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Minnesota Roads & Parking Lots Specializes in Affordable residential and commercial asphalt driveway paving, road paving, and parking lot paving services at reasonable prices. For more information please visit: or contact us at (763) 237-3412.


Minnesota Roads & Parking Lots LLC is a third generation,

family-owned and operated, asphalt paving contractor in the

Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. With 35 years of

experience behind our work, we provide a level of paving

expertise you won't find with other contractors.

The customer experience drives our work. We ensure every

job is done right the first time, every time. Our team is

experienced in many different areas of asphalt repair and

paving to give you the highest quality service possible.



Our residential St Paul and Minneapolis paving company is a full-service

blacktop paving company.

Driveway paving is one of our most common services. We specialize in all

stages of driveway paving, from creating entirely new infrastructures to sealcoating

existing driveways. At Minnesota Roads and Parking Lots, we have

the equipment to break solid ground and level any stubborn stones or dirt for

new driveway installation. This will ensure a smooth, flat surface for your

blacktop driveway paving. Using a two-coat process, our driveway paving

contractors in St Paul and Minneapolis will first put down a layer of asphalt

binder. Next, we lay down the smooth, black top coat, ultimately delivering

you superior asphalt driveway paving results.


Is your parking lot riddled with pot holes, crooked signs,

faded lines, and crumbling edges? Is there so much

grass growing in the cracks of your parking lot that it

blends into the lawn? A parking lot is often your

customer’s first impression of your business. Don’t send

them the wrong message! Call us for all your commercial

parking lot paving in St Paul and Minneapolis needs

today and show your customers that you care.

A sleek, even asphalt paving job is the perfect complement


Staying on top of driveway or parking lot repair issues can

not only extend the life of your asphalt product, but it can

also make it safer and more attractive. Grass growing in the

cracks of your driveway or parking lot can make your

property look neglected and force the cracks to widen and

get worse. Potholes can cause damages to vehicles.

Attending to asphalt repairs is a simple way to improve the

appearance of your home or business and ensure your

continued safety. Call the licensed, bonded, and insured

asphalt paving contractors at Minnesota Roads and Parking

Lot for a free estimate on your asphalt repairs today!


Having your parking lot or driveway installed, replaced, resealed

or repaired is a great choice, but it can be a

strenuous process. After all, driveways and parking lots are

important parts of your property and landscaping, and their

quality can have a direct effect on the perception of your

home or business, and even its safety. That’s why choosing

one of the best asphalt paving companies in the St Paul and

Minneapolis area is vital. You can count on Minnesota

Roads and Parking Lots to perform every paving job

correctly, using our expert knowledge, quality tools, and

state-approved materials.


Minnesota Roads & Parking Lots LLC


6202 Concord Blvd.

Inver Grove Heights MN, 55076



(763) 237-3412


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