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• Mr. Bernard Antwi

Boasiako, Ashanti

Regional Chairman

of NPP

Wontumi, MP

face contempt

• Over Subin Constituency

NPP election

•Mark Okraku Mantey,

prez, Creative Arts


ATWAG to hold

webinar on

the creative

arts sector

• New voters’ register





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•Elvis Afriyie Ankrah

• Bless Sabah

Faasemkye with the

Doctor at Korle-Bu

Hit-and-run victim

can't walk again

• Needs support for new life

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Failure is the condiment that

gives success its flavor

--Truman Capote


25 Dec, Christmas Day

26 Dec, Boxing Day

1 Jan, New Year


Published by: EIB

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Hit-and-run victim

can't walk again

• Needs support for new life




TANT Surgeon

at the


Teaching Hospital,


Mawuli K Ametefe, has stated that

it is impossible for Mr Bless Sabah

Faasemkye, a needy accident victim,

to walk again on his own because

his spinal cord has been

damaged permanently.

This is as a result of a hit-andrun

accident he suffered in 2014.

According to the surgeon, Mr

Faasemkye's injury affected the tail

end of his spinal cord, which has

worsened over the years because

Faasemkye never received healthcare

because he says he did not get

the money to go to hospital.

"What it means is that no medical

operation can correct his present

condition, having paralysed,"

Dr Ametefe, said.

Narrating his finding after examining

the scan results of MRI,

and CT on his pelvis, Dr Ametefe

said Mr Faasemkye had a fracture

of the lumber vertebra body,

specifically the first lumber vertebra

body which over the six years

period has healed.

He said the injury also affected

the spinal cord and because no

medical care was sought, it had

been damaged permanently, resulting

in the inability of Faasemkye

to move his legs, feel any pinch of

his skin and also control faeces

and urine.

"What we are seeing after the

results of the scans and examination

conducted on him shows that

this damage is permanent and

does not need any surgical intervention,"

he stated.

Dr Ametefe continued that the

basis for the CT scan was to determine

whether the bones were

showing any further infection and

what their structure look like as

far as bearing weight is concerned.

"The structures are good and

we are happy to say that it doesn't

look infected though."

Dr Ametefe said because of

persistent sitting his buttock area

developed an ulcer at the base.

Way forward

The Consultant Surgeon said

the plan now is to rehabilitate him

by getting him adapt and maximise

what is left with his current


"There is the need for those ulcers,

which are also known as

pressure sores, to heal and for

them to heal pressure must be

taken off them so normally we get

a doughnut (a ring or a ring cushion)

where you sit and you don't

sit on the wound: it will therefore

take time to heal. Because there

are no infections on the buttocks,

the chances of healing are great,"

the doctor revealed.

Dr Ametefe referred Mr

Faasemkye to a physiotherapist to

be assessed and trained on how to

use the rest of the muscles that

are available efficiently.

Because of the difficulty in

passing urine and faeces, the surgeon

also referred him to a Urologist

to help him control his urine

and again implement certain measures

to help empty his bladder by

way of passing catheter through

the penis.

• Bless Sabah Faasemkye with the Doctor at Korle-Bu

Statistics on hit-and-run accidents

According to the Director of

Research and Training at the

Motor Traffic Department of the

Ghana Police Service, Superintendent

Alexander Kwaku Obeng,

road crashes are daily phenomenon

and about 40 cases are reported

in the country daily, adding

that post accident investigation indicates

that it is difficult to tell

who or the car that hit the person.

Supt Obeng said it was a big

issue to determine the colour, who

and number of the vehicle that

was involved in the accident and

so "we normally fall on eyewitness

accounts to trace, detect and apprehend

the culprits."

He said currently, there’s no

statistics on hit-and-run accidents

but from January to June this year

alone, out of 1, 175 road crashes

recorded, 870 pedestrians were injured

and 305 deaths occurred.

Supt Obeng added that in June

this year, 217 crashes were

recorded out of which 176 people

were injured with 55 losing their


On how the police were handling

such trend, he said they had

instituted a number of measures

such as the Alpha Projects, where

CCTV cameras are installed on

the streets to capture some of

these things and the intervention

by the National Insurance Commission

which provides monetary

support for medical needs if, indeed,

the accident is reported and


Results of appeal for


It would be recalled that on

Monday, July 6, 2020, the DAILY

HERITAGE published a front

page story with the caption,

"Abandoned to die – 24-yr-old

man paralysed for 6yrs appeals for

financial support to undergo surgery"

and subsequently GHOne

TV aired the same story on Friday,

July 10, 2020.

While publishing the

Faasemkye story, the DAILY

HERITAGE and the sister television

station, GHOne TV, provided

certain emergency numbers

for people to support, and corporate

Ghana, individuals, and philanthropists

showed love by

donating to support Mr

Faasemkye to seek medical care

An individual took it upon

himself to foot all the medical

bills while others also supported in

other related issues.

A non-government organisation

known as Organisation for

Human Services based in Ghana

quickly donated a brand new

wheelchair and also made a donation

of provisions, toiletries and

other items worth over GHS

2000.00 to support the victim.

Per the consultant surgeon's report,

it would be impossible for

Mr Faasemkye to walk again, so


calling on the public to support

him to get medical attention that

would usher him into a new life.

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•Elvis Afriyie Ankrah addressing the media

•New voters’ register

NDC demands

independent audit






(NDC) is demanding


independent audit into the

newly compiled voters’ register

by the Electoral Commission


The claims by the opposition

party comes after the

chairperson of the EC, Mrs

Jean Mensa revealed that

there are still foreigners and

minors on the newly created

voters’ register.

She, however, said mechanisms

put in place by the

commission will clean the

voter’s roll of the illegal persons

on it.

“The Commission is

mindful of the infiltration of

foreigners at a number of

our registration centres. Additionally,

we are aware that

a number of minors have

found their way into the register.

“We are confident that the

challenge processes initiated

“The only thing the compilation

of the new register

has achieved for the

NPP is that it has brought

untold shame to the party

and demolished the propaganda

of Akufo-Addo

and Bawumia which was

echoed by the EC that our

voters’ register was


at all districts

throughout the country

will unearth these

illegal persons and rid

the register of those

who do not qualify to

be thereon.”

But speaking at a

Press Conference on

Thursday, the NDC

rejected the claims of

the EC. According to

the party, it’s impossible

for a biometric

system to record multiple


Director of Elections for

the NDC, Elvis Afriyie

Ankrah said the move by the

EC to delete such names are

politically motivated.

“The only thing the compilation

of the new register

has achieved for the NPP is

that it has brought untold

shame to the party and demolished

the propaganda of

Akufo-Addo and Bawumia

which was echoed by the EC

that our voters’ register was


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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say Trump has left US 'in tatters’


TIAL candidate Joe Biden and

running mate Kamala Harris

have attacked "whining" President

Donald Trump as an incompetent

leader who has left

the US "in tatters".

The pair held their first

campaign event together, a day

after Mr Biden unveiled Ms

Harris as his number two.

President Trump hit back,

saying Ms Harris had "dropped

like a rock" in her own presidential


Mr Biden will face Mr

Trump, a Republican, in November's


Wednesday's event at a

school in Wilmington,

Delaware, was not open to the

public, with Mr Biden, 77, citing

coronavirus prevention

needs. Both candidates walked

on stage wearing masks to address

a group of masked journalists.




World news in 4 stories

Enoch Adeboye sexism row:

Why the Nigerian pastor is

so popular

•Enoch Adeboye, better

known as "Daddy Go"


better known as

"Daddy Go" (Daddy

General Overseer), is a

Nigerian pastor loved

by his millions of followers,

but who has once again

riled critics on social media with

what they say is his sexist attitude.

The 78-year-old ranks low on

the flamboyance roll-call of the

West African nation's mega televangelists,

but he is arguably the most


He has headed the Redeemed

Christian Church of God (RCCG)

for nearly 40 years - and under his

stewardship it has grown phenomenally.

