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Urban exploring on the MT


Last month, we got a call

from the chaps at Linex

Yamaha. “Hey guys, we have

the full MT09 lineup on the

floor – and oh yes!

How about a ride on the new


Cool beans! We roped in a mate

or two (yes we have some)

and headed to the store in

Malibongwe drive…

Four gleaming MT’s were lined

up for our perusal, the naked,

the Tracer, the GT (touring

version), and then, of course the

latest addition to the MT family,

the MT03. If you read our last

issue, you would have caught

our impressions of the new

MT03. It really is a nippy, sporty

little package that compliments

Yamaha’s MT lineup so well.

As far as the 09’s go, aside from

the naked MT, which boasted a

full Yoshi exhaust system, and

the GT that had some touring

baggage mounted, the bikes

were standard.

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