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[Ebook]^^ The Gospel of Mary Magdalene EBOOK #pdf

[Ebook]^^ The Gospel of Mary Magdalene EBOOK #pdf

[Ebook]^^ The Gospel

of Mary Magdalene

EBOOK #pdf


Interest in Mary Magdalene, the quasi-legendary woman of the Gospels who stood in an

ambiguous relationship to Jesus, is booming just now. According to noncanonical sources, she

was Jesus' wife, and probably not the prostitute with whom she is often conflated or confused.

Among those unorthodox sources is one of the fragmentary early texts rejected by the church

fathers and now called the gnostic gospels. Found in 1945 at Nag Hammadi in the Egyptian

desert, it is a short but complex Coptic text that appears to render the voice of Mary Magdalene.

This volume contains English translations of Leloup's French version of the original and Leloup's

extensive commentary, which discloses the theology that inspired the lost gospel. Less dualistic

and more woman-affirming than the canonical quartet, the Magdalene's gospel might be embraced

by contemporary seekers, both Christian and non-Christian. Patricia MonaghanCopyright ©

American Library Association. All rights reserved Read more 'The Gospel of Mary, taken with the

inspired commentary by Jean-Yves Leloup, can help toward making the teaching of Jesus once

again alive.', Jacob Needleman, author of Lost Christianity and The American Soul'Leloup's

commentary presents a scholarly translation with an inspirational and passionate interpretation. . .

. Going beyond the gospels to the laws of the Torah and the philosophical writings of Kant, the

author at once discovers the truer meanings of an ancient text and a message as important today

as it was two millennia ago.', Steven Sora, author of The Lost Treasure of the Knights

Templar'Readers will welcome this perceptive translation of the Gnostic 'Gospel of Mary' and the

insightful commentary by scholar-mystic Jean-Yves Leloup. The journey of the soul and other

profound and subtle teachings of Jesus and his beloved Miriam will enlighten modern seekers.',

Margaret Starbird, author of The Woman with the Alabaster Jar'One welcomes this solid telling of

the story and meaning of a neglected text at the root of Christian wisdom, and of a neglected

figure who had a special relationship both with the historical Jesus in his lifetime and with the

Christ spirit after the death of Jesus.', Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing' . . . the

Magdalene's gospel might be embraced by contemporary seekers, both Christian and non-

Christian.', Patricia Monaghan, Booklist American Library Association, April 2002'There are some

fascinating glimpses at gender politics between the earliest followers of Jesus and the enigmatic

personage of Mary Magdalene. Christians have come to think of her (with no basis in biblical fact)

as the repentant prostitute, while to his followers she was the one Jesus loved 'differently from

other women.'', KJ, Napra ReView, May/June 2002'He sets the record straight and provides ample

commentary on where the historical records went astray.', New Women New Church, Summer

2003, Vol.26 No.2'I love this gospel . . . it

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