SYone Autumn Edition 2020


Welcome to the Autumn edition of the SYone magazine for Shrewsbury & Surrounds. Fashion, films, house & home, taking care of yourself and lots of wonderful local company's and services. Support Local, Support Shrewsbury!



Make time to keep well

as you don’t have time

to be unwell!

‘A state of deep relaxation and serenity in

which your body & mind can heal &


Floatation is a treatment that allows you to

float effortlessly, relieving stress, aches and

pains supporting you on a bed of warmed

water letting your anxieties slip away.

Floatation is known to have physical

benefits as well as deep relaxation,


l Relieving stress on joints and muscles

l Relief from muscle and joint strain

l Encouraging easier and deeper sleep

l Supporting your body to release

endorphins, which relieves pain and may

lower blood pressure.

l The Epsom salts in the flotation tanks

which can reduce inflammation and

muscle tension

Perfect for that

special gift!

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