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In this issue:
- Liuli: The Embodiment of Spirit, Life, Philosophy and Passion
- Afarose: Romanceand Commitment
- CLUXE Jewelry: Versatileyet Unique, Modest yet Elegant
- BioClarity
- KCD Cosmetics
- Keystone Inspired
- Sage Sapien
- The State of Orange County
- Fleur Elize Cupcakes
- Over The Moon




Romance and Commitment


J ewel r y

Versatile yet Unique,

Modest yet Elegant


is t he Embodiment of




From Karma to Dharma


Garden - given

Skin- loving Beauty

Spir it , Lif e, Phil osophy and Passion

03 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Let t er f r om Edit or

Chief Editor | Joanna Yu | September 2020

As we are mid path into our life journey, one of the challenges is

adjusting to the new normal around us. With everything that is

going on with the pandemic, it is oblivious that everything we used

to know will change either slightly or entirely. Be that as it may, the

positive thinking is that when life journey comes to an end on one

road, there is always another road somewhere. You may say I am

naive, but I believe in us humankind. I think with loving and caring

for each other; we will finally be seeing the light at the end of the

tunnel. For this issue and the following issues, my team and I want

to focus on small businesses out there fighting against this

dangerous tide. Let us stand behind them with full support!

Until next time,

J oanna Y u







L i u l i

The Embodiment of Spirit, Life,

Philosophy and Passion

A f ar ose

Romance and Commitment

CL UX E J ewel r y

Versatile yet Unique, Modest yet


B i oCl ar i ty

Garden- given, Skin-loving Beauty

K CD Cosm eti cs

For Women of Color from

Women of Color





K ey ston e I n spi r ed

Sage Sapi en

T h e State of Or an ge

Cou n ty

F l eu r El i ze Cu pcak es

In Our Kitchen,Spring is



Over T h e M oon

Lady M - Over The Moon

Mooncake Lantern

06 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020


The Embodiment of Spir it ,

Lif e, Phil osophy and


Founded in 1987 by studio glass artists Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi, LIULI has

grown from a modest workshop in Taiwan to Asia?s leading crystal art brand. Today,

LIULI has 41 galleries worldwide, and Loretta?s and Chang Yi?s artworks are

collected at more than 35 museums around the world. These include the Victoria

and Albert Museum in London, the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, The

National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C., and the Bowers

Museum in Orange County. LIULI has received multiple awards, some of which are

iF Design and German Red Dot.

Pâte-de-verre is most commonly known as the method of glass art. The Chinese

mastery of the lost wax casting technique dates back to the Han Dynasty. After that,

the art was lost for more than 2 thousand years and did not reappear in the country

until 1987 when LIULI Crystal revived the lost art in Taiwan. ounders Loretta H.

Yang and Chang Yi decided to honor our cultural background and bring back Liuli.

The artists immersed themselves in the art blending ancient Chinese tradition with

modern design. With the revival of the art, they have earned the titles of ?Liuli Art

Pioneer? and ?Father of the Asian Studio Glass Movement?.It is not just art; It is a

cultural brand that we have created.

Lost wax art is significantly different when compared to glass blown art. Just like in

ancient times, we infuse each piece with the spirit and detail that can only be attained

through our painstaking process. Each piece of ?Liuli? Art goes through an extensive

12-step creation process. The lost wax process involves sculpting, silicone molding, wax

molding, wax form refinement, fire resistant plaster molding, steaming for wax removal,

adding glass colors to the kiln, re-firing to add and increase depth and color intensity,

plaster mold removal and polishing, final quality control and engraving. This art of lost

wax brings you vivid colors, depth, and amazing contrast not found in other crystal art.

The unique color blends and gradients are a result of the casting and kiln-firing process.

The transparent crystal is used as a base color. During the second stage of re-firing other

metals are added, and the color is achieved through oxidation. The metal and high heat

allow the colors to crystallize and the result is a brilliant color that never fades?the

artist?s endeavor to perfect the natural and uninhibited flow of color in each piece.

