Aethericism believes that everything that has ever happened in the universe is

stored and recorded in the ‘aether’. This record, the aetheric record, contains

the vibrational energy of particles of all, in all dimensions, in all time.

Aethericism therefore studies and crosses disciplines with all schools of

thought. To name a few: Christianity with its thinking on The Book of Life and

the Psyche, Judaism, Kabbalism, some areas of Islamic thinking, Buddhism,

chakras, Qi, pre- Socratic and post- Socratic thought, Biofield research, the

History of Art, Philosophy, Physics, Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Psychic

studies with its thinking on intuited knowledge and Esotericism.

As a result of its cross-disciplinary remit Aethericism attempts to reunite the

division of the major two schools of thought – the mystical/divine with the

scientific; two schools which were separated by Socrates in the 5th century BC.

Aethericism further offers a personal side for those that can or have developed

the ability to understand, perceive or read these energy fields.

ELIZABETH 1 A.P by DEGARD 2015 - oil and paper on canvas - 56cm x 46cm


The Aetheric Record encapsulates all knowledge over all time. The Aetheric

Record is the full record held in time, space and consciousness of all that

is and ever has been, even co-creating the future with each of us.

We can conceive of a massive computer system that keeps track of every event,

thought, image or desire that ever transpired within the animate and biochemical


Imagine also that this enormous database not only keeps track of information

from an objective perspective but also maintains the perspectives of every

individual involved.

Included in this record are the following...

BEYONCE A.P by DEGARD 2014 - oil, silver leaf on canvas and wood - 152cm x 102cm



Those who can connect with the Aetheric Record, those who see or feel this

band of energy or vibration, say that it provides descriptive information

about the person or object from which the aura is emanating. This we now

term the Aetheric Pure or Aura Pure. The A.P. surrounds an individual, is

part of an individual and is created by that individual. It is the whole person

as one is truly needed to be known and understood.

Individuals who work with A.P. include doctors, scientists, academics and

many more and those involved in the new movement of Aethericism.

A.P. offers information and energy which encapsulates the sum total of the

individual – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; their personhood.

The A.P. emanates from the body, is the body itself and eddies around it.

A.P. may contain information about the way people are living their lives today.

It is determined by their current health, lifestyle, their personality, relationships,

passions, attitudes, strengths, weaknesses, moods, thoughts as well as beliefs

and identity. It can show the truth of moments in people’s lives which have

defined them and their direction.

The A.P. also stretches beyond elements of the individual as we know ourselves.

Genetics has discovered this history embedded in our physical self. The

Aetheric Pure provides greater evidence of our previous lives – our unique

‘soul history’. Even further the A.P. incorporates our ever present future.

CAMERON DIAZ A.P by DEGARD 2015 - oil on acetate and canvas - 80cm x 60cm



The A.P. (landscape) is a description of the various energies that radiate

from different places. These energies are associated with all versions of the

land and landscape. The A.P. can be perceived and extends across continents,

to entire countries, within a certain space or even just the soil of a place

with its varied and different vibrations.

The A.P. (landscape) interacts seamlessly with A.P (portrait).

Our knowledge in many scientific areas will be heightened with the

understanding of the interaction between A.P (landscape) and A.P (portrait).

Aetheric artists perceive the landscape with its associated vibrations.

Aetheric art believes that both Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists

were unknowingly attuned to the vibrations of these landscapes or cityscapes

to different degrees.

Further examples can easily be seen in genuine aboriginal art which clearly

portrays the A. P. (landscape).

KYLIE A.P by DEGARD 2014 - oil and gold leaf on canvas - 152cm x 101cm


Strong scepticism remains about alternative dimensions or realities in society.

Openly people are extremely reticent to discuss their esoteric beliefs. Scientists

openly disassociate their findings from aetheric thinking, whilst most artists

are keen to ignore this area of their practice.

Individuals, artists and scientists find themselves fumbling for a form of deeper

address with attempts to express and define a sense of the aetheric, being

frustrated by tainted language and strong societal taboos. Overall studies

in biofield technology and Western Esotericism, is still largely derided and

rejected by society.

This is partly because of the way these things are, all too often, presented in

popular culture. Psychics are found to be falsifying or embellishing information.

The imagery used for mystics is similar to that of the circus. Esoteric ideas and

people involved in these practices are purposely positioned as modern-day

clowns or even freaks.

