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I never realized just how essential grandparents are until becoming a parent. Growing up, both sets of mine lived a long car ride away, so visits were reserved for holidays or summer vacations. Even still, my grandma (who turned 100 last month!) taught me valuable life lessons, like the importance of travel, letter writing, and doing something active every day. She’s also the reason I indulge in dessert daily (after finishing my dinner, of course). I can only imagine how much more wisdom I would’ve gained had we resided closer. Luckily, my daughter has four grandparents she gets to see—and be spoiled by—on a weekly basis. But besides buying her cute clothes and giving her sweet treats, they provide a love that goes deeper than any daycares ever could. Her relationships with “Oma,” “Papa,” “Amah,” and “Kong Kong”—though all vastly different—are uniquely special. In honor of National Grandparents’ Day on September 13, we decided to shine the spotlight on a handful of our area’s finest gramps and grannies. Turn to page 16 to read about why they love the role, how the pandemic has changed things, and the lessons they hope to pass on to their littles. It’s a feel-good story that tugs at all the heartstrings. What else do we (literally) have cooking this month? Our feature story, “Veggie Delights” (page 71), highlights 33 plant-based plates that are so good even meat-eaters might find their mouths watering. From dishes that are packed with produce to others that boast mock meat, it’s a colorful introduction to just how delicious and nutritious a vegetarian diet can be. We also share our favorite farms that offer u-pick produce, online ordering, or weekly veg boxes; meat-free alternatives that go beyond beans; and easy ways vegetarians can still get their vitamins. With the onset of autumn (September 22), we figured it would be a prime time to toast to the season with refreshing hard ciders that are made, and loved, locally. Flip to “An Apple a Day…” (page 88) to read about five of our favorites and learn some fun facts about the places where they’re produced. Enjoy the issue, and—as grandmother Ramona Nelson from Placerville says on page 16—may you “know that family and friends are more important than money; always be true to yourself; and never judge yourself by how others see you but only by how you see yourself.” Cheers! — Megan // megan@stylemg.com @meggoeggowaffle

I never realized just how essential grandparents are until becoming a parent. Growing up, both sets of mine lived a long car ride away, so visits were reserved for holidays or summer vacations. Even still, my grandma (who turned 100 last month!) taught me valuable life lessons, like the importance of travel, letter writing, and doing something active every day. She’s also the reason I indulge in dessert daily (after finishing my dinner, of course). I can only imagine how much more wisdom I would’ve gained had we resided closer.
Luckily, my daughter has four grandparents she gets to see—and be spoiled by—on a weekly basis. But besides buying her cute clothes and giving her sweet treats, they provide a love that goes deeper than any daycares ever could. Her relationships with “Oma,” “Papa,” “Amah,” and “Kong Kong”—though all vastly different—are uniquely special.
In honor of National Grandparents’ Day on September 13, we decided to shine the spotlight on a handful of our area’s finest gramps and grannies. Turn to page 16 to read about why they love the role, how the pandemic has changed things, and the lessons they hope to pass on to their littles. It’s a feel-good story that tugs at all the heartstrings.
What else do we (literally) have cooking this month? Our feature story, “Veggie Delights” (page 71), highlights 33 plant-based plates that are so good even meat-eaters might find their mouths watering. From dishes that are packed with produce to others that boast mock meat, it’s a colorful introduction to just how delicious and nutritious a vegetarian diet can be. We also share our favorite farms that offer u-pick produce, online ordering, or weekly veg boxes; meat-free alternatives that go beyond beans; and easy ways vegetarians can still get their vitamins.
With the onset of autumn (September 22), we figured it would be a prime time to toast to the season with refreshing hard ciders that are made, and loved, locally. Flip to “An Apple a Day…” (page 88) to read about five of our favorites and learn some fun facts about the places where they’re produced.
Enjoy the issue, and—as grandmother Ramona Nelson from Placerville says on page 16—may you “know that family and friends are more important than money; always be true to yourself; and never judge yourself by how others see you but only by how you see yourself.” Cheers!
— Megan // megan@stylemg.com


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SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> M A G A Z I N E<br />

Veg<br />

Out<br />


from The Independent<br />

See page 71<br />


PLUS<br />

TOP AREA<br />


Kitchen Design<br />

on a Dime<br />

10 Tips for<br />

Couples in<br />

Quarantine<br />

Scott’s<br />

Seafood<br />

Roundhouse<br />


Your Trusted Partner<br />

We are here to help you and your loved ones navigate these unusual times. Our communities<br />

follow rigorous CDC guidelines creating living environments where your loved ones are<br />

supported by our healthcare heroes.<br />

The Eskaton family of communities provides services throughout<br />

the Greater Sacramento region, Bay Area, Sierra Foothills and San Joaquin County.<br />

We are here for you, call today!<br />

Independent Living - Assisted Living - Memory Care - Skilled Nursing - Therapy - Home Care<br />

916-238-6362 | eskaton.org

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong><br />


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8/18/20 3:02 PM<br />


| contents | <strong>2020</strong><br />

32<br />

88<br />

71<br />


50<br />


10 ONLINE<br />

12 COMMUNITY<br />


WHAT'S UP<br />

News Around Town<br />

16 GET TO KNOW<br />

Celebrating Our<br />

Grandparents<br />

20 GIVING BACK<br />

Shine with Purpose<br />

24 ARTS &<br />



Paul Harman<br />


10 Tips for Couples<br />

in Quarantine<br />

32 TAKE A HIKE<br />

Echo Lakes Trail<br />

48 KEEP IT LOCAL<br />


13 Must-Haves for<br />

Nature Lovers<br />


Q&A with Local Companies<br />


54 HOME & GARDEN<br />

Kitchen Design on a Dime<br />

68 TRAVEL<br />

5 Rad Rentals<br />

71 FEATURE<br />

Veggie Delights:<br />

33 Plant-Based Plates<br />

78 EAT & DRINK<br />


Scott’s Seafood<br />

Roundhouse<br />

82 FOODIE FIND<br />

Lana Lane Gourmet Goods<br />

84 TASTE<br />

6 Fiery Foods<br />

88 SIP ON THIS<br />

5 Hard Ciders<br />


98 LAST LOOK<br />

Where We Live<br />


33 59<br />


P R O F E S S I O N A L S<br />

56<br />





SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> FOOD | HOME | COMMUNITY | EVENTS | ARTS | LIFE<br />


Veg<br />


from The Independent<br />

See page 71<br />

M A G A Z I N E<br />

PLUS<br />

Out<br />

TOP AREA<br />


Kitchen Design<br />

on a Dime<br />

10 Tips for<br />

Couples in<br />

Quarantine<br />

Scott’s<br />

Seafood<br />

Roundhouse<br />





Rainbow Hard Cider photo by Ray Burgess.<br />

4 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

It’s big-city medicine<br />

with small-town roots.<br />

New Expansion. Same Great Care.<br />

The new expansion at Sutter Roseville Medical Center is<br />

growing the way we care for our community. We’ve expanded<br />

our emergency department, making it the largest in the entire<br />

Sutter network. You’ll also find a new intensive care unit, more<br />

cardiac care and a lush healing garden. All this and more, so<br />

we can help our patients heal mind, body and soul.<br />

Your health is our top priority, so we’re taking extra precautions<br />

to help keep you safe. All patients and staff are screened prior<br />

to entering our hospital and masks are required.<br />

It’s a thousand things, big and small.<br />

To learn more, visit sutterhealth.org/SutterRoseville<strong>2020</strong>.

| editor’s letter |<br />

Inever realized just how essential<br />

grandparents are until becoming a<br />

parent. Growing up, both sets of mine<br />

lived a long car ride away, so visits<br />

were reserved for holidays or summer<br />

vacations. Even still, my grandma (who<br />

turned 100 last month!) taught me valuable life<br />

lessons, like the importance of travel, letter<br />

writing, and doing something active every day.<br />

She’s also the reason I indulge in dessert daily<br />

(after finishing my dinner, of course). I can only<br />

imagine how much more wisdom I would’ve<br />

gained had we resided closer.<br />

Luckily, my daughter has four grandparents<br />

she gets to see—and be spoiled by—on a weekly<br />

basis. But besides buying her cute clothes and<br />

giving her sweet treats, they provide a love that<br />

goes deeper than any daycares ever could. Her relationships with “Oma,” “Papa,” “Amah,”<br />

and “Kong Kong”—though all vastly different—are uniquely special.<br />

In honor of National Grandparents’ Day on <strong>September</strong> 13, we decided to shine the<br />

spotlight on a handful of our area’s finest gramps and grannies. Turn to page 16 to read<br />

about why they love the role, how the pandemic has changed things, and the lessons they<br />

hope to pass on to their littles. It’s a feel-good story that tugs at all the heartstrings.<br />

Another reason I’m grateful for grandparents? They allow my husband and me to have<br />

much-needed time for each other—and ourselves. Despite dates looking different these<br />

days, they’re necessary to keep the spark (and my sanity) alive. Just ask our area’s marriage<br />

and family therapists. In this issue’s Health & Wellness article, “Love Under Lockdown”<br />

(page 28), they share 10 tips to help couples cope with the uptick of quarantine-fueled fights.<br />

What else do we (literally) have cooking this month? Our feature story, “Veggie Delights”<br />

(page 71), highlights 33 plant-based plates that are so good even meat-eaters might find their<br />

mouths watering. From dishes that are packed with produce to others that boast mock<br />

meat, it’s a colorful introduction to just how delicious and nutritious a vegetarian diet can<br />

be. We also share our favorite farms that offer u-pick produce, online ordering, or weekly<br />

veg boxes; meat-free alternatives that go beyond beans;<br />

and easy ways vegetarians can still get their vitamins.<br />

“A grandparent<br />

is a little bit<br />

parent, a little<br />

bit teacher, and<br />

a little bit best<br />

friend.”<br />

—Unknown<br />

Shop Local...Where it Matters.<br />

With the onset of autumn (<strong>September</strong> 22), we figured<br />

it would be a prime time to toast to the season with<br />

refreshing hard ciders that are made, and loved, locally.<br />

Flip to “An Apple a Day…” (page 88) to read about five of<br />

our favorites and learn some fun facts about the places<br />

where they’re produced.<br />

Enjoy the issue, and—as grandmother Ramona Nelson<br />

from Placerville says on page 16—may you “know that<br />

family and friends are more important than money;<br />

always be true to yourself; and never judge yourself by<br />

how others see you but only by how you see yourself.”<br />

Cheers!<br />

— Megan // megan@stylemg.com<br />

@meggoeggowaffle<br />

#ShopLocal #SupportLocalBusiness #CommunitySupportingCommunity<br />

Photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

6 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Laser Skin<br />

Resurfacing<br />

Before<br />

• Discoloration<br />

• Poor Texture<br />

• Enlarged Pores<br />

• Wrinkles<br />

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC Lip Filler:<br />

$549/Syringe<br />

After<br />

Laser Resurfacing<br />

Special: $1500<br />

Regular price $3200<br />

Hartej Uppal, MD<br />

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery<br />

Cosmetic Dermatologist<br />

2161 Sunset Blvd #100, Rocklin, CA. 95765<br />

916.538.7272<br />


SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong><br />


Terence P. Carroll, Wendy L. Sipple<br />


Debra Linn, 916-770-5533<br />


Megan Wiskus<br />


Tara Mendanha<br />


Emily Peter-Corey<br />


Suzie Dundas, Kerrie L. Kelly, Heather L. Nelson,<br />

Ryan Martinez, Lorn Randall<br />

’19<br />


Gary Zsigo<br />


Ray Burgess, George Kenton<br />

styleRCA.com<br />


Dante Fontana<br />


Ken White, Ixystems<br />


Jami Areia, 916-412-0545<br />

Theresa Arnold, 916.308.2400<br />

Bettie Grijalva, 916.223.3364<br />

Reg Holliday, 916.337.5107<br />

Joanne Kilmartin, 916.607.9360<br />

Debbie Newell-Juhos/Newell & Associates, 916.365.3537<br />

Lisa Warner/Warner Enterprises, 530.306.2011<br />






• Private Lessons<br />

• Rock Band<br />

• Group Classes<br />

• Early Childhood<br />

Classes<br />

• Birthday Parties<br />

• Full Recording<br />

Studio<br />

• Record a Demo<br />

• Summer Camps<br />

(916) 265-2600<br />

82 Clarksville Rd.<br />

#100, Folsom<br />

folsom.b2rmusic.com<br />

Kids that play music get<br />

better grades in school.<br />


Sabrina Becker<br />


Kathleen Hurt<br />


Cathy Carmichael<br />


Jarrod Carroll<br />

Printed on recycled paper.<br />

Please recycle this magazine.<br />


FOLSOM, CA 95630<br />

TEL 916.988.9888 • FAX 916.596.2100<br />

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Subscriptions to STYLE are available.<br />

Contact info@stylemg.com for more information.<br />

8 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

WHAT<br />

IS YOUR<br />

SPIRIT<br />

ANIMAL?<br />

“My mother-in-law's pug,<br />

Boo. Friendly, needy, wellfed,<br />

and likes beer.”<br />

—Emily Peter-Corey<br />

“A lion. I was born in<br />

August, and I’m a Leo<br />

through and through!”<br />

—Bettie Grijalva<br />

“I’d love to be a dolphin.<br />

They live an amazing life<br />

and get to explore the<br />

ocean.”—Dante Fontana<br />


“My cat, Sunny D. He pretty<br />

much lounges in the sun<br />

all day, gets a little wild<br />

at night, eats, and then<br />

sleeps.”—Gary Zsigo<br />

“A wolf. To me, they<br />

represent freedom,<br />

loyalty, fearlessness, and<br />

connection—all traits that<br />

I constantly try to fortify<br />

within myself.”—Ryan<br />

Martinez<br />


Rosacea | Tattoos | Wrinkles<br />

Brown Spots | Hair Removal<br />

Clear and Brilliant ®<br />


CoolSculpting ®<br />

Emsculpt ®<br />

Thermage ® Skin Tightening<br />


Botox ® | Fillers | Kybella ®<br />

Ultherapy ® Skin Tightening<br />


Facials | Peels | Waxing<br />

DermaSweep | Microdermabrasion<br />




“Flamingo. Long-legged,<br />

pink-hued, and born to be<br />

at the beach.”<br />

—Megan Wiskus<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 9<br />


2009-2019<br />




| online |<br />

Find More on the Web This Month<br />



In <strong>Style</strong>’s new column, “The Road Beat,”<br />

auto aficionado and local resident<br />

Mitchell Weitzman takes the Lexus<br />

LC 500h for a spin and shares his<br />

honest review. “Bold, beautiful, and<br />

brilliant” are just a sneak peak of what<br />

he has to say about it.<br />


Attention budding photographers! Send<br />

us a photo of anything that represents<br />

“Where We Live”—a local<br />

park, hiking or biking trail, body of<br />

water, foodie find, etc.—and tell<br />

us why, in 20 words or less, this<br />

photo says it all. Our favorite pics<br />

will appear in an upcoming issue. Send<br />

your submissions to info@stylemg.com.<br />

Ready, set, SNAP!<br />





/stylemg<br />

/stylemediagroup<br />

/stylemediagroup<br />

/stylemags<br />



Go to stylemg.com and click on the “Digital<br />

Editions” icon at the very top to find an<br />

archived collection of the print magazines.<br />


A DAY…<br />

Savor the season by<br />

making this tasty California<br />

Avocado & Lobster Roll.<br />

Click now for the recipe—<br />

which comes courtesy<br />

of Hawks Provisions and<br />

Public House—and learn<br />

some fun facts about the<br />

heart-healthy “superfruit.”<br />

HELP IS<br />

HERE<br />

<strong>September</strong> is<br />

National Suicide<br />

Prevention<br />

Month, and<br />

since the onset<br />

of COVID-19,<br />

most people’s<br />

mental health has taken a<br />

serious toll. Luckily, there are<br />

a plethora of local resources<br />

available. Head online for ways<br />

you can get help, along with<br />

warning signs to watch out for.<br />

Lexus photo by Mitchell Weitzman. Picture Perfect photo by Leslie Wells Photography, lesliewellsphotography.smugmug.com, @lesliewellsphoto. California Avocado<br />

& Lobster Roll photo courtesy of California Avocado Commission. Help is Here photo ©gballgiggs - stock.adobe.com.<br />

10 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| community matters |<br />

FOOD & DRINK<br />

<br />

Shawarma Stackz is opening soon<br />

at 1132 Galleria Boulevard, Suite 100, in<br />

Roseville. The 2,585-square-foot space<br />

will focus on three proteins—falafel,<br />

chicken, and steak—which can<br />

be served in a house-baked pita,<br />

rice bowl, or over organic spring<br />

mix and customized with a<br />

variety of sauces and toppings.<br />

Zócalo (experiencezocalo.<br />

com), which celebrates true<br />

Mexican hospitality through<br />

authentic cuisine and genuine service,<br />

opened at Folsom’s Broadstone Plaza<br />

(2739 East Bidwell Street) last month.<br />

PlacerGROWN Farmers’ Markets<br />

Find fresh fruits and veggies from local<br />

farms, plus homemade honeys, jams,<br />

cheeses, and more at our region’s weekly<br />

farmers’ markets. Check out the Historic<br />

Folsom Farmers’ Market (historicfolsom.<br />

org/farmers-market) on Saturdays; the<br />

El Dorado County Certified Farmers’<br />

Markets (eldoradofarmersmarket.com/<br />

markets) on Saturdays at the Ivy House<br />

parking lot in Placerville, Sundays at<br />

the El Dorado Hills Town Center,<br />

and Wednesdays at Burke Junction in<br />

Cameron Park; or the PlacerGROWN<br />

Farmers’ Markets (placergrown.org/<br />

farmers-markets) at the Fountains at<br />

Roseville on Tuesdays and the Quarry<br />

Ponds Town Center on Sundays.<br />

Sacramento-based Chocolate Fish<br />

Coffee Roasters (chocolatefishcoffee.<br />

com)—with stand-alone locations in East<br />

Sacramento and Land Park, in addition to<br />

several other coffeehouses inside Raley’s<br />

stores and the Sacramento International<br />

Airport—is opening a new café at 25055<br />

Blue Ravine Road, Suite 100, in Folsom.<br />

#What’s Up?<br />




<br />

Through their Food Assistance<br />

Program, Placer SPCA (placerspca.<br />

org) is able to provide sustenance for<br />

up to three animals (cats and/or dogs)<br />

every 30 days (depending on available<br />

supplies). Pet owners must show proof<br />

of Placer County residency and animals<br />

must be spayed or neutered. Food<br />

can be picked up at 150 Corporation<br />

Yard Road in Roseville between 11<br />

a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday.<br />

The experienced therapists at New<br />

Morning Youth & Family Services<br />

(newmorningyfs.org) have openings<br />

to help families or children (18 and<br />

under) battling depression, anxiety,<br />

trauma, grief, behavior problems, etc.<br />

and are conducting therapy sessions<br />

over the phone or in person (using CDC<br />

guidelines). To make an appointment, call<br />

530-622-5551 and ask for Lara or Carrie.<br />

Congrats to Granite Bay residents Dave<br />

Bowen, Dave Cable, and Steve Lins<br />

who have been elected as officers on<br />

United Way California Capital Region’s<br />

Board of Directors. Currently, the<br />

nonprofit is bringing people together<br />

across Amador, El Dorado, Sacramento,<br />

Placer, and Yolo Counties for its Square<br />

One Project, a 20-year promise to<br />

significantly increase the number<br />

of students who graduate from high<br />

school ready for success in college<br />

and beyond. To learn more or make a<br />

donation, visit yourlocalunitedway.org.<br />

Marshall Medical Center<br />

(marshallmedical.org) has been bestowed<br />

with a prestigious international<br />

recognition as a Baby-<br />

Friendly Designated birth<br />

facility for their commitment<br />

to offering mothers the<br />

information, confidence, and<br />

skills needed to successfully<br />

initiate and continue<br />

breastfeeding their babies.<br />

Koinonia Homes for Teens (kfh.<br />

org)—a residential program for foster<br />

youth in Loomis—received the $10,000<br />

Big Dream Endowment Grant from<br />

Soroptimist International of Greater<br />

Sacramento (sacramentosoroptimists.<br />

org). The money was used to<br />

purchase a laser cutter for its onsite<br />

tech center, which teaches the<br />

adolescents in-demand job skills so<br />

they can compete with peers who<br />

haven’t experienced foster care.<br />

PlacerGROWN Farmers’ Markets-photo courtesy of PlacerGROWN. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

12 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Rocklin City Manager Steve Rudolph is<br />

retiring on <strong>September</strong> 21. Rudolph was<br />

appointed city manager in May 2018<br />

after starting his tenure in February 2017<br />

as city attorney and has more than 30<br />

years of experience in public service.<br />

Local ladies are invited to join Soroptimist<br />

International of Folsom/El Dorado Hills<br />

to assist with projects that strengthen<br />

the community and make a positive<br />

impact on the lives of women and girls.<br />

To become a member and learn more<br />

about the club, visit sifedh.com.<br />

Capital Cup photo by Mikel Gordon.<br />


<br />

Join Serenity Spa | Soul Yoga<br />

(serenityspaonline.com) every Saturday<br />

(<strong>September</strong> 5, 12, 19, and 26) in the Palladio<br />

at Broadstone’s Piazza for Yoga Summer<br />

Series (gopalladio.com/events/<strong>2020</strong>-09).<br />

The 60-minute, relaxing classes are<br />

complimentary and intended to bring<br />

health, fitness, and balance to all.<br />

Twenty-eight executives from the<br />

Sacramento region—including Five Star<br />

Bank CEO James Beckwith and Taro Arai<br />

of Mikuni—are partaking in the Villara<br />

Capital Cup (charity.gofundme.com/o/<br />

en/campaign/the-capital-cup-<strong>2020</strong>), a golf<br />

competition from <strong>September</strong> 25-27, where<br />

donors have the opportunity to support<br />

their favorite player or nonprofit and<br />

players compete to raise funds for their<br />

chosen charity. In addition, the nonprofits<br />

supported by the winning teams share<br />

a $100,000 grand prize. To inquire about<br />

participating, call Curt at 916-960-5350.<br />


<br />

High Hand Art Gallery<br />

(highhandartgallery.com) in Loomis has<br />

a new Virtual Gallery (artadvocates.net/<br />

high-hand-online-gallery.php) where<br />

you can peruse (and purchase) work<br />

from approximately 30 area artists.<br />

Thru <strong>September</strong> 12, Blue Line Arts<br />

(bluelinearts.org) is hosting Off Center—<br />

an international ceramic competition<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 13<br />

Villara Capital Cup<br />


CARPET<br />



2009 • 2010 • 2011<br />

2012 • 2013 • 2014<br />

2015 • 2016 • 2017<br />

2018 • 2019<br />

$ 30<br />

OFF<br />

10 %<br />

OFF<br />

$ 30<br />

OFF<br />


OR<br />


AREA RUG<br />





Carpet• Tile & Grout • Hardwood • Upholstery<br />



We’re OPEN!<br />

Call Today For Your<br />


916 933-7807<br />

www.CartersCarpet.com<br />


*ask for details<br />

TILE & GROUT<br />

OR<br />


*MIN. 300 SQ. FT ask for details<br />

Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

Min. charge applies<br />

Area Rugs Cleaned Off-Site.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

10 %<br />

$ 40<br />

OFF<br />

PET ODOR<br />


Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

OFF service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

81 916 933-7807 81<br />

81<br />


Please present coupon at time of service. No coupon redemptions<br />

after work is completed. No coupon refunds mailed. Not good with<br />

any other offer. Call today!. 916 933-7807.<br />



Min. 1000 SQ FT OR<br />

$25 OFF Min. 750 SQ FT.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

2006-2013<br />

2012<br />

2006-2013<br />

81<br />


| community matters |<br />

featuring a collaboration of work<br />

between 43 artists hailing from 16<br />

states. The diverse exhibit showcases<br />

the medium’s myriad themes—<br />

including craftsmanship, abstraction,<br />

and mankind’s relationship to<br />

earth—in pieces that run the gamut<br />

from playful to serious. The gallery<br />

is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11<br />

a.m.-5 p.m. or by appointment. <br />

Salvaged by Brandi Cooper<br />

Giraffe by Gustav Dentzel<br />

A generous art gift of six beautifully<br />

carved, early American carousel animal<br />

sculptures by top makers from the<br />

golden age of carousels has arrived at the<br />

Crocker Art Museum (crockerart.org).<br />

The animals afford an opportunity to<br />

explore and appreciate the Philadelphia<br />

and Coney Island styles of carousel<br />

animal carving and will be available for<br />

viewing as soon as the museum reopens.<br />

California Dreamer by Nina Birks<br />

Artists and families are invited to<br />

make Placer County a little bit brighter<br />

by showing off their creativity at<br />

Arts Council of Placer County’s<br />

Household Art Challenge (placerarts.<br />

org). Make your own sculpture, based<br />

on monthly themes, from items<br />

you have around the house. When<br />

completed, submit a photo of your<br />

creation for a chance to win a prize.<br />

Sanjay Varshney<br />

Stroll along Placerville’s Main Street to<br />

view 28 beautiful banners—each one<br />

painted by a local artist and reflective<br />

of the theme “California Dreamin’”—<br />

at this year’s Placerville Art on<br />

Parade (placervilleartonparade.org).<br />

Banners are available as “keepsakes”<br />

(posters, coffee cups, magnets, etc.) and<br />

auctioned off at the end of the show.<br />


<br />

Be on the lookout for several new<br />

tenants at Folsom’s Palladio at<br />

Broadstone, including Salon G and<br />

Allworth Financial. In addition,<br />

Kids Inc. and Miosa Bride are both<br />

increasing their existing spaces<br />

by at least 1,000 square feet.<br />

Goldenstone Wealth Management<br />

(goldenstonewealth.com)—an<br />

independent investment management<br />

and advisory firm that serves<br />

individuals, businesses, foundations,<br />

and charities with custom portfolio<br />

development—is open at 5170 Golden<br />

Foothills Parkway in El Dorado Hills.<br />

Founders Sanjay Varshney and Andres<br />

Villegas have an established track<br />

record of success helping clients<br />

meet their financial goals. <br />

Andres Villegas<br />

Salvaged by Brandi Cooper; photo courtesy of Blue Line Arts. Giraffe by Gustav Dentzel; photo credit: Gustav Dentzel (American, born Germany, 1844–1909), Giraffe, ca. 1907. Basswood and pigments, 49 x 71 x 12 in. Crocker Art Museum, gift of Larry and Gail Freels, 2019.94.1.<br />

Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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| community matters | get to know<br />

All in the Family<br />

Celebrating Our Grandparents<br />


Grandparents. They love unconditionally and pamper endlessly.<br />

There’s nothing like a warm hug from Grandma, adventures with<br />

Grandpa, and precious time spent in their company. My own<br />

20-month-old can’t wait to see her Mimi, Gampi, Gran, and Gramps<br />

every day. Unfortunately, they live abroad so she has to settle for a<br />

video chat. If you’re lucky enough to have a grandparent, cherish<br />

them. After all, as someone once said: “Grandparents make the world<br />

a little softer, a little kinder, and a little warmer.” Happy Grandparents’<br />

Day (<strong>September</strong> 13) to the ones below and all the others out there!<br />

Owners of Sutter Street Taqueria,<br />

Paul and Rosario have good food<br />

and good company readily available<br />

for their three grandbabies. Antonio<br />

(14) is an old soul who enjoys having<br />

deep conversations about life; Leo<br />

(10) is high-energy and always ready<br />

for a good time; and Stefano (8) is<br />

a non-verbal autistic boy with a<br />

good understanding of the world.<br />

“Antonio was born on Christmas,”<br />

shares Rosario. “When he was young,<br />

I let him know that if he called<br />

me “Grandma,” he would get one<br />

combined gift for Christmas and<br />

his birthday, but if he called me “Mama Chayo” (nickname for Rosario), he’d<br />

get separate gifts. To this day, none of the three boys have ever called me<br />

