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Back in SA....

Sherco X Ride - World Back Flip Record Smashed -

SWM Adventure - Inland MX - World news & Lots more...

Diverse and innovative filters –




also for motorcycles.


The largest filter range for maximum workshop performance.

Our filters protect not only the engines, but also the people in the vehicle. With our comprehensive filter range in uncompromising quality and

with maximum market coverage, we ensure that the right product is available for every requirement to keep dirt, abrasion and the finest particles

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Intro. Keeping the wheels turning...

September Issue 2020

September. Spring has sprung.

Lockdown is almost done away with.

Brad Binder made history for South Africa

and KTM.

How much better can it be?

Well - even better because we managed to get

RideFast and Dirt And Tail Magazines back into


How cool is that?

Meet the team:

Kyle Lawrenson rejoins the Motomedia fold - so

we welcome him back...He has been with our

group on and off since he was in high school - a

great rider and his design work has come along

in leaps and bounds.

Stefan van der Riet joins us fresh out of varsity

with his unique eye for Photographs - he is an

avid motorcyclist which always helps.

Sean Hendley is an old Ducktail who has been

around bikes since he was a tjoggertjie. You

cannot beat knowledge and experience - he

brings all of that in.

He is going to make sure that we don’t go too

awry with all of the editorial.

Glenn Foley is the handsome one - he is the

slowest out there, takes blurry photos, his

spelling is wobbly - good spelling but it wobbles.

He somehow manages to keep the ships sailing.

Exciting times - and this is going to be a real

team effort from all of us to deliver what you have

come to expect.

And remember - this is your off-road magazine.

Tell us what you’d like to see and we might just


Got a cool bike ot ATV that you’d like featured, a

classic rebuild, anything interesting?

Please keep in touch - any queries,


The Dirt And Trail Team

Pic of the month:


Glenn Foley



Sean Hendley



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Kyle Lawrenson


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Stefan van der Riet


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Kurt Beine

Mike Wessels

Mizz B

Kyle De Bruin

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Triumph South Africa officially announces the

opening of Triumph Cape Town on 1 August


The dealership is situated in the Cape Town city

centre in the “premium motorcycle” precinct and

offers the full range of Triumph products and

services, including motorcycle sales, apparel

and accessory sales, parts sales and motorcycle


“While Triumph has always offered aftersales

support in Cape Town, it is now time to ensure

that our motorcycle brand is represented

in the manner that we had planned 2 years

ago when Triumph South Africa became the

official distributor of Triumph motorcycles. We

need to ensure that our dealerships represent

the Triumph brand in a way that ensures

a comprehensive and premium customer

experience, which Triumph Cape Town will now

be able to deliver” says Bruce Allen, CEO of

Triumph South Africa.

“Triumph Motorcycles is delighted with the

confidence shown by Triumph Cape Town with

the opening of a new Triumph dealership in

these challenging times. The Western Cape is

one of the largest motorcycle markets in South

Africa, and we are pleased that customers will

once again have the opportunity to buy and

ride Triumph motorcycles locally. I want to

congratulate once again the Triumph SA team

for this achievement.” says Paul Stroud, Chief

Commercial Officer, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.

Triumph Cape Town will welcome its customers

with the highest level of service, thanks to the

factory trained sales and technical personnel,

and with a wide range of demo motorcycles that

covers all our product families, customers will be

able to view and test the full Triumph range. The

dealership is already well stocked with men’s and

ladies’ quality Triumph apparel, which includes

boots, rider wear, and an exceptional variety of

casual wear.

Contact details for Triumph Cape Town are as


125 Buitengracht St. Cape Town

Tel: 021-300-5217









The new Tiger 900 line-up represents a quantum leap in adventure motorcycle capability, with an all-new and more responsive

900cc Triumph triple engine, new lightweight modular frame, innovative ride-enhancing technology, and a more aggressive style

and poise for a benchmark-setting new ride.

Available in two exciting ranges – the Tiger 900 GT Pro, designed for even more urban adventure; touring, commuting and

everything in between and the new Tiger 900 Rally Pro, designed for maximum off-raod adventure riding and all-road comfort

and style. Each Tiger 900 delivers 10% more torque than the previous generation, with even more torque low down, and higher

overall power (95PS peak) across the entire rev range.

Find out more, Triumph Johannesburg: 011 444 4444 | Triumph Cape Town: 021 300 5217 | triumph-motorcycles.co.za

Suzuki Mecca

moves to Gezina

This well-known and long established Suzuki

and SYM dealership headed up by sister and

brother team Suki and Symm Grobbelaar have

moved from their shop on Paul Kruger street to a

prime location on the corner of Steve Bhiko and

Myburgh streets in Gezina Pretoria. This part of

town that has become synonymous with horse

power and the smell of hi-octane fuel burning


Pat Scott, formerly of Bike Crazy joins the team

of Aaron and Neels on the front line with great

service and a friendly smile. The shop is well

stocked with bikes, scooters, parts, accessories

with a professional workshop to keep your dream

machine in tip top condition. Drop into at the

corner of Myburgh and Steve Bhiko in Gezina,

they are on the left, you literally can’t miss them.

012 362 5572 mcmecca@global.co.za .


by eddy2race,

Zone 7 Cape Town.

eddy2race and Mario Reeh of Garage 68 have

joined forces to run a specialist suspension

shop out at Zone 7. Mario Reeh is not only a

top MX rider but also an A-grade mechanic

having spent around 9 years racing and swinging

spanners on the UK and European race circuits.

He then came back and worked as a mechanic

for SA Champ MX racer Paul Cooper. Mario

has represented SA at MXON and even done a

bunch of AMA races with great success.

A top racer that is also a top mechanic will

have complete understanding of racer speak

and translate that into mechanic speak. As you

would have read a few months back in this fine

magazine, eddy2race has invested a huge chunk

of change in all the latest machinery, tools and


Definitely worth the while letting them have a look

at your suspension whether you are a racer or

a weekend warrior. Give them a call on 086125-

0300 or surf on down to www.eddy2race.co.za

Antonio Cairoli:

90th Grand Prix


One of the Greatest Of All Time…

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider Antonio

Cairoli has long been a legend of the sport,

probably from the moment he took his third or

fourth World Motocross Championship titles in

2009 or 2010, some ten years ago. It was then

that he became the greatest Grand Prix rider from

Italy, passing another legend Alessio Chiodi, who

had won three World 125cc championships at the

backend of the 1990s.

Still, the championships kept coming, winning

in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and finally his last

one in 2017. It wasn’t just championships

though, the Italian was also racking up Grand

Prix victories, and during the triple Grand Prix

extravaganza in Latvia, he won his 90th GP,

putting him just 11 GP wins away from Stefan

Everts at the very top of the all-time GP winners


The opening round in Latvia wasn’t easy for

Cairoli. Bad starts and a twisted knee caused

him more problems than the competition, but

still, as the Italian legend does time and time

again, he fought through the pain and collected

as many points as possible.

“Today was very tough,” Cairoli would say after

the Sunday opening. “To restart everything after

five months meant it would be tricky because

we didn’t know the race pace, but I knew I had

trained well and could do good. The only problem

was my starts and we saw it at this track where it

is difficult to come through the pack.

I felt really good to come back to 7th in the first

race and was happy. I was determined to do

better in the second and was thinking about going

for victory to be honest. I had a better start but

had trouble again on the first corner and was

hit by another rider. I twisted my knee again. I

was not feeling 100% at the beginning and was

taking it easy but made another mistake and

was outside the top thirty. After that I tried to

re-group and bring it home. This is not the result

we wanted but I saw a lot of people had troubles

this first race. We won’t panic too much but we

want to be further forward. I want to get behind

the gate again and prove that I can get there.

It is so important lately to be at the front at the

start of races. We need to work a bit more on this


No doubt, a shock to many in attendance, Cairoli

turned it around, got the starts and won his

90th Grand Prix. Looking as good as ever in the

opening race the KTM rider made the youthful

MXGP performers chase his dust and stand

below him on the podium…

JB Motorcycles

News, Pretoria.

A little bit further down Steve Biko street in

Gezina you will find JB Motorcycles. These guys

have a fantastic workshop that can resurrect just

about any motorcycle, ATV or side by side from

the brink of the scrap heap. For instance, check

out the pics of the Rustlers, these are not new

quads, but refurbished units that actually look

better than new. Boss man Johan Botha has a

particular passion for quads and has several very

tasty custom built units that will get you talking.

They also have a great showroom and parts

department to complement their workshop

and are official agent s for Linhai, Polaris and

CF Moto, but are also looking at opening a

motorcycle fitment centre in the near future

specialising in tyres, brakes, chains, sprockets

and etc. Pretty much like a car tyre place … just

for bikes.

825 Steve Biko street, Gezina, Pretoria on the

left, just across the road from Tyre Mart.

079 079 1158, they collect and deliver anywhere

in Gauteng and if you ask them nicely I’m sure

they will extend that within reason.

F61 Performance

A Proudly South African product range

by Autocycle...

Compression Stabiliser

A little can of head ache and aggravation relief,

sorely needed in every workshop. It removes gum

and varnish from carburetor throat and combustion

intake systems. We have all tried to clean a

gummed up carb before and understand that you

have to do it properly or you are just going to have

to do it again and again and again … Well F61’s

Compression Stabiliser is a bit of a short cut and

will spare your Missus your foul temper. It also

cleans dirty sparks plugs while reducing emissions

while improving acceleration, performance and fuel

economy. You know you need it …

Brake and Parts Cleaner

How many times has your missus growled at you

for nicking your handy andy or nail polish remover

to clean your bike and brake parts? Yeah, so Brake

and Parts cleaner not only brings about marital

bliss but it also effectively removes grease, brake

fluid and other contaminants from brake disc and

pads while stopping that horrible squeaking noise

from the brakes and enhancing brake performance.

Also great for getting grit, grime and dirt off engines

and etc in those hard to reach place that your

wife’s tooth brush won’t get into.

Check out www.autocyclecentre.co.za for your

nearest stockist.






Ricky Carmichael announced on Wednesday

afternoon of August 26th that he has parted ways

with Suzuki after working together with the brand

as a racer, team owner and ambassador for

15-years. Ricky hasn’t mentioned which brand he

will be riding next, but it sounds like he’s open to

opportunities outside of just motocross.

If there is one thing that is a fact – change is


He sent this letter to Suzuki and his fans:

“To all of my fans and everyone in our motorcycle


“After 15 years with Suzuki, I wanted to take this

time to say thank you and express my gratitude

to the entire staff at Suzuki of America, Suzuki

Japan and to all of the other regions I have been

fortunate enough to work with over the years.

We were able to accomplish some great things

together, both as a rider, and as a team owner

and I am very fortunate to have made many great

friendships along the way.

“As times change, I have been looking at other

opportunities within the motorcycle industry and

exploring options where I feel my experiences

can best be applied to help grow our great sport.

As everyone knows, I also enjoy challenges and

seeing what a team of people can do to produce

a great result when working together on new

projects. As I continue to build upon my years of

experience as a racer, I am now transitioning to

enjoy other aspects of the motorcycle community.

“This hasn’t been an easy decision, but the future

is exciting for me. My love of bikes has grown

beyond just off-road riding and I am looking

forward to exploring those opportunities more in

the future. I will forever work to promote our sport

and continue to give back to the up and coming

riders who hope to see their dreams realized, just

as I did many years ago.

“With that, I want to wish everyone at Suzuki

continued success in the future. Friendships go

well beyond working relationships, I am fortunate

to have many of you as friends, and look forward

to seeing you at the races and on the road!

“My warmest regards,



Lots of bitz for your bike

The good guys at TrickBitz bring in a bunch

of really nice stuff for your bike and do

carry some very desirable bits for older

generation bikes as well, check out their

website on www.trickbitz.co.za to get your

juices flowing. Then chat to your dealer

about stocking their stuff...

We asked for a walk through their

warehouse and had a bit of a scratch around

and found some very interesting mergafters.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Chiaravalli Chain and sprocket kits

Not a new concept, but a handy one,

sprocket and chain kits by Chiarvalli,

They come with the correct front and rear

sprocket, master link and chain in one

blister pack kit, so you can be sure that

everything fits together nicely on your bike

and are the correct ratio’s and pitch. You

can be certain that the product is high

quality made by power mad Italians and

wont let you down in a pinch, and they are

reasonably priced as well.

Rubber tech sprockets by Ognibene and JT

Yes, another ‘not so new concept’, but one

we have forgotten about as the sands of

time leave us behind. Also manufactured by

some crazy Italians with a lust for speed but

with an ear for symphony and harmony. So,

besides being manufactured of the highest

quality materials, induction hardened

process and attention to detail, they are also

designed with the new Silent Technology.

