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*Mark S. Aloia, PhD et al., “Treatment Adherence and Outcomes in Flexible vs Standard Continuous Positive Airway Pressure,” Chest /127/ 6 / June 2005; pp. 2085-2093.

Feel and see the C-Flex difference.

It’s not hard to discover that C-Flex is a more comfortable

treatment for sleep apnea — you can feel the difference

with a quick demonstration. The difference is the C-Flex

waveform: a better way to deliver sleep therapy that

takes the work out of exhalation. You may also see a

difference in your patients who use C-Flex. Patients

simply feel better, and with good reason.

A study published in the June 2005 issue of Chest *

showed that patients using a REMstar Pro with C-Flex

used their therapy an average of 1.7 hours longer per

night than patients on CPAP after three months, and the

difference in adherence widened over time.

And to help you bring that promise of better results and

more comfortable therapy to more of your patients, we’ve

developed a family of REMstar devices with C-Flex so

you can match each of your patients to a device that fits

their needs.

The REMstar family gives you a choice of therapy modes,

reporting modes and humidification options to deliver a truly

tailored therapy solution to your patients. And now you have

even more choices to offer with the new REMstar Auto with

C-Flex and the REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex.

How C-Flex works.

The difference that patients feel when using C-Flex comes, in large part, from Digital Auto-Trak ® . This patented algorithm precisely

identifies the transition between inhalation and exhalation – even in the presence of mask leak and other variables. Digital Auto-Trak

helps therapy feel more natural by matching therapy to the patient’s natural breathing pattern. And by matching the patient’s breathing

pattern, C-Flex can reduce pressure at the moment of expiration.

With three C-Flex levels, patients have the ability to select the level of pressure relief that’s right for them. The amount of pressure

relief will vary on a breath-by-breath basis depending on the patient’s expiratory flow and the C-Flex setting. The device returns to the

prescribed pressure at the end of exhalation to ensure proper therapy.




C-Flex setting = 1

C-Flex setting = 2

C-Flex setting = 3

The new REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex, like all REMstar devices with C-Flex,

reduces therapy pressure right at the point that a patient begins to exhale.

The level of pressure relief will vary with every breath and can be increased

or decreased with one of three C-Flex settings to make therapy more

comfortable. And that can make long-term compliance easier to achieve.

REMstar ® Pro 2 with C-Flex

and REMstar Auto with C-Flex:

Two new ways for patients to

feel the difference.

To complete the family of REMstar devices with C-Flex,

we’ve added powerful new reporting features to the

REMstar Pro. Also, we’ve combined auto-titration with

C-Flex to introduce the REMstar Auto with C-Flex – the

most comfortable smart CPAP we’ve ever produced.

REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex advances the ability of our

top-of-line sleep therapy system by adding the ability to

record apnea/hypopnea index, leak levels and snoring.

This gives you even more insight into a patient’s therapy

regimen – and makes it easier to identify any need to

modify therapy.

The REMstar Auto with C-Flex features a “multi-level”

algorithm that measures instances of flow limitation to

make systematic, subtle changes in pressure and assesses

the impact of these changes on the patient’s breathing

patterns. It can also determine how much of a response is

necessary to eliminate events and position the patients with

a more appropriate pressure – as well as compensate for

elevated leak levels and variable breathing.

Combining C-Flex and auto-titration makes the REMstar

Auto with C-Flex a particularly attractive device in a

sleep lab setting – especially when used in conjunction

with our Analog Output Module and Clinical Remote.

Breathing pattern recognition ensures the right therapy.

As impressive as the Proactive Algorithm therapy is, it would be useless without the Breathing Pattern Recognition ability of the

REMstar Auto with C-Flex. Breathing Pattern Recognition analyzes the shape curve of a patient’s airflow signal based on four

parameters (roundness, flatness, peak and shape). It can then seek out instances of flow limitation and respond accordingly –

either by cycling through the Pcrit, Popt and Ptherapy modes or by triggering the REMstar Auto’s secondary analysis.