“Grandma!”<br />

Paul Hayes and Rosario Rodriguez, aka<br />

“Papa Paul” and “Mama Chayo” from Folsom<br />

What does it mean to be a grandparent today?<br />

Grandparents are an integral part of raising a family, with so many types of<br />

family structures existing today. My husband and I have a trusting relationship<br />

with the boys, and they talk to us about everything. We guide them through<br />

difficult events because we want to help them make good decisions.<br />

What are the perks of the job?<br />

The best part is all the fun things we get to do with the kids. Our home is a<br />

getaway from their normal lives.<br />

Has the pandemic affected your relationship with your<br />

grandchildren?<br />

COVID-19 put a damper on the extracurricular activities we normally do<br />

during the summer.<br />

What is your hope for future generations? Do you have any words<br />

of wisdom for them?<br />

My hope is that they will be humanitarians and utilize their God-given talents<br />

to make this world a better place. I encourage them to value themselves for<br />

how God made them and do things to the best of their ability.<br />

Ramona Nelson, aka “Coco” from Placerville<br />

This big-hearted, spoil-em-rotten grandma<br />

has an eight-year-old grandson and fourmonth-old<br />

granddaughter. “My grandson is<br />

the joy of my life…I always feel his love for<br />

me,” she shares. “He asked me one day, ‘Why<br />

do you always say ‘of course’ when I ask you if<br />

I can have something or do something?’ I told<br />

him it’s my job as a grandmother to say yes!”<br />

She describes her granddaughter as being a<br />

bundle of pure love. “I look forward to getting<br />

to know her as she grows.”<br />

What does it mean to be a grandparent<br />

today?<br />

Our world is different today, because of<br />

technology. We can easily see each other,<br />

talk any time, and text “goodnight.” My<br />

“grandmothering” isn’t much different<br />

than my mother’s. The world can’t alter the<br />

unconditional love of a grandma!<br />

What are the perks of the job?<br />

It’s a magical job. The love and acceptance<br />

from my grandson are gifts. When I’m<br />

making dinner or folding laundry and a<br />

little voice says: “Coco, I love you,” [that’s the<br />

best part] of the day!<br />

Has the pandemic affected your<br />

relationship with your grandchildren?<br />

I can’t take them to places I would have<br />

before. We spend a lot of time together and<br />

limit our time out in public. Life is simple<br />

again—we work in our garden, play games,<br />

and have sleepovers. It’s good to slow down<br />

and enjoy each other.<br />

What is your hope for future<br />

generations? Do you have any words of<br />

wisdom for them?<br />

I hope parents teach their children to honor<br />

nature’s gifts. I hope every young person has<br />

the opportunity to further their education.<br />

Know that family and friends are more<br />

important than money. Always be true to<br />

yourself. Never judge yourself by how others<br />

see you but only by how you see yourself.<br />

Always follow your dreams. Don’t accept “no”<br />

for an answer.<br />

All photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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Stickhouse<br />

Mom & Pop Chicken Shop<br />



| community matters | get to know<br />

Sandra Scott, aka “Grandma/Gram/Mimi” from Roseville<br />

What does it mean to be a grandparent<br />

today?<br />

It means an extra pair of hands for Mom<br />

and Dad, supporting the parents, and being<br />

another person who loves the kids. Today’s<br />

world throws so much at children that<br />

they’re not ready for. We, as grandparents, are<br />

another voice of reason.<br />

What are the perks of the job?<br />

I get to indulge them if I want and it’s OK! I<br />

bring tablets, games, and art supplies for the<br />

boys. Sophia and Chloe like my “old lady”<br />

gum.<br />

Bubbling with life and generous in spirit,<br />

this singing grandma has five grandkids and<br />

enough love to go around. Noah (12) is friendly<br />

and loves World War II paraphernalia;<br />

James (10) is creative and musical; Parker (11)<br />

is a gentle soul and talented artist; Sophia<br />

(4) is funny and loves to play hide and seek<br />

with her Mimi; and Chloe (2) is a “dimpled<br />

darling” who adores her siblings. Sandra<br />

recalls, “I was taking the boys to Target to buy<br />

Pokemon cards and said, ‘You guys just come<br />

with Gram for the stuff.’ James immediately<br />

retorted, ‘Gram, it’s about the journey!’”<br />

Has the pandemic affected your<br />

relationship with your grandchildren?<br />

It only affected my seeing the kids for<br />

about three weeks. Once we had all been in<br />

quarantine, we felt safe being together.<br />

What is your hope for future<br />

generations? Do you have any words of<br />

wisdom for them?<br />

My hope for my grands is that they each<br />

develop a personal relationship with the Lord<br />

and trust Him; I also hope they take their<br />

time and not sacrifice their futures at the<br />

altar of the present.<br />

Clement and Aida Lim, aka “Kong<br />

Kong” and “Amah” from Auburn<br />

Generous with their time, cuddles, and<br />

sweets, Clement and Aida are impossible<br />

not to love—and loved they are, by<br />

Juniper (1) who’s equal parts cute and<br />

smart; Charlie (2) who’s happy, handsome,<br />

and sweet; and Alice (5 going on 13), who’s<br />

saucy and independent. “As grandparents,<br />

we’ve had to dance the ‘Gangnam <strong>Style</strong>’<br />

with Charlie, have pears at hand for when<br />

Alice asks for ‘pows,’ and vigorously<br />

bounce in order to get Juniper to fall<br />

asleep—which is a workout when you’re<br />

in your 60s!”<br />

John and Ann are fun and adventurous<br />

and have built a stockpile of memories<br />

with the boys—with many more to come.<br />

Ty (17) is quiet yet competitive; Dylan (16)<br />

is opinionated and athletic; Mason (14) is<br />

responsible and confident; Reilly (10) is<br />

creative and curious; Mateo (5) is self-assured<br />

but reserved; and Jack (4) is assertive and<br />

keeps up with his older brothers. Ann’s<br />

children bought her a bright pink scooter in<br />

order to keep up with this lively bunch!<br />

What does it mean to be a<br />

grandparent today?<br />

Forty years ago, we saw a Disney movie<br />

that had a line we’ve always remembered:<br />

“The last job a grandparent has on earth<br />

is to teach their grandkids.”<br />

John and Ann Hogan, aka “Papa” and<br />

“Honey” from Placerville<br />

What are the perks of the<br />

job?<br />

We get to see them often and<br />

spend quality time together.<br />

We started “Papa Tuesdays”<br />

and “Honey Mondays.” Now<br />

they call or text to see if we can do those<br />

days each week.<br />

Has the pandemic affected your<br />

relationship with your grandchildren?<br />

They have ideas of where they want to go<br />

but with the pandemic, trips are harder,<br />

so we’ve been watching movies in our<br />

backyard or swimming at a friend’s house.<br />

What is your hope for future<br />

generations? Do you have any words<br />

of wisdom for them?<br />

We hope they carry on the tradition of<br />

quality time with their children and<br />

grandchildren. [We hope they learn]<br />

manners and respect for all and to leave a<br />

place cleaner than when they got there.<br />

What does it mean to be a<br />

grandparent today?<br />

It means everything and makes us<br />

incredibly joyful. Seeing our kids happily<br />

married with a family of their own is the<br />

most precious gift.<br />

What are the perks of the job?<br />

Spoiling them and then sending them<br />

back to their parents! Also, having little<br />

ones around to play and laugh with<br />

keeps us young at heart. As parents of<br />

two boys, it’s fun to have granddaughters<br />

to do “girly” things with.<br />

Has the pandemic affected<br />

your relationship with your<br />

grandchildren?<br />

We’re definitely more cautious now—<br />

washing our hands frequently and<br />

staying home.<br />

Do you have any words of wisdom<br />

for future generations?<br />

Respect your elders, always be kind, and<br />

get an education.<br />

All photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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618 E. Bidwell Street, Folsom<br />

Open: Tue - Fri 10am-6pm & Sat 10am-5pm<br />

Closed: Sun - Mon<br />

(916) 984-1800 | windsordiamond.net<br />

Watch<br />

Batteries<br />

Repair<br />

special<br />

one size down<br />

Bring us your Gold, Silver,<br />

Platinum and Diamonds<br />

we will Buy or Custom Make your new piece.<br />

Gold is at an all time high! Bring your gold in!<br />

$5.00 $14.95 $9.95<br />

chain<br />

solder free<br />

cleaning<br />

&<br />

inspection<br />

Being overweight or obese puts<br />

you at higher risk for<br />

developing diabetes, heart<br />

disease, arthritis, COVID-19<br />

and dozens of other illnesses.<br />

Y O U R H E A L T H M A T T E R S M O R E T H A N E V E R<br />

Weight Loss CAN be FAST & EASY!<br />

Management<br />

Weight<br />

Since 1989<br />

COVID-19 Compliant<br />

Open to Serve You<br />

CALL TODAY - Roseville: 916-773-1191<br />

hendricksforhealth.com<br />

VOTED #1 BEST<br />



Shine with<br />

Purpose<br />

In Giving We Receive<br />


In July of 2019, Mindy<br />

Mohlenbrok shared a<br />

mere vision of Shine with<br />

Purpose with a friend. “I<br />

wanted a place where kids<br />

could come and know<br />

what it felt like to serve and<br />

”<br />

They<br />

learn that<br />

money and<br />

possessions<br />

cannot<br />

provide<br />

happiness...<br />

learn their true purpose, [where they<br />

could] learn independence and have<br />

the opportunity to serve with their<br />

families,” she says. Fast forward to January <strong>2020</strong> and this vision was<br />

realized when Shine with Purpose in Granite Bay officially attained<br />

nonprofit status.<br />

Mohlenbrok had been saddened by the fact that children were so<br />

busy with school, sports, and other activities that they didn’t really get<br />

the opportunity to learn the true gift of giving back. “We live in a society<br />

where many are chasing money and possessions and not learning<br />

about purposeful lives,” she laments. To counter this imbalance, Shine<br />

with Purpose aims to empower and inspire families to serve and<br />

support community projects and other local nonprofits. “[We’re the]<br />

conduit connecting the community and its needs,” she says.<br />

Mohlenbrok gleaned from research that children and teens who<br />

serve are less depressed and more successful in their studies and<br />

careers. “They learn that money and possessions cannot provide<br />

happiness...they feel true happiness by contributing to something<br />

that matters to them and their community,” she says. “I pray that [my<br />

children’s] generation is the ‘serve and be purposeful’ generation.”<br />

Prior to COVID-19, she had no inkling of what would be in store<br />

for them. Initially, they provided over 100 backpacks and school<br />

supplies to Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home, books and toys<br />

to Shriners Hospitals for Children, and visited Country Day Home<br />

in Granite Bay with miniature therapy ponies and “thinking of you”<br />

cards. When the pandemic hit, though, things took on another<br />

dimension. “We reached out to many nonprofits knowing that the<br />

senior population they relied on for volunteer help might not be so<br />

available now,” she says. They have since filled the void and provided<br />

over 3,500 meals to various local shelters and centers, as well as<br />

households in need. They’ve also partnered with leadership classes<br />

All photos courtesy of Shine with a Purpose.<br />

20 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

SHOP . DINE . PLAY<br />

http://www.sephora.com/<br />

Found from best brand website<br />

Modify logo

in schools and conduct an ongoing<br />

“Friday sandwich-making and cardcreating<br />

day” where they serve over<br />

100 subs to disadvantaged youth. When<br />

they’re not out in the field, volunteers are<br />

assembling care packages, crafting cards,<br />

making meals, and brainstorming.<br />

COVID-19 proved to be a big hurdle—<br />

one the organization has had to work<br />

around. “It has forced us to transition<br />

away from youth gatherings and prepare<br />

meals from our own homes. In addition,<br />

we haven’t been able to have any large<br />

fundraising events in the way we’d<br />

expected.” Despite this, they eventually<br />

plan on getting state-wide recognition<br />

and are looking to partner with as many<br />

leadership programs as possible, hoping<br />

to continue down the path of connecting<br />

youth with growth and development.<br />

Members aren’t restricted to only<br />

youth, either, says Mohlenbrok. “We have<br />

multiple generations serving together<br />

and inspiring each other.” Volunteers are<br />

needed, as are donations, and just simple<br />

word-of-mouth. “Each and every one<br />

of us can shine by giving back through<br />

life-changing experiences,” she says. “Let’s<br />

shine together!”<br />

shinewithpurpose.today<br />

”<br />

Each and every<br />

one of us can<br />

shine by giving<br />

back through<br />

life-changing<br />

experiences...<br />

All photos courtesy of Shine with a Purpose.<br />

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Stay Active!<br />



We’ve created a fun and safe environment with more sports and fitness activities than anywhere else.<br />



Broadstone Sports Club<br />

Folsom • (916) 983-9180<br />

El Dorado Hills Sports Club<br />

El Dorado Hills • (916) 933-4929<br />

The best part of your day<br />

Gold River Sports Club<br />

Gold River • (916) 638-7004<br />

Johnson Ranch Sports Club<br />

Roseville • (916) 782-2600<br />

Plus 4 other area locations!<br />

sparetimesportsclubs.com<br />

Save $ 20/mo.<br />

for the rest<br />

of the year<br />


We are maintaining proper distancing by limiting the number of members in classes and<br />

working out, using reservations, spacing out equipment and establishing defined paths of<br />

travel through the club.<br />

We use protective equipment, such as Plexiglas dividers, no-touch check-in, face coverings,<br />

hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.<br />

We are continuously cleaning and disinfecting the clubs with additional deep cleanings<br />

three times a day.<br />

Offer expires <strong>September</strong> 30, <strong>2020</strong>. Savings in the form of a monthly dues credit through December, <strong>2020</strong>. Requires a one-time initiation fee. Programs & activities vary by location. Please contact club for details. Other restrictions may apply.<br />

Expires 2/2 021

| arts & entertainment |<br />

After retiring from a career in law enforcement and studying for a year<br />

under the late artist Reif Erickson, Auburn resident Paul Harman became<br />

enamored with pastels. Currently a signature artist with the Pastel Society of<br />

the West Coast (PSWC) and member of North Auburn Artists, Harman creates<br />

realistic, light-filled landscapes and seascapes, along with vibrant paintings of<br />

animals. “I love the beauty of nature we have at our doorstep, and the places I<br />

travel to,” shares Harman. “Capturing [it] fills my senses and makes me happy.”<br />


on<br />

Paul Harman<br />



THE YEARS?<br />

PH: I drew things around me: trees, rocks, birds, deer, and even pictures<br />

from historical photos. In high school art classes, I stayed with realism<br />

and wouldn’t paint the modern art the teacher was pushing. I read books<br />

on drawing and painting and eventually began using watercolor and then<br />

oils. I was basically self-taught and would always carry a drawing pad and<br />

pencils with me when I went on vacations.<br />


PH: After my wife, Cindy, gifted me lessons for my birthday with<br />

distinguished pastel artist Reif Erickson, my passion for the medium began.<br />

Those lessons opened the door to a bright, tactile medium that’s both a<br />

[form of] drawing and painting. I no longer needed to wait for anything<br />

to dry and could continue to work on a painting while my creative<br />

inspirations flowed.<br />

24 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Photos of Paul Harman by Dante Fontana

It’s Time to be Pampered<br />

Asante Spa is here for you. With a wide variety of services from<br />

your favorite service providers, we bring you moments of peace,<br />

relaxation, and familiarity in unfamiliar times.<br />

Unwind and recharge your batteries in<br />

our stress-free environment with these great services:<br />



... AND MUCH MORE!<br />

Cupping Now Available with Any Massage ($30) *<br />

This ancient technique loosens muscles, encourages blood flow, treats<br />

muscle and tissue pain, reduces swelling and much more!<br />

916.933.8905 • asantespaedh.com<br />

530 Post Court, El Dorado Hills<br />

The Safety of Our Clients and Employees is Our # 1 Priority<br />

We are maintaining proper distancing by limiting the number of clients in the spa<br />

using reservations, spacing out appointments and establishing defined paths of travel<br />

through the spa.<br />

We use protective equipment, such as Plexiglas dividers, no-touch check-in, face<br />

coverings, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.<br />

We are continuously cleaning and disinfecting the spa with additional deep cleanings<br />

throughout the day.<br />

We are administering temperature checks for clients at check-in.<br />

*Specials must be booked and received between 9/1/20 through 9/30/20. Valid Monday Through Friday only. Specials cannot be combined with any<br />

other special or discount and please mention the special at the time of booking. Additional restrictions may apply.<br />

Wondering about<br />

memory care?<br />

We can help.<br />

Opening in Folsom this fall!<br />

Like our residence in Granite Bay, our new<br />

community is tailored exclusively to caring for<br />

those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Whether<br />

you’re just starting to research or ready to make<br />

a move, we can help you every step of the way.<br />

Reserve a spot for your loved one by December 31<br />

to pay no community fee and get one month free.<br />

CountryHouse.net/Folsom or 916-836-8022<br />

2005 Iron Point Road, Folsom, CA 95630 RCFE: License Pending

| arts & entertainment |<br />

Early Evening on the Stagecoach Trail<br />




PH: Plein air painting teaches how the sun affects your subject.<br />

You learn to paint quickly to catch the moment, because the sun<br />

will get brighter as the day goes by and colors will change and<br />

look washed out. Clouds could also come rolling in and change<br />

the whole look of the scene. Additionally, you learn to be less<br />

detailed and eliminate things that detract from a view or move<br />

them to give a better-balanced composition.<br />

The Light of a New Day<br />

Far From the Maddening Crowd<br />

Sierra Foothills Thunderstorm<br />

Shirttail Falls<br />

Rocky Shores of Point Lobos<br />



PH: I love painting the rocky shores and quiet beaches of our<br />

beautiful California coastline. The sea air and sound of the surf is<br />

incredibly relaxing, and the views are inspiring. I also love going<br />

to the Sierra and Hope Valley, which has been an inspiration for a<br />

number of paintings. paulmharman.com<br />

26 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

WE ARE<br />

OPEN!<br />

Botox/Dysport Special<br />

$195<br />

$495<br />

Forehead Lines - 8-12 Units<br />

Eyebrow Lift - 2-5 Units<br />

Crow’s Feet - 5-15 Unit<br />

Frown Lines - 10-15 Units<br />

Bunny Lines - 2-5 Units<br />

Lip Pout - 1-6 Units<br />

Orange Peel Chin - 2-4 Units<br />

Injections done by Dr. John Champlin<br />

Botox 20 Units/ Dysport 50 Units<br />

Juvederm Special<br />

for lips<br />

Perfect your pout<br />

4944 Sunrise Blvd • Suite G • Fair Oaks, 95628<br />

Schedule your FREE consultation 916-534-7267<br />

Entouragemd.com • info@entouragemd.com<br />

Jessica Dubé - Director of Operations<br />

CareCredit accepted. Cannot be used with specials.<br />

Offers Expires 9/30/<strong>2020</strong>

o ve<br />

Under<br />

Lockdown<br />

| health & wellness |<br />

10 Tips to Help Couples Cope<br />


Raise your hand if you and your partner have had more quarrels since quarantine?<br />

According to experts, you’re not alone. Too much togetherness and all this<br />

uncertainty can do a number on even the most durable of duos. Thankfully,<br />

there are ways to help keep your cool amid this ongoing crisis.<br />

Submitted by Gary McDonald, Licensed Professional Counselor,<br />

Executive Director of Lighthouse Counseling and Family Resource Center,<br />

Lincoln, 916-645-3300, lighthousefrc.org<br />

1 Make time for you.<br />

Schedule time for activities you find enjoyable that<br />

promote physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental well-being.<br />

Examples might include yoga, journaling, meditation, baking/<br />

cooking, hiking, listening to music, reading, or downloading a<br />

free relaxation app. Eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and<br />

establish a routine that includes healthy habits. By doing this,<br />

you’ll empower loved ones to do the same. If working from<br />

home, set appropriate boundaries by not working long hours<br />

and taking scheduled breaks.<br />

2<br />

Be grateful.<br />

Make the ordinary special by enjoying a romantic dinner<br />

at home, giving your partner a massage, or going for an evening<br />

walk and watching the sunset. Be grateful for what you do have.<br />

3<br />

Seek professional help.<br />

Navigating this new normal is not easy, and<br />

counseling is a very healthy way to resolve critical<br />

relational blocks. Several nonprofits offer services at no<br />

cost or on a sliding scale. Practice mindful listening when<br />

your mate shares his/her thoughts, and remember: Physical<br />

distancing is not the same as social distancing. During<br />

difficult times, we need to reach out to those who can help<br />

us heal and/or deal with our issues. Both Sacramento and<br />

Placer Counties have a social service hotline you can reach<br />

by dialing 211.<br />

Photo ©Drobot Dean - stock.adobe.com.<br />

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Dental implants,<br />

Oral surgery,<br />

sedation dentistry,<br />

and Prosthodontic<br />

services.<br />

Ask about our In<br />

Office Savings<br />

Plan<br />

FREE<br />


with paid exam<br />

and xrays<br />

First time clients only<br />

7803 Madison Ave. | Citrus Heights<br />

916-961-6406 | precisiondentalgroup.com<br />

doc@precisiondentalgroup.com<br />

Facebook: Precision Dental Group,<br />

Eric J. Steinbrecher, DDS, Inc<br />

Instagram: precisiondental_esteinbrecher<br />

for more details about our monthly<br />

unlimited plans, scan the qr code or visit<br />


| health & wellness |<br />

Submitted by Jeremy Ernst, DO, Marshall Psychiatry, Cameron Park, 530-<br />

626-2844, marshallmedical.org/marshall-services/psychiatry.aspx<br />

4 Keep the lines of communication open.<br />

Tensions may be running high during this stressful time, but<br />

your partner isn't a mind reader, nor are you. Be sure to communicate<br />

your needs in a calm, well-thought-out manner.<br />

5 Don't sweat the small stuff.<br />

Depending on how long you've been in your relationship, this<br />

may be a time of learning some of your partner’s habits and quirks that<br />

you previously weren't aware of, and some of them might get under<br />

your skin. Try not to focus too much on the little things and look at the<br />

big picture of your relationship instead.<br />

6 Pick your battles.<br />

In the event an argument or disagreement arises between you<br />

and your partner, take a moment to consider if the issue is major or<br />

minor. Does it merit a full-fledged argument or can you let it go?<br />

Submitted by Loretta Parker, LMFT, Founder & CEO of Loving Life<br />

Counseling, Sacramento, 916-674-0144, lorettaparkerlmft.com<br />

7 Give each other space.<br />

Being quarantined with a loved one can test the relationship.<br />

Communicating your need for space can avoid an emotional reaction<br />

when feeling tense and help in saving your relationship. It’s essential to<br />

start with an “I” statement, when describing your needs. For example,<br />

“I’m feeling overwhelmed right now and need to make space so I can<br />

feel calm before we continue the conversation.” At this point, give your<br />

partner an estimated amount of time that you need, and come back to<br />

the conversation when you’re feeling calm. For the partner not needing<br />

space, be respectful by allowing them to take the space they need.<br />

8 Be patient.<br />

Many times people want instant gratification, but practicing<br />

patience—by slowing down and releasing control—is vital, especially<br />

during this time of living in close quarters. Relax and take a deep<br />

breath, be mindful of the moment, stop what you’re doing, actively<br />

listen, and validate feelings.<br />

9<br />

Work as a team.<br />

Consider your family/relationship a team with a shared vision,<br />

where each individual has unique strengths, personalities, and traits to<br />

contribute and help it function. Similar to how a sports team operates,<br />

everyone in the family has a role to play and should do their best to<br />

achieve the family (team) goal.<br />

10<br />

Play games.<br />

Bring out the board games, and schedule some time to<br />

have fun! Playing games brings people together and strengthens<br />

relationships, along with improving brain function, practicing<br />

patience, and reducing stress.<br />

Photo ©deagreez - stock.adobe.com.<br />

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2802 MALLARD LN.<br />


www.drmcdonald.com<br />

(530)626-8440<br />

Board Certified in<br />

Treatment and<br />

Management of Ocular<br />

Diseases. Member of<br />

Both American and<br />

California Optometric<br />

Association<br />

McDonald-Total-Vision-Care-0620.indd 1<br />

5/14/20 12:02 PM

| health & wellness |<br />

Take a Hike<br />


Echo Lakes Trail<br />

Located In: South Lake Tahoe.<br />

Distance: 5.3 miles out-andback.<br />

Difficulty Level: Moderate,<br />

heavily trafficked.<br />

Know Before You Go: Expect<br />

lots of people on weekends.<br />

Water taxis available for the<br />

return. Leashed, well-behaved<br />

dogs are allowed.<br />

Fuel Up: Visit family-owned<br />

Frescana Mexican Bistro<br />

(frescanalaketahoe.com) in South<br />

Lake for “annoyingly fresh” burritos,<br />

bowls, tacos, and grass-fed beef<br />

burgers—plus an entire plantbased<br />

menu that boasts items like<br />

Top photo by Chrissianne Demkee<br />

Bottom photo by Diane Young<br />

the Burrito Morado with smashed<br />

purple sweets, house-made<br />

cashew cheese sauce, avocado,<br />

black beans, spinach, huarache<br />

sauce, and pico.<br />

Why We Love It: At the heart<br />

of Desolation Wilderness, this<br />

hike is characterized by classic<br />

Sierra beauty: alpine lakes, epic<br />

mountains, and clean mountain air.<br />

Trail Notes: Possibility for<br />

lots of mosquitos and high<br />

temperatures. Bring plenty of<br />

water and wear layers. For a<br />

longer hike, continue along the<br />

trail to Lake Aloha (approximately<br />

12.5 miles round trip). Practice<br />

“Leave No Trace” ethics; if you<br />

pack it in, pack it out.<br />

32 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

For more information,<br />

visit alltrails.com/trail/<br />

us/california/echolakes-trail.<br />

Follow @stylemags to see<br />

our <strong>September</strong> IGTV episode<br />

of “Take a Hike.”<br />



A sprained ankle<br />

is one of the most<br />

common injuries a<br />

hiker can sustain.<br />

Ouch. Here’s what to<br />

do in this unfortunate<br />

situation, according<br />

to NOLS.<br />

1. Evaluate the<br />

mechanism of injury.<br />

Sudden or gradual?<br />

2. Evaluate the signs<br />

and symptoms.<br />

3. Move the ankle<br />

through its full<br />

range of motion to<br />

determine usability.<br />

If a patient can bear<br />

weight on the joint<br />

and swelling isn’t<br />

severe, tape it.<br />

Symptoms<br />

1. Swelling/<br />

discoloration.<br />

2. Pain/tenderness.<br />

3. Instability.<br />

4.Deformation<br />

and acute pain<br />

(indicating potential<br />

fracture).<br />

Treatment<br />

If the usability test<br />

determines a patient<br />

can walk out, tape<br />

the ankle using the<br />

method taught in this<br />

month’s IGTV video.<br />

1. Create 90° angle<br />

with ankle.<br />

2. Set the “landmark”<br />

point. Add “stirrups,”<br />

“tear drops,” and<br />

“figure 8s.”<br />

3. Evacuate.<br />

Do you have a favorite trail in the region you’d like to see featured?<br />

Tell us all about it at info@stylemg.com.




