making it a proper riders bike,

but once you get used to the

handling dynamics of the R and

your low proximity to the tarmac

it is hilariously fun to ride and it

was all the other guys could do

to get me away from the curves

and head for the horizon on

straighter roads.

After the lunch stop Glenn had

to arm wrestle the keys, (FOB,

keyless - AAARGH!), away from

me so he could find out what I

was grinning about like

a Cheshire cat. I will however

concede that I would possibly

still opt for the GT on a long road

trip, but on a weekend burn down

to ET for the twisties, I would

definitely go with the R.

In parting … tyre saving traction

control and surprisingly good fuel


On our way back into town we

tried a few robot to robot drag

races and in all instances I had

forgotten to put the big beast

into ‘sports mode’ and ended up

bogging down and almost falling

over when the traction control

kicked in as the back tyre lit up,

great for saving tyre life on a

220nm bike, not so great when

dragging racing your mates off

the line. By the way, lani›s old gen

Rocket ended up sideways more

than once - no fancy electronic

nannies there.

Then we stopped to top up the

tanks. Both bikes were really

close in fuel usage - each used

just on 12 litres of fuel on a 250

km trip - riding with some vigour,

giving us about 25 kays per litre

… if our maffs is correct.

That›s not bad at all for such

large gals!

Glenn says …

I rode Triumphs first Rocket when it

was first released way back when.

A bike like this simply did /does not

make sense until you ride one. I

could not get my head around this

giant engine in a looong frame - but it

works. Astonishingly well.

Riding Lani›s older gen 3 is still

massive fun - even though it is now

what is considered old tech. We

understand completelly why guys who

own rockets are reluctant to sell them.

Fast forward a generation or so

and Triumph is still at it - but they

have kept the Rockets so fresh

and up to date with all of the latest

tech from brakes to electronics

and suspension. Just go and have

a look at one sometime - it is a

thouroughly modern machine with

some very cool features. Its certainly

not an old fuddy duddy›s bike or

your traditional tractor like cruiser.

These are performance muscle

bikes of some note.

For those of you (and there are a lot),

who have not ridden a Rocket - we

will use a cliche - You need to ride

one to understand. And by the end

of this ride - each of us understand

full well why this bike has so many

passionate fans.

A full day of riding and shooting the

breeze on this British muscle passed

in a blink. We live in a great country

with awesome biking roads - and so

many cool little spots to visit.

On the Rocket, you can take your

time and enjoy the scenery - or

you can twist the big girls ear and

really get your heart pumping

through the corners.

Given half a chance - one of them

would certainly be parked in our


But we all differ in opinion about

which model it would be.

What cool, innovative motorcycles.

Not everyones cup of tea for sure

- but go and pay them a visit JHB

side in Kramerville - or you can

kuier at the new CT branch (check

the news section for more info).

And do try to ride one.

You›ll understand.

Triumph South Africa -


The R makes you want to hooligan


The GT is just so chilled and


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