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Casino Product

Jackpot payout


Card dispensing and/or voucher

The PERCONTA CASSOMAT CK (Casino Kiosk) is a perfectly simple

and convenient solution for self-service and jackpot payouts. This

integrated machine is easily located on the casino floor. It can

be used for a variety of different media, such as ticket in-ticket

out systems or electronic funds transfer via magnetic card or

smart card.

Easy and convenient jackpot payouts

When a customer hits the jackpot, the slot accounting system alerts

casino personnel who validate the jackpot at the slot machine. Then

they go to the CASSOMAT CK where they log into the system and

enter the jackpot information. This is compared with information

from the slot accounting system for verification of the jackpot. Valid

jackpots are then paid out in coins and banknotes.

CASSOMAT CK can handle up to four different types of banknotes

and up to four denominations of coins.

Self-service cash out and payouts

When players want to cash out, they simply follow the touch-screen

guided operation. They insert the media used by a gaming machine

and then receive the exact amount in banknotes and coins. In

addition the system can also be used to change large banknotes

into smaller denominations.

Interfaced to casino on-line systems

The CASSOMAT CK is interfaced to major on-line systems and

wireless systems. The CASSOMAT CK can validate and monitor

all transactions for convenience of the casino and the player.

Additional on-line systems can be interfaced upon request.

Founded in 1966, SCAN COiN is one of today’s leading suppliers of cash processing equipment, system solutions and services. Our worldwide customer base is served through a network of

SCAN COiN companies and distribution partners covering some 120 countries. SCAN COiN develops, manufactures and markets equipment and integrated solutions for handling banknotes and

coins, and has become a world leader in the automatic cash processing market. in 2004, SCAN COiN acquired the well-known German PERCONTA range of money counting and sorting systems.

SCAN COiN AB, Jägershillgatan 26, SE-213 75 Malmö, Sweden

Phone int. +46 40 600 06 00, Fax +46 40 600 07 00, E-mail:, internet:

scan coin companies

SCAN COiN Svenska AB




SCAN COiN ireland Ltd.


SCAN COiN North America inc.



SCAN COiN italia s.r.l.

SCAN COiN-Borsu Systema B.V.

SCAN COiN Belgium

France Espèces SAS

ServiCash Lda.


Gustav iii:s boulevard 46, SE-169 73 Solna, Sweden

Rosenholmveien 25, NO-1410 Kolbotn, Norway

Smedeland 6, DK-2600 Glostrup, Denmark

Dutch House, 110 Broadway, Salford Quays, M50 2UW, UK

Bracetown Business Park, Clonee, Co Meath, ireland

Sylvesterallee 2, DE-225 25 Hamburg, Germany

20145 Ashbrook Place, Suite 110, Ashburn VA 20147-3375, USA

Tomas Bretón, 31-35 Local 7, 08950 Esplugues de Lobregat Barcelona, Spain

Room 1301-2, 13/F, Easey Commercial Building, 253 - 261 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Via Vittorio Veneto 8, iT-20091 Bresso (Milano), italy

Van Weerden Poelmanweg 23, NL-3768 MN Soestduinen, The Netherlands

4, rue de la Presse, BE-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

10, rue de Temara, B.P. 8266, FR-78108 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Cedex, France

Rua Campos Junior, 7-A, 1070-306 Lisboa, Portugal

Service is available worldwide through a network of SCAN COiN factory-trained service specialists.

SCAN COiN reserves the right to change the design and/or specifications without prior notice.

Highest security

Security is of the highest importance. Different access levels are

available for casino personnel. All transactions, operator actions

and system errors are logged and monitored electronically. Printouts,

as well as internal statistics and settlement reports, can be

generated for accounting and transaction control.

Easy to service

The modular concept ensures easy maintenance and replacement

of individual components. All service is performed from the


Three versions

CASSOMAT CK Jackpot payout – Intended for jackpot payouts by

the slot attendants.

CASSOMAT CK Voucher – Self-service system for ticket redemption.

Equipped with card reader and note/ticket validator. Can be

optionally used for card transactions (loading and payout) and for

jackpot payout.

CASSOMAT CK Card dispensing and/or voucher – Same as

CASSOMAT CK Voucher but with card dispenser included. Can

issue new cards (magnetic or smart) to the players.

The exact amount is paid out. Conveniently located on the casino floor.

Dispenses cards. Changes large banknotes into

smaller denominations.

Technical specificaTion

WidTh 814 mm/32"

depTh 665 mm/26.2" (footprint)

heighT 1,430 mm/56.3"

1,668 mm/65.7" (including indicator lights)

WeighT 210 kg/463 lbs

VolTage 230 V/50 Hz, 115 V/60 Hz

hopper capaciTy approx. 2,000- 2,500 coins per hopper

banknoTe capaciTy approx. 2,000 notes per cassette


+46 8 555 282 00

+47 66 81 34 00

+45 43 63 06 44

+44 161 873 0500

+353 1 801 4077

+49 40 547 6130

+1 703 729 8600, 800 336 3311 (Toll free)

+34 902 446 777

+852 2590 6438

+39 02 610 11 47

+31 35 603 98 88

+32 2 223 75 30

+33 1 39 04 05 50

+351 21 760 90 44


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