Schultz leads the charge 2nd

race Superbikes.

McFadden - a good 3rd place in both superbike races.

Nicole van Aswegen back

racing on her Ducati.

Michael White - always


It goes without say that the national lockdown has really

buggered everyone around when it comes to racing, but things

are starting to happen again.

The Zwartkops track hosted their Extreme Festival on the 8th of

last month. Our Neil Phillipson went along to capture the boys

and gals in action…


Jonty Collard, Appanna Ganapathy.

Jordan Agliotti on the charge.

Race 1 in the ZX10 Cup, Veteran Graeme Van Breda led from the


Jordan Agliotti held second from Michael Smit. Agliotti fell back

down the field with Smit taking second and holding on till the end.

The race was well spread out and it was a fairly emphatic win for

Van Breda.

In race 2, Gareth Bezuidenhout was on Van Breda’s heels for the

entire race. Smit put on a great show to fill the 3rd spot on the

podium. The second race was far tighter with some great dices.


In Race 1, Clint Sellar let from pull off, followed closely by Garrick

Vlok and David McFadden.

McFadden slowly fell back and kept his third. Mike white came in

in 4th place.

Race 2:

Saw McFaddon lead from the line with Sellar and Vlok close

behind. For the first few laps the lead changed constantly.At

about half way, Sellar got to the fronand managed to open a gap

between the other two. McFadden opened a gap for Vlok and

finished in 3rd.

The consistant White came in 4th.

Bike Days @ Zwartkops: e: admin@zwartkops.co.za w: www.


• 23rd August – BruchCruise Sunday

• 20th September – BrunchCruise Sunday

• 25th October - BrunchCruise Sunday

• 15th November - BrunchCruise Sunday

• 13th December - BrunchCruise Sunday

Hein McMahon on the Beemer.

Clint Sellar leads Garrick Vlok.

He took both races.

Mcfadden leads the start of the

2nd race - ZX10 Cup.

The start of Race 2.

Michael Smit, 2nd in first race.

3rd in the second.

Van Breda took the day in

absolute style.

Teddy Brooks consistant top

five finisher.

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