The mysteries of our world are something by which we are to be terrified or

spooked, mystified or bewildered! The general public however remain fascinated

by esoteric beliefs. Many people have faith in the existence of alternative

realities beyond the one we all see. In private, many people speak of ghosts,

faith healers, psychics, and visions. All these views and understandings

however still remain openly unmentionable.

Aethericism looks to create new language and genuine expression thereby

allowing science, the arts and the individual to openly and freely express what

is integral to humankind.

MARILYN A.P by DEGARD 2014 - oil and paper on wood - 40cm x 30cm


Aetheric Art is a new art movement. Aetheric art shares territory with the

basic tenet of Aethericism.

“Aethericism believes that everything that has ever happened in the universe

is stored and recorded in the ‘aether’.”

An aetheric artist looks to engage with the Aetheric Record in order to produce

art. This engagement takes many forms and in all the arts.

In Aetheric Art (painting) Degard works currently with the Aetheric Pure

(portrait) of individuals in particular celebrities. In her work she reveals the

authentic Aetheric Pure of the person.

Degard was at a meeting in 2001 with some significant people. She noticed

a flash of light from the chairman’s heart area; a blue square flash of light.

She was later informed by the friend who brought her to the meeting that

this man had just had triple by-pass surgery. It was at this point Degard

realised that what she was seeing was related to the history of the body and

its processing.

It has taken Degard many years to understand this knowledge and bring it

to the public. She started working with these understandings from 2001 and

in 2002, the 1st piece of Aetheric Art in painting had been created.

For the individual, who has been painted, these images are a depiction of

their Book of Life.

Other disciplines of Aetheric Art are clearly emerging in sculpture, ceramics,

photography, mixed media, installations, music and theatre.

MADONNA A.P by DEGARD 2014 - oil on paper and wood - 64cm x 29cm


“Painting is Dead” declared the French painter, Delaroche in 1839. This

statement ricocheted through the art world and lives on today. This view

was as a result of the emergence of the first camera in France. Delaroche and

many others saw that photography would supersede the skill of reproduction

that artists then provided. Art needed to move in a new direction.

The camera forced art to find a new purpose. The visual world thus becomes

an interpretation by the artist and the painting becomes a product in itself.

Beforehand, art would have been the only way to retain a visual record of the

world and its people.

But once the camera arrived the product/art work is now to be admired in its

own right. This led to the revolution of Duchamp’s work. The artist/viewer’s

eye discovers art in the everyday and what the artist makes; the’ ready mades’

become art.

Post-modernist contemporary work, with the individual artist discovering

their niche, therefore emerges. Contemporary work is seen as an often dry,

sceptical commentary of modern life with reflective thinking the key to its

production. It can be profoundly ironic, sometimes oblique and covert in

its referencing.

Aetheric Art seeks to return to art its purpose since aetheric art is not able

to be reproduced and is entirely worked by the artist’s inner knowledge and

intuited thinking.

OPRAH A.P by DEGARD 2016 - oil, gold leaf,silver leaf and paper on canvas - 80cm x 120cm


Many artists, up until now have sought to hide, ignore or screen-out the

aetheric nature of their work. The censorship of Aethericism is almost like

a secret code to which all agree. However no one has articulated why they

agree to this.

For aetheric artists, the tearing down of this last art taboo will serve as a

new renaissance for art. It will inject new energy and deliver a stronger

connection between art lovers and artists.

Most artists today work under the cover of empiricism with little confidence

to break the taboo of dealing with the divine/mystical dimension, which

Aetheric Art addresses.

There are only a very few artists today who embrace Aethericism more

openly. Mariko Mori, is one of the rare artists to declare the aetheric intent

in her work. Shirazeh Houshiary is also inspired by Sufism and her work is

infused with its content.

QUEEN A.P by DEGARD 2015 - oil, gold leaf, silver leaf, copper on paper on wood - 29cm x 15cm


Reinterpretation of existing work, in the light of aethericist thinking, offers

new interpretations of art.

Aethericism offers an opportunity to re-examine the works of many artists

since the Renaissance possibly earlier, through to the present.

Artists listed below seem to offer either an essence, or in some paintings, a

complete immersion in Aetheric Art without necessarily knowing it.

BACON, FRANCIS: Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953) oil

on canvas. An undeniable description in a moment of time of the Aura Pure of

Pope Innocent X. Was Bacon’s intentions towards an aetheric understanding

something of which he was unaware?

