West Coast Woman Sept. 2020 Issue

Welcome to the September 2020 Issue of West Coast Woman - Sarasota, Florida's only women's publication. We salute the hardworking team at Sarasota Memorial Hospital - our local heroes! In this issue, you'll find extended calendar of events, arts listings, galleries, meetings, virtual events and fundraisers, and more. Be sure to check out this month's recipe, travel offers, our You're News column and health features.

Welcome to the September 2020 Issue of West Coast Woman - Sarasota, Florida's only women's publication. We salute the hardworking team at Sarasota Memorial Hospital - our local heroes! In this issue, you'll find extended calendar of events, arts listings, galleries, meetings, virtual events and fundraisers, and more. Be sure to check out this month's recipe, travel offers, our You're News column and health features.


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SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

TeleMedicine<br />

Integrative/Functional Medicine<br />

We put your safety first,<br />

whether it's an in-person<br />

appointment or<br />

TeleMedicine.<br />

We take a holistic and<br />

personalized approach to get to<br />

the root cause and restore health<br />

and well-being. The Renewal<br />

Point has been offering<br />

individualized treatment plans<br />

to patients all over the world for<br />

more than a decade.<br />

Using phone and computer<br />

consultations, as well as at-home<br />

testing kits, you are able to<br />

begin, and continue,<br />

your journey to health<br />

from your own home.<br />

“At The Renewal Point, we believe you can spend the rest of your life discovering new<br />

levels of vitality and vigor – not simply trying to rescue what’s left.”<br />

Dan Watts, MD, ND, MSMN<br />

Board Certification:<br />

American Board of Integrative Medicine<br />

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology<br />

Post-doctoral Certification in Metabolic<br />

Endocrinology<br />

Post-doctoral Master's in Nutritional and<br />

Metabolic Medicine<br />

Fellowship: American Academy of Anti-Aging<br />

Medicine: Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and<br />

Functional Medicine<br />

Fellowship: American College of Surgeons<br />

Age Management | Men's Health | Gynecology<br />

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing<br />

Strength and Conditioning | Weight Loss | IV Therapy<br />

Brain Health | Toxin Elimination | Digestive Health<br />

4905 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL 34233<br />

941.926.4905 | www.TheRenewalPoint.com<br />

Helena Williams, APRN-C, MS<br />

Board Certified Advanced<br />

Registered Nurse Practitioner<br />

Specialties Include:<br />

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing<br />

Female Sexual Dysfunction<br />

Metabolic Weight Loss<br />

Medical Aesthetics<br />

IV Therapy<br />

Nutritional Therapy<br />

NeuroAdrenal Balancing<br />

2 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong><br />

contents<br />

Editor and Publisher<br />

Louise M. Bruderle<br />

Email: westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Carol Darling<br />

Contributing Photographer<br />

Evelyn England<br />

Art Director/Graphic Designer<br />

Kimberly Carmell<br />

We’re Back and Now Digital<br />

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Assistant to the Publisher<br />

Mimi Gato<br />

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Out & About<br />

You might be surprised at all the events in our calendars this<br />

month—we were! There’s lots to do and, if you prefer not to<br />

venture out, you can also visit many of them online. Plus, we<br />

have updates and schedule changes for the season ahead.<br />

p6<br />


Email: westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

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n Out & About: includes<br />

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n Mind/Body Calendar: health and<br />

wellness events, support groups,<br />

health lectures, seminars and<br />

screenings.<br />

Thank you<br />

Sarasota Memorial<br />

Heroes!<br />

We can’t shake their hands or give them a hug,<br />

but in these pictures we can see them at work at<br />

SMH, caring for patients who have COVID-19.<br />

p16<br />

n You’re News: job announcements,<br />

appointments and promotions,<br />

board news, business news and<br />

real estate news.<br />

WCW<br />

32<br />

YEARS<br />

dining in:<br />

new takes on old standards<br />

Apple nachos? It’s a trend for sure - taking classic<br />

dishes and reinventing them with new flavor<br />

combinations to experience. Many of these changes are<br />

no doubt an answer to our seemingly endless quest for<br />

new flavor sensations as well as vegan alternatives.<br />

p20<br />

WCW Mailing Address:<br />

P.O. Box 819<br />

Sarasota, FL 34230<br />

email:<br />

westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

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www.westcoastwoman.com<br />

west coast<br />

WOMAN<br />

departments<br />

4 editor’s letter<br />

6 Out & About: listing for things<br />

to do live and online<br />

13 women’s health:<br />

Urology Treatment Center<br />

14 your health: Craniosacral<br />

Therapy - how it works<br />

15 women’s health:<br />

with The Renewal Point<br />

16 Saluting the heroes at Sarasota<br />

Memorial Hospital<br />

17 Business Spotlight: meet the duo<br />

at Think Donson<br />

on the cover: Photos Courtesy of Sarasota Memorial Hospital and SMH nurse photographer Lilyana Dobreva.<br />

18 Travel News: deals on<br />

Florida vacations and more<br />

20 Dining In: Food “Impostors”<br />

22 You’re News<br />

24 Datebook<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 3

just some<br />

thoughts<br />

Louise Bruderle<br />

Editor and Publisher<br />

So here we are—a first ever all-digital <strong>West</strong> <strong>Coast</strong> <strong>Woman</strong>.<br />

Call it the WCW e-edition, WCW e-zine or the WCW flip book.<br />

It truly feels strange, but also…I kinda like it. No worrying<br />

about drivers, delivery trucks, wondering about the weather,<br />

press delays or if the colors in the ads will be printed carefully.<br />

The downside? No tangible paper to hold and turn. No<br />

watching the old guys at the Y reading WCW page after page.<br />

No going to events and handing them out. I could also add less<br />

revenue, but there are businesses suffering a lot more.<br />

You’re reading this on your desktop in your home or office<br />

(which these days might be one and the same) or on your smartphone<br />

or iPad. Like the print version, you can flip back and<br />

forth, forwards and backwards and save as long as you want.<br />

Unlike the print version, you can download the “paper” and<br />

print it all, or print a single page, and, you can even forward it<br />

to friends by using a link. Here’s hoping in October we can do<br />

print AND the flip book. But for now, this is a good stand-in.<br />

This month: Honoring<br />

the Heroes at Sarasota<br />

Memorial Hospital<br />

This month’s cover was an easy choice: the<br />

folks who save lives and help us get better:<br />

The heroes at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.<br />

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System—our<br />

hospital—is an 839-bed regional<br />

medical center. It has almost 7,000 staff and<br />

is Sarasota County’s largest employer. The<br />

hospital’s Medical Staff includes more than<br />

1,400 providers who represent 60 specialties.<br />

Advice from Sarasota Memorial: “The best<br />

thing we can do as a community is to stay<br />

informed and take common-sense precautions<br />

to guard against this and other viruses:<br />

mask use, hand hygiene, physical distancing<br />

and staying home when you’re sick. Wearing a face covering<br />

— ideally a mask — is recommended when you may come in<br />

close contact (6 feet or less) with someone from outside your<br />

household, especially for a prolonged period (10-15 minutes or<br />

more) and especially indoors.”<br />

Special thanks to Kim Savage, PIO/Spokesperson at Sarasota<br />

Memorial Health Care System for getting WCW the images. And<br />

heartfelt thanks to all of you who work at SMH! We LOVE you!<br />

Coming Up in Sarasota<br />

Stay tuned. Evolving. Paused. I’m reading those words a lot.<br />

Arts organizations understandably are trying to keep some<br />

sort of performance schedule, albeit with adjustments. But<br />

since June, WCW has received releases that have shown July<br />

events canceled, August events canceled, <strong>Sept</strong>ember events<br />

canceled. A few October events are hanging out there with<br />

hope. Some November events are on. But not all.<br />

Others have taken their remaining <strong>2020</strong> events online (such<br />

as The Sarasota Ballet and the Sarasota Opera), and some<br />

have pushed their season to 2021 and scrapped <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

As tragically sad as this is, I also have gotten numerous<br />

releases about individual donors, the state, foundations and<br />

other sources providing funds to keep nonprofits going.<br />

Here are just a few of the stories of generosity I want<br />

to share…<br />

L to R: Trish Newman, LWRWC Philanthropy Co-Chair<br />

with her “ambassador” dog Wrigley, and Helene Levin and<br />

Cheryl Breining, LWRWC Co-Presidents.<br />

■ Example One:<br />

In August, Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club (LWRWC) donated<br />

$3,000 in cash and donations, including 35 backpacks filled<br />

with school supplies and a check for $1,800 to HOPE Family<br />

Services (HOPE) in Manatee County.<br />

LWRWC held a Backpack Challenge for HOPE to provide<br />

children at the domestic violence shelter with backpacks filled<br />

with school supplies. Donors dropped off filled backpacks at<br />

designated homes and/or sent money.<br />

The donations were delivered to the shelter by Women’s Club<br />

members: LWRWC Philanthropy Co-Chair Trish Newman, and<br />

LWRWC Co-Presidents Helene Levin and Cheryl Breining.<br />

There were 24 children at the shelter who started school and<br />

will attend their classes virtually due to the pandemic. With<br />

a donation of 35 backpacks, the shelter has reserves for kids<br />

coming to HOPE over the next few months. The LWRWC donation<br />

also funded critically needed food and cleaning supplies<br />

to ensure a healthy and safe environment for families at HOPE.<br />

HOPE assists those whose lives have been affected by domestic<br />

violence. They offer victims and survivors of domestic<br />

violence services including Emergency Safe Shelter, advocacy,<br />

counseling, children’s services, and specialized programs.<br />

For HOPE, visit www.hopefamilyservice.org. For LWRWC,<br />

visit www.lwrwc.org.<br />

■ Example Two:<br />

All Faiths Food Bank received matching gifts through the Joe<br />

and Mary Kay Henson Family Fund and an anonymous donor<br />

through Community Foundation of Sarasota County totaling<br />

$600,000.<br />

Hunger has been<br />

an ongoing problem<br />

in our region for many<br />

years, but COVID-19 has<br />

exacerbated the need,<br />

leaving many families<br />

with uncertain futures.<br />

Of that, $500,000<br />

came from the Joe<br />

and Mary Kay Henson<br />

Family Fund and an<br />

anonymous donor from<br />

Joe and Mary Kay Henson<br />

the Community Foundation<br />

of Sarasota County was inspired to give an additional<br />

$100,000, adding up to $600,000.<br />

“We are a family fund devoted to supporting the needs of<br />

children and adults living in poverty. The currently unemployed<br />

are a vital part of our community and key to our<br />

economic well-being,” said Joe and Mary Kay Henson. “This<br />

virus is not going away any time soon … and what All Faiths<br />

Food Bank is doing is tremendously vital for these families<br />

and children. The entire community has to rally around to<br />

support and protect families during the ongoing crisis.”<br />

Since the pandemic ramped up in March, All Faiths has<br />

seen an overall increase in need of approximately 120%, with<br />

new clients increasing nearly 45%. The demand for food will<br />

remain critically high for a long time to come as people continue<br />

to face significant financial strain.<br />

“In order for those most affected by the crisis to have hope<br />

for rebuilding their lives, their basic need for food must be<br />

met,” said All Faiths Food Bank CEO Sandra Frank.<br />

Contact All Faiths at allfaithsfoodbank.org or call 941-<br />

379-6333.<br />

■ Example Three:<br />

“This year has called for sustained action to strengthen our<br />

most vulnerable systems and the people they help,” says Teri<br />

A Hansen, president and CEO of Barancik Foundation. “Humanitarian<br />

efforts are being pushed to their limit. Yet, we are<br />

hopeful that positives will emerge as we all reimagine ways to<br />

serve our community.”<br />

Together with its donors and Charles & Margery Barancik<br />

Foundation, Gulf <strong>Coast</strong> Community Foundation has awarded<br />

over $2.7 million in direct grants to nonprofit organizations<br />

for COVID-19 relief.<br />

That total includes more than $1.1 million funded from<br />

the COVID-19 Response Initiative, a joint initiative of Gulf <strong>Coast</strong><br />

and Barancik Foundation to support immediate and long-term<br />

needs in the region arising from the coronavirus pandemic.<br />

Grants are funding services including virtual mental-health<br />

counseling for children and for veterans, childcare<br />

for first responders, and food and financial assistance for<br />

displaced hospitality workers, foster families, and others.<br />

Additionally, donors to Gulf <strong>Coast</strong> have directed nearly $1<br />

million in grants from their donor funds at the foundation for<br />

COVID-19 impacts locally and beyond.<br />

■ Harvest House<br />

Here are some of the recipients: Harvest House, which<br />

provides housing for Sarasota County residents overcoming<br />

homelessness or addiction. A grant to buy laptop computers<br />

for staff is allowing case managers to continue counseling residents<br />

remotely, while their desktop computers have been repurposed<br />

for safe use by those same clients for job searching.<br />

Then there’s CenterPlace Health, which offers primary<br />

healthcare to Medicaid patients, received funds to quickly<br />

transition to a telehealth model. “Telehealth will allow us to<br />

continue providing care to all of our patients—especially<br />

our pregnant moms and babies,” said Melissa Parker, president<br />

and CEO of CenterPlace Health, which cares mostly for<br />

women and children.<br />

A grant to SKY Family YMCA has enabled it to offer<br />

professional childcare to emergency responders and other<br />

essential healthcare personnel. These front-line workers have<br />

seen demand for their services increase at the same time<br />

that school closures leave them with no safe place for their<br />

children during the day.<br />

Other recipients include: Tidewell Hospice, Easterseals<br />

Southwest Florida, First Step of Sarasota, Florida Center for<br />

Early Childhood, Tri-County Counseling and Life Skills Center,<br />

Family Network on Disabilities, Good Samaritan Pharmacy<br />

& Health Services, Operation Warrior Resolution, Goodwill<br />

Manasota, CareerEdge, CareerSource Suncoast. Women’s<br />

Resource Center, Gulfcoast Legal Services, Capital Good<br />

Fund, The Salvation Army of Sarasota, Meals on Wheels of<br />

Sarasota, All Faiths Food Bank, Harvest House, SPARCC (Safe<br />

Place and Rape Crisis Center), The New College Foundation,<br />

Family Promise of South Sarasota County, HOPE for North<br />

Port, UnidosNow, Laurel Civic Association, The TWIG Cares,<br />

Early Learning Coalition of Florida’s Heartland, Children<br />

First, Education Foundation of Sarasota County, Suncoast<br />

Technical College, First Responders, Boys & Girls Clubs of<br />

Sarasota County, Denise Amber Lee Foundation, Boys & Girls<br />

Clubs of Sarasota County, Teen Court of Sarasota, Big Brothers<br />

Big Sisters of the Suncoast and Safe Children Coalition.<br />

■ Example 4:<br />

JFCS of the Suncoast has disbursed $475,727 since April to<br />

families in Sarasota and Manatee counties experiencing<br />

financial hardship resulting from COVID-19. JFCS established<br />

the JFCS COVID-19 Emergency Hardship Fund in late March.<br />

A $250,000 lead gift from the Louis & Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic<br />

Trust initially funded the program.<br />

“During their lifetimes, Gloria and Lou Flanzer strongly<br />

believed in JFCS’ mission to support people in need. JFCS has<br />

shown leadership during this unprecedented time and, as<br />

members of our community, we are grateful that their efforts<br />

have offered critical support to so many,” said Eric Kaplan,<br />

Flanzer Trust co-trustee.<br />

The JFCS COVID-19 Emergency Hardship Fund has provided<br />

assistance to more than 350 families for rent, utilities,<br />

transportation, food and other basic needs.<br />

For JFCS, contact Arthur Lerman at 941 366-2224. Visit<br />

www.jfcs-cares.org.<br />

Louise Bruderle | Editor and Publisher |<br />

westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

We welcome your thoughts and comments on this column and on other columns and features in this issue.<br />

You can reach us at westcoastwoman@comcast.net. We’re on the web at www.<strong>West</strong><strong>Coast</strong><strong>Woman</strong>.com.<br />

4 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

Veronica Brandon Miller with Preferred Shore Real Estate<br />

"A woman alone has power; collectively,<br />

we have impact.”<br />

"A woman alone has power; collectively, we have impact," Veronica Brandon<br />

Miller states. "You don't do business with a company; you do business with<br />

people you like and trust." That's why Veronica decided to build a team of<br />

strong, smart, and talented women to collaborate with.<br />

Veronica recently joined the Altier Group with Preferred Shore, which already<br />

consisted of two strong women; Abigail Altier and Cozette Lillard. However,<br />

Veronica wanted to create a bigger circle to create a one-stop shop to help<br />

home buyers and sellers.<br />

"You are judged by the company you keep, and so I selected women who I<br />

admire and who also have demonstrated the same compassion I have for our<br />

wonderful community."<br />

Veronica has more than 30 years of creative vision and unparalleled expertise<br />

in community engagement, philanthropy, branding, and marketing. In fact,<br />

she personally has received many community awards—including the Sarasota<br />

Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Impact in Action’ award for her leadership in<br />

helping the community.<br />

Prior to joining the real estate world, she served as senior vice president for<br />

Goodwill Industries. She created multiple programs and initiatives that were<br />

duplicated around the globe with stellar success. Veronica notes that, of her<br />

local achievements, she is proudest of the award-winning Veterans Services<br />

Program and Community Ambassador Program – which has engaged more<br />

than 10,000 supporters – as well as her ability to leverage more than 330<br />

collaborations in the community.<br />

"Helping people has always been my passion. Now I am honored to help<br />

people with what is possibly the largest investment in their lifetime: a home."<br />

Veronica demonstrates her love of the community by supporting numerous<br />

charities and currently serves on the boards for Paws & Warriors, Leadership<br />

Manatee Alumni Association, and the Leadership Sarasota Alumni Association.<br />

She has also served on the boards for the Sarasota Parks Foundation, Glasser/<br />

Schoenbaum Human Services Center, Pines Foundation, Project 180, Child<br />

Protection Center, the McKay Academy, and the All-Star Children's<br />

Foundation.<br />

Originally from Philadelphia, Pa., Miller earned her bachelor's degree in<br />

Marketing from Boston University and her master's degree in Business from the<br />

University of Maryland.<br />

Contact Information:<br />

Veronica Brandon Miller<br />

The Florida Realtor with Preferred Shore<br />

941.807.7321<br />

veronica@thefloridarealtor.com<br />

www.thefloridarealtor.com<br />

Abigail Altier<br />

Realtor®<br />

Preferred Shore<br />

941.713.1933<br />

abigail@thealtiergroup.com<br />

abigailaltier.preferredshore.com<br />

Cozette Lillard<br />

Realtor®<br />

Preferred Shore<br />

513.518.3450<br />

Cozy@thealtiergroup.com<br />

cozettelillard.preferredshore.com<br />

Lori Ciaravella<br />

Business Development Executive<br />

Fidelity National Title of Florida<br />

407-429-9470<br />

lori.ciaravella@fnf.com<br />

www.eastflorida.fntic.com<br />

Cynthia A. Riddell<br />

Owner & Real Estate Attorney<br />

Riddell Law Group<br />

Offices Sarasota and<br />

Lakewood Ranch<br />

941.366.1300<br />

criddell@rlglawfirm.com<br />

www.rlglawfirm.com<br />

Veronica L. Huzzard<br />

Licensed Property Insurance Agent<br />

& Legalshield Expert<br />

Anderson & Associates<br />

Insurance Agency<br />

941.720.2778<br />

veronica@andersoninsgroup.com<br />

vlhuzzard.WeAreLegalShield.com<br />

Elizabeth Smith<br />

Vice President of<br />

Mortgage Lending<br />

Guarantee Rate<br />

941.228.2012<br />

liz.smith@rate.com<br />

www.rate.com/liz<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 5

out and about<br />

Please be sure to contact the individual organizations below before heading out to their<br />

events. Some events may have been canceled or rescheduled. We have deleted some events,<br />

but are uncertain at presstime, which other events may have canceled or changed.<br />