It is rare to find in Nigeria's

mainly Christian south a street

without an RCCG church, some

streets have two - and its dove logo

has become part of the landscape.

But the pastor's views on marriage

and gender roles has some

eyes rolling in the age of #metoo -

even in this conservative country.

'Marry a woman who can cook'

He has been active on social

media over the last decade - and

when he posted some "lessons" for

women on his wife's birthday in

July - it snowballed into a Twitter

storm that sparked a big conversation

about feminism. BBC

•Mr Trump said his hair had to be "perfect"

US calls for shower rules to

be eased after Trump hair


THE US government has proposed

changing the definition

of a showerhead to allow increased

water flow, following

complaints from President

Donald Trump about his hair


Under a 1992 law, showerheads

in the US are not allowed

to produce more than

2.5 gallons (9.5l) of water per


The Trump administration

wants this limit to apply to

each nozzle, rather than the

overall fixture.

Consumer and conservation

groups argue that it is

wasteful and unnecessary.

The changes were proposed

by the Department of

Energy on Wednesday following

complaints by Mr Trump

at the White House last


"So showerheads - you take

a shower, the water doesn't

come out. You want to wash

your hands, the water doesn't

come out. So what do you do?

You just stand there longer or

you take a shower longer? Because

my hair - I don't know

about you, but it has to be perfect.

Perfect," he said.

Andrew deLaski, executive

director of the energy conservation

group Appliance Standards

Awareness Project, said

the proposal was "silly". BBC

Belarus election: Women form ‘solidarity chains’ to condemn crackdown

WOMEN HAVE formed human

chains in Belarus to condemn a

crackdown on protests over the

disputed election.

Many dressed in white and carried

flowers as they called for an

end to police brutality.

Unrest erupted across the

country after long-time leader

Alexander Lukashenko was declared

winner of Sunday's presidential

election, sparking

allegations of vote rigging.

Thousands of people have

been arrested and at least two have


In the latest official figures, the

interior ministry said police had

detained 700 people during

protests on Wednesday, bringing

the total number to 6,700.

Some detainees were released

on Thursday. Tearful relatives have

been gathering outside a jail north

of the capital Minsk, hoping to be

reunited with their loved ones or

for information on their whereabouts.

As a fifth day of protests got

under way, hundreds of women

•Many women have been wearing white as they protest against

the disputed election result and police violence

formed "solidarity chains" in

Minsk. Participants told reporters

they wanted a peaceful

resolution, as they called

for all detained protesters to

be freed.

In the latest official figures,

the interior ministry

said police had detained

700 people during

protests on Wednesday,

bringing the total number

to 6,700.

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Let’s reject politics of insults

ON WEDNESDAY, former President

John Dramani Mahama, the flag bearer

of the National Democratic Congress

(NDC) assured Ghanaians that he and

his running mate, Professor Naana Jane

Opoku-Agyemang, will never engage in

politics of insults.

The NDC flag bearer gave the assurance

when he was introducing his running

mate to the Christian Council of

Ghana at a ceremony in Tema. He had

earlier presented the party’s first female

running mate to the Osu Mantse at

Osu, where the previous seat of government

was located.

“My running mate, Prof Naana Jane

Opoku-Agyemang, who I am presenting

to you today (Wednesday), has been

encouraged by the Osu Mantse to be

strong and courageous in the face of,

what he feared would be, a barrage of

insults and attacks on her person, just

because she has decided to serve her

country at the highest level, help shape

its destiny and ensure shared prosperity

for all,” former President Mahama


He stated further that, “Indeed,

these unprovoked attacks, insults and

lies have already started but I can assure

you and all Ghanaians that Naana Jane

and I will never engage in insults and

name calling of our opponents in response.

It was the case of the former First

Gentleman that, “Our children are

watching, listening and copying what we

do and it is important that we continue

to serve as good role models to them.”

The signal from the former President

and the manner in which he has

started his campaign is quite commendable.

As someone who has been the top

manager of the country before and presumably

knows what insults and lies

have caused the nation, it is only imperative

that all political actors and citizens

at large heed his call for decency in the

political space.

We at the DAILY HERITAGE believe

that this call by the NDC flag

bearer has come at the right time, but

we urge him and his party faithful to

also stick to his call and assurance,

whatever the situation may be. It is only

then that we can benefit fully from his

good counsel.

The paper is of the considered view

that, indeed, should the NDC leader

and his running mate stick to this call, it

would be another remarkable feat in addition

to the already widely applauded

choice of a potential first female Vice

President of our country.

Prof Opoku-Agyemang whom Mr.

Mahama described as “God fearing, a

woman of unquestionable integrity,

hardworking, a results oriented person;

who had carved a niche for herself as a

distinguished scholar in Ghana and on

the African continent,” also displayed

glimpses of decency in her maiden

speech recently.

As the former President Mahama

said, if one listens to her maiden address,

one will find that she has a remarkable

appreciation of our challenges

as a nation and what it will take for us

to attain the highest pedestal of human

and physical development that we are

capable of as a country.

Indeed, it has come to a point where

our country needs to change course

from the dreadful, destructive and immoral

kind of politics we are currently

witnessing so that the young generation

will grow up to become responsible


We urge all Ghanaians to stand up

against the politics of insults and desist

from supporting the growing number

of hatchet men and women, whose

only claims to political fame are insults,

stark indecency and violence.

Wontumi, MP face contempt


Parliament for

Subin Constituency,

Mr Eugene


Antwi, Ashanti

Regional Chairman of the New

Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Bernard

Antwi Boasiako and other party

executives have been summoned

by a Kumasi High Court to respond

to contempt charges relating

to the recently held

constituency primaries on Monday,

August 17, 2020.

The incumbent MP, Mr Antwi

and the rest of the executives, according

to report, were instrumental

in organising the Subin

elections which has been a subject

of injunction before the court,

and their action is deemed to be in

clear violation of the orders of

the court.

In that election, Mr Antwi

romped home with more than

70% of the total valid votes cast

to beat his only contender, Joseph

Boakye Dankwah, who pulled out

of the election due to the pending

court case.

Reports suggest that bailiffs

were having a tough time serving

the motion of notice seeking an

order of committal of the respondents

for contempt so the court

resorted to pasting the summons

on the Regional Secretariat of the

New Patriotic Party (NPP) and

the Subin Constituency office at

Asafo, a suburb of Kumasi.

Other party officials expected

to appear in court on August 17,

2020 include, Patrick Acheampong,

Ashanti Regional Director

of Research and Election, Mr

Michael Adusei Bonsu, Subin

Constituency Chairman, and his

Secretary Akuamoah Boateng.

Court order

On July 21, 2020 the court

presided over by His Lordship,

Justice Charles Wilson, adjourned

the determination of the case because

the notice of motion had

not been served on all the respondents.

On Friday, June 21, 51 delegates

including Isaac Nimako,

Richard Owusu Nti and Yaw

Boafo secured an injunction restraining

the party’s election committee

and the Electoral

Commission from holding the primaries.

The ex-parte injunction, which

was granted by the Kumasi High

Court was effective from Friday

June 19 to Monday June 22, 2020.

“It is hereby ordered that the

•Mr. Eugene Boakye Antwi, Subin MP

respondent and all persons claiming

through the respondent (EC)

refrain from holding the election

scheduled to take place on Saturday,

20th June, 2020,” the court



On Thursday, June, 24, 2020, J.

B. Danquah lodged an official

complaint with a strongly-worded

petition, calling for immediate annulment

of the election.

The petition cited several

breaches of the party’s constitution

and presence of a court injunction

to drum home the need

for the cancellation of the election.

The MP who doubles as

Deputy Works and Housing Minister

and his cohorts would be required

to make submissions on

why he should not be referred for

prosecution, after previously

claiming on a radio station that

‘nobody can order the party to rerun’

the elections.

In the said interview on Otec

FM, the MP added, “As far as I’m

concerned, the elections are over

and those who think they can use

the court to frustrate all of us are

fighting a lost battle because apart

from the party, nobody can tell us

to re-run the elections,’’ the MP

yelled, threatening to block any

decision of such nature.

