Silicon Valley Pride 2020: EQUALITY RISING Festival Guide

Silicon Valley Pride ("SV Pride"), the South Bay Area's LGBTQ+ Pride Parade and Festival. For more information please check out svpride.com.

Silicon Valley Pride ("SV Pride"), the South Bay Area's LGBTQ+ Pride Parade and Festival. For more information please check out svpride.com.


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About Us

Welcome to

Silicon Valley Pride!

Silicon Valley Pride is a celebration

of the LGBTQ+ community

and our allies. It all started back

in 1975 as a gay rights rally and

evolved into San Jose Pride Festival

in 1976. The following year,

1977 San Jose added its first parade

to the celebration. In 2014

San Jose Pride was changed to

Silicon Valley pride to include

neighboring cities to encourage

unity. It is now the largest Pride

celebration of the South Bay and

is a family friendly event. That

is 43 years of honoring and celebrating

our rights to choose

whom we love and spend our

lives with!

Follow Us

The LGBTQ+ movement has

been built on the backs of people

who have fought hard for equality

and progression. We choose

to honor those individuals and

those whom we’ve lost. It is important,

now more than ever, to

make our voices heard and to

celebrate our diversity!

We will not tolerate verbal or

physical harassment, derogatory

commentary, disregard or

disrespect targeting a person’s

sexuality, gender identity, expression,

race, ethnicity, immigration

status, age, nationality,

ability, size, appearance, religion,

or any other factor. We will not

be pushed aside and we will not

be erased!

Silicon Valley Pride




Photos Courtesy of Silicon Valley

Pride Photographer, Will Butler




CEO Welcome

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

I want to extend to you a BIG Silicon

Valley PRIDE WELCOME to our digital


This is Silicon Valley PRIDE’s 45th annual

PRIDE celebration!

Before we get started, I would like to

take a moment to remember our former

CEO and Board President, Thaddeus

Campbell. Thaddeus passed away in

November of 2019. This was a devastating

loss to our organization. I think

about Thaddeus often and the strides

he took to make Silicon Valley PRIDE

a household name. I find myself often

thinking what Thaddeus would do?

Thaddeus became interim CEO in

2014 of the then San Jose PRIDE. In order

to be more geographically inclusive,

Thaddeus and the board at that time

decided to change the name to Silicon

Valley PRIDE. In addition to geographical

inclusion, Thaddeus made it his

mission to make Silicon Valley PRIDE

a more inclusive festival. He tasked the

board with finding ways to reach out to

all marginalized groups within our beautiful

LGBTQ+ family. Under his leadership,

Silicon Valley PRIDE offered new

and exciting elements to our PRIDE festival,

bringing to you the first ever Trans

and Friends Rally, the Q-munity stage,

and the popular Hey Girl Stage. Since

then Silicon Valley PRIDE has brought

you year-round programming centering

on inclusion and diversity.

It is in this same spirit of determination

and perseverance that we continually

strive to make Silicon Valley PRIDE

more inclusive, more diverse, and more

welcoming to all our LGBTQ+ family.

We miss you Thaddeus. You will forever

be in our hearts.

I also wanted to take a moment to

reflect on and remind our community

that Pride was not always rainbows

and glitter. Pride started out as a riot. A

riot that was spearheaded by two trans

women of color who were sick and tired

of police brutality and fed up with the

persecution of the LGBTQ+ community.

We have come a long way since then

BUT not far enough.

The fight for equality does not stop

until every single marginalized community

and person are afforded equal

rights. It is this reason that Silicon

Valley PRIDE stands in solidarity and

unwavering support of the Black Lives

Matter Movement. We will be relentless

in our pursuit for equality for all.

With that, I would like to put out a call

to action. There is no more standing on

the sidelines in the fight for equality.

We need each and everyone of us to

stand LOUD and PROUD.

Speak up if you hear something that

is belittling or diminishing to a marginalized

group. Do something if you see

unfair practices in your workplace. Say

something if your family or friends are

not being inclusive.


LENT! It is only united together that we

will truly see equality rise.



2020 has been a difficult year to say

the least, but through it all we persevere.

We are excited to bring you our virtual

line up this year. PRIDE is not canceled!

It just looks a little different, and, as we

all find ways to stay connected and

involved, I am proud to work with a

team that is dedicated to continuing

to provide programming through this

difficult year.

Thank you and WELCOME to Silicon

Valley PRIDE. Enjoy the show!