At The Ringling<br />

On exhibit:<br />

• Howie Tsui: Retainers of Anarchy<br />

to November 29. Vancouver-based<br />

artist Howie Tsui’s solo exhibition,<br />

Retainers of Anarchy, is an<br />

amalgamation of martial arts characters<br />

and techniques woven together<br />

with threads of social and political<br />

realities of present-day Hong Kong.<br />

Presented as a non-linear counter<br />

narrative in the form of hand-drawn<br />

animation, Retainers of Anarchy offers<br />

an opportunity to reflect on<br />

notions of identity and nationhood<br />

using Hong Kong’s past and more<br />

recent surge of political unrest.<br />

• Being Seen: Recent Acquisitions<br />

from The Ringling Photography<br />

Collection runs to January 3. This<br />

exhibition features works by photographers<br />

who examine the complexities<br />

of identity and the staging<br />

of selfhood. Consisting primarily of<br />

self-portraits and portraits of empowered<br />

subjects, these works explore<br />

personal agency at the intersection<br />

of politics and the female body.<br />

Many of the artists in the exhibition<br />

are recognized as leading<br />

voices in contemporary art and<br />

offer diverse perspectives on issues<br />

surrounding power, sexuality, and<br />

self-representation. Being Seen also<br />

includes numerous works by significant<br />

women photographers from the<br />

twentieth century, added to the collection<br />

in recent years.The John and<br />

Mable Ringling Museum of Art, 5401<br />

Bay Shore Rd., Sarasota. Info: www.<br />

ringling.org.<br />

t<br />

Virtual<br />

Fundraisers<br />

ALSO Youth has a Virtual Variety<br />

Show on <strong>Sept</strong>ember 26. Matthew<br />

McGee, a performer in the Tampa/<br />

Sarasota area, will host theVirtual<br />

Variety Show “Better Together.”<br />

McGee has performed locally with<br />

the Asolo Rep, freeFall Theatre Company,<br />

Stageworks, American Stage<br />

in the Park, and the Suncoast AIDS<br />

Theatre Project. He is a two-time<br />

Theatre Tampa Bay Award winner<br />

and a Broadway World’s Best Actor in<br />

a Musical winner.<br />

The Virtual variety Show will feature<br />

performances by local theater,<br />

dance, circus arts, and drag performers<br />

as well as cooking and cocktail<br />

demonstrations. An online auction<br />

featuring vacation stays, experiences<br />

and gift baskets will begin two weeks<br />

prior to the event and will conclude<br />

at the end of the Variety Show. Proceeds<br />

support ALSO Youth’s programs<br />

for LGBTQ+ youth.<br />

For information, contact Tony-<br />

Boothby@michaelsaunders.com or<br />

james@alsoyouth.org.<br />

t<br />

t<br />

Safe Place and Rape Crisis<br />

Center (SPARCC) has its one-ofa-kind,<br />

virtual clue-quest event,<br />

SPARCC SRclue, slated for 6 p.m.<br />

on Saturday, October 24. With the<br />

outbreak of COVID-19 across the<br />

globe, this cutting edge virtual-fundraising-event<br />

keeps health concerns<br />

regarding the virus at the forefront<br />

while also providing entertainment<br />

and a wonderful opportunity to support<br />

SPARCC’s life-saving programs<br />

and services for survivors of domestic<br />

and sexual violence.<br />

With safety for<br />

SPARCC supporters<br />

in mind, the event<br />

design centers<br />

around delivered<br />

meals, small teams<br />

of 4 players, personal<br />

locations,<br />

a virtual party<br />

atmosphere and<br />

an unparalleled<br />

virtual clue-quest<br />

game. Guests will<br />

have the options<br />

of gourmet wine<br />

and lobster dinner<br />

delivered from<br />

Michael’s on East<br />

or delicious Italian<br />

dinner and beer<br />

provided by IL Panificio<br />

while enjoying<br />

live DJ tunes and a personalized<br />

photo booth experience during the<br />

virtual party.<br />

After dinner, each team will get in<br />

on the clue-quest action and explore<br />

our beloved Sarasota community<br />

through a curated and professionally-developed<br />

virtual adventure game.<br />

Once the teams have completed the<br />

game, the winner will be announced<br />

during the virtual wrap-up party.<br />

For tickets, visit www.sparcc.net/<br />

events. Follow SPARCC Facebook<br />

and Instagram @SPARCC_Sarasota<br />

for more updated information.<br />

Art Exhibits<br />

At ArtUptown’s latest exhibit is<br />

Justice, Equality & Responsibility<br />

featuring Evelyn McCorristin-Peters’<br />

paintings to <strong>Sept</strong>ember 25. McCorristin-Peters<br />

uses her artistic vision<br />

as a laser, lighting up issues that<br />

challenge the status quo. Her show’s<br />

abstractions and painted statements<br />

serve to document her reactions to<br />

challenging times and invite visitors<br />

to experience these along with<br />

her. Evelyn’s closely observed works<br />

reflect her boldness and the deeply<br />

held responsibility to use the artist’s<br />

unique platform to address important<br />

issues. Come visit the gallery<br />

at 1367 Main Street, Sarasota. Info:<br />

941-955-5409.<br />

t<br />

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’<br />

40th Annual Juried Photographic<br />

Exhibition and Sale will be virtual<br />

this year. The exhibition will be viewable<br />

to <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 at selby.org.<br />

According to Selby Gardens’ President<br />

& CEO Jennifer Rominiecki,<br />

“Given the fluid nature of COVID-19<br />

and in an effort to limit the amount<br />

of person-to-person contact that is<br />

involved with putting together this<br />

type of exhibition, we are confident<br />

that not only is this a safer alternative,<br />

but it will allow for more people<br />

to view the exhibition.”<br />

The photographs will be reviewed<br />

by a jury and the jury will select winners<br />

in each category and an overall<br />

“Best of Show.” Cash prizes will be<br />

provided for the winners. For information<br />

visit www.selby.org. Marie<br />

Selby Botanical Gardens is located<br />

at 1534 Mound Street, Sarasota. Historic<br />

Spanish Point is at 337 North<br />

Tamiami Trail, Osprey.<br />

t<br />

Selby Gardens and the Duncan McClellan Gallery in St. Petersburg present the<br />

third annual summer glass show In Dialogue with Nature: Glass in the Gardens to<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20, <strong>2020</strong> at Selby Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota campus.<br />

Island Gallery <strong>West</strong>’s Artist of the<br />

Month is Jane Keeling. Her solo show<br />

“Peaceful Places” will be on view<br />

at the gallery from <strong>Sept</strong>ember 2-30.<br />

Jane uses oils to paint the scenes that<br />

make people flock to Anna Maria Island.<br />

There is a peaceful nostalgia to<br />

these vignettes of the beach and people<br />

enjoying the sunshine and waves<br />

gently breaking in the morning light.<br />

The Gallery is located at 5368 Gulf<br />

Drive, Holmes Beach. 941-778-6648.<br />

Per county and city regulations,<br />

masks are required. Hand sanitizer<br />

is available.<br />

t<br />

Sarasota Art Museum of Ringling<br />

College is closed until further notice.<br />

They offer a variety of online exhibits.<br />

Visit www.sarasotaartmuseum.<br />

org.<br />

Manatee County Agricultural<br />

Museum, 1015 6th St. <strong>West</strong>, is open.<br />

Local artist Pat Robertson’s watercolor<br />

exhibit has been extended<br />

indefinitely. Robertson is a 33-year<br />

resident of Manatee County, specifically<br />

Palmetto and Terra Ceia. She<br />

is a watercolorist and took her first<br />

class at ArtCenter Manatee. She is a<br />

signature member of the Florida Watercolor<br />

and the Suncoast Watercolor<br />

Societies. The exhibit features beautiful<br />

flora and fauna focused pieces.<br />

Some of the pieces are for sale.<br />

Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 1st and 3rd<br />

Saturday10-noon, 1-4 p.m. Location:<br />

1015 6th Street <strong>West</strong>, Palmetto. Info:<br />

(941) 721-2034<br />

Online exhibits: Underwater<br />

Farms: Aquaculture in Manatee<br />

County. Aquaculture has a long<br />

history in Manatee County. The<br />

process of growing aquatic animals<br />

and plants for food, restoration, and<br />

pets has evolved over the years, but<br />

continues to have a presence in the<br />

agricultural industry. Learn more<br />

about what aquaculture farms have<br />

been in Manatee County in the past<br />

and today.<br />

t<br />

Virtual Book<br />

Events and<br />

Book Clubs at<br />

Bookstore1<br />

Online Events:<br />

• <strong>Sept</strong>ember at 7 p.m. NFL Football<br />

legend Reggie Williams will virtually<br />

visit Bookstore1Sarasota for a<br />

Zoom community<br />

conversation and<br />

book launch for<br />

his new memoir,<br />

Resilient<br />

by Nature. This<br />

memoir follows<br />

the story of Williams—ex-NFL<br />

linebacker, former<br />

Disney executive<br />

and the epitome<br />

of determination<br />

in the face of<br />

extreme challenges.<br />

Reggie<br />

will be joined by<br />

his collaborator<br />

on the book, NFL<br />

columnist Jarrett<br />

Bell. Bookstore1’s<br />

Elsie Souza will<br />

be facilitating the<br />

discussion.<br />

There is no charge for this event,<br />

but registration is required for participation.More<br />

information and<br />

RSVP at https://www.sarasotabooks.<br />

com/events.<br />

• <strong>Sept</strong>ember 23 at 6 p.m. A Zoom<br />

author visit with Susannah Marren<br />

chatting about her new novel, A<br />

Palm Beach Scandal. From Susannah<br />

Marren, author of A Palm Beach<br />

Wife, comes her next book set in the<br />

exclusive, glamorous world of Palm<br />

Beach: A Palm Beach Scandal.<br />

Marren follows two sisters as one<br />

offers the ultimate selfless act to the<br />

other, proving the very meaning of<br />

family in this novel of artifice and<br />

intrigue. Marren is the author of Between<br />

the Tides and A Palm Beach<br />

Wife and the pseudonym for Susan<br />

Shapiro Barash, who has written<br />

over a dozen nonfiction books.<br />

There is no charge for this event,<br />

but registration is required for participation.<br />

More information and<br />

RSVP at https://www.sarasotabooks.<br />

com/events.<br />

• <strong>Sept</strong>ember 29 at 6 p.m. Join<br />

Tampa Bay Times Reviewer and<br />

Book Editor Colette Bancroft and<br />

guest authors online for a discussion<br />

of Tampa Bay Noir, a collection of<br />

short stories by Florida authors that<br />

take place in Tampa Bay.<br />

Tampa Bay Noir Editor Collette<br />

Bancroft has been the book editor<br />

at the Tampa Bay Times since 2007.<br />

In addition to writing reviews and<br />

interviewing authors, she directs the<br />

annual Tampa Bay Times Festival of<br />

Reading.<br />

There is no charge for this event,<br />

but registration is required for participation.<br />

More information and<br />

RSVP at https://www.sarasotabooks.<br />

com/events<br />

Online Book Clubs:<br />

• <strong>Sept</strong>ember 8 at 2 p.m. The Mysteries<br />

to Die For Book Club led<br />

by Elsie Souza. Meets online via<br />

Zoom. This month, they’re discussing<br />

American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson.<br />

Purchase of a ticket is required<br />

for participation. The $18 ticket<br />

includes a copy of American Spy and<br />

the book club meeting.<br />

About American Spy: Inspired<br />

by true events—Thomas Sankara is<br />

known as “Africa’s Che Guevara”—<br />

American Spy knits together a gripping<br />

spy thriller, a heartbreaking<br />

family drama, and a passionate romance.<br />

More information and RSVP<br />

at https://www.sarasotabooks.com/<br />

bookclubs<br />

• The Amigos Family Book Club<br />

will be discussing Chiquita by Antonio<br />

Orlando Rodríguez. They will<br />

meet online via Zoom for 5 consecutive<br />

sessions starting Monday,<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 14. Meeting time is 7-8<br />

pm. Meeting dates: <strong>Sept</strong>. 14, <strong>Sept</strong>. 21,<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>. 28, Oct. 5 and Oct. 12.<br />

The Amigos Book Club is a cultural<br />

association between CreArte<br />

Latino and Bookstore1. The Reading<br />

Circle is conducted totally in Spanish<br />

for adults.<br />

Register by sending an email<br />

to info@creartelatino.org. To purchase<br />

the book call BookStore1 at<br />

941-365-7900 and 20% of the sale will<br />

be donated to CreArte Latino.<br />

About Chiquita: This imaginary<br />

biography of the real-life woman<br />

recreates the adventures and misfortunes<br />

of Chiquita, an alluring<br />

and independent woman that lived<br />

to become one of the highest paid<br />

celebrities in the Vaudeville theatres<br />

and fairs of her day. More information<br />

and RSVP at https://www.sarasotabooks.com/bookclubs<br />

• The Amigos Family Book Club<br />

will be discussing Zoro by Jairo<br />

Aníbal Niño. They’ll meet online<br />

via Zoom for 5 consecutive sessions<br />

starting Wednesday, <strong>Sept</strong>ember<br />

16th. Meeting time is 6-7 pm. Meeting<br />

dates: <strong>Sept</strong>. 16, <strong>Sept</strong>. 23, <strong>Sept</strong>. 30,<br />

Oct. 7 and Oct. 14.<br />

The Amigos Book Club is a cultural<br />

association between CreArte<br />

Latino and Bookstore1. The Reading<br />

Circle is conducted totally in Spanish<br />

for children (7-11 years old)<br />

Register by sending an email<br />

to info@creartelatino.org. To purchase<br />

the book call BookStore1 at<br />

941-365-7900 and 20% of the sale will<br />

be donated to CreArte Latino.<br />

About Zoro: Reminiscent of Eustaquio<br />

Rivera’s masterpiece La voragine,<br />

this exhilarating story relates<br />

the adventures of a young boy lost in<br />

the indomitable jungle. More information<br />

and RSVP at https://www.<br />

sarasotabooks.com/bookclubs<br />

• Join Roxanne for the Movie Lovers<br />

Zoom Book Club. They’ll be meeting<br />

online via Zoom for two sessions,<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 30 and October 28 at<br />

6 p.m., to discuss acclaimed film<br />

Director Charlie Kaufman’s new<br />

comedic mammoth sized novel Antkind<br />

set in St. Augustine, Florida.<br />

Optional Kaufman film discussions<br />

could be a part of each session.<br />

Purchase of a ticket is required for<br />

participation. The $32 ticket includes<br />

a copy of Antkind and both book<br />

club meetings.<br />

About Antkind: The bold and<br />

boundlessly original debut novel<br />

from the Oscar-winning screenwriter<br />

of Being John Malkovich, Adaptation,<br />

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless<br />

Mind, and Synecdoche, New<br />

York.More information and RSVP at<br />

https://www.sarasotabooks.com/<br />

bookclub.<br />

Art Around<br />

the State<br />

Editor’s Note: Be sure to check websites<br />

for online viewing of exhibits.<br />

continued on page 8<br />

6 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

Tummy Tucks — Breast Lift —<br />

Breast Augmentation — Liposuction<br />


YOUR<br />


Arm & Thigh Lifts — Fat Grafting —<br />

Coolsculpting — Body Sculpting<br />

Sovereign Plastic Surgery<br />

Alissa M. Shulman, M.D., F.A.C.S.<br />

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

1950 Arlington Street • Suite 112 • Sarasota<br />

941- 366-LIPO (5476)<br />

www.sovereignps.com<br />

4420 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota<br />

941.260.8905<br />

www.shellysgiftandchristmasboutique.com<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 7

out and about continued<br />

The USF Contemporary Art<br />

Museum, part of the USF Institute<br />

for Research in Art in the College of<br />

The Arts, has a new exhibition, The<br />

Neighbors: Slide Shows for America,<br />

featuring photographic slideshows<br />

by artists Widline Cadet, Guy Greenberg,<br />

Curran Hatleberg, Kathya<br />

Maria Landeros, and Zora J Murff,<br />

curated by CAM’s Curator-at-Large<br />

Christian Viveros-Fauné.<br />

Amid a polarizing <strong>2020</strong> election<br />

season and an evolving COVID-19<br />

pandemic, each participating camera<br />

artist has been commissioned to<br />

create a slideshow of underexposed<br />

communities in the United States.<br />

For this show, less is more: the photographic<br />

portfolios installed at the<br />

USF Contemporary Art Museum<br />

are displayed using traditional slide<br />

carousels, to evoke the intimacy of<br />

family and community slide shows<br />

of another age.<br />

The exhibition is available to view<br />

online at cam.usf.edu. USFCAM remains<br />

closed. After USF reopens, reservations<br />

will be required to visit<br />

CAM, and details will be available on<br />

cam.usf.edu at that time.<br />

The University of South Florida<br />

Contemporary Art Museum (USF-<br />

CAM) organizes and presents exhibitions<br />

of contemporary art from Florida,<br />

the United States, and around the<br />

world, including Africa, Europe, and<br />

Latin America. The exhibit runs to<br />

December 7.<br />

t<br />

Boca Raton Museum of Art:<br />

• Eye to I: Self Portraits from the<br />

National Portrait Gallery. Eye to I is<br />

especially appropriate in the age of<br />

the “selfie.” Organized and drawn<br />

from the collection of the Smithsonian’s<br />

National Portrait Gallery, this<br />

exhibition explores how American<br />

artists have portrayed themselves<br />

through painting, drawing, photography,<br />

and video since the beginning<br />

of the 20th century. Artists in the exhibition<br />

approach self-representation<br />

from realist renderings to alter-egos<br />

that can reveal or obfuscate their<br />

inner lives. Runs to <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20.<br />

t<br />

• Jeff Whyman: Out of Nature runs<br />

October 7-January 3, 2021. Whyman<br />

ceramics are inspired by nature<br />

including the shells he collects. His<br />

vessels, teapots, and plates retain a<br />

semblance of function but are really<br />

sculptures. His spouts are twisted,<br />

his vases sage and tilt, and his plates<br />

are rife with lumpy accretions.<br />

Whyman acknowledges the influence<br />

of the renowned ceramicist<br />

Peter Voulkos who elevated the<br />

medium of clay to fine art, and with<br />

whom he worked for ten years at his<br />

Berkeley, California studio.<br />

Unlike Voulkos who added and<br />

subtracted elements of his pieces<br />

over time, Whyman creates his works<br />

all in one moment while the clay is<br />

still wet. He uses the wheel to throw<br />

his vessels and spontaneously adds<br />

materials as sea glass, Chinese crystals,<br />

mineral oxides, metal nails, and<br />

wood ash to make forms that call to<br />

mind rock formations and what one<br />

might find on the ocean floor.<br />

Boca Raton Museum of Art, 501<br />

Plaza Real, Boca Raton. Info: 561-<br />

392-2500. Virtual programming<br />

provides access to everyone beyond<br />

gallery walls.<br />

At Tampa Museum<br />

of Art:<br />

• Frank Stella: Illustrations<br />

after El Lissitzky’s<br />

Had Gadya from the<br />

Collection of BNY Mellon.<br />

On view through<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 27, <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

Frank Stella created<br />

the series Illustrations<br />

after El Lissitzky’s Had<br />

Gadya (1984) after seeing<br />

artist El Lissitzky’s<br />

artwork at the Tel Aviv<br />

Museum of Art.<br />

Between 1917 and<br />

1919, Lissitzky (Russian,<br />

1890-1941) completed<br />

imagery for a children’s<br />

book of “Had Gadya”,<br />

an allegorical song sung<br />

at the close of the Passover<br />

Seder. Lissitzky’s<br />

modernist interpretation<br />

of the traditional<br />

song highlighted the<br />

influence of the Russian<br />

avant-garde in his work,<br />

as he depicted characters and scenes<br />

in “Had Gadya” with abstract forms<br />

and interlocking geometric shapes.<br />

Inspired by Lissitzky’s “Had<br />

Gadya”, Stella produced a suite of<br />

prints corresponding to the artist’s<br />

imagery. Rather than re-interpret the<br />

song, Stella responded to Lissitzky’s<br />

abstractions with his own signature<br />

vibrant palette and curvilinear gestures.<br />

The exhibition features Stella’s<br />

complete portfolio of twelve prints,<br />

each unique in technique and color.<br />

t<br />

• Everyday Women. On view<br />

through January 9, 2022. In celebration<br />

of the 100th anniversary of<br />

women’s suffrage, the Tampa Museum<br />

of Art presents a series of exhibitions<br />

focused on the achievements<br />

of women in the arts and explores<br />

the story of women in the ancient<br />

world through the depictions of<br />

goddesses, heroines, mythological<br />

characters, and everyday women in<br />

the Museum’s collection of classical<br />

antiquities.<br />

Tampa Museum of Art, Cornelia<br />

Corbett Center, 120 W. Gasparilla<br />

Plaza, Tampa.<br />

Theatre<br />

Asolo Rep has new online theatre<br />

classes this fall offering a broad<br />

spectrum of theatre education opportunities<br />

for ages 11 through adult.<br />

The programs include the launch<br />

of Adult Online Theatre Classes.<br />

Beginning in <strong>Sept</strong>ember and running<br />

through the fall, the classes<br />

will be conducted on Zoom in small,<br />

interactive groups led by Asolo Rep<br />

Education & Engagement teaching<br />

artists. Registration is underway;<br />

class sizes are limited.<br />

t<br />

• Adult Online Theatre Classes<br />

Provides online classes designed for<br />

adults looking to broaden their theatrical<br />

knowledge and connect with<br />

others through art and conversation.<br />

• Script Study<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 14 – November 16 Mondays,<br />

3pm – 4:30pm. Full Program:<br />

$165; <strong>Sept</strong>ember only: $55; October<br />

only: $70; November only: $55<br />

Each week, participants will read<br />

thought-provoking pieces of dramatic<br />

literature and come together for<br />

Contemporary Artist Derrick Adams’s Major Solo Museum Exhibition<br />

Debuts at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. Runs <strong>Sept</strong>ember<br />

