Spiritual Punctuation-Yetunde Arise 2020


…unto a perfect man and full stature of Christ

Yetunde Arise

Yetunde Arise sings in the order of the Holy

Spirit and writes songs with the pen of grace. She had

her first degree in Building from OAU, Masters in

Project Development and Implementation from Univ.

of Ibadan and International certifications in song

compositions and music performance. She teaches

music, trains young professionals in self-discovery and

purpose-alignment. She writes anthems and theme songs

for organizations, churches and innovates and she’s the

choicest voice in diverse meetings.


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Opening Words

This parchment is first of the series I started on facebook. It is a collection of

diverse inspired muses that will guide your part as you journeyed towards

enlargement of your capacity for personal and spiritual maturity. It is simple

and easy to read; however, it won’t leave you the same.


Organize your confusions!

A man's identity is inextricably interwoven into the

fabric of His source. Fear most times is one of the

products of separation between man and His maker.

Though fear is false evidence appearing real, we’re often

afraid of the happenings in our environment, as man's

default setting is attributing the cause of any seeming

disorderliness to the devil. We’re quick in judgement to

say the devil is behind every and all problems and in

most cases, we architected misfortunes.

The first step to recovery from this sentimental

bondage is to format our memory with the spiritual

codes of personal awareness of yourself and how blessed

you are to be named after ‘God’: “He has called them gods

and the Sons of the most High”! Approaching life with this


perspective helps in organizing your confusions into a

peaceful haven.

The 6th chapter of John exposed the truth as

regards how the recognition and hearing of the voice of

our maker can silence fear in a moment. Also,

willingness to receive Him into your Ship will ultimately

land you at the right destination.

My definition of miracle is surrendering totally to

God's Will irrespective of situations around you. This

will swallow up fears in your journey and grant you

courage to face life, being satisfied in Him alone like

Paul, then you would be able to say for me to live is

Christ and to die is gain.

Dying daily to self makes you alive in God, seeking

and yielding to His will, producing abiding fruits unto

His glory; that is how to live to fullness. Then you would

be able to say, the excellency of power is of God and not


of you. I encourage you to arise and yield your all

including your confusions to Him and fear will die.



It is still golden to say that a ‘good name is better than

silver and gold’. You cannot sacrifice godly heritage and

name on the altar of ‘just-anything’ called pleasure. No

matter what, you have to stand for the God you

represent and not give-in to deceitful pressures flying

around like kites. As you guide your spiritual identity, do

well to guide your company too.

Bad company still corrupts good manner and you

can’t sell less what God sacrificed His Only Son to

secure. Don’t just fall in line, you are of a different and

divine heritage; don’t lose your identity because of jollofrice

and chicken. Don’t be a coward, stand for what’s

right and noble; and don’t do anything to please people

or get their favor. Don’t forget, wisdom is profitable to

direct and you are a star in your own right.


Don’t be shy to manage the little you have. You

don’t need ‘plenty’ dresses, just a few good ones that

you’re proud of and won’t be shy to wear to any and all

occasions. Always remind yourself, no matter how little

you think you have now that; ‘you’re a prince and your father

own thousand cattle on a thousand hills’; that means

everything, including you.

Every glory is usually preceded by light affliction.

Behind every new born baby is usually a labor room. We

must learn not to run away from the pains and passion

that precede the glorious fulfilment we seek because

there lies the sustaining grace.

It is unimaginable how Jesus was accused because

of who He says He was? But He endures the temporal

affliction for the greater eternal good of us all. Let's

receive grace to search out who we really are in the Word

of God and thereafter take a stand on the Lord's side

because in it lies overwhelming unending glory.


ARISE, Represent well!

“Corruption is synonymous to black men; it flows in our

blood” he boldly said. “This is becoming unbearable” the

other women cried out in a fit of irritation.

This happened in a commercial bus in Lagos, as

passengers expressed frustrations with the exorbitant

transport fare. They felt helpless as this additional

burden to curtail covid-19 pandemic was draining life

off them, gradually and ceaselessly. As a part of the

system, and finding myself in the same shoe, loads of

thoughts ran through my mind uncontrollably. I could

feel the pain, their pains, our pains; however, not all of

us have corruption in us. For we’re born of an incorruptible

seed, of the abiding word of God.


