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Car Review


By Sue Cooke

It was so good this week to get behind the wheel of a car

that constantly pulled second looks because of its eyecatching

styling. It could also have been due to the

glorious CAR 1 number plate on the new Ford Puma. As I

put knee to tarmac to take a photo from the front, I realised

how high the bonnet sits. Flagged by wing top mounted

headlamps this Puma’s eyes are as piercing and distinctive

as the animal.

And out on the road the compact crossover has a feline

growl on hard acceleration and much more torque at lower

engine speeds. The 1 litre EcoBoost hybrid and 48 volt

lithium ion air cooled battery pack makes for a powerful

response, such that I had to keep reminding myself to

move up the six speed manual gearbox.

A display on the dash informed me when I was in hybrid

mode, which was mainly when cruising downhill. Energy

usually lost is recovered and stored during braking and

coasting. The Auto Start stop technology is impressive

when I was waiting at road work traffic lights and the

engine restarted “in the same amount of time as the blink

of an eye”, describes Ford, with no turbo lag.

In the cabin a raised ride height gives the driver a good

view over traffic ahead. Pure luxuries include a large

panoramic roof which stretches front to back, giving a

welcome wind in the hair experience on a hot day. There is

also a Lumbar Massage seat. Puma models include the

stylish Titanium, or sporty ST-Line and ST-Line X. The

latter was my road test car which adds a flat-bottomed

leather steering wheel and alloy sports pedals. Privacy

glass sits in the rear windows.

New technology will inform the driver of hazardous

situations on the road ahead before either I or the vehicle

sensors could see them.

This Puma has a fantastic degree of practicality in a

compact and efficient package. When I came to open the

Scene Local Media 01952 780058

456 litres boot there was another surprise for a car in this

price range, as there is a hands-free tailgate. When I got

a bit acquisitive at the garden centre, as I had not visited

for a long time, it was very useful to find a MegaBox

storage solution. This will house unstable items up to

approximately 115 cm tall in an upright position. Synthetic

lining and a drain plug in the bottom made it easy to clean.

The flexible load compartment can also comfortably

accommodate a box 112 cm long, 97 cm wide and 43 cm

high with the second row of seats folded flat.

The sports suspension is not as unforgiving as some of its

competitors and I found the ride comfortable. The Desert

Island Blue exterior paintwork is an exclusive optional

colour which is very attractive. One of 10 vibrant colours to

choose from.

SUVs now account for more than one in five Ford vehicles

sold in Europe. Almost 7,000 new Pumas have been sold

in the UK since going on sale earlier this year. 90.7 per

cent of those sales are the mild-hybrid engine, available

from £21,640.

By the end of my road test week, I was quite in love with

the new Ford Puma and its sporty character, combining

mild-hybrid fuel efficiency, best-in-class luggage space and

advanced driver assistance technologies in a stylish





Price: £23,645otr

Engine: 1.0L EcoBoost Hybrid

Performance: 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds and on to a top

speed of 124mph

CO2 emissions: 101g/km

Combined fuel consumption: 41.5-58.9 (WLTP) mpg

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