P R O F E S S I O N A L S<br />

Advances in health care happen at an astonishing speed these days, and thankfully, our community has<br />

professional, high-quality health care providers who are helping to drive these medical and dental advances<br />

forward. These accomplished professionals have made an impact in our neighborhoods through education,<br />

leadership, innovation and genuinely caring for their patients. <strong>Style</strong> invites you to celebrate these exemplary local<br />

health professionals for achievements in their respective fields, and in the community.<br />




Manuel Doblado, M.D., Sahar Stephens M.D., Michael J. Murray, M.D., Laurie P. Lovely, M.D. and John E. Gould, M.D.<br />

4320 Auburn Boulevard // Sacramento<br />

916-773-2229 // NCFMC.com<br />

At Northern California Fertility Medical<br />

Center (NCFMC), our vision is your<br />

future family. If you are experiencing<br />

difficulty becoming pregnant, we<br />

offer a full range of infertility services including<br />

in vitro fertilization, egg donation, egg freezing,<br />

preimplantation genetic diagnosis, artificial<br />

insemination, gestational surrogacy and vasectomy<br />

reversal. We are proud of our high success rates and<br />

are committed to providing the highest quality care.<br />

Individualized care from one of our four board<br />

certified reproductive endocrinology and infertility<br />

specialists and one male fertility specialist is our<br />

trademark. You are not alone in pursuing your dream<br />

of a family.<br />

NCFMC has helped create more families than all<br />

other fertility centers in the region. Since 1992, our<br />

physicians, Dr. Laurie Lovely, Dr. John Gould, Dr.<br />

Michael Murray, Dr. Manuel Doblado and Dr. Sahar<br />

Stephens have helped create thousands of families. At<br />

NCFMC, we offer advanced treatments catered to<br />

your specific needs with life changing results.<br />

We have recently moved to a brand new 20,000 sq ft<br />

state of the art facility located in Sacramento.<br />

For more information visit our website at<br />

www.NCFMC.com.<br />

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1200 Suncast Lane, Suite 5 // El Dorado Hills<br />

916-939-3889 // info@dignitymed.com // dignitymed.com<br />

Dignity Medical Aesthetics has<br />

been the premier medical<br />

aesthetic practice in El Dorado<br />

Hills since 2006. Our highly<br />

trained staff work closely with our patients to<br />

determine the patient’s priorities and develop<br />

a plan for skin and body rejuvenation.<br />

We offer services such as laser and IPL<br />

treatments for permanent hair reduction,<br />

removing brown spots and redness, as well<br />

as treating lines, scars and laxity to help<br />

provide younger, smoother looking skin. We<br />

offer non-invasive treatments for lifting the<br />

neck or brow and skin tightening. We also<br />

have options for body contouring and radio<br />

frequency vaginal rejuvenation. Plus Platelet<br />

Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to naturally<br />

help with hair loss and skin rejuvenation. We<br />

are national leaders in injections of Botox<br />

and fillers for relaxing lines, adding volume,<br />

and for lifting facial areas to lessen the<br />

appearance of sagginess and jowls. See our<br />

website at www.dignitymed.com for more<br />

information. Our before and after photos<br />

are a testimony to our treatment options and<br />

skill levels.<br />

Call 916-939-3889 for a free consultation.<br />




9285 Sierra College Blvd. // Roseville<br />

916-784-3376 (DERM)<br />

placerdermatology.com<br />

Dr. Artur Henke, a board certified dermatologist,<br />

has extensive experience in medical, surgical,<br />

and cosmetic dermatology. He trained at UC<br />

Davis Medical Center, where he was Chief<br />

Resident. Dr. Henke has been a Northern California<br />

resident for 35 years. In 2008, he realized his dream of<br />

building Placer Dermatology & Skin Care Center, a state<br />

of the art dermatology practice in Roseville, California.<br />

Dr. Henke volunteers as Assistant Clinical Professor at UC<br />

Davis, and is an active member of several medical societies,<br />

including the American Academy of Dermatology.<br />

Dr. Henke specializes in the recognition and management<br />

of all types of skin cancer including melanoma, as well as,<br />

pre-cancers, benign skin growths, acne, skin infections,<br />

and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Dr. Henke<br />

performs surgery on all areas of the body and offers<br />

cosmetic procedures such as Botox. By addressing your skin<br />

condition in a timely and expert manner, Dr. Henke can<br />

alleviate many symptoms and prevent complications. Dr.<br />

Henke looks forward to providing you with his expert care<br />

while addressing your entire family’s dermatologic needs in<br />

a comfortable and friendly environment.<br />

Dr. Henke and his wife, along with their two children<br />

are active members of the community and enjoy living in<br />

the area. Thank you for voting Dr. Henke as one of the<br />

Best Dermatologists for eight years in a row and as a Best<br />

Medical Practice for the 2nd year in a row!<br />

34 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags







1420 Blue Oaks Blvd. Suite 100 // Roseville<br />

916-771-2062 // www.DrAlmonte.com<br />

Dr. Arnold Almonte is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

whose practice is dedicated to cosmetic surgery of the face.<br />

It is his goal to provide the highest quality in patient care,<br />

with a strong emphasis on patient safety. He is a gifted and<br />

compassionate surgeon, as well as a true artist. What sets him apart is<br />

that he is one of the only plastic surgeons who performs facial surgery<br />

completely under local anesthesia. This significantly reduces the risk of<br />

cosmetic surgery, while still keeping you very comfortable.<br />

The Almonte Center offers a wide variety of facial cosmetic<br />

procedures including the A-Lift (Dr. Almonte's signature lower<br />

face and neck lift), Upper and Lower Eyelid surgery, Brow Lifts,<br />

Fat Transfers, Laser Neck Liposuction, Earlobe Repairs and Mole<br />

Removals as well as Renuvion Skin Resurfacing (formerly known<br />

as J-Plasma), which Dr. Almonte has been performing since its<br />

introduction in Northern California. Some of the most popular nonsurgical<br />

treatments include Botox, Dermal Fillers, Micro-Needling,<br />

PRP for Hair Restoration and much more.<br />

Dr. Almonte is a member of the following prestigious organizations:<br />

the American Osteopathic Association, the American College of Osteopathic<br />

Surgeons, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the Osteopathic Physicians<br />

and Surgeons of California, and the Greater Sacramento Osteopathic Medical<br />

Association. His business affiliations include the Placer Business Network,<br />

the Better Business Bureau, and the Roseville Chamber of Commerce. He has<br />

achieved Top Doctor status on www.realself.com, the World's #1 site<br />

for Cosmetic Surgery reviews.<br />

In his spare time Dr. Almonte enjoys spending time with his wife<br />

and three daughters. His interests include running, hiking, traveling,<br />

cooking, playing the piano, and watching professional sports. His<br />

favorite team is the 49ers.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 35






2161 Sunset Blvd., #100 // Rocklin<br />

916-538-7272 // orionaesthetics.com<br />

Hartej Uppal is a distinguished physician based in<br />

Rocklin, California, with nearly twenty years of<br />

medical experience. Recognized for his work, he has<br />

earned inclusion in the National Consumer Advisory<br />

Board’s list of America’s Best Physicians in both 2013 and 2017.<br />

Dr.Uppal is the founder of Orion Aesthetics, a cosmetic surgery<br />

practice where he is focused on reversing aging and bringing<br />

confidence back to those who feel they have lost their youth.<br />

Dr. Uppal earned his medical degree from the Guru Nanak Dev<br />

University Medical College, Amritsar, in India. Although his<br />

interests were in cosmetic surgery, he decided to go into Critical<br />

Care as a way to help those suffering from fatal illnesses. He went<br />

on to continue his training at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Dr.<br />

Uppal spent fifteen years saving lives, curing diseases, and alleviating<br />

pain in the intensive care unit. His success as an acute care<br />

physician earned him inclusion in the National Consumer Advisory<br />

Board’s list of America’s Best Physicians in both 2013 and 2017.<br />

Presently his main focus is on high definition liposculpting, fat<br />

transfer for buttock and breast augmentation, reversing skin aging<br />

through scientific knowledge of biochemistry of skin aging, stem<br />

cell therapy to reverse skin aging, improving cosmetic appearance<br />

of the skin through the use of laser skin resurfacing, skin peptides<br />

and topical prescription meds.<br />




2510 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 200 // Roseville // 916-773-1191<br />

hendricksforhealth.com<br />

Dr. Hendricks has practiced Obesity Medicine & Weight<br />

Management in the Sacramento area since 1989. His<br />

expertise in caring for patients with weight problems is<br />

well known both in Northern California, across the U.S.<br />

and internationally. Dr. Hendricks is widely regarded as an expert<br />

in his field because of his research and published scientific papers on<br />

obesity treatment and the use of anti-obesity medications, specifically<br />

phentermine. He has also given many lectures and presentations across<br />

the globe on anti-obesity medications, most recently in South Korea in<br />

October 2019. In 2010, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)<br />

acknowledged Dr. Hendricks as an authority on pharmacotherapy for<br />

obesity treatment and appointed him to serve on the FDA Endocrine<br />

and Metabolic Drug Advisory Committee, a panel of experts that advises<br />

the FDA on anti-obesity drugs. Dr. Hendricks is committed to providing<br />

an exceptional quality of obesity management and medical care with<br />

an efficient, knowledgeable and caring staff in a pleasant and relaxing<br />

environment. Dr. Hendricks believes we Obesity Medicine Specialists<br />

have a moral obligation to our patients and society as a whole to analyze<br />

our results, to report them in the medical literature, and to contribute to<br />

improvements in treatment. He devotes many hours weekly to staying<br />

current so he can provide the best care available. Many of his patients<br />

have and continue to participate anonymously in research studies.<br />

Whether you have a little or a lot to lose, Dr Hendricks and his staff have<br />

the blueprint to help you quickly and safely achieve your weight loss and<br />

health goals.<br />

36 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags






959 Reserve Dr. // Roseville // 916-782-8638 // www.toftfacialsurgery.com<br />

Dr. Kenneth M. Toft is a highly respected authority in facial<br />

plastic surgery. He trained at Stanford University, and<br />

then followed as a Clinical Instructor in Facial Plastic and<br />

Reconstructive Surgery at UCLA. Dr. Toft has a reputation<br />

for using the most modern surgical techniques that give patients natural<br />

appearing results with a quick recovery. He minimizes the signs of<br />

surgery so his patients look refreshed, youthful and balanced. Dr. Toft<br />

and staff are approachable, caring and strong patient advocates.<br />

Dr. Toft also offers a variety of non-surgical procedures including<br />

Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse, Dysport, and<br />

Photofacials. New additions to the office include Fractional Laser<br />

Treatments and the latest medical esthetician services on the market.<br />

These services include Image Chemical Peels, Dermasweep treatments<br />

and customized corrective facials. If you are considering any facial<br />

plastic procedure, make an appointment with the facial plastic surgeon<br />

with a reputation for excellence, Dr. Kenneth M. Toft.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 37






1004 Fowler Way, Ste. 1 // Placerville<br />

530-626-8003 // www.IntegrativeMedicineInsights.com<br />

Announcing an Alternative to Assembly Line Medicine,<br />

"Integrative Medicine Insights."<br />

We stop the conveyor belt and take the time needed for<br />

your optimum health and wellness.<br />

Do you have ongoing, unresolved medical problems? Do you<br />

feel that you are simply rushed through the system and that your<br />

symptoms and complaints are not really heard, acknowledged or<br />

appreciated? Imagine medical office visits where you can actually<br />

sit down and talk with your physician without feeling rushed. Where<br />

you discuss how stress, diet, sleep deprivation, undernutrition or<br />

other factors may be affecting your various medical problems—and<br />

what we can do about it. Imagine taking the time to discuss the<br />

root causes of your medical conditions and not simply put band<br />

aids or pills on problems. Imagine how unhurried appointments,<br />

frequent phone visits, e-mails and more can save your valuable time<br />

while providing you the medically-guided information so otherwise<br />

impossible to secure. This is not a dream; this is exactly what we're<br />

offering and we do this without billing your health insurance. Most<br />

office visits, services, labs and procedures in the office are covered<br />

by an affordable monthly patient subscription fee.<br />

We combine the best of holistic and allopathic medicine and Dr.<br />

Barley is uniquely qualified to deliver this care. He is certified in<br />

Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine since<br />

1993. He is certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute for<br />

Functional Medicine since 2016. He is an award winning teaching<br />

faculty at Methodist Hospital of Sacramento, Family Medicine<br />

Residency Program since 1996 and is a Mentoring Instructor for the<br />

Institute of Functional<br />

Medicine.<br />

We invite you to call<br />

our office and become<br />

a new patient. Space is<br />

limited and the practice<br />

is near capacity. Please<br />

call our office at 530-<br />

626-8003 and visit our website at www.IntegrativeMedicineInsights.<br />

com. We look forward to joining you on your journey to personalized<br />

primary care.<br />

38 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags







1641 Creekside Dr., Ste. 100 // Folsom<br />

916-984-4242 // nuancecs.com<br />

Dr. Ken Sumida and the staff at Nuance<br />

Cosmetic Surgery aim to improve your<br />

natural appearance and reverse some<br />

signs of aging. Nuance offers surgical<br />

and non-surgical procedures, including face lifts,<br />

eyelid lifts, breast enhancements and tummy tucks,<br />

Dysport, restylane, and chemical peels. If you’re<br />

not sure if cosmetic surgery is for you, Dr. Sumida<br />

offers complimentary cosmetic consultations<br />

allowing patients to explore the various methods<br />

of looking younger. Dr. Sumida encourages first<br />

time patients to seek out a number of plastic<br />

surgeons so they can find the one where they feel<br />

most comfortable. Dr. Sumida guarantees personal<br />

attention to all of his patients. “From the time you<br />

pick up the phone to schedule an appointment, you<br />

will be treated like a precious patient,” he says. “We<br />

try to schedule our patients with ample time for<br />

their consultations. We want to answer all of their<br />

questions so that they do not feel rushed.” Give Dr.<br />

Sumida and Nuance a call today!<br />



1735 Creekside Dr. // Folsom<br />

916-983-3500 // www.folsomobgyn.com<br />

Dr. Jeff Cragun and Dr. Ann Powelson provide<br />

state-of-the-art women’s healthcare in a warm<br />

and caring environment to women of all ages<br />

including routine obstetrical and gynecological<br />

care, high risk obstetrics, complex hormone imbalance and<br />

infertility evaluations.<br />

Dr. Cragun is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist.<br />

He graduated from UCLA School of Medicine completing<br />

residency training at UCLA. He is considered an expert in<br />

minimally invasive gynecologic procedures, including DaVinci<br />

robotic surgery, and specializes in endometriosis and complex<br />

pelvic reconstructive surgeries. Voted Top Doctor multiple times<br />

by his peers, he is a leader in the Sacramento Region offering<br />

innovative procedures such as MonaLisa Touch, a revolutionary<br />

vaginal treatment for women suffering from painful intercourse,<br />

recurrent infections and urinary incontinence.<br />

Dr. Ann Powelson joined Folsom OBGYN in 2019,<br />

graduating from Albany Medical College completing<br />

residency training at East Carolina University, Brody School<br />

of Medicine. She is a warm caring physician specializing in<br />

high risk obstetrics and hormone issues.<br />

Take a moment to learn more about the services offered and<br />

why Folsom OBGYN has earned the reputation as one of the<br />

premier medical practices in the Sacramento Region.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 39





Placerville // 530-622-6546<br />

Rancho Cordova // 916-635-5717<br />

Elk Grove // 916-512-3600<br />

www.sunriseorthodontics.com // www.placervilleortho.com<br />

As a second-generation dentist, Dr. Sanders has always had<br />

a passion for oral health care. He received his Doctorate<br />

in Dental Surgery at Loma Linda University School of<br />

Dentistry with honors in Orthodontics and Dentofacial<br />

Orthopedics. After Residency, he returned back to LLUSD to receive<br />

his Master's Degree in Orthodontics and Certificate in Orthodontics<br />

and has been practicing in the communities of Placerville, Rancho<br />

Cordova, and Elk Grove for over 10 years now.<br />

Dr. Sanders and his team’s mission is to treat each member of the<br />

community like family and make orthodontics a fun and positive<br />

experience. At the same time, it’s important to us to provide thoughtful<br />

and affordable treatment plans while we help to restore your<br />

confidence in your smile. Having five children of his own (including<br />

twins!), Dr. Sanders can relate to every parent and patient he treats.<br />

Dr. Sanders has established a great reputation in the community and is<br />

known for handling a variety of cases from limited to very complex. He<br />

is the only doctor at each location so you can expect to see him at every<br />

visit. One of the things that truly sets Dr. Sanders and his team apart<br />

from other offices is their customer service and generous spirit. Just<br />

read our Google reviews and see what our patients have to say! Call<br />

today to schedule your free consultation!<br />





508 Gibson Dr., Ste 290 // Roseville<br />

916-781-4300<br />

bogardhealth.com<br />

Dr. Bogard has a long history in the health<br />

field. From an RN to a nurse anesthetist<br />

to an anesthesiologist, she spent almost<br />

40 years in the operating room. She was<br />

exposed to critical care, trauma, obstetrics, lots of on<br />

call hours and sleepless nights. As she entered her 50's<br />

she found her own health starting to decline and sought<br />

out a healthy aging physician. After experiencing the<br />

benefits she sought out the fellowship of regenerative<br />

and healthy aging through the American Academy of<br />

Anti-Aging Medicine.<br />

She opened an office in 2014 and continues to grow<br />

and expand her knowledge into this evolving field of<br />

medicine. Rather than prescribing medications and<br />

bandaging diseases she looks for the "root causes" and<br />

integrates each system in the body together. She also<br />

looks at environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors<br />

which result in "dis-ease". Her continued and expanding<br />

practice utilizes bioidentical hormone replacement,<br />

thyroid and adrenal optimization, GI healing, testing for<br />

heavy metals and IV nutrition and chelation, advanced<br />

lipid testing, and advanced blood sugar testing.<br />

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2370 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 130 // Folsom<br />

916-983-6637 // folsomdentalimplants.com<br />

#1 BEST<br />


Dr. Gregory G. Olsen practices a full scope of<br />

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery including<br />

dental implants, bone grafting and wisdom<br />

tooth removal while providing exceptional<br />

patient care in a friendly atmosphere.<br />

Dr. Olsen graduated with honors from the University of<br />

the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, San<br />

Francisco and completed his specialty training residency<br />

in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at John H.<br />

Stroger, Jr. Hospital in Chicago. He is a Board Certified<br />

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Board Certified<br />

Dental Anesthesiologist, and Fellow of the International<br />

Congress of Implantology. He holds memberships with<br />

numerous prestigious dental organizations including the<br />

California Dental Association, American Dental Society<br />

of Anesthesiology and the American Association of Oral<br />

and Maxillofacial Surgeons.<br />

The team at Folsom Oral Surgery And Implant Center’s<br />

first priority is the safety and comfort of every patient.<br />

Take a moment to learn more about the exciting new<br />

services we offer our patients. Please call our office at<br />

916-983-6637.<br />




230 Blue Ravine Road // Folsom<br />

254 Gibson Drive // Roseville<br />

916-351-9355 // revolutionsdocs.com<br />

Would you like a doctor who has time to address<br />

all of your questions? Who combines modern<br />

medicine with more natural, science-based<br />

approaches? Who can run the latest in advanced<br />

lab testing to maximize your potential and increase your chances<br />

for prevention of serious illness? Our team of naturopathic<br />

doctors has helped thousands of people since 2009. While our<br />

doctors use many of the same physical exams and laboratory tests<br />

as medical doctors our intention is to take care of the whole<br />

person, treating the cause of disease, not just the symptoms.<br />

With nine doctors, our expertise covers a wide range of health<br />

needs including gastrointestinal issues, sports injury, infectious<br />

disease, oncology support, autoimmune disease, detoxification,<br />

bio-identical hormones, peri-menopause, menopause and<br />

weight loss. Revolutions Naturopathic is a family clinic where<br />

you, as an individual, are respected in the process of healing.<br />

We believe in a lasting doctor-patient relationship so you have<br />

the knowledge to take charge of your own health and receive<br />

the thorough medical care that you deserve.<br />

If you would like to meet one of our doctors and learn more<br />

about naturopathic medicine, call 916-351-9355 to schedule<br />

a free 15 minute coordination meeting.<br />

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Pictured Burger Physical Therapy Woodland<br />

1301 East Bidwell St., #201 // Folsom<br />

To schedule an appointment:<br />

800-382-5011 // appointments@burgerrehab.com<br />

Since 1978 we have provided<br />

clinical excellence and client<br />

service throughout California.<br />

We provide, evaluate and<br />

treat for a variety of conditions by<br />

offering physical, occupational and<br />

speech therapy. Our services are<br />

provided in acute hospitals, skilled<br />

nursing hospitals, outpatient clinics,<br />

senior residential communities, schools<br />

and employer-based occupational<br />

health clinics. Taking pride in being a<br />

company that “Does It All,” we offer<br />

a wide array of clinical programs and<br />

specialties. These programs service<br />

individuals from pediatrics to geriatrics.<br />

We service many conditions including<br />

patients with neurological, orthopedic<br />

issues, sports injuries to cumulative<br />

trauma and from spinal cord to hand<br />

injuries. NDT-certified pediatric<br />

specialists, certified hand therapists,<br />

MPT and DPT trained physical<br />

therapists, occupational therapists,<br />

speech pathologists, certified athletic<br />

trainers, and ergonomists all comprise<br />

our team. 14 locations to serve you in<br />

Northern California.<br />



334 S. Lexington Drive // Folsom<br />

916-817-4407 // InternalWisdom.com<br />

When “normal” doesn’t feel good, where do<br />

you turn?<br />

At Internal Wisdom, we believe wellness<br />

solutions are only complete if they address<br />

your whole being. Our simple standard sets us apart:<br />

create individual solutions that work to restore health, hope<br />

and vitality. Our approach focuses on increasing energy<br />

and wellbeing by working with mind, body and spirit.<br />

We use the nexus of science, nutrition, detoxification and<br />

personal discovery to unlock your best self. Cutting-edge<br />

quantum science and energetic services help you relax,<br />

rejuvenate and restore. Our other modalities include<br />

infrared sauna, vibrational sound, colon hydrotherapy<br />

and reiki. Beginning with your initial assessment, we use<br />

natural tools to restore balance that allows your body’s<br />

own systems to accomplish true wellness. Clients work<br />

with our experienced coaches especially during detox--<br />

an essential element to your success. We give you clear,<br />

concise guidance and adjust your program when necessary<br />

to ensure a positive experience. Over the last 10 years,<br />

our practice has helped thousands of clients discover<br />

their Internal Wisdom, and THRIVE! Complete 3 and 6<br />

month VIP wellness packages start at $300 per month and<br />

memberships at $99 per month.<br />

Learn more at InternalWisdom.com<br />

2019 <strong>Style</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> Best of the Best Winner!<br />

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IN HEE J. SONG, D.M.D., M.D., INC.<br />


4901 Golden Foothill Pkwy. // El Dorado Hills // 916-941-9860<br />

785 Hana Way // Folsom // 916-817-8937<br />

11962 Heritage Oak Place // Auburn // 530-988-5878<br />

www.eldoradohillsoralsurgery.com<br />

Golden Foothills Oral & Facial Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art facility<br />

providing dental implants and oral surgery in El Dorado Hills, Folsom,<br />

and Auburn. Other services include teeth extraction; pathology; as well<br />

as, orthognathic, facial trauma, TMJ, obstructive sleep apnea surgeries;<br />

and more. Additionally, they provide IV conscious and general sedation and<br />

hospital services to fit patients' needs and concerns. Their services reflect a patientfirst<br />

philosophy, to provide a comfortable and personalized experience.<br />

The founder, Donald Liberty, and his associate, In Hee Joshua Song, are board<br />

certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, passionate<br />

about their work, and strive for the highest quality of treatment.<br />

Dr. Liberty received his dental degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry<br />

and completed his oral and maxillofacial surgery residency at Indiana University<br />

Medical Center. Colonel Liberty has also served 20 years in the U.S. Army Reserve<br />

has participated in free clinics through the state and international mission trips.<br />

Dr. Song received his dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania and<br />

completed his oral and maxillofacial surgery residency at Mount Sinai Medical<br />

Center. Dr. Song is fluent in Korean and Spanish and has participated in medical<br />

missions throughout South America.<br />




2371 Iron Point Road, Suite 140 // Folsom<br />

916-461-5465 // DrLucasOrthodontics.com<br />

Doctor Lucas is a board-certified orthodontist<br />

who takes pride in his work and loves what he<br />

does…making people smile. He was born and<br />

raised in Northern California and is happy to<br />

still call it his home. Doctor Lucas attended the distinguished<br />

University of California San Francisco, where he earned his<br />

Doctorate of Dental Surgery and also completed his specialty<br />

training in orthodontics. Treating some of the most complex<br />

orthodontic cases in the Bay Area, he was motivated by<br />

the way orthodontics could truly transform a person’s selfconfidence.<br />

Doctor Lucas is experienced in treating a wide variety of<br />

orthodontic conditions in both children and adults and uses<br />

the most current methods of treatment. He is committed to<br />

offering genuine, conservative and affordable orthodontic<br />

treatment for his patients in the community. Our office is a<br />

one-doctor practice. That means you will see Doctor Lucas at<br />

every visit and get the attention, care and results you deserve.<br />

Our office is conveniently located in Folsom right off<br />

Highway 50 near the Palladio shopping center. We combine<br />

the most state-of-the-art technology and patient care with<br />

good old-fashioned customer service and honesty. Come stop<br />

by and see for yourself. You will leave with a smile.<br />

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6512 Lonetree Blvd., Ste. 200 // Rocklin<br />

916-772-1441 // www.rocklinweightloss.com<br />


Our aim is to<br />

improve your<br />

relationship<br />

with food,<br />

increase your energy level,<br />

and inspire you to eat<br />

well with a personalized<br />

approach because your<br />

most important relationship<br />

is the one to yourself. We<br />

have helped thousands of<br />

clients transform their lives.<br />

Our plans fit your busy<br />

lifestyle with medical or<br />

holistic approaches. We offer<br />

Hypnotherapy for Weight<br />

Loss, where you will discover<br />

the real reason why you<br />

aren’t losing weight, remove<br />

the blocks to your weight<br />

loss goals, and leave the<br />

session with new, powerful<br />

resources, tools, and<br />

strategies to be free in your<br />

body, heart, mind, and soul.<br />




4327 Golden Center Dr. // Placerville<br />

(Med) 530-621-7700 // (Dent) 530-497-5016 // edchc.org<br />

EDCHC is a primary care center that serves El Dorado<br />

County and provides a full range of family practice<br />

services. The center's focus is to provide exceptional<br />

health care for every age. Our Mission is to Improve<br />

the Health of Our Community Through Quality Healing and<br />

Preventive Services. Our services include Dental, Pharmacy,<br />

Immunizations, Behavioral health, Podiatry, Telemedicine and<br />

more. As your trusted partner in healthcare, we are here for you<br />

and your family and will continue to work with you as we go<br />

through this pandemic together. Your safety is our highest priority<br />

as is the health and well being of our staff and the community.<br />



1253 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Ste 190 // Roseville // 916-771-4884<br />

1417 Serrano Pkwy., Ste 102 // El Dorado Hills // 916-573-3388<br />

4363 Golden Center Drive // Placerville // 530-626-3000<br />

hfamilybraces.com<br />

At Hoybjerg Family Orthodontics, we<br />

pride ourselves on being a family<br />

oriented and family friendly office.<br />

Dr. Christian Hoybjerg wants his<br />

patients to feel like “part of the family.” He<br />

wants their experience to be enjoyable, fun and<br />

positive.The staff are wonderful and friendly- as<br />

they all love what they do. Some have been with<br />

the practice for twenty years! Dr. Hoybjerg and<br />

his staff are dedicated to helping each patient<br />

achieve the smile of their dreams. The favorite<br />

part of Dr. Hoybjerg’s job is watching the<br />

confidence grow in each patient. A new smile<br />

can say a thousand words!<br />

Dr. Hoybjerg attended Loma Linda University<br />

Dental School and he continued on two more<br />

years in a residency for Orthodontics where he<br />

received his Master’s of Oralfacial Orthodontics.<br />

Dr. Hoybjerg grew up in the area and has always<br />

loved the outdoors and sports. He spends all of<br />

his free time with his five children and wife, as<br />

they experience all that the Sacramento valley<br />

has to offer.<br />

We invite you to come and see what sets<br />

Hoybjerg Family Orthodontics apart. Set up your<br />

FREE consultation today and join our family!<br />

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2370 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 120 // Folsom<br />

916-458-8005 // zlhdds.com<br />

Dr. Hosseini's gentle and honest approach to care is matched by our<br />

staff's dedication to ensuring every patient receives the highest<br />

quality dentistry and personalized care in a relaxed setting that<br />

our patients have come to expect.<br />

As a practice focused foremost on quality healthcare, we take time with each<br />

of our patients to thoroughly educate them on matters related to their oral<br />

health. Our team is committed to superior customer service and providing our<br />

patients the peace of mind in understanding their dental treatment.<br />

Our office is a leader in cutting edge technology as well as the highest<br />

standards of infection control. We use the Isolite evacuation system and we<br />

have taken extra measures with the placement of dedicated HEPA purifiers<br />

installed in each operatory.<br />

As a group of dedicated professionals, we provide a full range of dentistry<br />

to care for our patients' dental health as well as cosmetic appearance. This<br />

includes routine preventative maintenance, composite "white" fillings, implant<br />

restoration, Invisalign, and Veneers that create a beautiful yet natural smile.<br />

Dr. Hosseini understands many people are fearful about going to the dentist<br />

and she is State Certified in Adult Oral Conscious Sedation. With sedation<br />

dentistry, our patients can rest comfortably while we perform their full<br />

treatment often in a single visit.<br />

If you are looking for a dentist that is committed to your dental needs, please<br />

call Folsom Center for Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.<br />



Sacramento // 916-481-6424<br />

Roseville // 916-786-9282<br />

Folsom // 916-983-5321<br />

bracesbyholt.com<br />

Tyler Holt, D.D.S., Mark Holt, D.D.S., M.S., INC., and Jina Annello, D.M.D., M.S.D.<br />

The doctor you choose matters. Dr. Holt has<br />

been a specialist in orthodontics for more than<br />

25 years and is the leading provider in the<br />

Sacramento area for adults and teens. Having<br />

completed additional specialized training, Dr. Holt has<br />

taught classes to other doctors in over 40 cities across<br />

the country. He is a top 1% provider and an AlignTech<br />

Faculty member. Invisalign or braces are not the same<br />

at every office. The doctor and team you choose make<br />

a difference.<br />

Dr. Holt has participated in scientific studies in his practice<br />

including two studies showing shortened treatment times.<br />

The office offers the latest technological advancements to<br />

complete your orthodontic treatment in 30-50% less time.<br />

Dr. Holt, his partner and son, Dr. Tyler Holt and their<br />

associate Dr. Jina Annello have over 60 years combined<br />

experience. Today, they and their friendly, educated and<br />

experienced team provide complete orthodontic care. In<br />

their practice over 50% of teens and 90% of adults are<br />

treated with Invisalign. They can help you decide between<br />

braces or Invisalign to see what treatment options work<br />

best for you.<br />

Call Holt Orthodontics today to schedule your<br />

complimentary Orthodontic Consultation!<br />

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1665 Creekside Drive Suite 103 // Folsom<br />