In Solidarity,

Nicole Altamirano

Interim CEO Silicon Valley PRIDE.

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Peabody III

Chief Community

Engagement Officer

Bryan Rodriguez

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Altamirano

Chief Diversity Officer

Sera Fernando

Chief Parade Officer

Andrew Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer

Saldy Suriben

Chief Operation Officer

Jeffrey Ridley

Welcome & Board


Committee Members

Media Team: Sal Serpe. Danielle Villalobos.

Andres Arreola. Sean Washington.

Roy Leonard. Shannon Agarwal.

Operation Team: Glenn Koscal. Nicholas

Williams. Jim Westbury. Mark Rotner.

Eric Phelan. Renee Johnson.

Hey Girl Team: Liz Asborno. Danny Gilmore.

Sandi Woods. B Pagels-Minor. Lisa Fabish.

Gabrielle Antolovich. Crystal Haney.

Zandria Elbert.

Parade Team: Reuben Bush.

Volunteer Team: Violet Numuto.

Digital Festival Guide Team:

Jaria Jaug. Patti Segarini.




Celebration Schedule

Saturday, August 29

9:30AM - 10AM








Sunday, August 29
















For more information

go to svpride.com/entertainment




County of Santa Clara

Resources to Support the

LGBTQ+ Community












HRC’s online 2020 election headquarters to confirm

your voter registration status and request a mail ballot.


HRC’s Virtual “Team” by downloading our app that

will help you share content and engage in conversations

with your friends and family about pro-equality candidates

and causes. HRC.im/team

“Operation Swing State” Phone Banks to help our

on-the-ground organizing staff in key states educate

pro-equality voters about their options for voting by mail

and voting early safely. HRC.im/SwingStateSquad

HRC-endorsed candidates that have stood up

to the Trump-Pence Administration and stand out for their

support of LGBTQ equality. HRC.org/candidates

with us: no matter how much time you are able

to give and from anywhere in the country. To learn more

or sign up for a shift, visit HRC.org/volunteer.

The Q Corner, a

program of the

County of Santa

Clara Behavioral

Health Services

Department, offers



peer services to support LGBTQ+ community

members and allies to access

resources and referrals, social and

community building activities, mentoring,

and training opportunities.

Phone: (408) 977-8800

Email: theqcorner@hhs.sccgov.org

Website: www.sccbhsd.org/


The Office of LGBTQ Affairs, part

of the Division of Equity and Social

Justice, supports LGBTQ+ communities

to thrive and County offices to be

LGBTQ+ inclusive through policies,

trainings/consultations, coalition building,

program development and funding,

resource/case navigation,and more.

Phone: (408) 678-2900

Email: lgbtq@ceo.sccgov.org

Website: www.sccgov.org/lgbtq

Save the Date

Join us for


a virtual


on Thursday,

September 24.


The Gender Health Center, Valley

Health Center Downtown, offers medical

care, surgery referral coordination,

mental/emotional health care, and

social work support for transgender,

gender-non-binary, and gender expansive


Phone: (408) 977-4550

Website: www.scvmc.org/genderhealth

The LGBTQ Social Worker in the

Department of Family and Children

Services provides support,

advocacy, education, and resources

related to LGBTQ+ youth involved

with the child welfare system.

Phone: (408) 501-6889

Email: lgbtq@ssa.sccgov.org


Game On!

Game on? False alarm, not yet.

The San Jose Women’s Softball

League (SJWSL) has been

waiting out a long, hot summer

with no league play due to the

COVID-19 pandemic. What’s a

softball player to do when the

fields are closed and the order is

to stay at home?

First, turn back the clocks and

turn on the history channel. It’s

2003 and Tori

E and few

other players

have been

trekking to

San Francisco

weekly to play

ball in the San


Gay Softball

L e a g u e .

SJSWL 2019/2020 Season

Board of Directors

Inspired by that positive

experience they wanted to

build a healthy and social-yetcompetitive

atmosphere where

members of the LGBTQ+Allies

community could safely “be

themselves” in the South Bay.

Hence a league is born!

Now fast forward 4 years to

2007, and the Amateur Sports

Alliance of North America (ASA-

NA), a non-profit dedicated to the

participation of LGBTQ Women+

in amateur athletics, is birthed.

