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September 17 — 30, 2020


The heartbeat of the community






Offers Include First Responder Discounts,

Fun-Cation with Attractions BOGOs,

and Magical Dining

©Rosen Hotels & Resorts

When you want it SOLD

Darrell Nunnelley



FOR SALE - Modern Contemporary Masterpiece - Gated Country Estate - Solid Concrete Security Wall - Minutes to Restaurant Row on

Sand Lake Road - Shopping, Hospitals and Theme Parks are conveniently located - Orlando Airport within 20 minutes in heavy traffic -

No other home like this in Central Florida - Custom Flooring, Cabinetry, Plumbing Fixtures, Appliances, Lighting, Stone Countertops,

and Marble Stairs were sourced from the finest Suppliers in Europe - Must see to truly appreciate the quality - 2 Year Membership in the

Orange County Sportsmen's Association included - 9101 Kilgore Road Orlando, Fl. 32836 - KilgoreModernHome.com for more details

For Sale

522 2nd Avenue


For Sale

Over $60,000 in Rental Income

Apollo Beach, Fl. * Tampa Bay

5 Bed 5 Bath


501 Main Street – Windermere

Local Office


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 17 — 30, 2020 x 3

4 x September 17 — 30, 2020 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


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Give Yourself a DIY Facial

BUSINESS PROFILE ............................................................................ 6

Solutions Without Surgery / Phoenix Integrated Medical

FINANCIAL REPORT ........................................................................... 8

Investment Strategies for Volatile Markets


We want to know your

Southwest Orlando favorites!

• Best Family Restaurant

• Best Fine Dining Restaurant

• Best Fast Food/Casual


• Best Italian Restaurant

• Best Mexican Restaurant

• Best Sushi

• Best Pizza

• Best Steak

• Best Seafood

• Best Sports Bar

• Best Wine Shop/Bar/Happy Hour

• Best Fitness Facility

• Best Day Spa

• Best Salon/Barber Shop

• Best Church

• Best Local Resort

• Best Wedding Venue

• Best Child’s Birthday Venue

• Best Private School

• Best Real Estate Agent

• Best Insurance Agent

• Best Attorney

• Best Dentist

• Best Physician

• Best Veterinarian

To vote, visit www.southwestorlandobulletin.com.

The deadline is Oct. 30.

Winners will be announced in the Jan. 7, 2021, issue.

Only one entry per Southwest resident allowed.

At least 50% of the online ballot must be completed.

FACES & PLACES ............................................................................... 9

SOUTHWEST ORLANDO HOME & REAL ESTATE ................................ 15

Paint Your Home Like a Pro!

The Smarter Way to Buy a Home

Four Home Improvements That May Affect Your Homeowners Insurance

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September 17, 2020

Vol. XXXIV, No. 22

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Windermere, FL 34786



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Rick V. Martin


Yvette Martin


Lisa Sagers


Lauren Salinero


Robert Barlow


Madeline DeVito

407-351-1573, option 1


Michelle Oakes




Let’s face it. It’s been a stressful

year, and there’s a good chance it’s

starting to show. Between the closing

of self-care businesses for most of

this year and having to wear masks

for long periods of time on a regular

basis, the skin on your face could

probably use some love and care.

Use the following steps to treat yourself

to a DIY facial:

Step 1: Remove all traces of

makeup and wash your face. It’s important

to start with a fresh face to

make sure all the ingredients you’ll

be using penetrate your skin and do

their jobs. When washing your face,

use lukewarm water; and rub in the

cleanser using gentle, circular motions

around your face.

Step 2: Exfoliate. Gently exfoliating

the skin removes dead skin, leaving

your face feeling smoother and

your skin tone more even. You can

buy an exfoliate or use one of these

at-home mixtures:

• Old-fashioned oats scrub —

Blend 1/2 cup uncooked old-fashioned

oats and water until oats are

finely ground, add water until paste


• Brown sugar and honey scrub

— Mix equal parts brown sugar and


• Coffee scrub — Mix equal parts

of used coffee grounds and jojoba,

olive or rose hip oil.

• Sugar scrub — Mix 1 teaspoon

cane sugar; 2 drops water; and 1-2

drops orange, lemon, lavender or

tea tree essential oils.

• Coconut sugar scrub — Mix 1

tablespoon coconut oil and 2 tablespoons


Step 3: Steam. Steaming your face

opens your pores, allowing your skin

to soak up all of the facial ingredients.

Boil a pot of water on the stove, remove

and set it on pot holders on a

table. Cover your head and the pot of

water with a towel, allowing the steam

to penetrate your skin. Don’t touch the

water. If you become uncomfortable,

pull away from the hot water. Another

option is to run the shower with hot

water and sit in the bathroom, allowing

steam to fill up the room. Steam

your face for about 10 minutes.

Step 4: Mask. There are endless

masks available that help with


everything from wrinkles to dry, dull

skin. Or, create your own mask using

common pantry items. Masks should

be left on for 15-20 minutes to allow

the ingredients to soak into your


• Acne treating mask — 1 mashed

banana, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda,

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder.

• Moisturizing mask — 1 mashed

avocado, 2 tablespoons plain yogurt,

1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon


• Brightening mask — 1/2 cup

mashed papaya, 1 teaspoon honey,

1 whipped egg white.

• Anti-wrinkle mask — 1/2

mashed banana, 1 mashed apricot

(remove seeds), 1 tablespoon warm


Step 5: Tone. Toning isn’t the

stinging alcohol you might remember

from your teen years. A good toner

should moisturize your skin and restore

its pH balance. It also removes

any excess oils and dead skin cells

that may still be on your face.

Step 6: Serum. Serums are fastabsorbing

moisturizers that deliver

active ingredients to target specific

areas or problems. Apply serums

for dark circles under your eyes,

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 17 — 30, 2020 x 5

TO ...

Give Yourself a DIY Facial

Treat Your Face to an At-Home Spa Day!

by Lauren Salinero


your skin at

home with a

luxurious DIY


wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dry skin,

etc. The options are endless.

Step 7: Moisturize. Lastly, lock

in the hydrations from your mask,

toner and serum with a moisturizer.

You don’t need to use a lot; a small

pea-sized amount is perfect. Apply

to your cheeks in a gentle, circular

motion. Using light, gentle upward

strokes, apply to your forehead and

the rest of your face.

For a truly luxurious experience,

try using one or more essential oils.

Some recommended oils for your

face are rose hip seed oil, containing

vitamins C and A with moisturizing

and anti-aging properties; lavender,

an antibacterial with a calming

aroma; frankincense with anti-aging

properties; tea tree oil for acne treatment;

and geranium to help smooth

and tone skin. These can be added

to your homemade exfoliate or


Before using anything on your

face, check the ingredients to be

sure you aren’t allergic, especially if

you have sensitive skin. None of the

above are intended to treat medical

conditions. If you have any questions

or concerns, contact your doctor. ª

Juliet Vaginal Rejuvenation

Voted Top Doctor in

Orlando 2015-2020


6 x September 17 — 30, 2020 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

“Surgery” is a scary word, especially

when it comes to a knee, shoulder,

hip or any other body part that

has been causing nothing but pain.

However, when most people visit an

orthopedist for that pain, surgery is

usually the solution they’re given.

Troy D. Yeomans, D.C., majority

owner of Phoenix Integrated

Medical and a chiropractic physician

for 20 years, has made it his

mission to educate people and explore

every nonsurgical option available

before resulting to a surgical


Surgery Isn't

Always the Answer

Dr. Yeomans opened Phoenix

Integrated Medical in January of this

year to give patients the best options

on the market to relieve their pain

and heal its source, integrating multiple

medical specialties under one

roof for the benefit of the patient.

“When someone is experiencing

pain — whether it’s in the knee,

back, hip, shoulder — their first step


is typically to see an orthopedic surgeon,”

he said. “They could be offered

temporary relief; but ultimately,

they are told to wait until the pain is

bad enough to have surgery.

“This motivated me to start looking

to the treatment options that were

available to people, not only in the

chiropractic realm, but in the medical

realm. Many times, a person can

fix the problem instead of jumping

straight to surgery.”