916-260-5127 // dimplespd.com<br />


Dr. Rohini Rattu<br />

received her DDS<br />

from Columbia<br />

University and<br />

completed her Postgraduate<br />

Pediatric Dental training at Boston<br />

University. She is a Board Certified<br />

Diplomate and has been practicing<br />

in the greater Sacramento area for<br />

the past 8 years. Dr. Rohini is the<br />

sole practitioner at her practice,<br />

Dimples Pediatric Dental, in<br />

Folsom.<br />

At Dimples Pediatric Dental, we<br />

strive to make the dentist office<br />

a fun place to be where kids can<br />

feel comfortable and relaxed. Our<br />

goal is to provide our patients<br />

with excellent oral health care<br />

throughout their infant, child<br />

and adolescent years. When they<br />

“graduate” from our office, they<br />

will take with them the tools and<br />

confidence to enjoy optimal oral<br />

health throughout their lives.<br />




1891 E. Roseville Pkwy., #170 // Roseville<br />

916-404-0886 // www.connorwellnessclinic.com<br />

staff@connorwellnessclinic.com<br />



We offer a<br />

functional<br />

medicine<br />

and an<br />

integrative approach to<br />

healing and the factors<br />

influencing health. Our<br />

approach is a science<br />

based and nutritional<br />

approach getting to<br />

the root cause of your<br />

complaints for health<br />

imbalances. A wide<br />

variety of diagnostic and<br />

lab testing are available<br />

for conditions such as<br />

gut issues, autoimmune<br />

disorders, hormone<br />

balancing, weight loss,<br />

genetic testing. See our<br />

website for services and<br />

testing available.<br />


151 N. Sunrise, Ste. 1308 // Roseville<br />

916-755-4930 // roseville@proactiveacupunture.org<br />

2401 Capitol Ave., Ste. 100 // Sacramento<br />

916-444-6047 // midtown@proactiveacupunture.org<br />

www.proactiveacupuncture.com<br />

AMAR PAWAR, D.D.S.<br />

1568 Creekside Dr., Ste. 202 // Folsom<br />

916-235-6212 // www.folsomfamilydental.com<br />


Acupuncture can provide pain relief, strengthen the<br />

immune system and prevent illness, relieve stress,<br />

tension and anxiety, can benefit women’s health and<br />

infertility, and has been effectively, naturally, and<br />

safely treating a wide variety of health concerns for thousands!<br />

In business since 2006, ProActive Acupuncture: Center for Asian<br />

healing Arts specializes in acupuncture and traditional Chinese<br />

medicine.<br />

We are available 7 days week 8am to 8pm and accept all medical<br />

insurances, workers compensation, and auto injuries.<br />

Amar Pawar DDS is a graduate of the Prestigious<br />

Columbia University in New York City. He did a year<br />

of postdoctoral training from the UOP, San Francisco.<br />

He has been practicing in Folsom for the past 14 years.<br />

During the shutdown, Dr. Pawar attended several continuing<br />

education courses specific to COVID-19 and is now going above<br />

and beyond with implementing additional infection control<br />

measures. Dr. Pawar and team feel very strongly about all of us<br />

being in this situation together and wants to help us all get through<br />

it with a healthy and beautiful smile.<br />

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Member American Society for Bone and Mineral Research<br />

Member Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine<br />

International Society<br />

15 Sierra Gate Plaza // Roseville<br />

916-786-6777 // www.blueoakdentalgroup.com<br />

Greg and Roslynn Steiner<br />

Ayouthful facial appearance and an attractive smile<br />

require normal facial bone and muscle that support<br />

the skin and frame the beautiful smile. Any bone<br />

loss as a result of shrinking bone due to osteoporosis,<br />

periodontal disease, or tooth loss will change the shape of your<br />

face. Any tooth loss that alters your ability to chew will alter the<br />

size and appearance of your facial muscles and further degenerate<br />

your facial form and appearance. The combination of these factors<br />

produces an aged facial appearance that tooth replacement alone<br />

cannot correct. Dr. Steiner and his company SteinerBio have<br />

devoted years of research focused on rebuilding facial bones and<br />

muscle tissue that is necessary for esthetic improvement. If you<br />

are concerned about improving your facial appearance or want<br />

to regenerate bone for implants that other practitioners have told<br />

you...”it can’t be done”, you deserve a consultation with Dr.<br />

Steiner. He does not use cadaver, animal or your own harvested<br />

bone, but uses the only FDA cleared bone graft material that grows<br />

your own bone back. Please contact Dr. Greg Steiner at Blue Oak<br />

Dental ~ Roseville or visit SteinerBio at SteinerBio.com<br />

Facial Solutions to Frame A Beautiful Smile<br />



6049 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 9 // Granite Bay<br />

916-791-4133 // BabanMahalDDS.com<br />

Dr. Mahal specializes in Cosmetic, General and<br />

Neuromuscular dentistry and offers a wide<br />

variety of dental services including implants, same<br />

day crowns, Vaneers, full face orthodontics, clear<br />

orthodontic trays, sleep apnea appliances, and so much more.<br />

Dr Mahal is a fellow at the prestigious LVI Institute for<br />

Neuromuscular dentistry which is an area that focuses on not<br />

only the teeth, but on the nerves, muscles and joints as they<br />

relate to the jaw. Neuromuscular dentistry concentrates on<br />

the achievement of an optimal bite and jaw alignment, which<br />

can help alleviate facial and neck pain, headaches, migraines<br />

and TMJ pain. Dr. Mahal utilizes all the latest technology<br />

like Electromyography, EMG, a technique for evaluating<br />

and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal<br />

muscles as well as the TENS unit, drug free alternative to<br />

managing pain. Myofunctional Therapy and appliances<br />

like AGGA, Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance and full<br />

face orthodontics is one of the latest procedures Dr. Mahal<br />

is current on to provide the best care for her patients. First<br />

phase is Agga, which activates growth centers in the body to<br />

stimulate bone remodeling in the entire mid-face region. 2nd<br />

phase is orthodontics, where teeth can be straightened without<br />

extracting any teeth or surgery. This not only improves facial<br />

profile but also improves airway and TMJ problems. Working<br />

with the Facial Beauty Institute, you can enhance your face to<br />

your full genetic potential.<br />

Dr. Mahal is accepting new patients. Call to schedule a<br />

consultation.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 47

| editor’s picks |<br />



$169.99<br />

BlueZone Sports, 392<br />

Roseville Square,<br />

Roseville, 916-516-1095,<br />

bluezonesports.com<br />



Ben’s Barketplace, locations in Folsom,<br />

Lincoln, Roseville, and Citrus Heights;<br />

bensbarketplace.com<br />


BACKPACK, $74.99<br />

The Doggie Bag, 1070 Pleasant Grove<br />

Boulevard, Suite 100, Roseville, 916-789-<br />

9663, thedoggiebag.com<br />



(6 in.), $9.50<br />

Green Acres<br />

Nursery & Supply,<br />

locations in Folsom,<br />

Roseville, Rocklin,<br />

Sacramento,<br />

and Elk Grove;<br />

idiggreenacres.com<br />


SERUM, $33.99<br />

Cameron Park Vitamins, 3342 Coach<br />

Lane, Cameron Park, 530-558-<br />

4202, cameronparkvitamins.com<br />

ABOVE &<br />

BEYOND<br />

TRAVEL<br />

HAMMOCK, $35<br />

Therapy Stores,<br />

728 Sutter<br />

Street, Folsom,<br />

916-790-8683,<br />

therapystores.com<br />


Sierra Mountain Outdoors, 465 Main Street,<br />

Placerville, 530-903-3177<br />

WILD WOMAN BOX, $37.65/month<br />

Cratejoy, cratejoy.com/subscription-box/wild-woman<br />

DOWN<br />

to<br />

EARTH<br />




YETI TUNDRA 35 HARD COOLER, $249.99<br />

Placerville Hardware, 441 Main Street, Placerville, 530-622-1151, placervillehardwareinc.com<br />





BRADFORD ANGIER, $19.99<br />

Spin Gifts, 417 Roseville Square, Roseville, 916-<br />

784-7746, spingiftsroseville.com<br />



$495 for a set of 2<br />

Living Spaces, 1851 Freedom<br />

Way, Roseville, 877-266-<br />

7300, livingspaces.com<br />


Gold Country Run + Sport, 4370 Town Center<br />

Boulevard, Suite 150, El Dorado Hills, 916-303-4786;<br />

7610 Folsom-Auburn Road, Suite 160, Folsom, 916-<br />

817-1151, goldcountryrunandsport.com<br />



Pure Glow Spa, 1725 Iron Point Road, Suite 100, Folsom,<br />

916-850-5876, pureglowspa.com<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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TUNA<br />

LARGE<br />

PATIO<br />

23 TAPS<br />



9 LARGE TVS<br />

FAMILY /<br />

PET<br />



316 Vernon Street • Downtown Roseville<br />

916-886-5080<br />

ArchitecturAl SpeciAlty SAleS co.<br />

Only the very best fOr less. huge selectiOn and impeccable service<br />

"Preserve"<br />

Your<br />

Sanity<br />



800-797-7412 • 530-626-1586<br />

6051 EntErprisE Dr. stE 104 • DiamonD springs • assCo.BiZ<br />

Photo: Element 79 tasting room. All doors and windows by Architectural Specialty Sales<br />

Get all<br />

your<br />

canning<br />

supplies<br />

here!<br />

441 Main Street • Placerville • 530-622-1151<br />

Roseville Health & Wellness Center<br />

Success!<br />

Managing your health during the Covid Pandemic<br />

Healthy behaviors, movement, exercise and camaraderie is just the medicine we all need<br />

right now. The Roseville Health & Wellness Center is uniquly positioned to support your<br />

fitness or wellness programming. We are not a “Big Box” Health & Fitness facility, we<br />

are a low volume high service center working responsibly so you can focus on reaching<br />

your goals. Give us a call, we would love to answer your questions and support you in<br />

maintaining a healthy lifestyle.<br />

Eighteen years ago, I never thought the twitching of my thumb or the stiffness of my arm would lead to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s<br />

disease. As the lack of my motor control became more obvious, I knew it was time to become educated and look into resources<br />

that would help slow the progress of this disease. I learned from my Doctor that Roseville Health and Wellness Center offered an<br />

exercise program that was designed specifically for those with Parkinson’s Disease (Parkinson-Wise Exercise Program). This program<br />

was exactly what I needed! Men and Women in my age range (60’s-80’s) who are battling Parkinson’s, workout together for an hour, up<br />

to three times per week. We work on balance, strength and endurance. The exercises are beneficial and the social aspect with others<br />

makes working out that much more enjoyable. For me, the comradely is as important as the exercise! Parkinson’s progression and<br />

symptoms vary from person to person. With direction from the Parkinson-Wise Exercise Program, I work diligently to improve my ability<br />

to move easier. She recently said she is so thankful her Parkinson’s exercise program is considered essential because most days she<br />

forgets she has Parkinson’s disease, without exercise she would most likely be immobile. Great job Carol!<br />

Full Service Fitness Center • Aquatic Center • Physical Therapy • Bone Health<br />

1650 Lead Hill Blvd. (916) 677-1200<br />

www.rosevillehwc.com<br />

VOTED #1<br />


CENTER<br />


Introducing<br />

Q&A<br />



Liz Thomas<br />

Blue Rose<br />

Boutique<br />

Photography<br />

POLLOCK PINES, 801-683-1955,<br />




Portrait wall art and albums.<br />


PROFESSION: Helping people feel good and<br />

celebrating their love.<br />


started my business in Utah.<br />

FIRST JOB: In-Home Supportive Services<br />

(IHSS) worker.<br />

FAVORITE FOOD: Mashed potatoes.<br />

LAST BIG PURCHASE: Trip to a business<br />

conference in Dallas.<br />


FOUND: Ballroom dancing.<br />


business community is friendly and<br />

supportive.<br />

50 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


A once monthly oral tablet<br />

that treats heartworm, fleas,<br />

ticks and intestinal parasites.<br />

Call our hospital for more details.<br />

“Hands that Heal,<br />

Hearts that Care”<br />

VOTED AS<br />

2017, 2018 & 2019 BEST<br />




$25<br />



$60 Value - A Savings of $35!<br />


Call to reserve today. LIMITED NUMBERS OF THIS SPECIAL OFFER ARE AVAILABLE. Valid through 10/31/20.<br />

$1.00<br />

Wellness Examination<br />

SAVINGS OF $59<br />

New Clients Only / 1 Pet Per Household.<br />

Must request special offer<br />

when scheduling appointment.<br />

Excludes emergency and urgent care exams.<br />

Does not include initial puppy or kitten exams.<br />



EL DORADO HILLS 916.933.6030<br />


Q&A<br />


Covet<br />

ROSEVILLE, 312-231-8573,<br />



Leather bags and accessories.<br />


PROFESSION: Getting requests for custom<br />

orders (they keep me creative!) and all<br />

the connections I get to make.<br />


workshop is low waste.<br />

FIRST JOB: McDonald’s.<br />

FAVORITE FOOD: Literally any and all<br />

carbs. I just can’t stop.<br />

LAST BIG PURCHASE: A home.<br />


FOUND: Playing with my one- and threeyear-old<br />

boys; I’m obsessed with them.<br />


fresh air, weather, endless places to<br />

explore, and different types of scenery.<br />

Erin Lazzara<br />

Randy Subryan<br />

XpertMinds<br />



consulting.<br />


businesses make informed decisions.<br />

FUN FACT ABOUT YOUR COMPANY: Two of the co-founders live<br />

in Folsom and one in El Dorado Hills. Many in our company have<br />

worked together for almost 20 years.<br />

FIRST JOB: Paperboy for The Record in New Jersey.<br />

FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza from Dominick’s Italian Market & Deli.<br />

LAST BIG PURCHASE: My car.<br />

WHEN NOT WORKING, YOU CAN BE FOUND: Spending time with<br />

family.<br />

YOU LOVE LIVING HERE, BECAUSE: The great weather and<br />

abundance of cycling trails.<br />

Photos by Dante Fontana.<br />

52 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />


In fact, our Introducing and Eat & Drink section reviews are not paid advertisements. If you’d like your business<br />

profiled, please email Megan Wiskus at megan@stylemg.com. Once we determine when your business will be<br />

featured, we will contact you to schedule a time to come out and take a photograph. Thank you!

ask the experts<br />


Get Your<br />

Fat Fix<br />

To-Go!<br />



A: Though a comprehensive eye<br />

examination is advised every one to<br />

two years, if you have any preexisting<br />

conditions—such as diabetes, high<br />

blood pressure, or a history of macular<br />

degeneration—you should be seen<br />

more frequently. Your eye doctor can<br />

recommend a regimen based on your<br />

individual needs.<br />

—Dr. Shawn McDonald, Optometrist<br />

2802 Mallard Lane, Placerville, 530-626-8440,<br />

drmcdonald.com<br />

A S I A B I S T R O<br />

introducing<br />

online ordering<br />

fatsbistro.com<br />

Photo ©Firma V - stock.adobe.com.<br />





A: We recommend frequent, slow<br />

vacuuming. Dry soil brought in with foot<br />

traffic and pets are some of the main<br />

causes of premature carpet wear. When<br />

dry soil remains on your carpet, it can<br />

cause damage to the fiber, making carpet<br />

look worn and discolored. Remember:<br />

vacuum slowly! For reference, a 20x20<br />

room should take you 20 minutes.<br />

—Dean and Karen Carter<br />

Carter’s Carpet Restoration<br />

4911 Windplay Drive, Suite 1A, El Dorado<br />

Hills, 916-933-7807, carterscarpet.com<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 53

| home & garden |<br />

Luxe for Less<br />

Kitchen Design on a Dime<br />


Stone Basketweave Backsplash<br />

A simple yet design-driven backsplash<br />

has the ability to set a whole space off.<br />

The stone finish pictured above is super<br />

durable in a kitchen setting, while the<br />

basketweave pattern brings texture that<br />

works beautifully with the higher-sheen<br />

finishes and tones of stainless-steel<br />

appliances, white cabinetry, and quartz<br />

countertops.<br />

Looking to take your kitchen from drab to fab? If budget<br />

is a factor, fret not. You can still make major changes<br />

without breaking the bank. Here are the main elements<br />

we recommend to get a luxe look for not a lot of money.<br />

Stainless Steel Appliances<br />

Stainless steel is the go-to finish to update<br />

any kitchen. Whether you’re working with<br />

traditional or modern accessories and<br />

finishes, the clean, contemporary look<br />

of it grounds any kitchen in fashion and<br />

functionality. French door refrigerators<br />

provide commercial-grade luxury and<br />

accessibility, and we love that today’s<br />

dishwashers are available without visible<br />

controls. When it comes to cooktops, you<br />

don’t need a six-burner, commercial gas<br />

range to get the look, either—four burners<br />

work just fine for most of us, and still<br />

offer the same design<br />

benefit. If your budget<br />

is really tight, don’t<br />

hesitate to look for<br />

a great deal on floor<br />

models.<br />

GET THE LOOK: Café<br />

Smart Stainless Steel<br />

Interior Dishwasher<br />

with Sanitize and Ultra Wash & Dual<br />

Convection Ultra Dry, $1,619.96 at A-1<br />

Appliance, 4381 Granite Drive, Rocklin, 916-<br />

259-1210, shopa1appliance.com<br />

White Semi-Gloss Paint<br />

Stainless steel and white make for a killer<br />

combo in a kitchen, especially when you’re<br />

seeking a high-end look on a low-end<br />

budget. Semi-gloss paint brings durability,<br />

and pairing fresh, white cabinets with<br />

stainless-steel appliances brings a timeless,<br />

sparkling finish to the space.<br />

Quartz Countertops<br />

Functionality and durability are crucial<br />

in a high-traffic area like the kitchen.<br />

Enter quartz. A manufactured stone,<br />

it results in an especially rich, sleek<br />

finish in the right setting. It’s also<br />

completely stain resistant, which means<br />

the gorgeous look stays as long as the<br />

counters do.<br />

Farmhouse Sink<br />

The clean lines and large basin of a<br />

farmhouse sink make a bold statement<br />

that’s both traditional and contemporary;<br />

plus, it’s one of the most functional<br />

products you can pick for a kitchen.<br />

Hardwood Floors<br />

As you’ve likely noticed by now, the<br />

biggest components of a luxe-forless<br />

look are timeless materials,<br />

contemporary finishes, and quality<br />

products; so, naturally, classic hardwood<br />

floors complete the look. Make sure<br />

you get at least a 25-year finish on the<br />

floors, which guarantees their quality<br />

and durability, and really contribute to a<br />

home’s value.<br />

Indulgent Accessories<br />

To tie the look together, update cabinets<br />

with stainless steel hardware and add in<br />

other accessories like family photos in<br />

polished silver or simple black frames,<br />

glass or ceramic accents, and fresh<br />

flowers. Doing so makes the space feel<br />

luxurious and is the ultimate affordable<br />

yet chic finishing touch.<br />

Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, is an<br />

award-winning interior designer,<br />

author, product developer, and<br />

multimedia consultant helping<br />

brands reach the interior design<br />

community.<br />

kerriekelly.com / 916-919-3023<br />

Photo ©Ursula Page - stock.adobe.com. Stone Basketweave Backsplash photo by<br />

Brian Kellogg. Café Smart photo courtesy of Café Smart.<br />

54 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


Bring<br />

BLINDS<br />

SHADES<br />



Home<br />

Pirouette ® Clearview ® Shades<br />

Introducing Pirouette® Clearview® Amazing innovative design for incredible view<br />

through and sculpted beauty. Crafted with a specialized black sheer that provides<br />

superior view-through and offers UV protection for flooring, furniture and artwork.<br />

Design opportunities to fit your lifestyle.<br />

Full service in-home measure and design consultation available. Ask about our virtual<br />

design consultations, DIY programs and private gallery experience.<br />

916-773-SPOT (7768)<br />

6624 Lonetree Blvd., Ste. 500, Rocklin<br />

Personalize your space with<br />

Powerview® Automation<br />

www.shutterspot.com • www.diyblindspot.com<br />

Insured • Lic. #714170

Revive. Refresh. Grow.<br />

(888) 409-2003<br />

info@terrainc.net | www.terrainc.net<br />

3941 Park Dr. #20-243; El Dorado Hills, CA 95762<br />

Looking to modify your floor plan, add more living space, remodel your<br />

bathroom or kitchen, or update your home’s interior or exterior?<br />

We’re an essential business—open and ready to serve you!<br />

Please visit www.terrainc.net for our Covid-19 Company Protocol.<br />

916.801.1035<br />

govelandscaping.com<br />

• We specialize in Kitchen,<br />

Bathroom and Home Remodeling<br />

• Fully Licensed and Insured<br />

• Serving El Dorado County and greater<br />

Sacramento Area for over 40 years<br />

• Financing Options Available<br />

We are a name you can trust with the results to prove it!<br />

Lic. A&B #508230<br />

Woodstoves - Gas Stoves - Fireplaces<br />

Women’s Boutique - Unique Home Décor and Gifts<br />

4496 Missouri Flat Rd. - Placerville<br />

530-622-9338<br />


Committed to the Health & Well-Being of El Dorado County<br />

FALL <strong>2020</strong><br />

What Your Weight Gain<br />

May Be Telling You<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Life-Saving Medication for Drug Overdose<br />

Flu and COVID-19: This Fall be Prepared for Both<br />

What’s So Great About Robotic Surgery?<br />



Marshall Receives National<br />

Recognition for Value, Care and<br />

Leadership<br />

In July, Marshall Medical<br />

Center received national<br />

recognition for patient<br />

outcomes, value of care<br />

and civic leadership,<br />

ranking second among<br />

3,282 hospitals. The Lown Institute,<br />

a nonpartisan think tank advocating<br />

bold ideas for a just and caring system<br />

for health, looked at how hospitals<br />

contribute to their communities with<br />

metrics like charity care and pay equity.<br />

Using these metrics, many of the more<br />

well-known hospitals actually fell short<br />

while smaller hospitals rose to the top.<br />


“Marshall has a long tradition of<br />

collaborating with our community and<br />

with our employees and providers,” says<br />

Siri Nelson, CEO of Marshall Medical<br />

Center. “Creating a culture of partnership<br />

and shared vision is core to our mission<br />

to provide care for our entire community.<br />

We are gratified by the recognition<br />

received from the Lown Institute.”<br />

Marshall’s high ranking means that<br />

it not only provides exceptional<br />

patient care, but also is making strides<br />

toward helping its own community<br />

of El Dorado County. This includes<br />

offering charity care, paying workers<br />

in a way that benefits the community’s<br />

economy, and serving patients in<br />

numbers that reflect the race, education<br />

level and income of people living<br />

around its locations in Placerville,<br />

Cameron Park, Georgetown and El<br />

Dorado Hills.<br />

Half of the Lown Institute’s ranking<br />

was based on traditional things like<br />

Emergency Department nurses Tyler Studly, RN; Chelsea Shanks, RN;<br />

and Michelle Domingo, RN<br />

mortality and readmissions, but<br />

according to Lown’s president Vikas<br />

Saini, MD, combining those criteria<br />

with civic leadership reveals how “to<br />

go from being really good hospitals<br />

to being great.” This index is the<br />

first hospital ranking to measure<br />

inclusivity or the degree to which a<br />

hospital is caring for patients of color<br />

and of lower income or education. It<br />

is also the first to measure the ratio<br />

of executive compensation to that of<br />

employees without advanced degrees.<br />

Just a few of Marshall’s programs that<br />

benefit El Dorado County have been<br />

highlighted recently in the Mountain<br />

Democrat and other local media,<br />

including work with Project Roomkey,<br />

a collaborative government effort to<br />

prevent the spread of COVID-19 among<br />

those living on the streets.<br />


Founded in 1973 by Nobel Peace Prize winner Bernard Lown, MD, developer of the defibrillator<br />

and cardioverter, the Lown Institute focuses on health care issues such as medical overuse<br />

and underuse, health equity, and cost of care. The Institute believes a radically better system<br />

of health is possible and advances bold ideas to achieve this.<br />

2 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org




Marshall Medical Center<br />

is an independent,<br />

nonprofit community<br />

healthcare provider located in<br />

the heart of the Sierra Foothills<br />

between Sacramento and<br />

South Lake Tahoe. Marshall<br />

Medical Center includes<br />

Marshall Hospital, a fully<br />

accredited acute care facility<br />

with 111 beds located in<br />

Placerville; several outpatient<br />

facilities in Cameron Park,<br />

El Dorado Hills, Placerville<br />

and Georgetown; and many<br />

community health and<br />

education programs. Marshall<br />

has nearly 300 physicians<br />

and a team of over 1,600<br />

employees providing quality<br />

healthcare services to over<br />

175,000 residents of El<br />

Dorado County.<br />

For Your HEALTH is<br />

published as a community<br />

service by<br />


1100 Marshall Way<br />

Placerville, CA 95667<br />

telephone 530-622-1441<br />

or 916-933-2273;<br />

www.marshallmedical.org<br />

It is intended to provide<br />

information about health in<br />

general as well as healthcare<br />

services and resources available<br />

in El Dorado County. Information<br />

comes from a wide range of<br />

medical experts. If you have any<br />

concerns or questions about<br />

specific content that may affect<br />

your health, please contact your<br />

healthcare provider.<br />

To reach the editor of For Your<br />

Health, contact Brittany Garcia<br />

at 530-626-2816 or<br />

bgarcia@marshallmedical.org<br />

Life-Saving Medication<br />

for Drug Overdose<br />

The opioid crisis is prevalent across the nation and El Dorado County is no exception.<br />

Healthcare providers are more and more vigilant about which medications and how much they<br />

prescribe for pain relief. Yet, there were approximately 47,000 deaths associated with opioid<br />

overdoses in 2017. An estimated 40% of opioid overdoses are from prescription medications.<br />

If you have a loved one taking a prescribed opioid for pain relief or taking an opioid they’ve<br />

purchased illegally, it’s important to know the signs of an overdose. They include:<br />

• Cold and clammy skin<br />

• Body is limp<br />

• Pupils are very small<br />

• Breathing is slow, erratic or has stopped<br />

• Deep snoring or gurgling sounds<br />

• Inability to wake the person<br />

• Fingernails or lips are blue or purple<br />

A medication called naloxone, also known as Narcan, can reverse the effects of the opioid<br />

and can save lives if given correctly and in a timely manner. If your loved one is experiencing<br />

overdose symptoms, assist them with rescue breathing, give them naloxone if you have it and<br />

stay with them until help arrives.<br />

Marshall has a naloxone distribution program funded through a grant from the Department of<br />

Health Care Services. “Anyone can request naloxone by coming to the Marshall Emergency<br />

Department,” according to Eric Hill RADT-I, Substance Use Navigator at Marshall Medical<br />

Center. In addition, any doctor can prescribe naloxone and it can be picked up at any<br />

pharmacy. It is recommended that all patients taking a prescription opioid medication also be<br />

prescribed naloxone to have on hand as an emergency precaution.<br />

For more information about Marshall Medical Center, visit www.marshallmedical.org or follow us on<br />

Facebook/marshallmedicalcenter, twitter.com/MarshallMedical, on YouTube, LinkedIn and on Instagram<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 3



What Your<br />

Weight Gain<br />

May Be<br />

Telling You<br />

And How Your Doctor<br />

May Be Able to Help<br />

Sheltering in<br />

place has<br />

affected<br />

different<br />

aspects of our<br />

lives. Some<br />

have gained<br />

a few pounds while working from<br />

home, eating our feelings and<br />

missing workouts at the gym. But<br />

sometimes weight gain can be our<br />

bodies’ way of telling us there is<br />

something more serious going on<br />

that needs a doctor’s attention.<br />

Thyroid disorder<br />

The thyroid gland is located in<br />

the neck and secretes hormones<br />

that influence our metabolic rate<br />

and protein synthesis. When the<br />

thyroid gland under-produces these<br />

hormones, it is called hypothyroidism<br />

and weight gain can be a symptom,<br />

along with a poor ability to tolerate<br />

cold, a feeling of tiredness,<br />

constipation, slow heart rate and<br />

4 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org

depression. Sometimes people develop a goiter or<br />

swelling in the front part of the neck.<br />

Hypothyroidism can be diagnosed with a simple blood<br />

test and is treated with hormone replacement using<br />

a synthetic long-acting form of thyroxine, the primary<br />

hormone secreted by the thyroid gland.<br />

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)<br />

PCOS is a set of symptoms resulting from an elevated<br />

level of androgens (male hormones) in females. Aside<br />

from weight gain, signs and symptoms of PCOS can be<br />

irregular or no menstrual periods, heavy periods, excess<br />

body and facial hair, acne, pelvic pain, difficulty getting<br />

pregnant and patches of thick, darker, velvety skin.<br />

Associated conditions include type 2 diabetes, obesity,<br />

obstructive sleep apnea, heart disease, mood disorders,<br />

and endometrial cancer.<br />

Your doctor will likely do a pelvic ultrasound to assist<br />

with diagnosis. If you suspect you might have PCOS,<br />

make an appointment with Marshall OB/GYN by calling<br />

530-344-5470.<br />

Food Addiction<br />

Food addiction can be tricky to diagnose. There’s a fine<br />

line between “foodie” and “food addict.” At first, the food<br />

addiction comes in the form of cravings, but a person<br />

can be caught off guard when suddenly they cannot<br />

cope without the food they crave.<br />

Food addiction is not merely a self-control problem; it<br />

goes deeper than that. There becomes a point where<br />

the person has no say as to what goes into their bodies<br />

despite all the consequences that can come from<br />

overeating. People who engage in this type of eating<br />

may feel frenzied, and consume a large number of<br />

calories before stopping. Food binges may be followed<br />

by feelings of guilt and depression.<br />

If you feel you might have a food addiction, make an<br />

appointment with Marshall Psychiatry at 530-626-2844.<br />

Cortisol and Extended Stress<br />

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands<br />

as nature’s built-in alarm system; it’s best known for<br />

helping fuel your body’s “fight-or-flight” response in a<br />

crisis. However, it also manages how your body uses<br />

the food you eat, reduces inflammation, and increases<br />

blood sugar.<br />

During an extended time of stress, for example a global<br />

pandemic, the body may produce too much cortisol over<br />

a prolonged period. This is called Cushing’s Syndrome<br />

and often causes weight gain in the abdomen, neck,<br />

face and upper back while maintaining thin arms and<br />

legs. Other symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness,<br />

irregular menstrual cycle in women, erectile dysfunction<br />

in males and bruising.<br />

If you feel your weight gain is unusual, make an<br />

appointment with your doctor to explore possible causes.<br />

If you’ve gained a few pounds and need help getting back<br />

to healthy eating habits, make an appointment with a<br />

registered dietician at Marshall Medical Center’s Diabetes<br />

and Nutrition Education at 530-672-7021.<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 5