In 2008 Seattle became the first

city to host the ASANA Softball

World Series. In 2010, the SJSWL

team, Who’s on First, brought

home the trophy as champions

of the D Division, and in 2013 the

San Jose Sidewinders, the only

team still part of SJWSL since

inception, claimed the D Division

trophy in

Portland. Now

25 member cities

across the

US participate

in ASANA and

the ASANA Hall

of Fame, established

in 2009,

honors members

who have

gone beyond expectations as

a player, coach, mentor, scorekeeper

or supporter. SJSWL is

proud to have Danny Gilmore

(2018) and Franny Lopez (2019)

as recent inductees.

Cynthia Staehnke, current Vice

Commissioner of the SJWSL C

Division, remembers winning the

Portland 2013 World Series with

the San Jose Sidewinders as one

of her favorite SJWSL moments.

“ The SJWSL community stays connected with

periodic zoom activities including trivia, games

and a get-to-know the board members night. ”

But that doesn’t top the moment

of play in 2012 when she met

the women who since has become

her wife. For Cynthia, her

wife, and many of women of the

SJWSL, the softball community is

family. They’ve bonded through

special theme nights including

a Halloween costume contest

and an October Pink night for

Breast Cancer awareness. Off

the pitch they’ve walked together

in the San Jose Walk to End Alzheimer’s,

attended Oakland A’s

Pride night, and held many fund

raisers to support the league, including

pancake social fundraisers,

bunco nights, and the “Hey

Girl!” Cocktail Booth featured at

2019 Silicon Valley Pride.

For 2020 it’s a different ballgame;

SJWSL usually averages

12 teams per season but

the fields have been closed for

spring and summer seasons.

The SJWSL community stays

connected with periodic zoom

activities including trivia, games

and a get-to-know the board

members night. The fall season

remains pending and in this ever-changing

world it’s hard to

predict when face-to-face group

activities will resume. For now,

SJWSL hopes to be hitting the

fields by Spring 2021. Although

plans for the 2020 World Series

have vaporized, SJWSL will aim

to send 1 to 3 teams to the 2021

World Series to be hosted by Virginia

Beach, VA.

SJWSL welcomes new players

to the league; stay tuned for the

next Sign-up Day! Participants

can be as young as 18 years old,

and there is no upper age limit—

women in their 50s and 60s are

still playing. The league ensures

that players are placed on teams

that match up with their skill

levels. You can find more information

and contact/follow the

league via any of the following:

Web: sjwsoftball.com



Twitter: @sjwsl

Instagram: sjwsleague

Facebook: SJWSL: San Jose

Women’s Softball League


Sporty Girls: Out and About

It was 2008 and a group of

friends started playing informal,

pick-up-type outdoor sports and

games. They named themselves

“Sporty Girls” and the rest is herstory!

In the 12 years since the

first game, they’ve launched a

MeetUp and a FaceBook page

and logged over 1700 members

(active membership unverified).

Some days they might play an

“Competitive or not,

Sporty Girls just wanna

have fun!”

organized game of Frisbee/

ultimate, badminton, kickball,

dodgeball, flag football, Pickleball,

or street hockey but there

are days when they get together

to casually toss horseshoes,

beanbags (corn hole), or bolas

(ladderball), knock a croquet

ball, or roll a bocce ball. Even

mashed-up games like short-net

big-ball volleyball, disc golf, foot

golf, wiffle golf, mini-hoops, big

ball soccer, and beach-ball volleyball

have been played. It’s not

only games – it’s also hiking, biking

and rollerblading.

Competitive or not, Sporty Girls

just wanna have fun! Women of

any age or skill level – including

beginners or “never played” – are

always welcome to come try a

new (or old) sport and “just play,”

without an emphasis on being

“good” or winning. Everybody is

involved; nobody sits on the sidelines

unless she wants to. Most

important – there are no schoolyard

picks for team play, so nobody

is ever “last.”

The team at Sporty Girls includes

everyone: no age or physical

condition/ability limits. If

you have a disability, an effort to

modify the game will be made

to encourage your participation.

Although some sports and

games require physical exertion

(running), you should always

only play to your comfort level.

No judgements made for taking

a breather as often as needed,

and breathers are encouraged.

Several water breaks throughout

play keep everyone hydrated.

For bad knees or ankles, bring

a brace or other support, especially

for play on natural grass

where hidden divots, clumps,

sprinklers, and gopher holes are

common. Each game or activity

starts with a huddle to stretch,

warm up, and talk about ways to

play safely and minimize the risk

of getting hurt. Ultimately, however,

all Sporty Girls events are

Leisurely bike ride out to Baylands Park on

San Tomas Creek Trail.