Along with the possible complications,

there are long recovery times

associated with surgery when dealing

with joint or tissue damage. It

can take months or more than a year

to regain full functionality. Although

most surgical patients can expect

to resume relatively normal activities

within six weeks, it takes up to

a year to fully recover from a knee


Solutions Without Surgery

Phoenix Integrated Medical Offers Nonsurgical Solutions

replacement, shoulder surgery or ACL

reconstruction, to name a few of the

most common orthopedic surgeries.

Dr. Yeomans and his staff believe

in exhausting every option from a

chiropractic and medical standpoint

before resorting to surgery. If nonsurgical

treatments fail, surgery is a last


“I saw this increased desperation

in our patients on options they

weren’t given by their orthopedists,”

Dr. Yeomans said. “There are so

many other things people can do,

very effective things people can do

when done correctly.“

What Dr. Yeomans found was

that these alternative treatments

aren’t fringe treatments. They are

mainstream options, covered by

Medicare and most insurance plans,

that people are just not given or that

are performed incorrectly. However,

when they are done correctly, the

treatments are very effective.

“It’s that old saying, ‘When you’re

a hammer, everything looks like a

nail,’” Dr. Yeomans said. “When you

go to a surgeon, they give you surgical

treatment options. We try to save

your knee, save your shoulder. We

give you every nonsurgical option

we can to restore function. We don’t

even have a surgeon on staff.”

He encourages his patients to get

the whole picture and decide from

there what they think best fits their

needs. People educate themselves

on everything else in their lives, from

where their eggs are farmed to the

safest vehicle to drive. But, when

it comes to being told surgery is

needed, most people take that declaration

at face value and don’t seek

other treatment options.


Medicine Is the Future

Dr. Yeomans and his team keep

abreast of new developments in

the world of regenerative medicine

Troy D.


D.C., exhausts

every nonsurgical

solution for

his patients

at Phoenix



— whether it’s the use of stem cells,

platelet-rich plasma, amniotic tissue

or any other source of true healing.

“It’s very exciting to me, because

we’re talking about regenerating

tissues,” Dr. Yeomans said. “We’re

talking about true healing — not

stopping pain for a few months, but

real healing.”

There are treatments that can regenerate

and restore tissue back to

its original health. Procedures and

medicines are coming out and being

developed every year that use different

regenerative technologies to heal

arthritis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis

and more.

Dr. Yeomans excitedly recalled a

patient who received a knee injection

and was complaining of itching.

As he explained, tissue that is healing


“It’s unbelievable,” he said. “The

response was amazing. She was

getting itchy in her knee, because it

was healing better than it ever could

on its own.”

There are many nonsurgical procedures

in dealing with orthopedic

pain, and more advancements are

being made every year. Surgery

is one option, but it is certainly not

the only one. The staff at Phoenix

Integrated Medical review all the

treatments available and help patients

make the best decisions for

their bodies.

The staff is taking extra precautionary measures to

protect patients from COVID-19. Every day, all staff

are screened for temperature and given pulse oximetry

tests for oxygen saturation. Advanced cleaning

procedures are being done to sterilize treatment

rooms between patients, and masks are required by

everyone in the building.

Phoenix Integrated Medical is located in

Suite 137 at 1936 Lee Road in Winter Park.

For a complimentary consultation, call 407-

637-8300 or visit phoeniximc.com. ª

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 17 — 30, 2020 x 7

At Jackson Law we have made it our philosophy to create a

legal environment for clients where legal representation is not about

lawyers and legal staff controlling and dictating the representative

needs of clients, but rather about joining forces and standing

together with clients to strengthen the ability to best represent

their interests and achieve for them and their families a positive

result. To memorialize this philosophy so that it will continue to

be practiced and not be forgotten by those who work for our firm,

we have registered the trademark… “Together We Stand ® ”. So the

next time you need legal representation for you or your family,

visit our firm and together we will roll up our sleeves and take

care of your needs.

Kristen Jackson

Attorney At Law

Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Probate, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives,

Pre-Need Guardians, Trust Administration, Pet (Animal) Trusts


With or without a Last Will, in order to obtain assets, pay debts and taxes and distribute

remaining assets to the heirs or beneficiaries, the deceased’s estate requires the

assistance of an attorney to manage the court supervised administration.

Corporation & Business Law

Contracts, Start-ups, Purchase or Sales, Corporations (Inc.), Limited Liability

Companies (LLC’s), Trademarks, Copyrights, Franchise Agreements

Real Estate

Closings, Title Insurance, Sales & Purchases, Leases, Contract Review,

Contract Preparation



Offices: Orlando

Credit Cards Accepted

8 x September 17 — 30, 2020 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

Finances are an important part

of everyone’s daily life, and this

year in particular has been full

of events that have most likely

affected your financial situation,

including your investments.

Uncertain times like these lead to

volatility in the market and have

many people asking, “How and

when should I invest?”

Periods of volatility can be a

wake-up call to make sure your

portfolio is adequately diversified

based on your goals and

risk tolerance. Investors who

are focused on long-term goals

shouldn’t let short-term movement

sway their decisions, while investors

nearing or in retirement may

need to add defensive assets

for stability. Navigating through

rocky markets can be tough, but

following proven investing principles

might help you stay the


• Diversify your portfolio.

Portfolios that are highly concentrated

in just a few securities can

be risky. Having money spread



Strategies for Volatile Markets

across different asset classes

(such as stocks, bonds and cash

equivalents) is important because

each can respond to the

market differently. Deciding on

the right mix can help cushion

the blow during volatile markets.

• Determine your risk profile.

Investing involves taking

risks, and you have to be honest

about how much risk you’re

willing to take with your money.

Determining your risk tolerance

informs how you should diversify

your investment portfolio

between stocks, bonds and cash

equivalents. Higher potential

rewards generally come from

higher risks.

presented by Michael Wytiaz, CFP, Independent Branch Leader

Charles Schwab, Windermere

407-909-0485 • schwab.com/windermere

• Take the long view. In times of

dramatic market volatility, each

fluctuation may seem disastrous.

However, emotional reactions to

short-term market conditions can

put you at risk for further financial

loss. Markets typically go

up and down, and bear markets

historically have been relatively

short. According to the Schwab

Center for Financial Research,

the longest bear market was a

little less than three years (915

days), and it was followed by a

nearly five-year bull run.

For long-term investors, the

strategy should be time in the

market rather than timing the

market. In our branch, we help

clients navigate investing and

get their financial goals on


Michael Wytiaz, CFP, is an Independent

Branch Leader and Financial Consultant at

Charles Schwab with more than 30 years of

experience helping clients achieve their financial


Some content provided here has been

compiled from previously published articles

authored by various parties at Schwab.

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal.

Diversification strategies do not ensure

a profit and do not protect against losses in

declining markets. The information here is

for general informational purposes only and

should not be considered an individualized

recommendation or personalized investment

advice. The type of securities and investment

strategies mentioned may not be suitable for

everyone. Each investor needs to review an

investment strategy for his or her own particular

situation before making any investment


©2020 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

(“Schwab”). All rights reserved. Member


(0820-05Y9) ª

A diverse set of wealth

management options to meet

your diverse set of needs.

From retirement planning to saving for college and more,

Schwab has a breadth of investment products to help you

and everyone under your roof reach their financial goals.

Michael Wytiaz, CFP ®

Independent Branch Leader

Windermere Independent Branch

4848 S. Apopka Vineland Road, Suite 204



©2020 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”) Member SIPC.

All rights reserved. SCH2023-11 (1018-8X9S) (6/20)

Nursery: (407) 296-3042 • Pavers: (407) 296-8545

Royal LandscapeNursery.info

For future Events and Specials visit our website and follow us on Social media

2204 Hempel Avenue, Gotha FL 34734 Mon-Fri 7am-4pm • Sat 8am-12pm

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 17 — 30, 2020 x 9

Oftentimes, when shopping, going to the doctor, choosing a school or

making other decisions, it is easy to overlook the fact that every business

is run by people. They can be your neighbors, parents of your children’s

friends, or even fellow members of your church. It can be easy to see a

business as just a business, but the staff of the Southwest Orlando Bulletin

wants to help you get to know some of the faces in the background. Get a

deeper view of the people behind your local companies and an in-depth

look at what each place has to offer in our fourth annual Faces & Places.

