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{epub download} Guitar King: Michael Bloomfield's Life in the

Blues ZIP

{epub download} Guitar King: Michael Bloomfield's Life in the Blues ZIP

{epub download}

Guitar King:


Bloomfield's Life

in the Blues ZIP


'Encyclopedic…packed with enough info to make a blues nerd giddy with

joy…[a] rich, resonant, detailed account…this book draws you in the

way a novel does, one by Dostoyevsky, say, in which the hero is part

genius, part stumblebum, a flawed artist making his way half-aware

through a world of joys and pitfalls—someone very much like most of

us, in other words, if a lot more talented and a little more careless.'

(Wall Street Journal 2019-10-18)'A compelling narrative of a young blues

fanatic whose problems with drugs and mental instability predated his

fame...Those with a passion for the music will enjoy revisiting a time

when Bloomfield's influence exceeded even Stevie Ray Vaughn's.' (Kirkus

2019-06-24)'This monumental book illuminates the legacy of a musician

who has been overshadowed by other Sixties luminaries but who helped

bring the vernacular of the blues to rock and whose playing influenced

the course of rock and roll.' (Library Journal, Starred Review 2019-07-

31)'Dann makes a persuasive case for how this white kid from Glencoe,

Illinois, played a central role in introducing white audiences to urban

blues.' (Booklist 2019-08-09)'[A] monumental examination.' (Music

Connection 2019-10-04)'Bringing Bloomfield's worlds alive, with sections

drawn from his meticulous (you can feel this is more than thorough)

research…the author deserves a medal for this work.' (Blues Matters

2019-10-14)'Exhaustive and engaging.' (Largehearted Boy 2019-10-

19)'Guitar King is voluminous in size—as befits a man whose

contribution to modern music is greater than history has ever

acknowledged. Drawing from his deep research and numerous interviews, it

is clear that Dann put tremendous effort into this book. It is a

biography that puts Bloomfield back into his rightful place on the

roster of rock and blues greats. The result is a tremendous and

magnificent work.' (CounterPunch 2019-11-01)'In this exhaustive,

detailed doorstopper of a tome, Dann...explores seemingly every nook and

cranny of [Bloomfield's] music…with Guitar King, the spotlight is

absolutely on the subject, a wealthy, Jewish kid who just wanted to play

the blues.' (Houston Press 2019-10-23)'Breathtaking…Monumental and

massive, Guitar King gives its subject a suitably epic feel, even as it

moves at a brisk pace through the peaks and valleys of Bloomfield's

life.' (Chairman Ralph 2019-11-02) 'An important and compelling book

about an important and compelling artist. Bloomfieldâ€s

peers—Hendrix, Clapton, Joplin, the Rolling Stones, and of course

Dylan—have had their lives chronicled in exhaustive detail, and this

biography is long overdue. Dann's research is excellent, and the writing

strong and engaging, tracing Bloomfield's journey and telling his story

with skill and understanding.' (Elijah Wald, author of Escaping the

Delta and Dylan Goes Electric!)'David Dann has restored bluesman Michael

Bloomfieldâ€s premier place in the pantheon as the very first American

rock guitar god. The author brings the excitement of Michaelâ€s searing

licks to the written word and paints a poignant portrait of a man who

was unequipped for and uninterested in playing the games that the

entertainment-industrial complex demands of artists. This soulful bio

reminds us of one manâ€s dedication to excellence at the expense of

fame and fortune.' (Michael Simmons, contributor to MOJO and author of

liner notes to Michael Bloomfield: From His Head To His Heart To His

Hands)'I love this book. Itâ€s the best thing Iâ€ve read about Mike

Bloomfield and about the whole era.' (Charlie Musselwhite, Grammy AwardwinningÂ

blues harmonica player and bandleader)'Michael Bloomfield was a

heart-to-hand guitar player who was able to take everything he learned

from B. B. King, Hubert Sumlin, and everyone else he ever

encountered—including the piano style of Little Brother

Montgomery—and turn it all inside out and make it his own. He is still

the well I draw from for inspiration in the blues, and I drink from it

daily. Written from heart to hand just like Bloomfield played his music,

Guitar King is a must-read book for all guitar players and music fans

alike. It should be the final word on Michael Bloomfieldâ€s journey and

his legacy.' (Jimmy Vivino, music director on Conan and leader of Jimmy

Vivino and the Basic Cable Band) See all Editorial Reviews

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