we saw some guy on YouTube who

was posing action figures and filming

videos. We both had action figures –

so we decided to start posing them in

realistic scenarios and taking pictures,”

stated Berger, “We have received rave


Nerdtography is less than two

months old and has already gone viral.

The photos are a hit and they have

even picked up their first sponsor,

Metropolis Collectibles, the largest

dealer of vintage comic books in the

world, located in Bellflower.

Ludwig and Berger will be

contributing their superheroes to

These Curious Times every month

and are working on a weekly series for

TCTN’s social media.

You can find the handsome heroes

on Instagram at Nerdtography.official.

Watch the Oman House Ghost Hunt LIVE!

Want to ghost hunt one of the most

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Join in a LIVE STREAM of the famed

Oman House of Hollywood August 21st

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event of the summer and the first

ever virtual Paracon Ghost Hunt LIVE.

There will be interviews with past

investigators and well known psychics

discussing their first hand experiences

with the numerous spirits that roam

the grounds; take a virtual tour of the

house; view clips of past investigations

and perhaps one of the spirits will give

evidence of their whereabouts.

The Oman House has been

investigated and featured by Ghost

Hunters, My Ghost Story, Paranormal

Witness, Haunted History, AfterShocks,

Dead Famous Live, Search for Satan

and Ghost Adventures.

The LIVE STREAM will begin at

6:00 pm each evening with personal

interviews of past investigators. At 8:30

pm the live investigation will begin

and a séance will be held at midnight,

running until 2:00 am. New evidence

and never before seen screenings will

be released to viewers along with

some phenomenal evidence that was

captured on the anniversary of the

Manson Murders.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime

opportunity. Tickets to investigations

to the Oman House are hard to come by

because the events fill up fast – but this

LIVE STREAM will bring you up close

and personal with the paranormal.

Don’t miss this LIVE STREAM

event from the Paranormal Hot

Spot on Cielo Drive, tickets are $10.00

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Let’s discover the afterlife together.

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Harness the

natural healing power of

your body, mind, and spirit

Inside this Florida home, the Brown family has had several encounters

with a ghost who seemingly knows their son’s name.

Photo by Nadine Brown

‘Voice’ from Front

lived at this address since it was built in

1974, 18 have passed away. Unfortunately,

none of those deaths have an address

attached to their death certificate, so the

neighbor’s claim that four seniors have

passed away in the home might be true,

but it is uncorroborated.

Brown said she will try and record the

next time something, like the swing, moves

on its own. “I expect it to continue,” she said,

“but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I just think

the ghost, or ghosts, want us to know that

they are still in the house.”

We carry a wide variety of

stones & crystals, herbs, candles, incense,

jewelry, and our newest

“Sinful Indulgence” bath & body products.





“I’m A Foolish Mortal” - The Interview

Topher Adam, Disney inspired artist whose life was changed from the

Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World.

done my own thing, but there is nothing

like ink to paper. When the iPad came out,

I discovered that I could create digital art

with my knowledge of graphic art and

the software out there, putting two and

two together, I dove into creating digital

pieces of art. I began to draw scenes of

the Haunted Mansion and all things


TCTN: How did the name of your

business come about?


was a tribute fan site for all who were

in search of additional stories on the

Haunted Mansion. I think the name says

it all. Each time I tell anyone the name

of my site they laugh and comment,

“Right, ‘cuz I am…” (“a foolish mortal”).

I absolutely adore the humor of that

saying and my site is supposed to help

bring about that feeling. I find humor is

the best thing to wrap yourself up in. So

much of life is a challenge; we must find

joy in something that we adore. I was

determined to build something that

helped share my art and passion for the


TCTN: What is it that draws you to

the Haunted Mansion - not so much the

Disney aspect, but that darker side?

Adam: I have always been drawn

to the darker side. As a child I created

Adam: When I heard about what

was going on in China, I took all the

proper steps to prepare myself and

my family for what I knew would

eventually happen in the States. I bought

masks, filters, food, ordered emergency

supplies; I went a bit nuts and into “end

of the world” mode. When I started to

realize that this was going to affect my

livelihood I allowed my creative thinking

skills to take over. I decided that I would

make my own masks with my own art.

