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Health Special:

If you are

tired, exercise

will help


may help

you live



Coffee Can




seeing the glass

half full help you live


Studies have found that there is a

correlation between increasing levels

of optimism with decreasing levels of

death from cancer, disease, infection

and stroke. This is particularly true for

cases of cardiovascular disease.

Those who had the highest levels

of optimism had an almost

40% lower risk of heart


ATM Machines and Public Toilets

Are Equally Dirty

Withdrawing money from a cash machine is

something many of us do regularly, but how

many of us give our hands a wash after using

them? Cleanliness tests carried out in Britain

found that ATM machines were as dirty as

the toilets. Specialists investigated swabs

taken from the cash machine keyboards and

from public toilets nearby and found both

samples had the same bacteria known to

lead to sickness.

We hear a lot about

the negative effects of caffeine

on our health, but it turns out that

caffeine has its good points too.

Research from the Harvard School of

Public Health found that women who

drank a minimum of four cups of coffee

per day could lower their risk of

depression by 20 per cent. Earlier

research also found that females who

drank two or more cups per day were

less likely to commit suicide.

The strongest muscle in

your body is ….

Our muscle strength can be measured in

different ways. If you are referring to the

muscle that can exert the most force,

then your calf muscle, the soleus, would

be the winner. However, if you want to

find the muscle that can exert the most

pressure, then the jaw muscle, or the

masseter, would be the strongest. The

human jaw can close teeth with a force as

great as 200 pounds, or 890 newtons!

If you are physically tired, the best

thing to do is exercise as it will give

you more energy than sitting. Studies

have found that the blood and oxygen

flow through the body will give you

more energy and improve your mood.

The increase in endorphin levels can

contribute to a feeling of well-being.

Chewing Gum Makes You

More Alert

If your suffering from a mid-afternoon

slump or can’t seem to concentrate in

the morning, then try chewing some

gum to make you feel awake. Coventry

University researchers found that

chewing mint flavoured gum

dramatically reduced feelings of

tiredness. Another study on the subject

found that chewing gum can improve

overall test scores and memory by

35 per cent, relieve stress and

reduce anxiety levels.

Sit-Ups Won’t Give You A Flat Stomach

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that they

can achieve a flat stomach by doing crunches. But

the truth is, endless amounts of crunches won’t give

you the stomach of your dreams - as the exercise

only works your abs, not your core muscles. One

study published in the Journal of Strength and

Conditioning Research found carrying out six

weeks of abdominal exercises alone was not enough

to reduce abdominal fat.


I invited my girlfriend to go to the gym with me and then

I didn’t show.

I hope she gets the message that we’re not working out.

Why doesn't the bell ring at the gym?

It's a dumb-bell.

Saw an idiot on a treadmill in the gym...

They just put their water bottle in the pringles can holder.

My wife accused me of being immature.

I told her to get out of my fort.

I broke my finger last week. On the other hand, I'm OK!

Just been to the gym and there's a new machine there.

I only used it for about an hour, as I started to feel sick,

but it's great: it's got KitKats, Mars bars, crisps and

everything in it.

What kind of workouts does Ned Flanders do? Diddlysquats

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