He continued, “Some people

are dumb (sarcastically referring to

his contender J. B. Danquah), they

don’t understand election rules. If

you are dumb and don’t understand

the rules don’t say things

you do not know.

“J. B. is just wasting everybody’s

time. He knew he was

going to lose the election which is

why he sponsored his people to

go to court.’’

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On the evil consequences of

religious mania


NO SANE person

can take a stick

or heavy iron instrument

and hit

a 90-year-old

woman with it.

Hit her again and again/

Till she dies.

By definition, then, whoever

carries out such an atrocity must be


However, in the “civilised” society

in which we live, no person can

be described as “mad” unless a

trained psychiatrist has certified the

person to be “mad”. What a stupid

bit of self-deception!

Here, a person can kill a 90-

year-old woman, or in another case,

a 72-year-old woman, and walk

“free.” For a while, anyway. Unless

the law enforcement agencies decide

to punish him or her –

through the courts.

We never pause to ask how that

decision is arrived at. In the case of

the 72-year-old woman, Madam

Ama Hemma, for example, members

of her family have been waiting

for the past ten years for justice

to be done for her.

They're still waiting.

Maybe Madam Denteh, who

was unfortunate enough to be similarly

assassinated at Kafaba, in

Eastern Gonja, a few days ago, may

fare a little better at the hands of

the law. But there is no guarantee.

So don't count on it.

For the law enforcement section

of Ghana's administrative structure

is one of the least responsive to

public opinion imaginable. Its

members appear in nice videos,

eloquently urging the public to cooperate

with them in detecting or

preventing crime. But when a

hideous crime like killing harmless

old women does land on their

doorstep, they can leave it lying

there. For months and months and


The treatment of alleged

“witches” in our society is, in particular,

a very complex issue that is

yet to be thrashed out by us as a

nation. Does the acceptance by

many of us of Christianity, Islam

and other religions that abhor the

existence of “demons”, tie the

hands of our law enforcement

agencies? Do the law enforcers

generally feel that public sentiment

is largely on the side of those who

take the law into their own hands

and unleash sadistic punishment

upon suspected witches?

•The 90-yr-old woman who was lynched

I don't know, but please be not

deceived: many police and judicial

officers do take a solemn oath to

treat all citizens as equal before the

law. Which means that the case of

Madam Amma Hemma should not

exist in our law enforcement history.

Belief in ‘witches and demons’

Yet so widespread does belief in

witches and “demons” appear to

be alive in our society that it is not

at all improbable that in ignoring

the brutality visited upon witchery

suspects, some police officers actually

might think that they are doing

“the work of God”!

What they don't realise, rather

sadly, is that if God wanted them

to be witch-catchers, He wouldn't

have got them to join a force

whose members have to swear to

enforce the law equally against all

those who break the law.

The confusion between ensuring

the public good and condoning

unclassified “vigilantism” of all

sorts is part of our problem as a

people. The British saw through

this and enacted a law making it

punishable to “hunt” for witches.

Many “fetishes” that thrived on

“exposing witches”, such as

Brekune and Tigare were put on

the back foot when witch-hunting

became an illegal act. A whole

book has been written about this

part of our history, called Witchcraft

in Ghana.





But questions like this are still

asked: “A 90-year-old woman? Why

is she still alive? Why does she go

out at night? What is she contributing

to society?”

Asking such irrelevant and, indeed,

arrogant, and inciting questions

is only one step away from

triggering brutal actions that can

lead to the death of another

human being. She may be 90 whilst

her assailant is only 50. But is that

her fault?

Would her assailant be able to

lead such a careful and perhaps

pious life as would enable that assailant

to reach the ripe old age of

90? Between the 90-year-old and

the 50-year-old, who has had more

opportunities to do evil and be

punished for doing so? If fairness

were to be applied to assessing the

lives of the two persons, which of

them could make a better claim to

the idea that he or she had been

blessed by God, with a long life as

the divine reward?

If and when people consider

such cases, they often entangle

themselves as they fall into contradictions

of a very tortuous nature.

God does not want evil to afflict

mankind, yet He empowers old

women to kill the young with

witchcraft or blight their lives? And

what God can't or won't do must

be done by humans? Right? Anyone

who believes that cannot also

believe in an Omnipotent, charitable

God. Period.

For if God ordered us, in the

Bible, to “honour thy father and

thy mother” so that “thy days may

be long” in the land which He has

given thee, how would He think

you were doing His “work” if you

struck a helpless 90-year-old person

to death?

Time to punish

It's complete nonsense! And it's

about time the hypocritical Ghanaian

public woke up to denounce

and punish those who do not care

to read the Bible or the Koran with

any depth but who select passages

from the Holy Books out of context

to end the precious lives of

their fellow citizens. I mean, look at

Boko Haram in Nigeria. How

could The Holy Prophet (Peace Be

Upon him) countenance the abduction

and mass raping of 200

schoolgirls, as happened at Chibok

in April 2014?

Or look at the Jesus that we

read about in the New Testament.

He may have cast out

devils/demons on occasion. But

He never struck anyone a harmful

blow – ever. Indeed, when Peter

cut off the ear of one of the soldiers

who wanted to arrest Jesus at

Gethsemane, didn't Jesus put the

soldier's ear back in its place, while

counselling Peter against the use of

“the sword”?

A major reason why certain

people who profess to be believers

in God's word often fall down

heavily when it comes to actually

practising religion is that they don't

observe the most elementary precepts

of their own religion. For instance,

Jesus preached “love thy

neighbour as thyself ” and strongly

advised His followers to “do unto

others”, what they wanted others

to do unto them.

Yet we see so-called

“prophets” kicking pregnant

women in the stomach, or mercilessly

whipping young people in

public for engaging in sexual acts.

And people follow them because

empty-headed media outlets can't

help giving publicity to the “snake

oil” they advertise and sell.

Acts of mental cruelty are carried

out by self-styled “devout”

people without a thought for the

reaction of the victims – as can be

seen from the following story.

When we were attending primary

school, our Presbyteriantrained

teachers often loaded a lot

of Bible studies and hymn-singing

into our time-table. Each class had

its own religious lessons; there

were also assemblies of the whole

school at 8 a.m., 12 noon, two o'-

clock and four o'clock, at which

prayers were said and hymns sung.

And sometimes they would pack all

of us into a single classroom and

lead us in prayers and hymnsinging.

Many of us would be hungry,

if it was lunch-time, and we

made the room stink with –

hunger-induced halitosis!

Well, one day, we were in such a

classroom being preached to when

the teacher asked us to close our

eyes and engage in “silent prayer”.

Everything went very quiet as a result.

Then, all of a sudden, we heard

a loud voice shout in the Akuapem


Me nkrofo!

Me nkrofo!

Monntie m'!”

The unexpected explosion of

the voice and the unfamiliar “Biblical”

Akuapem accent (we spoke

AkyemTwi) convinced everyone

that it was God Himself who had

come into the room to address us.

And we fled!

Everyone began to look for the

exits, screaming loudly from sheer

fear. Those kids sitting near open

windows jumped through them to

escape. There was such a rush towards

the main door that some

kids fell and were hurt by the trampling

feet of others.

We learnt later, when we were

safely outside, that one boy had

joined a Pentecostal or Apostolic

Church, and was exhibiting to us,

the practice of “speaking in


We had taken things literally and

assumed that it was God Himself

who was addressing us. And, of

course, we had run!!

True was it said that: “Everyone

wants to go to Heaven. But no-one

wants to die first!”

I ask you: did the boy who

spoke with the “Voice of God”

care about the effect his “miracle”

would have on the rest of us?

