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he left for us all. We thank God for the Vaughan family; Jimmie and

Stevie are both astonishing.' ―Carlos Santana “Texas Flood provides

handy insight into how Stevie Ray Vaughan became a modern day avatar for

guitar slingers and music fans the world over. Stevie devoured life in

no uncertain terms and his intriguing intensity comes through with a

loud and clear message in this remarkable work.― ―Billy Gibbons, ZZ

Top“Texas Flood is a great book. It gave me a clear outside

perspective into what was the center of my life, and offers a good look

at Stevie and Jimmieâ€s relationship: deeply endearing, often unseen.

Good work guys.―― Chris Layton, Double Trouble“Texas Flood is by

far the best book ever written about Stevie. It not only tells the story

of Stevieâ€s career as a musician, it really captures him as a human

being. That is what has been missing in every book about him till now.

His whole life unfolds through these pages from beginning to end. Itâ€s

a great book.― ―Tommy Shannon, Double Trouble 'The authors tell the

story of Stevie Ray through quotes from the people who knew him best.

And what a story it is!! Even I learned a lot reading all the details in

Texas Flood.' ―Reese Wynans, Double Trouble “Stevie Ray Vaughan

played with a magical, spiritual mystery that was one of a kind. His

soul shines through his music, making it meaningful, powerful, and

connective. Texas Flood is a compelling book that captures the essence

of an extremely gifted musician, but even more importantly, a kind and

beautiful person.――Eric Johnson, guitarist “Texas Flood is a great

book! The first in my view that got the entire narrative correct. What

Iâ€m always looking for in a book like this is, ‘does it ring

trueâ€. And it does!― ―Joe Sublett, the Texicali Horns, Stevie Ray

Vaughan friend and collaborator“I learned a lot reading Texas Flood,

which is a well-written, well-informed accounting of someone who not

only kept the blues alive but changed the future of guitar.― ―Warren

Haynes'Texas Flood is the perfect homage to a brilliant guitarist,

written by guys who understand him and his music. As a guitar player and

a fan, I can feel Stevie Ray's quest to find his tone and desire to

express himself lifting off every page.― ―Joe Perry, Aerosmith“A

must read for any true fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and required reading

for anyone with a beating heart. This book is an extremely moving


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