When casting using the pâte-de-verre style, bubbles occur naturally. At LIULI, we believe that

this effect gives the feeling of the artworks ?life force?, as if the art breathes through the


To explore more of our technique and watch the video, please visit

LIULI Gallery South Coast Plaza

Our gallery is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, we

continue to offer curbside pickup service between 11am-5pm,

Monday to Sunday.

LIULI Flagship Store at South Coast Plaza

11am-7pm Monday - Saturday ; 12pm-7pm Sunday

Space # 2041, 3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

2nd Level, Din Tai Fung Wing

T 714.436.8888

10 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020


Romance and Commit ment

Afarose?s founders specialize in the

wholesale of the wedding textile

industry in Asia. In 2019, they

decided to expand their business to

North America as they have seen

the rise in online bridal shopping.

As an online retailer, Afarose?s

Try-At-Home Program and custom

sizing services can cater to the

specific needs of its millennial

customers. Together, Afarose

utilizes its specialization in the

fabric industry & experienced

in-house designers to make dreams

come true for its clients.

I l ar i a

Ilaria is the perfect choice for a summer

wedding. Tulle makes this wedding dress

lightweight and breathable. We love the

elegant tulle embellishments on the straps.

They make your body look slimmer and

elegant. Not to mention its deep V-cut at

the back, making this bridal dress so

flattering on bride like you.

K esh a A

Two styles with a price of one!

Kesha A is a beautiful A-line

tulle dress with a detachable

hoop skirt. We love the floral

lace embellishments around

the bodice and the simple

spaghetti straps. The backless

design and its court train are

so romantic on brides like you.

Simply add the hoop skirt to

turn this beautiful dress into a

glamorous ball gown.

13 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Noem i A

Two looks for a price of one!

Looking for a romantic and

flattering style for your

wedding?Noemi A will be your

best choice! This wedding dress

is designed in V-neck and

sparkling spaghetti straps. We

love the lace embellishments

and see-through design around

the bodice. Those 3D guipure

laces are hand-pieced by the


It looks very feminine with laces around your

waist. The detachable hoop skirt can turn this

beautiful A-line dress into a ball gown easily.

14 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Afarose is an online retailer for high-quality bridal gowns, bridesmaid

dresses, and accessories at affordable prices that is based in Irvine, CA.

View collections at

16 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Cluxe Jewelry


Ask a woman what she likes. If she answers with, ?Anything?, get her a jewelry.

Trust us, you?ll never go wrong with a piece of sparkle.

Cluxe is founded by a husband and wife tandem, Dan and Cathy Cortez, in

September 2019. The name was coined from the words ?classic? and ?luxe,? which

aptly describes the entire collection. The couple is fond of jewelries but of different

types- Dan is into fine jewelries, whereas Cathy is into aesthetic jewelries. Bridging

the gap between quality, design, and affordability gave birth to the brand. With

only a few hundred dollars as a start-up, they took the leap and began creating their

first handmade earrings as well as a handful of curated pieces.

The brand is built based on the premise

that a piece of jewelry should be versatile

yet unique, modest in price yet elegant

in design, and instantly adds confidence

to the wearer.

17 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Cluxe offers both curated and handmade pieces, which are carefully prepared in

their home-based Calgary office. All materials used are guaranteed nickel-free

and lead-free with carefully sourced findings such as glass crystals, colored opals,

faux druze, leather, pearls, and even wood chips. The sensitivity of most ears is

also taken into consideration; hence, all earrings are either made with 925

sterling silver or surgical steel posts.

Cluxe pieces are as diverse as the lovely #CluxeBellas, who were the first

influencers who supported the brand. You can expect that their accessories are

elegant enough to wear on your special day and so versatile that you can wear

them every day after (without breaking the bank).

Visit their online store at to find the perfect piece for your wedding,

everyday, events, and gifting.