12–November 29, <strong>2020</strong>. The MFA is at 255 Beach Drive NE,<br />

St.Petersburg. For more information, visit mfastpete.org.<br />

interactive discussions. Led by Asolo<br />

Rep Artists, participants will connect<br />

with fellow theatre-lovers far<br />

and wide from the comfort of their<br />

own homes.<br />

Details about all classes, including<br />

registration information, are available<br />

at asolorep.org. For questions,<br />

contact the Asolo Rep Education &<br />

Engagement Department: education@asolo.org.<br />

At the Players of Sarasota:<br />

• So Long Dearie Farewell Tours<br />

runs <strong>Sept</strong>. 3-13, <strong>2020</strong>. Join them for<br />

this one-hour tour through the Players<br />

theatre before their move in October.<br />

Enjoy the bar, photo ops and<br />

say your goodbyes to their ghosts.<br />

Tours will be held <strong>Sept</strong>. 3-5 and 10-12<br />

at 5:30pm and 7:30pm <strong>Sept</strong>. 6 and 13<br />

at 2pm. Private tours are available,<br />

but reservations must be made in<br />

advance with a minimum of six (6)<br />

guests. A virtual tour version will<br />

also be available.<br />

The Players Inc has been around<br />

since 1929. That’s 90 years of memories,<br />

friendships, and community arts<br />

education and entertainment. Such<br />

a historic and loving facility deserves<br />

a send-off like none other. This isn’t<br />

“goodbye,” it’s only “see you later.”<br />

They’ve decided to take A Few Of<br />

Our Favorite Things, originally set<br />

to close their 91st Season, and use it<br />

as a virtual farewell to their home in<br />

downtown, Sarasota.<br />

The Virtual Farewell will air<br />

online Friday, <strong>Sept</strong>ember 25 at<br />

7:30pm, a week before they vacate<br />

their Sarasota theater space. Tickets<br />

are $20. Those who purchase a ticket<br />

will receive a link to watch from<br />

home. Visit https://www.theplayers.<br />

org/shows/<br />

t<br />

Live Music<br />

Fishermen’s Village has live music:<br />

• Tiki Tom & Moni perform on <strong>Sept</strong>ember<br />

11 from 5-9 p.m. Enjoy live<br />

music overlooking Charlotte Harbor.<br />

Tiki Tom & Moni will perform a variety<br />

of classics<br />

t<br />

• <strong>Sept</strong>ember 12, noon-4 p.m.<br />

Acoustic singer and musician Mark<br />

Gorka performs 12 noon-4 pm<br />

Info: www.fishville.com. Fishermen’s<br />

Village Center Court, 1200 W.<br />

Retta Esplanade, Punta<br />

Gorda.<br />

At The<br />

Bishop<br />

Small Wonders:<br />

Insects in Focus at The<br />

Bishop runs to October<br />

20. Insects inhabit<br />

every domain of our<br />

daily lives, performing<br />

essential functions that<br />

balance our ecosystem<br />

on Earth — functions<br />

that often go unnoticed<br />

because of their small<br />

size or scale. Now,<br />

using cutting-edge<br />

technology and custom<br />

methods that put tiny<br />

insects on a human<br />

scale, artist and photographer<br />

Bob Sober<br />

allows visitors to see<br />

the patterns, textures,<br />

colors and details that<br />

have always been present, but too<br />

small to appreciate<br />

Creating human-scale images of<br />

insects, with resolution so high that<br />

every hair, dimple and tiny structure<br />

is clearly revealed, was impossible<br />

prior to the technological advancements<br />

of the past 10 years. Sober’s<br />

skills allow us to see the intersection<br />

of natural science and art in the<br />

smooth metallic finishes and heavily<br />

stippled textures, strange body<br />

shapes, delicate wing structures and<br />

beautifully engineered body components<br />

in this series of 30 images that<br />

will are on display in the Museum’s<br />

second-floor Rincon Gallery and<br />

throughout the Museum.<br />

The exhibition runs through<br />

October 20. The Bishop Museum of<br />

Science and Nature, 201 10th St. W,<br />

Bradenton<br />

In addition, The Bishop’s special<br />

exhibition of Myakka River: A Florida<br />

Treasure continues through<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>. 6 in the Museum’s first-floor<br />

East Gallery. Featuring dozens of<br />

evocative black-and-white photos of<br />

the Myakka River by renowned landscape<br />

photographer Clyde Butcher,<br />

this special exhibition is also included<br />

with admission. For more than 20<br />

years, Clyde Butcher has explored the<br />

deeper regions of Myakka and spent<br />

seasons experiencing its changes and<br />

its diverse ecosystems. Designated as<br />

a Florida Wild and Scenic River, the<br />

tannic waters flow through bottomland<br />

swamp and freshwater marsh<br />

spilling into lakes and sinkholes.<br />

Did you know that The Bishop has<br />

Florida’s premier astronomy<br />

dome and projection system? They<br />

upgraded to the Digistar 6 system<br />

during their temporary closure this<br />

spring and the new system provides<br />

images that are even more clear and<br />

vivid, and have even greater depth<br />

to them. It also has state-of-the-art<br />

software that allows them to take<br />

you on immersive journeys to the far<br />

reaches of the cosmos.<br />

Right now, they’re featuring Flight<br />

Through Our Solar System, a<br />

10-minute narrated tour that begins<br />

at the sun then travels through our<br />

solar system — including the asteroid<br />

belt — past Pluto and the other<br />

outer planets, until you arrive at the<br />

icy outer reaches of the Kuiper Belt<br />

t<br />

and the Oort Cloud, located on the<br />

outer fringe of the solar system.<br />

Planetarium Manager Howard<br />

Hochhalter also offers virtual journeys<br />

through space that you can join<br />

from home:<br />

• Every Tuesday at noon: Join Howard<br />

on Facebook as he previews stars<br />

and constellations in the upcoming<br />

night skies (free program);<br />

• Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the<br />

month: Howard focuses on helping<br />

kids become masters of the universe<br />

during KidSpace (free program on<br />

Zoom);<br />

• On the fourth Wednesday of the<br />

month: Howard hosts Stelliferous on<br />

Zoom, where he focuses on the night<br />

skies, the latest news in astronomy<br />

and answers your questions. Cost: $3<br />

for members of the Discovery Society;<br />

$5 for all others.<br />

Farmer’s Markets<br />

The Sarasota Farmers Market<br />

is open on Saturdays with normal<br />

hours of 7 am-1 pm, rain or shine.<br />

You’ll notice that vendors are spread<br />

out 10-15 feet apart from one another<br />

to make more room to socially<br />

distance yourself as you shop. In<br />

order to achieve this, you’ll notice<br />

that they’ve spread the vendors<br />

onto State and First Streets, as well<br />

as on to Lemon. Be sure to also support<br />

those vendors that are on State<br />

and First Streets during your trip to<br />

the market. Signage and arrows on<br />

the ground will direct the foot traffic<br />

flow. Masks are mandatory. The city<br />

of Sarasota has partnered with The<br />

Market to give away free masks while<br />

supplies last.<br />

t<br />

Venice Farmers Market has<br />

summer hours: Saturdays 8am to<br />

noon, April through <strong>Sept</strong>ember.<br />

Winter hours: Saturdays 8am to 1pm,<br />

October through March. The Venice<br />

Farmers Market is located at Venice<br />

City Hall, 401 W. Venice Avenue.<br />

Face coverings will be required for<br />

those visiting the Market. If customers<br />

do not have a face covering, cloth<br />

masks will be provided for them by<br />

the Market, while supplies last.<br />

Market staff and vendors have<br />

gone to great lengths to create a<br />

CDC compliant and safe socially<br />

distanced outdoor shopping experience<br />

for the community. All staff<br />

and vendors wear masks and gloves<br />

and sanitizing stations are available.<br />

Their plan complies with all federal,<br />

state and local guidelines for food<br />

and personal safety.<br />

The Market’s summer vendors<br />

are offering produce, fresh baked<br />

goods including breads, pies, bagels<br />

and pretzels, wild-caught seafood,<br />

Florida-grown mushrooms, boutique<br />

cheeses, locally roasted coffee, kettle<br />

corn, hand crafted soap, essential oils,<br />

nursery plants and fresh cut flowers.<br />

In addition, local artists will be at the<br />

market offering award-winning photography,<br />

unique clay art and jewelry,<br />

hand-designed clothing for children<br />

and adults, and much more.<br />

During the construction of the<br />

new Fire Station 1 and expansion of<br />

Venice City Hall, the Farmers Market<br />

has relocated out of the parking<br />

lot but is still operating at City Hall.<br />

The Market will set up on W. Venice<br />

Avenue between Harbor Drive and<br />

t<br />

continued on page 10<br />

8 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

Enjoy Five Star Service with Stellar Results<br />

Cosmetic • Regenerative<br />

& Restorative Gynecology<br />

Painless Office Labiaplasty<br />

BioTe® Hormone Pellet Therapy<br />

O-Shot® & Ouchless PRP<br />

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation®<br />

Clitoral Hood Reduction<br />

Majoraplasty | Mons Lipo<br />

ThermiVa® (non-surgical rejuvenation)<br />

ThermiTight® for necks and jawlines<br />

Effective treatments for:<br />

Low Libido<br />

Menopause<br />

Lichen Sclerosus<br />

Urinary Incontinence<br />

Personalized GYN Care<br />

Our patients. Our reviews.<br />

“Well cared for” | “Positive experience” | “Warm & friendly staff ” | “Exceeded expectations”<br />

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“Results better than I even imagined” | “I am ready to start dating again”<br />

“No longer self-conscious” | “Wonderful experience”<br />

“Your work is a work of art” | “I enjoy sex more”<br />

See Our Before & After Gallery at VisionaryCentreForWomen.com<br />

Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes, DO, FACOOG<br />

Board Certified in Gynecology | Specializing in Cosmetic Gynecology<br />

25+ years vaginal surgery experience<br />

Beverly Hills trademarked techniques<br />

727.403.0573<br />

info@drjenniferhayes.com<br />

Is it time to<br />

rebalance your<br />

retirement<br />

portfolio?<br />

Let’s take a look together.<br />

Call 941-914-1560<br />

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Amanda E. Stiff, MBA<br />

Financial Advisor<br />

941.914.1560<br />

AccessAdvisorsLLC.com<br />

Astiff@AccessAdvisorsLLC.com<br />

1800 Second Street Suite 895 Sarasota, FL 34236<br />

1305 Langhorne Road Lynchburg, VA 24503<br />

Security and Advisory services offered through Harbor Financial Services, LLC Member FINRA/SIPC clearing<br />

through Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC. Access Advisors, LLC is<br />

not an affiliate nor subsidiary of Harbor Financial Services, LLC.<br />

Maintain Your Independence<br />

with<br />

Maintain<br />

HomeWell<br />

HomeWell Your Independence<br />

with HomeWell<br />

Our flexible in-home care services are tailored to meet the needs of<br />

Our flexible in-home care services are tailored to meet the needs of<br />

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any Our flexible<br />

situation.<br />

situation. in-home<br />

Whether<br />

Whether care<br />

you<br />

you services<br />

or your<br />

or your are<br />

loved<br />

loved tailored<br />

one is<br />

one is to<br />

at<br />

at meet<br />

home,<br />

home, the<br />

living<br />

living needs<br />

with<br />

with of<br />

you,<br />

you, any situation.<br />

or residing<br />

or residing Whether<br />

in a facility,<br />

in facility, you or<br />

we craft an individualized plan to meet<br />

we your craft loved an individualized one is at home, plan living to meet with<br />

your specific needs when and where you need us most.<br />

your you, or specific residing needs in a when facility, and we where craft an you individualized need us most. plan to meet<br />

your specific needs when and where you need us most.<br />

• Life Enrichment Activities • Personal Care<br />

Life Enrichment Activities<br />

Personal Care<br />

• Care Life Enrichment for Couples Activities<br />

• Respite Personal Care<br />

Care for Couples<br />

Respite Care<br />

• Transitional Care for Couples Care<br />

• Medication Respite CareReminders<br />

Transitional Care<br />

Medication Reminders<br />

• Alzheimer Transitional and Care<br />

• Light Medication Housekeeping, Reminders Meal<br />

Alzheimer and<br />

Light Housekeeping, Meal<br />

• Alzheimer<br />

Parkinson’s Care<br />

Prep, and Laundry<br />

Parkinson’s and Care<br />

• Prep, Light Housekeeping, and Laundry Meal<br />

• Wardrobe, Parkinson’s Grooming, Care and • Transportation Prep, and Laundry for Errands<br />

Wardrobe, Grooming, and<br />

Transportation for Errands<br />

•<br />

Dressing Assistance and Doctor’s Appointments<br />

Dressing Wardrobe, Assistance Grooming, and • and Transportation Doctor’s Appointments<br />

for Errands<br />

Dressing Assistance and Doctor’s Appointments<br />



CALL FOR YOUR Long Term FREE Care CONSULTATION: Insurance Accepted 941-303-5642<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Long Term Care Insurance Accepted<br />

Long Term Care Insurance Accepted<br />

| homewellcares.com<br />

homewellcares.com<br />

| homewellcares.com<br />

©<strong>2020</strong> HomeWell Senior Care, Inc. All rights reserved. Rev0520 License Number 299994842, 299995067<br />

©<strong>2020</strong> HomeWell Senior Care, Inc. All rights reserved. Rev0520 License Number 299994842, 299995067<br />

©<strong>2020</strong> HomeWell Senior Care, Inc. All rights reserved. Rev0520 License Number 299994842, 299995067<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 9

out and about continued<br />

Avenue des Parques, located between<br />

City Hall and the Hecksher<br />

Park tennis courts.For information,<br />

go to www.thevenicefarmersmarket.<br />

org or contact Manager Lee Perron at<br />

941-445-9209.<br />

After being shut down for months<br />

because of the Covid-19 pandemic,<br />

the Newtown Farmer’s Market has<br />

now reopened. Social distancing<br />

rules are in place. The market is open<br />

from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Friday<br />

and Saturday. The market is located<br />

at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park,<br />

at the corner of Cocoanut Avenue<br />

and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way.<br />

Vendors and shoppers are expected<br />

to follow Centers for Disease Control<br />

and Prevention safety guidelines and<br />

wear a mask.<br />

t<br />

Bradenton Farmer’s Market<br />

reopens in October. Enjoy fresh produce,<br />

local art, music, demos by local<br />

chefs, and family activities. Parking<br />

is free on weekends, and dogs on<br />

leashes are welcome. Held every<br />

Saturday, from October through<br />

May, from 9am – 2pm, on Old Main<br />

Street in downtown Bradenton, 400<br />

12th St. W. Bradenton. Old Main<br />

Street is a tree-lined retail district of<br />

cafes and restaurants running three<br />

blocks north from Manatee Avenue<br />

to the Manatee River, where it meets<br />

the Bradenton Riverwalk.<br />

The Riverwalk is a 1.5-mile park<br />

that features day docks, an amphitheater,<br />

performance areas and<br />

pavilion, a skateboard park, an<br />

interactive splash pad, and much<br />

more. There are over thirty-five vendors<br />

who offer locally-grown fruits,<br />

vegetables, plants, organic products,<br />

fresh seafood, prepared foods, as<br />

well as the work of local artists and<br />

craftspeople.<br />

Every third Saturday, Mainly Art<br />

hosts dozens of local artists and<br />

craftspeople displaying and selling<br />

their creations. Art, crafts, live music,<br />

and food are available from 9am<br />

to 2pm on Fourth Avenue <strong>West</strong>, perpendicular<br />

to the Bradenton Farmers’<br />

Market on Main Street.<br />

t<br />

Artist Series<br />

Concerts<br />

The Soiree Series concert featuring<br />

Jennifer Kreider and Austin<br />

Cripe, originally scheduled for October<br />

25 and 26 at the Fischer-Weisenborne<br />

residence, is now scheduled<br />

for October 26 at 5:30 pm at Selby<br />

Gardens. Tickets: $25.<br />

The Soiree Series concert,<br />

Palm Court Treasures, originally<br />

scheduled for November 22 and 23<br />

at the Fischer-Weisenborne residence,<br />

is now tentatively scheduled<br />

for November 22 at 5:30 pm at<br />

Historic Spanish Point. Once this<br />

date is confirmed, we will let you<br />

know. Tickets: $25.<br />

t<br />

• They’ll also be offering the following<br />

virtual concert:<br />

• Women of Note, featuring pianists<br />

Lee Dougherty Ross and Gail Berenson,<br />

sopranos Robyn Rocklein<br />

and Jenny Kim-Godfrey and actors<br />

Kate Alexander, Ariel Blue, and Meg<br />

Gilbert. This program celebrates the<br />

100th anniversary of the passage of<br />

the 19th amendment granting women<br />

the right to vote. The<br />

program, consisting entirely<br />

of female composers<br />

and performers, is part<br />

of a collaboration led by<br />

Florida Studio Theatre to<br />

celebrate the Suffragist<br />

Movement.<br />

This concert will be coming<br />

to a computer screen<br />

near you on October<br />

1st through October 12th.<br />

Tickets per household are<br />

just $15. Plans are also in<br />

the works to stream some<br />

of the performances from<br />

the organization’s <strong>2020</strong>-21<br />

25th anniversary season,<br />

which is now tentatively<br />

scheduled to begin on October<br />

13, at Michael’s On<br />

East, with a live luncheon<br />

plus a virtual performance<br />

by classical accordionist<br />

Hanzhi Wang.<br />

Note: The Florida Jazzmasters<br />

concert, which<br />

was first scheduled for<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 13, has been<br />