Charles Schwab

South Apopka-Vineland and Conroy-

Windermere roads. The Clermont office

is located in the College Station

Plaza at the corner of Hancock Road

and State Road 50. My team and I

look forward to assisting with any

of your investment needs. For more

information, call 407-909-0485 or


as a school board member and is

mom to two lower-school students.

Nikki loves supporting a school

where “kids can learn and grow in

a Christian environment that focuses

on the mind and the heart.”

Lori K. Lambert, M.D.

Lori K. Lambert, M.D., is a

board-certified OB-GYN physician,

providing comprehensive obstetrical

and gynecological care for

women throughout all stages of life.

Dr. Lambert has been in private practice

since 1989, opening her own

practice in Dr. Phillips in 1991. Dr.

Lambert earned her medical degree

at the University of Florida College of

Medicine, followed by an internship

and residency at Orlando Regional

Medical Center with Orlando Health.

Dr. Lambert proudly delivers babies

and performs surgeries at Winnie

Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies.


The First Academy

My name is Michael S. Wytiaz,

CFP. I’m a Charles Schwab franchisee

and operate my own independent

branches in Windermere

and Clermont, where I can partner

with you to understand your goals,

create a personalized plan, and provide

investing guidance. You’ll understand

where your money is invested

and why, how your investments are

performing, and how much it’s costing

you. Plus, you’ll have access to

Schwab’s portfolio management

expertise, insights and specialists.

It’s a modern approach to wealth

management — so you can take

ownership of your financial life.

The Windermere office is located

in The Grove Plaza at the corner of

Nikki Kearn is a parent leader

at The First Academy. She currently

serves as the chair of TFA’s COVID

Response Team, a group of medical

doctors and experts who are helping

to guide TFA through coronavirusrelated

decisions. Nikki, who graduated

from The First Academy, serves

10 x September 17 — 30, 2020 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


replacement therapy, including bioidentical

hormones and pellet therapy.

Dr. Lambert’s office is located in Suite

5 at 7051 Dr. Phillips Blvd., across

from the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA. For

more information, call 407-363-2000.

of dead skin, leaving you with new,

fresh, baby skin underneath for a

glowing complexion. For more information,

call 863-604-6021 or visit


She performs in-office procedures

such as hysteroscopies, endometrial

ablations, ultrasounds and vaginal

rejuvenations. She also is certified

in laser hair removal, which is done

in her office. Dr. Lambert is skilled in

diagnosing and treating an extensive

list of conditions, including endometriosis,

chronic pelvic pain, cervical

diseases, uterine diseases, polycystic

ovary syndrome and fibroids; and

the management of menopausal

symptoms, infertility and hormone


You Med Spa

While everyone is slowly trying to

get back to normal, safety is the first

priority at Naturally You Med

Spa in Orlando. Beth Moffett,

RNFA, has been practicing for more

than 35 years and is one of the most

experienced injectors in Florida. With

her caring nature, Beth always listens

to her patients and offers realistic,

honest expectations. Hopefully soon,

people will be able to take off their

masks and let their beautiful faces be

seen again. Looking your best makes

you feel like you can conquer anything.

Let’s get your skin back to the

radiant glow it once was. AquaGold

is a vitamin-infused treatment that

also combines hyaluronic acid to add

hydration and plumpness for a youthful

appearance. Microchanneling

can smooth out rough textures and

diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

LightStim therapy rejuvenates, stimulates

collagen, helps reduce pores

and also diminishes fine lines and

wrinkles in the relaxing warmth of

LED lights. Botox is your best friend

for stubborn wrinkles, and Juvéderm

adds some fullness and lift to areas

where you may have lost volume

and may be starting to droop. VI

peels exfoliate the outermost layer

Orange County

Library System

Do you know that a library card

can be the most valuable card in your

wallet? A library card grants you access

to so many incredible resources

that many people pay to access — e-

books, audiobooks, live online classes,

virtual events, homework help for

kids, streaming movies and TV shows,

digital magazines and newspapers,

genealogy research sources and

much more. With your library card,

you get access to all of these things

for free. The Orange County

Library System even offers home

delivery, so you can request a book

online and have it delivered to your





At Orlando Health, safety and protection for patients, loved ones and

employees are without question. That’s why we’re confident that our facilities

– from ERs to hospitals to physician offices – are the safest environments for

giving and receiving care. By wearing masks, practicing internal social

distancing and escalating levels of infection prevention, we’re doing our part

to keep our community safe. And while our masks may hide our smiles, it’s

the compassion and care that shine through.


Jacqueline, BSN, RN

Orlando Health

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 17 — 30, 2020 x 11

Bobby Baldor, P.A.



Call or Visit Us Online Today!



12 x September 17 — 30, 2020 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


door. Do you have a library card?

If not, why not? Sign up now — it’s

free, fast and easy. You can even sign

up online at ocls.info/mprcard. If you

haven’t visited your local library lately,

stop in soon. They’re open and taking

precautions to keep your health

and safety in mind. There are 15 locations

around the county, including in

Dr. Phillips (Southwest Branch, 7255

Della Drive), Ocoee (West Oaks

Branch, 1821 E. Silver Star Road),

Windermere (Windermere Branch,

530 Main St.), and Winter Garden

©Amanda Murphy/Orange County Library System

(Winter Garden Branch, 805 E. Plant

St.). For more information, call 407-

835-7323 or visit www.ocls.info.

Rosen Plaza Hotel

The staff of Rosen Plaza Hotel

extend gratitude for the ongoing patronage

of area residents with special

offers and discounts to add some extra

sunshine to fall. Conveniently located

in the heart of International Drive’s

most exciting shopping, dining and

attractions and just steps to the Pointe

Orlando entertainment complex, the

luxury Rosen hotel invites

local residents to take a

fun-cation! Leave your

worries at home and enter

a carefree world just

minutes away, complete

with deluxe posh accommodations

and plenty of

savings. With fun-cation

package rates starting at

just $89 a night (plus tax),

it’s easy to luxuriate at the

hotel’s tropical outdoor

swimming pool or take advantage of

fun-cation buy-one-get-one-free offers

at world-renowned attractions — and

some hidden gems — right in your

backyard. Nothing is more relaxing

than a satisfying meal served in style

at the hotel’s charming Jack’s Place

restaurant, named a USA Today top

10 I-Drive restaurant. Whether your

pleasure is Magical Dining or using

a fun-cation BOGO at Jack’s, indulge

in an extraordinary dining experience

that is sure to please. In addition,

the award-winning restaurant is

honored to extend exclusive offers to

the community's well-deserved first

responders and health care heroes

for their invaluable services. For more

details, call 407-996-9700 or visit



Landscape Nursery

Royal Landscape Nursery

is a family-owned and -operated

business. Royal has been in Gotha

for about 16 years and serves residential

and commercial customers.

To indulge yourself in more than 6

beautiful acres of plant materials —

including sod, mulch, rocks, plants,

trees and shrubs of all different sizes

— visit Royal. If you are new to

landscaping your home or working

on a large commercial project, Royal

Landscape can be your one-stop

shop for top-quality landscape plant

material with great prices. Compare

to the big-box stores, and save an average

of 33%. Working together as

a family is important to the owners of

Royal. Both of their daughters, Mia

and Sophie, actively work for the

company. Since Mia graduated from

college, she has been employed full

time in business management and

development. Sophie recently started

her career as a hairstylist, and

she also works part time with the

family and operates the front desk

and customer service. Operating

hours are Monday through Friday

from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday

from 8 a.m.-noon. Delivery is offered

for most items. For more

information, call 407-296-3042 or

stop by and browse the grounds. For

upcoming events and specials, visit


State Farm

Insurance Co.

