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So; what can we do?

The Immune system:

Put basically, the immune system helps us fight disease and infection and there are many reasons

it can be weak and therefore make us more vulnerable. Genetic factors can affect the way the

immune system functions, our environment and our lifestyles. We have more control over our life

styles and therefore this is what we can focus on in preparation for the colder months ahead.

• SLEEPING is essential to good health, it is the basis of fundamental good health - if you have a regular sleep/wake cycle you are more

likely to regulate cardio vascular health and maintain the natural balance of your internal organs, you are more likely to have increased

cognition and brighter moods too!


can be modified for optimal health,

ensuring we eat more natural fruit

and vegetables and a balance of

carbohydrates and dairy than we do

processed sugary foods – this will also

help balance the mechanism of the

bodies internal organs. We are also

beginning to understand the importance of gut health and how gut health can greatly impact mood levels.

Pro- biotics can be a great way to balance gut flora.

• EXERCISE reduces inflammation and thus frees up the immune system to fight any unwanted infections, it is

worth noting that physically active people are also more resistant to respiratory illness. Exercise increases white

blood cell production in the body and these fight infection – so it really is important for us all and if that’s not all,

our mood greatly improves after we exercise too!

• CLEANING your digital feed could never be more important than right now! According to research conducted

in America, the average mobile phone user today touches their phone 2,617 times per day. Some ‘high end’

social media users can spend up to and above five hours a day on their phone. It really is becoming a dangerous

and addictive habit to engage in. WHAT CAN BE DONE? 1. Remove unwanted advertising from your feed 2. Remove negative

people/companies from your feed 3. Reduce your screen time (there are great tools in your settings to help with this)

• ‘BE KIND TO YOUR MIND’ In simple terms we need to be mindful when our thoughts are becoming more negative than positive. It is

so normal to have fearful or worried thoughts, this is because we are hard wired to identify risk, danger and potential threat to life but

as we all know and have experienced these thoughts can often run wild in the landscape of our minds, we have to challenge those

thoughts and pay attention to where we focus our energy; ‘where thoughts go energy flows’! (sorry-couldn’t help but use that one!)

Our immune systems are amazing but we can optimize them by taking care of ourselves and when we take care of ourselves, we can

then take care of others. From basic sleep hygiene to an improved diet and raised levels of fitness we can improve the way our bodies

function. Getting outside while we can is really important as we will absorb more vitamin D through sunlight. All of this is in our power,

we can have a positive impact on our bodies and our minds and we can also try to improve the environment we live in, try introducing

oxygenating plants to your home or office to improve air quality.

The good news is that these changes can be made quite easily and the results can be felt relatively quickly, it is also very important to

remember that this is about balance NOT perfection. The point is we can try to take greater care and in trying we can also encourage

others to do the same.

Charlotte Tranter


Member of

The Royal College of



(HCPC registered)

Please find a list of all NHS endorsed/recommended

digital health apps (mostly free) at

email: editorial@

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