moved to December 6, at<br />

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.<br />

The October 25 and<br />

26 recitals with Jennifer<br />

Kreider and Austin Cripe<br />

have been moved to October 26<br />

(now one single performance), also<br />

at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.<br />

https://www.artistseriesconcerts.<br />

org or 941-306-1200.<br />

Ballet and Dance:<br />

The Sarasota Cuban Ballet<br />

School is offering classes for<br />

children, pre-professionals, and<br />

adults. Class sizes are limited in<br />

compliance with all Covid-19 health<br />

and safety regulations. Teachers<br />

wear masks. They are adding a<br />

new After School Study and Dance<br />

Program for students in grades K-5.<br />

Some major performances have<br />

been canceled for <strong>2020</strong> but 2021 is<br />

undecided. Beginning in October<br />

they will be presenting two Black<br />

Box in-studio performances every<br />

month. For details, visit www.srqcubanballet.com<br />

or call 941-365-8400.<br />

t<br />

New for <strong>2020</strong>/2021:<br />

• After School Study and Dance<br />

Program: for elementary school<br />

students, it includes study time<br />

and homework help as well as daily<br />

dance classes. School pick-up is<br />

available in Sarasota. For more information,<br />

call 941-365-8400. They can<br />

also help families who have opted for<br />

virtual schooling.<br />

• In-Studio Performances: The<br />

Sarasota Cuban Ballet School plans<br />

to present monthly performances<br />

at their Black Box style studio next<br />

to Bell’s, beginning in October. In<br />

addition to watching the dancers<br />

perform, the in-studio audience<br />

will have an opportunity to hear<br />

from Ariel Serrano, artistic director,<br />

and to talk to the performers. All<br />

Covid-19 health and safety precautions<br />

will be observed. The performances<br />

will also be livestreamed.<br />

Full Schedule of Classes for<br />

all Ages and Levels<br />

• Ages 3-10: Classes are age-appropriate.<br />

The youngest learn the wonders<br />

of movement, self-expression,<br />

Artist Series Concerts has Women of Note, featuring pianists Lee<br />

Dougherty Ross and Gail Berenson, sopranos Robyn Rocklein and<br />

Jenny Kim-Godfrey and actors Kate Alexander, Ariel Blue, and<br />

Meg Gilbert. This program celebrates the 100th anniversary of<br />

the passage of the 19th amendment granting women the right to<br />

vote. The program, consisting entirely of female composers and<br />

performers, is part of a collaboration led by Florida Studio Theatre<br />

to celebrate the Suffragist Movement. Details on this page.<br />

and creativity. As they get older they<br />

are introduced to ballet, modern<br />

dance and acrobatics.<br />

• Ages 10 and above: Students learn<br />

ballet technique, advance to pointe,<br />

and increase their repertoire.<br />

• Pre-professionals Ages 12 and<br />

above: Students interested in a serious<br />

dance program with the possibility<br />

of a dance career can consider<br />

the Pre-professional program.<br />

Dancers train 20+ hours a week,<br />

perform for local audiences, participate<br />

in national and international competitions,<br />

and receive help moving forward.<br />

Participants include dancers who<br />

moved up the ranks at the Sarasota<br />

Cuban Ballet School or who come from<br />

other studios in the US and abroad.<br />

• Adult Classes: Whether you’ve<br />

always wanted to take ballet or learn<br />

contemporary dance, are returning<br />

after a hiatus – or you’ve danced your<br />

whole life, you can join these classes<br />

You will be taught by Master Teachers,<br />

who have experience teaching adults<br />

and appreciate your interest and desire<br />

to learn. Our “adult” students typically<br />

range in age from 40 through 80+.<br />

The Sarasota Cuban Ballet School<br />

was founded in 2011 by the Cuban-born<br />

husband and wife team of<br />

Ariel Serrano and Wilmian Hernandez.<br />

They trained at the elite Escuela Nacional<br />

de Ballet de Cuba and performed<br />

internationally. In 1993, they moved<br />

to Sarasota to join the Sarasota Ballet,<br />

where they danced as principals.<br />

SCBS is one of the only schools<br />

in the United States specializing in<br />

the Cuban training style, which is<br />

renowned for its athleticism, passion<br />

and precision. Developed in the<br />

1940s by Cuban dancer Fernando<br />

Alonso, the Cuban Ballet training<br />

method has produced some of the<br />

world’s greatest dancers and is increasingly<br />

embraced by professional<br />

companies throughout the world.<br />

Classes at The Sarasota Ballet<br />

• The Sarasota Ballet School has<br />

t<br />

added American Ballet<br />

Theatre National Training<br />

Curriculum starting<br />

in <strong>Sept</strong>ember. American<br />

Ballet Theatre was designated<br />

America’s National<br />

Ballet Company by an Act<br />

of Congress in 2006. All<br />

The Sarasota Ballet School<br />

faculty along with dancers<br />

from the Company<br />

are now certified to teach<br />

level Pre-Primary through<br />

Level 3 of the curriculum<br />

following completion of<br />

a teacher training course<br />

led by Dierdre Miles Burger,<br />

Assistant Education<br />

Director who is also a<br />

member of the ABT’s Artistic<br />

Board of Examiners.<br />

The ABT National<br />

Training Curriculum combines<br />

high quality artistic<br />

training with the basics of<br />

dancer health and child<br />

development. The ABT<br />

National Training Curriculum<br />

consists of a comprehensive<br />

set of age-appropriate,<br />

outcome-based<br />

guidelines to provide the<br />

highest quality ballet<br />

training to dance students<br />

of all ages and skill levels.<br />

In addition to Miles Burger, the<br />

faculty and dancers had the great opportunity<br />

to learn from the creators<br />

of the curriculum, world-renowned<br />

dance educators Raymond Lukens<br />

and Franco De Vita. Info: https://<br />

www.sarasotaballet.org/sarasota-ballet-school.<br />

The Great Outdoors<br />

At Benderson Park<br />

• Park visitors are reminded to<br />

practice safe social distancing, to<br />

remain home if they have any signs<br />

of illness, and to wash their hands<br />

regularly with soap and water. All<br />

park restrooms remain open, and an<br />

amplified cleaning schedule remains<br />

in place. High-contact areas and<br />

touch points continue to be regularly<br />

disinfected throughout the day.<br />

• The Ronald A. Balducci Playground<br />

is open during regular park<br />

hours (6 a.m.-8 p.m.), but hour-long<br />

closures at 8 a.m., noon and 4 p.m.<br />

allow crews to clean playground<br />

equipment.<br />

• As a reminder, only electric<br />

boat motors are authorized in our<br />

waters; gas motors must be raised to<br />

indicate they aren’t in use. (This is<br />

in accordance with Sarasota County<br />

ordinances.)Follow the park at<br />

NathanBendersonPark.org.<br />

t<br />

A new Canopy Zone feature is<br />

now open at Manatee County’s Robinson<br />

Preserve, allowing visitors<br />

to experience nature from a fresh<br />

perspective while exploring amidst<br />

the treetops.<br />

Situated at the edge of the historic<br />

Reasoner Tract at Robinson Preserve<br />

South, the Canopy Zone is nestled<br />

among century-old botanical giants<br />

that once formed the test plot<br />

for Royal Palm Nurseries. Follow<br />

the boardwalk as it extends past<br />

the Mosaic Center for Nature, Exploration,<br />

Science and Technology (the<br />

NEST) and find yourself climbing<br />

t<br />

among the limbs and leaves.<br />

Thanks to careful planning, the<br />

Canopy Zone was built amongst the<br />

existing trees, allowing for a densely<br />

shaded environment and a cool experience<br />

to combat the summer heat.<br />

The boardwalk features LED lighting<br />

allowing it to be used for staff-guided<br />

evening programs for the public and<br />

permitted special events.<br />

The compact, two-story structure<br />

is filled with adventure park elements<br />

including a series of boardwalks,<br />

rope bridges, climbing nets,<br />

and slides. Crawl through the net<br />

tube to catch a bird’s-eye view of the<br />

newly built waterways of the Robinson<br />

Preserve Expansion or climb the<br />

tower, zigzagging through platforms<br />

to top and then take the spiral slide<br />

all the way to the understory loop<br />

on the forest floor. While some of<br />

the more challenging elements are<br />

recommended for ages 5 and older,<br />

all ages and abilities are welcome on<br />

the accessible tree-top boardwalk<br />

loop that emerges overlooking the<br />

Robinson Preserve Expansion, complete<br />

with mounted binoculars for<br />

viewing the wading birds and other<br />

wildlife within the preserve.<br />

The project complements the<br />

ongoing habitat restoration on 135<br />

acres located at the expansion area<br />

of Robinson Preserve to enhance<br />

fisheries habitat and install native<br />

plants. Additional amenities are also<br />

being constructed including new<br />

pavilions, restrooms, kayak storage<br />

tubes, benches and trailside shade<br />

structures. These habitat and amenity<br />

improvements are expected to be<br />

completed and re-open this winter.<br />

The Canopy Zone is open to the<br />

public the same hours as Robinson<br />

Preserve, sunrise to sunset seven<br />

days a week. Parking can be found<br />

near the NEST which can be reached<br />

from the preserve’s South Entrance<br />

at the end of 9th Avenue Northwest.<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

mymanatee.org or call (941) 748-4501.<br />

Manatee Village Historical Park<br />

is open to the public by appointment<br />

only. In an abundance of caution,<br />

days and hours will be limited, each<br />

time slot is limited to 25 visitors, and<br />

some areas will be closed.<br />

Visitors are encouraged to make<br />

appointments online prior to arrival.<br />

Staff members will be wearing masks<br />

when visitors are present. Visitors are<br />

encouraged to practice proper social<br />

distancing, good hygiene, and hand<br />

cleaning. Guests are asked to respect<br />

historical buildings and artifacts by<br />

not touching, moving, climbing on,<br />

or otherwise tampering with historical<br />

structures and artifacts. Hand<br />

sanitizing before entry is strongly<br />

encouraged. When scheduling an<br />

appointment, every individual must<br />

be signed up regardless of age.<br />

Appointments are made by visiting<br />

www.manateevillage.org. Links<br />

are provided for making an appointment<br />

to visit. You can also call to<br />

schedule your appointment: (941)<br />

749-7165.<br />

There is no fee to schedule an<br />

appointment. Parking, entering, and<br />

self-led tours are free as usual. Appointment<br />

times are strict. Visitors<br />

who are early must wait inside their<br />

cars until their start time. Staff members<br />

will be taking temperatures of<br />

t<br />

continued on next page<br />

10 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

Celebrating<br />

25<br />

Ye ars of Caring<br />

Our dedicated Nursing team remains<br />

committed to providing the best in care.<br />

Quality, personalized healthcare in your own home has never been more important.<br />

Our team provides all levels of care—from skilled nursing to helping with groceries<br />

and companionship—in any setting.<br />

Take Care is locally nurse and family-owned with 25 years of experience meeting<br />

your health care needs, from one hour of care as needed up to around-the-clock<br />

support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.<br />

Voted Best in Home Health by the<br />

local community since 2012<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

Lic. # HHA 21657096 | 299991405<br />

(941) 927-2292<br />

www.TakeCareHomeHealth.com<br />

info@takecarehomehealth.com<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 11

out and about continued<br />

visitors using a forehead scanner<br />

and following CDC guidelines to<br />

determine entry. Face masks are<br />

encouraged due to the small size of<br />

our buildings and limited amount<br />

of space. Visitors may have a self-led<br />

tour. Tours will not be led by docents<br />

or staff members. Walking tour brochures<br />

will be available.<br />

Visitors are also welcome to use<br />

a digital tour by downloading the<br />

Florida Stories App at http://uqr.to/<br />

FloridaStories or visiting The Clio<br />

at https://theclio.com/on a cell phone<br />

or other device using mobile data.<br />

Visitors are encouraged to respect<br />

social distancing and remain 6ft<br />

apart from staff and other visiting<br />

parties. Restrooms will be available.<br />

Water fountains are only to be used<br />

to refill containers. Visitors are asked<br />

not to drink directly from any of the<br />

water fountains.<br />

The Wiggins General Store, Gift<br />

Shop, Junior Junction playground,<br />

and the 1850 Manatee Burying<br />

Ground cemetery are closed. There<br />

will not be air conditioning available,<br />

visitors must be prepared for the<br />

weather and natural elements. There<br />

will be places to sit including our<br />

benches and picnic tables. Visitors<br />

must begin leaving by their end time.<br />

This allows staff members time to<br />

clean and prepare for the next group.<br />

Manatee Village Historical Park is<br />

located at 1404 Manatee Avenue East<br />

(State Road 64) Bradenton. For more<br />

information call 941-749-7165 or visit:<br />

www.manateevillage.org.<br />

Changes<br />

and Updates<br />

The Artful Lobster is on Saturday,<br />

November 14, 11:30 am – 2 pm.<br />

The highly popular Artful Lobster is<br />

The Hermitage’s signature fundraising<br />

event, and the only benefit to take<br />

place on their historic Gulf front<br />

campus on Manasota Key. With a<br />

lobster feast catered by Michael’s On<br />

East and live entertainment featuring<br />

Hermitage Fellows, the Artful Lobster<br />

is anticipated as the season kickoff<br />

for many across our community.<br />

Tickets: 941-475-2098 ext 5.<br />

This year, they’ll celebrate the<br />

legacy of Nelda and Jim Thompson,<br />

longtime Hermitage supporters<br />

and champions of Manasota Key. In<br />

addition, they’ll host a special celebration<br />

honoring the Thompsons on<br />

Friday, November 13.<br />

The health and safety of our<br />

guests, artists, and staff are top priorities.<br />

As one of the first events of<br />

the fall season, they are taking extra<br />

precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable<br />

outdoor celebration.<br />

t<br />

t<br />

RCLA Town Hall Lecture Series:<br />

Ringling College Library Association<br />

has November <strong>2020</strong> dates for<br />

rescheduled Town Hall lectures by<br />

Lisa Genova and Annie Leibovitz.<br />

Original dates for the two remaining<br />

lectures were suspended by the Van<br />

Wezel due to Coronavirus public<br />

gathering precautions. Subscriber<br />

tickets for both lectures will be<br />

honored for both Town Hall events.<br />

These two dates will complete their<br />

40th Anniversary season.<br />

Now scheduled for Monday, November<br />

9, renowned neuroscientist,<br />

Lisa Genova, will focus on neurological<br />

disorders,<br />

including<br />

Alzheimer’s<br />

disease, traumatic<br />

brain<br />

injury, autism,<br />

Huntington’s<br />

disease, and<br />

ALS. Genova<br />

graduated<br />

valedictorian<br />

from Bates<br />

College with<br />

a degree in<br />

biopsychology<br />

and holds a<br />

PhD in neuroscience<br />

from Harvard<br />

University.<br />

She is the New<br />

York Times<br />

bestselling<br />

author of “Still Alice,” “Left Neglected,”<br />

“Love Anthony,” and several<br />

other books. Through fiction, she is<br />

dedicated to describing the journeys<br />

of those affected by neurological<br />

diseases, thereby educating, demystifying,<br />

and inspiring support for<br />

care and scientific research.<br />

On Monday, November 23, renowned<br />

photographer Annie Leibovitz<br />

will give a talk on her long career<br />

in journalism and the arts. A former<br />

chief photographer for Rolling Stone,<br />

her pictures have appeared regularly<br />

on magazine covers since the 1970s.<br />

As an astute documentarian of the social<br />

landscape, she developed a large<br />

body of work at Vanity Fair, and later<br />

at Vogue, including portraits of actors,<br />

directors, writers, musicians, athletes,<br />

and political and business figures, as<br />

well as fashion photographs.<br />

The Lisa Genova and Annie Leibovitz<br />

lectures will be presented at Van<br />

Wezel. Morning lectures begin at<br />

10:30 a.m. and evening talks begin at<br />

7:30 p.m. Subscribers unable to attend<br />

are encouraged to donate their<br />

tickets to Ringling College Library<br />

Association. Call 941-309-5100.<br />

New College’s Clambake has<br />

been the school’s major scholarship<br />

fundraiser—and one of Sarasota’s<br />

most popular philanthropic events—<br />

for more than four decades. Due to<br />

concerns with COVID-19, organizers<br />

decided to push it past its usual November<br />

timeline.<br />

New College of Florida will celebrate<br />

the 42nd anniversary of its annual<br />

Scholarship Clambake, hosted<br />

by the New College Foundation, on<br />

Thursday, March 4, 2021, at 6 p.m.<br />

The event will take place on the New<br />

College bayfront beside College Hall,<br />

5800 Bay Shore Road in Sarasota.<br />

All ticket proceeds benefit student<br />

scholarships. New College Foundation<br />

board members Beverly Bartner<br />

and Renee Hamad are this year’s<br />

co-chairs. Tickets start at $250 and<br />

sponsorships are available.<br />

For more information, call 941-<br />

487-4800.<br />

t<br />

The University of South Florida<br />

has announced a new date for one<br />

of the region’s premiere events —<br />

the 27th annual Brunch on the Bay at<br />

the Sarasota-Manatee campus now on<br />

Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021. Attendees will<br />

enjoy great cuisine, fellowship with<br />

friends and have the opportunity to<br />

t<br />

invest in the future of the community<br />

by supporting student scholarships.<br />

Elizabeth Moore will serve as chairperson<br />

of the 2021 event.<br />

To reserve a table sponsorship or<br />

purchase tickets to Brunch, visit<br />

the 2021 USF Sarasota-Manatee<br />

Brunch on the Bay sponsorship<br />

page. Out of consideration for the<br />

safety of the community, new social<br />

distancing measures are being diligently<br />

considered as plans continue<br />

for Brunch on the Bay. Visit https://<br />

www.sarasotamanatee.usf.edu/giving/brunch-on-the-bay/.<br />

Sarasota Opera has changes to<br />

Fall Season:<br />

• Due to the uncertainty of being able<br />

to gather safely in a theater in November,<br />

Sarasota Opera is cancelling<br />

the scheduled mainstage production<br />

of Mozart’s Don Giovanni and the<br />

Sarasota Youth Opera production<br />

of The Hobbit. The “Night in Italy”<br />

concert, scheduled for November 7,<br />

and the Concert at Noon scheduled<br />

for November 13 are also cancelled.<br />

The Taste of Downtown event scheduled<br />

for <strong>Sept</strong>ember 26 will also not be<br />

held, but the company is exploring<br />

ways to continue this important Youth<br />

Opera Fundraiser in another form.<br />

Sarasota Opera’s fall season will<br />

consist of concerts utilizing resident<br />

artists. A concert with singers<br />

and piano on stage at the Sarasota<br />

Opera House will be live-streamed<br />

on the internet on November 13,<br />

<strong>2020</strong>. If conditions allow for an<br />

in-person audience, an announcement<br />

will be made at a later date.<br />

The “OperaMobile” will return in<br />

November with Resident Artists<br />

performing throughout Sarasota.<br />

If conditions allow, the Company<br />

will also be scheduling concerts at<br />

outdoor venues in Sarasota, TBA.<br />

The “Curtain Raiser Dinner” is still<br />

scheduled to be held on October 25,<br />

subject to prevailing conditions. In<br />

addition, Sarasota Opera hopes to<br />

begin a modified HD at the Opera<br />

House and Classic Movies at the<br />

Opera House series in <strong>Sept</strong>ember or<br />

October, depending on then-current<br />

health conditions.<br />

No changes have been made to<br />

the Winter Opera Festival which<br />

is scheduled to run from Feb. 6<br />

through March 21. Single tickets for<br />

the Winter Opera Festival are on sale<br />

now. More info at https://Sarasota-<br />

Opera.org.<br />

t<br />

At Benderson<br />

Park:<br />

• NCAA<br />

Rowing<br />

National<br />

Championships<br />

— May<br />

28-30, 2021,<br />

and May<br />

27-29, 2022,<br />

for Divs. I, II<br />

and III<br />

US Rowing<br />

Youth<br />

National<br />

Championships<br />

— June<br />

2021U.S.<br />

Dragon Boat<br />

Federation<br />

National<br />

Championships<br />

– July<br />

9-11, 2021International Dragon<br />

Boat Federation Club Crew World<br />

Championships in 2022<br />

The Artful Lobster is on Saturday, November 14, 11:30 am – 2 pm. The highly popular Artful<br />

Lobster is The Hermitage’s signature fundraising event, and the only benefit to take place on<br />