Andy Phillips works at State

Farm Insurance Co. above the

Starbucks in Plaza Venezia on Sand

Lake Road in Orlando. He celebrated

his 49th year with the company

last month. Andy and his team have

a combined total of 134 years of experience

to serve their policyholders

with all of their insurance and financial

needs. They pride themselves on

their community involvement with Dr.

Phillips and Olympia high schools,

Dr. Phillips Little League, and Dr.

Phillips Chamber of Commerce, to

name a few. They offer a comprehensive

homeowners policy that covers

all insurance needs in protecting

a home. State Farm recently received

a significant rate decrease on auto

insurance policies and homeowners

insurance policies. For a free insurance

quote and financial review, call



Preparatory School

Windermere Preparatory School,

located at 6189 Winter Garden


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 17 — 30, 2020 x 13


2 99

Limited time only at participating restaurants.

Additional charge for Extras. Plus applicable tax.

No additional discounts or coupons may be applied.

Prices and subs included may vary. Delivery available in

select areas. See Subway.com/delivers for details.

Subway® is a Registered Trademark of Subway IP LLC. © 2019 Subway IP LLC.

Meatball Marinara

Cold Cut Combo

Black Forest Ham

Spicy Italian

Also includes:

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14 x September 17 — 30, 2020 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


Vineland Road in Windermere, is

a pre-K3 through grade 12 community

school with a global vision that

allows it to ignite a student's curiosity

and drive. The staff believes

there is no limit to what students

can achieve in this ever-changing

world. Patrick Hollern, director

of athletics and currently in his

second year at WPS, leads the

athletic department with more than

20 different sports offered and 60

competitive teams throughout the

middle and high schools. Even

during these uncertain times, Mr.

Hollern has shown how much he

cares for WPS's student-athletes

by leading the way and working

with local private schools that

are committed to practicing core

health and safety values during

their athletic seasons. Mr. Hollern's

commitment has been essential

in providing life-changing educational

and athletic opportunities

to WPS’s student-athletes, while

allowing the school’s coaches to

accomplish their core departmental

values of academic integrity,

social responsibility, competitive

excellence and a word-class experience

for their student-athletes.

"Sports are returning," Mr. Hollern

said. "They will look and feel different

than you remember, but that

is the beauty of athletics." For more

information, call 407-905-7737,

email info@windermereprep.com or


com, or visit windermereprep.com. ª

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate | September 2020 | 1


Home & Real Estate

Volume 1, Issue 7 — September 2020

Paint Your Home

Like a Pro!

The Smarter Way

to Buy a Home

Four Home Improvements

That May Affect Your

Homeowners Insurance

A Product of the

Southwest Orlando Bulletin

2 | September 2020 | Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate

Nothing transforms a home quite

like a fresh coat of paint. In fact,

painting their own houses is one

of the smartest and easiest DIY upgrades

homeowners can accomplish,

especially as they find themselves

spending more time at home. With

71% of homeowners undertaking

improvement or renovation projects

that include paint, according to an

iProperty Management study, the following

are surefire tips to ensure they

are painting like the pros:

• Clean your canvas. Paint adheres

better to a smooth, clean surface.

While living room walls may

only need a dry dusting, kitchens and

bathrooms — where dirt, grease,

oil or mildew can build up — need

extra attention. Wash surfaces with

soap and water, rinse well and allow

to dry completely. For bathrooms,

remove mold and mildew by applying

a solution of 1 part bleach to 3

parts water, and allow the solution to

sit for 20 minutes. Then scrub mold

and mildew with a soft-bristle brush,

rinse the surface and allow it to dry.

Be sure to wear safety glasses and

Paint Your Home Like a Pro!

rubber gloves when working with

this bleach and water solution. For

surfaces that are particularly grimy,

spray with Rust-Oleum Original Krud

Kutter Cleaner & Degreaser, wipe off

with a clean cloth, and allow to dry.

• Ensure a smooth surface. Now

that the surface is dry, smooth down

A little


and attention

to detail can

have any


painting like a


any uneven or rough surfaces with

a bit of fine-grit sandpaper. Another

pro tip is to shine a bright light at a

low angle across the surface to spot

any problem areas. After you have

sanded or scraped the area, wipe it

down with a damp cloth to remove

any dust or residue, and allow to dry.

• Don’t forget the details. Anyone

can paint over a wide, smooth surface,

but it’s the attention to detail

around windows and doors that

truly gives a job that professional

look. Start by removing any loose

or cracked caulking from windows,

doors and trim; and apply a fresh

bead of sealant for a smooth, sealed

surface. DAP Alex Flex Premium

Molding & Trim Sealant is paintable

in just 30 minutes, saving time and

resulting in a seamless, more professional

finish. Next, use painter’s tape

to protect windowsills, molding, baseboards,

door hinges and the ceiling

perimeter, taking your time to ensure

that all areas are properly covered.

• Fill in imperfections. Now it’s

time to tackle the main surface.

Cracks, holes and dents will mar the

finished project, so apply spackling

to fill in these areas. Open a container

of pre-mixed spackling compound

and apply a small amount

over the damage with a flexible

putty knife. Spread the compound

over the hole or crack in a smooth,

downward motion. Overfill slightly







* ()

© |

and sand smooth using fine-grit

sandpaper. Need to tackle a larger

drywall repair? Reach for DAP Fast

Dry Premium Spackling. This professional-grade

spackling compound

is uniquely formulated to provide

strength and durability while drying

fast. Depending on the size of the repair,

it can be painted in as little as

15 minutes.

• Paint with precision. Make the

job go easier and faster by having

a variety of brushes and rollers on

hand. Rollers are great for covering

large, wide surfaces; but for a professional

look around edges and

corners, you’ll need smaller brushes

for the right amount of detailed

work. Allow the first coat of paint to

completely dry, then apply a second

coat to ensure smooth, even coverage.

Once the second coat is dry,

carefully pull up any painter’s tape,

and voila! Your space is transformed!

For more information about DAP

products for your next DIY project,

visit dap.com.

(BPT) ª

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate | September 2020 | 3









Imperial Outdoor Living, LLC


Save $761. *

Combine Home & Auto.

Andy Phillips, Agent

7608 W Sand Lake Road

Orlando, FL 32819

Bus: 407-354-1320


Save money and time when you combine your home and auto insurance.

Just another way I’m here to help life go right.



*Average household savings based on 2015 national survey of new policyholders who reported savings by switching to State Farm ® .

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company

Bloomington, IL







4 | September 2020 | Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate

Are you considering buying a

home? Are you looking for a way to

buy without depleting your savings?

If so, you should know there are ways

to qualify for a mortgage sooner

than you think and for less. Insured

low down payment mortgages are

affordable and safe loan options

that are offered by most lenders and

help homebuyers achieve this goal.

A low down payment mortgage with

private mortgage insurance (PMI) in

particular is a great time-tested option

that has helped more than 1.3

million families qualify for a home

sooner than they otherwise could.

So, how does PMI work, and how

much can it really save you?

The 20% Down Payment Myth

If you’ve been putting off buying a

home in order to save a 20% down

payment, there is good news: It isn’t

necessary. Surprised? You are not

alone. While almost 80% of homebuyers

think a 20% down payment

is required, the fact is the average

first-time homebuyer who obtains a

mortgage puts just 6% down.







The future

of your



on your

support of



retailers and



The Smarter Way to Buy a Home

Homebuyers are taking advantage of historically low interest rates as well as average down

payments of just 6%.

How is this possible? While there

are several low down payment

mortgage options available, conventional

loans with PMI have been borrowers’

preferred loan choice for a

number of years. PMI is a smart way

to get into a home sooner, saving

the borrower time, and potentially

money, considering that home prices

may move up over time, so waiting

could cost the borrower more in the

long run.

How Does an

Insured Mortgage Work?

Private mortgage insurance can

help a borrower with much less

than a 20% down payment qualify

for a home loan — with the

average down payment being just

6% in 2019 — and is typically paid

monthly along with the mortgage

payment. The benefit is not just that

the borrower is able to qualify for

a home sooner, but also that PMI

is temporary. Unlike governmentinsured

mortgages backed by the

Federal Housing Administration

(FHA), PMI cancels after 20% equity

is established, either through

payments or home-price appreciation.