18 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Ask a woman what she likes. If she answer s with, ?Anything?, get her

a jewelr y. Tr ust us, you?ll never go wrong with a piece of sparkle.

21 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Ar ts

Contempor ar y

b y K a s i a

22 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Gar den-given


Skin-loving beauty

At bioClarity, our focus is on a single mission: to put good into

our bodies and into the world. It?s not enough to merely do no

harm ? being void of harsh, harmful chemicals is great but for

bioClarity?, it?s just a starting place.

The brand was founded in August 2016 around the discovery of

our exclusive Floralux, a blend of copper-chlorophyllin +

antioxidants that work to deliver game-changing results. Science

has proven that plants are a powerful force of nature, with the

ability to be both powerfully healing and kind to skin. We

started within the acne category, creating a 3-step Clear Skin

Routine clinically proven to fight breakouts and prevent new

ones from starting. As the brand has grown, so have our product

formulations. We carefully craft our products with plant

powered ingredient complexes and a strict ?Nope List,? ? no

toxins, no sulfates, no parabens, no harmful preservatives, and

no synthetic colors or fragrances. Ever.

At bioClarity, products are designed to give you results that you

can see and feel good about, helping you to be better and kinder

to yourself each and every day ? unleashing that light inside to

shine bright for all the world to see. Every one of us is on our

own journey. It?s not about reaching the finish line of perfection,

it?s about being free to reveal your true nature.

#2 Por e Pu r i f i er Cl ar i f y i

M asqu e

This clay masque (1.7 oz) fights breako

and purifies pores, leaving you with

refreshed, tighter, toned appearance.

the perfect deep pore detox!

It contains antimicrobial micro-silv

refining witch hazel, and clarifying t

tree to help even skin tone and textu

while drawing out the gunk from yo

pores, leaving them feeling smaller a

more smooth.

#1 Cl ear Sk i n R ou ti n e

This simple 3-step routine is clinically proven

to clear breakouts. It?s designed to treat your

skin with the kindness you deserve and

improve your overall skin health without

harsh chemicals or toxins.

We combined powerful, yet gentle

acne-fighting ingredients with our own

unique plant-based complexes to help reduce

irritation and redness associated with acne

and breakouts. The result?Skin that?s

nourished, smooth, and most importantly,



Save 15%off your entire order at with code: ANAHE

exclusions may apply.

n g









#5 Su n F i l ter

Meet your new go-to skin

protector and everyday

moisturizer! Protect your face

from harmful UV rays, blue light,

and environmental stressors with

this SPF 30 non-nano 100%

mineral zinc oxide sunscreen

formulated with ingredients

designed specifically for your face

to give you lasting hydration.

Water resistant & sweat-proof.


#3 D r i n k I t Up Su per

H y dr ati n g Ser u m

This oil-free, highly-concentrated,

and super-hydrating serum

delivers an immediate surge of

hydration while continuously

releasing moisture all day or all

night - even while you?re sleeping!

Use Drink It Up to soak your skin

in moisture, promote cell

turnover, protect against

environmental stressors, fight

signs of aging, and keep your skin

soft and dewy.

IM *One time use per customer. Some

#4 Ey e Wi l l Ch i l l

Let?s pretend last night?s lack of

beauty zzz?s didn?t happen.

Wake up tired eyes and de-puff

under eyes with this

vitamin-packed, refreshing,

cooling gel that helps reduce

the appearance of eye puffiness

and dark circles.



Hair Hydrator 5.28




Scalp Salvation



HydroBlast Moisturizing

Shampoo 8.92 fl.oz.



Pure Moisture

Body Wash 9.02






Conditioner 4.59 oz.


D i scover th e B l ack w ood Col l ecti on

28 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020



KCD Cosmetics is a socially-driven cosmetic company that creates

makeup for women of color. They believe that their beauty is their

business. They launched with the K-Line, a line of 12 shades of

foundation for women with warm undertones. KCD Cosmetics

decided to create a cosmetic line because women of color, specifically

black women, spend millions of dollars in the cosmetic industry but

still consistently have trouble finding reasonably priced, but high

quality, foundation.