their historic Gulf front campus on Manasota Key.<br />

t<br />

t<br />

The Board of Directors of the<br />

Anna Maria Island Concert<br />

Chorus & Orchestra (AMICCO) has<br />

decided to postpone Symphony on<br />

the Sand until 2021. In its eighth<br />

season, Symphony on the Sand has<br />

traditionally occurred on Anna<br />

Maria Island’s Coquina Beach on<br />

the second Saturday each November.<br />

Recognized as one of the region’s<br />

premier musical events, it has<br />

been well-attended by over 4,000<br />

people annually.<br />

“Central to the conversation has<br />

been the health and well-being of<br />

everyone involved in the production<br />

of Symphony on the Sand. Many<br />

organizations and individuals work<br />

closely together to ensure that every<br />

performance is successful and<br />

better than the last. The rehearsal<br />

time invested by our musicians,<br />

chorus members, and guest artists,<br />

along with the planning time of our<br />

service providers and volunteers,<br />

requires hours of commitment.<br />

AMICCO deeply values the relationships<br />

created with our community<br />

partners and as such we feel that<br />

moving forward with Symphony<br />

on the Sand <strong>2020</strong> would put all<br />

involved at increased and unnecessary<br />

risk.” For more information<br />

contact info@amicco.org.<br />

Due to COVID-19 Ear Research<br />

Foundation postponed its March 29,<br />

<strong>2020</strong>, Hear & Now and All That Jazz<br />

events. The dinner and concert will<br />

now take place on December 5 at<br />

the Sarasota Opera House and, as<br />

planned, will feature music legends<br />

Dick Hyman and David Amram. Hyman<br />

and Amram, performing together<br />

for the first time, will share each of<br />

their six decades creating a wide variety<br />

of music and working alongside<br />

a long list of renowned artists.<br />

The evening will include a<br />

pre-show dinner, concert, and<br />

afterparty in the courtyard<br />

featuring Dr. Herbert Silverstein’s<br />

jazz group, The Ear-iginals. For<br />

more information visit www.<br />

EarRF.org or contact Melissa Voigt,<br />

Executive Director at mvoigt@<br />

EarRF.org or 941-365-0367.<br />

t<br />

Local non-profit organization,<br />

Realize Bradenton, is planning to<br />

t<br />

proceed in December with their<br />

outdoor Blues music event, the<br />

Bradenton Blues Festival, but they<br />

are changing their venue due to the<br />

COVID-19 pandemic.<br />

The outdoor music event is expected<br />

to take place on December 4, and<br />

5, but it will not be held its normal<br />

location on the Riverwalk. The event<br />

will now take place at LECOM Park,<br />

the spring training home for the<br />

Pittsburgh Pirates.<br />

Organizers of the event say the<br />

main reason for changing the venue<br />

is because the park has a seating<br />

capacity of 7,500 and for an event<br />

that is expected to have over 1,100<br />

people in attendance they believe<br />

that continuing to practice social<br />

distancing in an outdoor environment<br />

is achievable.<br />

Friday Blues Appetizer evening<br />

event will be limited to 500 attendees<br />

and tickets are required. At the Saturday<br />

Bradenton Blues Festival event<br />

600 tickets are available. mTo purchase<br />

tickets, visit: mhttps://www.<br />

bradentonbluesfestival.org/<br />

A week before the festival, ticket<br />

buyers will receive an email regarding<br />

festival parking, will call, seating<br />

assignments, and the health and<br />

safety procedures all attendees are<br />

expected to follow. Any questions,<br />

email blues@RealizeBradenton.com.<br />

The Sarasota Ballet has made<br />

changes to its 30th Anniversary<br />

Season. The fall season will occur<br />

as specially devised and purposely<br />

filmed programs that will be<br />

streamed to ticket buyers and will<br />

replace in-theater performances for<br />

the first 3 programs of its 30th Anniversary<br />

Season.<br />

The decision to do so has been<br />

made in order to safeguard audience<br />

members, dancers, and<br />

staff from the ongoing COVID-19<br />

pandemic, while also allowing the<br />

Company to continue to perform<br />

so that the audience will be able to<br />

experience remarkable ballets this<br />

coming Season.<br />

Additionally, the streamed performances<br />

will include extra features to<br />

bring audience members behind the<br />

scenes with special guest interviews<br />

and rehearsal clips, and a look into<br />

the process of a world premiere. The<br />

three programs will be released to<br />

ticket holders at approximately the<br />

same dates that the three in-theater<br />

programs were scheduled to open.<br />

The ballets will be filmed with multiple<br />

cameras to ensure audiences<br />

can see every aspect of the performance.<br />

These programs will then be<br />

emailed to ticket holders, who can<br />

watch the performance at their leisure<br />

over a period of time.<br />

Full programming details for the<br />

October, November, and December<br />

programs will be announced in the<br />

future. Subscribers who currently<br />

have tickets for the first three programs<br />

of The Sarasota Ballet’s 30th<br />

Anniversary Season will be contacted<br />

shortly regarding their ticketing<br />

options. Info: visit https://www.<br />

sarasotaballet.org.<br />

t<br />

PLEASE make sure you check<br />

to see if these events are taking<br />

place before making plans!<br />

12 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

women’s health<br />

Women’s Wellness<br />

Is a 12 Month Commitment<br />

The new year serves as a<br />

reminder to women to make<br />

their health a priority and<br />

build positive health habits<br />

for life. As women we should<br />

be thinking about our health 365 days<br />

a year. Intimate issues such as urinary<br />

incontinence, sexual dysfunction and<br />

pelvic pain can be hard to discuss.<br />

I want to remind you that no issue is<br />

too little or too big to talk about when<br />

it is bothersome to you. As women, we<br />

often compare ourselves to a friend, a<br />

neighbor or a family member and forget<br />

that we are all unique, we all individuals<br />

and it’s personal. Your health is a lifelong<br />

journey. It’s not always easy to take steps<br />

to discuss intimate health issues.<br />

Every woman needs to focus on her<br />

own approach. Every woman needs a<br />

purpose and to find her own motivation.<br />

If you, like many other women,<br />

have difficulty with urinary incontinence,<br />

sexual dysfunction and/or pelvic<br />

pain or if you want to learn more, see<br />

me, Casie Wodzien, Nurse Practitioner,<br />

at the Urology Treatment Center.<br />

I specialize in the treatment of women’s<br />

urological health issues and would<br />

be happy to help you at our Sarasota or<br />

Lakewood Ranch office. When you think<br />

about pink, remember you are unique and<br />

your health matters every single day of<br />

the year. Your urological issues are not too<br />

little or too big to discuss. Women’s wellness<br />

and awareness always work together.<br />

Many people are surprised to learn<br />

that urology covers a wide range of<br />

conditions for both men and women. In<br />

addition to treating the male reproductive<br />

system, urologists treat diseases and<br />

conditions in the kidneys, bladder, and<br />

urinary tract – all of which affect both<br />

genders in all stages of life.<br />

Women may experience urological<br />

health issues that are unique to their<br />

anatomy. While numerous urological<br />

conditions can affect women of all ages<br />

for a variety of reasons, childbirth, menopause<br />

or a hysterectomy can alter the<br />

body in ways that could lead to conditions<br />

including pelvic floor weakness,<br />

overactive bladder or inflammation of<br />

the bladder wall (interstitial cystitis).<br />

Fortunately, most conditions are highly<br />

treatable, especially when caught early.<br />

• Urinary Tract Infections/Bladder<br />

Infections – Most women will<br />

develop a urinary tract infection (UTI) at<br />

some point in their lives. The infection<br />

develops when bacteria enter the urinary<br />

tract. Women with a UTI may have pain<br />

or burning when they urinate. They may<br />

also feel a sudden urge to go to the bathroom,<br />

but then have trouble urinating.<br />


UTIs can be serious, but<br />

they also can be treated<br />

with antibiotics.<br />

• Overactive Bladder<br />

(OAB) – OAB is a condition<br />

recognized by symptoms<br />

including urinary<br />

urgency, frequent urination,<br />

waking up at least<br />

twice a night to urinate or<br />

urge incontinence (leakage<br />

of urine). Treatments<br />

range from medication or<br />

nerve stimulation to Botox<br />

injections or surgery. At least 30 million<br />

Americans suffer from overactive<br />

bladder.<br />

• Urinary Leakage/Incontinence<br />

– Millions of women experience involuntary<br />

loss of urine, called urinary incontinence.<br />

The condition affects all ages and<br />

women of every social and economic<br />

level, though urinary incontinence<br />

occurs more often in older women than<br />

in young women. The condition can<br />

be driven by stress or by a weakness in<br />

bladder or pelvic floor muscles and can<br />

be treated with a variety of approaches,<br />

depending on severity.<br />

• Pelvic Floor Weakness/Vaginal<br />

Prolapse/”Dropped Bladder” – Pelvic<br />

floor prolapse occurs when the upper<br />

portion of the vagina loses its normal<br />

shape and sags or drops down into the<br />

vaginal canal or even outside of the vaginal<br />

opening. There are several types of<br />

pelvic floor prolapse including bladder,<br />

rectum, small bowel and uterus. It’s wise<br />

not to let the condition go on too long,<br />

as most worsening pelvic floor prolapses<br />

can only be fully corrected with surgery.<br />

• Pelvic Pain/Interstitial Cystitis –<br />

Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a long-term<br />

inflammation of the bladder wall, also<br />

called painful bladder syndrome. Its symptoms<br />

are very similar to a urinary tract<br />

infection, such as urinary urgency and/or<br />

pelvic pain, but lack an identifiable cause<br />

such as bacterial infection. In the past, IC<br />

was believed to be a relatively uncommon<br />

problem, but now it is thought to affect<br />

up to 12 percent of women.<br />

Though women can be reluctant to talk<br />

about these sensitive issues, it is important<br />

to share details with and seek treatment<br />

from a certified<br />

urologist. Not doing<br />

so not only diminishes<br />

your quality of life,<br />

but can put you at<br />

serious risk.<br />

SOURCE:<br />

Casie Wodzien,<br />

MS, APRN, ANP-<br />

BC, Urology<br />

Treatment Center.<br />

Casie Wodzien,<br />


Urology Treatment Center<br />

• SARASOTA •<br />

3325 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 200<br />

Sarasota, FL 34239<br />

Urology Treatment Center<br />


6310 Health Parkway, Suite 210<br />

Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202<br />

Phone: (941) 917-8488<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 13

health feature<br />

Terrence Grywinski and Advanced Craniosacral Therapy has reopened for a limited number of sessions per week.<br />

Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life Changing<br />

CST treats the whole body physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally and energetically<br />

Clients come to me because they are in physical<br />

pain such as neck, back, pain and TMJ as well as<br />

for chronic headaches and migraines.<br />

● Both myself and all clients will be provided with Face Masks.<br />

● Appointments will allow the client to come directly into my<br />

office from their cars avoiding time in the waiting room.<br />

● Hand disinfectant will be provided.<br />

● An excellent air filtration system has been installed in the<br />

Pain and stress caused by<br />

shortened Fascia<br />

Fascia (strong connective tissue) encases<br />

all our muscles, organs, brain and spinal<br />

cord. Whenever fascia shortens any place<br />

in the body, the entire network of fascia<br />

creates an increased tension affecting the<br />

functioning of our physical body as well as<br />

our organs, our brain and spinal cord.<br />

Our body is the history of every major<br />

trauma we have experienced physically<br />

and emotionally beginning with birth<br />

issues, falls, head trauma, car accidents,<br />

childhood abuse issues, death, divorce<br />

and other emotional issues. Our body tries<br />

to minimize each trauma by shortening<br />

14 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong><br />

fascia to isolate the energy coming into the<br />

body from that trauma. Shortened fascia<br />

results in pain, loss of mobility and range<br />

of motion, organs becoming less efficient<br />

and with parts of the brain and spinal cord<br />

becoming stressed.<br />

To keep the brain functioning, the body<br />

transfers some of your functional work play<br />

energy (7:00 AM-10:00 PM) to the brain<br />

resulting in less energy to make it through<br />

each day. As we age, the accumulation of<br />

all the tightened fascia, from every major<br />

trauma in life, begins to restrict every<br />

aspect of our body’s functions resulting<br />

in pain, loss of mobility, mis-functioning<br />

organs, loss of energy, as well as our brain<br />

losing some its sharpness.<br />

How Craniosacral<br />

Therapy Works<br />

The Craniosacral Therapist creates a safe<br />

place, with gentle holding techniques, that<br />

engages your body’s ability to self correct,<br />

reorganize and heal itself with the release<br />

of some of that tightened fascia during<br />

each session. As the Craniosacral Therapist<br />

engages your body, you will feel fascia releasing.<br />

As the fascia releases, pain begins to<br />

decrease, range of motion and mobility improve,<br />

organs begin functioning better and<br />

with less stress on the brain feels, it returns<br />

the energy it borrowed at the time of each<br />

trauma resulting in an immediate increase in<br />

your energy levels. Rarely does anyone leave<br />

from my first session not feeling better.<br />

Short Leg Syndrome<br />

Eighty-five percent of my clients have one<br />

of their legs pulled up 1/2 to 1 by shortened<br />

fascia. The tension from short leg syndrome<br />

on the sacrum (5 fused vertebrae<br />

at bottom of the spine) is transferred up<br />

Testimonials from Clients<br />

■ “On a recent vacation to Siesta Key, I<br />

re-injured my back. I found Terry online. I<br />

can say with complete joy that was the best<br />

decision I made in the history of my back<br />

pain. I have sought many modalities and<br />

visit a CST regularly and never have I had<br />

such a healing in my entire body.<br />

After 3 sessions, I made a 16-hour drive<br />

home with no pain or discomfort in my<br />

entire body. Unbelievable. My body has<br />

a sense of moving freely and that is completely<br />

new. I’m so grateful to Terry for his<br />

knowledge, for his sensitivity to my needs<br />

and his kind generosity in healing my body.<br />

I will see him when I return next year.”<br />

—Caroline M.<br />

■ “I am a snowbird who spends 7 months<br />

in Sarasota. I have had back problems for<br />

25 years. Terry’s techniques have led to a<br />

great deal of release and relief in areas that<br />

have been problematic. I have been seeing<br />

him over the years when my body says ”it’s<br />

time”. Usually after a few sessions, I can tell<br />

a huge difference.” —Lana S.<br />

■ “I was introduced to Terry and Craniosacral<br />

Therapy by a Neuromuscular<br />

massage therapist who thought I needed<br />

higher level of care. I found Terry to be<br />


kind, empathetic and he genuinely seemed<br />

to take an interest in my challenges. I have<br />

a mild Chiari malformation (part of the<br />

brain protrudes and puts pressure on the<br />

spinal cord) I had been experiencing vertigo,<br />

extreme pain in my neck combined<br />

with a limited range of motion (I could not<br />

turn my neck right or left) I tried both traditional<br />

and holistic modalities including<br />

chiropractic and acupuncture with limited<br />

success. So I did not have lofty expectations<br />

(unrealistic) going into my first session, but<br />

was pleasantly surprised in the immediate<br />

difference I experienced in my entire body.<br />

There was less pain in my back and<br />

shoulders, but also in my diaphragm and<br />

rib cage area. I was able to breathe more<br />

deeply, felt more limber and overall more<br />

relaxed. With additional sessions, Terry<br />

was able to relieve the burning sensation<br />

in my shoulders that would radiate into<br />

my lower neck and down my arms which<br />

had been plaguing me for a long time and<br />

causing numbness in my extremities. I have<br />

been impressed by his intuitive nature and<br />

his ability to listen to my body and focus in<br />

on specific issues and pain points. The therapist<br />

who referred me to him was right…he<br />

is a gifted healer.” —Nicole M.<br />


treatment room that destroys bacteria and viruses.<br />

● All surfaces will be disinfected between treatments.<br />

● All clients will be questioned about self isolation and having<br />

followed safety precautions such wearing a face mask in public<br />

as well as being free of any symptoms.<br />

The physical stress in bodies caused by<br />

shortened fascia (connective tissue) shuts<br />

down energy flows to certain organs. Short<br />

leg syndrome by ½ to 1 in (where one leg is<br />

pulled up by shortened fascia) shuts down<br />

energy flow to the spleen (an important part of<br />

your immune system) and the small and large<br />

intestine. With the release of that shortened<br />

fascia, energy returns to these organs.<br />

the dural tube that encases the spinal cord<br />

into the lower and upper back, the neck,<br />

the cranium and the brain. Headaches, migraines,<br />

TMJ and neck problems can originate<br />

from the fascial stress in the sacrum.<br />

Releasing this sacral stress increases<br />

energy in the bladder, sex organs, kidneys<br />

and the chakras as well as releasing major<br />

stress in the upper part of the body.<br />

Cause of Shallow Breathing<br />

A great majority of the clients who come to<br />

me for various problems are also shallow<br />

breathers. Fascial stress in the diaphragm restricts<br />

the depth of breathing by restricting<br />

energy flow to the lungs, the pericardium<br />

■ Chronic Pain: Sciatic, Back,<br />

Neck and TMJ<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />

■ Migraines, Foggy Brain and<br />

Lack of Concentration<br />

■ Sight and Eye Problems<br />

■ Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD<br />

Terrence Grywinski<br />

of Advanced<br />

Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049<br />

SOURCE:<br />

■ Terrence Grywinski of Advanced Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049. Terry has specialized in Craniosacral<br />

Therapy since 1994 when he began his training at the Upledger<br />

Institute. Described by his teachers, clients and colleagues<br />

as a “gifted healer”, Terry’s intuitive sense and healing energy<br />

provides immediate and lasting relief from injury, pain, mobility<br />

issues as well as dysfunctions of the body and the brain. Part<br />

of Terry’s ongoing education, he has completed 4 craniosacral<br />

brain and peripheral nervous system classes which<br />

enables him to work at<br />

a cellular level and with<br />

brain dysfunctions.<br />

Call 941-321-8757<br />

for more information,<br />

Google Craniosacral<br />

Therapy Sarasota.<br />

and the heart. With the release of fascial<br />

diaphragm restriction, the client immediately<br />

starts breathing deeply and energy is<br />

restored to the pericardium and the heart.<br />

Shoulder blades that are cemented to<br />

the body also restricts how much the rib<br />

cage can open and thereby also restricting<br />

depth of breath. Without proper breathing,<br />

your cells do not get enough oxygen.<br />

Everyone, especially people suffering from<br />

bronchitis, asthma and COPD as well as<br />

shallow breathing can benefit when the<br />

fascial stress is released.<br />

Specialized Training<br />

to work with Brain<br />

Dysfunctions<br />

Just as the body physically gets stressed<br />

from physical and emotional trauma, the<br />

functioning of the brain is also affected<br />

by fascial stress. For our brains to remain<br />

healthy, we need dynamic production<br />

of craniosacral fluid which performs the<br />

important function of bringing nourishment<br />

to all the cells in the brain and spinal<br />

cord as well as cleansing all the metabolic<br />

wastes given off by those same cells.<br />

Once the craniosacral fluid cleanses these<br />

metabolic wastes, efficient drainage of these<br />

metabolic wastes into the lymph system is<br />

absolutely necessary. Research has shown,<br />

that at night, craniosacral fluid cleanses amyloid<br />

plaques from the brain. If the drainage<br />

is inefficient, then the brain is being bathed<br />

in a toxic slurry. How does 15 or 20 years<br />

of your brain being bathed in a toxic slurry<br />

affect you: senile dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s<br />

and other brain dysfunctions?<br />

A Craniosacral Therapist, who has<br />

received training in working with the<br />

brain, can reverse that stress on the brain<br />

that eventually can result in those brain<br />

dysfunctions. As we all know, the proper<br />

functioning of the body is dependent on a<br />

healthy functioning brain.<br />

What conditions does<br />

CranioSacral Therapy address?<br />

Immediate Relief Beginning with the First Session:<br />

■ Shallow Breathing<br />

■ Digestive and Constipation <strong>Issue</strong>s<br />

■ Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Problems<br />

■ Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Depression<br />

■ Concussions, Brain and Spinal Cord Health<br />

■ Mobility and Energy <strong>Issue</strong>s for Seniors<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy

women’s health<br />

Functional Genomics –<br />

Kara’s Road Back to Health<br />

The shortcomings of contemporary medicine<br />

“Contemporary views of human<br />

disease are based on simple<br />

correlations between clinical<br />

syndromes and pathological<br />

analysis which date back to<br />

the late 19th century. While this<br />

approach to disease diagnosis,<br />

prognosis, and treatment<br />

has served the medical<br />

establishment and society well<br />

for many years, it has serious shortcomings for the modern era,” says<br />

Dr. Joseph Loscalzo, Professor of Medicine, Harvard.<br />

— The Dawn of Personalized Medicine — Functional Genomics<br />

Kara B, a married business consultant<br />

and mother of three high<br />

school-aged children, was the<br />

picture of health until she reached<br />

55. Her wellbeing, vim and vigor<br />

started to deteriorate: joint aches and pains,<br />

trouble maintaining weight, cognition problems,<br />

heart irregularities, anxiety and sleep<br />

issues. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,<br />

depression/anxiety, and paroxysmal atrial<br />

fibrillation and subsequently prescribed pain<br />

meds, antidepressants, and blood thinner.<br />

“Where to turn?” she wondered. Hoping<br />

that Functional and Integrative Therapy<br />

might offer some clues, she sought the help<br />

of The Renewal Point. When Kara met with<br />

me in my office for a New Patient Consultation,<br />

she said her goal was to get back to her<br />

original good health without requiring so<br />

much pharmaceutical medication. I promised<br />

her we would look for answers.<br />

Her initial lab work demonstrated low<br />

levels of gonadal and thyroid hormones.<br />

While natural hormone therapy helped considerably,<br />

she still felt as if she were unable<br />

to maintain the high energy and competency<br />

level she expected from herself with her<br />

family and work.<br />

Fortunately for Kara, our practice now<br />

offers a new Genomic profile of 160 genes,<br />

called the MaxGen; a gene study directed<br />

at the interaction between her unique genome,<br />

environment, and lifestyle. Personalized<br />

gene studies, such as this, are truly a<br />

breakthrough in Integrative and Functional<br />

Medicine in two ways such as…<br />

Genomics Profiles:<br />

1. Shed light on the root cause of physical<br />

problems<br />

2. Offer keys in developing a personalized<br />

intervention program<br />

Kara’s Personalized Program… her<br />

Genomic Makeover Plan<br />

Adjusting for 160 genes, practitioners at The<br />

Renewal Point were able to optimize Kara’s<br />

diet, exercise, nutrition, supplements and<br />

sleep patterns. Her genetic profile revealed,<br />

among many other things, that; 1) Kara<br />

would lose weight more easily on a low<br />

glycemic diet rather than the intermittent<br />

fasting she had been trying for years. 2)<br />

Over two cups of coffee may be adding<br />

to her heart problems (she was drinking<br />

around five cups a day). 3) Certain genetic<br />

methylation defects added to her anxiety<br />

and sleep problems, and could be corrected<br />

with the right B vitamins. 4) A gene affecting<br />

vitamin D receptors increased the incidence<br />

of Fibromyalgia…we can target the root<br />

problem 5) She was more able to gain muscle<br />

and lose fat with a specialized Closed Kinetic<br />

Chain exercise program (CKC Fitness) than<br />

the aerobic program she had been doing for<br />

years while seeing no improvement.<br />

Following her Genomic Makeover Plan,<br />

Kara was able to get her health and mojo<br />

back. She lost the weight that had plagued<br />

her for years, firmed up her body with her<br />

new personalized exercise plan and was<br />

able to go off her pain meds prescribed for<br />

Fibromyalgia, her Psych meds for depression<br />

and sleep, and her blood thinner medication.<br />

According to her doctors, she no<br />

longer needed them.<br />

–——————————————<br />

About The Renewal Point<br />

With over 30 years of experience and numerous<br />

board certifications and credentials, Dr.<br />

Watts, MD, ND, MSNM and Helena Williams,<br />

ARNP, MS are experts in the Science and Art<br />

of Functional Medicine. Genomics is only<br />

one of the many types of 21st Century medical<br />

breakthroughs offered at The Renewal<br />

Point; and, the GenMax profile mentioned<br />

above is only one of the many genomics<br />

profiles we use. In Personalized, Functional<br />

medicine we match the test/profile to your<br />

symptoms, and then we use that to learn<br />

about the root cause of the problem(s) and<br />

create a personalized plan. We encourage you<br />

to visit our website<br />

(www.TheRenewal-<br />

Point.com) or give us<br />

call (941-926-4905) to<br />

learn more.<br />

We offer<br />

TeleMedicine, and<br />

have been to patients<br />

around the globe,<br />

for over a decade now.<br />

We have extended our<br />

TeleMedicine services<br />

to all new patients<br />

as well.<br />

Dr. Dan Watts,<br />

MD, ND, MSMN<br />

The Renewal Point<br />


4905 Clark Road, Sarasota<br />

Phone: 941-926-4905<br />

www.TheRenewalPoint.com<br />


October 29, 6-6:30<br />

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing<br />


https://www.facebook.com/therenewalpoint<br />



Simple Will ................................... $ 110<br />

Revocable Living Trust:<br />

Single ....................... $ 595<br />

Married ................. $ 1,050<br />

Power of Attorney ........................ $ 95<br />

Health Care Surrogate .................. $ 85<br />

No additional costs required other than filing fees if applicable.<br />

www.gerlinglawgroup.com<br />

Dana Laganella<br />

Gerling, Esq.<br />

Offices: Bradenton/<br />

Lakewood Ranch<br />

756-6600<br />

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide,<br />

ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.<br />


Heroes Memberships available to all<br />

Doctors, Nurses, First Responders, Firefighters,<br />

Police, EMT’s, Active Military, and Teachers<br />


www.ourysrq.org<br />

#WhereTheHeartIs<br />

1075 S. Euclid Ave.<br />

941-955-8194<br />

8301 Potter Park Dr<br />

941-922-9622<br />


SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 15

16 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong><br />

Photos Courtesy of Sarasota Memorial Hospital and SMH nurse photographer Lilyana Dobreva