When the PMI is canceled,

your monthly mortgage bill goes


When to Buy a Home?

The right time to purchase a home

is different for everyone, especially

nowadays. But as we adapt to a

changing world, it is important to

know that PMI continues to help

borrowers achieve homeownership,

and it is possible to benefit from historically

low mortgage interest rates

and buy a house without exhausting

your savings. In fact, a recent

report from U.S. Mortgage Insurers

found that PMI has helped more

than 33 million families become

homeowners over the past 60-plus

years without putting down 20%.

You can find how many people in

your state used PMI to purchase

their homes in the last year by accessing

that same report. Interest

rates are at an all-time low and millions

of people continue to achieve

the dream of homeownership thanks

to PMI.

To learn more about how PMI compares

to other low down payment options,

visit lowdownpaymentfacts.org.

Esther Pelissier, ARPN-BC

(BPT) ª

Esther Pelissier

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate | September 2020 | 5

6 | September 2020 | Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate

Many of today’s homeowners

have been inspired by house-flipping

shows to learn practical tips and

savvy tricks to either increase their

home’s resale value or, for those who

prefer to stay put, refresh their living

space for its long-term use. While

these shows highlight the newest

trends that resonate with new buyers

or help customize a house to an owner’s

current needs, what they don’t

tell you is how remodeling might

affect your homeowners insurance


“Building an addition and adding

square footage, renovating a

kitchen or bathroom, or other significant

changes made to a home will

increase its value,” said Jane Li,

Mercury Insurance director of product

management. “One thing that

can’t be overlooked, however, is that

these renovations will also increase

the home’s replacement cost if it is

damaged or destroyed, so it’s very

important that homeowners also adjust

their insurance policies to ensure

the home is properly insured in the

event disaster strikes.”

Here are four improvements Li recommends

discussing with your insurance

agent before making upgrades:

• Roof replacement — The roof is

the primary source to protect a home

against the elements, providing shelter

from rain, hail, wind, summer heat and

winter cold. It’s likely not the first thing

that comes to mind when a homeowner



Data released from the Industrial Fabrics

Association International:

• Print magazines outperform all other media in

driving purchase intent.

• Unlike most other media, magazine ads are not

an interruption but an integral part of the learning


• When magazines are viewed as credible and

have a history of being in the community, the affinity

rating is even higher.

Four Home Improvements That

May Affect Your Homeowners Insurance

For Advertising, Сall


P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786


your home’s

old pipes to

meet today’s

standards is

a good way

to trim your


insurance bill.

thinks of renovations; but eventually, it

will need to be replaced to keep doing

its job properly.

“The age of your roof factors into

your homeowners insurance coverage;

because as it gets older, it becomes

more likely to leak, which can cause

structural damage,” Li said. “Certain

roofing materials — like clay or concrete

tile, slate or metal — provide

added protection against wind and

wildfires if you live in an area that’s

prone to these conditions. If properly

maintained, these materials also have

a longer lifespan than an asphalt-shingled

roof, which tends to last about 20


• Installing a pool — Pools are a

great way to cool off when temperatures

climb and are also a nice centerpiece

for outdoor entertaining.

However, putting in a pool also adds

to your liability risk, which will increase

your homeowners insurance premium.

“If you decide to install a pool, be

sure to also build a fence with a locking

gate around it,” said Li. “The fence

should not connect to the dwelling;

and, if possible, it should be built using

fire-resistant material.”

• Replacing plumbing fixtures —

Sometimes, all it takes to give your

kitchen or bathroom a new look is to

swap out your old sink for a new one.

If you decide to replace some of your

home’s plumbing fixtures, it’s important

to make note of the upgraded materials,

as they may be of a higher quality

— and thus have a higher replacement

cost — than the original equipment.

It’s also a good time to consider installing

a water-leak detection system, as

claims due to water-related damages

— like bursting or leaking pipes, or

malfunctioning appliances — are the

most commonly filed homeowners insurance

claims, according to Mercury


“Many leaks can be difficult to detect

since most pipes are enclosed inside

walls,” Li said. “We recommend

installing water-leak sensors or shutoff

devices if you are making plumbing

upgrades, because they can be

very helpful in preventing extensive

water damage. Some can automatically

shut off the home’s main water

supply if a leak is detected and might

even qualify you for a discount on

your insurance.”

• Revamping your landscaping —

The trees, bushes, plants and stonework

you choose can add to your

home’s curb appeal; and, in areas

with dry climates that are prone to

wildfires, your landscaping may even

increase your home’s insurability.

“A good landscape in fire country

will endure firebrands for days, intense

heat for weeks, and do both without

igniting,” said Douglas Kent, wildfire

expert, author and a professor of

land management.

The 5 feet closest to your home is

where you should retrofit with fire retardant

materials and conduct simple

maintenance like clearing away dead

plants and cleaning gutters and decks

of leaves. The next 30 feet from your

home should be green and clean landscaping,

with lawns kept free of debris.

Trim tree limbs so they are at least

10 feet away from your home and trim

unruly bushes. Keep your lawn wellmanicured

and plants healthy. Hard

surfaces like asphalt and concrete also

work well in this space.

Finally, the next 70 feet should contain

thinned out vegetation, removing

flammable plants and brush surrounding

your home. Trees should also be at

least 20 feet apart.

Whether you plan to live in your

home for many years to come or sell it

to a new homeowner, be sure to assess

your homeowners coverage needs annually

as long as it’s your property.

(BPT) ª

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate | September 2020 | 7





OR CALL 866-33-ROSEN (76736)





Choose your favorite hotel and enjoy an impressive array of BOGO and other deeply discounted offers, including

meal deals. The FUN never ends in Orlando. Preview just a few the Fun-Cation offers included with your package.

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We remain dedicated to the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and well-being for our guests and

associates. Expires 11/15/20. Based upon availability and cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid

for groups or conventions.


Dear First Responders and Front Line Heroes,

You put yourself on the line to help maintain our safety and security. For your invaluable and

heroic service, we are forever grateful. As a small token of our deep appreciation, let us take care

of you at Jack’s Place Restaurant and Jack’s Lobby Bar.

Jack’s Place Restaurant

Purchase one entrée, get one free of equal or

lesser value.

Complimentary glass of wine or dessert

served with each entrée purchase.

Jack’s Place Lounge

$5 sangrias, tropical mojitos, or craft lager

beer, daily 5 – 10 p.m.

25% discount off dining menu.

Fridays & Saturdays

Kids eat free, 5 – 9 p.m.

Entertainment provided by our caricature artist, 6 – 9 p.m.

Taxes and gratuity not included in prices listed above. Cannot be combined

with any other offer or discount. Menu, prices, and hours of operation subject

to change. Offer can only be combined with kids eat free promotion.



22 x September 17 — 30, 2020 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

n Restrooms open along West

Orange Trail in Oakland

To accommodate a growing number

of West Orange Trail users,

the town of Oakland announced

the opening of outdoor public restrooms

at The Healthy West

Orange Arts and Heritage

Center. The outdoor restrooms, located

at 126 Petris Ave. in Oakland,

operate seven days a week from 8

a.m.-5 p.m. The facilities are managed

and maintained by the town.

The new public restroom facilities

were made possible through a

$182,000 donation from the Orange

County government.

The Healthy West Orange Arts

and Heritage Center at the town of

Oakland, nestled among the oaks on

the West Orange Trail at Oakland

Town Center, will be a dynamic hub

for community activity. The center’s

grand opening has been delayed

due to COVID-19; however, final

touches continue on the building’s

exterior signage and interior gallery.

Hours of operation for the center will

be announced at a later date.

n Ronald McDonald House

Charities reopens houses

Ronald McDonald House of

Charities of Central Florida reopened

its three houses in Orlando

on the campuses of AdventHealth

for Children, Orlando Health

Arnold Palmer Hospital for

Children, and Orlando Health

Winnie Palmer Hospital for

Women & Babies.