Women of color deserve to be catered to in an industry where they

hold a lot of spending power. They also believe that businesses should

positively impact the communities that their consumers inhabit.

They want to make sure that we add value to communities of color in

multiple ways.


19 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Their ultimate goal is for KCD

Cosmetics to grow to be a

full-service cosmetic line for

women of color, providing all

products, especially those that

women of color have trouble

consistently finding. They

started KCD Cosmetics for the

young woman of color who is

trying to figure out who she is,

what she likes, and what image

she wants to portray to the world.

It is hard being a young woman,

and it is even harder being a

young woman of color, trying to

figure out what you like, clothes

you want to wear, how to style

your hair. And what you see in

movies, on TV, in stores, rarely

reflect you and what you look

like. KCD Cosmetics wants to

make this journey easier for her,

for all of them.

30 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020


KCD Cosmetic?s two business partners Selena and Kamilah, have

been through this and they are still going through this right now.

They are able to take the pain points they have experienced and

the ones their friends, cousins, mothers, and aunts have

experienced and try to relieve them with this company. They are a

part of their target market so they can easily talk to and listen to

what KCV Cosmetic?s consumers want, and they identify with their

problems and needs deeply.

21 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020


The K-Line is a lightweight creamy foundation that glides smoothly

onto the skin, delivering buildable coverage and a long-lasting,

flawless natural finish. We recommended this foundation for those

with warm undertones and normal to oily skin.

Visit KCD Cosmetics at

Discover mental power at Neuro.

boba T EA que

34 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

K ey ston e I n spi r ed

Keystone Inspired is a solo woman

owned eco-friendly candle company

created by Britt McGaughan. With a

passion for mindful living, her goal of

producing soy candles using

sustainable materials and non-toxic

ingredients was born.

Every candle is hand-poured with love

and intention in her current home in

Denver, Colorado using American grown

soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks and

phthalate and synthetic-free oils.

Keystone Inspired?s brand is simplistic

and comfortable; she hopes that every

person who lights her candles feels

comforted by a safe, non-toxic


Britt designed each part of her candles with

environmentally conscious materials and

focused on scents that are reminiscent of

nature. All of her glass is 100%recycled and

comes topped with seeded paper that you

can plant to grow wildflowers and give back

to nature. Every label, piece of tissue paper,

box and shipping material are 100%

recycled - even the tape is biodegradable.

With every purchase, 10%of all proceeds go

to a local no-kill animal shelter so

customers can be confident that their

purchase is making a difference for the

community and environment.

Her greatest happiness comes

from talking to people about her

product and watching the joy they

have on their faces when

comforted by the scent she

created. Britt knows how hectic

life can be after living in

Washington, DC, for almost a

decade and working in the

marketing and advertising field.

She is filled with gratitude when

people invest in themselves by

buying her candles and taking the

time to slow down and have a few

moments for themselves.

Sh op f or eco-f r i en dl y can dl es i n spi r ed by n atu r e at

k ey ston ei n spi r

With the wisdom of a yoga master and the

attitude of a New Yorker, ?Sage Sapien? author

Johnson Chong shares his frank and funny tale

of kissing self-hate goodbye and the life-hacking

benefits of meditation

?Out of my body was unleashed the

ugliest cry I had ever had. A snotty cry

where I hiccupped mucus like I was

having an asthma attack. I let go of all

the guilt I felt for being gay and the hate

for being born into my family,? writes

?Sage Sapien? author Johnson Chong,

recounting his life-altering purge in the

filthy, frigid Ganga River just weeks after

leaving his job at Elmo, ?the gayest

restaurant in Chelsea.?