usiness spotlight<br />


a digital marketing agency, helps their clients adapt<br />

to the new realities of online marketing<br />

Online marketing was already<br />

a challenge pre-pandemic.<br />

Since mid-March of this year<br />

small business owners were<br />

forced to adapt to an environment<br />

nobody saw coming. The biggest<br />

challenge for any small business was quickly<br />

communicating new Covid-19<br />

policies. Questions such as - are you<br />

still open, have your hours changes,<br />

what are you doing to keep customers<br />

and staff safe, what is your<br />

mask and social distancing policy,<br />

what extra steps are you taking?<br />

As we are all aware the answers<br />

to these questions evolved over time<br />

requiring constant communication.<br />

This communication was done<br />

through a website, social media,<br />

blogs, Google Business Page, email<br />

marketing, and signage. In some<br />

cases, we were updating policies<br />

weekly across all channels. Having<br />

a company or individual in place to<br />

make all of these changes quickly<br />

became a top priority overnight.<br />

In addition to communicating<br />

policy changes, SMB’s had to become<br />

innovative with traditional<br />

marketing as they fought to just<br />

break even. Our job was to help<br />

them identify the best channels to<br />

push their weekly or monthly message,<br />

create the message, distribute<br />

the message. Through our reporting<br />

dashboard, we have always been able to<br />

show the performance of each marketing<br />

channel in real-time making this an easy<br />

decision to make for the SMB owner.<br />

We witnessed marketing budgets<br />

slashed during April and May as<br />

revenues for many clients plummeted<br />

50-80%. Creating the problem of<br />

getting your message out with the least<br />

possible expense. Our marketing stack<br />

recommendation was (and still is):<br />


• Google Responsive Display Ads​to<br />

generate targeted website traffic at<br />

a cost of 10-30 cents a click. Typical<br />

budget $50-100/week and up.<br />

Gary Donson and<br />

Felicia Donson<br />

• Install a ​Facebook Pixel ​on the website to<br />

build a custom Facebook audience based<br />

on website traffic (no cost).<br />

• Setup an ongoing ​Facebook Retargeting<br />

Ad​using the website custom audience.<br />

Typical budget $50/week and up.<br />

• Push out your message via ​Social Media:<br />

GMB, Facebook, Instagram<br />

(no cost)<br />

• Automatically build your email<br />

list by identifying up to 30% of<br />

website traffic every day (yes,<br />

this works!)<br />

• Email your message WEEKLY​ via<br />

Constant Contact, Mailchimp or<br />

Active Campaign.<br />

PROCESS:<br />

• Create the message (you and/<br />

or a writer)<br />

• Create the graphic (graphic<br />

designer)<br />

• Distribute the message (you,<br />

your internal team or digital<br />

agency)<br />

• Review the results of your<br />

campaign weekly (reporting<br />

dashboard)<br />

• Rinse and Repeat with<br />

adjustments<br />

This works for businesses of all<br />

sizes and budgets. You can start<br />

with a weekly budget of $100-$150<br />

and scale up from there as needed. The<br />

#1 job of the SMB owner is to choose<br />

the weekly or monthly message. Once<br />

you have decided on the message your<br />

internal team or digital agency will do<br />

the rest. If you have to spend any time<br />

on the process then you need a new team<br />

or agency!<br />

Think Donson is a full-service digital<br />

marketing agency. We can help with<br />

every aspect of your marketing needs.<br />

Think Donson<br />

8350 Bee Ridge Rd #325,<br />

Sarasota, FL 34241<br />

941-304-1784<br />

thinkdonson.com<br />


SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 17

travel news<br />

We know you’re limiting your travel these days, but these news items keep<br />

you up to date for when it’s safe to travel again. Plus, it’s fun to read…<br />

LaGuardia Airport’s remodeled and<br />

upgraded terminal B now open<br />

LaGuardia Airport has been the bane<br />

of many a traveler for years. LaGuardia<br />

Airport ranked worst among<br />

medium-size airports, based on statistical<br />

analysis and reader comments.<br />

The long-awaited renovation of<br />

LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B culminated<br />

in a reopening on June 13. The<br />

revamped arrivals and departures hall,<br />

designed and built by Skanska USA, total<br />

850,000 square feet across four levels—<br />

roughly 50 percent bigger than the space<br />

that it replaced. It’ll also be disinfected<br />

regularly up to CDC standards and<br />

Margaritaville<br />

Hotel in<br />

Manatee<br />

County open<br />

Now we can all waste away in<br />

Margaritaville on Anna Maria<br />

Island. The new Compass by<br />

Margaritaville resort on Perico Island<br />

officially opened in July.<br />

The six-story, 123-room hotel has Margaritaville<br />

bedding, oversized bathrooms<br />

with rainfall showers, smart TVs,<br />

complimentary daily breakfast, Wi-<br />

Fi, a living lounge where guests can<br />

hang out, a welcome cabana stocked<br />

with snacks throughout the day, a<br />

grab-and-go retail store and water<br />

views from each and every angle.<br />

The elephant in the room, of<br />

course, is the global COVID-19<br />

pandemic. Vacations are not happening<br />

the way they once were, as<br />

COVID-19 cases are rising in Florida<br />

and airlines continue to operate<br />

at limited capacity. Steve Mullen<br />

of Sarasota-based hotel developer<br />

Floridays Development Co. said<br />

that the pandemic does make the<br />

opening challenging. However, he<br />

did say that business at Floridays’<br />

other local hotels — such as the Hilton<br />

Home2 Suites Casey Key in Nokomis — is<br />

pretty strong on the weekends. The issue<br />

is the weekdays.<br />

“The Home2 Suites does really well on<br />

the weekends, but during the week it’s<br />

running at 40-50% (occupancy),” he said.<br />

“It’s getting better at the resort locations.<br />

We’re anticipating weekends will be<br />

feature signage that reminds travelers to<br />

wear face masks,<br />

The new arrivals and departures hall<br />

at LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B is a<br />

850,000-square-foot, four-level space measures<br />

roughly 50 percent bigger than the<br />

hall it replaces and comes equipped with<br />

more check-in kiosks, security lines, and<br />

new screening systems, all aimed at improving<br />

efficiency and reducing crowds.<br />

The new hall is part of the ongoing<br />

reconstruction of LaGuardia, an $8 billion<br />

project which first broke ground in 2016.<br />

The new hall serves American Airlines,<br />

strong, but we’re in the dark as to what<br />

will happen during the week.”<br />

Mullen said cleaning protocols are<br />

stringent, plexiglass has been installed at<br />

service desks and staff gets their temperatures<br />

taken as they come in. The hotel<br />

employs more than 90 people. It’s managed<br />

by Hostmark Hospitality Group. The<br />

hotel’s restaurant, Floridays Woodfire Grill<br />

United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and<br />

Air Canada. Terminal B departures level<br />

includes four check-in islands with 75<br />

self-service kiosks. New digital signs in<br />

the security line will display wait times<br />

for passengers. At the arrivals level,<br />

there are nine new baggage carrousels.<br />

A centralized food hall offers 17<br />

retail, food, and beverage shops, including<br />

local city favorites like Junior’s<br />

Cheesecake, Eli Zabar, and Think<br />

Coffee. There are also four permanent<br />

Public Art fund-commissioned installations<br />

by artists Jeppe Hein, Sabine<br />

Hornig, Laura Owens, and Sarah Sze.<br />

The opening of Terminal B’s arrivals<br />

and departures hall is the biggest milestone<br />

for the project since the new<br />

Delta concourse opened last October.<br />

Signs will remind customers to wear<br />

a face mask, keep six feet from others,<br />

and to wash hands frequently. “The<br />

terminal features spacious, centralized<br />

check-in, state-of-the-art security<br />

technology that has been integrated<br />

from curbside to gate, and modern<br />

concessions, shopping and art,” Kevin<br />

O’Toole, chair of the Port Authority of<br />

New York and New Jersey, said.<br />

When the 2.7 million-square-foot<br />

project is complete it will contain 72<br />

new gates across six concourses, two<br />

new connected arrival and departure<br />

halls, and new roadways.<br />

& Bar, has about 300 seats<br />

and about 100 of those seats<br />

are outside. “Fortunately a<br />

lot of the venue is outside.<br />

There’s a big resort pool, and<br />

we can accommodate people<br />

dining outside,” he said.<br />

The hotel is the first under<br />

the Compass by Margaritaville<br />

brand. It’s designed to<br />

adapt to a more boutique-like<br />

format compared to other<br />

Margaritaville properties,<br />

according to the company.<br />

Compass Anna Maria<br />

Sound is situated on a 220-<br />

acre private island community<br />

just 10 miles from Sarasota<br />

Bradenton International Airport. With<br />

six stories and 123 rooms overlooking<br />

Anna Maria Sound, each room offers<br />

a modern, nature-inspired design and<br />

premium amenities including Margaritaville<br />

bedding, rainfall showers and<br />

smart TVs. Ten suites are also available.<br />

Explore more at www.compasshotel.com/AnnaMariaSound.<br />

The Museum<br />

of Modern Art<br />

Reopens<br />

Late August, most museums<br />

in New York City have<br />

reopened. The Museum<br />

of Modern Art reopened<br />

August 27 with new hours<br />

through <strong>Sept</strong>ember 27:<br />

from 10:30 a.m. until 5:30<br />

p.m. Tuesday through Sunday<br />

to the public; and from 10:30<br />

a.m. until 5:30 p.m. on Mondays<br />

for MoMA members only.<br />

Admission will be free to all<br />

visitors Tuesday through Sunday,<br />

through <strong>Sept</strong>ember 27.<br />

The Museum’s Flagship<br />

Store on 53rd Street and the MoMA<br />

Design Stores in Midtown and Soho are<br />

also open. Changes include encouraging<br />

visitors to reserve timed-entry tickets<br />

in advance via the Museum’s website<br />

MoMA.org. Tickets will be available in<br />

30-minute slots and will be released one<br />

week in advance, in one-week blocks,<br />

every Friday at 10 a.m.<br />

MOMA will limit entry to no more<br />

than 100 visitors per hour, with no time<br />

constraint on how long visitors can stay<br />

during open hours. This restricts the total<br />

number of visitors on site to 25% or less<br />

of the Museum’s full capacity at all times.<br />

Visitors older than the age of two to<br />

wear face coverings at all times; complimentary<br />

face masks will be available.<br />

They will have contactless temperature<br />

checks and bag checks for all visitors.<br />

Visitors should leave at home backpacks,<br />

umbrellas, and bags over the size of 11 ×<br />

17 × 5 inches (28 × 43 × 13 cm). To protect<br />

visitor and staff health, there will be<br />

no bag or coat check services.<br />

Signs and staff will offer guidance<br />

to enforce a socially-distanced visitor<br />

experience. Hand-sanitizer dispensers<br />

are available throughout the Museum.<br />

Plexiglass barriers are in place at ticketing,<br />

Membership, and MoMA Design<br />

Store desks and points of sale.<br />

As the Museum will no longer hand<br />

out physical audio guides, visitors can enjoy<br />

the Museum’s audio guide and digital<br />

content on their personal devices via the<br />

Museum’s website or app. On-site dining<br />

options will remain temporarily closed.<br />

Visitors returning to the Museum will<br />

be greeted by a special installation of<br />

the iconic “I ♥ NY” logo (1976), designed<br />

by Milton Glaser (1929–<strong>2020</strong>),<br />

mounted inside the west end of MoMA’s<br />

lobby and visible from 53rd street.<br />

Glaser’s design, the concept sketch and<br />

layouts for which are in MoMA’s collection,<br />

was conceived during multiple<br />

crises occurring throughout 1975 and<br />

has become a symbol of hope and enduring<br />

love for New York City and State<br />

throughout the last 45 years.<br />

For those who are unable to visit<br />

in person, MoMA’s digital offerings,<br />

including online film programming and<br />

the virtual Heyman Family Art Lab, will<br />

continue on the Museum’s website, You-<br />

Tube, and social media channels. Magazine,<br />

Virtual Views, free massive open<br />

online courses on Coursera, the MoMA<br />

Learning website, and the Museum’s<br />

Education department Twitter feed, @<br />

MoMALearning, will remain active with<br />

resources, activities, and information.<br />

18 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

travel news continued<br />

Florida Resident Rates, <strong>Coast</strong> to <strong>Coast</strong><br />

As travel restrictions are eased,<br />

Florida residents in need of a break<br />

are finding an array of discounts<br />

and special offers this summer at some<br />

of the state’s most spectacular resorts and<br />

destinations. In addition to being easy on<br />

the wallet, these offers give families plenty<br />

of room to spread out, relax and enjoy<br />

outdoor adventure and spacious accommodations.<br />

Here is a summery sample<br />

of available offers stretching from the<br />

Atlantic shoreline to Gulf coast beaches.<br />

Amelia Island<br />

Consistently voted a Top Island in Conde<br />

Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards,<br />

Amelia Island rests just off Florida’s northernmost<br />

Atlantic coastline. Treasured for<br />

its long stretches of quiet beaches, natural<br />

beauty and unique history, the island is<br />

home to an irresistible mix of outdoor<br />

and upscale pleasures. Amelia Island is<br />

also home to Fernandina Beach, once a<br />

vibrant Victorian seaport village, and now<br />

a charming downtown district of eclectic<br />

shops and eateries.<br />

Florida residents may now enjoy up<br />

to 30% off best available rates at the<br />

Omni Amelia Island Resort. Stretching<br />

over 1,350 acres at the tip of this barrier<br />

island, the resort offers luxurious oceanfront<br />

accommodations with views of the<br />

Atlantic Ocean, pools, championship<br />

golf, and a full-service spa. To book a<br />

reservation, visit OmniHotels.com or call<br />

(904) 261-6161 and use the promo code<br />

“RESIDENT.” AmeliaIsland.com.<br />

Barbary Beach House<br />

Key <strong>West</strong><br />

Set amid a lush topical haven, the<br />

oceanfront Barbary Beach House Key<br />

<strong>West</strong> offers guests an array of amenities,<br />

including a lagoon-style pool with private<br />

cabanas; secluded lounging hammocks;<br />

bicycles; complimentary shuttle service to<br />

Duval Street and the Downtown Seaport<br />

Harbor; and full-service restaurant with<br />

indoor and outdoor seating and pool bar.<br />

Across the street at the Barbary Beach<br />

Club, guests enjoy complimentary use of<br />

Hobie Cats, paddleboards, and kayaks, as<br />

well as a half-mile stretch of sandy shoreline<br />

for strolling and sunning at Smathers<br />

Beach. Having recently completed a topto-bottom,<br />

resort-wide conversion, the<br />

resort boasts mostly suite-style accommodations.<br />

Florida residents may now enjoy<br />

up to a 15% discount* on overnight<br />

stays. BarbaryBeachHouseKey<strong>West</strong>.com<br />

*Based on availability. Certain restrictions<br />

and blackout dates may apply. Discount<br />

applies to room rate only. Not valid on existing<br />

reservations. Valid Florida ID must be<br />

presented upon arrival.<br />

Epicurean Hotel – Tampa<br />

Experience the best of South Tampa at the<br />

boutique, food-focused Epicurean Hotel,<br />

a member of the Autograph Collection of<br />

Marriott International, Inc. This 137-room<br />

property is inviting Florida residents with<br />

a special offer of up to 30% off* room<br />

rates, along with two complimentary<br />

glasses of house wine or beer and bike<br />

rentals for two to explore Bayshore Boulevard<br />

and Hyde Park Village.<br />

Rates start at just $160 per night.<br />

Overnight guests may enjoy dinner at<br />

the hotel’s signature Élevage restaurant,<br />

or take advantage of takeout from the<br />

award-winning Bern’s Steak House, right<br />

next door. For reservations, call 855-829-<br />

2536 or visit EpicureanHotel.com.<br />

St. Pete Pier Reopens<br />

Since we’ve been quarantined, you may<br />

have missed this item. The long-awaited<br />

St. Pete Pier and the St. Pete Pier<br />

District opened to the public in July.<br />

The 26-acre engineering feat is designed<br />

to celebrate the city’s historic<br />

connection to the waterfront and the<br />

city’s downtown.<br />

This entertainment district is an extension<br />

of St. Pete’s city center, offering<br />

a picturesque urban beach area, a<br />

children’s playground, variety of dining<br />

spots, seasonal marketplace with local<br />

vendors, tree-laden walkways and hidden<br />

copses, an ecotourism center and<br />

more. “St. Petersburg’s icon has long<br />

been our public waterfront,<br />

one of the largest in North<br />

America. The new pier is an<br />

extension of our icon and is<br />

sure to draw both residents<br />

and visitors from all over the<br />

world” said Mayor Rick Kriseman,<br />

City of St. Petersburg.<br />

“Further, it is truly a pier for<br />

all people, with so much to<br />

enjoy regardless of income. It<br />

is a gift to our residents and<br />

future generations.”From its<br />

earliest days in the late 1800s,<br />

St. Petersburg and its pier have been intricately<br />

linked. There have been many<br />

iterations of a pier over the years. St.<br />

Petersburg has changed and is moving<br />

away from its “Golden Girls” image as a<br />

retirement community. Downtown St.<br />

Pete is its epicenter featuring museums<br />

devoted to artistic legends like Dalí and<br />

Chihuly and street after street adorned<br />

by colorful murals both large and small.<br />

The pier hosts installations from four<br />

internationally renowned artists: Janet<br />

Echelman, Xenobia Bailey, Nick Ervinck<br />

and Nathan Mabry. More info at<br />

https://stpetepier.org/.<br />

Amelia Island<br />

*Proof of Florida residency required at check<br />

in. Tax is additional. Offer does not apply to<br />

groups of 10 or more rooms and cannot be<br />

combined with other promotions. Blackout<br />

dates may apply.<br />

Havana Cabana at Key <strong>West</strong><br />

Located just minutes from Key <strong>West</strong>’s historic<br />

Old Town, the 106-room, waterfront<br />

Havana Cabana at Key <strong>West</strong> Hotel invites<br />

visitors to experience Florida’s southernmost<br />

tropical paradise in a new kind of<br />

way. The Cuban-themed hotel features<br />

a tropical décor and a host of boutique<br />

amenities. Guest rooms feature pool and<br />

gulf views, with family suites also available,<br />

and the resort is also pet-friendly.<br />

The hotel’s own Floridita Food Truck<br />

serves an authentic Cuban-inspired menu,<br />

including café con leche, pastries and Cuban<br />

sandwiches. Havana Cabana is home<br />

to Key <strong>West</strong>’s largest pool, with plenty of<br />

room the spread out and soak up the sun.<br />

Florida residents can save up to 15%* on<br />

overnight stays through December. Visit<br />

HavanaCabanaKey<strong>West</strong>Hotel.com<br />

*Based on availability. Certain restrictions<br />

and blackout dates may apply. Discount<br />

applies to room rate only. Not valid on existing<br />

reservations. Valid Florida ID must be<br />

presented upon arrival.<br />

Hilton Sandestin Beach<br />

Golf Resort & Spa –<br />

Miramar Beach<br />

Northwest Florida’s premier full-service<br />

beachfront resort is spreading a little<br />

sunshine by offering a 5% discount to<br />

its Hilton Honor members. This special<br />

offer gives Florida residents another reason<br />

to experience the beauty of Northwest Florida’s<br />

Gulf <strong>Coast</strong> and all that Hilton Sandestin<br />

Beach Golf Resort & Spa has to offer<br />

– breathtaking sunsets over sugar-white<br />

beaches, spacious accommodations, delectable<br />

on-site dining options, a full-service<br />

spa, a multitude of family-friendly recreational<br />

options, access to championship<br />

golf, and more. For reservations, call (800)<br />

559-1805 and use code “RPFLH4.” Book<br />

online at HiltonSandestinBeach.com.<br />

The Inn on Fifth and Club<br />

Level Suites – Naples<br />

At the center of Fifth Avenue’s celebrated<br />

collection of restaurants, sidewalk cafes,<br />

upscale boutiques, and one-of-a-kind galleries<br />

sits the Inn on Fifth and Club Level<br />

Suites. A landmark of luxury in downtown<br />

Naples and just blocks from the<br />

Gulf of Mexico, the Inn is home to the<br />

Spa on Fifth, Truluck’s Seafood Steak and<br />

Crab House, and Ocean Prime Naples.<br />

Through October 30, the Inn on Fifth<br />

and Club Level Suites will offer Florida<br />

residents 25% off* best available rates<br />

Sunday through Thursday nights and<br />

20% off* best available rates Friday and<br />

Saturday nights. For more information or<br />

to make reservations, call (888) 403-8778<br />

or visit InnOnFifth.com.<br />

*Subject to availability. Valid Florida ID<br />

required at check-in. Cannot be combined<br />

with other offers. Not valid for groups or<br />

other contracted rates. Offer excludes taxes,<br />

gratuities, and resort fees.<br />

Plantation on Crystal River<br />

– Crystal River<br />

The Plantation on Crystal River is surrounded<br />

by the natural springs of King’s<br />

Bay and pristine lakes and rivers, as well<br />

as wildlife refuges and state parks. The<br />

Plantation features a full-service marina,<br />

18-hole golf course, 9-hole executive<br />

course, dining, inviting accommodations<br />

and plenty of outdoor lawn space for<br />

personal yard games. Guests can enjoy<br />

manatee snorkeling tours, as well as<br />

guided scalloping tours for the summer<br />

scalloping season. Through <strong>Sept</strong>. 24, Florida<br />

residents can enjoy a 10% discount on<br />

best available room rates* Sunday through<br />

Thursday. Rates during this timeframe begin<br />

at just $109. For more information or<br />

to make reservations, call (800) 632-6262<br />

or visit PlantationOnCrystalRiver.com.<br />

*Subject to availability. Blackout dates apply.<br />

Reunion Resort & Golf Club<br />

– Central Florida<br />

Reunion Resort features 360 resort-style<br />

accommodations ranging from luxury<br />

multi-room villas to private three- to<br />

13-bedroom vacation homes. Reunion is<br />

the only location in the world featuring<br />

three signature championship golf courses<br />

designed by golfing legends Jack Nicklaus,<br />

Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson. The<br />

resort’s expansive 2,300 acres offer plenty<br />

of outdoor options in addition to golf,<br />

including meandering walkways and bike<br />

paths, tennis and pickle ball courts, a fiveacre<br />

water park, footgolf and more.<br />

Florida residents may now receive a 10%<br />

discount off one-, two- and two-bedroom<br />

villas. For more information, or to book a<br />

reservation, visit ReunionResort.com.<br />

*Subject to availability. Valid Florida ID<br />

required at check-in. Cannot be combined<br />

with other offers. Not valid for groups or<br />

other contracted rates. Offer excludes taxes,<br />

gratuities, and resort fees.<br />

TradeWinds Island Resorts<br />

– St. Pete Beach<br />

The TradeWinds Island Grand and<br />

RumFish Beach Resort on St. Pete Beach<br />

are offering Florida residents 15% off*<br />

the best available rate through Aug. 31,<br />

with rates starting at just $169. A visit<br />

to the TradeWinds always includes lots<br />

of value-added items with the Resort<br />

Amenity Fee (additional), including the<br />

all-you-can-ride High Tide Slide (located<br />

at Island Grand), Surf WipeOut ride, daily<br />

cushioned beach cabana for two, guest<br />

room Wi-Fi, one parking pass per room,<br />

fitness center, campfire s’mores, Touch<br />

Tank Experience, and beach games, such<br />

as volleyball, bocce ball and cornhole.<br />

There are also tennis courts, minigolf,<br />

a Family Pirate Show (Wed. & Sat.<br />

nights), Dive-In Movies, and paddleboats<br />

along the waterway at Island<br />

Grand. TradeWindsResort.com.<br />

*Offer price is for two adults. 13% tax<br />

applies. Rates and dates subject to change,<br />

based on availability. Minimum night<br />

stays may be required. Promotion cannot be<br />

combined with any other special offers or<br />

discount. Blackout dates may apply. Must<br />

show valid Florida ID at check-in.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 19