One of our biggest gripes, especially on

road bikes is the rattle of the chain on

the sprockets. This rubber technology

significantly reduces that rackets as well

as helps extend the life of your chain and

sprockets, but does not negate the need for

proper cleaning and maintenance.

Spare wheels for your paddock stands.

Huh? We never knew that … and they come

with new stub axles and everything, even

fancy pants colours. Now that old paddock

stand lying in the back of your garage can

be brought back to life, they even stock the

bobbins to fit onto your swing arm as well as

the adjustable swivel adaptors and pins to fit

into the yolk of your bike.

Branded Key Rings

Clean, soft, elegant, sturdy and simple and

branded with your favourite bike brand.

They won’t damage your triple clamp or

paint work and they look good.

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optionalequipment available at additional cost.



The FE 250 is the smallest capacity 4-stroke in the enduro line-up, which also means it’s the lightest.

With an array of features and advanced technologies, this advanced enduro machine shines in

tough technical terrain while delivering torquey, enduro-specific 4-stroke performance when you

need it most. Designed and assembled using premium components, including WP suspension,

selectable engine maps and a Magura hydraulic clutch, the FE 250 is a complete collection of

unsurpassed quality, performance and reliability.


25 Litre Rucksack

The guys and girls at DMD do bring in some

really cool gear and accessories, for instance

the new GIVI GRT711 is a practical off-road

backpack with plenty of compartments. It has

been developed by the Givi R&D department to

offer the market a backpack actually designed for

motorcyclists. Dedicated mainly to off-roaders,

with its 25-litre capacity, it is water resistant

and anti-UV thanks to its high tenacity 1200D

polyester exterior.

Equipped with a thermoformed back panel in

breathable EVA, it offers greater comfort to

the rider wearing it, avoiding heat build-up and

sweating by allowing the air to pass through. The

backpack is secured to the body using padded

shoulder straps and adjustable chest and waist

straps to prevent uncomfortable bouncing and

ensure perfect adherence to the body.

This well organised backpack has several

compartments; it has a removable inner bag

and is equipped with a handy, easily accessible

zip pocket for keys, small objects and a smart

phone. This is also waterproof thanks to the

hot-taped seams. At the bottom of the backpack

there is also a special separate compartment

designed to store tools or clothes. An additional

compartment is available on the back, accessible

from the outside with a bellows opening and

space has been provided for an optional liquid

bag. A removable boot bag is also included

and can be attached externally. It is made in

fluorescent yellow Nylon/PVC. The extraordinary

modularity offered by this Gravel-T backpack

also makes it possible to directly connect bags

and small “additional loads”, such as the Givi

GRT717 tool carrier. Finally, there are side

slots to attach small objects using a set of 4

accessories for the M.O.L.L.E. System, provided

as standard: 2 D-rings and 2 universal hooks.

The new GRT711 has everything it takes to be

the ideal travel companion for everyone, not just

enduro bikers, because it not only meets the

needs of the most

extreme riders

but also of those

who use their bike

every day and

need a backpack

that is strong and


For more info

and to find your

nearest stockist


Dean Hoffman

Racing, Zone 7 Cape Town…

Dean Hoffman has been racing Moto Cross

since the early 80’s at the well-known Killarney

MX track, winning the Western Province high

school class in ‘89. Shortly afterwards he started

receiving requests for coaching and mentoring up

and coming junior riders.

Fast forward 30 years and he is still a full time

Motocross coach offering group and private

coaching sessions to both complete beginners

and seasoned national champions. He started

coaching at Killarney and the Melkbos MX tracks

way back in 1991and eventually moved full time

to Zone 7 in 2001. Soon much of his time was

being taken up dispensing advice on anything

and everything off road, from which Tyres to buy,

oils, helmets, accessories, suspension set up etc.

In 2016, he decided to take the leap and opened

Dean Hoffman Racing at Zone 7. He stuck with

what he knew and specializes in fitment and

accessories, offering a full selection of Tyres,

Sprockets , Chains , Brake pads, oils as well as

Helmets , Boots , MX kit, Neck braces and so-on.

They offer these services on site at Zone 7 and

will soon be offering an online store with a wide

range of off-road accessories to choose from.

078 133 3619 info@mxcoach.co.za Zone 7



helmets A proudly South

African designed Helmet by Autocycle.

A while back our Kyle was asked to assist with

the designing of the new adv helmets. the first

shipment has landed.

South African design for South Africans. The

VR1 come standard with Double D rings, Dark

Visor, Chin vent and removable washable liners.

Retailing at R1895 incl Vat.

Bent frame?

Wheel alignment?

AS Racing’s - Rapid Laser Alignment system:

Now, here is something that caught our attention,

something that we have wondered about from time

to time. Do you need to do wheel alignment or any

kind of alignment on your bike and if so - how?

As it turns out you do. You can do a quick and

easy test on your own bike... Find a flat, smooth

paved surface like a concrete slab or something.

Grab some baby powder or even a bit of very

fine sand, anything that will make a print. Spread

it over the surface at about a metre wide and

about 3 metres long. Then push your bike through

it as straight as you possibly can. If your bikes

alignment is true then there should only be one

line made by the tyres, as the rear wheel should

track directly behind the front wheel. If there are

two lines … well then you need to get your bike

down to Alfie at AS Racing out on Van der Hoff

road on the western side of Pretoria.

Alfie has just procured the latest in motorcycle

alignment technology by HealTech Electronics.

The RAPID LASER ‘Professional frame and

chassis check-up tool’ uses some pretty fancy

lasers, measuring tapes and a whole bunch of

other cool tech that we don’t quite understand to

check the whether your frame is twisted, (even if

it is ever so slightly), same with your swing arm,

sub frame, head stock, triple clamps and can

even be used to make sure your chain is running

true between the sprockets. Sadly, those little

marks on your swingarm are not exactly micromillimetre

perfect. So when every milli-second

counts during a race so does every micron that

can rob you of that little bit of advantage over your

competitors. Thus a true and straight race bike will

be more stable and agile in the corners, more a

focused under acceleration and braking and more

compliant and confidence inspiring to the rider.

But how does this affect us mere mortals you may


Well, for one, as in alignment with cars, your

tyres should last a bit longer, as would your chain

and sprockets, wheel bearing, swing arm and

head stock bearings. And in today’s day and age,

anything that can save you a bit of money is a

good thing. But there is also the safety as well as

the fun factor. A proper handling bike is always

more fun to ride, being able to out manoeuver your

mates in an impromptu dice and whip their asses

is even better fun and being able to do that with a

bike that won’t try kill you with a sudden wobble or

try to chuck you off … well … need we say more?

Give Alfie a shout on 084 523 9229, or drop him a

mail on asracing123@gmail.com

Gas Gas Is


A quick look at Taddy Blazusiak’s


Is it another red KTM?

We can see a similar set of components and parts

you’d expect from any factory race bike from the

same stable.

The running gear includes the WP XPLOR forks

and XACT Pro Components rear suspension,

Brembo brakes, Motomaster discs, Renthal Bars,

SuperSprox sprockets, Akrapovic exhaust system

and more.

Composite rear subframe?

Taddy’s factory bike has the TPI two-stroke engine

inside the trademark steel cradle frame but we

can also see no obvious signs of the aluminium

subframe from a KTM. It looks more likely to be

running a composite rear end though which does

not look the same as the Husqvarna part. We’re

used to seeing the Husky enduro bikes having the

lightweight composite sub frame but didn’t expect

something like it on the GASGAS range.

Blazusiak, who rode GASGAS trials bike to the

European Trials Championship in 2004, is stoked

by the new project, “This is a really cool and

exciting change in my career, the start of a new

chapter for me.” Says Taddy. “It’s an honour to

lead the GASGAS brand back into enduro and I

really want to do everyone proud.”

Linkage chassis

The bike is running the linkage chassis rather than

the PDS rear suspension system favoured on

the KTM EXC models. The red production bikes

are expected to be a slightly lower spec option if

Husqvarna’s are more premium and KTM bang in

the middle. We await the production bike details

later this year to see if they run a linkage or PDS


When GASGAS’s new motocross bikes, the MC

250F and 450F, were revealed earlier in 2020 we

got our first glimpse of the new Gassers – though

at the time they were basically red KTMs. It was

impossible at that stage to know how the enduro

bike would look, but these images show a genuine

new model for the first time although we’re still

wondering if the production bikes will vary from

what we can see.

“By joining this project from the beginning, I

feel like I can really help to bring some value by

using my experience to develop the bike and to

show people what we are all about. There’s a

freshness and a lot of energy about everything

and I’m excited for people to see what we’ve been

working on. Everyone that knows me knows how

competitive I am, racing in new colours definitely

makes me more determined to challenge for more

race wins.”

New look bodywork

Aside from the fresh colours, there’s a sharp look

about the brand.

Some of the old Spanish heritage lives on in that

front fender design and the single-piece side

panels sweep across to meet the nice, big and

white side number boards. GasGas is coming to

SA and we know of quite a few dealers who are

looking at stocking and selling the brand. As soon

as everything is confirmed…

We will let you know.

Pics by:


exc-f 350 & exc-f 500


of Grey

Two 2021 KTM Enduro’s

We heard that the 2021 model range

of KTM’s was starting to arrive in SA,

so we kept an ear close to the ground.

We got wind that a 350 and a 500 were

in KTM’s demo fleet – and Lucky for

us… being the good, kind folks that

they are, they agreed that we could

get in a quick spin before the bikes

headed out on a national roadshow.

So that’s exactly what we did.

With global demand and global delays

being caused by the pesky COVID

virus, everyone is receiving new bikes

– but in limited quantities. For now

KTM only has these two 2021 models

in their demo fleet, but as the others

arrive, we will be sure to grab a ride

and tell you all about them.

This bike is so much fun to ride fast. Not

nearly as serious or aggressive as a 450,

but you also don’t need to wring its neck

like you do on a 250 four-stroke. Kyle

has not ridden the latest engine – his

comments: way more torque than the

previous KTM 350 engine (Kyle owned

a 2018). If there is one outstanding

improvement, it is in how much torque

this bike has. The engine feels more

balanced in terms of the way it makes

power. Seamless, predictable and so

easy to control.

The lack of aggression makes it one

of the quickest turning four strokes out

there – a 450 will spin if you ride too

hard, while with a 250 four, you tend to

gear down to find more torque. The 350

is generally simple squirt and go with lots

of midrange.

We need to chat about the new colour

schemes. In photo’s and such they look

a bit underwhelming – but in the flesh –

the new bikes look absolutely amazing.

The Grey accentuates the orange in the

plastics (Howzat for a big word?). The

rims are black anodized with polished

hubs. Pretty pretty! Attention to detail

is pretty awesome with the KTM logo

proudly embossed into the sidecovers.

You need to zip along to your local dealer

to have a look.

KTM’s 350 2021 XC is just such a wellbalanced


So much fun to ride…

Include the standard KTM fare

like Brembo brakes, upgraded WP

suspension with Braided brake lines, the

svelte new styling found on the 2020’s…

Even the bright yellow Maxxis Logo on

the tyres look cool!

For 2021, they have built bikes that look

as good as they go…

And go they sure do!

For this feature we needed to promise

faithfully that we would not harm the

bikes in any way. We were to steer clear

of rocks and stuff because the bikes

were leaving for a countrywide tour the

following morning BEFORE the sparrows

started and, understandably, KTM did not

want the bikes looking second hand just


So we took them for a good cross country

run and played in the river, found some

single spoor and generally spent the

morning hooning about.

And it was AWESOME! KTM is known as

a Hard Enduro brand, so we usually head

for the rocks in order to get some Manny

Lettenbichler like shots. This time we

did not need to try and look like we were

racing The Roof or trying to keep up with

Scotty B and national rock hoppers. We

had a good old fashioned morning of fast,

dirty fun.

And guess what? This is where these

bikes truly shine.

The 350 EXC-F

We have said it before and we’ll say it

again – we have no idea why most other

manufacturers have not cottoned on to

this capacity for their dirt bike lineup. The

350 is a full size motorcycle that is faster

than most 250’s and far less of a handful

than a 450.


If you don’t believe us – go and ride one

yourself. It’s a blend of torque and speed

in an incredibly nimble chassis that

does everything really well. When KTM

said they were going after the handling

character of a 250F, they were not

kidding. Even when revving this engine,

the bike stays light with a very flickable

chassis and light steering. Tell the

chassis where you want it to be, and it

obliges with a smile. Big hits and jumps?

No problem.

In standard out of the box setup like we

rode it, fast racer boys might find it a bit

soft. it’s easy to stiffen up a bit via the

new compression and rebound settings

– tool free at the top of the forks. We had

no complaints and hopped over ditches

and hit every hobble that we could find.