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Some safety protocols for Covid-19

• Stay at home, observe

• Wash your hands often

• Cover your cough or

• Always wear a mask,

• Avoid touching your

social distancing and

with soap and water for at

sneeze with a tissue and

particularly when leaving

eyes, nose and mouth

avoid handshaking

least 20 seconds

disposed immediately





Sanitation Min. steps up effort

to rid drains of solid waste


Sanitation and

Water Resources

(MSWR), Mrs. Cecilia

Abena Dapaah

says the ministry

has intensified its efforts to ensure

that drains in the national

capital, Accra, are rid of plastics

and other solid waste to facilitate

flow of water.

Speaking to a cross-section of

journalists yesterday after an assessment

tour of some of the

major drains in Accra, Mrs. Dapaah,

explained that the exercise

was to help rid Accra drains of

plastics and allow for easy flow of


“We are doing sanitation or

cleaning everyday but some issues

like blocking the drains become a

bigger issue for residents, hence

the presence of Zoomlion and

the military to assess the situation.

So we came here [Kawukudi in

Accra] to assess the situation and

make sure the drains are rid of

•Mrs. Cecilia Abena Dapaah, Minister of Sanitation and

Water Resources (SWR) interacting with the media.

Inset the insanitary condition of some Accra drains

these plastics,” she explained.

Clean Accra Project

The exercise, under the Clean

Accra Project, is a collaboration

between the MINISTRY of Sanitation

and Water Resources

(MSWR), Zoomlion Ghana Limited,

the municipal assemblies, and

a team of military personnel.

The exercise took the minister

to Kawukudi in the Ayawaso East


Area and

also the


North Municipality

— all in the

Greater Accra Region.

According to her, if the drains

were not rid of solid waste (plastics),

easy flow of water would be

difficult, thus creating breeding

grounds for mosquitoes and other

vector transmitting agents.

She added that the exercise

was also aimed at preventing

cholera and the outbreak of other


“We want to prevent cholera,

malaria and other diseases that

might break out and at the same

time sensitise the residents

to clean their environment

because it is

their primary responsibility,”




lashes out at



Mrs. Dapaah

lashed out at residents

who had cultivated the habit

of gathering waste from their

homes and dumping them into

the drains, describing such citizens

as “irresponsible.”

She warned against dumping

refuse into the drains to ensure

that they are “neater and clearer”.

She said the assemblies will

send tricycles round to collect refuse

in the various municipalities.

To this end, Mrs. Dapaah indicated

that her outfit endorses the

Environmental Service Providers

Agency (ESPA) Ghana’s policy of

“One House One Bin, urging

ESPA to continue with the programme.

“We endorse the ESPA policy

110% of One House One Bin,”

she averred.

When asked about her assessment

of the effectiveness of the

district assemblies in the Clean

Accra Project, she said though the

work was not easy, they needed to

be applauded.

However, she stressed that

aside from sensitising and persuading

residents to be mindful of

their environs, “the clearest and

easiest way was for all of us to get

a bin.”

She also applauded the role of

the media in ensuring that the

capital city was always clean.

Don’t patronise cheap face shields — Importers of PPE

THE IMPORTERS and Wholesalers

Association of Personal Protective

Equipment (PPE) Ghana, Tuesday

urged the public not to patronise low

priced face shields because they are


The Association also asked the

public to ignore commercials on fake

brands at unrealistically low prices on

traditional and social media.

Mr. Kelvin King-Dawie, Public

Relations Officer of the Association,

made the call at a press conference in

Accra on the topic: “The Infiltration

of PPE (Face Shield) on the Ghanaian

Market: Importation, Supply and


Mr. King-Dawie said the influx of

the shields on the Ghanaian market

was negatively affecting the businesses

of members and individuals

who had spent millions of Ghana

Cedis to import the medically approved

and genuine brands of the

product. They were compelled to also

drastically reduce the prices of their

products to enable them to recoup

some of their investment.

He, however, refuted suggestions

that the fall in prices was as a result of

•Sample of PPE

increased production, adding that

even though the country had enough

of the products in stock, it was not

enough to cause a dramatic fall in

prices overnight.

“Reports reaching the association

indicate that the market has been infiltrated

with sub-standard face

shields selling at low prices and thus

affecting the supply and distribution

of genuine face shields in the market.

Many importers have also reported

cases of stolen goods from various

ports across the country.

“These face shields are believed to

be supplied by middlemen at rather

cheap prices at the expense of investments

made in the importation of

high standard face shields into the

country,” he said.

He added that effective Tuesday,

August 11, 2020, the Association

would peg the new wholesale price of

all high standard medical face shields

at Fifteen Ghana Cedis (GHS15.00)

across the country.

Mr King-Dawie cautioned the

public over the health risk such fake

face shields posed to them, saying:

“The public should note that medically

approved face shield is one produced

with PET: the short for polyethylene

terephthalate, a medical

name for polyester.”

He said the association was currently

engaging with relevant stakeholders,

particularly government to

ensure that the supply of such fake

products was minimized, to protect

the health of the public.

Madam Hanny Aba, Chairperson,

also appealed to retailers to ensure

proper handling and storage of the

products to avoid contamination.

She encouraged the public to continue

to wear the face shields to complement

the face masks to stem the

spread of Covid-19.

She also urged other importers,

wholesalers and retailers of such

products to join the association to

help craft a common standard, price

and to boost business. GNA

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US Dollar USDGHS 5.6646 5.6702

RATES Pound Sterling GBPGHS










uniCredit case:

BoG lawyers fail to show up in court




Division of the Accra

High Court has adjourned

hearing of the

motion for judicial review

filed by HODA

Holding against the Bank of Ghana

(BOG) following the revocation of

the operating license of uniCredit

Ghana to October 8.

In court on Wednesday when all

the parties had agreed to commence

hearing, lawyers of BoG led by Frank

Davies were absent without any notice

to the court.

Justice Gifty Agyei Addo said

though all the parties agreed to be in

court, she gets the impression that

counsel for BoG was unwell.

She, however, directed lawyers of

HODA to serve them with a hearing


•uniCredit Head Office

Court of Appeal

okays hearing

On July 21, 2020 a three-member

panel of the Court of Appeal dismissed

an application for Stay of Proceedings

by the BoG in an action

instituted by HODA Holding following

the revocation of the license of

UniCredit Savings and Loans.

The panel chaired by Justice Margaret

Welbourne with support from

Justice Eric Kyei-Baffour and Justice

N. C. A. Agbevor said the BoG failed

to demonstrate any special circumstances

to convince the Court to exercise

its discretion in their favour.

The court after dismissing the application

also awarded a cost of

GHc2000 against BoG in favour of

HODA Holdings.

The court said they have read all

the processes filed by the parties and

also listened to the oral application by

the respective counsels, and dismissed

the application considering all the relevant

laws relating to such applications.

The ruling, however, gave the

High Court the green light to hear

HODA’s application.

What happened at High Court?

On May 20, 2020, the Human

Rights Division of the Accra High

Court presided over by Justice Gifty

Agyei Addo dismissed an application

by the BoG seeking to halt proceedings

in a case initiated against it by

HODA Holdings.

The Central Bank was challenging

the decision of another High Court

that dismissed their claim earlier that

the High Court lacked jurisdiction to

hear the action instituted by HODA

Holdings, challenging the revocation

of the license of one of its subsidiary

companies, uniCredit Savings and


In the ruling of the High Court, it

said the application is dismissed because

the applicant (BoG) has not

demonstrated the irreparable damage

it will suffer should the respondent

(applicant) HODA Holdings succeed.

The dismissal of this application

paved the way for the hearing of the

substantive case filed by HODA

Holdings to commence at the High

Court on July 23, 2020.

Subject matter

It would be recalled that, in October

last year the High Court dismissed

an application by lawyer of the BoG,

Frank Davies, seeking to strike out a

case filed by UniCredit challenging the

revocation of its license.

The High Court in its ruling indicated

that its jurisdiction has been

properly invoked in the matter and

subsequently ordered the Bank of

Ghana, to file a response to the application

brought by the owners of uni-

Credit Savings and loans.

The Court also awarded a cost of

GH¢3000 against the Bank of Ghana

to be paid to uniCredit savings and

loans and another GH¢2000.00.