I Give Because…<br />

By Andrea Howard, Marshall Foundation for Community Health Board President<br />

When I think about giving,<br />

I share Coretta Scott<br />

King’s philosophy. She<br />

so eloquently stated, “the<br />

greatness of a community<br />

is most accurately<br />

measured by the<br />

compassionate actions of<br />

its members.” In the last ten years or so, I have taken these<br />

words to heart and have come to understand that calling<br />

El Dorado Hills and El Dorado County my home means far<br />

more than just an address on an envelope. It inspires me<br />

to dig deeper to understand and invest in my community’s<br />

culture - what it cares about and its vision for the future. It<br />

goes beyond a feeling of empathy or concern. It requires<br />

compassion, the very essence of which means getting<br />

involved and taking action.<br />


Choosing community health as an area of my focus is a<br />

logical choice because I believe in the power of living a healthy<br />

lifestyle. Growing up, my mom always made sure our family<br />

ate healthy and balanced meals. She encouraged me to find<br />

activities outside, despite my pleas to stay inside to watch TV<br />

or play video games. As an adult, I monitor what I eat, keep a<br />

close eye on my weight, and visit my doctor as recommended<br />

for preventive screenings. I feel my best when my body is in<br />

motion - working in the garden, hiking with friends and our<br />

four-legged fur children, or playing a round of golf with my<br />

husband. I am drawn to community health because I feel a<br />

personal responsibility to take care of my mind and body to<br />

alleviate chronic health conditions and do my part to lessen the<br />

economic strain on our healthcare system.<br />

I choose to devote my time to the Marshall Foundation for<br />

Community Health because it works in<br />

collaboration with community partners<br />

and philanthropists to improve the<br />

wellness of our residents. Could I possibly<br />

have the power to be a philanthropist?<br />

Whole-heartedly, I believe the answer is<br />

YES! Each and every one of us can be a<br />

philanthropist if we show goodwill to those<br />

around us by making gifts of our time,<br />

talent, or treasures. What I was surprised to discover is that<br />

philanthropy doesn’t just help the recipients - it provides<br />

tremendous fulfillment to the giver as<br />

well. It offers a sense of happiness and a<br />

meaningful connection to my community<br />

that would not be possible otherwise.<br />

Making a difference in someone’s life today<br />

makes an extraordinary difference in mine.<br />

To find out how you can make a difference<br />

in our local community’s health, call (530)<br />

642-9984 or visit marshallfound.org<br />

6 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org


Flu and<br />

COVID-19<br />

This Fall<br />

Be Prepared<br />

for Both<br />

The flu season typically manifests in the fall. At the same<br />

time, COVID-19 is still actively spreading in the community.<br />

Because the symptoms for both COVID-19 and the flu<br />

are similar, the first onset of fever and aches is naturally<br />

concerning.<br />

There is a vaccine and treatment for the flu but not yet for<br />

COVID-19. There’s no denying that the best offense is a good<br />

defense against any virus. To avoid either illness:<br />

• maintain a physical<br />

distance<br />

• cover a cough<br />

• avoid touching your face<br />

• wash your hands<br />

• clean common surfaces<br />

• wear a mask<br />

Flu vaccines will not prevent COVID-19, but they will prevent<br />

certain strains of the flu, as well as reduce the burden of<br />

flu illnesses and hospitalizations on the health care system<br />

and conserve medical resources for the care of people with<br />

COVID-19. The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the<br />

flu and most important step in protecting against flu viruses.<br />

This year, getting a flu shot will be more important than ever.<br />

If you believe you’ve been exposed to either of these viruses,<br />

self-quarantine to the best of your ability. Do not go to work or<br />

social gatherings, get your groceries or other food delivered<br />

and do not invite guests to your home.<br />

You can get tested for the flu at your doctor’s office. For a<br />

COVID-19 test, visit https://www.edcgov.us/Government/<br />

hhsa/Pages/EDCCOVID-19-Get-A-Test.aspx to find a testing<br />

location near you or you can get one at the Marshall Medical<br />

Center lab locations in Placerville and Cameron Park with a<br />

doctor’s order.<br />

If you start to feel symptoms get plenty of rest and fluids. If at<br />

any point you have trouble breathing or walking, call 911 or<br />

get a ride to the Emergency Room.<br />

It’s critical that you continue to quarantine at home until the<br />

virus has completely cleared your system. Be sure to contact<br />

your workplace’s Occupational Health Department before<br />

going back to work.<br />

For reference, here’s a chart to help you navigate the flu and<br />

COVID-19:<br />

Symptoms<br />

How soon do<br />

symptoms<br />

appear after<br />

exposure?<br />

How does it<br />

spread?<br />

Treatments<br />

Vaccine<br />

COVID-19<br />

•Fever<br />

•Cough<br />

•Shortness of breath<br />

•Fatigue<br />

•Sore throat<br />

•Runny or stuffy nose<br />

•Muscle aches<br />

•Headache<br />

•New changes in taste<br />

of smelll<br />

•Nausea and/or diarrhea<br />

Typically two-tofourteen<br />

days after<br />

exposure<br />

•Person-to person within<br />

six feet of one another<br />

•Spread by droplets<br />

made when people<br />

cough, sneeze or talk<br />

•By touching a surface<br />

or object that has the<br />

virus on it then touching<br />

mouth, nose or eyes<br />

There is currently<br />

no cure for<br />

COVID-19, but its<br />

symptoms can<br />

treated.<br />

There is currently<br />

no vaccine for<br />

COVID-19.<br />

FLU<br />

•Fever<br />

•Cough<br />

•Shortness of breath<br />

•Fatigue<br />

•Sore throat<br />

•Runny or stuffy nose<br />

•Muscle aches<br />

•Headache<br />

Anywhere from oneto-<br />

four days after<br />

infection<br />

•Person-to person<br />

within six feet of one<br />

another<br />

•Spread by droplets<br />

made when people<br />

cough, sneeze or talk<br />

•By touching a surface<br />

or object that has<br />

the virus on it then<br />

touching mouth, nose<br />

or eyes<br />

For both COVID-19 and flu, it’s possible to spread the virus<br />

before or without experiencing any symptoms<br />

Prescription influenza<br />

antiviral medications<br />

are FDA-approved to<br />

treat the flu.<br />

Each year, there are<br />

multiple FDA-licensed<br />

influenza vaccines to<br />

treat the three or four<br />

most common strains<br />

of the flu.<br />


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What’s So<br />

Great About<br />

Robotic<br />

Surgery?<br />

Robotic surgery sounds scary, like something from a futuristic<br />

movie. But the future is here. Robotic surgery is simply a form<br />

of minimally invasive surgery in which a computer-controlled<br />

robot assists your surgeon during the procedure. Compared to<br />

traditional surgery, there are many benefits to robotic surgery,<br />

for both the patient and the surgeon.<br />


• More precise surgery – Often, your surgeon needs to operate<br />

near healthy, sensitive parts of your body. The goal of surgery<br />

is to remove or repair the abnormality without affecting<br />

surrounding healthy structures. The small size and flexibility<br />

of the robotic instruments makes this easier to accomplish.<br />

• Less risk of infection and blood loss – Your surgeon makes<br />

tiny incisions rather than large ones, lowering the risk of<br />

infection or blood loss.<br />

• Significantly less pain – A less invasive procedure means a<br />

less painful recovery.<br />

• Earlier discharge from the hospital – Generally, patients can<br />

go home earlier following a robotic surgery, sometimes even<br />

the same or next day.<br />

Marshall Welcomes<br />

Evegnia Polosina, MD; Ryan Lussenden, MD; Kathleen Hertzer, MD,<br />

PhD; Craig Thayer, MD, FACS; and Michele Cherry, DO all perform<br />

minimally invasive surgeries at Marshall using the da Vinci Robot.<br />

• Less scarring and a shorter recovery – The smaller<br />

incisions also mean that your recovery period is shorter.<br />

Sometimes, recovery may last just a few days.<br />


• An enhanced visual field – At the console, your surgeon<br />

has a better view of the operating area; the high-definition<br />

camera provides a magnified, detailed view, leading to a<br />

more precise surgery.<br />

• Superior dexterity – “A human hand can only move so much”<br />

says Ryan Lussenden, MD, of Marshall General Surgery.<br />

“But the robotic instrument exceeds the dexterity and range<br />

of motion of the human hand,” he says, “rotating a full 360<br />

degrees.”<br />

• Access to hard-to-reach places – The enhanced flexibility<br />

and precision of the robot allows your surgeon to access<br />

hard-to-reach areas.<br />

Robotic surgery using the da Vinci robot is available at<br />

Marshall Medical Center for a number of procedures<br />

such as hernia repair, hysterectomy, gall bladder removal,<br />

prostatectomy, and more. Call Marshall General Surgery to<br />

find out if robotic surgery is right for you at 530-626-1441.<br />


Asish Ghoshal, MD<br />

Marshall Neurology<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-626-2844<br />

Dr. Ghoshal received his medical<br />

degree from All India Institute of<br />

Medical Sciences in New Delhi,<br />

India. He completed his internship in<br />

psychiatry, followed by residency in<br />

neurology, at the University of Alabama<br />

Medical Center. Dr. Ghoshal has a<br />

particular interest in epilepsy and<br />

neuromuscular diseases.<br />

Josh Wormley, MSN, APRN,<br />

FNP-C<br />

Marshall Family Medicine<br />

El Dorado Hills<br />

530-344-5400<br />

Josh earned a Bachelor of Science in<br />

Nursing and a Master of Science in<br />

Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner<br />

from Samuel Merritt University in<br />

Sacramento. Josh joins Marshall from<br />

Trinity Urgent Care in Lodi, where<br />

he worked as a clinician, assessing,<br />

managing and treating walk-in/same<br />

day medical concerns.<br />

Katrina (Katy) Ogden, MSN,<br />

RN, FNP<br />

Marshall Gastroenterology,<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-7040<br />

Katy earned her Bachelor of Science<br />

degree in Nursing from Anderson<br />

University and her Master of Science in<br />

Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner<br />

at Walden University. Katy is relocating<br />

to El Dorado County from Indiana,<br />

where she’s been working as a GI<br />

nurse practitioner.<br />

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Woodstove Replacement<br />

Incentive for Placer &<br />

El Dorado County Residents<br />

To help clear the air, the El Dorado County Air Quality Management District (AQMD)<br />

offers you the Chimney Smoke Reduction Incentive Program (RIP)<br />

If you remove an old non-EPA certified woodstove, RIP can pay:<br />

$500 For replacement, or<br />

In low income areas /<br />

low income residents<br />

$2500<br />

Better still, AQMD will pay for your Building Permit if required.<br />

Pre-approval is required. You must act quickly!<br />

Funding is limited to a first-come, first-served basis.<br />

Pre-approval is required prior to old woodstove<br />

removal. For eligibility details:<br />

Call 530-621-7501<br />

Or visit the AQMD website: www.EDCCleanAir.org<br />

Thank you for working with us to improve air quality!

| travel |<br />

Home<br />

Sweet<br />

Homes<br />

5 Rad Rentals<br />


If you’re in the mood for a little R&R, consider a staycation in our own<br />

backyard. Thanks to the amazing geography of Northern California<br />

(and the creativity of a few designers and decorators!) there are plenty<br />

of unique rentals available within a three-hour drive of the Sacramento<br />

area. Here are a few of our favorites for every kind of traveler.<br />



Give glamping a try in the poshest<br />

way possible with this luxurious<br />

“tent” near Cobb, just north of<br />

Santa Rosa. Located in a wooded<br />

campground, the fully furnished<br />

safari tent is near several popular<br />

hiking areas and includes a<br />

comfortable queen-sized bed, WiFi,<br />

electricity, and a large patio with<br />

cushy chairs. During the warmer<br />

months, the campground includes<br />

an outdoor pool and has plenty of<br />

small clearings perfect for relaxing<br />

in a hammock or fitting in some<br />

morning yoga among the trees.<br />

PRICE: $149/night + $83 cleaning<br />

fee<br />

SLEEPS: <br />


2 hours, 15 minutes<br />

RENT IT: glampinghub.com;<br />

search “Creekside Furnished Tent<br />

with Exquisite Views of Cobb<br />

Mountain in California”<br />


The coast is calling you to this three-bedroom<br />

home in Santa Cruz that sits less than 100 feet<br />

from the beach. Nearly all living spaces look<br />

out onto Monterey Bay, and there’s plenty of<br />

room for a big group to socialize, as there’s<br />

not one but three living spaces: a top-floor<br />

sundeck, an ocean-view garden space with a<br />

fire pit, and a second-floor heated deck with<br />

an outdoor kitchen. Within walking distance<br />

are plenty of rental shops, restaurants, and<br />

coffee joints, and the interior is decorated<br />

with light, modern coastal accents. When you<br />

want to leave town, you’re just a short drive<br />

from the redwoods or Santa Cruz’s robust<br />

wine country. Sure, the price tag is a little<br />

steep, but since it sleeps eight adults plus<br />

children, it’s pretty reasonable when you split<br />

the bill.<br />

PRICE: $1,436/night + $429 cleaning fee<br />

SLEEPS: <br />


minutes<br />

RENT IT: airbnb.com/rooms/30895958<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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Stay at the “Studio at Surfers<br />

Outlook” and hit the waves north<br />

of SF this fall. The airy (and<br />

nautical!) studio has sweeping<br />

views of Bolinas Bay and is so close<br />

that you can hear the waves when<br />

lying in bed. There’s a wraparound<br />

deck on the ocean-facing sides and<br />

more than a few surfboard and<br />

kayak rental shops in the small<br />

community of Stinson Beach. Not a<br />

surfer? Not a problem. Hiking and<br />

whale-watching are just 25 minutes<br />

away in Point Reyes, and Marin<br />

County is overflowing with parks,<br />

artisan boutiques and restaurants,<br />

and farmers’ and organic markets.<br />

PRICE: $204/night + $150<br />

cleaning fee<br />

SLEEPS: <br />


2 hours<br />

RENT IT: airbnb.com/<br />

rooms/9844066<br />


LOVERS<br />

Escape Sac for the weekend and head north<br />

to Shasta Lake, where you’ll find a charming<br />

little A-frame known as the Treehouse. It has<br />

lake views and is equidistant between Mount<br />

Shasta to the north and Lassen National<br />

Park to the east. The two-bedroom rental<br />

is perched on a deck in the woods, so cell<br />

service and WiFi are limited. Reviewers say<br />

it’s a great place for wildlife spotting, bird<br />

watching, hiking, and yoga, but the cabin is<br />

cozy enough that you might opt to simply<br />

stay in and take it easy next to the woodburning<br />

stove.<br />


Reconnect with each other in<br />

this whimsical treehouse—and<br />

we do mean whimsical. From<br />

the hanging walkway to access<br />

the home to the twinkling fairy<br />

lights outlining the structure,<br />

this is the perfect romantic<br />

hideaway for a weekend in the<br />

redwoods. Inside, a natural green<br />

and earthy color scheme helps<br />

continue the FernGully feeling,<br />

while the private outdoor hot tub<br />

is the perfect place to relax while<br />

spotting shooting stars.<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

PRICE: $156/night + $100 cleaning fee<br />

SLEEPS: <br />


minutes<br />

RENT IT: airbnb.com/rooms/24720030<br />

EDITOR’S NOTE: Before venturing out, please<br />

read the California Resposible Travel Code<br />

(visitcalifornia.com/experience/how-travelresponsibly-california)<br />

and familiarize yourself<br />

with local guidelines and regulations in your<br />

destination. Rental prices are subject to change.<br />

PRICE: $197/night + $66 cleaning<br />

fee<br />

SLEEPS: / (2 in sleeping bags)<br />


3 hours<br />

RENT IT: glampinghub.com; search<br />

“Glamping Tree House in Santa<br />

Cruz Mountains near Monterey Bay,<br />

California”<br />

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YOU AGE<br />


Denise Bogard, MD and her team are<br />

dedicated to providing you with the highest<br />

quality anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.<br />

• PRP Hair Therapy<br />

• Lipotropic “Skinny” Shots<br />

• Bioidentical Hormone<br />

Replacement including<br />

Pellet Therapy<br />

• Peptide Therapy<br />

• Laser Body Contouring<br />

><br />

Summer Special ><br />

• Thyroid and Adrenal<br />

Hormone Evaluation<br />

• Gut Health and Immune<br />

System Evaluation<br />

• IV Therapy and Chelation<br />

• Micro Needling<br />

• Food Sensitivity Testing<br />

Call to schedule a complimentary<br />

consultation and receive a FREE “Skinny Shot”<br />

Bogard Well Aging Med<br />

bogardhealth.com | 916-781-4300 | 508 Gibson Dr. Ste. 290 Roseville<br />

Bogard-0620.indd 1<br />

5/14/20 11:40 AM

Veggie<br />

33<br />

Delights<br />

Plant-Based Plates<br />




SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 71

Veggie Delights<br />

Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian,<br />

part-time pescatarian, or kicking off a<br />

#MeatlessMonday tradition, we encourage<br />

you to try the following plant-based plates.<br />

From burgers to bibimbap, and sushi to<br />

sandwiches, there’s a delicious veggie<br />

delight waiting to be discovered.<br />

Containing 43 grams of<br />

protein, Vibe Health Bar’s<br />

Harvest Bowl ($9) offers<br />

wholesome nourishment in<br />

the form of sweet potatoes,<br />

brown rice, black beans,<br />

baby kale, avocado, dried<br />

cranberries, sunflower<br />

seeds, and nutritional yeast.<br />

Topped with a balsamic<br />

Dijon dressing, it makes for<br />

a great post-workout meal.<br />

2770 East Bidwell Street, Suite<br />

500, Folsom, 916-990-5367,<br />

vibehealthbar.com<br />

Aside from important contributions to society, the Greeks<br />

also invented mouthwatering food—touted as some of the<br />

healthiest in the world. Petra Greek offers you a taste with their<br />

Spanakopita Plate ($15.50)—a spinach and feta cheese pie as<br />

old as time. Try the plated version with rice pilaf or French fries,<br />

Greek salad, tzatziki sauce, and pita bread. 230 Palladio Parkway,<br />

Suite 1213, Folsom, 916-693-6397, petragreek.com<br />

Eggplant is often a vegetarian’s<br />

preference and with good reason.<br />

This spongy vegetable takes on any<br />

flavor and is especially delicious in<br />

the Eggplant Delight ($14.95) at<br />

Thai Paradise. Sautéed with garlic,<br />

jalapeños, red bell peppers, onions, and<br />

Thai basil, it’s a flavor-filled fan favorite.<br />

2770 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, 916-984-<br />

8988, thaiparadisefolsom.com; 4361 Town<br />

Center Boulevard, Suite 110, El Dorado Hills,<br />

916-939-0389, thaiparadiseedh.com<br />

We know you love those Nutelladrenched<br />

crêpes, but have you tried<br />

the Veggie Crisp Crêpe ($7.25)<br />

at T-Crepes? It’s almost as good!<br />

(Almost.) This bouquet of veggies<br />

comes with spring salad mix, bell<br />

peppers, tomatoes, corn, onions,<br />

mixed cheese, and your choice of<br />

sauce (mayo, spicy mayo, sesame<br />

dressing, teriyaki, or cream cheese).<br />

It’s a fun and filling on-the-go snack<br />

morning, noon, or night. 1870 Prairie<br />

City Road, Suite 300, Folsom, 916-597-<br />

2787, facebook.com/tcrepes<br />

Don’t count out beef-free burgers just yet! The Heyday Seed<br />

Burger ($15) at Heyday Café boasts a house-made seed patty<br />

topped with melted provolone, cucumbers, red onions, and micro<br />

basil on a buttery brioche bun, but the best part may be the<br />

“special” sauce: whole-grain mustard aioli with a hint of honey<br />

that’s creamy, sweet, and perfectly tangy. 325 Main Street, Placerville,<br />

530-626-9700, heydaycafe.com<br />

Tofu’s a go-to when it comes to<br />

keeping it vegetarian, especially when<br />

stir-fried in a satisfying sauce. Sunny<br />

Garden Restaurant serves Sweet<br />

& Sour Tofu with Veggies ($9.50)<br />

that include peppers, onions, carrots,<br />

and a bit of pineapple for that tart<br />

sweetness. Sticky, tangy, yummy—it’s<br />

all that and more. 25085 Blue Ravine<br />

Road, Suite 150, Folsom, 916-983-8882,<br />

folsomsunnygarden.com<br />

The Veggie Sandwich ($11) from<br />

The Farm Table may be meatless,<br />

but marinated vegetables (carrots, bell<br />

peppers, onions, and zucchini) that are<br />

grilled to perfection, crisp salad greens,<br />

and plenty of fresh mozzarella more<br />

than makes up for it. Loaded onto freshbaked<br />

ciabatta that’s slathered with a<br />

rich, roasty Romesco sauce, we crown<br />

this dish the new Earl of Sandwich. 311<br />

Main Street, Placerville, 530-295-8140,<br />

ourfarmtable.com<br />

Petra Greek, T-Crepes and Sunny Garden Restaurant photos by Ray Burgess. Heyday Café photo by Dante Fontana. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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Can we offer a pizza advice?<br />

Meatless pizzas are just as<br />

delicious—especially the Fireside<br />

Pizza ($13+) from Wally’s Pizza<br />

Bar. The marinara-based pie is<br />

topped with roasted garlic and<br />

onions, tomatoes, peppers, and goat<br />

cheese, with a generous sprinkle of<br />

the restaurant’s house-made fourcheese<br />

blend and fresh basil. 4079<br />

Cameron Park Lane, Cameron Park,<br />

530-677-5205, wallyspizzabar.com<br />

If you’ve bean craving Mexican<br />

food, there’s no better spot<br />

than Cascada in Placerville.<br />

We recommend the Enchilada<br />

Potocinas ($9.95): crisp corn<br />

tortillas filled with red chile sauce<br />

and Mexican cheese are topped<br />

with a savory black bean sauce,<br />

served alongside cilantro rice and<br />

black beans. Consider your craving<br />

crushed. 384 Main Street, Placerville,<br />

530-344-7757, cascadainplacerville.com<br />

Papa Gianni's photo by Ray Burgess. Cascada, The Independent and Relish Burger Bar photos by Dante Fontana. Other photos courtesy of their repsective<br />

companies or organizations.<br />

Akin to a deconstructed burger, the<br />

Beyond Bowl ($16) at Bricks<br />

Eats & Drinks is beyond good—<br />

and good for you. Featuring a Beyond<br />

Burger atop healthy portions of<br />

rice, sprouts, kale, red cabbage, red<br />

peppers, and avocado, with olive oil,<br />

sesame seeds, and vegan chipotle<br />

aioli, it pairs perfectly with one of<br />

Bricks’ myriad craft beer selections.<br />

482 Main Street, Placerville, 530-303-<br />

3480, bricksonmainstreet.com<br />

Vegetarian favorite, the eggplant, makes a great meat<br />

substitute, especially when it’s breaded and layered with<br />

mozzarella, basil, and marinara sauce. That’s exactly<br />

what you’ll find in the Eggplant Parmigiana ($15.95)<br />

at Papa Gianni’s. But if that doesn’t satiate you, the<br />

entrée is also served with a side of penne marinara and<br />

addictingly delicious garlic bread. 3450 Palmer Drive, Suite<br />

1, Cameron Park, 530-672-2333, papagiannis.net<br />

The Vegetarian Portobello Mushroom Sandwich ($14)<br />

at Sienna is the perfect beef patty substitute, thanks to<br />

its meaty taste and texture. Topped with melted mozzarella,<br />

roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, crispy onion strings,<br />

and garlic aioli…even carnivores go crazy for this creation.<br />

3909 Park Drive, El Dorado Hills, 916-941-9694; 1480 Eureka Road,<br />

Roseville, 916-771-4700, siennarestaurants.com<br />

The Independent sources fresh<br />

produce from local farms—making<br />

it a must-try for vegetarians<br />

and vegetable-lovers alike. Their<br />

Pappardelle Pesto Pasta ($25)<br />

is packed with crimini mushrooms,<br />

roasted red peppers, cherry<br />

tomatoes, and zucchini tossed<br />

in house-made pesto sauce.<br />

Generously topped with roasted<br />

garlic, Parmesan, and fresh basil,<br />

we dare you not to devour it. 629<br />

Main Street, Placerville, 530-344-7645,<br />

independentplacerville.com<br />

What’s better than a veggie burger? The<br />

Moroccan Vegan Veggie Burger ($13.50)<br />

from Relish Burger Bar! Made in-house<br />

and topped with zucchini, roasted red<br />

peppers, lettuce, and Moroccan spices on a<br />

vegan pretzel bun—with your choice of fries<br />

or a salad—this helping of health is filling and<br />

fulfilling. 1000 White Rock Road, El Dorado Hills,<br />

916-933-3111, relishburgerbar.com<br />

Think outside the (takeout) box with<br />

the Bibimbap ($12.95.) at Kobe<br />

Sushi & Fusion. The traditional<br />

Korean rice bowl includes warm white<br />

rice with a colorful array of seasonal<br />

vegetables and a fried egg. Intended<br />

to be mixed just before eating, you’ll<br />

surely demolish this dish—but not<br />

before admiring its beauty. 3300 Coach<br />

Lane, Cameron Park, 530-672-9210,<br />

kobecameronpark.com<br />



Diets abound these days, but it<br />

doesn’t have to be complicated.<br />

Pick your preference and<br />

proceed at your own speed.<br />

Vegetarian: One whose diet<br />

includes, among other things,<br />

plants, grains, nuts, eggs, and<br />

dairy products but not meat or<br />

other foods created from the<br />

body of an animal.<br />

Vegan: One whose diet does<br />

not include meat, or any other<br />

products derived from animals.<br />

Pescatarian: One who<br />

follows a vegetarian diet<br />

with the addition of fish and<br />

seafood.<br />

Flexitarian: Also called semivegetarian,<br />

one whose diet<br />

occasionally includes meat.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 73