REMstar Auto with C-Flex Theory of Operation

Flow Limitation/Primary Analysis

P therapy

This simple mail-in card helps

reduce home visits and eliminates

the need for patients to transport

their device to your facility.

The true database architecture

of the Encore Pro software

gives you the power to create

customized reports based on

your needs, including detailed

daily reports, compliance reports

and long-term therapy trends.

P crit

P opt

Encore ® Pro SmartCard ® Compatible

The secondary analysis determines the occurrence

of breathing problems like apnea, hypopnea, snoring,

variable breathing and elevated leak levels based on

their effects on the patient’s airflow signal. Once it

detects one of these events, the secondary analysis

immediately begins to ramp up the pressure level to

a point that eliminates or compensates for the event.

REMstar Auto with C-Flex and the new REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex come complete with Respironics’

Encore Pro SmartCard technology built in. This powerful tool allows you to handle patient files, develop

patient reports and track overall treatment progress of patient populations. Encore Pro’s true database

architecture unleashes its ability to manipulate and manage patient data. You can even compare the

wellness trends of different patients to explore ways to improve overall care based on different criteria

such as insurance provider or sleep lab.

The SmartCard records the date, time, ramp usage and duration of each session. Additionally, both

machines allow the SmartCard to record leak, apnea/hypopnea index and snoring – data previously

only available from the REMstar Auto with C-Flex. It can even be programmed to update the patient’s

prescription – when the programmed SmartCard is inserted, the prescription settings are automatically

transferred into the device – so, no in-home visit is required.

The Systems

The REMstar family of devices with C-Flex is your choice for designing

customized outcomes-based treatment plans for sleep apnea patients,

while helping you to meet your clinical and business goals. All systems

feature a sleek, updated design that includes backlit controls for the unit

and humidification system.

REMstar Plus with C-Flex

REMstar Plus with C-Flex offers optional integrated humidification,

lighted controls, an easy-to-read display and the revolutionary comfort

of C-Flex – all in a sleek design. This is the device that will redefine

the entry-level CPAP market.

REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex

REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex combines the amazing comfort of C-Flex and

optional integrated humidification with the power of Encore ®

Pro Data

Management Software. And now with the ability to record apnea/hypopnea

index, elevated leak levels and snoring, it’s the most versatile CPAP

we’ve ever offered.

REMstar Auto with C-Flex

The REMstar Auto with C-Flex is an ideal flow-based Smart CPAP for

use in the lab or home. Its Proactive Algorithm looks for and adjusts

to a patient’s needs based on optimal and critical pressure levels. And

the new Encore Pro software allows you to track events like snoring,

elevated leak levels and apnea/hypopnea. Add that to a host of other

great patient features, and it’s easy to see why REMstar Auto with

C-Flex is the smartest Smart CPAP we’ve ever made.

REMstar Heated Humidifier

Designed as an integrated addition to our REMstar family, this unique,

tubeless platform brings heated humidification to a new level. Its clear,

two-piece water chamber is easy to fill and is dishwasher safe. The

humidifier controls are on the CPAP unit, and the heated humidifier

plugs directly into the REMstar unit – so there is only one plug going

into the wall.

REMstar Integrated Pass-over Humidifier

This integrated pass-over humidifier’s revised design allows you to

choose unheated humidification without sacrificing the convenience

of the REMstar heated humidifier’s sleek, integrated design.

