Fire It Up! Does it differently.

F.I.U. QUALITY PRE OWNED Kawasaki ZRX1200R 28,000kms - SOLD - you

have to be quick here - they move stock fast.

Selling a bike? Buying a bike? These

guys seem to know their stuff…

Fire It Up! Is one of the biggest pre

owned motorcycles dealers around. We

had a chat with them about their

business model:

is accurate? Has every service been

done correctly? Has every accident been

fixed back to OEM spec?

Have there been any factory recalls - and

were they done?

Thus, an extended warranty is a good

purchase but you need to do your

homework and find the one that gives you

the best cover, because some of them

are very limited in what they will pay for

based on age and mileage of the bike.


They do not give you an estimate over the

phone and then kick you in the nuts once

they have inspected your bike. They will first

inspect your motorcycle thoroughly and then

discuss their findings with you before they

make you an offer.

Once the offer is made and accepted they

do payment immediately, be it to settle your

outstanding finance agreement and give you

the balance or pay you directly. Naturally

you can opt to have them use it as a part

payment or deposit on your new dream

machine from them.

Fire it Up! has taken this very different

approach in terms of their TRUST

commitment and advertise all their

motorcycle stock accordingly, so that you as

the buyer can have absolute peace of mind

when buying your motorcycle from them.

Once they have inspected the bike they

categorize the bikes under the following 3


1. Premium Collection: This is basically

as close to a new bike you can get for preowned


• This is a One owner motorcycle

with a full and traceable service

history with the official agents

for that brand.

• The bike has its owner’s

manual, tool kit and

everything that came with the

bike originally.

• It has all of its Spare keys.

• The bike is completely accident

free including touch ups from

small tip overs.

• Premium bikes are sold with

a free 3yr/30 000km service

plan that covers all labour costs

and fluids and oil filter. Worth up

to R30 000.

2. Quality Pre-Owned

• This bike may have had one or

two owners.

• The bike has a full traceable

service history at agents and

other appointed dealers.

• The bike is accident free but

there may be a scratch on a

panel from a small tip over

or stone chip that has been


• The owner’s manual is

available as is the Service

history, (be it the service booklet

and/or invoices to as proof


• It has been given the full FIU!

Quality check.

Now listen to this:

The quality check includes having

an oil sample taken and tested at an

approved laboratory for aluminium

content, (excessive engine/bearing

wear indicator), carbons, fibres and a

whole host of other things which will

allude to the state of the valves, rings,

clutch and etc, so as to ensure

engine health.

We have never heard of this before.

Great idea! Once a quality check and

oil sample have been performed, a 2

year service and mechanical plan

is available.

F.I.U. PPREMIUM COLLECTION 2016 Triumph 1200 Thruxton R - 1

owner - 2,300km - R129,000.00.jpg

Peace of mind.

Basically what you are hoping for when

buying a pre-owned motorcycle, an

assurance that you are not buying a

lemon. Obviously things can still happen.

It is impossible to accurately predict the

life span of electronics and such - it is a

used bike after all. Then, we get to their

third category and the one we are most

interested in as Fire It Up!’s reputation

speaks for itself on the first two.

3. Fire It Up 2nd

• These bikes are traded in

and are often in perfect

condition but may have

an unknown service

history meaning the owner may

have done some of the servicing

himself or had a mechanic mate

do it after hours and a panel

may need repair here and there.

• These bikes are always offered

at a substantial discount, so

there is a plus for the cash


• They are aimed at customers

who love to fix, customise or

perfect the bike themselves to

their own taste.

• All of these bikes are in running

condition and more often than not

are indistinguishable from their

“Quality Pre-Owned” in a lot of


Donovan Fourie will do a semi regular feature

on some of the delectable used motorcycles

out there. This month, he bumped into a very

desirable bucket list motorcycle in Fire It Up’s

premium collection, the Ducati 996 SPS Pista.

By Sean Hendley.

As a general practice most used

motorcycle dealers put all there stock on

their showroom floor and are sometimes

a bit vague about disclosing the full

history or condition of their stock. So,

unless you as the customer or buyer are

really clued up about the finer ins and

outs of motorcycle maintenance, repairs

and engine condition you would need to

do a huge amount of research on that

motorcycle using the VIN number or

registration number.

But even then where do you begin?

Who do you go to find out all the details

of said motorcycle and even if you do by

some far off chance, how can you know it

And the list of questions goes on and on.

More often than not, as is the case with

any pre-owned vehicle a whole bunch of

latent and unforeseen defects can creep

in a few months down the line. Yes, you

do have recourse through the CPA, but

that is such a ball ache that you really do

not want to go that route as it very often

costs you more money in legal fees

and etcetera.

To cover themselves, many dealers insist

that you take out an extended warranty.

They only have the word of the seller to

go on as far as the pre-owned bike is

concerned and what their mechanics can

determine without stripping the whole

bike down to its bare nuts and bolts.

Craig and his team at FIU! tell us that

they have done the homework for you

and have some very nice packages on

offer that make a whole lot of sense when

buying a pre-owned motor cycle and in

some instances, will even include an

extended maintenance plan.

They have had a good, long and

hard think about this and have taken

a different approach right from the

beginning of the process and this is to

protect you as well as them, while still

giving you a great, clean deal.

And it all starts with the way they

purchase motorcycles.

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