In ?Sage Sapien: From Karma to

Dharma,? published on August 15, 2019

in hardback, paperback and e-book by

Köehler Books, international yogi,

meditation teacher and self-mastery

guide Johnson Chong weaves deeply

personal anecdotes throughout the

telling of his journey of spiritual

exploration, revelation and liberation in

his quest to help others harness the

power and benefits of meditation.

Imparting his esoteric wisdom with the

knowledge of a yoga master and the

attitude of a New Yorker, Chong is

frank, funny, and a talented storyteller.

While not all of us are inclined to dive

into meditation to the sublime depths

that Johnson does, or can afford to jet

off to far-flung sacred places to study

with the masters, what Chong makes

clear in ?Sage Sapien? is that getting

spiritual is a very good thing.

From beatings at the hands of his strict,

traditional Chinese mother and acting

out as a frustrated youth, to studying

with yogic mentors and ultimately

opening his own guided meditation

studio (Sagehouse) in Singapore, Chong?s

story is at once raw, fascinating and


40 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

A bou t th e A u th or


Johnson Chong is a native New Yorker and international yogi,

meditation teacher and Self-Mastery Guide. He founded Sagehouse

based in Singapore with the intention to help people re-connect the

mind, body and spirit. He is also the creator of Exodus Retreats, where

he leads transformational retreats to sacred places around the world. As

a professionally trained actor and perpetual student of esoteric wisdom,

he integrates his love of storytelling to empower life changing shifts in

consciousness through his speaking engagements and group coaching.

Johnson runs a holistic self-mastery podcast, Sage Sapien and offers

guided meditation audios and online and live coaching programs. Sage

Sapien: From Karma to Dharma is his first book.

"Building Your Net Worth"

Debbie Marie

Founder l Broker Associate

WaveCrest Real Estate

949.734.4680 (Office)

DRE #01837350

Sin ce 1848


The epitome of classic bridal

style, the Anne Barge Couture

collection embraces

traditional craftsmanship,

premier fabrication, and

exquisite detailing in refined



46 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

T h e

St at e O f

O r an g e

C o u n t y

By Bob Br adley of Br adley- Car ter

Team: Real Estate Establishment

With the current pandemic creating a

sense of unease and dramatic change

throughout Orange County?s economy,

residents and experts who follow real

estate are all hoping to predict where the

housing market is headed. Some are

worried about a crash, bubble or some sort

of ?moment? that will redefine an OC real

estate market that has remained resilient

through even a worldwide pandemic. The

fact remains that real estate in Orange

County is hot and there are currently

more buyers than available inventory for

turnkey single family homes, condos and

townhomes. What people must also

consider is that major markets like

Orange County, San Francisco, Boston and

other high-demand cities around the

nation will always have a different

temperament than the rest. For buyers

not affected financially by the economy

or ongoing pandemic, they are still

ready and willing to purchase real estate

during Summer?s peak buying season.

What has changed in 2020 in

comparison to this time last year,

besides the painfully obvious, is the low

supply of inventory. In 2019 the

amount of available inventory was

dramatically higher and closer to

averages of years before. This inventory

shortage can easily be attributed to

potential sellers fearing that 2020 is not

the right time to sell, and with job loss at

an all time high, many homeowners are

simply worried about other priorities

besides listing their home. Times of

uncertainty are not ideal for making

major life decisions, and a potential

home seller often has to qualify to

purchase a replacement property or even

prepare for an out of state move. With a

myriad of other reasons mostly tied to

economic uncertainty, the result is

simply not having enough sellers willing

to meet the current demand for Orange

County real estate.

This lack of inventory is lumped together with an incredible loan market

where mortgage rates are at all-time-lows and potential buyers are finally able

to afford a bit more home than usual. It could be that critical difference

between owning a single family home instead of a condo or townhome. While

many are avoiding purchases all together due to obvious pandemic driven

fears, a record number of people are refinancing at historic rates, and many are

simply still trying to find a home in many areas of Orange County without

much luck. This has led to listings in ideal price ranges having multiple-offer

scenarios, and even with some homes that wouldn?t have seen this type of

demand if listed this time last year. Potential buyers are strongly advised to be

proactive and prepared when considering a home purchase in 2020. This

involves not only being pre-qualified by a lender, but also having their

finances in order, including a strong down payment and shining credit score.