dining in<br />

Imposters? Substitutes? New “Classics”?<br />

New takes on old standbys with all-new ingredients<br />

Apple nachos? It’s a trend for sure - taking classic dishes and<br />

reinventing them with new flavor combinations to experience.<br />

Many of these changes are no doubt an answer to our<br />

seemingly endless quest for new flavor sensations or, at the<br />

least, updating classics like nachos - a staple of TV watching, parties, and<br />

served as an appetizer in restaurants.<br />

Many revised recipes also reflect changing dietary needs particularly the<br />

growth of vegan dining. Chickpea fritters (as opposed to traditional corn<br />

fritters) are perfect for vegans, but using chickpeas is not new. Chickpea<br />

seeds are one of the earliest cultivated legumes, and 7500-year-old remains<br />

have been found in the Middle East. They also have lots of protein<br />

which is important for vegans. And, they’re sautéed, not deep-fried. And<br />

be sure to check out the “crab cakes” to see about that “crab” part. Enjoy!<br />

F Apple Nachos T<br />

F No-Fry Fritters T<br />

Butternut squash and chickpeas are the perfect combination for this vegetarian<br />

entrée. Legumes like chickpeas pack protein and the B vitamin folate, and winter<br />

squash is rich in carotenoids, a group of phytochemicals. Both are also rich in<br />

fiber, which has been shown to support growth of health-promoting bacteria in<br />

the gut and reduce risk for colorectal cancer. Plus these healthy fritters are lightly<br />

sautéed instead of deep-fat fried, cutting down on calories and fat.<br />

Chickpea and Butternut Squash Fritters — ——————— ——————<br />

2 cups (10 oz.) cubed butternut<br />

squash<br />

1 can (15.5 oz.) chickpeas, drained<br />

3 Tbsp. whole-wheat flour<br />

1 large egg<br />

4 scallions, coarsely chopped<br />

1 large clove garlic, minced<br />

2 tsp. chopped fresh sage leaves<br />

Yogurt Dill Sauce ———————<br />

1 cup low-fat plain Greek yogurt<br />

2 Tbsp. finely chopped fresh dill<br />

1 clove garlic, minced<br />

1/2 tsp. lemon zest<br />

1 tsp. lemon juice<br />

Salt and freshly ground white or black pepper<br />

1/4 tsp. cumin<br />

1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes<br />

Coarse salt and freshly ground<br />

pepper to taste<br />

2 Tbsp. canola oil or extra virgin<br />

olive oil, divided<br />

8 cups field greens (5 oz. pkg.)<br />

1/4 cup coarsely chopped toasted<br />

skinless hazelnuts<br />

Salad Dressing —————————<br />

1 Tbsp. lemon juice<br />

1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil<br />

Salt and freshly ground black pepper<br />

For Yogurt Dill Sauce, in small bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. Pour into<br />

small serving bowl and set aside.<br />

For Salad Dressing, in small bowl, combine lemon juice and oil, season to taste with<br />

salt and pepper and set aside.<br />

1 medium apple, sliced<br />

1/2 cup plain reduced-fat Greek yogurt<br />

1 tsp. honey<br />

1 Tbsp. almond butter<br />

3 Tbsp. water<br />

1 Tbsp. salted pumpkin seeds<br />

1 tsp. chia seeds<br />

1 Tbsp. granola chunks<br />

1/8 tsp. cinnamon<br />

Slice apple into thin slices (about 25 slices) and arrange on a plate.<br />

Mix yogurt, honey, almond butter and water together and drizzle over apples. If<br />

yogurt dip is too thick to drizzle, add more water to thin out.<br />

Sprinkle pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and granola chunks on top of yogurt layer.<br />

To finish, sprinkle cinnamon over entire dish and serve immediately.<br />

SOURCE: AICR, The American Institute for Cancer Research.<br />

Makes 2 servings. Per serving: 200 calories, 9 g total fat (2 g saturated fat, 0 g trans<br />

fat), 5 mg cholesterol, 24 g carbohydrates, 10 g protein, 4 g dietary fiber, 55 mg<br />

sodium, 16 g sugar, 4 g added sugar.<br />

For Chickpea and Butternut Squash Fritters, in large saucepan with a steamer basket,<br />

steam squash until tender, about 10-12 minutes. Transfer squash to food processor.<br />

Add chickpeas, flour, egg, scallions, garlic, sage, cumin and pepper flakes. Pulse until<br />

blended yet slightly chunky. Season with salt and pepper.<br />

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Gently drop six scant<br />

1/4-cup portions of mixture into pan and gently press into round patties with back of<br />

measuring cup or spatula. Don’t over crowd skillet. Sauté fritters until golden brown<br />

on bottom, about 3-4 minutes. Heat may need to be adjusted for optimal browning.<br />

Carefully turn over each fritter and sauté until other side is golden brown, about 3-4<br />

minutes. Transfer fritters to plate and cover with foil to keep warm. Use remaining oil<br />

to sauté remaining six fritters. There should be 12 fritters in total.<br />

In large bowl, add salad greens. Stir salad dressing and pour over greens. Add<br />

hazelnuts and gently toss together.<br />

Arrange greens on large serving platter or four individual dinner plates. Arrange all<br />

fritters on top of greens if serving on platter or 3 fritters on each individual plate.<br />

Serve with Yogurt Dill Dressing on the side or drizzle on fritters and serve.<br />

Makes 4 (three fritters each) servings. Per serving: 400 calories, 18 g total fat (2 g<br />

saturated fat), 47 g carbohydrate, 17 g protein, 10 g dietary fiber, 392 mg sodium.<br />

continued on next page<br />

20 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>



Immediate Relief Beginning<br />

with the First Session:<br />

dining in continued<br />

F Hearts of Baltimore “Crab Cakes”<br />

Hearts of Baltimore “Crab Cakes” T<br />

Chronic Pain: Sciatic, Back, Neck and TMJ<br />

Migraines, Foggy Brain and<br />

Lack of Concentration<br />

Sight and Eye Problems<br />

Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Shallow Breathing<br />

Digestive and Constipation <strong>Issue</strong>s<br />

Leaky gut and Autoimmune problems<br />

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Depression<br />

Concussions, Brain and Spinal Cord Health<br />

Mobility and Energy <strong>Issue</strong>s for Seniors<br />

T. Grywinski specializes in difficult<br />

issues with great success<br />

These unique “crab cakes” use chopped hearts of palm instead of crab, but<br />

otherwise feature the same flavors of the classic dish. This recipe comes<br />

from Ayinde Howell and Zoe Eisenberg, authors of The Lusty Vegan: A Cookbook<br />

and Relationship Manifesto for Vegans and Those Who Love Them.<br />

For the Garlicky Dill Aioli — ———<br />

1/2 cup vegan mayonnaise<br />

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice<br />

1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill<br />

1 teaspoon minced garlic<br />

Garlicky Dill Aioli:<br />

Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl. Mix well and add salt and pepper to<br />

taste. Set in the fridge to keep cool.<br />

To make the Crab Cakes:<br />

Heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the<br />

hearts of palm and sauté for 8 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent<br />

sticking. Cook until golden brown on all sides. Set aside to cool. Add the celery<br />

and peppers and mix well.<br />

Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a skillet over medium-heat heat. Add the onions<br />

and sauté until translucent, 2 to 3 minutes. Add the garlic and sauté for 1<br />

minute. Remove from the heat, add to the hearts of palm, and mix well. Add the<br />

seafood seasoning, cornstarch, and mayo. Transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl<br />

and mix well. Set aside to cool to room temperature, then shape the mixture into<br />

four round patties.<br />

Breading: In a shallow bowl, combine the bread crumbs and seafood seasoning,<br />

stirring to mix. Coat the patties with the breadcrumb mixture and refrigerate for<br />

20 minutes.<br />

Heat about 3 tablespoons oil in a medium skillet over medium- high heat until hot<br />

and shimmering. Carefully place the patties in the skillet and cook until golden<br />

brown on each side, approximately 2 minutes per side. Watch closely to prevent<br />

burning. Transfer the cooked patties to a plate lined with paper towels to drain<br />

any excess oil. Serve hot, topped with the aïoli, with lemon wedges on the side.<br />

Makes 2 servings.<br />

For the Breading — ——————<br />

1/2 cup gluten-free bread crumbs,<br />

or more<br />

1 tablespoon seafood seasoning<br />

Lemon wedges, to serve<br />

For the Crab Cakes — ——————— ————————— ——————<br />

3 tablespoons grapeseed or safflower<br />

oil, divided, plus more for frying<br />

1 (14-ounce) can hearts of palm, (not<br />

packed in sugar), roughly chopped<br />

to the consistency of crab meat<br />

1/4 cup chopped celery<br />

1/4 cup diced red bell pepper<br />

1/2 cup chopped onion<br />

2 teaspoons minced garlic<br />

2 teaspoons seafood seasoning<br />

1 teaspoon cornstarch<br />

1/4 cup vegan mayonnaise<br />

How Craniosacral Therapy<br />

Can Be Life Changing<br />

As a result of two car accidents, injuries to my back,<br />

neck, shoulders, and tailbone caused me debilitating<br />

pain, chronic migraines, and loss of energy that forced<br />

me to go on disability leave. Medical doctors and physical<br />

therapy did not help. I tried neuromuscular massage,<br />

acupuncture and chiropractic with little improvement. A<br />

friend referred me to Terry. Within four CST sessions, my<br />

pain and physical stress decreased substantially, flexibility<br />

returned, my digestive system improved, the migraines<br />

disappeared and I regained mental clarity. I was able to<br />

go back to work. As I have left Sarasota, I come back to<br />

work with him periodically. Terry is a gifted healer.<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />

Terrence B. Grywinski<br />

B.A., B.Ed., LMT MA6049<br />

25 Years of Experience<br />

advcst.com<br />

~ Samaria Williams<br />

Call to schedule a FREE 30-minute<br />

new client evaluation & consultation<br />

Downtown Sarasota • 941-321-8757<br />

Google “Craniosacral Therapy Sarasota” for more info<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 21