The 500 EXC-F

“We love the 500 EXC-F for its powerful

yet controllable engine character,

well-rounded WP suspension, nimble

handling, light weight, and top-shelf

Brembo brakes.”

We often sing the praises of this brands

500 – and often people kind of don’t

believe us. I mean what the heck are

you going to do with a big, modern 500

engine these days?

Well – quite a lot actually – and it is easy

to understand why these bikes sell so

solidly in SA. Sure it’s big bore – and

sure it’s a big bike to ride – but it actually

does not feel much different physically

to the 350. It’s no taller and it’s just as




Satisfy your restless spirit with the new KTM 390 ADVEN-

TURE. This compact single-cylinder travel-enduro machine

has a sporty design attitude, with the comprehensive equipment

and proven performance credentials of the KTM AD-

VENTURE range. Its versatile ergonomics, smooth power

delivery and innovative technology all come together in a

comfortable, lightweight package built for those wanting to fit

more adventure into their daily lives.

Phone 011 462 7796 for your

nearest KTM dealer.

It is a bit heavier at a standstill (109

KG’s as opposed to the 104KG’s on

the 350) – and when you open that

throttle, you know that it means proper


What if we were to tell you that the

500 is less of a handful than the 450?

True story!

On paper the 500 seems as if it

should be a real monster, but KTM

has smoothed the power out just so

beautifully, which means, once again

that you don’t really need to rev in

order to go fast. On steep hills, you can

just kind of pop her into a low gear and

let the engines Chug-a-lug do the rest.


Sometimes it’s so cool to hop onto a bike

and just RIP IT. Great for your health,

clears the cobwebs and puts a smile on

your face every time. These two are both

great choices. Perhaps the 350 is a better

tough terrain bike because it is lighter

and easy to ride. The 500 is so versatile -

awesome for the wide open spaces – but,

in the right hands it can still do everything

that the 350 can.

Pop down to your KTM dealer and have a

looksee. This is one brand that has a bike

for everyone.


For 2020, the new generation meant a

complete overhaul of the predecessor,

and KTM’s target was to make the

500 EXC-F, more rideable, and

they’ve achieved this by reworking

key components. The engine is more

efficient and produces greater power,

the chassis has adjusted stiffness,

the cooling system has been refined

and the exhaust system is completely

new to compliment the engine and

electronics updates.

What this means is that it is a great

every day bike to play with – or

convert for hard adventure, but if you

want to go fast – best you hold on

really tight.

You can ride it like a dirt bike –

and it really is a barrel of fun, but

occasionally she just gives a little

reminder that there is serious

horsepower just waiting to be

unleashed. So much, in fact, that it’s

pretty easy to understand why peeps

love to convert them to hard adventure

bikes. You can put longer gearing on

and still have plenty of power in a very

light, nimble chassis. A truly versatile



by Bruce de Kock, owner of Bike Tyre Warehouse Group



Chances are good that you will need

to refer back to this feature every once

in a while. There is a lot of info, but it

is important – and relevant, no matter

what bike you ride.

The Basic’s of Reading a Tyre:

Wow! Provinces open & the sun is

shining. Rider’s are getting back onto

their bikes in full force to hit the countryside

and enjoy the open road.

If you have been off your bike for a

while, make sure that you give it a

good scrutineering when you are dusting

it off in the garage.

Critical is to check your tyres if your

bike has been standing for the last

6 months.

If you’re not sure about the condition

of your tyres, pop into a reputable

motorcycle tyre fitment centre and

have them checked out. The Bike Tyre

Warehouse Fitment Centre Group will

give them a free inspection and check

you have the correct specification

tyres for your bike as well as the correct

tyre pressures before you head off

into the sunrise or sunset.

If you need new rubber, here is a very

basic guide to reading a tyre.

It is important for you to take the time

to run through this content as it will

assist you in making the correct choice

by that I mean not the brand of tyre

but the type of tyre specific to your

bike and your bikes requirement which

could - essentially save your life.

We can’t tell you the number of times

that riders come in with issues concerning

road handling, road noise, tyre

life etc – and it is usually because they

have fitted the incorrect tyre/s to their

bikes, 90% of the time due to

ignorance about the basics of motorcycle



1.Tubeless: No tube is used, when

mounted on a tubeless rim; abbreviated


2.Rear: Direction of rotation for rear

tire, indicated by an arrow on the tire


3.Michelin: Tire manufacturer

4.73 Load index: For example, 73 corresponds

to a load of 805 pounds (365kg)

per tire


6.Pilot Power 3: The tire’s model name

7.190: Nominal section width of the tire,

expressed in millimeters

8.55: Aspect ratio, the sidewall height

as a proportion of the tire width

9.R: Radial construction

10.17: Bead-seat diameter of the wheel,

expressed in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm)

Let’s kick off with the tyres LOAD INDEX

which is a numerical code associated with

the maximum load that a tyre can carry at

the speed indicated by its Speed Symbol

under service conditions specified by the

tyre manufacturer.

This is important, and more especially so if

you are carrying more than just the weight

of the bike and yourself. Loading your panniers,

the wife’s kitchen sink, pillion etc. all

has a dramatic effect on the tyres capability

to do what it needs to under load.

Again the amount of times bikes come

in with tyres that are totally incapable of

carrying a load, sport touring heavy weight

motorcycles especially.

The table to the right is self-explanatory

so have a look see and check that the

tyres you have on your bike are the

correct load index.

Just as important is the SPEED INDEX

which indicates the maximum speed at

which the tyre can carry a load corresponding

to its Load Index under

service conditions specified by the

tyre manufacturer.

Load index Load index Speed index

Every bike requires tyres with a specific

speed index. The table below defines the

maximum speed at which a tyre can carry

the maximum load indicated by its load

index under the conditions of use specified

by the manufacturer.

The maximum speed is clear when the

speed rating is defined e.g. J = 100, S =

180, H = 210 etc.

The (W) speed index is not restricted,

(known as unbounded, shown by the use

of brackets around the speed index letter,

the tyre manufacturer must be able to

supply the maximum speed capability of

the tyre.

It is important to know the maximum speed

capability of the bike before a (W) speed

rated tyre is fitted. If the bike is capable of

a higher speed than the tyre is, the rider

MUST be warned of this.

This is also a consideration for off road

biased DUAL SPORT TYRES such as the

Michelin Anakee Wild.

In some cases the speed index is lower on

the Anakee Wild than the speed capability

of the bike and the OE tyre fitment.

Riders MUST be warned of this fact yet

again ignorant tyre sellers do not do this,

so it all comes down to you as the rider

knowing the basics and servicing your

bikes tyre requirements by professionals

who specialize in motorcycle tyres and

have the knowledge to advise you on the

correct set up for your bike.

I have decided to tackle quite a few topics

concerning tyre technology related to

capability & safety in the future. There are

some specific subjects I have written about

over the years which now need revised

detail as the capability and technology of

motorcycles has increased substantially

and so does the tyre technology therefore

it’s about updating and increasing your

knowledge base.

So many times I read the write ups on the

new bikes hitting the market, most of the

time mention of the tyres is only made if it

is a well-known brand that is OEM fitment

or if a brand importer has sponsored tyres

for the bike test. Sometimes I have noticed

that even the test tyres sponsored have

not been the correct specification tyre type

for the bike.

Education is key and the Bike Tyre Warehouse

Group is driving motorcycle tyre

education in your interests; we are always

available to discuss your concerns, so pop

in at any of our branches and talk to the



A Big Thank you to Ryan Robertson –

Business Development Manager, Auto

Cycle Centre JHB for sponsoring this

September Tyre Tech Talk in the interests

of promoting rider safety.

More than most, bikers have felt the lock

down as we are so used to our freedom

and open roads so enjoy the sunshine &

ride safe.

Bruce de Kock – Managing Director - Bike

Tyre Warehouse Group Holdings Pty Ltd

Tel: 011 205 0216 • Cell: 073 777 9269 / 083 467 1349

Unit 9 Sable Park, 997 Richards Drive, Midrand

Facebook @BikeTyreWarehouse • Twitter @biketyrewhse





A day on the SWM lineup…

A de-stress was required.A bunch of

us decided that a day in the saddle

was required, Rob Davies on his

somewhat rare Honda Cross tourer,

Don Gibbons on his Triumph Explorer,

Glenn on his 800 Tiger. While we are

at it, what else can we take, who else

can we invite along. What about the

guys from SWM? A few issues back,

we introduced you to the SWM range

of dirt and adventure bikes…

Some eyebrows were raised – we are

all on big mainline bikes – do we really

want small capacity bikes holding us up?

Sure, we are a lekker bunch of oakes

why not!

Phone calls were made for an impromptu

get together – no clue where we are

going but why not come and join us?

Peter and Kyle from SWM jumped at the

opportunity to ride and promised us that

a special bike would be joining us…

Meeting under the tree at the designated

meeting spot, we were greeted by

the lusty thud of a single cylinder bike

roaring up the country road towards us.

It was Peter with the Ace of Spades – a

fantastically styled little street scrambler.

He was accompanied by Kyle on the

Dual purpose Super Dual 650X.

The best thing about an impromptu ride

is the fact that, very often we have no

cooking clue which direction we are due

to head – so a robust discussion was

undertaken. We only had the day. We

needed reasonable fuel stops. A mixture

of tar and gravel is required.

“OK – lets hit the village of Bapsfontein

for brekkie and work it out from there!”

Right next door to the old Bappies Hotel

is a very cool little restaurant and coffee

shop – Grannies. Guys, they make a

fantastic chow. The shop has much

personality with antiques on sale and

to peruse while you soak in the clean

country air – and it’s a perfect spot to

plan your day…

Still no clue about where to go – OK

chaps – lets head for Bronkhorstspruit

it’s a great ride and there we can decide

what to do…

Go and have a nibble at Grannies in Bappies

The road out to Bronkies is in great

condition – you can open wiiide and

enjoy. We were quite impressed to see

the SWM’s take the lead. We need to say

that, throughout the day, we never had

to wait. We never felt that the smaller

capacity thumpers were holding us up.

Both models thundered along happily

at the 150kph mark all day – and in the

sand monsters that we found, they were

a lot less hard work to ride…

In a heartbeat, the sprawling town

appeared. We carried on for a while –

and then found a gravel road off to our


You know how we say that SA is full of

little adventure riding gems? Well this

was one of them.

The road got progressively more rural

and started to wind its way through the

most beautiful mountains. If we did not

know it, we could have been in the Cape

– or any exotic venue in SA. Really, really

cool. We stopped off at a little bridge

crossing the river. The water was spotless

– a perfect place to gather your thoughts,

share some bench racing tales and take

a little break. That’s what adventuring is

all about. Great mates, great country and

great bikes.

As usually happens on features like this,

we all swapped bikes and rode on. I

chose the Ace of Spades…

If you are looking for a head turning little

barrel of fun, then this is absolutely one

bike that you need to look at. It is small,

compact and powerful and so easy to

ride. It is not tall or intimidating in any

way. Bar ABS, it has no electronics – it is

a simple get on and go for it bike.

It is equally at home in the dirt as it is on

the tar – we were pretty impressed with

the suspension – not a hard ride at all,

even on the corrugations and hitting the

odd large pothole. And it delivers real

world power and performance.

We fully expected to be uncomfortable

on a long ride – but the little SWM never

disappointed. We soon hit a signboard

that told us we were leaving Gauteng.

Shame. We broke the law again – and

continued along to the tar where another

treat awaited us…

A great big flowing freeway with more

curves than a pole dancer. And we did

not even know that it existed up to that

point. The Ace Of Spades was even

more fun belting along through the

twisties – like a little flat tracker – open

wiiide, way past the national speed limit

and lean…

At the top of the mountain pass, we

found a refuel station little Spaza Shop

serving cold soft drinks and Lunch Bars.

We asked the proprieter for tips on

a fun route back to Bronkies. He

looks at the Honda and Triumphs and

scratched his head. “Ahhhh, but there

is plenty of sand!” – he points at the

SWM’s, “No problem – but ehhh the

big ones… Eish!”

Our grins got wider… sounds like

fun and we promptly followed his

directions. It all started quite well – we

were wandering what he was on about,

until we hit an ocean of thick sand. I

was grateful to be on the Super Dual.

It is really perfect for a ride like this,

compact and capable with excellent

long travel suspension and a beefy 650

engine that puts great power to the

back wheel.

I did have some

concerns about Kyle who

was on our 800 – not

everyone likes sand –

and repair bills are not

needed at this time. Then

I thought about Don on

his old Explorer and Rob

on the Honda… Well I’d

rather be on the SWM

than any of those on this

road for Sure!

The little SWM’s got to

the tar first. By a long

way. On the bigger ADV’s

you need to be a bit more

careful… you don’t want

to chuck them down the

road. Some of the guys

on the big bikes had eyes

like saucers – The SWM

riders were a bit sad that

the gravel had ended for


What an amazing piece

of road. No idea exactly

where we were but we

will be back that side to

explore it all again soon.