Due to the risk of COVID-19 this

past March, RMHCCF had to pause

accepting new families for the health

and safety of guest families and

staff. However, even during a pandemic,

cases of childhood illness

did not cease, and a small number

of families with critically ill children

remained at the Ronald McDonald

Houses with COVID-19 protocols in

place. When the houses closed in

July because of confirmed positive

cases of the coronavirus, the guest

families were relocated to local hotels

at no cost to them. RMHCCF incurred

the costs of their stays.


Now, the houses are welcoming

families back in phases, starting

with a limited number of guests who

were moved to local hotels during

the closure. Although the houses are

reopening, RMHCCF’s volunteer programs

continue to be on hold until

further notice, including the Share-

A-Meal program that provides lunch

and dinner to families at all three

houses with the help of community


RMHCCF is in urgent need of community

support to continue to provide

care for families with a child facing a

serious illness. Supporters may make

a donation online, and gift cards for

local restaurants and grocery stores

are needed.

For more information, visit www.


n Second Harvest receives

needed donation

Second Harvest Food Bank of

Central Florida was awarded a

$69,000 grant from The Darden

Foundation to provide hunger relief

to local families. As COVID-19 drives

food insecurity in Central Florida,

the funding allows Second Harvest

to sustain its emergency response.

“We’ve served Central Florida

through many disasters, but nothing

compares to what we’re seeing

from this pandemic,” said Dave

Krepcho, president and CEO of

Second Harvest. “This funding will

mean hope for many hardworking

families who saw their livelihoods

erased essentially overnight. Thanks to

The Darden Foundation, we’ll be able

to purchase more food for distribution

and support our neighbors in a time of

unprecedented need.”

Since mid-March, when businesses

and theme parks shut down to curb

the spread of COVID-19, Second

Harvest has doubled its daily distribution

to keep pace with a rising need

for hunger relief. Now the organization

distributes enough food to provide

300,000 meals a day.

compiled by Lauren Salinero

For more information, visit www.


n CFHLA Foundation awards


submitted by Central Florida Hotel

and Lodging Association

Each year, officials of the Central

Florida Hotel and Lodging

Association awards scholarships

to exceptional high school and college

students pursuing degrees related

to the hospitality industry. This

year, CFHLA was able to present 14

new scholarships totaling $75,000

to Central Florida students attending

Valencia College and the UCF Rosen

College of Hospitality Management.

Scholarships given out this year included

a full-ride scholarship to the

UCF Rosen College of Hospitality

Management presented to Michael

Marcinko of Timber Creek High

School. CFHLA is proud to support

local students and congratulates

all of the 2020 CFHLA Hospitality-

Student Scholarship Recipients.

n After-school openings at

Boys & Girls Clubs

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central

Florida is now registering children

ages 6–18 for its after-school programs

in Orange, Lake, Seminole,

Osceola and Brevard counties.

Spaces are available at most of the

organization’s club locations, and

the fee is $30 for the entire school


Clubs have adopted strict protocols

to protect club members and


• All children and staff are temperature

checked upon entering

the club and must wear face masks

while inside the club.

• The child-to-staff ratio has been

reduced to 9:1, to allow for 6 feet of

social distancing at all times.

• Hand-washing and disinfecting

of common areas follow a strict


• Deep cleaning takes place daily.

Also, programming has been

adapted to allow for social distancing

and falls under the categories

of Academic Excellence,

Good Character & Citizenship, and

Healthy Lifestyles. Most clubs remain

open from after school until 7

p.m., but closing times may vary by


A list of club locations and contact

information can be found at www.

bgccf.org/locations. Parents interested

in registering their child(ren)

should contact the relevant club location

directly or call 407-841-6855.

n CARES Act provides funds

to prevent eviction

In an effort to help curb the onslaught

of possible evictions due

to the COVID-19 pandemic, the

Orange County Board of County

Commissioners unanimously approved

the Orange County COVID-19

Eviction Diversion Program. The $20

million program launched last month

is funded by the Federal CARES

Act monies that are allotted locally.

Of the $20 million allocated, $5.7

million is from the Florida Housing

CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds.

The income-based program is designed

to help the most vulnerable

tenants who are in imminent danger

of eviction due to COVID-19 and

provides the property owner with an

alternative to eviction. The Orange

County COVID-19 Eviction Diversion

Program will provide up to $4,000

in past due rent.

An application is available online

at www.ocfl.net/evictiondiversion.

Visit the website to also view tenant

eligibility criteria. The tenant or

landlord can initiate the application

process; however, both must agree

to participate.


West Orange Chamber of

Commerce representatives held a

ribbon-cutting for the grand opening

of Matthew’s Hope Chest

Creations in Winter Garden.

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 17 — 30, 2020 x 23

children and teens share their inventions,

market their services or products,

and build marketing strategies

for their business ideas. The Orlando

Children’s Business Fair is an extension

of the Library’s BizKids initiative,

which offers classes, camps, clubs

and events that focus on promoting

entrepreneurship and skills such as

planning, marketing, financing and

more. For more information, visit


photo courtesy of WOCC

West Orange Chamber of Commerce members celebrate the opening of Matthew’s Hope Chest Creations in Winter Garden.

WOCC builds partnerships, strong

businesses and commitment to the

community by serving as the leading

business advocate in Central

Florida, facilitating opportunity to

nearly 1,000 member businesses.

For more information about

WOCC, call 407-656-1304 or visit


Orange County Library

System was one of three public

libraries recognized by global library

cooperative OCLC with the OCLC

Community Engagement Award

for exceptional programming in

the community. OCLS was honored

for its Orlando Children’s Business

Fair, a one-day marketplace where

Rosen Hotels & Resorts is offering

“fun-cation” packages, starting

at only $59 per night at Rosen

Inn at Pointe Orlando and $89

per night at Rosen Plaza, plus

taxes. Both are ideally located on

International Drive, minutes to area

attractions and steps from the Pointe

Orlando entertainment complex.

Customers can also add one of the

many buy-one-get-one-free offers.

See ad in this issue for details. To

book a room, call 866-337-6736 or

visit rosenhotels.com/fun-cation. ª

24 x September 17 — 30, 2020 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

n Bay Meadows Elementary

Family, faculty members and the

staff of Bay Meadows Elementary

were asked for their input when it

came time to select a new principal

for the school. Feedback was collected

via an online survey asking

for the top five skills and qualities

they would like the next principal to

possess. The information was used

to help with the selection process,

and GeRai Johnson Mays was

chosen as BMES’s principal for the

2020-21 school year.

n Dr. Phillips High

by Debra Wood

Something different is afoot in the

theater lobby at Dr. Phillips High

School. The Orange County Public

Schools board named the lobby after

long-time teacher Karen Rugerio,

former director of DPHS’s Visual and

Performing Arts theater magnet.

“It’s a well-deserved honor for a

beloved and exceptional teacher

who had a long impact,” said Pam

Gould, school board member.

Plans to name the area for Rugerio

ran into some trouble a few years

back when the school district

changed its policy for naming stadiums

and theaters so it could raise

funds to support performing arts, athletics

and other programs. However,

the board allowed the recognition of

Rugerio in the lobby. After Rugerio

retired from teaching, she became

the senior director of education at the

Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing

Arts in 2018. During the pandemic,

she was laid off.

“Karen continues to be an influence

in the success of our students,”

Gould said.

n Et Al

Orlando Science Schools

named its 2019-20 teachers of the

year. Victoria May was selected

as the high school campus’ teacher

of the year, and Mitchell Murphy

earned teacher of the year at the

Lynx campus. Ms. May teaches

English 1, intensive reading and

drama. Mr. Murphy teaches math.

The Orlando Science Schools family

is grateful for all of their hard

work and dedication throughout the

school year. Congratulations to both

of these outstanding teachers!

Bank of America officials rewarded

four students for their civic and

academic efforts by naming them

2020 Student Leaders. Among those

recognized was Windermere resident

Jaya Dayal, a recent graduate

of Lake Highland Preparatory

School. Jaya was president of the

Water for the World, where she led

one of the only clean water initiatives

in Orlando. She and the other three

scholars participated in a six-week,

paid, virtual internship program this

summer, through which she had the

opportunity to participate in sessions

that exposed her to the vital roles

nonprofits play in advancing community

health, the importance of public

private partnerships to advance social

change, and a focus on building

financial acumen.



