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Moon Year Forecast


Combining planetary influence, Astrology and

Clairvoyance, let these Moon Forecasts guide you in life

with love and light....

45-minute readings giving guidance from the past

present and future and information from spirit are

available at £18. Based in Dudley,

Telephone readings also available. contact

07519 584975 or Facebook page Katie Anne Reynolds

Clairvoyant and Artist for details

Aries - (21st March - 20th April)

October 1st's Full Moon sees your pride swell as

recognition that is deserved is given! Also, your 'heroic'

self sees you defending the more vulnerable....Making

money, the materialistic world and increasing status

seem to be fruitful areas of focus! However, with

exercise fitness you may need to get back on track...

Taurus - (21st April -21st May)

October 4th/5th sees the Moon in its Waning Gibbous

stage encouraging you to commit to investment ideas

but with an air of 'keeping it under your hat' indeed

confidential discussions may take place on a feelings

level. Taurus being comfort lovers may be seeking out

new sofas, cushions and carpets and be generally


Gemini - (22nd May - 21st June)

September 10th's Last Quarter Moon stage may bring

challenge and opposition, but this marks a time for

pushing new doors, seeing which open, and indeed who

or what may be behind them! Compete to get your place!

September seems to be a month of many new starts to

new directions in life, go for it Gemini!

Cancer - (22nd June - 22nd July)

The Moon's Waning crescent September 11/13th may

see the need for negotiations, it is important to listen to

others, especially partners or family...The Moons last

quarter 9th October warns you to curb your cleverness

so as not to manipulate but your 'as cool as a cucumber'

refusing to be ruffled.... great in business matters!

Leo - (23rd July - 23rd August)

Venus enters Leo September 6th seeing love

opportunities blossom, and a renewed sense of

togetherness for those with long term partners, also talk

of wedding or invites may be expected! a feeling of

fulfillment overshines most situations, Enjoy! Leo you do

like to show off, so just be careful not to gloat!

Virgo - (24th August - 22nd September)

It's Virgo's turn for the spotlight on love as Venus enters

October 2nd. Use compromise to help heal rifts, it is Ok

to rethink relationship goals! Single Virgo's might decide

that actually they love aspects of single life, funny how

we change isn't it Virgo?, even on the friendship level it

seems your expectations have been revised, and you

have learnt...

Libra - (23rd September - 23rd October)

The Sun enters Libra September 22nd, bringing a sparkle

and an inner confidence! And by October 28th with

Venus the planet of love's arrival you are hot to sizzle! It

seems you now have the confidence to try a new look,

and you may also be feeling a little rebellious as your

need to be individual and creative dominate!

Scorpio - (24th October - 22nd November)

September 27th sees Mercury bring important

communications, emails, telephone conversations, seize

right time/place moments. The Sun enters your sign

October 22nd giving you a renewed sense of who you

are, if you have been betrayed it's time to let the hurt go,

as Scorpio why keep yourself in that prison? forgive

yourself, forgive others and become free....

Sagittarius - (23rd November - 21st December)

September 22nd/ 23rd during the Moon's Waxing

crescent, is a good time for discussing new ideas, new

shoots, births, beginnings, But someone has a sense of

'possessiveness' old fashioned views that need to go or

at least be addressed. Also, Sagittarius unlikely

friendships, unexpected alliances may surprise you at

this time!

Capricorn - (22nd Dec - 20th January)

The First quarter Moon stage September 24th brings a

feeling of being overwhelmed with choice, remember

adaptability leads to stability! don't dig your heels in, go

with the flow instead, During the waxing crescent Moon

October 21st trust those instincts!, as you can read

situations well, working out that's what's being left unsaid,

you're a 'canny individual', not a lot will get past you!

Aquarius - (21st January - 18th February)

The Moon's Waxing gibbous stage October 23rd sees quite

groundbreaking confidential chats! Focus may be upon

counselling, secrets, scandals, shattering the illusions,

speaking the truth, 'the mask needs to fall' for these

passionate talks to happen....whether you are the

confessor or the counsellor these are important matters...

Pisces - (19th February - 20th March)

October 26th the Waxing gibbous Moon sees you

recognising your ritual habits, feeling tired of doing what

others want and expect of you!, out of this comes a 'shake

up' resulting in an appearance of two paths!, a fork in the

road! Summoning your power, your premonitions, dreams,

and clairvoyance should be trusted when it comes to

choosing between the two.... hmmm, interesting Pisces....

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