It was starting to get

late so we reluctantly

turned the handlebars

towards home. Back via

Bronkies, Bappies to our

home base. A perfect

day. Great bikes, great

company – perfect de –

stress therapy.

It was brilliant to ride the

SWM’s again.

That Ace is a Peach of

a bike. Something that

you’d use every single

day. The Super Dual is

brilliant! Reminiscent

of a bike like the

XT660. Plush, Comfy,

fast and simple.

Hit the roads less

travelled and you will

smile all day long…

Dirt And Trail will put

this ride together for

anyone who would

like to come and join

us soon. Watch this



Cycle Technology ccT/A

Accessorising of all

makes of Adventure


EST. 1978

Adventure, Classic and

Custom Motorcycle and

Accessory Specialists

Battling to find BMW

Motorcycle Parts?

Exclusive stockists of a

comprehensive range

of New, Aftermarket,

Reconditioned and

Used Parts from 1950

to current Models.

Professional Restoration, Custom

Building, Servicing and Repairs

of all BMW Motorcycles

Stockists & Fitment of

proven Adventure

Motorcycle Equipment

& Accessories

Prepare & Equip all types of Adventure


Service & Maintaining of BMW Classic,

Touring and Adventure Motorcycles

Tyre Stockists, Recommendation,

Fitment & Electronic Wheel Balancing

Manufacture & Design Parts to Specific


Customisation Consultancy

Repairs, Trueing and Lacing of Wheels

Tubeless Conversion

Puncture Repair Kits

Officially Appointed

Distributors for

Motorcycle Equipment,

Accessories and more


(011) 433 8850 info@cytechmotorcycles.co.za

61 Port Road, Robertsham, Johannesburg


All Lives

Smooth as butter and a very eina

Husaberg crasher arrived at the top -

Four and a half hours after the tumble.

At the top, the medics took over, put up

a drip, assessed him and strapped him

to a backboard.

•Vincent Dormehl, you were a rockstar -

guiding the different rescue services to

the site, looking after Juan until we got

there. You have such a calm demeanor,

only small things gave away the fact that

you were stressed.


A good story – and some sound common sense lessons.

You guys might remember Juan

Delport who was our appy for a

year or so until he found gainful

employment at the new EMD store in


His story is a good one – and a

lesson for anyone who rides a


In January he and his mate Vince went

for a little ride in the famous Chimes

area outside Benoni. As you must know,

mining companies are busy reclaiming

the dumps and extracting the gold and

stuff that is still in the sand.

Juan knows Chimes well, but – he made

a mistake…

While showing Vince one of the steep,

gnarly climbs, he took the line and

headed up the slope. Unbeknown to

him, since the weekend before, the

mines had dug away the slimes dam in

the middle of the dump…

He was looking back, to see how Vince

was doing when he literally flew into an

abyss – a bit like riding off the side of a


About 10m down, the bike made contact

with the sand, the front wheel dug in

and flipped over, burying him into the

side of the face. Fortunately, Juans fall

was halted and his Husaberg tumbled a

further 400 metres to the bottom of the

pit. Unfortunately, the bike slammed him

in the leg and broke his femur…

That was only the beginning…

Vince saw him disappear and realized

that there was a problem. He lay his bike

down and clambered to the top. Juan

was perched on a little ledge with his leg

at right angles to rest of his body…

Juan was awake and coherent – and

luckily he had a cell phone on him. He

was able to call his dad “Doc” Delport for

some help… Vince made his way back

down and around the dump to where

Juans bike had come to rest. He was

able to send a pin drop so that backup

could get to them.

Dad is a rescue medic – he packed all

the necessaries and, with mom Noreen

in tow they tore off to find their boy. Upon

arrival at the bottom of the fall, Doc

attempted to climb up, but the sand was

too loose and he was afraid of causing

an avalanche. Realizing that this was

a serious problem, he made the call to

Tauriq Mohamed, a close friend who is

medic with CMS.

Tauriq despatched their CMS team to

the scene and upon arrival realized

that this would need a specialist team.

By now, crowds of Zama Zama miners

were gathering at the top of the dump to

watch the fun. Tauriq got hold of ER24

and the East Rand EMS for assistance.

In between all of this, Doc walked

around the dump with water and some

ropes and climbed up the slope that the

boys had been attempting. At the top

he could talk to Juan, who could feel

that the sand was giving way. Afraid that

the side would give way, Doc secured

a water bottle and a climbing clamp to

a long piece of rope and managed to

chuck it down so that he could tie on –

and have a bit of water. This was more

than an hour after the crash.

Pretty soon a father and son also out for

a ride arrived and rode up to doc. They

gave him a tie down to extend the rope

and take the pressure off his hands.

Two other unidentified dirt bikers also

riding in the area came to help. The

slope was very steep for a medic

carrying a full jump bag. The guys

popped the medics onto the back of their

bikes and took them up to the top.

Bikers are good guys! Big thank you

from the Delport family.

Doc held on to that rope until the rescue

team arrived at the top. The EMS

rescuer then managed to lower himself

down to Juan and secure him.

How to pull two people up a cliff?

Doc turned to the Zamas and asked for


The guys lined up, each grabbing a

piece of the strap – and they slowly

pulled the guys out. One pull.

That dot is Juan on the side of the dump

Doc secured Juan from above.

The Zamas passed Juan from one to the

other down the slope to the waiting landy.

Secure and ready to be carried down the


Next big problem… No place for a

chopper to land and no way for any

vehicle to get up – and those slopes

are so badly rutted that one team would

never be able to carry the patient down


What to do?

Much excited commotion – and the

miners formed themselves into two

lines right down the side of the slope.

120 metres odd. They gently picked

Juan up and passed him shoulder

height, hand to hand all the way down

and into a Landy that was waiting at the

bottom of the slope.

In Docs words “Amazing!” and he gets

a tear in his eye talking about it. “Once

Juan was in the vehicle, they let up a

big cheer! No money changed hands –

this was simply bunch of guys helping

out their fellow man. No expectations.”

“If only we could work like this every

day – the world would be a brilliant


Juan was driven around to where the

bikes were standing, where the ER24

chopper was able to land – and get

him out safely. He suffered Multiple

fractures – 5 breaks in his femur and

severe tissue damage and was in ICU

for 3 weeks.

5 ops. 3 weeks in a normal ward – and

2 weeks in the Netcare rehab centre in

Empire road. He is well on his way to

recovery now, he walks with a lekker

gait – and he should be up and riding

soon…It ended well but it could have

gone so wrong.

3 lessons:

•Never ride alone.

•Always carry a phone.

•Never assume that terrain is as it

should be.

From the Delport family:

We have a very long list of thank-you’s in

the wake of Juan’s rescue from Chimes.

The dirtbike seems to have used Juan

as a trampoline to save itself... typical!

•From Mom: Doc Delport for working so

tirelessly to get Juan to safety and to get

treatment for him. You, my dear, were

amazing. For being the force behind

getting decisions made - thank you.

•From Dad: To Noreen my wife for

holding the family together through this

time - a big, big thank you!

•Tauriq Mohamed, our man with a

plan, family emergency contact, thank

goodness you are in the emergency

response business. You made all

the needed phone calls and got the

necessary people to site and looked

after us all. Your other team members

were amazing, a real credit to Gau-Med.

Please extend our gratitude. Thank you

personally for looking after Juan!

•Dylan Corringham, the person we can

phone for anything, no questions asked

“see you in 5”. Thank you for helping

Vince, and for getting Juans bike and car

home. Sam, thank you for lending Dylan

to us.

•Robert Dormehl, Vince’s dad - thank

you for being our field ambulance - sadly

the Land Rover was the vehicle of the

day (after the helicopter OBVIOUSLY).

Your help was invaluable.

•Boksburg Fire and Rescue (Evan and

team) thank you for getting our son off the

hill! He apologizes for the terrible language

used but he was in a lot of pain and

understands that the only way out, was


•The Netcare 911 helicopter crew, for

getting Juan to Union Hospital so quickly

after the rescue, for taking photos for him

and keeping his spirits up. He loved that

section of the day - thank you for sending

us his “selfies”

•The K9 policeman, you climbed in your

van and got stuck in and helped, thank

you! We wanted to steal your dog though,

he is gorgeous.

•The youngsters on their dirt bikes, thank

you for ferrying EMS and their gear up

the hill etc. It’s the first time many of them

have ever been on 2 wheels, they loved it.

•The ZamaZama’s for helping to pull Juan

up, and for carrying him down the hill to

the rescue vehicle. Thank you.

•Union Hospital Emergency section and

Howard in ICU, thank you.

A last word to the Husaberg 300: We

cannot believe that you started without fail

after all the above!!

To every single person that has phoned,

messaged etc. Thank you for your

support, it is appreciated by everyone.

If we have left you out, sorry - it’s not

intentional - a crazy time!

The Delport Family

A view from below

Looking chipper but he forgot to wash his


Happy Family.

luggage frames are compatible with

different types of aftermarket soft luggage

as well. Another bonus for putting

luggage frames on your bike is that they

offer extra protection should you suffer

a fall. For our overnight trip though, we

were presented with the KTM Powerparts

rollbag, which is easily fitted on top of

the pillion seat without the need of any

luggage plates or frames. The bag is also

dust and waterproof, making it a great

option for any weekend warrior.

We kit up early on a Saturday morning

and leave Gauteng heading north on

the N1 highway towards Pienaarsrivier.

In terms of comfort, the seat was cosy

enough to actually sit for most of the

loaded with the “Rally” mode option,

which further extends off-road MTC

functionality. This feature does not come

standard on the KTM 790”S” model, it is

however something I would recommend

getting if you are planning to spend a lot

of time away from the tarmac.

The first obstacle presents itself when

the road we normally take is closed and

a big heap of sand blocks our way. No

problem, I get over the heap of sand with

an easy twist of the throttle, even with a

full tank of fuel the low slung tanks as well

as low down weight of the engine make

the bike easy to manage when going over

obstacles. The lower seat height (when

compared to its “R” counterpart), definitely

TRAX “Dirt Convert” KTM 790 S Rider Review

The Long way to Lephalale

Our Mizz B Muszynski continues on her Great trek to put the Dirt

Convert Trax KTM 790 S through its paces…

She says:

In Part 1 of the review featured in the July issue, Trax KTM

kindly provided me with the Dirt Convert KTM 790”S” to

take on a lockdown ride. The Dirt Convert is the basic KTM

790“S” model, equipped with knobbly tyres, a high front

fender and a stand-out decal kit. We did a shortish local ride

to get a feel for the bike.

This is part two…

For this ride I took it upon myself to test the bike as extensively

as possible without contravening every single lockdown

regulation. Needless to say this was not an easy task with so

many travel restrictions! I’ll discuss my first impressions and

thoughts on the different riding modes and aftermarket options.

I’ll answer some questions posted on social media. We took

to some single track trails and traverse a rocky pass along the

Crocodile River and literally threw the bike into the deep end

and honestly, it did just fine Actually it left us thirsting for more…

Taking the long way to Lephalale

As the KTM 790 is marketed as an offroad

capable travel bike our review could

not possibly be complete without taking

it on a longer distance trip. We looked at

the map and set our eyes on the town of

Lephalale, which is conveniently situated

between some of the best dirt roads and

passes that part of Limpopo has to offer.

When considering a travel bike, luggage

options are important and I looked at

some of the different offerings from the

KTM Powerparts catalogue available to

this model. For longer tours there are

luggage plates and frames which can

be used in conjunction with the lockable

Touratech top box and hard cases. The

combined 700km’s we did on our trip to

Lephalale and back, the tall windscreen

deflecting the wind with minimal buffeting.

In “Street” mode you have full use of

the 95hp the bike offers, which makes

cruising along at highway speeds and

overtaking cars a breeze, while the MTC

(Motorcycle Traction Control) and ABS

kept me feeling safe, even when the road

surface was not ideal.

I even got to practice my emergency

braking when a naughty bakkie swerved

suddenly in front of me, the 320mm front

brakes slowing us down just in time to

avoid a potential accident.

Shortly after we passed the provincial

boundary roadblock we reach our first

dirt road. The bike I’m riding has been

plays a role as it makes it easier to get

that confident footing when doing more

technical manoeuvres.

Those of you who have ridden in

Limpopo before know very well there

is a sandmonster lurking around every

corner. Sand on a bigger adventure bike

can often become a nightmare and I was

curious to see how the 790”S” would

fare, considering that with its smaller

wheels, this wasn’t my usual pick for

traversing this type of terrain. As we rode

along the tribal land towards Bela-Bela

it became clear to me why the KTM 790

was launched in the Merzouga Desert.