While homes in the luxury market may see a typical longer duration on the

market, single family homes, condos and townhomes at ?sweet spot? price

points will see the most demand through the remainder of this year. While

fears still loom of an Orange County housing crisis due to a spike in


and foreclosures, it

is still too soon to

see any of those

numbers. It is often

impossible to

accurately predict

what a real estate

market will hold

even a month

ahead, but it?s smart to stay proactive and trust in the advice of a qualified

lender and real estate professional to guide you through any large purchase or

selling decision. Reading different mainstream websites may yield mixed

insight about the economy and housing market, but in reality the principles of

supply and demand combined with qualified buyers on the market will always

dictate the pulse of real estate in Anaheim and the rest of Orange County.

At the time of writing this article (late August 2020), there were just over 6,500

total listings in Orange County, with just over 4,000 being single family homes

and only 2,232 condos and townhomes available. There were just under 800

properties under the $600,000 price point. When looking specifically at cities

like Anaheim and Anaheim Hills, there were only a bit over 200 listings


Wr iter :

Bob Br adley of Br adley- Car ter


Real Estate Establishment

Speciality: Buying and Selling residential and commercial

proper ties.

50 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020

Fl eur El ize Cupcakes

?In our kitchen,spring is year-round.?

Fleur Elize was started by

Tinn Mendoza from her

home in Orange County,

where she dreamt of

combining her passion for

baking and florals. Inspired

by perfect spring days spent

picnicking at the park with

her two loving kids and

husband, she longed to

share this feeling with

others and bring all the

magical springtime feels to

the table.

With a piping bag in hand,

Tinn guarantees that

flowers are always in season!

What started out as a hobby with countless hours of practice, soon turned

into a thriving business through word-of-mouth. Tinn couldn?t believe how

well-received her work was and is always encouraged with hearing how

much people enjoy eating or gifting her cakes. Her creations grabbed

attention whenever they were featured on social media, because who could

resist something that looks too good to eat!

Now when she isn?t busy juggling

the daily responsibilities of being a

mom and wife, you can find her

meticulously hand-piping each

petal on one of her cakes

(sometimes into the earliest hours

of the next day)! Tinn puts her

heart and soul into each creation,

and it?s undeniable when you

receive your order and it exceeds

all of your expectations. You?ll be

in awe of the detail and wonder

how the flowers could be entirely

made up of buttercream frosting.

Once you finally find it in your heart to

take that first bite after making sure

you?ve got that perfect shot for your

Instagram, you?ll be delighted by the

moistness of the cake perfectly

complementing the creaminess of the


Every Fleur Elize order is an experience

you?ll want to share with the ones you


?My dr eam is t o

make your dr eams

come t r ue!?

Fleur Elize specializes in

customized cupcakes and cakes,

so if you have a vision of what

you?d like to see at your special

event, Tinn would love to help

create that. In the past, she has

designed custom orders for

birthdays, bridal showers, and a

variety of mile stone


From choosing the right flavor to curating the perfect color palette, she

ensures that each detail will fulfill your every wish.

From her kitchen to your table, she hopes that you?ll feel the love that

has gone into every petal and feel the blissful happiness of a perfect

spring day!

Cont act Inf o:

Fl eur El ize

Email :

sal es@f l eur el

Phone : (714) 261 3605

Inst agr am : @f l eur _el ize


made in San Jose

Carefully prepared with an infused oil consisting of Cardamom

Pod, Saigon Cinnamon, Star Anise, Dried Red Peppercorn, Whole

Cloves, Bay Leaf. Paired with crispy garlic and shallots - slow fried

to perfection.