Veggie Delights<br />


Buying locally grown food has<br />

an abundance of advantages,<br />

including reducing environmental<br />

impact, creating economic<br />

opportunities, and providing health<br />

benefits. Plus, it typically tastes<br />

better and lasts longer! Here are<br />

some of our favorite local farms.<br />

24 Carrot Farm<br />

Online ordering, farm stand,<br />

u-pick. 2731 Jacquier Road,<br />

Placerville, 530-391-8582,<br />

24carrotfarms.com, @24carrotfarm<br />

Flying V Farm<br />

Produce sold at Placerville<br />

Foods Co-Op and the Main Street<br />

Farmers’ Market in Placerville;<br />

DIY wreath workshops in October.<br />

1901 Carson Road, Placerville, 530-<br />

497-0774, flyingvfarmca.com,<br />

@flyingvfarmers<br />

Hillview Farms<br />

Online farm stand and weekly<br />

farm boxes; produce also sold at<br />

the Old Town Auburn Farmers’<br />

Market and PlacerGROWN<br />

Farmers’ Market at the<br />

Fountains. 6125 Mount Pleasant<br />

Road, Lincoln, 530-830-2147,<br />

hillviewfarmsauburn.com,<br />

@hillviewfarms<br />

Goat Mountain Farms<br />

Weekly and biweekly harvest<br />

boxes, plus hops and honey.<br />

Mosquito, 3goatsfarm.com,<br />

@3goatsfarm<br />

Take a walk on the vegetarian side<br />

with The Wok ($14.75) at Fat’s Asia<br />

Bistro—a nutrient- and flavor-packed<br />

stir-fry that’s studded with zucchini,<br />

broccoli, green beans, bok choy, and<br />

tofu in a savory, umami-flavored black<br />

bean sauce. All those veggies will have<br />

you hankering for some fruit, so be sure<br />

to save some space for a slice of their<br />

beloved banana cream pie. 2585 Iron<br />

Point Road, Folsom, 916-983-1133; 1500<br />

Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-787-3287,<br />

fatsasiabistro.com<br />

You don’t have to travel far for<br />

authentic Afghan food—it’s right<br />

here in El Dorado Hills at Bamiyan<br />

Afghan Cuisine. Their traditional<br />

Kabeli Palow Dinner ($18.95)<br />

features cardamom-seasoned rice<br />

perfectly balanced with slivered<br />

almonds, raisins, and carrots, and<br />

is served with both eggplant and<br />

pumpkin purée (when ordered “vegan<br />

style”). 1121 White Rock Road, El Dorado<br />

Hills, 916-941-8787, afghancuisine.com<br />

Don’t waffle on Falafel ($9)—the<br />

deep-fried chickpea patty packs a<br />

serious punch with a delightful crunch<br />

and plenty of nutrition. Farmer’s<br />

Delicatessan and Bakery makes<br />

theirs in-house with cumin, coriander,<br />

parsley, onion, garlic, and sea salt<br />

and serves it with house-made<br />

tahini sauce (ground sesame seeds,<br />

garlic, and fresh lemon juice) on<br />

fresh-made flatbread. 3952 Cambridge<br />

Road, Cameron Park, 530-672-6800,<br />

farmersdeli.net<br />

Pepperoni pizza is so passé.<br />

Step up your pie game with the<br />

Lemon Artichoke Pizza ($19)<br />

at High-Hand Café, featuring<br />

creamy goat cheese, marinara,<br />

shaved asparagus, and lemonmarinated<br />

artichokes. Baked in<br />

their alfresco wood-fired oven, it’s<br />

light and fresh but still filling. 3750<br />

Taylor Road, Loomis, 916-652-2064,<br />

highhandnursery.com/taste-the-cafe<br />

Meatless subs often leave<br />

room for innovation, but<br />

Flightz surpasses the<br />

mark with the addition of<br />

pickled carrots on their<br />

Veggie Sandwich ($10).<br />

Also served with arugula,<br />

tomatoes, cucumbers,<br />

avocado, and lemonrosemary<br />

aioli, this filling<br />

meal is served with a<br />

side of their creative—<br />

and amazing—“frips”<br />

(homemade waffle chips).<br />

3907 Park Drive, Suite 110, El<br />

Dorado Hills, 916-805-5128,<br />

flightzwinepub.com<br />

Ordering a Chile Relleno ($17) is always a safe, and tasty,<br />

vegetarian bet, but Bennett’s Kitchen Bar Market<br />

makes theirs extra special by taking the roasted poblano and<br />

stuffing it with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, onions, more<br />

poblanos, kale, and cream cheese. Topped with a decadent<br />

ancho sherry cream sauce that helps tame the heat, it’s<br />

hearty but still halfway (OK, maybe a quarter-way!) healthy.<br />

1595 Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-750-5150, bennettskitchen.com<br />

Farmer's Delicatesan and Bakery, High-Hand Café and Flightz photos by Dante Fontana. Fat's Asia Bistro photo by Rachel Valley.<br />

Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

74 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Don’t knock a meatless, gluten-free meal till you try it—<br />

especially the Ratatouille Lasagna ($17) at La Provence.<br />

Made with juicy heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and<br />

a three-cheese blend, it’s a fun, and slightly more indulgent<br />

spin, on France’s well-known veggie stew. 110 Diamond Creek<br />

Place, Roseville, 916-789-2002, laprovenceroseville.com<br />

La Provence photo by Dante Fontana. Rosati's Sports Pub & Pizza photo by Taylor Gillespie. Limon É Sal photo by Ray Burgess. Other photos courtesy or their respective companies or organizations.<br />

If you want bold flavors in every<br />

bite, then order the Kabocha<br />

Squash & Goat Cheese<br />

Bruschetta ($14) next time you<br />

find yourself at Platinum Wine<br />

Lounge. The hearty shareable<br />

features all our favorite fall<br />

flavors (roasted squash, shallots,<br />

walnuts, goat cheese, brown sugar,<br />

rosemary, and thyme) on a grilled<br />

baguette with arugula, olive oil,<br />

and balsamic. Come spring and<br />

summer, the seasonal dish is served<br />

with stone fruit and sage-infused<br />

ricotta cheese, ensuring year-round<br />

yumminess. 9050 Fairway Drive,<br />

Suite 105, Roseville, 916-780-9463,<br />

platinumwinelounge.com<br />

Creamy and comforting without weighing you down,<br />

the Seasonal Risotto ($22) at Wise Villa Winery<br />

is made with just-picked, locally sourced veggies (like<br />

squash and tomatoes) and can be made vegan upon<br />

request. The Tuscan-style, farm-to-fork bistro boasts<br />

many more delectable dishes and award-winning<br />

wines, too, so come hungry (and thirsty)! 4200 Wise<br />

Road, Lincoln, 916-543-0323, wisevillawinery.com<br />

Limon É Sal has the perfect cure to<br />

your burrito woes. Super filling and<br />

super delicious, the Super Veggie<br />

Burrito ($9) is chock-full of yellow<br />

squash, zucchini, bell peppers, onions,<br />

mushrooms, rice, beans, cheese,<br />

guacamole, sour cream, and lettuce. It’s<br />

basically the entire produce aisle—and<br />

then some—on your plate. 6693 Folsom<br />

Auburn Road, Folsom, 916-294-7084,<br />

limonesal.com<br />

Say sayonara to marinara! The White<br />

Pizza ($19.99+) at Rosati’s Sports<br />

Pub & Pizza is drizzled with high-quality<br />

olive oil—allowing the thick, flaky, crust<br />

and other ingredients (fresh garlic, sautéed<br />

spinach, and tomatoes) to shine. Trust<br />

us when we say this veggie-based pie<br />

will steal a pizza your heart. 5140 Foothills<br />

Boulevard, Suite 110, Roseville, 916-797-7492,<br />

myrosatisroseville.com<br />

MEAT<br />


Shed a tear for the meat you’re leaving<br />

behind and welcome these nutritious<br />

replacements into your kitchen.<br />

Tofu: Made from soybeans, tofu is<br />

versatile and can be spiced to any<br />

liking.<br />

Jackfruit: A perfect replacement for<br />

barbecue and stir-fries, jackfruit is<br />

slightly sweet but neutral enough to<br />

take on all kinds of seasonings.<br />

Portobello Mushrooms:<br />

Portobellos are the perfect<br />

replacement for burger patties and<br />

provide a rich, earthy flavor.<br />

Eggplant: A classic alternative,<br />

eggplant has a rich, meaty taste and is<br />

flexible in the kitchen.<br />

Lentils: A great alternative to ground<br />

beef, lentils are hardy, inexpensive, and<br />

very filling.<br />

Beans and Legumes: Another<br />

inexpensive and filling alternative with<br />

a variety of options like black beans,<br />

kidney beans, chickpeas, pinto beans…<br />

all ready to be part of your new diet.<br />

Cauliflower: Slice the cauliflower<br />

into steaks and voila(!)…you have<br />

“steak” ready to be spiced and cooked<br />

as you please.<br />

Potatoes: The versatile starch you<br />

already know can be boiled, mashed,<br />

baked, or fried into almost any dish.<br />

Beets: Earthy and packed with<br />

nutrients, beets star as the main dish<br />

when roasted and seasoned.<br />

Nuts: Not just a meat replacement,<br />

but a cheese replacement as well, nuts<br />

are as hardy and “meaty” as real beef.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 75

Veggie Delights<br />

Tasked with bringing a veggie platter to a party? Get creative<br />

and “wow” any crowd with the Veggie Platter ($85) from<br />

Mikuni. It consists of four different types of rolls and<br />

edamame. What are the fish substitutes, you ask? Think<br />

asparagus, tempura vegetables, avocado, and cucumber.<br />

You don’t have to feel left out of the sushi fun anymore. 185<br />

Placerville Road, Suite 100, Folsom, 916-934-5250; 1565 Eureka<br />

Road, Suite 1A, Roseville, 916-797-2112; 1017 Galleria Boulevard,<br />

Suite 160, Roseville, 916-780-2119, mikunisushi.com<br />

If you want the whole enchilada—minus meat—then the Enchiladas<br />

Al Sarten ($20) from Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine are a must. With<br />

melted cheese, sautéed seasonal veggies (carrots, zucchini, squash,<br />

spinach, and mushrooms), and your choice of sauce (we recommend the<br />

21-ingredient mole rojo), plus a side of beans and rice, it’s a fiesta for all the<br />

senses. 5065 Pacific Street, Rocklin, 916-701-4772; 187 Blue Ravine Road, Suite<br />

160, Folsom, 916-351-0900, mezcalitocuisine.com<br />

Don’t worry: The “shrimp” in the<br />

Maple Walnut Shrimp ($10.99) at<br />

Vegan Plate is actually comprised<br />

of potato starch, soy protein, and<br />

konjac. Bathed in a sticky-sweet<br />

maple sauce and topped with crunchy<br />

walnuts and green onions, it tastes<br />

surprisingly close to—and dare we<br />

say better than—the real deal. 1821<br />

Douglas Boulevard, Suite C-5, Roseville,<br />

916-953-7033, veganplateroseville.com<br />

Taste the rainbow with the Garden<br />

Veggie Wrap ($9.99) from Zest<br />

Vegan Kitchen, featuring fresh<br />

organic greens, crunchy cucumbers,<br />

carrots, peppers, red onions, and<br />

house-made sauce (we recommend<br />

“cheesy” chipotle) wrapped in either<br />

gluten-free rice paper or a spinach<br />

tortilla. Add avocado—and your<br />

closest crew—and you have the<br />

recipe for a perfect plant-based<br />

picnic. 2620 Sunset Boulevard,<br />

Suite 1, Rocklin, 916-824-1688,<br />

zestvegankitchen.com<br />

Take your taste buds on the<br />

ultimate adventure with<br />

The Rainbow Sandwich<br />

($10.75) from Selland’s<br />

Market-Café, featuring<br />

creamy avocado, tomatoes,<br />

cabbage, carrots, cilantro,<br />

bell peppers, red onions,<br />

kalamata olives, a sprinkle<br />

of pumpkin and sunflower<br />

seeds, refreshing lemon<br />

vinaigrette, and vegan<br />

“mayo” on molasses whole<br />

wheat bread. Vegan and very<br />

good—it ticks all the plantbased<br />

boxes and makes<br />

the typical turkey sub<br />

seem blah. 4370 Town Center<br />

Boulevard, El Dorado Hills, 916-<br />

932-5025, sellands.com<br />

A South Indian and Sri Lankan staple, Idiyappam ($8.99)—also known<br />

as string hoppers—consists of an intricately woven disc of rice noodles.<br />

Annachikadai in Folsom serves theirs with vegetable kurma, a decadent<br />

stew made from ground coconut and cashew nuts. Tear off the delicate<br />

noodles and dunk them in the creamy, vegetable-laden dish for a satisfying<br />

meal. 1167 Riley Street, Folsom, 916-365-7999, annachikadaifolsom.com<br />

The Nachos ($10.99) from Brick<br />

House Café in Folsom are quickly<br />

becoming famous. The organic,<br />

plant-based café builds layer<br />

upon layer of organic tortilla chips,<br />

house taco “meat,” lettuce, pico<br />

de gallo, black beans, avocado,<br />

nacho “cheeze,” and maple sauce,<br />

resulting in a burst of flavors and<br />

textures. 604 Sutter Street, Suite 190,<br />

Folsom, 916-597-2924, brickhousecafe.<br />

business.site<br />

Vegan Plate photo by Taylor Gillespie. Annachikadai photo by Ray Burgess. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

76 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Discover Jesuit<br />

October is Open House month—<br />

• Young men grades 5–8 welcome<br />

• One-on-one conversations with students,<br />

faculty & admissions team<br />

• Private small group campus tours<br />

• Interactive & engaging content online<br />

• Tuition assistance personalized guidance<br />

• A special Marauder gift just for you<br />

Register today!<br />

JesuitHighSchool.org<br />

A Foundation for Life…today and always! Serving the Sacramento region since 1963.<br />



SEPTEMBER 19<br />

www.folsomcommunityserviceday.org<br />

Six feet apart and stronger than ever! Folsom will continue its<br />

annual Community Service Day for the 7th year to serve the<br />

community while protecting the safety of our residents, staa,<br />

and volunteers. There are many opportunities to safely<br />

volunteer through planned donation drives, at-home projects,<br />

and socially-distanced outdoor projects.

| eat & drink |<br />

Dining Out<br />

Scott’s Seafood<br />

Roundhouse<br />







OF THE SEA, I<br />





Linguini & Clams<br />

The highly anticipated opening<br />

of Scott’s Seafood in Historic<br />

Folsom launched to rave<br />

reviews (notably from this<br />

reviewer) on a hot July night.<br />

The heat, like everything else,<br />

was aptly prepared for with a<br />

misting system set up to keep the guests of owners<br />

John and Suzanne Cook cool and comfortable.<br />

The new venue is stunning with contemporary<br />

design, a seafood market, and lavish bar area. Two<br />

separate patios ensure plenty of alfresco dining—<br />

one even flows directly into the district’s open-air<br />

amphitheater.<br />

The menu for my softopening<br />

invitation was a mix<br />

of past favorites with some<br />

new items from Chef Greg<br />

Dunn (Chef Greg has been<br />

with Scott’s for 17 years).<br />

Dining began with an appetizer<br />

78 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Calamari<br />

Whole Mediterranean Branzino<br />

of fried calamari; let me reword that: perfectly fried calamari.<br />

The crunchy yet tender cephalopod arrived with sweet Thai chili<br />

sauce and Thai chili butter (the butter on fried food was a bit<br />

heavy for my palate).<br />

Our server, Tristan, then brought an exceptional bowl of clam<br />

chowder and a baby kale salad with braised beets. The chowder<br />

was worthy of any I’ve had from San Francisco to Seattle and<br />

Boston to Maine. The salad<br />

of goat cheese, crispy<br />

bacon, hazelnuts, and<br />

honey mustard vinaigrette<br />

was light and refreshing. A<br />

chilled glass of Chardonnay<br />

was all that was missing<br />

(mea culpa, I had a martini).<br />

Baby Kale & Braised Beets<br />

Entrées were next<br />

up. First, possibly the<br />

best bowl of linguini<br />

and clams I’ve had in…<br />

ever. Supple, buttery<br />

pasta and sweet clams<br />

with an essence of the<br />

sea, I could barely pry<br />

a bite away from my<br />

dining companion.<br />

At this point, I<br />

spied a whole grilled<br />

fish headed out of the<br />

Clam Chowder<br />

kitchen, so I mentioned<br />

casually to our host, Suzanne,<br />

how good it looked. “Would<br />

you like the branzino?” she<br />

replied. “I’m sure our readers<br />

would love to see that plate,”<br />

I remarked coyly, barely able<br />

to contain my exuberance<br />

at having swapped out a<br />

hamburger for it. Char-grilled<br />

with couscous tabbouleh, a<br />

Greek artichoke salad, and<br />

tzatziki sauce, it was even better than it looked, if<br />

that’s possible. (Thank you, Suzanne!)<br />

I finished with a glass of Port and warm<br />

cinnamon maple bread pudding. No surprise, I<br />

always choose bread pudding when available, and—<br />

like everything else—it was a perfect finish.<br />

Warm Cinnamon Maple<br />

Bread Pudding<br />

HOURS: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. (Monday-Friday); 10<br />

a.m.-10 p.m. (Saturday-Sunday)<br />

TRY THIS: Fresh Chilled Seafood Tsunami,<br />

Clam Chowder, Fresh Dungeness Crab Cakes,<br />

Whole Mediterranean Branzino, Chef’s<br />

Signature Burger, Linguini & Clams, Scott’s<br />

Cioppino, Fresh Lobster Roll, Vegan Char<br />

Grilled Scallops, Warm Cinnamon Maple<br />

Bread Pudding<br />

ALCOHOL: Full bar; beer, wine, & cocktails<br />

TAB: $$$<br />

HEADS-UP: Weekend brunch; fresh fish<br />

market sells everything from filet mignon and<br />

marinated skirt steak to oysters, lobster, and<br />

clams; special “strolling” (takeout) menu;<br />

many ingredients are sourced from the<br />

Historic Folsom Farmers’ Market; daily happy<br />

hour; vegan & kids’ menus<br />


916-989-6711<br />


SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 79




Celebrating our 13th year in business,<br />

Heyday Café has been voted Best<br />

Overall Restaurant, Best Salad Place,<br />

Best Casual Restaurant, and Best<br />

Wine Bar! Heyday Café presents fresh<br />

California cuisine with international<br />

influences. Lunch 7 days and dinner 6<br />

nights a week. Pouring over 40 wines!<br />

Reservations are encouraged.<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-626-9700<br />

heydaycafe.com<br />

your neighborhood bar & grill<br />

grill<br />

Casual neighborhood bar and grill<br />

specializing in craft beers. Featuring<br />

over 20 beers on tap, great wine list<br />

& a full bar. 12 big screen TV’s for all<br />

your sports. MLB, NFL, NBA packages<br />

so you can watch all of the games.<br />

Happy hour–3-6pm M-F.<br />

Folsom Tap House<br />

25005 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. #140<br />

Folsom<br />

916-292-5711<br />

folsomtaphouse.com<br />



Wise Villa Winery is the only winery<br />

in Placer County to feature a full<br />

dining experience in our Tuscanstyle<br />

bistro. We use only the highest<br />

quality, locally sourced ingredients<br />

that are hand crafted to perfectly<br />

pair with our award-winning wines.<br />

Wise Villa Winery<br />

4200 Wise Rd.<br />

Lincoln<br />

916-543-0323<br />

wisevillawinery.com<br />

Best Italian Restaurant in El Dorado<br />

County- voted #1 for eleven straight<br />

years! Our old world family recipes<br />

are sure to delight. We invite you to<br />

enjoy an Italian family style feast or a<br />

romantic night out at Papa Gianni’s...<br />

your destination for an authentic<br />

Italian meal. Buon Appetito!<br />

Papa Gianni's Ristorante<br />

3450 Palmer Dr., Suite 1<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-2333<br />

papagiannis.net<br />



Whether you’re a Steak connoisseur<br />

or the ultimate health-conscious,<br />

low car, gluten free vegetarian<br />

aficionado Bennett’s has you<br />

covered. We use fresh ingredients<br />

and serve simply good food.<br />

Enjoy Happy hour 3-7 p.m. Daily<br />

& Brunch on weekends.<br />


Patio dining available!<br />

BENNETT'S • kitchen • bar • market<br />

1595 Eureka Rd.<br />

Roseville<br />

916-750-5150<br />

bennettskitchen.com<br />

Great food and drink meet at Bricks!<br />

Gourmet crafted burgers, satisfying<br />

salads and hearty dishes will delight<br />

all appetites! Bring friends and<br />

family to dine in our uniquely casual<br />

atmosphere, or relax at the bar with<br />

a cocktail and a savory appetizer.<br />

Bricks Eats & Drinks<br />

482 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-303-3480<br />

bricksonmainstreet.com<br />



Since 1987, the award-winning Mikuni<br />

restaurants have blended traditional<br />

Japanese cuisine and sushi with<br />

American innovation. Casual dining in a<br />

loud, energetic atmosphere. The menu<br />

features fresh, healthy seafood with<br />

a generous menu for two option, an<br />

extensive happy hour, and full bar.<br />

Mikuni Sushi<br />

4 Area Locations<br />

www.mikunisushi.com<br />

Cascada is your Main Street<br />

Placerville destination for the finest<br />

Mexican cuisine and best cocktails.<br />

Stop by and take in the Bell Tower<br />

views while enjoying an authentic<br />

south-of-the-border delight and a<br />

handcrafted cocktail! See why we<br />

are consistently voted a favorite by<br />

<strong>Style</strong> readers.<br />

Cascada Restaurant & Cantina<br />

384 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-344-7757<br />

cascadainplacerville.com<br />

80 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />





Icing on the Cupcake offers a wide<br />

variety of cupcake flavors, including<br />

gluten-free and vegan options that are<br />

available every day at our three retail<br />

locations. We also offer other sweet<br />

treats, baked fresh daily including<br />

brownies, pies, and cookie sandwiches<br />

using the finest quality ingredients.<br />

Icing on the Cupcake<br />

3 locations to serve you<br />

Rocklin. Folsom Palladio. Sacramento<br />

916-303-4333<br />

icingonthecupcake.com<br />

At Visconti’s Ristorante, we’re honored<br />

to cook for you as we cook for our own<br />

family and we are proud to use only<br />

the freshest ingredients and imported<br />

meat, cheese, and wine. We welcome<br />

you and look forward to serving you!<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 700<br />

Folsom<br />

916-983-5181<br />

viscontisristorante.com<br />

PIZZA<br />

FRENCH<br />

We’re open for carryout and delivery,<br />

7 days a week from 11-8. Along with<br />

our full menu, we also have beer,<br />

wine, and specialty cocktails. We<br />

appreciate your support!<br />

Order now at wallyspizzabar.com<br />

Wally's Pizza Bar<br />

4079 Cameron Park Drive<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-677-5205<br />

wallyspizzabar.com<br />

Combining the flavors of France<br />

and the Mediterranean regions with<br />

an emphasis on quality, seasonal,<br />

and fresh locally grown ingredients.<br />

The perfect location for private<br />

dining, special events, wedding<br />

celebrations, and corporate dinners/<br />

presentations.<br />

La Provence Restaurant<br />

& Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Place<br />

Roseville<br />

916-789-2002<br />

laprovenceroseville.com<br />



italian cuisine<br />

All of us at Relish would like to thank<br />

our loyal clientele for supporting<br />

us during these tough times. We<br />

couldn't have done it without you.<br />

Consistently voted best patio dining,<br />

we invite you to visit us to enjoy<br />

our inviting patio with full bar. At<br />

Relish we offer excellent quality and<br />

enjoyable food.<br />

Relish Burger Bar<br />

1000 White Rock Rd<br />

El Dorado Hills<br />

916-933-3111<br />

relishburgerbar.com<br />

A restaurant dedicated to bringing the<br />

flavors of Tuscany to our dining room.<br />

Named after the Italian hometown of<br />

2 of our founding partners, we offer<br />

traditional cuisine of the Tuscany region,<br />

as well as other recipes popular all over<br />

Italy – simple dishes made to order with<br />

the freshest of ingredients, and always<br />

created and served with pride.<br />

Vaiano Trattoria<br />

7160 Douglas Blvd.<br />

Granite Bay<br />

916-780-0888<br />

vaianotrattoria.com<br />



The Independent presents an<br />

outstanding American fusion menu<br />

and a top-tier full bar. The scratch<br />

kitchen uses only the freshest, finest<br />

ingredients creating exceptional grill<br />

and seafood entrées. The bar prides<br />

itself on artisanal cocktails, freshsqueezed<br />

juices, and house-made<br />

mixers. Beautiful outdoor patio!<br />

The Independent<br />

Restaurant and Bar<br />

629 Main Street, Placerville<br />

530-344-7645<br />

independentplacerville.com<br />

A Family of Candy Makers since 1963.<br />

With three generations of candy makers,<br />

Snooks continues the tradition<br />

of producing the finest freshly made<br />

confections in Historic Folsom.<br />

Thank you Folsom for your support.<br />

We look forward to getting back to a<br />

more normal business soon!<br />

Come Visit Us or Shop Online!<br />

Snooks Chocolate Factory<br />

731 Sutter Street<br />

Historic Folsom<br />

916-985-0620<br />

snookscandies.com<br />

SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 81

| eat & drink |<br />


MORE<br />

ARTISAN-<br />


WE LOVE…<br />


BUTTER, $18.85<br />

from Fiddyment<br />

Farms, 563<br />

Second Street, Suite<br />

210, Lincoln, 916-645-<br />

7244, fiddymentfarms.<br />

com<br />



$18 from High-Hand Olive<br />

Oil Company, 3750 Taylor<br />

Road, Loomis, 916-652-7003 x.3,<br />

highhandnursery.com/shopthe-fruit-shed/high-hand-oliveoil-company<br />


$8.50 from Long Dream<br />

Farm, 4053 Wilson Town<br />

Road, Lincoln, 916-432-3316,<br />

longdreamfarm.org<br />


HONEY, $10 from Moore<br />

Natural Ranch, 7250 Sierra<br />

Ponds Lane, Granite Bay, 916-277-<br />

4561, moorenaturalranch.com<br />


POPCORN, starts<br />

at $5.95 from<br />

Nibblers Popcorn<br />

Company, 4420<br />

Town Center Boulevard,<br />

El Dorado Hills, Suite 100,<br />

916-235-2400, nibblerspopcorn.<br />

com<br />

Lana Lane Gourmet Goods // This COVID-19 craziness has made me forget how much I enjoy cruising<br />

around shops in the “Old Town” district of any city that has one: Folsom, Sacramento, Roseville, and—one of my favorites—<br />

Placerville. But the real joy in these historic California landmarks is ducking off Main Street into an alley and finding a hidden gem<br />

that only locals and informed food writers know exists. Fortunately, I belong to the latter. So my excursion on this day included<br />

a visit to Lana Lane Gourmet Goods—a treasure trove of tantalizing treats, teas, coffees, decadent baked goods (some glutenfree<br />

and vegan!), jams, tapenades, olive oils, and other epicurean delights. I sampled several of Lana’s jams and brought home<br />

the Strawberry Balsamic: a tough choice over the Raspberry Jalapeño. I also grabbed a Jalapeño Whiskey Mustard (sensing<br />

a theme here?) and a Cherry Turnover, because how could I resist? I also couldn’t leave without a bag of her Rockin’<br />

Spiced Nuts, because they caught my eye and because I also know that Lana Lane is an accomplished rock vocalist with<br />

multiple albums to her credit (and she’s a lot of fun to talk to). Stop by for a cup of coffee and a pastry, sample some jams (great<br />

for gifts), and take home some of her other goodies. You’ll be glad you did! 451 Main Street, Unit 5, Placerville, 530-333-5443,<br />

lanalanegourmetgoods.com —Lorn Randall<br />

82 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Photo by Dante Fontana<br />


$8.50 from Smokey Ridge<br />

Ranch, 2160 Carson Road,<br />

Placerville, 530-626-5077,<br />

smokeyridgeranch.com<br />


ORANGE<br />


DRESSING, $8<br />

from Snow’s<br />

Citrus, 9860<br />

Powerhouse Road,<br />

Newcastle, 916-663-1884,<br />

snowscitrus.com<br />


from The Crazy Gringo<br />

Taco Wagon Salsa Co.,<br />

3300 Coach Lane, A15 and A14,<br />

Cameron Park, 530-305-3675,<br />

thecrazygringotacowagonsalsaco.<br />

com<br />

Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.