May is named




2019-20 high

school campus

teacher of the



Murphy is

named Orlando



2019-20 Lynx

campus teacher

of the year.

compiled by Lauren Salinero

Tami Murphy is Holy Family

Catholic School’s 2020 distinguished

teacher of the year. She has

taught for 25 years. Mrs. Murphy

began teaching at HFCS in 2001,

teaching second grade. Throughout

the years, she has taught second,

sixth and seventh grades. She has

also served as educational technology

coordinator and social media

coordinator. Her commitment to children’s

education, safety and futures

is exceptional.

The deadline to apply for meal

benefits with Orange County Public

Schools is Sept. 22, 2020. Currently,

based on income, 67% of OCPS families

— or 7 out of 10 students — are

eligible to receive free school meals.

OCPS Food & Nutrition Services is

encouraging all parents, regardless

of income, to apply for the 2020-21

program to help ensure that schools

can maintain or expand the availability

of free and reduced meal

benefits. Despite individual student

needs, every application submitted

helps schools receive valuable funding

and resources.

Holy Family

Catholic School

Principal Sister

Dorothy Sayers

(left) recognizes

Tami Murphy

as HFCS’s 2020

distinguished teacher

of the year.

“Some families may be relying on

meal benefits for the first time ever

due to pandemic-induced hardships,

while others may forget to apply

amidst the many decisions they’ve

had to make recently,” said Lora

Gilbert, senior director of the OCPS

FNS. “But no child should worry

about hunger. This program not only

helps students in need, but it also

helps families save money and gives

parents the convenience of providing

nutritional meals for their children every

day of the week.”

The application for the 2020-21

school year can be filled out online

and takes between 15-30 minutes per

household. To apply for meal benefits,

visit www.myschoolapps.com.

Although we try to ensure that all information presented

above is the most current, correct and dependable

available, we do rely on others for the source of our

news. Therefore, the Southwest Orlando Bulletin and

Cornerstone Publishing & Multi-Media LLC cannot be

held responsible for the validity of the information

presented here, nor does mentioning it constitute an

endorsement. School News is welcome and may be

mailed to P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786;

or emailed to Lauren@kearneypublishing.com. ª

n Charities/Fundraisers

Sept. 19 — Holiday & Home Decor

Patio Sale

The annex behind St. Luke’s United Methodist

Church, 4851 S. Apopka-Vineland Road,

Orlando, hosts a holiday and home

decor patio sale, sponsored by the United

Methodist Women and including numerous

items at low prices. Attendees should

park on the athletic field. Masks and social

distancing are mandatory. Time: 8 a.m.-1

p.m. The rain date is Sept. 26. For more

information, call 407-876-4991 or visit


Sept. 20 — A Grand Night For


Opera Orlando celebrates its anniversary

with its Fifth Anniversary Party: A Grand

Night for Singing, livestreamed from the

Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum and

including red carpet coverage, singers,

special guests, a silent auction and more.

Time: 2 p.m. Donate $75 for exclusive

access to the party. For more information or

to donate, visit operaorlando.org/party or


Sept. 21-Oct. 31 — BigWigs


Susan G. Komen sponsors its 2020 BigWigs

campaign, during which area businesses and

community leaders join in raising awareness

and funds through a friendly competition.

Each participant is challenged to raise

$1,000 to support breast health programs

and services, and along the way, they are

treated to prizes, incentives and opportunities

be named tops in various categories. For

more information, call Kelly Lindsey, 561-

514-3020; email kelly@komenflorida.org or

visit komenflorida.org/bigwigs.

Sept. 26 — Virtual Ovarian Cycle

The second annual Ovarian Cycle, benefiting

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, takes

place. This year’s event is a completely virtual

high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout

streamed live from ORCA’s Facebook page.

For more information or to register, visit


Oct. 3 — Dinner Gala

Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International

Drive, Orlando, hosts Florida Family Policy

Council’s 15th annual Dinner Gala, featuring

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo as

keynote speaker. COVID-19 precautions

will be taken. Time: 5:30 p.m. Cost: $125;

$500 for VIP, with proceeds benefiting FFPC.

Sponsorships are available. For more information,

visit flfamily.org.

Oct. 8 — Best Fest

Bill Breeze Park at Starke Lake, 125

N. Lakeshore Drive, Ocoee, hosts West

Orange Chamber of Commerce’s Best Fest,

the Taste of West Orange. Time: 5:30-8:30

p.m. Cost: $45 for general admission;

$65 for VIP, which includes early admission,

covered seating, specialty beverages

and preferred seating during a live band

performance. For more information, email


Oct. 10 — Dream Village Virtual


Sunshine Foundation hosts its 11th annual

Dream Village Gala, featuring a “Decades:

60s, 70s and 80s” theme, silent and live

auctions, and entertainment. This year’s

event is virtual. Time: 6-8 p.m. Sponsorships

are available. For more information, visit


Oct. 15 — Celebration Of

Motherhood 2020

Harry P. Leu Gardens, 1920 N. Forest Ave.,

Orlando, hosts the Celebration of Motherhood

2020, including a plated breakfast. Time:

8:30-11 a.m. Cost: $50, with proceeds

benefiting Healthy Start Coalition of Orange

County families. Donations are appreciated,

and sponsorships are available. For more

information, call 407-228-1481 or email


Oct. 23 — Fore Our Kids Golf


Hawk’s Landing Golf Club at Orlando

World Center Marriott, 8701 World Center

Drive, Orlando, hosts the Fore Our Kids

golf tournament, including lunch and a

complimentary drink. The event adheres to

Orange County and Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention’s guidelines for

social distancing. Registration closes Oct.

16. Time: 7:30 a.m. for check-in; 8:30

a.m. for shotgun start. Cost: $250; $800

for a team of four, with proceeds benefiting

Embrace Families, which provides critical

services to strengthen families and prevent

child abuse. Sponsorships are available.

For more information or to register, visit


Nov. 14 — Harvest Of Hope Garden


Matthew’s Hope Ministries’ seventh annual

Harvest of Hope Garden Party, including

light hors d’oeuvres, music and fellowship,

takes place at the Pines of Windermere. Cost:

$75, includes a catered meal. Donations

are accepted online, and partnerships are

available. For more information, call 407-

905-9500, email scott.billue@gmail.com

or visit matthewshopeministries.org/


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 17 — 30, 2020 x 25


compiled by Lisa Sagers

n Classes/Programs

Sept. 23 — A Conversation Between

Police & Protestors

The Orange County Library System hosts A

Conversation Between Police & Protestors,

led by the Peace and Justice Institute at

Valencia College. Time: 10:30 a.m. For

more information or to register to attend,

visit attend.ocls.info/event/4522781.

Sept. 30 — Starting A Family

Garden Virtual Class

The Orange County Library System hosts

Starting a Family Garden, a virtual class

that teaches viewers all about gardening.

Presented by Fleet Farming, discussions

include the basics of setting up a family

garden, interactive ideas for youth involvement,

and how to keep a garden growing

this fall. Time: 7:30 p.m. For more

information or to register to attend, visit


n Events/Performances

Through Oct. 31 — Enchanted Fairy

Doors Exhibit

Harry P. Leu Gardens, 1920 N. Forest Ave.,

Orlando, hosts the Enchanted Fairy Doors

exhibit, featuring 20 one-of-a-kind, whimsical

fairy doors that inspire your child’s imaginative

world of enchanted forests and secret

gardens. A map of the doors and narrative

of each fairy is given to every guest. Cost:

included in daytime garden admission of

$10, adults; $5, children 4-17. For more

information, call 407-246-2620 or visit


Sept. 21 — Virtual Global Peace

Film Festival Begins

The 18th annual Global Peace Film Festival

goes virtual with thought-provoking films and

art exhibits for people all over the world

to enjoy in the comfort and safety of their

homes, as well as a limited number of inperson

events at which people can be safely

distanced. A selection of more than 20 feature

films are available at $5 each. A separate

selection of short films are available for

free at peacefilmfest.org/online-film-festival.