I figured if we had to protect ourselves,

then I will do it on my terms ~ with joy

in mind and make them fun for others.

Never knowing how a new idea will turn

out, artists take risks all the time and

create things hoping they will catch on

and take off. Well, they did just that. I

already knew what my fan based enjoyed

my work, so I decided to go with the art

pieces that were popular, growing the

idea with different designs allowing fans

to decide what they loved and wanted to

sport around in their safety attire. Now

we have done over 1,300 masks, and still

getting orders.

With every good thing you create

there is always an end. You can come

up with something that wows the

world and eventually it slows down and

fades away. That’s the typical web and

Tammye McDuff

Topher Adam creator of “I’m A Foolish

Mortal” has been called many things in

his life because of his enormous creativity.

Adam says he is a creative artist. Even at an

early age he was more interested in art than

he was school. TCTN had the tremendous

opportunity to sit down with Adam and

discuss his talent and one-of-a-kind face

masks with a twisted side. The masks have

caught the attention of radio hosts and

celebrities – and we were able to catch him

between creations.

TCTN: Tell our readers a little bit

about yourself.

Adam: The most important thing

in my entire life has been the ability to

create. In high school…I was a nervous

freshman when I walked into my

elected Art 101 class. After a few days…

my instructor walked up to me and

said, “You can’t be in this class.” It scared

me; I thought I had done something

wrong, I asked her, “Why!” followed by her

answer, “You are just beyond this class!”

After high school I attended university

and acquired a BA in Design and

Visualization. Being a visual artist opens

the doors to so many possibilities, it also

teaches you how to imagine a world of

possibilities and create whatever your

mind and heart desire.

TCTN: Much of your work has

become a showcase for all things Disney,

especially the Haunted Mansion. How

did that come about?

Adam: Disney, oh the wonderful

world of Disney. When I was little I

remember seeing this advert on the

tellie about taking a drawing test to

see your skill level. I ordered the test…

the one with Jiminy Cricket…and I had

to redraw it as one of the tests in the

booklet. Having always been in love with

Disney as a young child. this was easy. But

let me go back a bit…

My first visit to the Disneyland

Resort Park in Florida was at the age of

four. My mum told me we went on The

Haunted Mansion ride, she looked at

me as I stood up in the “doom-buggy,” big

eyed gazing back and forth at everything

that was going on with my mouth wideopen.

She wasn’t sure if I was scared or

amazed. Now she giggles and says she

never thought a ride like that would

change my entire life.

My parents followed their parents;

they went to school, graduated and

went to work. I had no idea that you

could actually have a career working

as an artist for Disney. It just wasn’t

something I knew about. As I got older

I assumed the best fit for a career and

my determination to stay true to my

nature, as an artist, illustrator, painter,

photographer, and fashion designer,

would be in the graphic arts. It seemed

like the right fit. For years I worked for

corporate America in computer graphics

and technology. Yet in the back of my

mind, there was something missing. I

have always sketched, and doodled, and


A few of Topher Adam’s clever mask designs.

a fantasy world within to find peace,

living in abuse you tend to close yourself

up and do everything you can to hide

the reality and the pain you experience.

I found solace in the whimsical magic

of the Haunted Mansion, silly ghosts,

hitchhiking spirits, and playful spooks.

Growing up and being a youth drawn

to the darker side I volunteered to work

haunted houses, I drew creatures and

characters; it was so colorful in my mind

that the macabre facet wasn’t scary. I

have a saying, “There is more light in

the dark, because that’s where your

imagination will spark.”

TCTN: When did you decide to create

your own mask art? Was the artwork

pre-existing and you just tweaked it to

fit or are these completely new pieces?

flow of society’s interests. As an artist

I will tell you, that you must have the

next ”big thing” ready at any given time

to maintain interest. It’s a full time/

lifetime job to keep people engaged

with your brand and artwork. My site

is can be found

on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Google, FaceBook,

and Instagram. I am always available,

as an artist I love suggestions, take

criticism really well and want the world

to celebrate with my work so it helps

them maintain what they love about

Disney and the haunted mansion.

For the complete in-depth interview,

visit “Our Exclusive with Topher Adam”

on These Curious Times.

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