As the conversation heightened, I was losing my

peace, and since I couldn't withhold my piece, I turned

to the man and I said “that is not the case sir”. I exhorted,

not everyone in Nigeria is corrupt and honestly, the

narratives will soon change in hope, God's Word over this

nation won’t fail.

I challenge you to arise and use platform as a sphere

of influence; you have a living seed in you and yours is a

life that can turn things around. God has not given up

on us and He won’t anyway. It is your calling to

champion a course that can revolutionize the trends of

things in time; there is no little influence, neither small

nor big platforms.

Your platform is your spheres of influence where

you should stand and do God's will. Live by an example,

do not join multitude to promote the culture of

corruption. Though not easy as it seems, but it's not

impossible, since with God all things are possible. You

may be persecuted but it is already stated in the scripture


that it will end in testimony. You will be glad you did

and much more God would be glad you are representing

heaven on earth.


Such as He Has!

Daily, without a choice, neither a say, he was limited

and confined to a spot. He couldn't go into the temple;

they didn't seek healing or help from God. All they

thought is needful for him till death is help from men.

Homeless, hungry, friendless and looks useless; he was

not only crippled in his body but also in his mind.

Pathetic it is, but more pathetic to see those that

have the opportunity to access the temple avoiding it.

Instead, expressing beggarly traits without caution. God

is your father, you have access to him, don’t be beggarly

in your approach; instead, ask Him and make your

requests known unto Him. He hears, He’s safe and He’ll



There is far more to you than you are presently

seeing. Stop begging God in your prayers. There is a lot

behind your eyes and your destiny is very great; you’re

much able, don’t end your life at the Beautiful Gate, a

lot is reserved in the temple. Imagine, if the gate is that

beautiful, how much more the temple.

The earnest expectations of the creature are waiting

to praise God on your behalf. Many will be converted

when God give you 'such as I have'. God says 'Tell my

people to stop asking alms from Me'. Give attention to me for

the right reason, take your time to focus on God and not

just people. He knows you better.

There are virgin dimensions in the Spirit. God is

willing and able to help you through this path. Stop

asking for silver and gold, let God give you 'such as He

has'. In it, all other needs will be met. He will hold you

by your hands, He will lift you up and your bones will

be strengthened.



There are great dimensions in God that you

wouldn’t discover except in seeing challenges as

opportunities to exercise great faith. You can’t run out

of the kitchen because of heat, you need to stay put to

have a great experience.

Joshua had been trained to always stay wherever

God placed him; even in the fire. He is skilled in

consulting God for counsel before taking any action or

engaging in any battle. He had learnt obedience by the

things he had suffered - deception from the Gibeonite

and defeat from the small city of Ai-, so now He knows

how to duly consult God for the strategy to use. Many a

times, we get defeated not because the enemy is

powerful but because we didn't consult the One who


sent us here, who has won the victory right from the

foundation of the earth.

Obviously, the right hand of the Lord does

valiantly. We have all been rescued by His High Arms

on several occasions as we engage His Word. Reading

about a huge army, as numerous as the sand of the

seashore, who gathered against Israelite and how God

disgrace and destroyed them all in a short while, in the

book of Joshua amazed me. It is so liberating to know

that God himself hardened the heart of the enemy

against the Israelite just as He did to Pharaoh, for three

major reasons: 1 To show His Power, 2 For the destruction of the

enemy and so that 3 His children will referentially fear Him.

Tough times always expose men to greater

dimensions in God. We wouldn't have known that

dimension of God that dwells in a man's faith, that made

Joshua to command the sun and moon to stand still and

God honored him and His Word instantly. That

dimension of God that stirs Paul to command blindness


on the false Prophets, Elyma who was trying to turn the

deputy heart’s away from believing in God. Little

wonder Bishop Idahosa said “if your faith says yes, God will

not say no”. In essence and practice, everyone needs a

certain level of evil around him to step up in life. Tough

times or enemies are instruments in the hand of God for

our good. God determines what they do per time. Most

assuredly, Jesus won on our behalf already.