It performed exceptionally well, sailing

smoothly over the sea of sand like a

ship as we made our way further north. I

believe the ease with which it handles the

sand can again be attributed to the bulk

of the bikes weight being situated lower

down, as a top heavy bike tends to give

a lot more feedback and movement

in sandy conditions, a scary feeling

especially if experienced by a novice.

After topping up with fuel in Modimolle

we head even further into the Bushveld.

The tank holds 20L of fuel, giving you

the freedom to really go out and explore

before having to worry about seeking

that fuel station again. KTM claims

the bike gets 450km on a tank of fuel,

which should be achievable in more

normal circumstances, for us it was

however a bit less as there was plenty

of sand on our route, giving us an

average of about 5L/100km.

Eventually the road took us to a pass

we haven’t ridden before near the

settlement of Overyssel. In this area

the roads were in exceptionally bad

condition strewn with ruts and ditches

and I found myself more comfortable at

speeds between 80km/h to 100km/h.

The KTM 790”S” sports the Apex 43mm

front forks with 200mm of suspension

travel, which has so far performed

exceptionally well in both sandy and

rocky terrain, it does however start to

feel out of its comfort zone when hitting

big obstacles, such as deep ditches,

at higher speeds and I naturally

slowed down a bit more for these.

The bike does however have a builtin

steering damper which helps to

absorb these big hits and keeps you

in control. If, ultimately riding hard

and constantly pushing boundaries is

something you like to do, this would

be where the decision of purchasing

the “S” vs the “R” model would come

into play.

We reach the town of Lephalale later

that afternoon, just in time for the


I ask my father who has always been

passionate about bikes, to tell me

what he thinks of the KTM 790”S”.

He immediately grabs the opportunity

to swing his leg over the saddle and

takes the bike for a spin around the

block. He hasn’t ridden for many

years and also hasn’t been in the

loop with the latest biking trends or

models, but comes back with a big

smile on his face nonetheless.

“I like it, it looks big, but it isn’t really,

just so easy to ride, and ohhhh all

that power!” he says as he dismounts.

Well there you have it, a truly

unbiased opinion.

Final Thought

A couple of years ago, when the previous gen

KTM 950 and 990 Adventures ruled the roost,

there were very few people who rode the taller

“R” models, a trend which has become more

popular in recent years. I myself rode the older

KTM 950 Adventure quite extensively, a bike

I truly enjoyed and believe that with the 790

range KTM is trying to bring back the mind-set

that you don’t need the “R” model to be able to

venture off the beaten track.

Overall I find the KTM 790”S” a very capable

all-rounder, a bike that truly is in its element

on the long road, and also more than

capable enough to handle the adventurous

dirt roads we enjoy riding. If you are in the

market for a 790, I highly recommend trying

both the “S” and “R” models, you may just

be surprised as to what the “S” can do.

Trax KTM 021 0190


I want to extend my thanks to Trax KTM for

letting me use their “Dirt Convert” KTM 790

Adventure yet again. It’s a great conversion

for shorter riders.

And the handsome Fella’s at Dirt And

Trail magazine for the media pass to get

out and about!









Upon closer inspection, the cut bead was discovered. Please guys,

be very careful.

Tyres are one of the most critical safety components on your bike.

New is always best - but if you do buy used do not only look at the

tread. It might look great but there is more to it:

Inspect the sidewalls for cuts, cracks, ballooning and structural


The bead is what holds your tyre on the rim. Dealers are cutting

the beads on used tyres that are deemed unsafe so that they are

not re-sold.

This is a “Must Read” it is for your own good:

It is not a debate about whether to buy a new or used tyre it is

about people who buy and sell used tyres making sure that the

tyres are SAFE.

Times are tough - we get that. We have also bought used tyres

and most times they have been OK.

Earlier this month we received a call about a gent who bought a

used tyre for his GS from a dealer on the East Rand. No problem -

we have all been there, it is a saving, not everyone can afford new

tyres, especially in our current economic climate.

The tyre looked OK, the tread was decent, no obvious cracks etc

- but the gent failed to notice that the bead had been cut - which

means that the tyre is KAPUT and not good for use. He had the

tyre fitted and headed out - and promptly got a huge tank slapper...

Luckily he controlled it and managed to get the bike through to the

Bike Tyre Warehouse outfit.

Inspect the beading to make sure it is not damaged, cut or

pulling out of the rubber.

Check the inside of the tyre for hidden patches, gators, cuts and

objects piercing through and the like as well as for something

that looks similar in texture to elephant skin, this is indicative of

the tyre having been run flat for extended periods.

Look for cracks between and in the treads, this can show

perishing from age as well as a further indicator of the tyre

having been abused or run flat.

Any used tyre has generally been replaced for a reason. What

is that reason? Did it run flat? Is there a hole?

Too many patches? Is it old? - look for the date of manufacture

on the side if the tyre wall.

As we said earlier, new is always better and there are always

some very affordable options and great specials from most of

the major tyre brands… ask your local dealer about them.

Dealers, We cannot tell you how to do your job, but - If you sell

a used tyre please inspect it properly...

We are very glad that there was no serious injury...

The bee's knees

Honda SA is on a mission to get all of

the local tracks up and busy again, with

a monthly focus on the MX tracks and

what they offer. This month, we took

the Trek out to Smoking Pistons in the


Brian Capper joined the fun on his

Honda 450R – and we invited a special

guest, Darryl Hancock on his big Five

Hunny two stroke to rip some laps….

Darryl is somewhat of a collector of all

things Honda. He picked up his CR 500

two stroke the bike as a rebuild project

3 or four years back. The engine is a

fully refurbished ’91 model. He used the

bike a bit and the frame gave in – so he

sourced an ’07 frame and built what you

see today.

It is one hell of a bike – the younger guys

were really impressed by how fast it is –

even by todays standards.

As often happens with these old smokers,

the spark plug gave in – so the guys from

Honda gave Darryl a 450RX to play with.

He was so complimentary about that bike.

“Man it’s strong! The suspension is

amazing – I can go flat-out from the start!

I’m not even sure how the MX bike might

be better than this…”

About the track:

We asked Darryl how often he rides….

His answer: “Whenever she lets me!”.

Anyone who has been in the bike game

for a while will remember the mad Quad

MX meets that used to happen. Back then,

Smoking pistons (Back then, it was called

Zumbugs track), was a favorite haunt for

the Quad MX guys – and we covered lots

of features on these mad individuals.

Good times…

Fast forward a few years – Quad MX is no

more and the track now hosts some of the

most kick - ass two wheeled events on the


Not too much has changed, they have a

lekker lapa where you can kuier, Braai some

wors rolls or grab a bite to eat. Safe parking

for spectators and teams. And quads are still


Twelve years ago, the Mostert family took

it all over (this is national Racer – Dylan

Mosterts home track . The track is tight, with

lots of spectacular corners and jumps – they

make sure that the track is prepped and

watered for competition.

We were out on a Wednesday –

and we were so impressed at how

many bikes were buzzing around

and practicing for the upcoming

inland event – (See our feature on

the Inland race series).

Smoking Pistons motocross dirt

track and junior track is situated

on the corner of Swartkoppies

road and Klipriver drive in


The MX track is open to the public

and they host amateur racing

events for adults and juniors.

Facilities available at Smoking

pistons: Change rooms with toilets

and showers, Braai Facilities,

Seating Area, Childrens’ play area,

Restaurant and Bar.

Fast forward a few years – Quad MX is no

more and the track now hosts some of the

most kick - ass two wheeled events on the


Not too much has changed, they have

a lekker lapa where you can kuier, Braai

some wors rolls or grab a bite to eat. Safe

parking for spectators and teams. And

quads are still welcome…

Twelve years ago, the Mostert family took

it all over (this is national Racer – Dylan

Mosterts home track . The track is tight,

with lots of spectacular corners and jumps

– they make sure that the track is prepped

and watered for competition.

We were out on a Wednesday – and we

were so impressed at how many bikes

were buzzing around and practicing for the

upcoming inland event – (See our feature

on the Inland race series).

Smoking Pistons motocross dirt track and

junior track is situated on the corner of

Swartkoppies road and Klipriver drive in


The MX track is open to the public and

they host amateur racing events for adults

and juniors. Facilities available at Smoking

pistons: Change rooms with toilets and

showers, Braai Facilities, Seating Area,

Childrens’ play area, Restaurant and Bar.

Contact Details for Smoking Pistons:




Tel: 072 911 1220



2021 Yamaha


WORLD Record

WORLD Record



“Go big or go home!”

Luc Ackermann has smashed the twelve-year-old world record

with the most motorcycle backflips in 30 seconds!

In doing so Ackermann surpassed his idol, American legend Travis

Pastrana, a record had lasted for nearly twelve years.

For three weeks he practiced one backflip after the other on his

training ground in Niederdorla. On July 12, this year, he headed to

the first dirt hill.

Nine backflips within 30 seconds would have been enough to take the

world record, but the Thuringian FMX athlete wanted to stake his claim.

His goal: ten backwards somersaults in 30 seconds…

The reigning FIM world champion mastered one backflip after the other.

After landing the 10th mini flip, the watch stopped at 28.95 seconds!

Luc Ackermann had improved MX legends Travis Pastrana’s decade

plus reigning record by two somersaults, an incredible 10 flips in 28.95


But this is not the first time that this kid has made history. In 2017 he

became the youngest athlete to ever pull off and land a double backflip.

With his jump on 3rd October in the Austrian village of Piberbach, at just

19 years old, he became the youngest motorcyclist ever – and the first

German – to pull off a Double Backflip.

For the world record to be officially recognised he had to land safely on

a sand piste. An elaborate ramp was built to stage the latest milestone

in the history of this extreme sport.

Luc began by doing the double backflip into freestyler Gerhard Mayr’s

foam pit on 2nd October. He had practised the jump with cushioned

landing at his training site in Niederdorla. On 3rd October the young

Red Bull FMX rider upped the stakes, landing this time on an airbag.

Late in the afternoon he was ready for the big one. After ten jumps onto

the airbag, Luc executed a perfect double backflip onto dirt. The world

record was his.

Luc Ackermann (born on 6 of January of 1998 in Mulhouse ) is

a German freestyle motocross rider .

Not only was this German the youngest athlete ever to perform

a backflip on a motorbike, but he’s also considered as one of

the biggest rising talents in FMX, with a bright future ahead.

He just keeps pushing himself to the next level. He handles his

bike like an old pro, and is learning new and harder tricks all

the time.

He was brought into motocross sports by his older brother

Hannes Ackermann . In 2005 began his first steps in freestyle.

Ackermann started directly with Freestyle. A year later, performed

his first back flip.

In 2013, he joined the legendary Travis Pastrana on his Nitro

Circus Germany Tour.

In 2014 at just 16 years of age he achieved the best ever finish

at a Red Bull X-Fighters event by a German rider when he

finished fourth in Munich.

There’s still a lot to come from Luc Ackermann – watch this


The Motul Pedal car just in case you

cannot balance.

Beginners got trained up in the basics

before getting on the bikes.

The bevvy of Honda Mounted


Motul Empowers

Women on Two Wheels

that she had only started riding bikes at

40. Since I have also recently hit that

milestone, and in the spirit of life beginning

at 40, I wanted to try something new and

more daring than my other hobbies. My

husband is a keen motorcyclist, and this

has been something I’ve wanted to share

with him, but until now the fear factor was

just a little too much for me,”

admitted Adilia. “

Now that I’ve had this great experience, he

can look forward to some company on his

weekend rides,” she added.

An Iconic Experience for


Motul is one of those companies

that really focusses on the

motorcycle industry – and not only

sells product – but also invests a lot

in our favourite pastime.

Sean Hendley went along to have a

look at their latest initiative…

Pics by ZCMC

On Saturday 22 August, Motul South

Africa demonstrated its commitment

to the ideals of Women’s Month and

the #IconicWomen campaign. In

partnership with Honda South Africa,

the Motul team hosted a LEARN TO


Training and Outdoor Centre.

This event was a natural follow-on to

the nomination of Motul’s own Mercia

Jansen as part of the #IconicWomen

campaign developed and managed by

Shelby South Africa and Road to Race.

“As part of this campaign, we have

each created an opportunity for

women to participate in something

that we’re passionate about. My love

of riding is something that I have

always wanted to share with other

women – hence the LEARN TO RIDE

A MOTORCYCLE day’” explained

Mercia Jansen, Motul Area Manager

for Southern and Eastern Africa.

“I have loved seeing all the videos

and photos from our day – the ladies’

beaming smiles made it clear how

much fun they were having, while

the pride and encouragement from

their partners and families made the

experience even more special,” she


Adilia Joubert, one of the participants,

reported that she was excited to

have had the chance to learn to ride

machines that had previously seemed

too intimidating.