REMstar Plus with C-Flex

REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex

REMstar Auto with C-Flex

REMstar Heated Humidifier

REMstar Integrated

Pass-over Humidifier

The Specs

REMstar Plus with C-Flex REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex REMstar Auto with C-Flex

PRESSURE RANGE 4 to 20 cm H2O 4 to 20 cm H2O 4 to 20 cm H2O RAMP TIME 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments) 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments) 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments

– CPAP mode only)

STARTING RAMP PRESSURE 4 to CPAP; patient-adjustable 4 to CPAP; patient-adjustable 4 to CPAP; patient-adjustable

(CPAP mode only)

DIMENSIONS 9.45" (l) x 6.69" (w) x 4.72" (h) 9.45" (l) x 6.69" (w) x 4.72" (h) 9.45" (l) x 6.69" (w) x 4.72" (h)

24 cm (l) x 17 cm (w) x 12 cm (h) 24 cm (l) x 17 cm (w) x 12 cm (h) 24 cm (l) x 17 cm (w) x 12 cm (h)

WEIGHT < 4 lbs (1.8 kg) < 4 lbs (1.8 kg) < 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

FILTERS Pollen and optional ultra-fine Pollen and optional ultra-fine Pollen and optional ultra-fine

DEVICE SET-UP On-board keypad On-board keypad and SmartCard On-board keypad and SmartCard

DATA STORAGE CAPACITY Therapy meter 6 months @ 3 usage sessions/day, 6 months @ 3 usage sessions/day,

(minimum) 7-9 days in-depth data analysis 7-9 days in-depth data analysis

DATA STORAGE CONTENT Total hours Date/time, duration at pressure, Date/time, duration at pressure,

Usage sessions > 4 hours patient event histograms, short-term patient event histograms, short-term

detailed events, long-term trends, detailed events, long-term trends,

FOSQ tests FOSQ tests

COMPLIANCE METER Therapy hours Breathing detection Breathing detection

ALTITUDE COMPENSATION Low, medium or high Automatic Automatic

ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 100 – 240 AC, 12 VDC 100 – 240 AC, 12 VDC 100 – 240 AC, 12 VDC

DC POWER Direct-connect cord Direct-connect cord Direct-connect cord

WARRANTY 2 years 2 years 2 years

MISCELLANEOUS Integrated heated humidification control, Integrated heated humidification Integrated heated humidification

lighted keys on pad, pressure calibration key, control, lighted keys on pad, control, lighted keys on pad,

automatic on/off, mask off alert automatic on/off, mask off alert automatic on/off, mask off alert

The Products

CPAP Systems (North America only) Part #

REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex 1020923

REMstar Pro 2 with C-Flex Core Pkg. (Incl. Humidifier) 1020926

REMstar Plus with C-Flex 1009586

REMstar Plus with C-Flex Core Pkg. (Incl. Humidifier) 1009871

REMstar Auto with C-Flex 1017453

REMstar Auto with C-Flex Core Pkg. (Incl. Humidifier) 1017476

Encore Pro Software and SmartCard Part #





(Incl. universal supply, 115 VAC cord and interface cable. 220V cord sold separately.) 1003543

PACK OF SMARTCARDS (10 cards) 1003304

FOSQ CLINICAL REPRINT (Sleep, 20(10): 835-843) 1000141


(Call Customer Service for other languages.) 1004550









CPAP Accessories Part #

POLLEN FILTERS (Reusable; 2 per pack) 1005964

ULTRA-FINE FILTERS (Disposable; 2 per pack) 1005945

FILTER CAP 1008479




(Incl. shielded DC cord and battery adapter cable) 1001979

REUSABLE PATIENT TUBING (6 ft. (1.8 m), GRAY) 622038

Humidifiers Part #


REMstar HEATED HUMIDIFIER CHAMBER (Replacement) 1008619



Customer Service: 1-800-345-6443 or 724-387-4000

Respironics Europe: +33-1-55-60-19-80

Respironics Asia Pacific: +81-3-5280-9611


CAUTION: U.S. federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Respironics, REMstar, Encore, SmartCard and Auto-Trak are trademarks and “People. Products.

Programs.” is a registered service mark of Respironics, Inc. and its affiliates. The C-Flex mark is

used under license. Covered by one or more patents. Other patents pending.

©2005 Respironics, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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