In conclusion, whatever difficulty, you might be

going through is actually designed to make you

experience the already won victory of Christ so that

experientially your faith will be deeply rooted in God.



"If we had continued as a dependent colony of the British,

now Nigeria would have been like the kingdom that colonized it,

a well-developed country lacking nothing"; he lamented. This

dropped from the lips of my neighbor whenever things

are not going well in the country.

My concern is not about the why or the why not of

independence, it is about our response to independence,

with or without being free...Independence without


If the Son of man set you free, you’re indeed free.

Golden to say, however, response to what is termed

‘independence’ and its management, has been the root

cause of the displacement of man from God’s kingdom

from the beginning.


Satan, in its independent adventure lost his position

in heaven. Being displaced, he became an instrument of

wrath on earth. In the bid to gather people who would

end up like him, he deceived the first man and made him

rebelled. Man became independent of God, lost his

relationship and habitation of heaven on earth. In

returning to God, hence religion in place of real

remorseful worship led the trail.

This same story played out for the Prodigal son. He

was deceived in search of independence; maybe

freedom. Worn out, battered and shattered; the Prodigal

son resolved to come back to his father. Having suffered

from being 'independent', he valued the guidance of his

father more than before and wanted to serve to earn it

back. Like him like Adam...he sought a home return!

God is always extending His Love to receive man

back as His expressed ambassador. He restores anyone

who come back for His Love and show remorse humbly


and genuinely! Qualifying them just-as-if they had not

sinned as Jesus took their sinful state, to claim back the

Kingdom with a seal of His Blood. Alas, they're set free

indeed. They're no longer slaves to sin and satan. Eternal

condemnation is written-off, eternal joy we've got.

Are you growing weary? Or threading the path of

lost and lust? Are you holding yourself back through

self-dependence or self-righteousness? Here is the Good

News: the door of grace is still open; the father is calling

out in love.

...will you come back home? Please do, He loves you.



Laced all through the Bible are the account of how

one man's actions can either make or mar generations.

Rahab and Achan comes to mind.

Rahab favorably negotiated her path through by

guarding the spies. She secured her life through

kindness. The spies said “our lives for yours if you utter not

this our business”. Abiding with this, she saved not only

herself but also her household. Rahab displayed

smartness, she didn't just hide the spy for nothing, she

negotiated her way into the lineage of Jesus. In grace and

through mercy, she became a part of Salmon in union

(one of the spies) and God of the Israelite became to her a

God worth following and serving. God rewrote her

history and gave her a new position in the in Jesus’

upcoming. “And by faith she did not only save herself, her


household but generations also”. Her kindness traveled very

far into the future.

On the other hand, the Bible says 'But the children of

Israel committed a trespass in the accursed thing' when in the

actual sense, it was the sin of just a single person Achan,

which brought God's anger on the Israelite. Just as

Rahab preserved generations by her decision to follow

God which resulted in her kindness, Achan’s indiscipline

and covetousness affected posterity and generations that knew

nothing about his sins.

I need you to know that, the major reason why we

must take heed to our daily thought which precedes our

decisions and actions are not just because of their effects

on yourself, but much more on your households and

likewise generations. Negotiating right with foresight

beyond the present moment is a vital skill we must also

master in life.


I implore you to turn to God if you haven't made a

decision to follow Him. He will lead and give you the

capacity to make the right decision per time. Live a life

that will profit your posterity. Make the decision, God is

able to make all grace abound towards you that you may

always have all sufficiency in all things so as to abound

to every good work.


Pilot study: you don’t need a miracle!

Joshua must have learnt from his experience that

you don't need twelve spies to get a good outcome,

sometimes, just two may be enough to bring in good

report by faith. Much more than experience, I believe

that was what God told him to do. After they had

mapped out a plan of action, they started out. The spy

didn't need a miracle to cross Jordan, there was an

existing route or link to pass through.