“I was inspired by Mercia revealing

Mercia Jansen, Motul Area Manager for

Eastern and Southern Africa was the

organiser of the event.

Throughout the day, the ADA Training and

Outdoor Centre in Hartbeespoort, North

West Province, echoed to whoops of joy

as the lady riders grew in confidence and

began to experience the feeling of freedom

that motorcyclists often refer to. There

was a real sense of camaraderie between

the women and their partners, while the

atmosphere at the venue contributed to a

successful day for all the novice riders. A

big thank you to Honda SA for supplying

the bikes and allowing the attendees – the

riders and their partners - to test out all the

different models!

The very talented Brian Capper was

on hand to assist and support the

ladies during their training, as were the

professional trainers supplied by ADA

Training and Outdoor Centre. The children

who had come along to watch their Moms

in action also got to enjoy the pedal cars

provided by Motul. The sight of women

riding bikes while husbands, brothers and

uncles pushed the kids up and down the

Izelle Hoffman takes her cue from one of

the trainers.

Brian Capper shows his prowess on a


grass in the pedal cars was exactly

the kind of role-reversal moment that

the #IconicWomen campaign aims to


The training session was followed by

lunch, with sparkling wine supplied by

the Boschendal Wine Estate.

“As a racing car driver, I was delighted

to have the chance to swap my usual

four wheels for just two,” enthused

Shelby SA/Road To Race’s National

Marketing Manager Paige Lindenberg

– the lady who first conceived the idea

of the #IconicWomen campaign.

“The professionalism and patience

of the trainers meant that we all felt

comfortable enough to push ourselves

a little more each time we got onto the

bikes,” added Paige.

Jacky (back) and Josh (front) v d Merwe

show their support.

The more advanced ladies negotiate the cones.

Adilia Joubert comes to grips with a new skill.

Mercia and Paige reflected on

how successful the #IconicWomen

campaign has been in building

women’s confidence and inspiring them

to break down stereotypes that may

previously have discouraged them from

trying the kind of new experiences that

have traditionally been seen as “maledominated.”

ABOUT MOTUL: Available at your

motorcycle dealer.

Motul is a world-class French company

specialised in the formulation,

production and distribution of hightech

engine lubricants (two-wheelers,

cars and other vehicles) as well as

lubricants for industry via its Motul

Tech activity.

Unanimously recognised for more

than 160 years for the quality of its

products, innovation capacity and

involvement in the field of competition,

Motul is also recognised as a

specialist in synthetic lubricants. As

early as 1971, Motul was the first

lubricant manufacturer to pioneer

the formulation of a %100 synthetic

lubricant, issued from the aeronautical

industry, making use of esters

technology: 300V lubricant.

Motul is a partner to many

manufacturers and racing teams in

order to further their technological

development in motorsports. It

has invested in many international

competitions as an official supplier for

teams in: Road racing, Trials, Enduro,

Endurance, Superbike, Supercross,

Rallycross, World GT24 ,1 Hours of

Le Mans (cars and motorcycles), 24

Hours of Spa, Le Mans Series, Andros

Trophy, the Dakar Rally and Motul Roof

of Africa.

Nicole Bissick, boxer and actress, Learns to

ride a motorcycle.

Ladies gathered for their training.

Paige Lindenberg.

Mr Capper showing Mercia how to wheelie. By

the end of the day she was doing it herself.

ADA instructor Elrich walking the ladies through the excercise.

Riaan from Honda SA.

Some of the ladies were a little bit more


Gee Whizzz, this learning to ride business

requires a lot of energy.

Pics By:

When we popped into the Sherco shop

in Pretoria the other day, we saw this

one standing on the showroom floor. It’s

been a while since we last rode it – so

we asked if we could take it away for a


Thinking out of the box is the

catch phrase with most European

manufacturers. French manufacturer

Sherco built this baby for riders to

improve on their (extreme) riding skills.

This from Sherco: “With a fuel tank capacity

of 7 liters and excellent fuel economy the

X-Ride can take it’s rider for a long distance

without having to refuel. With a ground

clearance of 325mm the X-Ride allows

you to overcome obstacles of considerable

size with ease. It has a total weight of only

92.5 kg.” the ligt weight is due to Sherco’s

minimalistic approach… There are no

heavy extras to be found, kickstart, no

battery basic lightweight engineering.

“The X-Ride is not a race bike, but it draws

from all of the vast experience that Sherco

has gained in Trial, Enduro and Supermoto.

Away from the race track and racing

aspects, the X-Ride is able to satisfy any

desire for adventure, whether it is riding on

narrow single track, complicated trials type

riding or on fast tracks. It is even versatile

enough for use on city streets.” Yup it’s

actually roadworthy in Europe – however

we would certainly not like to try it in the


Kyle thought he was Wade Young after a few minutes

We were not need to be overly cautious

because this is a very pre-owned model

that already bore several battle scars.

The obvious comparison would be with a

trials bike. But’s not a Trials bike. It’s a bit

larger and it has a seat. It is ridiculously

slender and soft with a barrel full of

torque all the way from the bottom.

Because it is so small you tend to try

your luck between every narrow rock

and canyon that you can find. The torque

makes it really simple to slowly hoik

the wheel up and over just about any

rock. The suspension is pretty soft – so

you get a lekker comfy ride – and if you

do happen to get it wrong, the bike is

light enough to manually maneuver out

of trouble. But to be fair, with a bit of

practice, you really should not get stuck


Who is this one for?

Novice riders who want to learn

on a safe, easy to ride motorcycle.

Experienced riders who want to hone

their technical skills. Young kids getting

into the enduro game. Once they

understand the application, they will love

it! Just ask the Dirt And Trail rugrats…

This one is from Sherco SA:


Tristan learning to pivot turn

As soon as the kids notice any bike in

the garage, they are considered fair

game. While we were toiling away in the

office, we heard several kicks and grunts

and a small capacity two stroke engine

coming to life. It was twelve year old Kyle

hijacking the X-Ride. He tore off to the

other side of the plot so that dad could

not catch him. When Tristan heard the

commotion, he was dressed and ready

and the boys spent the afternoon looking

for obstacles to conquer.

Kyle absolutely loved the bike. “Dad!

It’s so light and strong, like my MTB

with a big engine. And it’s so easy

to ride!” Tristan on the other hand in

typical teenage fashion was not overly

impressed. His first comment was – “Well

it’s not very fast…” (He is on a YZ125X).

We patiently explained to him what the

bike is actually made for and the penny

dropped. HE then spent the rest of the

afternoon wrestling with his brother to

tackle obstacles, practicing his pivot turns

and bouncing all over the place.

He loved every second.

His comments “It’s so easy to ride! Light and

predictable. A great bike to learn on

for sure. I like the fact that I can put my feet

on the ground when I stop.” After a short

while with lots of stops and starts, he started

playing a bit and the wide grin said it all.

When we got to out rocky koppie, he was

kicked off and we pointed it slopes and

terrain that is usually pretty challenging on a

conventional dirtbikes.

The beauty of a bike like this is the fact

that you do everything slowly. It’s got

lots of low down torque and no real

powerband – so the kids soon had all

kinds of obstacles set up. A log turned

into a challenge. A lintel became a single

spoor jump. When mom saw them

trying to get the bike UP the steps of

our tree house – she intervened. But it

did make for a pretty cool photo… The

conversation was quite interesting about

parental responsibility and stuff. The

Foley Family blamed our regular dirtbike

and everything tester Kyle Lawrenson fair

and square.

Even the Trailer become an obstacle

The following day, we gave it to our

new appy photographer (who has never

ridden off-road before), and made him

ride it the short distance out to the rocks.

Seriously, Stefan had a little Aprilia road

bike, but he has NEVER ridden off-road.

Mom intervened...

INLAND MX Pics by Dirt Life Photography


The first Inland MX Championship race since lockdown.

15th August Terra Topia. Round 4.

Making Motocross Great Again!

The Inland MX series is a great collaboration between several

national track owners. ERORA on the East Rand, Terra

Topia in the North, Dirt Bronco in the West, Smoking Pistons

in the South of JHB. Other tracks include Capricorn raceway

in Limpopo, Manna MX Track in Mpumalanga and BORC

in Bloem. Plans are afoot to include some of the Natal and

other Freestate circuits in a more inclusive inter provincial

championship for 2021.

It is obvious that racers are completely fed up with being

locked down. For the first event since regulations started to

relax – 182 eager riders and their crews made the groot trek

out to Northern Farms to blast some dirt.

A fantastic day all round for the biggest MX Series in SA.

Guys and girls – this is the feeding ground for future champs

– and that is where the focus lies. Putting fun back into racing

without the politics that spoil a great event.

Racing got off to a late start on the day due to an impromptu

inspection by one of the government departments. Everyone

found this a bit odd because it has never happened before.

Section 214 of the fire act or something similar…

The green light was given, the gates dropped and racing


Sadly many of the national racers were not present or allowed

to race. It’s always great to have them along because

the youngsters really look up to them. But Tristan, Jesse,

Dalton, Dylan and Kayla among others were all competing,

giving advice, signing magazines and having a good time!

The next one is at ERORA for round 6 on the 12th of September.

The inland mx committee thanks everyone for the support of

this race series!

For more results and info: www.womza2wheels.co.za

www.inlandmx.com inlandmx@gmail.com

Adriano Catalano supports the

reintroduction of legal cigrettes.

Jessie Wright put on a

great show for the Out

Of Africa MX team.

Jadene De Lima all the

way from KZN.

Brough to you by:

INLAND MX Pics by Dirt Life Photography



First Corner Masters and


Kayla Williams and family.

Keeping it in the family -

Tyler Tarrantino.

Smoking Pistons Mossie on

his Big Honda..

WAS R66 950

NOW R57 950



Built from the ground up, the YZ65 is

ready to tackle the track with winning

performance right out of the gate.

The all-new YZ65 features Yamaha's

renowned competition off-road quality

and durability just like the bigger YZs,

ready to lead a new generation of

bLU cRU riders into the victorYZone.

www.yamaha.co.za · +27 11 259 7600 · Facebook: Yamaha Southern Africa · Instagram: @yamahasouthafrica

Tristan Purdon - a class


The Young Blood gang

hit the track.

Ladies making their




Megan Jonker.

National Ladies Champ

Kayla Raaf on her KX.

Young Damien Venter gets some air..

Brough to you by:


As pioneers of the world’s first neck brace, we defined riding safety with technology. Proven to reduce the risk

of a serious injury by up to 47%, Leatt® neck braces are highly adjustable to fit all riders, at all levels. And with

an engineered collarbone cut-out, there’s nothing to harm your most fragile bones. So now it’s up to you to

redefine your limits with confidence.







Fire It Up! Does it differently.

F.I.U. PREMIUM COLLECTION Triumph Tiger 800XC-A - 1 owner, 1,600kms,


Selling a bike? Buying a bike? These

guys seem to know their stuff…

Fire It Up! Is one of the biggest pre

owned motorcycles dealers around. We

had a chat with them about their

business model:

is accurate? Has every service been

done correctly? Has every accident been

fixed back to OEM spec?

Have there been any factory recalls - and

were they done?

Thus, an extended warranty is a good

purchase but you need to do your

homework and find the one that gives you

the best cover, because some of them

are very limited in what they will pay for

based on age and mileage of the bike.


They do not give you an estimate over the

phone and then kick you in the nuts once

they have inspected your bike. They will first

inspect your motorcycle thoroughly and then

discuss their findings with you before they

make you an offer.

Once the offer is made and accepted they

do payment immediately, be it to settle your

outstanding finance agreement and give you

the balance or pay you directly. Naturally

you can opt to have them use it as a part

payment or deposit on your new dream

machine from them.

Fire it Up! has taken this very different

approach in terms of their TRUST

commitment and advertise all their

motorcycle stock accordingly, so that you as

the buyer can have absolute peace of mind

when buying your motorcycle from them.

Once they have inspected the bike they

categorize the bikes under the following 3


1. Premium Collection: This is basically

as close to a new bike you can get for preowned


• This is a One owner motorcycle

with a full and traceable service

history with the official agents

for that brand.

• The bike has its owner’s

manual, tool kit and

everything that came with the

bike originally.

• It has all of its Spare keys.

• The bike is completely accident

free including touch ups from

small tip overs.

• Premium bikes are sold with

a free 3yr/ 30 000km service

plan that covers all labour costs

and fluids and oil filter. Worth up

to R30 000.

2. Quality Pre-Owned

• This bike may have had one or

two owners.

• The bike has a full traceable

service history at agents and

other appointed dealers.

• The bike is accident free but

there may be a scratch on a

panel from a small tip over

or stone chip that has been


• The owner’s manual is

available as is the Service

history, (be it the service booklet

and/or invoices to as proof


• It has been given the full FIU!