And the main source of heat, a blend of Crushed Red Pepper and

Korean Gochugaru flakes.

Shop at

56 | A n ah ei m M agazi n e Sep t em b er 2020








International luxury cake boutique Lady M

Confections announced it will launch a

collectible limited-edition mooncake lantern

(available for pre-order on August 10, 2020) in

partnership with Netflix and Pearl Studio's

animated musical Over The Moon hitting the

streaming service this fall. Lady M's coveted

mooncakes are available for a limited

time each year, in celebration of China's

Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, the

delicate pastries will come artfully

packaged in an exclusive, light-up lantern

depicting scenes from the highly

anticipated film, which tells the story of a

bright young girl who builds a rocket

ship to the moon to prove the existence

of a legendary Moon Goddess.



Lady M's Over the Moon Mooncake

Lantern marks the first time the

celebrated global patisserie beloved by

celebrities and known worldwide for its

signature Mille Crêpes and annual

mooncake tradition? has collaborated

with Netflix.

Taking inspiration from Over The Moon,

each gold and jade lantern features

intricate, laser-cut imagery of characters

and scenes from the film, showcased with

an interactive illumination effect. The

lanterns open to unveil a collection of six

individually wrapped Lady M mooncakes

custom designed with Kee Wah Bakery

and available in two flavors: sweet egg

custard stamped with the classic Lady M

logo and chocolate custard stamped with

an image of the mythical moon rabbit.

The round shape of the mooncake

represents a joyous symbol of union and

harmony. Each lantern includes three of

each mooncake flavor.

Packaged in a specialty Lady M

mooncake gift bag and complete

with a greeting card, instruction

card and envelope, Lady M's

collectible 2020 Mooncake Lantern

($72) make a stunning and

memorable gift to mark the

Mid-Autumn Festival, the second

most important festival in China

after Chinese New Year and a time

when family and friends come

together to share meals, worship the

moon and light and play with paper


"We're honored to make Netflix's

major animated film event the focus

of Lady M's annual mooncake

tradition this year," said Lady M CEO

Ken Romaniszyn. "We love going all

out to create unique, collectible

packaging to present these special

mooncakes for every Mid-Autumn

Festival, and we couldn't be happier

for the opportunity this year to share

Over The Moon's beautiful story of

Fei Fei and Chang' e."




With a limited number of lantern

sets available, pre-orders are highly

encouraged. Lady M Over the Moon

Mooncake Lanterns will be available

for online pre-ordering at on Monday, August 10.

The lanterns will debut at Lady M

boutiques and starting

Tuesday, September 8, while supplies

last. Additionally, Lady M will sell

the lanterns in its stores in China,

Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

later this fall.


Fueled with determination and a passion for science, a bright young

girl builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a

legendary Moon Goddess. There she ends up on an unexpected quest

and discovers a whimsical land of fantastical creatures.Directed by

animation legend Glen Keane, and produced by Gennie Rim and

Peilin Chou, Over the Moon is an exhilarating musical adventure

about moving forward, embracing the unexpected, and the power of

imagination. The film stars Cathy Ang (Fei Fei),Phillipa Soo (Chang'

e), Robert G. Chiu (Chin), Ken Jeong (Gobi), John Cho (Dad), Ruthie

Ann Miles (Mom), Margaret Cho (Auntie Ling), Kimiko Glenn (Auntie

Mei), Artt Butler (Uncle), and Sandra Oh (Mrs. Zhong).


Lady M Confections Co., Ltd. is an

NYC cake brand with over 40

boutiques worldwide. Created in

2001 and helmed by CEO Ken

Romaniszyn, Lady M is the creator

of Mille Crêpes. Lady M marries

French techniques with Japanese

sensibilities to develop creations

that are a touch sweet and ideal for

all occasions. Indulge in a world of

cakes and confections at

Discover mor e about Over The Moon.

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