Certainly, from human perspective, the children of

Israel could have passed the existing route or better still

create another, but God decided to perform wonders by

cutting-off Jordan river so they could pass on dry

ground. God performed this dimensional miracle so that

the whole earth will see His mighty Hands and to pass a


message to the Cannanites showing that the Israelites are

His chosen generations.

Don’t ask God for a Miracle to prove a point,

however God is forever faithful. You don't need a

miracle for the wrong motive. God knowns what we

need per time because He is our Shepherd. Do not allow

people to lead you with their personal experiences

without spiritual footings. Learn from people, but run

advises with God's guide. Jesus is your perfect pattern.

He still leads today in the way that we should go.

Sometimes, it may be unconventional, just follow. Do

not allow men to push you out of God's Will because of

what they think is right. Your case is uniquely different,

you will only give account to God at the end of the day.



As nothing just happen, also nothing brings

nothing. There is always an act preceding a


This played out in the Sower's story. He stepped out

to sow, some fell on the rock, thorns and others on

fertile soil. Eventually not all that fell on fertile soil

brought the same results, 30%, 60% and some 100%.

Getting result in life is not magical, it is an interplay of

several principles.

Seeds of healing was sown into the lives of the ‘Ten

Lepers’ but only one was eventually made whole because

he cultivated and watered it with praise. He knows how

to always returned and stay with the giver. The earth

drinks in the rain that comes upon it for a purpose, it is


given to bring forth abiding fruits and blessings in

returns from God. Understanding and correct

application of knowledge is one of the biggest miracles

in life. Please take time to understand the principle being

taught in the word and run with the word through faith

and patience that you might obtain the blessings that

were promised.

Those whose profit would be shown to all, are

those who have given themselves wholly to abiding in

God’s Words. Opportunity meet such prepared people,

as they sharpened their sensitive signals and can pick

information uninterrupted from heaven’s database.

They do not just rely on potentials, but they also work

thing out. As instructed by Paul, please “give intensive

meditation to all that you have learned”.

The word of God is applicable in all situations, you

only need to understand the principle and apply it as the

Holy Spirit leads. Don’t do things out of your senses, be

led. Joseph and Noah’s stories of innovating what the


eyes have not seen, place us on the platform to do

impossible things. Maximizing the help of the Holy

Spirit to search what God would have you do to partake

of the disguised blessing in this season is crucial, this can

flow from you to others.


And it was now dark...

Jesus detailed His coming to the disciple just like

He did during Lazarus death, He waited more days until

the situation became worst; since He was coming big

with wisdom packed lessons that can save souls and

deliver people.

And the sea had arose by reason of a great wind that

blew...and the disciple saw Jesus walking on the sea. One

would have thought why didn't Jesus divided the sea as

Moses did. He didn’t, to indicate that God is diverse in

acts and He likes using the foolish things to establish

wisdom and righteousness. Most times, God won’t part

your red sea; He might need you walk on it or swim

through it. But He will always make His strength

available for you. So, stop waiting on God to part the red sea

before you, arise and walk on the sea. You can as well ask Him


how He wants you to approach your red sea. Besides,

walking on your water shifts your gaze from obstacles.

Peter did it. You can too; just focus on the author and

the finisher of your faith, as long as your focus is not

shifted from Him, you won't sink.

Arise and ride on your challenges to the new level.

Maximize the problem and turn it to abiding fruits.

Manage your challenges fruitfully. Stop waiting for a

miracle to happen before you move. Fix your mind on

Christ, see good things in every bad situation. Use your

mind well and rightly. The quality of your mind

determines the quality of your life. Stop seeking the cup

half-empty, start seeing it half-full or see it full and filled

to overflowing; faith does it.


Closing Prayers

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving yourself for my sin, that

you may deliver me from this present evil world.

I’m truly sorry for all my sins. Please forgive me.

I accept you as my Lord and my Saviour.

I receive divine capacity to sin no more. I will follow you

all my life.

If you need a follow up, I will be pleased to receive a

mail from you. God bless you.


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