Quality check.

Now listen to this:

The quality check includes having

an oil sample taken and tested at an

approved laboratory for aluminium

content, (excessive engine/bearing

wear indicator), carbons, fibres and a

whole host of other things which will

allude to the state of the valves, rings,

clutch and etc, so as to ensure

engine health.

We have never heard of this before.

Great idea! Once a quality check and

oil sample have been performed, a 2

year service and mechanical plan

is available.

Peace of mind.

Basically what you are hoping for when

buying a pre-owned motorcycle, an

assurance that you are not buying a

lemon. Obviously things can still happen.

It is impossible to accurately predict the

life span of electronics and such - it is a

used bike after all. Then, we get to their

third category and the one we are most

interested in as Fire It Up!’s reputation

speaks for itself on the first two.

3. Fire It Up 2nd

• These bikes are traded in

and are often in perfect

condition but may have

an unknown service

history meaning the owner may

have done some of the servicing

himself or had a mechanic mate

do it after hours and a panel

may need repair here and there.

• These bikes are always offered

at a substantial discount, so

there is a plus for the cash


• They are aimed at customers

who love to fix, customise or

perfect the bike themselves to

their own taste.

• All of these bikes are in running

condition and more often than not

are indistinguishable from their

“Quality Pre-Owned” in a lot of


Donovan Fourie will do a semi regular feature

on some of the delectable used motorcycles

out there. This month in RideFast, he bumped

into a very desirable motorcycle in Fire It Up’s

premium collection, the Ducati 996 SPS Pista.

By Sean Hendley.

As a general practice most used

motorcycle dealers put all there stock on

their showroom floor and are sometimes

a bit vague about disclosing the full

history or condition of their stock. So,

unless you as the customer or buyer are

really clued up about the finer ins and

outs of motorcycle maintenance, repairs

and engine condition you would need to

do a huge amount of research on that

motorcycle using the VIN number or

registration number.

But even then where do you begin?

Who do you go to find out all the details

of said motorcycle and even if you do by

some far off chance, how can you know it

And the list of questions goes on and on.

More often than not, as is the case with

any pre-owned vehicle a whole bunch of

latent and unforeseen defects can creep

in a few months down the line. Yes, you

do have recourse through the CPA, but

that is such a ball ache that you really do

not want to go that route as it very often

costs you more money in legal fees

and etcetera.

To cover themselves, many dealers insist

that you take out an extended warranty.

They only have the word of the seller to

go on as far as the pre-owned bike is

concerned and what their mechanics can

determine without stripping the whole

bike down to its bare nuts and bolts.

Craig and his team at FIU! tell us that

they have done the homework for you

and have some very nice packages on

offer that make a whole lot of sense when

buying a pre-owned motor cycle and in

some instances, will even include an

extended maintenance plan.

They have had a good, long and

hard think about this and have taken

a different approach right from the

beginning of the process and this is to

protect you as well as them, while still

giving you a great, clean deal.

And it all starts with the way they

purchase motorcycles.


A definite very rare Unicorn - last 2t's to be manufactured by Honda -

low hours - R39,000.00.

Brought to you by:


EE EEParts


Pic by Simon Cudby



PeeWee Parts

fork Upgrade.

How many of you lot started on

a PW?

Currently in our workshop, we

have two that are being lovingly

refurbished so that another

youngster can fall in love with

the sport. Usually, our first call

for bits is to PW Parts who

stock and distribute just about

everything that you need…

They have just come up with a

fork innovation for the older PW

models. Neil told us all about it:

Buy a second hand Yamaha

PW50 and chances are pretty

good that the forks are badly

damaged and in need of

replacement. The forks on the

PW50 up to 2017 were a very

rudimentary system of spring,

bush and grease , no real

dampening or oil in the forks, and

this was one of the weakest points

of a PW50.

In 2018, Yamaha addressed this

issue and upgraded the forks

from 22mm to 26mm, but more

importantly , the newer forks

are proper little oil filled forks

with better spring rate and oil

dampening. This makes the bike

so much more enjoyable to ride

for the little guys, and instills more

confidence in the rider.

PW Parts stocks both the older

22mm and newer 26mm forks

for direct replacement, however

the challenge has been to offer a

solution to upgrade the older bikes

with the newer upgraded forks.

PW Parts has developed a billet

triple clamp set so that the older

bikes can benefit from the better

26mm oil filled forks,

The top clamp is designed to be

able to fit the standard handlebars,

or they have designed bar clamps

so that you are now able to install

proper 22) ‘‘8/7mm) Pro Taper MX

handlebars to the bike.

This then allows an upgraded

throttle body, lever set, kill switch

and grips.

The handlebar upgrade can also

be done on the standard triple


Peewee Parts stocks everything

needed for the fork upgrade, or

the handlebar upgrade, or both…

Plastics, Decal kits, carb kits,

suspension, cables, levers…

everything PW. www.pwparts.

co.za info@pwparts.co.za, or call

081 813 5017

Completed with New Clamps and forks

Clamp Set

New Clamps allow for better bars

Bar Mounts

New fork in the triple clamps. Old and New Forks


PRO FIM 140/80/18

The new Geomax EN-91 is Dunlop’s answer to the needs of

FIM enduro competition. To conquer the ever more challenging

conditions riders have to face in today’s off-road racing,

Dunlop has designed a completely new tyre. From the tyre’s

contour and overall architecture, to the tread compound,

the pattern or block arrangement, no stone was left unturned

to make sure Dunlop riders have the most versatile fitment


Designed from the ground up, the Geomax EN91 is designed

specifically to be more versatile across a wider range of

riding conditions offering a significant increase in outright

performance in dry, wet and mixed conditions with enhanced

feedback and compliance that boosts bike control and the riders

confidence to push the limits through the vastly increased

versatility and terrain coverage courtesy of Hex Shape Blocks

and Tilted Crown Blocks, contributing to greater grip thanks

to more biting edges which also gives improved durability on

the tyre and better rider comfort.

The new Dunlop EN91 enduro tyres are road-legal so

suitable for FIM competition and trail riding and as such that

means Dunlop’s only road legal enduro design in their range.

Here in South African we all know and are familiar with the

AT81 … So, What is the difference between the EN91 and

the AT81?

As an off-road competition tyre the AT81 doesn’t have to

comply with the FIM Enduro regulations. The rear knob

height for the Geomax AT81 is 16.7mm, whereas the Geomax

EN91 complies with the 13mm FIM limit.

Although an all-rounder in terms of its ability to work in different

grip conditions, the AT81 tyre construction is closer to MX

and Rally-type tyres than to European-style FIM enduro patterns.

That means more consideration is handed to heavy-duty

use and durability,

The EN91 has therefore shorter tread depth but is has more

“give” in the construction and is designed to grip better, improve

handling and perhaps cope better with the more varied

riding conditions

Another difference is the sizing: EN91 complies with ECE 75R

sizing for off-road tyres, whereas AT81 follows the usual NHS

off-road tyre sizing. In terms of physical width an AT81 120/90-

18 is identical to a 140/80-18 in EN91.

From its inception the Geomax EN91 was designed to help

maximise grip across a range of terrain but in particularly rocky

and unpredictable surfaces – in short to perform well when the

tyre is deforming and working hard. Dunlop’s ‘Casing Tension

Control System,’ incorporated into the construction design,

“improve compliance on bumps and improves the feedback to

the rider” Dunlop explains.

“Tilt Crown Block” technology was developed for the new

EN91 rear tyre to help provide higher grip on hard terrain, such

as rocks. Dunlop says the tilted blocks “improve terrain bite,

aid directional stability and increase traction by forcing rocks

and dirt to gather around the centre of the crown blocks.”

Durability is important of course and Dunlop say the new

compound has increased shearing resistance but does not

compromise performance. By using a high-performance compound,

Dunlop has also been able to “significantly improve the

rebound properties of the tyre.”

Trade Enquiries Welcome

Contact us for your nearest stockist


are the greatest peeps!

Aletta Theron received the devastating

diagnoses of cancer on the 24th of

January 2020.

She then underwent three sessions of what they

call the “Red Devil” treatment and thereafter,

twelve sessions of chemotherapy. After

completing six chemo treatments, the results

of Aletta’s scan indicated that the cancer was

gone! This was incredible news and Aletta then

completed her last 6 sessions of chemo.

As expected, the chemo took its toll on her health

and general well-being, yet she always remained

brave and never complained.

On Saturday, the 15th August, a group of

lady bike riders decided to celebrate and

acknowledge Aletta for her courage and strength

of character. The ladies came together from

various parts of our beautiful country – Boksburg,

Rivonia, Pretoria, Fourways and even all the way

from Middelburg, to surprise Aletta. The riders

met at Total Garage on Atlas road to start the

morning with a Mugg & Bean cappuccino and to

plan the surprise meeting. It was then that two

ER24 ambulances pulled into the petrol station

and began chatting to the ladies and admiring

the beautiful -2wheel machines.

Once they heard Aletta’s story and the reason

for our gathering, they did not think twice and

decided to join in our mission to show Aletta

that she is special and admired by all of us for

her bravery and courage. Stephan Schoeman

from Pick ‘n Pay Farrarmere, donated the most

beautiful bouquet of flowers and pot plants to

hand over to Aletta. And what a surprise she got!

The arrival of the bikers and two ambulances

ensured that there was not a dry eye in sight.

CRF1000 manual

R185 000

Get moving with our

special offer of a R5000 discount

on our CRF1000 range! While stocks last.

In a world where everything is becoming mobile, you should be too!

CRF1000 manual

R205 000

The heartfelt emotions that were shared that day

by one brave lady, seven lady bike riders and

four ER24 paramedics will be cherished forever.

It was a brief encounter yet it will stay with Aletta

everyday of her life going forward. One small,

random act of kindness showed Aletta that the

world is filled with love, care and support, at a

time when she least expected it.

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act

of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no

logical end.” – Scott Adams


R179 999


R199 999

We are not fond of doom

and gloom in this here

publication – but man –

there is something rotten

in the state of SA.

ATV and motorcycle theft

really seems to be on the up

and up at the moment. In the

last month – we have had

three families in our small

group of riders hit - and their

bikes stolen.

Never mind stolen – lifted over cars and

bakkies – often leaving lekker gash marks

and dents in the vehicles that the bikes are

lifted over. And it would appear that in all

cases, the bikes were targeted – because

nothing else in the garages were touched.

The worst is that in some cases – dogs

have been poisoned – bloody terrible.

We have been in this game for a long time

and the bike theft thing seems to come and

Stolen Dirt bikes and Quads

A frien dly

warn ing...


go in stages. Off road vehicles are relatively

soft targets because most of them are

unregistered and are, therefore not easy

to trace. There is a popular theory that the

vast majority of quads stolen in SA end up

in Mozambique – we have heard of people

who have found their bikes while on holiday

there and have been unable to retrieve

them for whatever reason…

Many are stripped for unrecognizable parts

locally – I had a ZX 1100 road bike stolen

a few years back when I parked it outside

the old JHB Post office. Eventually I found

my bike minus frame and engine casings,

in pieces at a dealer in the middle of JHB.

That dealer has closed long ago – so we

don’t want to get you speculation on who it

was etc – that guy has moved out of SA. He

had purchased the parts from a well known

mechanic at the time – so thought that the

bike was a legitimate deal…

We chased that mechanic almost to the

ends of the earth and have not seen him

since. But – how much of this goes on


If you do buy used parts – ask for a receipt –

that way it will never come back to bite you on

the butt. If you buy a frame – you can check

that it is not stolen through police clearance

– same with a complete motor or bottom end

casings. On a frame, you can ask for a police

clearance – if the seller is reluctant, rather

look for something else.

Toys are not as cheap as they used to be with

top of the line dirtbikes over the 100k mark .

I think that we have all resigned ourselves

to the fact that if they want something, they

are going to steal it. But, fortunately – or

unfortunately there are various ways that you

can protect your assets – other than the usual

home security, electric fencing, rottweilers, etc

etc. We cannot guarantee that they will work

– but every bit kinda helps…

Stay Alert:

When you park your bikes or quads look

out for any suspicious looking people or

vehicles lurking around. Look out for “battle

signs” near your house – apparently when

the police came to investigate one of the

thefts – they identified battle signs at the

one guys house – these could be anything

– a piece of rubbish on the lawn, cold drink

tins leaning against each other – who

knows – but clean up anything that should

not be there…





For all motorcycle & Quad spares,

Repairs, Sales & Accesories.New & Used Trailer

Sales & Rentals

Tel: 011 395 2553

Alternative numbers:

Cell 082 756 1008/

011 979 7114/ fax: 011 973 4369

email: nickscycles@telkomsa.net

Great North Rd. Entrance

Van Wyk Rd. Benoni

Mon-Fri : 7:30-5pm, Sat 8-1pm





Motorcycle parts or accessories


Unload your bikes:

from the trailer. It is easier just to tow a

trailer away than loading individual bikes.