KLIMT, GUSTAV: The Kiss (1907) oil on canvas. One of the most loved pieces

of art, in the world. The beautiful decorative raiment around their bodies is

certainly a representation of the Aura Pure of these two lovers coming together.

Essentially dramatised but it expresses the deep beauty of the kiss and its

aetheric energy.

AFTER KLIMT - RIA MUNK III A.P by DEGARD 2015 - oil, on canvas on wood - 50cm x 40cm

PICASSO, PABLO: Weeping Woman (1937) oil on canvas. ‘The Weeping Woman’

is an early, partial presentation of Dora Maar’s Aura Pure. The painting is

attributed to be a portrait of Dora Maar with whom Picasso had a love affair.

Picasso said of this painting: “For me she’s the weeping woman. For years

I’ve painted her in tortured forms, not through sadism, and not with pleasure,

either; just obeying a vision that forced itself on me. It was the deep reality,

not the superficial one.”

Aetheric art would argue that the vision that Picasso was obeying was his

deep intuitive sense, literally tuning into the Aura Pure of Dora Maar and

therefore showing a part of her deep reality.

SIGNAC: The Papal Palace Avignon (1900) oil on canvas. The energetic vibration

of light is brimming here in this Aura Pure (landscape).

In some ways this is no new news since pointillism was all about a scientific

representation of light by an artist. But in the light of Aetheric Art is both

Impressionism and Post Impressionism developing artwork using the imagery

of the A.P (landscape)?

LEONARDO A.P by DEGARD 2015 - oil and gold leaf on wood - 17cm x 16cm



As a result of its cross-disciplinary remit Aethericism questions the division

of the two schools of thought – the mystical/divine with the scientific and

wishes to reunite them.

Aetheric Art uses the concepts of a multi-faceted, ever-shifting universe,

creating art which reflects these concepts.

The notion of a many-dimensional universe has been in existence since

early theories of the universe; Kabalistic thinking details the 10 Sefirot, 10

dimensions, represented as The Tree of Life; knowledge which has been

claimed for over 4,000 years.

String theory, part of quantum physics today supports the possibility of 10

dimensions: the universe is made up of multiple dimensions: height, width

and length constitute three-dimensional space and time gives a total of four

observable dimensions. The remaining six, we cannot detect directly. Further

Supergravity Theory also played a significant part in establishing the necessity

of the 11th dimension.

These ‘strings’ vibrate in multiple dimensions. Depending on how they vibrate,

they might be seen in three-dimensional space as matter, light or gravity. It is

the vibration of the string which determines whether it appears to be matter or

energy, and every form of matter or energy is the result of this vibration.


DALAI LAMA A.P by DEGARD 2015 - oil and gold leaf on wood - 46cm x 55cm

The A.P. (portrait) is the energy around the body and everything that ever

happened to that individual. Aethericism believes this is light-conscious

energy stored and recorded in the ‘aether’.

The difference between the thinking in Aethericism and the thinking in

String Theory and by extension quantum physics is the notion of a conscious

universe. In 1982 at The University of Paris it was discovered that under

certain circumstances electrons are able to instantaneously communicate

with each other regardless of the distance separating them, 10 feet or many

millions of miles apart. Somehow each particle always seemed to know what

the other was doing; a conscious universe.

The discovery of DNA has also proved the issue of a record without dispute.

However the challenge for science is that of consciousness.

Aethericism believes that the Aetheric Record contains the conscious vibrational

information-energy particles of all, since the beginning of time.

GOLDIE HAWN A.P by DEGARD 2014 - oil on canvas - 109cm x 109cm


Degard has built a collection of work which represents iconic individuals


She paints the Aura Pure in particular of Hollywood stars (alive and dead),

royalty, celebrities, actors, politicians, sports professionals and significant

individuals known to us through current and past history via media and

academic disciplines.

Degard is aware of the referencing to pop art and the focus on consumer

culture. Her influences pictorially and conceptually are through Secessionism

in some ways and Gustav Klimt.

Photography has a major impact on the composition of her work using many

powerful images.

Her intent with this collection is to express the exuberant, powerful, colour

filled, and intriguing sight of the Aetheric Pure.

New portraiture in Aetheric Art represents not only our culture, its extravagance

and obsessions but further the relationship with scientific concepts.

Further to this her work is the story of a fragment of the Aetheric Record.

KATE MIDDLETON A.P by DEGARD 2013 - oil, gold leaf, silver leaf and paper on wood - 60cm x 40cm

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