Bank of Ghana being dissatisfied

with the ruling of the High Court

proceeded upstairs to the Court of

Appeal to quash the High Court ruling

because the Central Bank believed

the matter should have been handled

at an arbitration level before proceeding

to court.


The mother company of uniCredit

Savings and Loans Company –

HODA Holdings Limited in August

2019 sued Dr Ernest Addison and the

Bank of Ghana for revoking the license

of the company.

In the company’s affidavit filed at

the Human Rights Division of the

High Court on Monday, HODA

Holdings said its funds of over GHS

54 million were locked up with Unibank

before it was forced to cease operations

by the central bank in 2018

and it has since been trying to retrieve


HODA Holdings wants “An

Order of Certiorari directed at the 1st

and 2nd Respondents to bring up to

this Honourable Court for the purpose

of being quashed the Notice

Dated the 15th day of August 2019

declaring uniCredit Ghana Limited insolvent

and revoking the license of

uniCredit Ghana Limited to operate

as a Specialised Deposit-taking institution

Ȧn Order of Interlocutory Injunction

restraining the Respondents, their

agents, assigns, privies hirelings or

otherwise howsoever described from

interfering with the Operations of

uniCredit Ghana Limited and to refer

the subject matter of the Instant Application

to Arbitration.”

AFCOP lauds Vodafone for waiving MoMo transfer fees

THE ALLIANCE for Financial

Consumer Protection (AFCOP)

has expressed commendation and

satisfaction at the news that Vodafone

Ghana has waived fees on

transfers from Vodafone Cash to

all mobile money wallets.

According to AFCOP, it has

months been advocating for financial

service providers, including

mobile money operators, to offer

meaningful reliefs to consumers in

order to partially alleviate the negative

economic impact of Covid-

19 on households.

A statement copied to the


Vodafone Ghana for showing

leadership by elevating consumer

interest above its corporate revenue

and profit interests. AFCOP

is particularly pleased that Vodafone

did not limit the fee waiver to

only transfers terminating in

Vodafone Cash wallets.

With health experts warning

that a potential mode of transmission

of the coronavirus is through

the handling of cash, it is imperative

that players in the digital finance

ecosystem commit

themselves to driving consumer

behaviour change; by nudging

consumers to choose digital channels

over cash transactions.

The statement said AFCOP

believes the most viable way to

build a cash lite society is by lowering

the cost of using digital

channels. We therefore call on

other mobile money operators in

Ghana to follow Vodafone’s exemplary

leadership by also waiving

fees on all mobile money transfers.

There can be no greater service

to humanity than this, during

the Covid-19 pandemic.

The president of AFCOP said

his outfit renews its call on all financial

service providers to show

genuine empathy towards consumers

and to eschew tokenism

and public relations gimmickry.

AFCOP is an independent civil

society organization incorporated

under the laws of Ghana and dedicated

to promoting the protection

of financial consumers in Ghana

and across Africa.

The president of AFCOP is

Woelinam Dogbe.

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FIPM calls for

freedom for

wrongfully jailed




A PRESSURE group, the Free Innocent

Prisoners Movement (FIPM) is calling

on the President, Nana Akufo-Addo to

support the movement, which aims at

freeing innocent persons who were

jailed wrongly.

According to the group, there are

number of prisoners in the various

prisons in the country who ended up

there because of the negligence of a

prosecutor or the impatience of a judge.

The group made up of a team of

lawyers recently visited the Nsawam

Prisons to interact with the prisoners

and had first hand information about

their plight.

"Our thoughts were just right.

Having a series of conversations with

some inmates, one could just tell our

prosecutors many at times just make up

stories to get people away," the group


Speaking to the Daily Heritage, the

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of

•Mr Novihoho Afaglo

Marrer Ghana Limited and Susatgad

Boat Building and Fishing Industries,

Mr Novihoho Afaglo said there were

instances where teenagers were rated as

adults and the crimes allegedly

committed were with no evidence.

Mr Afaglo said thorough

investigations indicate that in some

instances there had been money

exchanging hands, thus landing a lot of

people in prison.

He said the lives of these prisoners

were doomed while others were in jail

because they were at the wrong place at

the wrong time

"What we are saying is that keeping

these innocent people in prison in the

midst of criminals, I bet we all know

what that means," the CEO stated.

Mr Afaglo together with his team

pleaded with judges in the country's

courts to give a listening ear to the

accused persons who come before


"We plead with the judges not to take

hasty decisions when it comes to trying

of cases because human lives matter.

Rioting Teshie youth

charged, granted 150K bail




Accra has granted bail

in the sum of GHS15,

000 each to 10 rioting

youth from Teshie who

ignored Covid-19

restriction orders and ban on

Homowo 'jama,' (Singing and


The rampaging youth who were

pelting police officers with stones and

also threatening to spray them with

faeces are to cough up a combined

bail sum of GHc150, 000 with two

sureties each one of which must be a

Public Servant.

The court presided over by Her

Honour, Evelyn Asamoah has

adjourned the case to August 21,

ordering prosecution to comply with

the procedure on disclosures.

The 10 accused persons are

Akweley Armah, Desmond Mahama

Martey, Thomas Adjei, Isaac Mensah,

Christopher Mensah, John Odai

Laryea, Emmanuel Adjetey, Julius

Mahama, Matthew Amartey and

Frank Nmabiue.

All the accused persons pleaded

not guilty to three charges of failing

to comply with restrictions imposed,

rioting with weapons and obstructing

police officers from performing their

lawful duties.

While Odai Laryea and Matthew

Amartey also face additional charges

of carrying offensive weapon and

holding knife without lawful authority.

The Prosecutor, Chief Inspector

Emmanuel Ahaligah told the court

that on July 22, 2020 the Teshie

Traditional Council with a letter

referenced AF/ADM01-2020/08,

directed that upon several

consultations with the various

stakeholders and most importantly

the Kpashimo group - a youth group

that usually engage in organising

street carnivals during the celebration

of the Teshie Homowo festival, and

explained to them that due to the

imposition of the restriction order to

contain the spread of the Covid-19

menace, the Traditional Council was

not going to celebrate the 2020 Teshie

Homowo festival in grand style as it

used to be.

He said the council further

directed that all rituals should be

restricted to the individual clan homes

with strict observance of the Covid-

19 protocols.

According to him on Tuesday

August 11, 2020 at about 2am, the

Drama in court over female pastor's refusal to wear nose mask



THERE WAS drama in court when

a prosecutor from the Accra

Metropolitan Assembly (AMA)

arraigned a female pastor for failing

to wear nose mask in public.

The female itinerant pastor was

said to have refused the directive of

the Covid-19 taskforce when she

was spotted in public.

Madam Joyce Oyedele, a Nigerian

national who was charged with the

offense of failing to wear nose mask

in public but pleaded not guilty.

The Prosecutor Linda Kunbuno

said on August 10, she was spotted

again not wearing the nose mask

instead she was using her


Madam Kunbuno said she was

• The police dealing with the situation at Teshie

further advised to use the mask but

she still refused even after someone

had volunteered to buy her a nose


A taskforce comprising military

personal, police officers, Accra

Metropolitan Assembly and

Zoomlion officers was enforcing the

President’s directive on wearing of

nose masks as a means of curtailing

the spread of the Covid-19


However, when the case was

called before Justice Emmanuel

Essandoh, a High Court judge

sitting with additional responsibility

as a Circuit Court judge, her lawyer

said, the AMA did not have the

power to prosecute but the police.

Lawyer Yaw Danquah told the

court that Executive Instruments

(EI) 64 Sections 1 and 4(1) (2), 2020

do not permit the AMA to

accused persons and other

accomplices numbering about 300

now at large defied the restriction

orders that are currently in force and

trooped to major streets in the Teshie

township apparently celebrating

Kpashimo, a significant activity of the

Teshie Homowo festival.

Chief Inspt. Ahaligah said most of

them including the accused persons

were armed with offensive weapons

such as stones, bottles, cutlasses and

knives attacking people and

obstructing road users.

