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How To Progress In Choices Stories You Play?

Choices Stories You Play, a role playing game is getting fame in all over the world due to its advanced

features and vivid graphics. If you are playing this game then you may also know the fact that you have

to make the choices to decide the outcome of the stories. First of all, you need to choose the stories to

play and then it is also important to make choices carefully to move further in the game. It is also a

trending game where you can find thousands of stories to play. Each and every story is based on various

type of genre.

Players should know that it is a free to download game so they don’t need to pay a single penny. It is

also the reason behind its increasing popularity among the millions of people. Beginners also need to

learn the controls of the game that are really simple and easy too.

Earn diamonds


The diamonds are playing a vital role in the game because they are also called as the premium currency.

Earning diamonds is not an easy thing because you can only earn it by completing the chapters. There

are limited numbers of methods of earning diamonds so you need to be smart in the game. You should

try to play various kinds of chapters in order to earn more and more diamonds. You can also earn the

premium currency by completing various objectives. There are many premium stories or content that

can’t be unlocked without spending diamonds.

In addition, players also have many other methods to acquire currencies instantly. Players who want to

get the currencies instantly can make purchases from the game store. For this, they need to spend their

money which most of the players can’t afford. They can also wait for the auto generation of the


What about keys?

After knowing the importance of diamonds, now it is the time to learn each and everything about keys

which are the primary currency of the game. Want to read new chapters? If yes then you need to spend

keys for it. Keys can also be used to play the various chapters that can’t be unlocked in any other way.

Keys can also be auto generated after every three hours. With the help of having enough keys, players

can play the game in an easy manner and it will also boost your confidence. Players can also get the keys

in the form of rewards by playing the game.

As like the diamonds, keys can also be purchased from the game shop and you need to spend your real

life money for it. Keys are also important as like the diamonds so you don’t need to ignore its


Gameplay tips

When you start playing the game then there are lots of options available. Due to this, you can easily

make choices and start playing your favorite stories. By playing every story, there are lots of choices that

need to make and it will directly impact on the outcomes of the stories in the future. It is also important

to have some Knowledge about the different concepts related to the game. With the help of this, you

can play the game with ease. Players also have an option to switch stories that helps them to stay

entertained by playing their favorite stories all the time.

Moreover, players can check out the various kinds of stories that are available and then they can select

the one to play. It also helps them to make their game experience more interesting and to have great



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