“Sporty Girls give back.” Once a year Sporty

Girls join a cleanup to express gratitude for

public parks and waterways.

“play at your own risk.”

Sporty Girls is an inclusive,

LBTQ-friendly group. Those who

identify as woman are welcome

to join. Children may participate

– girls of any age, and boys age

13 and under – in kid-friendly

sports or games. Fast-paced

games like ultimate Frisbee or

big ball soccer where they might

get run over would qualify as


In nonpandemic times Sporty

Girls tries to host at least two

events per month alternating Saturdays

and Sundays, mornings

and afternoons. Games halt in

December while everyone takes

time for R&R. Friday evening

Pickleball is a popular summer

activity (6-7:30 pm, Willow Glen

Middle School courts); no experience

required and equipment

provided if you don’t have your

own. In recognition of COVID-19

safety, social distancing is

strongly encouraged with hand

sanitizer and wipes available.

There is no cost to join Sporty

Girls; games are played at parks

and schools throughout the

South Bay, usually public venues

and free. If a fee is ever required

it will be announced ahead of

time. Sign me up!

You can find Sporty Girls on:





Twitter: @SportyGirlsSJ


A Message: The Office

of LGBTQ Affairs

The County of Santa Clara

O​ffice of LGBTQ Affairs was

passed by the Board of Supervisors

on March 24, 2015, as a

referral item introduced by Supervisor

Ken Yeager​. When we ​

opened in late January 2016, we

were proudly the first county in

the nation with such an office.

We are part of the Division of

Equity and Social Justice, comprised

of seven offices (including

our own) who work intersectionally

with one another: Office

of the Census, Office of Gen-

munities in Santa Clara County

through coordinated, integrated


Silicon Valley Pride’s 2020

theme “Equality Rising” resonates

deeply for us. In honor

of this, we want to share more

about some of our current and

upcoming projects and initiatives

that center those in the

LGBTQ community who are

most underserved:

• SupportOUT, an initiative

across the Office of LGBTQ

Affairs, Probation, and Social

make the online training module

Step In, Speak Up available to all

middle and high schools in the

county to better support LGBTQ

youth (register at www.sccgov.


•LGBTQ Seniors Initiative, including

funding a pilot program

with the non-profit Avenidas and

an upcoming survey with LGBTQ

seniors in Santa Clara County.

We know there is much more

work we need to do, and we

want to hear from you. Community

input is foundational to our

process, and community members

are invited to share your

perspectives on resources and

programs you’d like to see from

the County. Please also contact

us to receive referrals to LGBTQ

inclusive resources and LGBTQ

competent support in navigating

County services.

der-Based Violence Prevention,

Office of Cultural Competency,

Office of Women’s Policy, Office

of Immigrant Relations, an Office

of Labor Standards Enforcement.

The Office of LGBTQ Affairs’

mission is to provide leadership

and support for the well-being

and longevity of LGBTQ com-

Services Agency that aims to

address the inequities faced by

justice-involved LGBTQ youth of

color and to create more robust

and responsive support systems.

• Transgender Economic Empowerment

Initiative, including

a transgender community assessment

and a collaboration

with Employee Services Agency

to improve hiring and business

practices at the County to ensure

they are inclusive and supportive

of people across all gender identities

and experiences.

• Support for Schools, including

a collaboration with Behavioral

Health Services Department to

Visit us online at www.sccgov.

org/lgbtq, on social media


Twitter, and Instagram), and contact

us directly at lgbtq@ceo.sccgov.org

or (408)678-2900. We

look forward to connecting with

you. Happy Pride!

In Community,

The Office of LGBTQ Affairs






Office of LGBTQ Affairs


Equality rising

Since January of 2016, The OLGBTQA has been working with healthcare

professionals, schools, community leaders and law enforcement to

ensure policies and best practices are in place. This includes training

and community events. We have been very busy with a number of new

endeavors to support the local community.

Have ideas or suggestions? Need to connect to

community resouces? Want to stay current on

LGBTQ happenings in Santa Clara County?

Follow us on social media and contact us at:

(408) 678-9200












2018 TI Ad (Revised).pdf 1 7/30/2019 12:42:17 PM

TI is a proud sponsor and founding member of the

North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce

We are


TI is a proud sponsor

of Silicon Valley Pride.

At TI, we value diversity

and are committed to

ensuring that our LGBT

employees can thrive

and advance in their

careers as part of a

fully inclusive



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Thank you to All

Our Sponsors

List of sponsors can be found at svpride.com/sponsors



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