He told the court that on seeing

the police, the accused persons and

their accomplices now at large

resorted to pelting the police with

stones and bottles.

"Additionally,” he said "the

rampaging youth burnt tires in the

middle of the road to prevent other

road users and police from dispersing

the rioting crowd."

"The Teshie Divisional Command

called for reinforcement and in the

process, the accused persons were


"One butcher knife each was

retrieved from accused John Odai

Laryea and Matthew Amartey. After

investigations, the accused persons

were charged with the relevant

offences," he told the court.


He argued that, the EI does not

empower AMA to prosecute and

that it is rather for the police to do


Lawyer Danquah told the court

that, when the pastor was arrested,

the proper thing for the taskforce to

have done was to hand her over to

the police.

"When it comes to enforcement,

the EI gives the police the power to

conduct the random search, and

AMA are not the police. It (EI)

never mentions that the power is

conferred on the traffic unit.

The court after hearing counsel

requested for the EI and remanded

the accused person to police custody

to reappear in court. She was thus

arrested and arraigned.

Two brothers caged

over 120K-car





Accra presided over by Mr

Emmanuel Essandoh has

turned down a bail application

from lawyer for two brothers,

who have been charged with

robbery and assault.

The two, Benjamin Essel

(A1) and Kwame Boanor

(A2), have both pleaded not

guilty to the two charges.

The Toyota Rav4 which

was allegedly stolen is

estimated at GHS120, 000.

When the attempt by the

lawyer for the accused, John

Agbotey, failed the court

remanded them.

The court, prior to

remanding the accused

persons in prison custody to

reappear on August 26, told

the lawyer that, "Bail can

never happen at this time;

don't waste your breath."

This was after the

prosecution led by Chief

Inspector William Boateng

had told the court that Essel

had been a subject of a bench

warrant for years and prayed

that he be remanded.

According to the

Prosecutor, the complainant is

one Patrick Adu, a driver and

resident of Nyamekye

Junction in Accra, while

accused persons, Essel, 27,

and Kwame Boanor 40, are


Chief Inspector Boateng

told the court that the accused

persons are barber and farmer


Essel, he said, is resident at

Asofan while Boanor lives at


He told the court that on

February 22, 2020 the accused

persons and one Ken, now at

large, called the complainant

on telephone with AirtelTigo

number 0274596830 to

express interest in his Toyota

Rav4, which was on sale.

According to him, the

accused persons lured the

complainant to meet them

around the Fiesta Royal Hotel

at Dzorwulu Traffic Light for

the transaction and test drive.

He added that in the

course of the test drive, A2

changed from the nearside to

take over to drive, adding that

as the complainant was

boarding at the front nearside

with part of his body in the

vehicle, A2 sped off and he

(complainant) fell off from

the vehicle into a gutter


Chief Inspector Boateng

told the court that "the

complainant shouted for help

but to no avail so he came to

report the case at the Airport

Police Station."

He said on August 1, while

the complainant was following

up his case at the Airport

Police Station, he spotted A2

at the CID office and

identified him to the police as

the one who robbed him of

his Toyota Rav4.

According to him, "during

investigations, accused

persons partially denied the

offence but later admitted and

both said they had handed

over the Rav4 to one Ken at

his residence at Ameriya, near


The prosecutor said

"When A1 led police to the

said location, the accused

persons' claim turned out to

be false. A1 and A2 stated

that, Ken did the

communication and they also

carried out the operation.

“After investigations, the

accused persons were charged

with the offence of robbery

and assault as mentioned on

the charge sheet," the

prosecutor told the court

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Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about

anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for

yourself —Henry James

NDC will not patronise

politics of insult - Mahama


DENT John Dramani

Mahama, the flagbearer

of the National

Democratic Congress

(NDC) has assured

Ghanaians that he and his running

mate, Professor Naana Jane

Opoku-Agyemang, will never engage

in politics of insults.

“My running mate, Prof Naana

Jane Opoku-Agyemang, who I am

presenting to you today, has been

encouraged by the Osu Mantse to

be strong and courageous in the

face of, what he feared would be,

a barrage of insults and attacks on

her person, just because she has

decided to serve her country at

the highest level, help shape its

destiny and ensure shared prosperity

for all,” former President

Mahama stated, on Wednesday, in

Accra, when he presented Prof

Opoku-Agyemang to the Christian

Council of Ghana (CCG).

“Indeed, these unprovoked attacks,

insults and lies have already

started but I can assure you and all

Ghanaians that Naana Jane and I

will never engage in insults and

name calling of our opponents in

•Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang and Former President John

Dramani Mahama

response,” he said.

“Our children are watching, listening

and copying what we do

and it’s important that we continue

to serve as good role models

to them.”

The former President, who is a

Christian, said the Bible assured

him that the God who began this

mission would continue it to a

fruitful conclusion.

He described Prof Opoku-

Agyemang as “God fearing, a

woman of unquestionable integrity,

hardworking, a results oriented

person; who had carved a

niche for herself as a distinguished

scholar in Ghana and on

the African continent and, indeed,

across the world”.

“If you listen to her maiden

address, you will find that she has

a remarkable appreciation of our

challenges as a nation and what it

will take for us to attain the highest

pedestal of human and physical

development that we are

capable of as a country.”

He said among the many

achievements, she chalked as Minister

of Education; one that he

deeply appreciated was the discipline

that she brought to bear in

the Education sector.

Under her stewardship, absenteeism

reduced drastically from 27

per cent to 11 per cent by 2016

when they left office, he explained.

“It was, therefore, no surprise

that for four consecutive years

Ghana took the first place in the

West African Senior Secondary

School Certificate Exams, a position

we have lost since we left office.”

He said they would work together,

when elected, God willing,

to execute the 10 billion dollar

‘Big Push Infrastructural Plan’,

under which they would complete

the 200 community day secondary

schools, which they began and

many other abandoned projects.

“Our country needs to change

course from the despicable destructive

and unprincipled kind of

politics we are currently witnessing,”

he said.

“There is so much work to do

and there is so much to build. We

cannot succeed if we abandon

projects funded with taxpayer’s

money just because our opponent

began them.

“We cannot succeed if we target

and destroy the businesses of

people perceived to be in support

of an opposition party; causing

families to lose their livelihoods.

“We cannot succeed when instead

of uniting our people we

promote intolerance and division.”

The former President appealed

to the leadership of the Christian

Council of Ghana not to stay

silent on happenings in Ghana.

Prof Opoku-Agyemang told

the Christian leaders that she was

there to seek their blessings and

prayer support, adding that, whatever

be the outcomes, they would

be first and foremost pleasing to

God before they were pleasing to

anybody else.

The Reverend Prof Paul Yaw

Frimpong-Manso, the President of

the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic

Council, advised politicians

to refrain from trading insults in

this year’s campaign. GNA

New voter’s register

We feel vindicated – NPP

THE DIRECTOR of Elections of

the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr.

Gary Nimako says the party feels

vindicated by the outcome of the

voter’s registration exercise.

According to him, figures recorded

in the various regions after the exercise

has shown that the old register

compiled in 2012 was faulty

and unfit for elections.

“At this stage, the position of

the NPP has been vindicated. We

[NPP] had held the position that

our 2012 register had some defects

and wasn’t fit for purpose.”

“The NPP will always make

sure that the laws work so if there

are minors and foreigners on our

register, the laws must be applied,”

he said.

It comes after the Electoral

•Sympathisers of NPP



that close to

17 million


have registered


the December


A total

of 16.9million


were registered

by the

EC during

the 38-day

voter registration


to put

together a

new voter’s register.

The total number, which exceeded

the Commission’s 15 million

eligible voters’ target by 1.9

million, was also slightly higher

than the 16.8 million in the old

register. A little breakdown shows

that the new register captured 1.3

million first-time voters.

