SYone Autumn Edition 2020


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Health & Wellbeing

Taking care of yourself is

taking care of others

I’m taking a moment to reflect before

I write; giving consideration to what

I feel may be most useful for this edition.

As we are about to enter the autumn of

2020, there seems to be a lot of concern

around ‘second waves’ of COVID-19

hitting us hard and with it the potential

for enforced local lock-downs disrupting

the usual way of life. Of course we cannot

be sure of anything and this can give rise

to uncertainty for us all.

In Occupational Therapy we promote

health and well-being and encourage

people to find a balance. Taking a

bio-psycho-social approach this allows us

to consider how a person functions, how

they think and feel and how their

environment impacts them day-to-day.

Ask yourself …

How does your body feel?

What are your fears?

What do you think about?

Are you kind to yourself?

Does your environment

benefit you?

What (if anything) could you


If there is one thing this pandemic has

taught us, it is the importance of taking

greater care of ourselves. We are not all

‘in the same boat’ right now, but if we

all take care of ourselves as individuals

then we are more likely to take care of

one another in the broader sense.

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