For more information, visit peacefilmfest.org.

Oct. 5, Nov. 2 & Dec. 7 — First Free


Harry P. Leu Gardens, 1920 N. Forest Ave.,

Orlando, hosts First Free Mondays, during

which guests can visit the 50-acre garden

and explore more than 8,000 varieties of

plants. Time: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission is free.

For more information, call 407-246-2620 or

visit leugardens.org.

n Miscellaneous

Sept. 26 — Virtual Book Launch

The Orange County Library System hosts

a virtual book launch for Florida’s Healing

Waters, about a time in history when tourists

poured into Florida in search of good health.

The author, Rick Kilby, will be in conversation

with Peggy McDonald. Time: 3 p.m. For

more information or to register to attend, visit


Nov. 3 — Poll Workers Wanted

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections

office seeks poll workers for the November

general election. The office is scheduling

virtual or phone orientation sessions, and

attending one is a requirement to becoming

a poll worker. Poll workers must be

registered voters in Orange County, attend

an in-person training class before the election,

and can earn between $175-$290

on Election Day. For more information

or if interested in being a poll worker,

call 407-836-2070, ext. 71115; or visit


n Networking/Clubs

Sept. 22, 29, Oct. 6, 13, 20 & 27 —

Tuesday Networking Group Meetings

West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s

Dan Petro’s Conference Room, 12184

W. Colonial Drive, Winter Garden, hosts

Tuesday Networking Group meetings.

Meetings are free for WOCC members

and exclusive to one person per industry.

Time: 8-9 a.m. For more information, email

Bob Gentile at bob@naturalsolutionsllc.

com or Gayle Tomasini at gayle.tomasini@


Sept. 23, Oct. 14 & 28 — Horizon

West Networking Group Meetings

The Center for Health Improvement (Second

Floor) at Orlando Health Emergency Room

and Medical Pavilion — Horizon West, 17000

Porter Road, Winter Garden, hosts meetings

of West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s

Horizon West Networking Group. Time: 8-9

a.m. Meetings are free for WOCC members

and exclusive to one person per industry. For

more information, email Tina Zernickow at


Sept. 24, Oct. 8 & 22 — Thursday

Networking Group Meetings

Meeting Room B at Dr. P. Phillips YMCA,

7000 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Orlando, hosts

meetings of West Orange Chamber of


26 x September 17 — 30, 2020 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


Commerce’s Thursday Networking Group.

Time: 8-9 a.m. The meeting is exclusive to

two business members per industry; however,

you must be a WOCC member to

join. For more information or to become

a chamber member, email Marc Jablon at


Sept. 30, Oct. 7 & 21 — Wednesday

Networking Group Meetings

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, 10971

W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee, hosts meetings

of West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s

Wednesday Networking Group. The

Sept. 30 meeting is TBD. Time: 8-9 a.m.

Meetings are free for WOCC members

and exclusive to one person per industry.

For more information, email Tom Sheldon at


Oct. 1 — Retired Educators Virtual


The Orange County Retired Educators

Association meets virtually. The Zoom

meeting includes a program called

“Mosaic of Cultures — Polish” with guest

speaker Aleksandra Ciecielag, PhD.

Anyone who has worked in education

is invited. To receive an invitation to the

digital meeting, send your email address to


Oct. 7 — Orlando Story Club Event

The gallery alley of CityArts, 39 S. Magnolia

Ave., Orlando, hosts Orlando Story Club,

which builds community through personal

storytelling. Anyone with a story can put

their name in a hat for the chance to speak.

Seven names will be drawn at random,

and each storyteller will have 5 minutes to

impress the audience. Microphone covers will

be provided and handles will be sanitized

between each teller. Masks are required to

attend, and tables and chair will be set up

more than 6 feet apart. October’s theme is

“Escape.” Time: 7 p.m. All proceeds benefit

local charities. For more information, visit


n Volunteer Opportunities

Ongoing — Virtual Volunteers


RSVP seeks volunteers to help make masks

for Cornerstone Hospice & Palliative Care.

For more information or if interested, call

Tyler VanBuren, 630-335-3084; or email


Ongoing — Volunteers Needed

The Foster Grandparent Program seeks limitedincome

volunteers 55-older to join in helping

children in schools all around Central Florida.

For more information, call 407-298-4180 or visit



Ongoing — Pet Foster Homes Needed

As part of its Pet Peace of Mind program,

Cornerstone Hospice seeks foster homes for

pets left behind after their owners pass away.

For more information or to receive an application

to foster, email ppom@cshospice.org.

For more information about hospice volunteer

opportunities, call Sharon Smith, 404-290-

1583; or email ssmith@vcifl.org.

Ongoing — Volunteers/Docents Needed

Oakland Nature Preserve, 747 Machete

Trail, Oakland, seeks adults interested in

learning about the history, wildlife, plants

and restoration efforts at ONP to volunteer

at the preserve to greet visitors, help answer

questions and lead a tour from time to time.

Workdays are Mondays and/or Saturdays.

For more information, email outreach@

oaklandnaturepreserve.org or visit www.

oaklandnaturepreserve.org/guide. To register

online, visit oaklandnaturepreserve.org.

Ongoing — Volunteer Veterans Needed

Cornerstone Hospice seeks volunteers who

are veterans of America’s armed forces to

honor patients who are veterans by visiting

them in their homes, a facility or a hospital.

Cornerstone Hospice is a four-star level

member of the We Honor Veterans program,

a national initiative to provide veterans in

hospice care with specialized services. All

volunteers must participate in mandatory

training that includes an overview of what

is hospice care and how volunteers play an

important role in caring for patients. For more

information, call Olivia Davidson, 407-206-

5060; or email odavidso@cshospice.org.

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed

The Mustard Seed of Central Florida, 12

Mustard Seed Lane, Orlando, seeks volunteers

who can help with donation sorting,

mattress recycling, warehouse maintenance,

administrative work, special events or general

maintenance. For more information, call

407-875-2040, ext. 110; or email jessi@


Ongoing — Volunteers Needed

The town of Oakland seeks volunteers to

assist in various fun and fulfilling roles at

The Healthy West Orange Arts and Heritage

Center. Applicants must consent to a criminal

background check. For more information, call

Pamela Stewart, 407-656-1117, ext. 2112;

email arts&heritage@aoklandfl.gov; or visit


Contributions to Community Bulletin Board are

welcome. Please send information six weeks

before the event to P.O. Box 851, Windermere,

FL 34787; call 407-351-1573, option 5;

or email Lisa@kearneypublishing.com. ª





Interior & Exterior Painting

All Flooring • Pressure & Chemical Cleaning • Screen Repair

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All Repairs, Improvements & Odd Jobs, Large or Small



Dr. John Nowell • Dr Ben Konynenbelt


7208 Sand Lake Rd., Ste. 202, Orlando, FL 32819

24/7 Emergency Eye Care 407.271.8931

• Adult and Pediatric Optometry • Routine Vision, Medical Eye Care and Vision Therapy

• Award-Winning Optical Boutique • Most Insurance Accepted

• Early Morning, Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

The West Orange Chamber of Commerce


Dr. Phillips | Gotha | Horizon West | Lake Avalon | MetroWest | Oakland

Ocoee | Orlo Vista | Pine Hills | Windermere | Winter Garden

(407) 656-1304





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5989 Turkey Lake Road • 407-345-4860

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Sat 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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For sale $995,000

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Two Granite Islands

Summer Kitchen and

Extended Patio

Wood & Marble Floors...

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Call for details 407-347-3800

For Sale $519,000

430 Treviso Solivita 55 + Community

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• Smart Home Controlled

Complete Renovation

Huge Pool Private Yard

Cul-de-Sac Estate

1+ Acre Lot

Robert Schott and Paula Hemani

proudly serving Southwest Orange

County Florida’s Homeowners for

over 16 years!

Call for a private showing today 407-347-3800

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