Describing the exercise as successful,

the Commission attributed

the success partly to the effective

voter registration kits which averagely

registered 150 voters per day;

but in some instances, the kits registered

as high as 280 voters per

day. Out of the 16.9 million there

are 600,000 more women than

men, with a breakdown showing

8.8 million women as against 8.2

million men.Starrfm.com

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Mistrust among political actors

contributing to electoral violence

– Rev. Asante


of the National

Peace Council

(NPC), Most Reverend


Emmanuel Asante

has said mistrust among political

actors in state institutions is contributing

to electoral violence in

the country.

He said there was a trust

deficit in Ghana’s electoral

processes, especially on the part

of political parties and this was

giving room for holding on to political

vigilantism to protect their


Most Rev. Asante observed

that the situation where the Electoral

Commission (EC) and the

Police were always perceived to be

in bed with the ruling party while

working against the interest of

the opposition was not


Most Rev. Asante, who was addressing

an advocacy workshop

on Vigilantism and Related Offences

Act at Akyawkrom in the

Ejisu Municipality, underlined the

need for ruling parties to ensure

•Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante

the independence of state institutions

to avert needless suspicions

when in opposition.

The workshop which was organized

by the Ashanti Regional

Peace Council with funding from

the Danish International Development

Agency (DANIDA) was

to sensitize participants to the Act

which has outlawed political vigilantism.

It was attended by representatives

from political parties, clergy,

Muslim leaders, EC, Police, National

Commission for Civic Education

(NCCE) and the media

drawn from the Ejisu Municipality,

Juaben and Effiduase Asokore


Most Rev. Asante said it was

time for political parties to work

together for sustainable peace in

the country, adding that the very

people whose mandate they

sought would suffer the consequences

of electoral violence.

As key stakeholders competing

to lead the development of the

country, politicians owe Ghanaians

the duty to prioritize national

interest ahead of that of their

parties, he said.

“Political parties should begin

to engage each other beyond elections

at the local and national levels

for the collective development

of Ghana”, he counselled politicians.

He said the quest for peace

should be paramount for all

Ghanaians and urged the participants

to influence their respective

organizations in the fight against

political violence.

Rev. Anthony Naah, a Member

of the Ashanti Regional Peace

Council, in a welcome address,

said the Region remained vulnerable

to intermittent communal violence,

chieftaincy disputes and

electoral violence.

He said such disturbances

often escalated during elections

and called for collective efforts

from stakeholders to protect the

peace in the region and Ghana as

a whole.

NDC will increase maternity leave

to four months – Naana Jane


Opoku-Agyemang has said the

next National Democratic Congress’

(NDC) government will increase

maternity leave from three

to four months.

According to her, they will also

ensure that women have enough

time to themselves during the

pregnancy stage.

The former Minister of Education

who made this known at an

event to mark International Youth

Day, said “I sympathize with

young mothers, but you will be

happy to know when our manifesto

is launched that we have increased

the maternity leave

[period]. We have moved it from

three months to four months fully

paid maternity leave and we are

also going to ensure that until the

child is nine months, the woman

truly has time,” the former Education

Minister noted at an event

to mark International Youth Day.

Pro Opoku-Agyemang however

vrevealed the NDC has

planned to introduce an insurance

scheme for farmers.

“We have seasonal workers. We

should think about them too.

When it is the lean fishing season,

what do the fishermen do? We

should bring them in…. In our

manifesto, we are talking about

insurance for them. Making contributions

to insurance and pensions


The former vic chancellor of

the University of Cape Coast also

decried the politics of insults in

the country.

“We shouldn’t get to the level

where we think that to be a politician

you must insult people. I

don’t think so. When the fabrics

of society get weak, none of the

policies will help you. Our parents

didn’t raise us to go insulting people,”

she told KSM.

“We have seasonal


We should think

about them too.

When it is the

lean fishing season,

what do the

fishermen do?

We should bring

them in…. In our

manifesto, we are

talking about insurance

for them.

Making contributions

to insurance

and pensions


•Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang

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ATWAG to hold webinar on

creative arts sector


Tourism Writers Association

of Ghana

(ATWAG), will be

having a forum on

the state of the

Ghanaian creative arts sector on

Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

The forum which will be in a

form of a webinar will be held

from 3pm to 5pm via zoom.

This move is in tandem with

the quest of the association to engage

with stakeholders of the arts,

tourism and culture sectors, to

know how they are faring, ask

questions and proffer ideas to


Mark Okraku Mantey, the Interim

President of the Creative

Arts Council will walk the members

through the operations of the

arts sector.

This is just one of the activities

lined up by ATWAG for the rest

of the year.

There shall also be separate webinars

on culture, tourism, good

writing skills and blogging, in the

course of the year.

Apart from these, ATWAG has

planned, as part of the activities,

to hold an encounter with the political

parties later in the year. This

will be a platform to engage the

political parties on what they have

in their manifestos for the arts.


The Arts and Tourism Writers

Association of Ghana (ATWAG)

is an association of Ghanaian arts

writers/journalists and media


ATWAG seeks to promote arts,

tourism and culture reporting in

Ghana while developing the professional

capacity and the welfare

of its members.

ATWAG is also aimed at promoting

co-operation and collaboration

among its members and

players in the arts, tourism and

culture value chain.

Apart from these,


planned, as part of

the activities, to

hold an encounter

with the political

parties later in the

year. This will be a

platform to engage

the political parties

on what they have

in their manifestos

for the arts.

•Mark Okraku Mantey, prez, Creative Arts Council

Miss Ghana virtual grand finale August 21



pageant, Miss Ghana has amid

the Covid-19 pandemic, scaled

through the pageant’s phases

and is set to hold its grand finale

later this month.

Organizers of the annual

show, Exclusive Events, have

slated the final showdown for

August 21, to be held at the

National Theatre.

All Covid-19 protocols, organisers

have assured would be

adhered to, even though a live

audience would not be present

in the hall.

Since the pandemic found

its way into Ghana in March,

Miss Ghana strategically shifted

its attention into engaging its

contestants and executing activities


Even though organizers acknowledge

the troubling times

they faced in executing the migration

successfully, Miss

Ghana stood tall as the first

ever beauty pageant to hold auditions,

fashion shows, talent

hunts and the final show virtually.

Since the pandemic

found its

way into Ghana

in March, Miss

Ghana strategically

shifted its

attention into

engaging its

contestants and

executing activities


•Miss Ghana finalists

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Arts & Ent


Morcat Foundation fetes over

6000 people in Kumasi


Morgan, serial


and Chief Executive


(CEO) of

events Company, Morcart Entertainment

has fed over 6000

people in Aboabo, a suburb of


The gesture, an annual event

as part of his birthday celebration,

was held last Saturday.

Speaking to the media after

the donations, Morgan Carter

as he is widely known said that

“Morcat Foundation is a charitable

trust in the Ashanti Region

of Ghana that typically

provides funding and support

for other charitable organizations

through grants and engages

directly in charitable activities.

Over the years we have

donated to several Orphanages

here in the Ashanti Region, so

we decided this year to take the

donations to the streets”

“We are all aware of the implications

of Covid-19 on the

life of everyone so we decided

that as part of my birthday celebrations

we will give every

street person in Aboabo and its

environs one hot meal and a

drink…remember the happiest

people are not those getting

more but those giving more”

he added.

Throughout his career, he

has built a reputation among

his peers of professionals and

his works are always carried

out with a touch of class.

•People receiving food in Kumasi

Ashaiman won’t vote this year

• Saint claims



and currently a crusader, Saint,

says the residents of Ashaiman are

not ready to partake in this year’s

election due to unachieved promises

made by politicians.

According to the Ashaiman

based artists, the residents of

Ashaiman are demanding for

good roads or constructed roads

in the locality before they will cast

their votes for or against any political

party this year.

The young artist known for his

versatility in the music scene, has

also exhibited his prowess and has

added his voice to the crusade.

He has also poured out his

frustration in a freestyle he

recorded which he titled

‘Ashaiman Deserves Better’, in

the song, Saint spoke emphatically

on the nature of the road network

in the area. Other residents also

shared their plight and cautioned

that if the roads are not fixed,

they won’t vote. In an interview he

added that as an introvert, entertainment

is the only field he expresses

himself freely without

shying away, “I will use my influences

as an artist to create a system

which will be friendly to

talented up-and-coming artists.”