you’re news<br />

Appointments<br />

■ Ryntal Property Management<br />

has added a new employee. Ryntal<br />

Property Management Leasing<br />

Manager, Colbey Amspaugh<br />

stated, “On behalf of Ryntal, we’re<br />

pleased<br />

that Kayla<br />

Beiser has<br />

accepted<br />

her new<br />

role as a<br />

Leasing<br />

Specialist.<br />

Her experience<br />

and<br />

communication<br />

Kayla Beiser<br />

skills will<br />

enhance<br />

and build upon Ryntal’s exceptional<br />

customer service.”<br />

Kayla has three years’ experience<br />

in customer service and administration<br />

and is currently enrolled<br />

at State College of Florida<br />

working towards her Bachelor’s<br />

Degree in English. After spending<br />

much of her life traveling and<br />

settling down in Colorado, Kayla<br />

has made Sarasota her home for<br />

the past three years.<br />

Ryntal Property Management<br />

(www.ryntal.com) is a privately-owned<br />

company founded in<br />

2008 whose owners have over 40<br />

years of property management<br />

experience. Ryntal has approximately<br />

500 properties under<br />

management.<br />

They have a broker, accountant,<br />

realtors, leasing agents, maintenance<br />

and cleaning on staff to<br />

handle any property management<br />

needs. They also have multilingual<br />

support staff. Ryntal has an<br />

“A” rating from the Better Business<br />

Bureau and are members of<br />

Sarasota and Manatee County<br />

Chamber of Commerce, Realtor<br />

Association of Sarasota and<br />

Manatee Association of Realtors,<br />

National Association of Realtors.<br />

■ The Florida Center for Early<br />

Childhood’s Board of Directors<br />

has selected<br />

Dr.<br />

Kristie<br />

Skoglund,<br />

Chief<br />

Operating<br />

Officer of<br />

the organization,<br />

to<br />

lead the<br />

agency.<br />

She will<br />

Kristie Skoglund<br />

replace<br />

longtime<br />

Chief Executive Officer Kathryn<br />

Shea next month.<br />

“There is no one more deserving<br />

of this position,” said Jeff<br />

Woodin, Board Chair. “Kristie<br />

has worked for The Florida Center<br />

for more than 20 years, climbing<br />

the ranks from counselor to early<br />

childhood expert.”<br />

The Board of Directors unanimously<br />

voted to promote Skoglund<br />

on August 13, after determining<br />

she was best suited for the<br />

position. “I truly love the work of<br />

The Florida Center and I am humbled<br />

and honored to be chosen as<br />

the next CEO,” Skoglund said.<br />

Skoglund has a master’s degree<br />

in counseling and psychology<br />

and a doctorate degree in counseling.<br />

She has expertise in the<br />

areas of infant/young children’s<br />

mental health, trauma informed<br />

care practices and fetal alcohol<br />

spectrum disorders (FASD) and<br />

has presented workshops on various<br />

related topics at local, state<br />

and national conferences.<br />

In 2019, Skoglund became one<br />

of the first people in the State of<br />

Florida to be endorsed as and<br />

Early Childhood Mental Health<br />

Expert through the Florida Association<br />

for Infant Mental Health.<br />

Skoglund also made history in<br />

1997, when Sarasota became the<br />

first county in Florida to privatize<br />

child welfare. She was hired<br />

as one of the first mental health<br />

counselors to work with young<br />

children in a foster care system.<br />

She completed the 18-month<br />

infant mental health training<br />

through Florida State University’s<br />

Harris Institute, and in 2003 she<br />

received specialized fetal alcohol<br />

spectrum disorders diagnostic<br />

training through the University<br />

of Washington.<br />

Skoglund will officially start<br />

in her new capacity on <strong>Sept</strong>ember<br />

14. Shea will stay on as a<br />

part-time consultant to ensure a<br />

smooth transition.<br />

“While I am about to retire and<br />

enter the next chapter of my life,<br />

I go knowing that The Florida<br />

Center is in great hands with Dr.<br />

Kristie Skoglund,” said Shea. “Her<br />

vast knowledge and experience<br />

prepares her well to be the agency’s<br />

next CEO.”.<br />

■ The Music Compound, a place<br />

where students of all ages can<br />

pursue their love of music, will<br />

debut its Show Choir & Musical<br />

Theatre program in <strong>Sept</strong>ember<br />

at its Cattlemen studio (1751 Cattlemen<br />

Rd.,<br />

Sarasota).<br />

Leading the<br />

program is<br />

noted longtime<br />

Sarasota<br />

educator,<br />

Julie Rohr<br />

McHugh.<br />

McHugh<br />

received her<br />

Bachelor’s<br />

Julie Rohr McHugh<br />

degree in<br />

Music Education<br />

and her Master’s degree<br />

in Vocal Performance from the<br />

University of Miami, and performed<br />

professionally. After a<br />

teaching post in Fort Lauderdale,<br />

she and her family moved back to<br />

Sarasota in 1976 so that she could<br />

work as principal and a music<br />

teacher at Julie Rohr Academy.<br />

She has been music director<br />

for four Sarasota Players productions,<br />

33 Julie Rohr Academy productions,<br />

and over 100 Sarasota<br />

Academy of the Arts productions<br />

as well as taught Changing Tide<br />

Show Choir and Singing Sailors<br />

chorus at Sarasota High School<br />

for 12 years and Sonic Boom<br />

Show Choir at Sarasota Military<br />

Academy for seven years. In June,<br />

after 51 years, she retired from<br />

full-time teaching.<br />

The Show Choir is for middle<br />

and high school students; the<br />

Musical Theatre program, for<br />

elementary school students. For<br />

more information, call 941-379-<br />

9100 or go to musiccompound.<br />

com/lessons/show-choir-andmusical-theatre.<br />

■ Sandra S. Stone has been<br />

appointed assistant dean of graduate<br />

studies at the University of<br />

South Florida Sarasota-Manatee<br />

campus. She began her new position<br />

on July 1.<br />

Stone is<br />

former chair<br />

of the campus’<br />

Social<br />

Sciences<br />

Department<br />

and regional<br />

chancellor<br />

of the USF<br />

Sarasota-Manatee<br />

campus<br />

Sandra S. Stone<br />

(2014-2017).<br />

She previously<br />

served as vice president of<br />

academic affairs at Dalton State<br />

College (Georgia). She earned a<br />

doctoral degree in sociology from<br />

Emory University in Atlanta.<br />

“This is a very exciting opportunity,<br />

personally, professionally<br />

and for the campus as a whole,<br />

and I am delighted to serve in this<br />

capacity,” Stone said.<br />

A newly created position, the<br />

assistant dean of graduate studies<br />

is responsible for promoting, expanding<br />

and enhancing the campus’<br />

graduate-degree programs.<br />

The position is closely aligned<br />

with the campus’ Office of<br />

Academic Affairs and Student<br />

Success and USF’s Office of<br />

Graduate Studies. Stone expects<br />

also to work closely with campus<br />

deans and department heads and<br />

continue to serve as a professor,<br />

teaching criminology.<br />

The Sarasota-Manatee campus<br />

offers master’s degrees in business<br />

administration, criminal justice,<br />

educational leadership, elementary<br />

education, hospitality management<br />

and social work. Courses<br />

are offered both on campus and<br />

through distance learning.<br />

■ State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota<br />

(SCF) has named<br />

Terri Clark as dean of lifelong<br />

learning and workforce development.<br />

Clark is responsible for<br />

advancing the college’s commitment<br />

to continuing education<br />

through noncredit programs,<br />

community services and other<br />

workforce-related activities.<br />

“Terri Clark’s experience is a<br />

tremendous asset as SCF remains<br />

flexible and responsive to the<br />

needs of our community’s workforce<br />

and residents of all ages,”<br />

said Executive Vice President and<br />

Provost Todd G. Fritch.<br />

Prior to joining SCF, Clark<br />

served as dean of workforce and<br />

community development at<br />

Pearl River Community College<br />

in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She<br />

oversaw<br />

successful<br />

collaborations<br />

among<br />

business,<br />

industry,<br />

government<br />

and military<br />

partners,<br />

resulting in<br />

programs<br />

and courses<br />

Terri Clark<br />

that were<br />

responsive<br />

to the needs of the local, regional<br />

and statewide economies.<br />

Clark earned a master’s degree<br />

in counseling psychology from<br />

William Carey University and a<br />

bachelor’s degree in family and<br />

consumer sciences from University<br />

of Southern Mississippi. In<br />

2018, she received the Adult Education<br />

Director of the Year award<br />

from the Mississippi Community<br />

College Board.<br />

For more information, email<br />

visit www.SCF.edu.<br />

Accolades<br />

■ “You are braver than you<br />

believe, stronger than you seem,<br />

smarter than you think and<br />

loved more than you know.” This<br />

beloved quote from A.A. Milne<br />

is captured on a trio of canvases<br />

gracing the walls of the waiting<br />

area in All Star Children’s Foundation’s<br />

Children’s Center.<br />

The Sarasota-based artist who<br />

donated the work is Meg Krakowiak.<br />

She met All Star founder<br />

Graci McGillicuddy over a year<br />

ago and<br />

was<br />

immediately<br />

captivated<br />

by her<br />

vision<br />

and mission<br />

for<br />

All Star<br />

Children’s<br />

Foundation. Krakowiak<br />

decided on the spot to make it her<br />

personal charity.<br />

“Graci’s passion for kids comes<br />

from her heart. Every square inch<br />

of the campus contributes to<br />

their well-being, from the careful<br />

design of the homes to the vegetable<br />

garden and more,” she says.<br />

“All Star’s model lifts them up—<br />

and it truly makes a difference.”<br />

According to Krakowiak, the<br />

quote she celebrates in her triptych<br />

is all about self-worth. “Every<br />

child has incredible value,”<br />

she says.<br />

“This quote<br />

speaks a<br />

truth over<br />

every child,<br />

whether<br />

they believe<br />

it now or<br />

not. I think<br />

Milne’s<br />

words offer<br />

a beautiful<br />

All Star founder<br />

Graci McGillicuddy<br />

affirmation<br />

of their true<br />

Sarasota-based artist<br />

Meg Krakowiak<br />

potential.”<br />

Krakowiak<br />

also<br />

generously<br />

donated her<br />

painting,<br />

“Heart of<br />

Sailing,” to<br />

All Star. In<br />

addition,<br />

she has<br />

volunteered<br />

to care for<br />

the children<br />

of All Star<br />

campus’ foster parents. “Meg’s<br />

art inspires feelings of hope and<br />

healing for all who see it,” says<br />

McGillicuddy. “We are so grateful<br />

to be the recipients of Meg’s<br />

beautiful, heartfelt and inspirational<br />

artwork.”<br />

Krakowiak exhibits her work at<br />

the Meg Krakowiak Gallery & Studio,<br />

60 S. Palm Avenue, Sarasota;<br />

www.megkrakowiakstudios.com.<br />

All Star has completed its<br />

“Campus of Hope and Healing,”<br />

which includes the All Star<br />

Children’s Center, where trauma-focused<br />

clinical services are<br />

offered. The campus also features<br />

six foster family homes that<br />

provide children, ages 0-18, with<br />

a nurturing, family-style home<br />

environment and comprehensive,<br />

trauma-sensitive treatment. Siblings<br />

are kept together, and parents<br />

and caregivers are offered<br />

a range of services. All Star also<br />

serves children in the region’s<br />

child welfare system and their<br />

families on an outpatient basis.<br />

According to McGillicuddy,<br />

All Star has implemented a<br />

trauma-informed program that<br />

Meg Krakowiak’s artwork “Heart of Sailing”<br />

delivers the latest evidence-based<br />

protocols and treatments for foster<br />

children and their biological<br />

families. Partnering with leaders<br />

across the child welfare system,<br />

the non-profit organization has<br />

tapped best-in-class partners to<br />

assist in their mission.<br />

For more information about All<br />

Star Children’s Foundation, visit<br />

www.allstarchildrensfoundation.<br />

org. The campus is located at<br />

3300 17th St, Sarasota.<br />

Send us your news!<br />

Send to: westcoastwoman@<br />

comcast.net. You will also find more<br />

You’re News on our Facebook page.<br />

Find us there at <strong>West</strong> <strong>Coast</strong> <strong>Woman</strong>.<br />

This page will be posted on Facebook<br />

in <strong>Sept</strong>ember, so be on the lookout<br />

to see if your name is there!<br />

We also publish this page on our<br />

website (westcoastwoman.com)<br />

and in our monthly e-blast.<br />

Want to subscribe to our e-blast?<br />

Send us your email address. Send to<br />

westcoastwoman@comcast.net.<br />

22 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

“We’re there when you can’t be”<br />

Family owned<br />

Family operated<br />

Just call Ron<br />

& Janet Bognar<br />

Whether you are a seasonal resident or a Florida<br />

native who loves to travel, you no longer need to<br />

worry, we will inspect your home daily, weekly<br />

or biweekly so you have peace of mind.<br />

We are licensed and insured.<br />

Security is our Specialty!<br />

Whether you own a Business or a Residence —<br />

with over 40 years of experience, we are<br />

the Professional Security Experts that<br />

give you peace of mind!<br />

Call<br />

for a<br />

FREE<br />

Quote!<br />

• Security & Fire Alarms<br />

Since 1979,<br />

we have been a local<br />

family-owned business with a<br />

vision of providing industry-leading customer<br />

service. From custom installations of fire and security<br />

• Security Cameras<br />

• Structured Cabling<br />

alarm systems to operating the only local UL-listed 24-hour alarm<br />

monitoring facility, Security Alarm Corporation is the number one,<br />

full-service security and fire alarm provider in Southwest Florida.<br />

What Sets Security Alarm Corporation Apart from the Competition?<br />

• LISTED Local Monitoring<br />

• Access Control<br />

• We have been operating since 1979. • We use only the latest, high-quality, equipment & technology.<br />

• Smart Home<br />

• When you call for technical assistance with your system, you will speak with a local, knowledgeable technician.<br />

• We operate our own Underwriter Laboratories listed monitoring center with emergency back-up facilities. Automation<br />

• Our alarm operators have received Level II training by Central Station Alarm Association-approved courses.<br />

• Our technicians are state licensed, undergo background checks, and receive comprehensive continuing education. • Emergency<br />

• We install easy to use systems that are customized to fit your needs.<br />

Medical<br />

• We offer 24-hour emergency repair services. • We offer the latest in high definition CCTV<br />

Alert<br />

LICENSE #EF0001051 @ EF20000843<br />

We protect you like family.<br />

Security Alarm Corporation: Your Burglary and Fire Protection Experts<br />

The First Line of Defense in Protecting Your Home, Business & Family<br />

Offices In Bradenton & Port Charlotte 844-722-2767<br />

Ron Bognar mobile: 941-979-0044 • rbognar@securityalarmcorp.com<br />

• www.securityalarmcorp.com •<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 23

datebook<br />

Looking for things to do but want to be safe and cautious? Many of these<br />

events are taking place online unless otherwise noted. A few are in person<br />

however, so be sure to contact them or go to their website to make sure.<br />

WCW PICK<br />

Free Livestream<br />

Health Seminar<br />

n On October 29, 6-6:30 p.m., The<br />

Renewal Point has a livestream<br />

event on Facebook called “Bio-identical<br />

Hormone Balancing.” It will be<br />

presented by Dr. Dan Watts, Founder/Director<br />

of The Renewal Point<br />

Age Management Center. Attend<br />

the event at https://www.facebook.<br />

com/therenewalpoint.<br />

The Renewal Point, 4905 Clark<br />

Rd., Sarasota. Call 941-926-4905<br />

for more info.<br />

At The Libraries<br />

n Sarasota Libraries:<br />

Seating in the library is limited to<br />

promote social distancing and to<br />

allow others to safely navigate the<br />

facility and access the resources.<br />

• Public computers are spaced 6 feet<br />

apart with disposable covers for<br />

keyboards. Access will be limited<br />

to one hour per day per person.<br />

• Plexiglass barriers will be installed<br />

at service points, and service<br />

points will temporarily be limited.<br />

• Stacks will have one-way aisles for<br />

browsing with appropriate markings/guidelines<br />

for the public.<br />

• Social distancing markers will be<br />

placed at service points.<br />

• Additional sanitation stations will<br />

be available.<br />

• Toys, puzzles, board books, and<br />

other high touch items have been<br />

removed.<br />

• AWE early literacy stations will be<br />

out of service.<br />

• Reading gardens will be closed.<br />

• Water fountains will be covered;<br />

bottle filling stations will remain<br />

in service.<br />

• Charging stations will be removed.<br />

Customers will still be able to pick<br />

up held items through curbside pick<br />

up service. Once you receive your<br />

hold pickup notification, contact<br />

them to schedule your pickup. You<br />

will also have the option to come<br />

inside to retrieve and check out your<br />

reserved items. For more information<br />

on Curbside Pickup Services,<br />

visit www.scgov.net/government/<br />

libraries/curbside-pick-up.<br />

Yin Yoga Class at Wild Ginger<br />

Y<br />

in Yoga Class with Zahir is being<br />

offered at Wild Ginger Apothecary<br />

on Monday, <strong>Sept</strong>ember 28, 7-8 p.m.<br />

Originating from the Taoist philosophy, yin<br />

yoga’s lineage weaves traditional Chinese<br />

mind and body energetics with an anatomical<br />

awareness that centers healthy alignment for<br />

each individual.<br />

In this class, you can expect a meditative practice<br />

that focuses on stillness, silent presence, breath,<br />

and connection to both your inner world, and the<br />

natural world. Long held floor based postures<br />

using the support of yoga props will be practiced<br />

to calm the nervous system, release tension<br />

held within the body, and maintain healthy and<br />

lubricated connective tissues.<br />

Join Zahir for weekly Yin Yoga class, every Monday<br />

at 7pm in <strong>Sept</strong>ember. Cost: $15; space limited to<br />

eight. Hold your spot by prepaying to: Venmo is @Zahir-<br />

RinggoldCordes. Paypal is paypal.me/ZRinggoldCordes<br />

Bring your own yoga mat, a blanket and blocks if you have<br />

them. Studio supplies will not be available due to CV safety.<br />

Questions, call Zahir: 410-961-2769. More classes are<br />

available at http://www.wildgingerapothecary.com/ or<br />

call 941-312-5630.<br />

They will have hand sanitation<br />

stations placed around the library<br />

buildings. They encourage mask<br />

wearing and social distancing<br />

during visits to the library.<br />

To provide safe interactions<br />

during your library visit, markers will<br />

be placed on the floors in high traffic<br />

areas to facilitate social distancing.<br />

Seating will be limited and we ask<br />

that you is keep your visit brief so<br />

more people can access the library.<br />

n Upcoming Event (online):<br />

n Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune<br />

Comes to Life (Live) on Thursday,<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 24, 6-7:30pm.<br />

Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-<br />

1955) was the founder of Bethune-<br />

Cookman University. She served as<br />

a New Deal government official —<br />

she was one of the 20 highest-level<br />

offices held by women in the administration,<br />

and the highest held by an<br />

African American woman. She was<br />

the founder of FDR’s “black cabinet.”<br />

She served as president of the<br />

National Association of Colored<br />

Women. She founded and served<br />

as president of the National<br />

Council of Negro Women. Ersula<br />

Odom’s in-character performance<br />

brings Dr. Bethune to life before your<br />

eyes. “Dr. Bethune” shares impactful<br />

moments of her extraordinary life.<br />

The program will be via<br />

ClickMeeting. To register: https://<br />

scgovlibrary.librarymarket.com/<br />

events/dr-mary-mcleod-bethunecomes-life-live.<br />

n Our Voices Count: Women and<br />

the Right to Vote in Sarasota County<br />

(Live) on Thursday, <strong>Sept</strong>ember<br />

17, 3-4 pm<br />

Historical Resources Collections<br />

Curator Lindsay Ogles ties Women’s<br />

Suffrage to Sarasota County through<br />

early voter records and local media<br />

coverage. This program is through<br />

ClickMeeting. To register https://<br />

scgovlibrary.librarymarket.com/<br />

events/our-voices-count-womenand-right-vote-sarasota-county-live.<br />

There’s more programming -<br />

online and in person at Selby Library,<br />

1331 First St. Sarasota. Info: (941)<br />

861-1100. Visit https://scgovlibrary.<br />

librarymarket.com/events/month.<br />

Clubs<br />

n The next Venice Area Women’s<br />

College Club event is a luncheon on<br />

October 13, 11:30 - 2 pm at Plantation<br />

Golf & Country Club, 500 Rockley<br />

Blvd, Venice. The speaker will be<br />

Harry Klinkhamer, City of Venice<br />

Historical Resources Manager,<br />

talking about the History & Preservation<br />

Coalition of Sarasota County.<br />

This is the first monthly meeting for<br />

the new <strong>2020</strong>-2021 season and social<br />

distancing will be observed. Call 941-<br />

202-4034 for lunch reservations ($22).<br />

n The Central <strong>West</strong> <strong>Coast</strong> Chapter<br />

of the Florida Public Relations<br />

Association meets monthly for professional<br />

development luncheons<br />

and networking.<br />

The Central <strong>West</strong> <strong>Coast</strong> Chapter is<br />

a network of more than 100 public<br />

relations, marketing and communications<br />

professionals from Sarasota,<br />

Manatee and Desoto counties who<br />

come together for professional<br />

development and to build a network<br />

of peers. The mission of the Florida<br />

Public Relations Association is<br />

dedicated to developing public<br />

relations practitioners who, through<br />

ethical and standardized practices,<br />

enhance the public relations profession<br />

in Florida. Visit www.cwcfpra.<br />

com for more information.<br />

At The Women’s<br />

Resource Center<br />

n The Women’s Resource Center has<br />

the <strong>2020</strong> Women in Business Virtual<br />

Forum on <strong>Sept</strong>ember 23 as a free<br />

virtual event. There will be successful<br />

business women joining the program<br />

who are sharing their experiences<br />

and expertise. You’ll discover greater<br />

resiliency, be inspired to move forward,<br />

and expand belief in your own<br />

capabilities. Call 941- 256-9721 or<br />

visit https://www.mywrc.org.<br />

Yoga, Yoga<br />

and more Yoga…<br />

n Operation Warrior Resolution offers<br />

free yoga classes for active-duty<br />

and retired military personnel.<br />

Classes are held twice a week at<br />

MindSpa located off Bee Ridge Road.<br />

The classes are called “Combat Conscience<br />

Yoga” and are lead by U.S.<br />

Army veteran Kendra Simpkins.<br />

“Operation Warrior resolution is an<br />

organization is about providing holistic<br />

and alternative treatments to veterans<br />

and their families. To address any<br />

mental health issues post traumatic<br />

stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s really<br />

about finding a sense of purpose<br />

and hope again,” says Simpkins.<br />

Veterans can suffer from Post<br />

Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)<br />

or have high anxiety. Classes are at<br />

MindSpa Integrative Wellness Center,<br />

5632 Bee Ridge Rd. Sarasota, and are<br />

held every Sunday at 10:30am and<br />

Thursday at 7 pm. Instructor: Kendra<br />

Simpkins. Info: 941-504-3040.<br />

n Yoga@The Ringling continues.<br />

Yoga Instructor Ashley Stewart will<br />

lead a yoga session the front lawn<br />

of Ca’ d’Zan. With your health and<br />

safety as a top priority, these classes<br />

are limited to 50 participants and at<br />

least 7 feet of distance will be maintained<br />

between people.<br />

Yoga@The Ringling<br />

Next yoga sessions are on <strong>Sept</strong>ember<br />

17 at 7 p.m. and <strong>Sept</strong>ember 25,<br />

10 a.m. Tickets must be purchased<br />

in advance. https://www.ringling.<br />

org/events/yoga-ringling-1<br />

n All Laughter Yoga Venice: All<br />

sessions are free. No registration<br />

is necessary. There are three free<br />

Laughter Yoga sessions a week. They<br />

host two laughter yoga sessions on<br />

ZOOM and one in the park.<br />

On ZOOM, they practice Laughter<br />

on Wednesdays at 9:30am and<br />

Saturdays at 10am. The ZOOM link<br />

is: in: https://us04web.zoom.us/<br />

j/698695527?pwd=dGhLMVNjK0JJM-<br />

3dxNzgvZTE3K3VlUT09 (no password<br />

required). If you want to type in the<br />

number on ZOOM use: 698 695 527<br />

And should it ask for a password<br />

use: 084 270. When ZOOMing in, dress<br />

as you would for a regular session.<br />

On M-W-F mornings, ZOOM to<br />

India and laugh with the originator of<br />

Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria at<br />

8:15am. Here is the zoom linkhttps://<br />

us02web.zoom.us/j/9533064234 (no<br />

password required)<br />

You can LAUGH with ALEXA on<br />

Sunday afternoons at 2pm and Mondays<br />

at 5:45pm. The ZOOM meeting<br />

ID for Sunday is https://us02web.<br />

zoom.us/j/88399186739 or copy and<br />

past these #’s into the ‘join meeting’<br />

box 883 9918 6739. The ZOOM meeting<br />

ID for Monday is: 891 2943 9297<br />

New to Zoom? All you need to<br />

do is download a free app called<br />

ZOOM on your computer, tablet or<br />

smart phone. Find it at zoom.us.<br />

Info: 203-856-6427 or visit https://<br />

laughteryogavenice.com.<br />

n Free Beach Yoga With Elin. Balance,<br />

breathe, strengthen and at the same<br />

time, relax on Venice Beach. Yoga<br />

brings you to your full range of motion<br />

– not pushing beyond your limits.<br />

Move the way your body is designed<br />

to move. Learn to safely maneuver<br />

through your back, shoulder, and<br />

knee issues. Yoga is for all abilities.<br />

Elin, a certified yoga instructor,<br />

offers Yoga on the Venice Beach for<br />

free seven days a week. No reservations<br />

needed. Bring water and your<br />

mat to the Venice Beach Pavilion.<br />

Venice Beach has no mirrors because<br />

yoga is not about how you look but<br />

how you feel, but will take you on an<br />

exploration of your inner world.<br />

Meets 8 am every morning and 7<br />

pm Monday- Thursday. Info: 941-408-<br />

9642 or email: elin@yogawithelin.us.<br />

Love Gardening?<br />

n Monthly guided tours of the<br />

Manatee Educational Gardens and<br />

Greenhouse will be held on the 3rd<br />

Tuesday of each month at 10am.<br />

Guided tours are with certified Extension<br />

Master Gardener Volunteers<br />

lasting approximately one hour. Call<br />

the Master Gardener Plant Diagnostic<br />

Clinic to register 941-722-4524.<br />

The gardens illustrate a variety<br />

of garden styles and techniques,<br />

demonstrate Florida-Friendly Landscaping<br />

principles, educate residents<br />

about plants that perform well in<br />

Florida landscapes, and inspire garden<br />

visitors to follow recommended<br />

gardening practices at home.<br />

Visit the Extension Master Gardener<br />

Volunteer Information table and get<br />

answers to your gardening questions.<br />

• 1st Saturday: Island Library<br />

located at 5701 Marina Drive,<br />

Holmes Beach 10am-1pm<br />

• 2nd Saturday: South Manatee<br />

Library located at 6081 26th Street<br />

<strong>West</strong>, Bradenton. 10am-1pm<br />

• 3rd Saturday: Central Library located<br />

at 1301 Barcarrota Blvd. <strong>West</strong>,<br />

Bradenton 11:30am-2:30pm.<br />


westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

Follow us on Facebook at <strong>West</strong> <strong>Coast</strong><br />

<strong>Woman</strong> and you’ll find even more<br />

events that come up each month.<br />

24 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>











SARASOTA, FL • 34231<br />


SATURDAY 10-3 PM<br />

941.312.5630<br />


Personalized Estate Liquidation Benefiting Youth, Inc.<br />

Personalized Estate Liquidation Benefiting Youth, Inc.<br />

PEL Consignments<br />

PEL Consignments<br />

Conducting Estate Sales of Fine Jewelry,<br />

Conducting Estate Sales of Fine Jewelry,<br />

Furniture, Art, Crystal and More!<br />

Furniture, Art, Crystal and More!<br />

PEL is a charity providing funds from our estate sales to<br />

PEL is charity providing funds from our estate sales to<br />

agencies that serve youth-at-risk in Sarasota.<br />

agencies that serve youth-at-risk in Sarasota.<br />

www.PersonalizedEstateLiquidation.com<br />

www.PersonalizedEstateLiquidation.com<br />

1520 N. Lime Avenue • Sarasota • 941-993-8758<br />

1520 N. Lime Avenue Sarasota 941-993-8758<br />

Open Wednesday through Saturday from 10AM to 4PM<br />

Open Wednesday through Saturday from 10AM to 4PM<br />

Follow Us on<br />

Follow Us on<br />

@PELSarasota<br />

@PELSarasota<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 25

In times of environmental and internal stress,<br />

give your skin relief!<br />

Oxygen Facial by Karin<br />

Delivering healthy vibrant, moisturized results.<br />

Call today for your<br />

appointment with<br />

Tricia Avery, LME<br />

Dermatology of <strong>Coast</strong>al Sarasota<br />

Dermatology of <strong>Coast</strong>al Sarasota<br />

5310 Clark Rd., Suite 201, Sarasota<br />

941.925.3627<br />

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26 WEST COAST WOMAN SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong>

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