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In #1 bestselling author Brad Meltzer's new thriller, death is just another way to

disappear.Two hours outside of Washington, DC is the mortuary for the U.S.

government's most top-secret and high profile cases. America's most important

funeral home. To work there, mortician Jim "Zig" Zwicharowski has one rule: never

let a case get personal. But when a new body arrives--of young female sergeant Nola

Brown, who was a childhood friend of Zig's daughter--Zig can't help himself. Looking

closely at Nola's body, he realizes immediately: this isn't Nola. Indeed, his daughter's

friend is still alive. And on the run. Zig's discovery reveals a sleight of hand being

played at the highest levels of power--and traces back through history to a man

named Harry Houdini. "Nola, you were right. Keep running."

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