Natural Approach to Treating<br />

Peri & Post Menopause Webinar<br />

Dr. Kristi Tompkins, ND<br />

Wednesday <strong>September</strong> 16th, 6:30pm<br />

Looking for a healthier, whole body, natural approach to<br />

uncomfortable hormone changes during Peri & Post Menopause?<br />

Join us for this informative webinar and you will learn:<br />

• Physical and Emotional symptoms of Peri & Post Menopause<br />

• Pros and Cons of Hormone Testing via Blood, Saliva & Urine<br />

• Treatments Discussed: Bio-Identical Hormones, Botanical &<br />

Nutritional Medicine and Positive Lifestyle Recommendations<br />

to alleviate hormone symptoms.<br />




(916) 292-9799<br />

820 Wales Drive, Folsom<br />

To Register: please visit https://www.icpfolsom.com<br />

Winner<br />

11 years<br />

in a row.<br />

Free Writing Prospectus (to Prospectus dated January 24, <strong>2020</strong>, as Supplemented by the Prospectus Supplement dated June 10, <strong>2020</strong>)<br />

Filed Pursuant to Rule 424(b)(2) Registration Statement No. 333-236080<br />


Willamette Wineworks —<br />

Willamette Valley Vineyards’<br />

first prototype outpost — now<br />

open in Historic Folsom!<br />

Earn an annual wine credit, 25% discount on wine<br />

purchases and other great benefits!<br />

Preferred Stock (NASDAQ: WVVIP) offered at $4.85 per share,<br />

4.5% annual dividend or wine credit receiving 15% more value.<br />

Learn more and make an investment at wvv.com/ownership<br />

(800) 344-9463 | stock.offering@wvv.com<br />

Willamette Valley Vineyards, Inc., has filed a registration statement (including a prospectus) with the SEC for the offering to which this communication relates.<br />

Before you invest, you should read the prospectus in that registration statement and other documents we have filed with the SEC for more complete information<br />

about our company and this offering. You may get these documents for free by visiting EDGAR on the SEC Web site at www.sec.gov. Alternatively, you may obtain<br />

a copy of these documents at http://www.wvv.com/prospectus, or we will arrange to send you the prospectus (including the documents incorporated therein by<br />

reference) if you so request by writing us at stock.offering@wvv.com or calling 1-800-344-9463.

| eat & drink |<br />

6<br />

Spice<br />

THE<br />

Hot<br />

LIST<br />

Fiery Foods<br />


things up with these mouthwatering,<br />

lip-smacking, tear-inducing peppery plates.<br />

In no particular order…<br />

The Chilli Porotta from Porottas in Roseville will<br />

definitely put some pep in your step. Porottas<br />

are layered flatbreads from India that are usually<br />

disk-like but torn here into smaller pieces and<br />

mixed together with a blend of fried onions,<br />

tomatoes, and chili powder—the spicy kind. It’s<br />

the perfect thing to shovel into your mouth when<br />

you have the need for some heat. porottas.com<br />

Photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

84 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


<strong>2020</strong> MMTIP LLC All rights reserved.<br />


THE<br />

Hot<br />

LIST<br />

With names like Fire Dragon, Spicy Heaven,<br />

and Dynamite, you’re certainly likely to find<br />

something to satiate those chili cravings at Umi<br />

Sushi in El Dorado Hills. After you’ve sampled<br />

the above, try the Hot Lady. With spicy tuna,<br />

crabmeat, jalapeños, eel sauce, wasabi, and<br />

Sriracha mayo, you’ll soon learn that this roll<br />

means business. Consider yourself warned.<br />

umisushirestaurant.com<br />

When you think Italian, I’m sure “spicy” isn’t the first<br />

word that comes to mind but Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

in Folsom makes a mean Spicy Spaghetti alla<br />

Cacciatore that’ll have you thinking differently. They<br />

serve up chicken breast, mushrooms, olives, bell<br />

peppers, tomatoes, and onions sautéed in a silky<br />

marsala wine sauce that has quite the kick to it. Is<br />

that drool I see? viscontisristorante.com<br />

If you’re feeling particularly<br />

ravenous, China City Restaurant<br />

in Cameron Park makes an overindulgent<br />

special called Hunan<br />

Three Delights, consisting of beef,<br />

scallops, and shrimp. This triple<br />

threat comes cooked in a spicy<br />

sauce, tossed with veggies, and is<br />

the best thing to eat if you want to<br />

stay full, and satisfied, till tomorrow.<br />

530-672-9888<br />

Wally’s Pizza Bar in Cameron Park makes a Thai Curry<br />

Chicken Pizza with sweet curry sauce, roasted chicken,<br />

yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, red onions, creamy<br />

mascarpone cheese, and a hint of fresh lime, basil, and<br />

cilantro. It’s got an array of colors, flavors, and textures<br />

and is a treat in itself. But, take it up a notch and ask for it<br />

spicy. Just like that, you’ve added another dimension to<br />

an already perfect pizza. wallyspizzabar.com<br />

How do you make a brie burger<br />

better? Toss in some jalapeños.<br />

BarnBurner in Rocklin does just that<br />

to their Spicy Brie Burger. A third of<br />

a pound of grass-fed meat is served<br />

with brie, candied bacon, sautéed<br />

onions, said jalapeños, spring mix,<br />

and a piquant Sriracha barbecue<br />

sauce. Salty, sweet, spicy, it deserves<br />

all the superlatives you could possibly<br />

think of. barnburnercafe.com<br />

Visconti's Ristorante and China City Restaurant photos by Dante Fontana. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

86 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and Loomis Chambers of Commerce Present<br />

PLACER<br />

VALLEY<br />

EATS<br />

4 weekends + 4 cities = a whole lot of takeout<br />



@rocklinchamber<br />



@loomischamber<br />

SEPT. 11-13<br />

@rosevillechamber<br />

SEPT. 18-20<br />

SEPT. 25-27<br />

@lincolnareachamberca<br />

Download digital guides each week for<br />

participating restaurants, breweries, wineries,<br />

bakeries & caterers.<br />


PlacerValleyEats.com<br />

JOSEPH GREEN • Senior Mortgage Consultant<br />

Mortgage solutions for your refinance or purchase<br />

primary, second home, or investment property. Now is a<br />

critical time to explore your options.<br />

• 100’s of families helped.<br />

Know Your Loan.<br />

Love Your Lender.<br />

From home ownership to home innovation, we drive<br />

modern lending forward with fast, tech-enabled<br />

financing solutions.<br />

• • •<br />

“When I spoke with Joe, he gave me the<br />

info I needed within our first 20 minute<br />

conversation. We closed our loan on the<br />

excact day he said we would. Joe always<br />

promptly answered my calls & emails. I<br />

will definitely be recommending Joe to<br />

my family and friends. Thanks Joe!”<br />

Molly<br />

Folsom<br />

• • •<br />

“Joe is FANTASTIC!! I have<br />

already referred my brother to Joe<br />

and he is also extremely happy.<br />

Thank you for letting me express<br />

my gratitude.”<br />

Theodore<br />

Santa Nella<br />

• • •<br />

“Joe was able to get my refi done in 3<br />

weeks, something my previous bank<br />

could not do in over 3 months. He<br />

was very communicative and helpful<br />

throughout the entire process. I’m very<br />

happy I was referred to Joe and would<br />

definitely recommend him!”<br />

Allison<br />

Sacramento<br />

8781 Sierra College Blvd.<br />

Roseville, CA 95661<br />

916-477-8050<br />

Office: 916-218-7010 x1510<br />

jgreen@loanpal.com<br />


| eat & drink | Sip on This<br />

5<br />

An Apple a Day...<br />


We Love!<br />

Complex, drinkable, and trendy, there’s something<br />

about cider that makes it the apple of our eye.<br />

Toast to the season with one of the refreshing<br />

picks below. —Compiled by Megan Wiskus<br />

Silver Fork<br />

Aloha Cider<br />


Handcrafted in small<br />

batches by fermenting local<br />

apples, this crisp, dry, lightly<br />

carbonated cider has aromas<br />

of tropical fruit and tastes like<br />

“Hawaii in a glass.”<br />

ABV: 6.5%<br />

TRY IT HERE: Bumgarner<br />

Winery & Vineyards, 3550<br />

Carson Road, Suite B, Camino,<br />

530-303-3418; 7380 Vineyard<br />

View Drive, Fair Play, 888-946-<br />

3286, bumgarnerwinery.com<br />

DID YOU KNOW? All of<br />

Bumgarner’s hard ciders<br />

(choose from Traditional,<br />

Dry-Hopped, Ginger, or Aloha)<br />

are packaged in sustainable,<br />

flip-top bottles; bring the bottle<br />

back for $5 off your next cider<br />

purchase.<br />

South Fork Hard<br />

Apple Cider<br />

TASTING NOTES: Made by<br />

méthode champenoise, this<br />

refreshing sparkling cider<br />

boasts a blend of Arkansas<br />

Black, Fuji, Golden Delicious,<br />

Granny Smith, and Pippin<br />

apples. After being customcrushed<br />

by Barsotti Family<br />

Juice Company, it goes<br />

through secondary bottle<br />

fermentation at Equinox in<br />

Santa Cruz.<br />

ABV: 7.2%<br />

TRY IT HERE: Wofford<br />

Acres Vineyards, 1900<br />

Hidden Valley Lane, Camino,<br />

530-626-6858, facebook.com/<br />

wofford.acresvineyards<br />

DID YOU KNOW? Wofford<br />

Acres has a breathtaking view<br />

of one of the tributaries to the<br />

South Fork of the American<br />

River, hence their cider’s<br />

moniker and the winery’s<br />

slogan: “Come for the wine,<br />

stay for the view.”<br />

Rainbow Hard<br />

Apple Cider<br />


crisp, dry cider—made with<br />

Arkansas Black, Pink Lady,<br />

and Fuji apples—evokes a<br />

delicate apple perfume and is<br />

tart, floral, and full of flavor.<br />

ABV: 7.2%<br />

TRY IT HERE: Rainbow<br />

Orchards, 2569 Larsen<br />

Drive, Camino, 530-644-1594,<br />

rainboworchards.net<br />

DID YOU KNOW? Rainbow<br />

Orchards is a third-generation<br />

family farm that’s been<br />

providing the finest mountaingrown<br />

fruit since 1977. In<br />

addition to apples, they<br />

also grow pears, peaches,<br />

nectarines, and blueberries.<br />

Original Dry Hard<br />

Apple Cider<br />

TASTING NOTES: Crisp and<br />

clean on the tongue, with a<br />

medium, dry fruitiness and<br />

aroma of fresh-cut apples,<br />

this award-winning cider<br />

(named “Best in Show” in<br />

the International Beverage<br />

Competition two years in a<br />

row) pairs well with spicy<br />

dishes, BBQ pork or chicken,<br />

and all types of cheese.<br />

ABV: 6.5%<br />

TRY IT HERE: North<br />

Canyon Cider Company,<br />

3541 North Canyon Road,<br />

Camino, 650-520-4349,<br />

northcanyoncider.com<br />

DID YOU KNOW? North<br />

Canyon starts every batch<br />

of cider with fresh-pressed<br />

apple juice—made daily at<br />

their family-owned, solarpowered<br />

mill.<br />

Blackberry Sangria<br />


apple cider is blended with<br />

blackberries, mangoes, and<br />

California red wine, resulting in<br />

an easy-drinking beverage that<br />

features tart sangria overtones<br />

and a sweet finish.<br />

ABV: 6.5%<br />

TRY IT HERE: Common<br />

Cider Company, 12852<br />

Earhart Avenue, Suite 106,<br />

Auburn, 530-878-5768,<br />

commoncider.com<br />

DID YOU KNOW? Common<br />

Cider is a woman- and<br />

minority-owned company<br />

that started in 2012 after the<br />

owner entered a home brew<br />

competition in Reno; the<br />

company’s products are now<br />

sold throughout California,<br />

Northern Nevada, and<br />

Michigan.<br />

Photos by Gary Zsigo.<br />

88 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags





5065 Pacific Street<br />

Rocklin<br />

916-701-4772<br />

FOLSOM<br />


187 Blue Ravine Rd.<br />

Folsom<br />

916-351-0900<br />




Mezcalito-Cuisine-0620-X2.indd 1<br />

5/13/20 7:41 AM

| eat & drink |<br />

Restaurant Guide<br />

Featuring restaurants and eateries in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, and beyond.<br />

= Outdoor Seating<br />

= Full Bar<br />

= Beer & Wine Only<br />

= Happy Hour<br />

M = Pick up a copy of <strong>Style</strong> here!<br />


36 Handles Public House<br />

1010 White Rock Rd., Ste. 100, 916-941-3606.<br />

American. Grab a cold beer from any of their 36<br />

rotating taps while digging in to delicious American<br />

gastropub food. Attend one of their many events or<br />

join their Mug Club and get a custom, oversized mug<br />

and special deals. L/D $$<br />

Bamiyan<br />

1121 White Rock Rd., 916-941-8787. Afghan. Since 2003,<br />

Bamiyan has been serving delicious Afghan cuisine,<br />

including ashak, mantoo, and bolani. Vegan options.<br />

Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

BLVD 41<br />

4364 Town Center Blvd., Ste. 134, 916-235-2337. Pizza.<br />

Craft your own experience with custom-made pizzas,<br />

signature salads, and 41 craft beers and wines on tap.<br />

Assigned wristbands allow the suds—and good times—<br />

to flow freely inside or out. L/D | $$<br />

Folsom Palace<br />

3941 Park Dr., Ste 10, 916-936-0808. Asian Fusion.<br />

Food prepared the healthy way, using only natural and<br />

fresh ingredients with low sodium, less oil and no MSG.<br />

Daily Lunch Specials. L/D $$<br />

Milestone Restaurant<br />

4359 Town Center Blvd., Ste. 116, El Dorado Hills,<br />

916-934-0790, American. Seasonal food, wine, beer, and<br />

cocktails await at this contemporary, hip space with<br />

an outdoor patio. They offer open-face sandwiches,<br />

cheese & deli plates, and other delicious New American<br />

offerings. L/D/ $$<br />

Relish Burger Bar<br />

1000 White Rock Rd., 916-933-3111. American. Stop by<br />

to enjoy delicious-tasting burgers, salads, loaded<br />

nachos, beer-battered onion rings, and more at one of<br />

El Dorado Hills’ finest burger joints. Spacious patio and<br />

weekly events. L/D $$<br />

Selland’s Market Café<br />

4370 Town Center Blvd., 916-932-5025. Café/<br />

Bakery. Seasonal, healthy, and house-made<br />

menu items including eclectic sandwiches and<br />

hearty entrées and sides, leafy green salads,<br />

pizzas, and delectable desserts. Sunday brunch.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Sienna<br />

3909 Park Dr., 916-941-9694. American. This<br />

award-winning restaurant’s specialties include<br />

wood-fired pizzas, fresh fish, hand-cut steaks,<br />

and a large selection of appetizers. Friday lunch<br />

and Sunday brunch. D $$<br />

Sky Sushi<br />

3907 Park Dr., 916-941-6311. Japanese. Since 2005,<br />

Sky Sushi has been serving fresh and tasty rolls at<br />

reasonable prices. Located in La Borgata, it offers<br />

stylish environs and artistically presented plates.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Thai Paradise EDH<br />

4361 Town Center Blvd., 916-939-0389. Thai. Second<br />

location for Thai Paradise of Folsom voted “Best Thai<br />

Restaurant” for the past 11 years. Serving authentic,<br />

delicious and healthy Thai food. Menu includes the<br />

best dishes from Folsom plus specials. L/D $$<br />

Umi Sushi<br />

1121 White Rock Rd., Ste. 105, 916-586-9444. Japanese. The<br />

super fresh fish and pretty presentation will please<br />

both your appetite and eyes. A non-sushi menu (like<br />

delicious bento boxes and udon) is offered as well.<br />

Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Windplay Deli<br />

5003 Windplay Dr., Ste. 1, 916-933-9099. Deli. Located in<br />

EDH business park, Windplay Deli is a great lunch hour<br />

spot. Owner-operated, they strive to create sandwiches<br />

to your preference by accommodating all palates.<br />

Closed weekends. B/L $<br />

FOLSOM<br />

Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro<br />

1004 East Bidwell St., Ste. 100, 916-984-7500. New<br />

American. One of Folsom’s most praiseworthy<br />

eateries—thanks to extensive wine offerings and<br />

seasonal, globally influenced dishes that utilize fresh<br />

fare from local farms. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Casa Ramos<br />

400 Iron Point Dr., Folsom, 916-355-1600. Mexican.<br />

Serves up traditional Mexican fare as well as<br />

heart-healthy and vegetarian options. L/D $$<br />

Chicago Fire<br />

310 Palladio Pkwy., Ste. 701, 916-984-0140. Pizza.<br />

Offering a variety of menu items inspired by the<br />

Windy City, from meaty Italian beef sandwiches and a<br />

“Chicago Dog” to the deepest and cheesiest pizza in<br />

town. L/D $$<br />

Ciro’s Pizza Café<br />

241 Blue Ravine Rd., Folsom, 916-983-5757. Pizza.<br />

Hand-tossed pizzas crafted using dough made<br />

in-house every day and fresh, local veggies and<br />

ingredients. Lunch buffet. L/D $$<br />

Coffee Republic<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Rd., Folsom, 916-987-8001.<br />

Café/Bakery. Cozy brick-and-wood café offering<br />

a variety of sandwiches, salads, and sweet teas,<br />

in addition to extensive coffee beverages. Vegan<br />

options. B/L/D $$<br />

Corner Tavern & Grill<br />

700 Glenn Dr., Ste. 170, Folsom, 916-467-7800. American.<br />

Pizza. Sports Bar. Everyone knows your name at this<br />

gastro tavern that serves elegant, East Coast-inspired<br />

comfort food, including burgers, salads, sandwiches,<br />

soups, pastas, pizza, and more. Vegan options. Daily<br />

specials. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill<br />

2791 East Bidwell St., Ste. 100B, 916-597-1008. Mexican.<br />

Costa Vida is awash with the flavors of coastal<br />

Mexico. Inspired by nautical vibes and healthy<br />

living, choose from burritos, tacos, nachos, salads,<br />

and quesadillas, to name a few—and customize<br />

your creation from there. L/D $<br />

Coyote Bar & Kitchen<br />

185 Placerville Rd., 916-986-9785. Mexican/Southwestern.<br />

New American. Bar. Enjoy bold American fare with<br />

a Southwestern flair at this concept kitchen from<br />

the folks behind Dos Coyotes. Fan favorites include<br />

the chipotle chicken pizza (white cheddar cheese,<br />

BBQ chicken, chipotle BBQ sauce, black bean salsa,<br />

mango sauce, green onions, and roasted pumpkin<br />

seeds), Caesar grain salad (roasted Brussels sprouts<br />

and red peppers, crispy garbanzo beans, arugula, wild<br />

rice-grain blend, lemon Caesar dressing), and Sante Fe<br />

chicken sandwich with avocado and green chile jam .<br />

L/D $$<br />

Curry Bowl<br />

1870 Prairie City Rd. Ste. 500, Folsom, 916-467-7675.<br />

Indian. Serving North and South Indian Cuisine along<br />

with a daily lunch buffet comprising multiple mains,<br />

sides, and desserts, Curry Bowl aims to please with it's<br />

authentic dishes that cater to vegetarians and nonvegetarians,<br />

alike. L/D $$<br />

Curry Club Indian Bistro<br />

196 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 130, 916-353-0855. Indian.<br />

Dive into authentic Indian cuisine at this local favorite.<br />

Avail of their lunch buffet where you can sample<br />

multiple dishes for a fraction of the price. Regulars<br />

go gaga for their vindaloo, palak paneer, and butter<br />

chicken. L/D $$<br />

Dolan's Bar & Grill<br />

199 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-932-4750. Sports Bar. Irish.<br />

American. Sit back and relax at this laid-back sports<br />

pub that serves a fusion of traditional Irish fare and<br />

California classics with a kick, including Carnitas Mac<br />

'n Cheese, Bangin' Flatbread, and Shepherd's Pie.<br />

Entertainment includes Friday night karaoke, live music<br />

on Saturdays, darts, a pool table, six TVs, and a video<br />

wall. Sunday brunch. L/D $$<br />

Dos Coyotes<br />

13885 Folsom Blvd., Ste. 100, 916-351-9750.<br />

Mexican. Dos Coyotes offers an eclectic spin on<br />

Southwestern dishes at affordable prices and prides<br />

themselves on using fresh, local ingredients. Vegan<br />

options. L/D $<br />

90 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Fat’s Asia Bistro<br />

2585 Iron Point Rd., 916-983-1133. Asian Fusion/<br />

Chinese/Seafood. Named the region’s favorite Asian<br />

restaurant for more than 10 years in a row, Fat’s<br />

specializes in handmade dim sum, banana cream pie<br />

(Frank Fat’s recipe), and other high-quality dishes.<br />

L/D $$<br />

FLB Entertainment Center<br />

511 East Bidwell St., 916-983-4411. American.<br />

Bowling, a casino, and sports bar are just part of the fun<br />

that awaits at FLB Entertainment Center. They also<br />

offer a full grill with veggie-packed salads and wraps,<br />

burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and breakfast items.<br />

Late-night dining. B/L/D $$<br />

Folsom Dam Grill<br />

97 Natoma St., 916-790-8805. American.<br />

Expect good eats, good drinks, and good fun at this<br />

eatery that serves playfully named plates for all palates,<br />

including street tacos, burgers, and sandwiches.<br />

The classic lobster roll ("The Last Meal") with lemon,<br />

tarragon, and mayo on a grilled, split-top bun is<br />

particularly tasty, and best enjoyed on their spacious<br />

patio. L/D $$<br />

Folsom Palace<br />

1169 Riley Street,916-983-8880. Asian Fusion. Food<br />

prepared the healthy way, using only natural and fresh<br />

ingredients with low sodium, less oil and no MSG. Daily<br />

Lunch Specials. L/D $$<br />

Folsom Tap House<br />

25005 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 140., 916-292-5711.<br />

American. Choices abound at Folsom Tap House!<br />

Their extensive menu allows guests to choose from<br />

draft and bottled beers, and their food menu has<br />

options that’ll pair perfectly with whatever pint you<br />

pick. L/D $$<br />

Hacienda Del Rio<br />

702 Sutter St., Ste. M, 916-351-1800. Mexican. Since<br />

1979, Hacienda has been dishing up authentic<br />

Mexican favorites like Fajitas Del Rio and Chimi<br />

Especial, alongside chips, spicy green salsa, and<br />

handcrafted margaritas. Weekend brunch and<br />

spacious patio. L/D $$<br />

Hasu Teriyaki & Sushi<br />

25075 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 120, 916-983-7777. Japanese.<br />

Enjoy the delicious food, friendly service, and cozy<br />

atmosphere at Hasu. The menu features a wide variety<br />

of traditional Japanese dishes guaranteed to please.<br />

Vegan options. Closed Tuesday. L/D $<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 107, 916-985-7778.<br />

Japanese. Combining traditional Japanese cuisine with<br />

a creative and contemporary flair, Hisui focuses on<br />

serving food made using fresh, healthy ingredients.<br />

Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Inchin's Bamboo Garden<br />

1760 Prairie City Rd., Ste.100, Folsom, 916-693-6969.<br />

Indian-Chinese. Inchin's offers flavorful fusion food,<br />

combining Indian and Chinese cuisines. From fried<br />

rice to szechwan paneer, they've got it all. You'll also<br />

find creative craft cocktails and vegan and gluten-free<br />

options. L/D $$<br />

Iron Horse Tavern<br />

460 Palladio Pkwy., 916-618-4322. New American.<br />

Grab a seat on the spacious patio with TVs at this<br />

hip gastropub that serves up eclectic American fare,<br />

including a Mac & Cheese Bar, Brandy Fried Chicken<br />

Nuggets, and weekend brunch with Stuffed French<br />

Toast, a Breakfast Board, and bottomless mimosas.<br />

Their craft cocktails, myriad mocktails, and over 25<br />

beers can't be missed either. L/D $$<br />

Julian's Pâtisserie and Café<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Rd., Ste. 7, 916-936-4735.<br />

Bakery/Café. Julian's Pâtisserie is full of European treats,<br />

creative crêpes (both sweet and savory), and more—all<br />

of which are made from scratch with nothing but the<br />

finest ingredients. Closed Tuesday. B/L $<br />

Karen’s Bakery and Café<br />

705 Gold Lake Dr., Ste. 340, 916-985-2665. Bakery/<br />

Café. Bakery items here are based on European<br />

traditions and feature seasonal ingredients with a<br />

creative approach. The picturesque patio is perfect for<br />

catching up with friends over coffee or lunch. Closed<br />

Sunday. B/L $$<br />

= Readers’ Choice Award Winners<br />


Land Ocean New American Grill<br />

2720 East Bidwell St., 916-983-7000. New American.<br />

Land Ocean offers distinctive menus that include<br />

hand-cut steaks, wood-fired rotisserie, fresh seafood,<br />

and delectable desserts. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

La Rosa Blanca<br />

402 Natoma St., 916-673-9085. Mexican. You’re part of<br />

the family at La Rosa Blanca. From fajitas and tostadas<br />

to tortas, soups, and salads, you can expect<br />

great-tasting food, generous portions, and a festive<br />

environment. L/D $<br />

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar<br />

300 Palladio Pkwy., Folsom, 916-378-4660. American.<br />

Enjoy a sizeable, seasonal menu full of eclectic,<br />

gastropub-style offerings that include salads, bowls,<br />

burgers, pastas, desserts, and even an impressive kids’<br />

menu. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

Lotus 8<br />

199 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 100. 916-351-9278. Chinese.<br />

This eatery serves authentic Chinese food with a<br />

modern twist, such as orange chicken that manages to<br />

be both saucy yet incredibly crispy at the same time.<br />

Lunch dishes come with soup and your choice of chow<br />

mein or fried rice. L/D $$<br />

Mas Taco Bar<br />

450 Palladio Pkwy., 916-597-2929. Mexican.<br />

From creative tacos that run the gamut from pork belly<br />

and duck confit, to Korean fried chicken and fried<br />

oysters, Mas' menu also features appetizers, bowls, and<br />

desserts. When it comes to wetting your whistle, the<br />

cocktail menu—all handmade with fresh ingredients—<br />

has you covered! The bar also boasts over 50 types of<br />

tequila. B/L/D $$<br />

Mel's Diner<br />

13399 Folsom Blvd., 916-985-7337, American. Whether<br />

morning, noon, or night, step into yesteryear at this<br />

local diner that serves all-American family favorites like<br />

country fried steak, burgers, fried chicken, milkshakes,<br />

and more. B/L/D $$<br />

Mexquite<br />

25095 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-984-8607. Mexican.<br />

Mexquite provides mouthwatering Mexican cuisine,<br />

plus a lively interior and spacious, dog-friendly patio.<br />

Patrons particularly love their ceviche, margaritas, and<br />

carnitas. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine<br />

187 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 160, 916-351-0900. Oaxacan.<br />

Savor authentic flavors from Oaxaca at this eatery<br />

known for their complex mole, tlayudas, and other<br />

flavor-filled plates, including plenty of vegetarian and<br />

seafood options. Don't forget to save room for dessert:<br />

The churros and mezcal ice cream are a fan favorite.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Mikuni<br />

185 Placerville Rd., Ste. 100, Folsom, 916-934-5250.<br />

Japanese. In addition to sushi, traditional Japanese<br />

dishes, and modern twists on classics, Mikuni offers<br />

a gluten-free menu, party platters, and happy hour<br />

specials—all made using great attention to detail<br />

and fresh ingredients. L/D $$<br />

Mountain Mike's Pizza<br />

25075 Blue Ravine Rd Suite 150, Folsom, 916-817-<br />

1207. Pizza. A family-friendly favorite, Mountain Mikes<br />

promises the crispiest, curliest pepperoni and the<br />

freshest ingredients on their pizza. They also offer<br />

mouthwatering wings, an all-you-can-eat salad bar, and<br />

pizza buffet lunch. L/D $$<br />

Mylapore<br />

1760 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 160., 916-985-3500. Indian.<br />

With South Indian roots, Mylapore serves fresh, healthy,<br />

scratch-made food that’s entirely vegetarian. Their<br />

breakfast, daily specials, and dosa happy hour are not<br />

to be missed. B/L/D $$<br />

Rock-N-Fire<br />

1010 Riley St., Ste. 4, 916-673-9474. Pizza/American/<br />

Mexican. Ever heard of a burger bowl? Try it at this<br />

unique eatery that serves up flavor-packed fare—<br />

including custom-built (and signature) pizzas, burgers<br />

and said burger bowls, salads, nachos, tacos, and<br />

more—with speedy, friendly service at affordable prices.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Ruchi Indian Cuisine<br />

601 East Bidwell St., 916-983-2871. Indian. Ruchi’s<br />

accommodating menu has a variety of North and<br />

South Indian dishes, including a lengthy list of<br />

vegetarian entrées, as well as a lunch buffet and weekly<br />

specials. L/D $$<br />

Rudy’s Hideaway<br />

12303 Folsom Blvd., 916-351-0606. Seafood/Steakhouse.<br />

Rudy’s is a seafood-lover’s delight and features a<br />

mouthwatering selection of nautical noshes plus meltin-your-mouth<br />

steaks and lunch specials. L/D $$<br />

Sacramento Pizza Company<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 500, 916-673-9754. Pizza.<br />

Choose your crust, sauce, cheese, meats, and unlimited<br />

toppings at this pizza lover’s paradise. The locally<br />

sourced ingredients and scratch-made dough results in<br />

pie perfection. Vegan cheese and gluten-free crust<br />

available. L/D $<br />

Sanskrit New Age Indian<br />

2776 East Bidwell St., Ste. 300, 916-817-4356. Indian.<br />

This exciting dining destination serves authentic Indian<br />

dishes with a fusion flair (favorites include the Bombay<br />

Sliders, Manglore Fried Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and<br />

Biriyani) in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Closed<br />

Mondays. Catering available. Lunch buffet; offerings<br />

change daily. L/D $$<br />

Scott's Seafood at the Roundhouse<br />

NEW LOCATION: 824 Sutter Street, 916-989-6711.<br />

Seafood/American. Expect the freshest of seafood<br />

(flown in or delivered daily from around the world)<br />

served by well-trained, knowledgeable staff in a<br />

comfortable atmosphere at this Folsom area favorite.<br />

Full gluten-free menu. L/D $$$<br />

Shogun Hibachi Grill & Sushi<br />

1870 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 600, 916-985-9588. Japanese.<br />

This modern hibachi restaurant brings new meaning to<br />

“dinner and a show,” thanks to a personal chef who will<br />

deftly chop, slice, and fly your meal over and above the<br />

grill and onto your plate. L/D $$<br />

Strings Italian Café<br />

25035 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 120, 916-983-8815.<br />

Italian. Strings has been serving enjoyable and<br />

affordable Italian dishes in a relaxed atmosphere<br />

for the past 10 years. Enjoy one of their lunch<br />

specials any day between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. or avail<br />

of their party trays. L/D $$<br />

Suishin Sushi<br />

194 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-985-8885. Japanese. Suishin uses<br />

the freshest ingredients, including novelties like quail<br />

eggs, uni, and ponzu. The modern, hip atmosphere<br />

leaves you at ease as you consume your fish, one roll at<br />

a time. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Sunny Garden Restaurant<br />

25085 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 150, 916-983-8882.<br />