Saint says Sarkodie has been a

great influence to him in his music

journey, “He built his brand from

scratch and has dominated the industry

for more than a decade. He

is a hardworking musician and his

achievements have proven to back

the claim that, with determination

and hard work anybody can be

like him and better still do more

than he has done.

He doubles as a song writer. “I

classify myself as a conscious musician

and that is because most of

my songs depict daily life activities

and also inspire people in every

aspect of life .Unlike other artists

am not limited, am a fast learner

so it is very easy for me to adjust

to new trends”

New photo of ailing veteran

actor, Emmanuel Armah

raises alarm

A NEW photo of Ghanaian

veteran actor Emmanuel

Armah has popped up on the

Internet, and it’s raising alarm.

The “Fresh Trouble” actor

has been battling with stroke

for years, leading to him going

off the screen for some time


Last year, it was reported

that his condition had worsened,

causing a speech impairment.

But a check-up on him by

fellow actors, Selassie Ibrahim

and Kalsoume Senare, shows

his health is still deteriorating.

Selassie Ibrahim shared a

new photo with him on her Instagram

with the caption: “We

paid Emmanuel Armah a surprise

visit today. It was such a

delight seeing him so cheerful.”

Social media users were disturbed

when the new photo of

the actor landed online.

One user ‘iamabena2020’

wrote: “His colleagues will

never help while he is alive they

are waiting for him to die...

then they will come and speak

big, big grammar on the television.”

Known for his sterling performance

in movies, Emmanuel

Armah has featured in

movies such as ‘Every Woman

Wants Me, Fresh Trouble, Beyond

Love, Things Men Do,

Shadows from the Past”,

among others.

•Veteran Emmanuel Armah (M) flanked by others

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I’ll stay at Arsenal until my contract

ends in 2021-Mesut Ozil



Ozil says he will

stay with the club

"through to the

last day" of his

contract in June 2021.

The former Germany international,

31, has not played since

the Premier League resumed in

June, with manager Mikel Arteta

citing "pure football reasons".

But Ozil dismissed reports the

club were looking to pay up the

last year of his £350,000-a-week


"Things have been difficult

but I love Arsenal," he told the

Athletic. "I'll decide when I go,

not other people."

"I'll give everything I have for

this club," Ozil added. "Situations

like these will never break me,

Don’t go to Arsenal - Black

Stars coach to Partey

•Mesut Ozil

they only make me stronger. I

showed in the past that I can

come back into the team and I

will show it again."

Ozil, who joined Arsenal in

a £42.4m move from Real

Madrid in 2013, fell out of favour

under previous manager Unai

Emery before returning to the

side under interim boss Freddie


After Arteta's appointment in

December, Ozil started all 10 of

Arsenal's Premier League games

immediately before the coronavirus

pandemic forced a threemonth

suspension of the Premier

League in March, but has not featured

in their past 13 matches in

all competitions.

Despite Arteta and his firstteam

players accepting a 12.5%

pay cut in April, Arsenal announced

they plan to make 55

staff redundant because of the financial

impact of the coronavirus


Ozil opted against a pay cut

because the players were

"rushed" and believes "possibly

the decision affected my chances

on the pitch".

While he respects Arteta's decision

to leave him out, Ozil believes

he should have been given

a chance to show what he can do

on the pitch, saying: "You don't

play 10 games in a row if you're

unfit, not good enough or don't

behave well."

He added that he was "not the

only player who rejected the cut

in the end, but only my name

came out".



Akonnor hopes star midfielder

Thomas Partey stays at Spanish

side Atletico Madrid and not

move to English side Arsenal.

Partey has been a key member

of Diego Simeone’s side

and helped them win the Europa

Cup in 2018.

The Ghanaians midfielder,

27, has been a subject of transfer

speculation as he has been

linked with a move to Arsenal

but in an exclusive interview on

Starr Chat on Starr FM, the

coach of the Black Stars

Charles Akonnor hopes Partey

will turn down Arsenal and stay

in Spain.

The Former Wolfsburg Captain

wants Partey to prioritise

Champions League football;

“I wouldn’t want Thomas

Partey to move to Arsenal in

England because with Atletico

Madrid he will always play in

the UEFA Champions League.

It will be difficult for Arsenal to

qualify for the Champions

League,” Akonnor said.

The former captain of

Ghana, Charles Akonnor

played his football in Germany

and had coaching stints at

Ghanaian clubs Asante Kotoko

and AshGold before his appointment

with the National


•Mohammed Salisu (R)

Southampton sign

Ghanaian defender

• Thomas Partey

• Charles Akonnor


signed Ghanaian centre-back

Mohammed Salisu from Real

Valladolid for a fee of £10.9m.

The highly-rated 21-year-old,

who made 32 appearances for

the Spanish side last term, has

signed a four-year deal.

Southampton manager Ralph

Hasenhuttl said: "This is an important

signing for us. Mohammed

is a player who fits our

profile well."

This week Saints also completed

the signing of Tottenham

full-back Kyle Walker-Peters for

around £12m.

Salisu said: "Southampton is a

club with a very rich history in

developing young players, so it is

a very good club for me to develop

my skills and to learn a lot

as a young player."



Ralph Hasenhuttl


"This is an important


for us.

Mohammed is

a player who

fits our profile


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• Charles Kwablah Akonnor

C.K. Akonnor names

his all-time Best XI




Charles Kwablah


has named his

Ghana Best XI

squad which features legendary

Abedi Pele, Robert Eshun, Frimpong

Manso and Leeds United

cult hero Tony Yeboah.

The former VfL Wolfsburg

captain named the squad from

players he either played with or

watch play. CK Akonnnor named

former Blackpool and Birmingham

City goalkeeper Richard

Kingston in post during an interview

with Bola Ray on Starr Chat

on Starr103.5FM

Clinching the right-back and

left-back positions were Frank

Amankwah and Isaac Asare.

He also paired Asante Kotoko

legend Frimpong Manso and Bayern

Munich legend Samuel Osei

Kuffour in central defense.

Robert Eshun was however

handed a spot in the team to operate

from the left side of midfield

with former Chelsea star

Michael Essien and Stephen Appiah

deployed in midfield by C.K.

Akonnor while Abedi Pele, Tony

Yeboah and Ghana’s all-time leading

top scorer Asamoah Gyan

completed his fearsome attacking


CK Akonnor’s Best Ghanaian


1. Kingston Richard

2. Frank Amankwah

3. Isaac Asare

4. Sammy Kuffour

5. Frimpong Manso

6. Stephen Appiah

7. Michael Essien

8. Abedi Pele

9. Asamoah Gyan

10. Tony Yeboah

11. Robert Eshun

GFA makes contact with family of Eddie Nketiah

OFFICIALS OF the Ghana Football

Association (GFA) have contacted

the parents of Arsenal

forward Eddie Nketiah, Black

Stars Coach Charles Akonnor has


The initial contact is geared towards

convincing the boy’s parents

that he should choose to represent

the senior national football team

of Ghana.

Nketiah, born in the UK to

Ghanaian parents is eligible to play

for both Ghana and England and

has even represented the English

at the junior levels.

He has grown to become one

of the prospects of his side, Arsenal

and made a cameo in their FA

Cup final win over Chelsea.

While celebrating the FA Cup

triumph, the Ghana FA took to

Twitter to congratulate him sparking

a thread about whether Ghana

was courting the player.

His uncle recently said the boy

• Eddie Nketiah

and his parents were not too keen

on representing Ghana.

However, in an interview with

Bola Ray on Starr FM’s Starr

Chat, Black Stars Head Coach

Charles Akonnor said contact has

been made with the boy’s parents

and talks are still ongoing.

While celebrating

the FA Cup triumph,

the Ghana

FA took to Twitter

to congratulate

him sparking a

thread about

whether Ghana

was courting the


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