Chinese. Sunny Garden prides themselves on using<br />

fresh ingredients in a traditional way and offering large<br />

portions at affordable prices. L/D $<br />

Sutter Street Taqueria<br />

727 Sutter St., 916-293-8952. Mexican. Sutter<br />

Street Taqueria brings the unique flavors of San<br />

Francisco’s Mission District taquerias to Folsom with<br />

a side of friendly service. Whether ordering a burrito,<br />

taco, quesadilla, or nachos, you can expect fresh<br />

ingredients, mouthwatering meats, and affordable<br />

prices. B/L/D $<br />

Thai Paradise<br />

2770 East Bidwell St., 916-984-8988. Thai. Specials<br />

every day of the week. Voted the Best Thai Restaurant<br />

in Folsom and El Dorado Hills every year since 2008.<br />

Delicious and authentic dishes made using local, farmto-fork<br />

vegetables, meats bought daily, and healthy<br />

rice bran oil. L/D $$<br />

The River Thai Cuisine<br />

424 East Bidwell St., 916-983-7388. Thai. Friendly<br />

service and deliciously authentic Thai food are waiting<br />

for you at The River Thai Cuisine. Established in 2015,<br />

this family-owned restaurant will satisfy your Thai food<br />

cravings. L/D $$<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 700, 916-983-5181. Italian. For<br />

the past two decades, Visconti’s has given the<br />

community a taste of Italy with their authentic dishes,<br />

romantic setting, and traditional music. L/D $$<br />


Allez!<br />

4242 Fowler Ln., Ste. 101, Diamond Springs,<br />

530-621-1160. French. Savor French café classics like<br />

baguette sandwiches on fresh-baked bread, crêpes,<br />

stews, pastas, and a to-die-for seafood paella. Enjoy<br />

your order in their rustically elegant dining room or to<br />

go. B/L/D $$<br />

Bene Ristorante Italiano<br />

423 Main St., Placerville, 530-303-3415. Italian/Pizza.<br />

Enjoy a taste of Naples in Downtown Placerville as you<br />

savor Neapolitan-style pizza with all of your favorite<br />

toppings, fresh-made salads, or savory pasta dishes.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Bricks<br />

482 Main St., Placerville, 530-303-3480. New<br />

American. If you’re looking for a friendly, unpretentious<br />

dining destination with local brews and good eats, look<br />

no further than the aptly named Bricks. Lamb lovers<br />

will go gaga for the Bo Peep Burger, but their steaks,<br />

sandwiches, salads, and desserts are all winners too.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Farmer’s Delicatessen and Bakery<br />

3952 Cambridge Rd., Cameron Park, 530-672-6800.<br />

Bakery/Deli. A hybrid deli and bakery serving a variety<br />

of worldwide dishes, from gyros and sandwiches to<br />

Italian meatballs and a beloved rosemary focaccia.<br />

Vegan and gluten-free options. B/L $$<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main St., Placerville, 530-626-9700. New<br />

American. This intimate, bistro-style restaurant in a<br />

rustic chic space serves modern American cuisine<br />

(thin-crust pizzas, creative entrées, and artisan salads)<br />

and pours over 45 local, regional, and international<br />

wines. L/D $$<br />

Hog Wild Bar-B-Que<br />

38 Main St, Placerville, 530-622-3883. BBQ.<br />

High-quality, smoked meats cooked low and slow,<br />

scratch-made sides, satisfying salads, decadent<br />

desserts, and other finger-lickin'-good fare. Boasts a<br />

cozy atmosphere and pup-friendly patio. Catering<br />

available. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. L/D $$<br />

Kobe Sushi & Fusion<br />

3300 Coach Ln., Cameron Park, 530-672-9210.<br />

Japanese/Asian Fusion/Sushi Bar. Japanese sushi bar<br />

offering an extensive variety of rolls, high-quality<br />

sashimi, and Asian fusion favorites at reasonable prices.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Main Street Melters<br />

589 Main Street, Placerville, 530-303-3871, American.<br />

Build-your-own sandwiches to “massive melter,”<br />

featuring premium Boar’s Head deli meats .They also<br />

have an outdoor patio and serve a few frozen brunch<br />

cocktails. B/L $<br />

Papa Gianni’s Ristorante<br />

3450 Palmer Dr., Cameron Park, 530-672-2333. Italian.<br />

For over two decades, this family-owned eatery has<br />

been serving traditional, scratch-made recipes from<br />

Southern Italy, including favorites like chicken<br />

Parmesan, gnocchi alla vodka, and out-of-this-world<br />

desserts. It’s the ideal destination to celebrate a special<br />

occasion or grab takeout. L/D $$<br />

Snooty Frog<br />

3300 Coach Ln., Ste. E3, Cameron Park, 530-677-<br />

9025. Steakhouse/Seafood. There’s nothing snooty<br />

about Snooty Frog. It’s cozy but romantic, the food<br />

offerings—from steaks and seafood to pastas and<br />

rotating specials—are scrumptious, and their martinis<br />

are buzzworthy. D $$$<br />

Thai Unique<br />

1160 Broadway, Placerville, 530-621-9559. Thai. Indulge<br />

your senses in fresh, flavorful dishes like khao soi, duck<br />

curry, and tod mun kao pod while experiencing Thai<br />

cuisine that is indeed unique. L/D $$<br />

The Farm Table<br />

311 Main St., Placerville, 530-295-8140. American. For<br />

those who enjoy locally sourced, farm-fresh fare, and<br />

plates that change based on what can be picked, The<br />

Farm Table might become your home away from<br />

home. L/D $$<br />

The Breakroom<br />

4131 South Shingle Rd., Ste. 7, Shingle Springs, 530-763-6761.<br />

American. This full-service restaurant offers delicious<br />

American food (juicy burgers, French dip, salads, mac<br />

& cheese, etc.) and entertainment for the whole family,<br />

from pool tables, dart boards, and an arcade, to cards<br />

and dice. Sunday brunch. L/D $$<br />

The Independent<br />

629 Main St., Placerville, 530-344-7645. New<br />

American. Step into an urban dining establishment in<br />

the heart of Placerville and savor American fusion<br />

favorites and creatively mixed cocktails using<br />

fresh-squeezed juices. L/D $$<br />

Tom’s Burger & Frosty<br />

567 Placerville Dr., Placerville, 530-295-8199.<br />

American. Enjoy freshly grilled burgers, piping hot fries,<br />

and thick milkshakes that you and the whole family will<br />

love at this no-frills dining destination. L/D $<br />

Wally’s Pizza Bar<br />

4079 Cameron Park Dr., Cameron Park, 530-677-5205.<br />

Pizza/American. This family-owned and operated<br />

eatery crafts gourmet pizzas, pastas aplenty, and<br />

high-quality breakfast dishes. Their happy hour is one<br />

of the best in town. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />


Back Forty Texas BBQ<br />

1201 Orlando Avenue, Roseville, 916-726-4040.<br />

American. Serving up authentic Texas and finger-licking<br />

fare including ribs, burgers, steaks and more, plus fresh<br />

made sides alongside old-fashioned southern<br />

hospitality. L/D $$<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | stylemg.com 91

| eat & drink |<br />

Bar 101 Eats & Drinks<br />

101 Main St., Roseville, 916-774-0505, American.<br />

Sometimes you just want a comfortable neighborhood<br />

place to hang out and get some good food and drinks.<br />

If Historic Roseville is your destination, look no further<br />

than Bar 101. The menu features traditional bar fare,<br />

a bevy of burgers and sandwiches, street tacos, and<br />

more. L/D $$<br />

Bennett’s Kitchen Bar Market<br />

1595 Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-750-5150.<br />

American. Choose between fine dining or casual<br />

dining by the bar or on the temperature-controlled<br />

patio. The menu offers comfort food and elevated<br />

fare, while a full-service bar aims to create a “Napa<br />

vibe" in Roseville. Gluten-free and vegetarian<br />

options. B/L/D $$<br />

Chicago Fire<br />

500 North Sunrise Ave., 916-771-<strong>2020</strong>. Pizza. Offering a<br />

variety of menu items inspired by the Windy City, from<br />

meaty Italian beef sandwiches and a “Chicago Dog” to<br />

the deepest and cheesiest pizza in town. L/D $$<br />

Eureka!<br />

234 Gibson Dr., Ste. 100, Roseville, 916-864-9500.<br />

American. Serves 30 craft beers on tap, an extensive<br />

selection of small-batch whiskeys, and regional wines,<br />

along with craveable dishes like lollipop corn dogs,<br />

burgers, salads, and fried chicken sliders. Brunch<br />

Saturday & Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Fat’s Asia Bistro<br />

1500 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-787-3287, Asian<br />

Fusion/Chinese/Seafood. Named the region’s favorite<br />

Asian restaurant for more than 10 years in a row, Fat’s<br />

specializes in handmade dim sum, banana cream pie<br />

(Frank Fat’s recipe), and other high-quality dishes. L/D<br />

$$<br />

Four Sisters Café<br />

9050 Fairway Dr., Ste. 165, Roseville, 916-797-0770.<br />

American/Café. Mango-stuffed French toast, eggs<br />

benedicts, thick-sliced bacon (cured and smoked<br />

in-house), homemade soups, specialty salads,<br />

and sandwiches are just a sampling of this cafe's<br />

mouthwatering menu. B/L $$<br />

Goose Port Public House<br />

316 Vernon St., Roseville, 916-886-5080. American. Sports<br />

Bar. This family-friendly eatery boasts fresh-made<br />

bites for everyone, from an array of apps and salads,<br />

to burgers and seasonal entrées. Vegan options. Bigscreen<br />

TVs. Brunch Saturday & Sunday. L/D $$<br />

House of Oliver<br />

3992 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-773-9463.<br />

American. Wine and dine at this upscale bar that offers<br />

wine flights, cheese and charcuterie boards, and pairing<br />

plates. There's live music every Friday and Saturday<br />

night, various special events, and late-night dining. D $$<br />

Il Fornaio<br />

1179 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 118, Roseville, 916-788-1200.<br />

Italian. Using the freshest ingredients and traditional<br />

cooking techniques, Il Fornaio creates high-quality<br />

Italian food paired with great wines and cocktails in a<br />

beautiful setting. L/D $$<br />

La Huaca<br />

9213 Sierra College Blvd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-771-2558.<br />

Peruvian. La Huaca makes Peruvian cuisine accessible<br />

for all palates with their colorful, flavor-packed, and<br />

elegantly presented plates that run the gamut from<br />

ceviches and lomo saltado to empanadas and pisco<br />

sours. L/D $$<br />

La Provence Restaurant & Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Pl., Roseville, 916-789-2002.<br />

French/Mediterranean. Dining at La Provence is akin to<br />

being in a little French villa. Topped with their<br />

consistently delicious food and wine, cozy fireplace,<br />

and twinkle-lit patio, and you have the recipe for a<br />

memorable meal. Saturday brunch. Closed Sunday. L/D<br />

$$$<br />

Land Ocean New American Grill<br />

1151 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 241, 916-407-5640. New<br />

American. Land Ocean offers distinctive menus that<br />

include hand-cut steaks, wood-fired rotisserie, fresh<br />

seafood, and delectable desserts. Weekend brunch.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar<br />

238 Gibson Dr., Roseville, 916-727-6321. American. Enjoy<br />

a sizeable, seasonal menu full of eclectic, gastropubstyle<br />

offerings that include salads, bowls, burgers,<br />

pastas, desserts, and even an impressive kids’ menu.<br />

Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

Mehfil Indian Restaurant<br />

1605 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, 916-791-1199. Indian.<br />

Casual eatery with a lunch buffet offering Indian food<br />

favorites and many vegetarian options. L/D $<br />

Mikuni<br />

1017 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 160, Roseville, 916-780-2119.<br />

Japanese. In addition to sushi, traditional Japanese<br />

dishes, and modern twists on classics, Mikuni offers a<br />

gluten-free menu, party platters, and happy hour<br />

specials—all made using great attention to detail and<br />

fresh ingredients. L/D $$<br />

My Thai Kitchen<br />

1465 Eureka Rd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-781-7811. Thai.<br />

Enjoy authentic, fresh-made fare in an open-concept<br />

kitchen at My Thai Kitchen while receiving prompt,<br />

professional, and friendly service. L/D $$<br />

Ninja Sushi & Teriyaki<br />

238 Vernon St., Roseville, 916-784-3441. Japanese.<br />

Modern and hip environs are just a taste of what awaits<br />

at Ninja Sushi. Regulars rave about their eclectic and<br />

lengthy list of sushi rolls, inventive appetizers, and<br />

complimentary miso soup and ice cream. L/D $$<br />

Nixtaco<br />

1805 Cirby Way, 916-771-4165. Mexican.<br />

Don't let the unassuming facade of this casual taqueria<br />

fool you: Nixtaco's menu features chef-driven tacos<br />

and quesadillas with farmers' market-sourced produce,<br />

unconventional proteins, and freshly made tortillas<br />

(with corn ground in-house). With a kids' menu, vegan<br />

offerings, and Sunday brunch, it's a perfect pick for the<br />

whole family. L/D $<br />

Paul Martin’s American Grill<br />

1455 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-783-3600. New<br />

American. Classic American fare in a sophisticated,<br />

convivial setting; an energetic bar with communal<br />

tables and plush seating, intimate booths and tables,<br />

and an expansive outdoor patio. L/D $$<br />

Platinum Wine Lounge<br />

9050 Fairway Dr., Ste. 105, 916-780-9463. Wine Bar. New<br />

American. For fans of carefully curated wine lists<br />

featuring California-grown grapes and local craft beers,<br />

look no further than Platinum Wine Lounge. Their<br />

menu features build-your-own charcuterie boards, plus<br />

paninis, flatbreads, and other shareables. Be sure to<br />

save room for their brown butter cake alongside a glass<br />

of Port. Closed Monday. D $$<br />

Range Kitchen & Tap<br />

1420 E, Roseville Pkwy., Ste. 160, Roseville, 916-865-4317.<br />

New American. Range Kitchen & Tap’s menu is designed<br />

for sharing and socializing, with a focus on serving<br />

locally sourced and seasonal comfort food like bison<br />

meatball sliders, fried chicken, and pizza. Closed<br />

Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Rosati’s<br />

5140 Foothills Blvd., Ste. 110, Roseville, 916-797-7492,<br />

Pizza/ Italian. Rosati’s still provides the same signature<br />

pizzas, Italian beef sandwiches, pastas, and salads that<br />

they first became famous for in Chicago circa 1964. The<br />

family-friendly, sports pub atmosphere only adds to<br />

the charm. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Ruth’s Chris Steak House<br />

1185 Galleria Blvd., Ste. P-120, Roseville, 916-780-6910.<br />

Steak/Seafood. Sizzling plates and an award-winning<br />

wine list are a perfect pairing for any occasion.<br />

Experience Ruth’s Chris elegant setting for a romantic<br />

dinner, business meeting, or private party. D $$$<br />

Sienna Restaurant<br />

1480 Eureka Rd., 916-771-4700. American. This<br />

award-winning restaurant’s specialties include<br />

wood-fired pizzas, fresh fish, hand-cut steaks, and a<br />

large selection of appetizers. Weekend brunch. $$ L/D<br />

Tang’s Sushi<br />

1426 Blue Oaks Blvd., Ste. 100, Roseville, 916-781-0807.<br />

Japanese. With so many inventive eats and modern<br />

environs to boot, Tang’s has mastered the art of<br />

Japanese fare with flair. The chef is happy to customize<br />

orders and create off-menu items. Closed Sunday. L/D<br />

$$<br />

Thai Basil<br />

1613 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, 916-782-8424. Thai. This<br />

cheerful, long-established eatery serves up an array of<br />

Thai favorites in a light-filled, compact space. L/D $$<br />

The Monk’s Cellar<br />

240 Vernon St., Roseville, 916-786-6665. American.<br />

The Monk’s Cellar has brought a little bit of Belgium to<br />

Downtown Roseville, with their community-focused<br />

brewery and restaurant that serves fine artisanal beer<br />

and creative dishes. L/D $$<br />

The Place<br />

221 Vernon St., Roseville. 916-742-5447. Italian. Cozy<br />

Italian restaurant and bar that specializes in artisanal,<br />

wood-fired pizzas, paninis, pastas, and more. Closed<br />

Monday. L/D $$<br />

Zocalo<br />

1182 Roseville Pkwy., Ste. 110, Roseville, 916-788-0303.<br />

Mexican. Elegant restaurant and bar with modern<br />

Mexican dishes, fresh-made margaritas, and Sunday<br />

brunch. Avail of their monthly chef’s dinner or private<br />

party room. L/D $$<br />


Dominick’s Italian Market & Deli<br />

8621 Auburn Folsom Rd., Granite Bay, 916-786-3355.<br />

Italian. Namesake Dominick’s dream was to have a<br />

unique place that would provide customers with<br />

the finest and freshest ingredients, large portions,<br />

fair prices, and the Italian tradition of first-name<br />

friendliness. A decade later and his dream is alive and<br />

well in Granite Bay. L/D $$<br />

Farmhaus<br />

8230 Auburn Folsom Rd., Granite Bay, 916-772-3276.<br />

New American. This fresh, seasonal eatery tucked off<br />

Auburn Folsom Road is a feast for the senses. The<br />

house-like building pumps out plates that morph with<br />

the months. On balmy days, their picturesque patio is a<br />

must. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Hawks<br />

5530 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, 916-791-6200.<br />

New American. Refined, high-end American cuisine,<br />

including tasting menus, in a stylish, modern dining<br />

room and bar. Brunch on the second Sunday each<br />

month; lunch weekdays; Closed Monday. L/D $$$<br />

New Glory Brewery & Taproom<br />

5540 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 140 & 150, Granite Bay, 916-872-<br />

1721. American. Delicious food (sandwiches, pizzas,<br />

salads, shareables, and burgers), beautiful brews, and<br />

a spacious patio await at New Glory’s latest venture in<br />

Granite Bay. L/D $$<br />

Vaiano Trattoria<br />

7160 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, 916-780-0888.<br />

Italian. Offering traditional Tuscan cuisine and other<br />

Italian favorites, Vaiano Trattoria prides themselves on<br />

preparing simple dishes that are made to order with<br />

the freshest of ingredients. Lunch served weekdays.<br />

L/D $$<br />


Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que<br />

6628 Lonetree Blvd., Rocklin, 916-780-7427. American.<br />

Serving slow-cooked meats and other Southern-style<br />

eats that the whole family will love, Lucille’s is a Rocklin<br />

favorite for a reason. L/D $$<br />

Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine<br />

5065 Pacific St., 916-701-4772. Oaxacan. Savor authentic<br />

flavors from Oaxaca at this eatery known for their<br />

complex mole, tlayudas, and other flavor-filled plates,<br />

including plenty of vegetarian and seafood options.<br />

Don't forget to save room for dessert: The churros and<br />

mezcal ice cream are a fan favorite. Breakfast served till<br />

noon. B/L/D $$<br />

Pottery World Café<br />

4419 Granite Dr., Rocklin, 916-624-8080. American/Café.<br />

With brioche French toast and buttery Belgian waffles,<br />

in addition to an extensive lunch menu, and a high tea<br />

the second Thursday of every month, this café is the<br />

prime place to take out-of-towners. Their patio is one<br />

of the region’s best, too. B/L $$<br />

The Chef’s Table<br />

6843 Lonetree Blvd., Ste. 103, Rocklin, 916-771-5656.<br />

New American. The namesake chefs here pride<br />

themselves on using local ingredients that are carefully<br />

handled, lovingly prepared, and joyfully served to<br />

you for your culinary enjoyment. Closed Sunday and<br />

Monday. L/D $$<br />

Venita Rhea’s<br />

4415 Granite Dr., Rocklin, 916-624-2697. American.<br />

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast to start<br />

off your day, Venita Rhea’s is the place to be. From<br />

benedicts, scrambles, and sandwiches to soups, salads,<br />

and bottomless mimosas, you’ll find all your favorites.<br />

B/L $$<br />




92 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags




No molds<br />

No temporaries<br />

No hassles<br />

$59<br />

Exam, Cleaning &<br />

X-Ray for New Patients*<br />

Valid for all Smile Time Dental Offices<br />

* Restrictions apply. Not valid with HMOs. Please call for details.<br />

© <strong>2020</strong> MMTIP. All rights reserved.<br />

Free<br />

Hi-Tech Electric<br />

Toothbrush*<br />

Or Professional<br />

Whitening<br />

Valid for all Smile Time Dental Offices<br />

* Restrictions apply. Not valid with HMOs. Please call for details.<br />

© <strong>2020</strong> MMTIP. All rights reserved.<br />

916-597-1461<br />

www.smiletimedental.com<br />

FOLSOM:<br />

2260 E. Bidwell St #110<br />


3840 El Dorado Hills Blvd #203B<br />

ROCKLIN:<br />

2241 Sunset Blvd Ste. E1<br />

AUBURN:<br />

500 Auburn Folsom Rd #330B<br />


3433 Arden Way Ste. B<br />


6406 Sunrise Blvd Ste. C<br />

ELK GROVE:<br />

9184 E Stockton Blvd Ste. B<br />

LINCOLN:<br />

731 Sterling Pkwy #100B<br />


7227 29th St Ste.B<br />

SAN RAMON:<br />

9130 Alcosta Blvd #A2<br />


1955 West Texas St #2B<br />

We Accept<br />

All<br />



GUIDE<br />



THE STUDIO Martial Arts and Fitness Presents...<br />



Nerf<br />

Training<br />

Ninja Obstacle<br />

Course<br />

Water<br />

Wars<br />

Martial Arts,<br />

Board Breaking,<br />

& Dodgeball<br />

Weapons<br />

Training<br />

94 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide<br />


• Get your PE credits<br />

• Safe socialization<br />

• No commitment<br />

• Sign up for any day<br />

• All athletic levels welcome<br />

• Social distancing will be observed<br />

• Get your kids out of the house<br />

• Lots of activity in every session<br />

• Taught by credentialed teachers<br />

• Professionally cleaned center<br />

MON-FRI: 3:30pm - 5:30pm<br />

$34 per two hour session<br />

Feel free to use your school vouchers for this!<br />

Register at: https://tinyurl.com/thestudiope<br />

Authorized Pentair<br />

Warranty Station<br />

Experience and knowledge you<br />

can trust! We make owning a<br />

swimming pool - Easy!<br />

Pool Service, Pool Repair, Seasonal Maintenance<br />

Providing Excellent<br />

Service Since 1998<br />

916- 721- 6922 | dennett-pools.com<br />

www.thedoggiebag.com<br />

Holistic Dog Food<br />

Natural Supplements<br />

Comfortable<br />

Harnesses<br />

Bakery Delights<br />

Carseats for Dogs<br />

Birthday Cakes<br />

Open 7 Days a Week<br />

We Carry CBD Products!<br />

Roseville<br />

1070 Pleasant Grove Blvd.<br />

916-789-9663<br />

Store Hours:<br />

Mon-Sat 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sun 11 a.m.-4 p.m.<br />

We Are<br />

Open!<br />

$<br />

5 OFF<br />

Purchase of $25 or more<br />

With this coupon. One coupon per<br />

customer per month. Not valid with other<br />

offers. Excludes Orijen and Acana<br />

pet food. Expires 10-31-20.<br />

Coupon Code: 31951<br />

#1 Best<br />

Pet Store




GUIDE<br />



1230 Glenhaven Ct, #100<br />

El Dorado Hills • 916.939.7075<br />

Contact us today for a<br />


Limited to new students only. Expires 10-31-20.<br />

10608 Industrial Ave, #150<br />

Roseville • 916.794.7977<br />

www.wallenswim.com<br />

Shop Posh Puppy Boutique at the Rocklin location!<br />

6671 Blue Oaks Blvd., #1<br />

Rocklin CA 95765<br />

(916) 899-6770<br />

8331 Sierra College Blvd., #216A<br />

Granite Bay, CA 95661<br />

(916) 295-1944<br />

$10 OFF COUPON*<br />

*Exp 10/31/<strong>2020</strong>. Must present coupon at check in. Grooming over $45.<br />

Cannot be used with any other promotion.<br />

www.PoshPawsGroomingSalon.com<br />

Voted #1 Best Swim School<br />

in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,<br />

2017, 2018, & 2019<br />

95 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide


GUIDE<br />




Turn a New Leaf and Fall into a Healthier Lifestyle!<br />



916.988.9111 jbmedwell.com<br />

6611 Folsom-Auburn Rd. #F • Folsom<br />

96 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide<br />




• Botox<br />

• Juvederm<br />

• Safe & effective FDA approved<br />

appetite suppressants<br />

• B-12 & Lipoplex injections<br />

• Electronic body fat analysis<br />

• Cholesterol Testing<br />

• Testosterone Injections<br />

for Men<br />

Voted a Best<br />

Weight Loss<br />

Center!<br />

RED DOG<br />


8505 Madison FAIR Ave. OAKS #160 LOCATION<br />

• Fair Oaks, CA 95628<br />

8505 Madison<br />

RedDog.FairOaks@gmail.com<br />

Ave. #160 • Fair Oaks, CA 95628<br />

RedDog.FairOaks@gmail.com<br />

916-966-9828<br />

916-966-9828<br />

$<br />

20 OFF<br />


Must bring in this ad. Expires 10/31/20.<br />

FEED<br />

THE DOG!<br />

SHREDZ<br />

THE DOG!<br />

Guarding Your<br />

Identity<br />



Paper Shredding • Mobile Truck Shredding • Monthly Pick Up<br />

Paper Shredding Mobile Truck Shredding Monthly Pick Up<br />

Hard Drive/Cell Phone Degauss & Destroy<br />

Hard Drive/Cell Phone Degauss Destroy<br />


6661 Stanford NEW Ranch ROCKLIN Rd., Ste. LOCATION F • Rocklin, CA 95677<br />

6661 Stanford<br />

RedDog.Rocklin@gmail.com<br />

Ranch Rd., Ste. F • Rocklin, CA 95677<br />

RedDog.Rocklin@gmail.com<br />

916-990-9828<br />

916-990-9828<br />



$2 OFF<br />

With coupon. Not valid<br />

with any other discounts.<br />

Expires 10/31/20.<br />

STYLE<br />


#1 BEST PIZZA<br />

and #1 Best Family<br />

and #1 Best Casual restaurant<br />



Local Chicago SPORTS PUB<br />

5140 Foothills Blvd. Ste 110, Roseville CA<br />

open for Patio Dining,<br />

take-out and delivery<br />

Tues-THURS 4 - 8pm | Fri-Sun 1 - 8pm<br />

5140 Foothills Blvd. Ste 110, Roseville CA<br />

916-797-7492 myrosatisroseville.com





GUIDE<br />

Real therapy<br />

for real life.<br />

www.MassageHeights.com<br />


3 FREE services PLUS<br />

FREE Hot Stones for 12 months<br />

With membership*<br />

Enhance strength, restore<br />

movement and range of motion.<br />

Cupping - Microdermabrasion Facials<br />

Now offering CBD treatments<br />

18 Licensed Therapists<br />

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff<br />

Folsom in the Palladio<br />

Across from Kirkland’s<br />

*Good through October 31, <strong>2020</strong><br />

19<br />

Open 7 days - Extended Hours<br />

Relaxing Spa Atmosphere<br />

Roseville in Nugget Plaza<br />

761 Pleasant Grove Blvd.<br />

italian cuisine<br />

$5OFF<br />

Any order of $25 or more<br />

Not valid with any other offers. Not valid on<br />

holidays.1 coupon per table. Exp. 10/31/20<br />



HOURS:<br />

916.780.0888<br />

Mon-Thur 11:30am-9pm<br />

Fridays 11:30am-10pm<br />

7160 Douglas Blvd, Granite Bay, CA 95746<br />

Saturdays 5pm-10pm<br />

Sundays 5pm-10pm<br />

www.vaianotrattoria.com<br />

.com/vaianoitalian<br />

10/31/20<br />

97 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide

| last look |<br />

Where We Live<br />

“The nearby nature and easy access to beautiful hiking<br />

trails; convenience of local stores and restaurants;<br />

and warm, welcoming community make our region a<br />

wonderful place to raise a family.”<br />

Photo by Tsaiti Babella Photography, @tsaitibabella_photogtaphy, tsaitibabella.com<br />

98 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />



Drink Up:<br />

Best Bars in Town<br />

10 Autumn<br />

Adventures<br />

Must-Make<br />

Pumpkin Recipes<br />

Subject to change

HOURS:<br />

Lunch 11:00-2:30pm<br />

Dinner 5:00-9:00pm<br />

#1 Best Sushi<br />

#1 Best Chef - Michael Liu<br />

(in Folsom & El Dorado Hills 2017-2019)<br />

916-985-7778<br />

www.hisuisushi.com<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd. #107, Folsom, CA 95630

Live Your Life and<br />

Forget Your Age<br />

Experience. Expertise. World Class.<br />

Age: 50<br />

Procedure: A-Lift, Lateral Brow Lift<br />

With the A-Lift you will look refreshed, feel rejuvenated<br />

and recapture the beauty of self-confidence.<br />

Additional facial enhancements you can choose include<br />

procedures to the forehead, eyelids, lips and skin.<br />

No general anesthesia. All procedures are performed<br />

comfortably under local anesthesia.<br />

Call the Award Winning Almonte Center<br />

today to schedule your in-depth, personalized<br />

consultation at (916) 771-2062.<br />

’19<br />

Arnold Almonte, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.<br />

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

stylemg.com<br />

DrAlmonte.com • 1420 Blue Oaks Blvd., Suite 100 Roseville, CA 95747

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