Keep the machines out of sight:

If they can see them from the street, you

are looking for trouble… Keep the good

stuff out of sight.

Chain the bikes up:

Guys like Oxford products manufacture

all sorts of locks, chains and Anti Theft

devices. Once again – nothing is infalliable,

but the longer it takes these swines to get

the bike or quad out, the more chance you

have of catching them in the act.

Linex Yamaha: (011) 792-9999

Rig the garage with an alarm:

Even a piece of fishing twine connected

to some noisy tins or your big toe in the

bedroom… seriously – go to any security

shop – they sell sensors that set of a

remote alarm as soon as the door is

opened. That will give you time to grab

the baseball bat or Knobkierrie and dish

out some punishment. There are plenty

of sophisticated devices from beams to

sensors – chat to your security specialist.

We contacted A local company – Security

network (011) 425-2270 for an idea on

costs to rig the garage. The bits to do it –

motion sensor, sensor on the door, power

pack with battery, siren and all the cabling

comes to just on R5000.00

There is an additional charge for installation

– dependant upon how much work is


Fit a tilt switch to the bars:

This costs almost nothing. If you are

even vaguely mechanical you can do

it yourself – rig a mercury switch inside

your handlebar on a circuit to a hooter

or alarm on the bike. A mercury switch

consists of a sealed glass tube containing

two unconnected electrodes and a small

amount of liquid mercury. As long as

the liquid metal remains on the opposite

end of the tube, the electrodes remain

disconnected and no current will flow. Once

the tube is moved past a certain angle,

however, the mercury will pool between the

two electrodes and a connection is made.

The result is electricity flowing through a

completed circuit. Once the liquid metal has

returned to its original position, the electrical

current stops immediately.The moment the

bars are moved, the mercury closes the

circuit, sending current to the alarm, which

screams and, hopefully sends the would-be

thieves packing…

Even if it doesn’t, it should be loud enough

to rouse even the heaviest sleeper.

Insure your bikes:

OK – we know that it makes not too much

sense to insure a cheapie – but chances

are good that the scumbags are not after

those. Insurance takes the sting out of the

theft and helps you get back on the road…

What else?

We have heard of guys stringing bikes right

up on the ceilings, but that seems like a

lot of PT. Theft is a great pain in the butt

and we reckon that there is a very special

place in hell for bike thieves. They rank with

rapists and child molestors in our books...

Tip of the month:

Park your bike in the lounge. It’s a great

conversation piece. Your other half will

love it!

Selling a bike? Wait until the money

CLEARS in your account before you

release it. Even very experienced dealers

are being caught out by scamsters. Call

your bank to confirm.

Lock your bikes up. Don’t leave them

standing around outside for the world to


Alarm on the garage door. The moment

someone opens the garage the alarm

goes off and lights go on. Link it to your

armed response company.

Alarm on the bike. The moment

someone moves the bars, an alarm goes

off. Chat to your dealer.

Disc lock on the bike. Not infallible but

you get the ones with alarms and if they

bypass that, they still need to carry the

bike out. Disc lock alarms are stocked by

gas Junky - www.gasjunky.co.za

Do cameras work? Ummm we are not

so sure. Unless you are actually awake

and watching the monitor. You might get

footage after the fact but unless the person

looks at the camera without a hoodie or

balaclava on, chances are good that you’ll

never identify the buggers anyway.

We understand that there is only so much

you can do. We understand that stuff like

this costs money.

Crooks are smart. Look after your baby...

A couple of years ago, Yamaha brought in a couple

of these beastys. We were lucky enough to get a

short ride – and we flippen loved it! We have noticed

that, after an absence of a couple of years, there are

a few knocking around at dealerships like World Of

Yamaha and Linex. Here’s a recap for you lot.

Yamaha basically invented the side-by side market

with their Rhino. Then along came the Viking, but

for years, UTV enthusiasts clamored for a true sport

UTV. Where was Yamaha’s answer to the Polaris

RZR or the Can-Am Maverick?

In 2016 Yamaha responded in the form of the

YXZ1000R, A dune-shredding machine with

acceleration and speed capabilities worth bragging

about. It’s clear that Yamaha’s engineers took time

to really determine how the YXZ could build upon

a sport side-by-side legacy that has already been

established by other manufacturers.

Engine and Transmission

One of the most exciting elements of the

YXZ1000R is its engine. Sporting a triple

cylinder engine, the 998cc engine offers an

exciting ride with an 11.3:1 compression

ratio and a 10,500 RPM redline.

Another first for the industry is the

YXZ1000R’s five-speed sequential-shift

transmission. This places shifting more

completely in the driver’s control, allowing

the YXZ to avoid some power losses that

can haunt traditional CVT systems.

As a result, the YXZ enjoys incredible

acceleration. The transmission employs a

new -21plate hydraulic clutch to ensure that

shifting feels natural and intuitive. You need

to try it – it’s seamless and so much fun!

The YXZ1000R utilizes Yamaha’s On-

Command 4WD for maximum traction in

difficult terrain. It also uses an efficient

drivetrain to ensure that the machine’s

power is transmitted to the wheels in the

most effective manner possible.

Naturally, an effective intake and exhaust

system is necessary to handle the YXZ’s

powerful engine. Two air filters are

employed for high capacity air flow. The

primary filter is foam and strategically

positioned to allow for easy maintenance.

The secondary filter is viscous paper.

To match that, the YXZ includes

245mm disc brakes on all four

wheels for increased stopping

power. Additionally, electronic power

steering (EPS) makes driving the

YXZ easy in a variety of conditions.

The body and chassis design of the

YXZ1000R is all aggression, giving

the machine a unique look to match

your driving capabilities.

Stand out features:

1. Gearbox: The five-speed

sequential transmission really puts

the power and handling in the driver’s

hands. The ability to manipulate the

momentum with down shifting and the

better control of the RPMs between

shifting is just so much fun!

2. Incredible Ride: Top of the line

suspension means a great ride. We

went fast, we jumped whoops and

hit some rough terrain. The YXZ is

a great ride great and can be finetuned

to your riding preferences.

With adjustable FOX 2.5 Podium RC2

Shocks and ″16.2 front

travel and ″17.0 rear travel, you can

really put the suspension to work!

The overall ride is enhanced with a

comfortable, roomy cockpit finished

out with a soft durable seat. We are

not small guys and the cockpit felt

roomy and comfortable. The rider

position is just right – high enough to

give great visibility but low enough

to handle the center of gravity. The

shoulder guard on the driver’s seat

adjusts with the forward and rearward

sliding of the seat. The seat belt

has an optional lowered chest strap

setting for shorter riders and much


3. Attention to Detail:

Exactly what you would expect from

a high end machine… Yamaha was

really focused with this machine. Not

only did they push the envelope with

the three-cylinder engine and fivespeed

sequential transmission, but

they did all the little things right too.

The composite full-bottom skid plate

has all of your maintenance areas

accessible, making changing your oil

easy with no need to remove the skid

plate. The wheel and dash tilt together,

keeping your gauges in perfect view

rather than just tilting the wheel. The

cargo box has a waterproof container

for protection from the elements.

Man we dug around for the pics when

we last tested this machine and came

up with a blank.

Please Yamaha – if you do make a

demo – you have our number.

The YXZ1000R is available in standard

and SE models. Go and have a look.

They are mighty impressive.

At a glance:

At a glance

• Sport-Shift paddle shifters

• Compact, high-powered

-3cylinder 998cc engine

• Fast clutchless shifting

• New gear ratio -5speed

gearbox with reverse

• Easy-to-operate launch

control system

• Recalibrated FOX® 2.5

Podium RC2 Single Spring F&

• 29'' Big Horn tyres on 14'' Alu



Both filters can be replaced without tools.

The exhaust system utilizes equal-length

triple header pipes and a center-mounted

baffle tuned to capitalize on the engine’s

power output.

Body and Suspension

To complement the engine and

transmission, the YXZ1000R includes

state-of-the-art Fox ″2.5 Podium RC2

shocks that absorb whatever is thrown in

their way. The front shocks extend above

the hood, offering a unique look that

enables the YXZ to fully take advantage of

the travel.

Red Hot Products

Developed by South African Enduro Experts.

There is a new range of Motorcycle care products on the

market by Red Hot, straight out of Benoni.

They delivered some of their goods to our offices, told us

to use them and to give feedback...

Not included in this is their foam filter cleaner - we have not

used it just yet, so we'll tell you about that in next months issue.

But we have used their other two products:

Red Hot Bikewash...

We used their bike wash on the the New KTM's... always a risk

with a new product, because we have used products that leave

streaks on aluminium.

No problem. Simple - spray on with a garden pump. If the dirt

is thick, let it soak for a bit - and then spray off with a high

pressure washer. It works great - and the bikes came out

looking as new as when we collected them. We also tackled

dirty two-stroke oil build-up on the Sherco and were pleasantly

surprised that it all came off without needing to scrub.

Great product, strong, without hurting your bike. And for milder

dirt you can dilute first.




Red Hot Spray Foam Cleaner:

Here is something new and it works. We use our lids more than

anyone out there - and to be fair, they do get kind of manky

after a bit. Without being too specific - sweat, sunblock and

dust are not great blends for hygiene...

Red Hot makes this Foam cleaner in an aerosol. It is a mild

detergent that smells like lemon that you spray onto and into

your helmet and boots.

Allow it to soak in - and wipe it off, rinse under a tap and allow

your stuff to dry. We love it! Fresh, great smelling and gentle

on your helmets paintwork.

We have seen the product making its way into quite a few of

the dealerships.

Trade enquiries are welcome - or www.redhotproducts.co.za








After a ride you need to refuel with clean nutrient dense

foods. Don’t think you will lose weight faster if you don’t eat.

Instead, you won’t recover properly leaving your system weak

and your immune system low.

Similarly, indulging in fast food thinking you have earned it is

as smart as filling your bike with dirty fuel when the tank is

empty. At this time more than ever your body needs optimum

nutrition to clear out all the ‘debris’ remaining from energy

production as well as to start to ‘patch you up’ where your

muscles and other organs are worn down. Avoid dairy and

breads, rather have complex carbohydrates such as sweet

potato, butternut or spinach with a protein of your choice and

some healthy fat such as avocado or olives.


The biggest mistake we see riders make is to have an

alcoholic drink straight after a long ride. Alcohol is an ‘antinutrient’

and an absolute killer for your body when it is craving

healing nutrients. You can expect cramps, if not immediately

then later in the day or evening. Not to mention the speed

at which consuming alcohol while in a nutrient deficit will

pack on the extra fat storage around your tummy. We are not

saying don’t have an alcoholic drink after a ride, but before

you do, make sure you have hydrated properly and have

enjoyed a recovery meal, never before.

At Base Fit we are committed to keeping you informed

so you can make the right choices for sustainable health

and fitness. I trust you found these points helpful. Mandy

Thomas, Base Fit.

* For more information on our programs visit www.basefit.

co.za * For questions relating to this article mail me at

mandy@basefit.co.za * For motivation and inspiration follow

Mandy Thomas Base Fit Five Thirty Club on You tube.

Real Riding


Tricks that Work.

With COVID and the national lockdown many

of us have become a bit more portly thanks

to great home-cooked meals. Not ideal for

going fast on a motorcycle…

We ride a lot – but we don’t lose weight… Whats

that about?

The peeps from BaseFit have shared a few ideas

on how to lose some of that couch potato, Netflix

overload extra weight….

You ride because you love it. Not only does riding

have immense health benefits for your mind, but

it is also a great way to burn calories. A lot of

calories. What may baffle you is that if you burn

so many calories when you ride and you ride fairly

regularly, why does it not seem to make you skinny

over time, or worse as the months go by you still

gain weight? That’s because there is a catch!

The weight that you lose after a long ride is not only

fat weight. All those calories you burn up may also

be coming from muscle break-down. Dehydration

also makes you feel temporarily slimmer and

lighter. Don’t be fooled!

Rather hold your horses before you

give yourself permission to indulge in

calorie dense food thinking you have

earned it.

First, understand and apply the

following 7 weight-loss principles to

maximise fat burning during and after

your ride.



Thinking you can down a sugary drink

before you ride is a rookie mistake. If

you want your body to be effective at

using up quality ‘fuel’ for your ride by

tapping into your stored fat cells, don’t

load your system with junk before you

leave. Forget the Sweet stuff and other

so called ‘sport drinks’ and replace

them with nutrient dense vegetable

juices such as beetroot and carrot.

You get great options at Food Lovers

already blended for you. Might sound

Gross, but you will get used to it – and

it works!


Did you know that your body needs water

to burn fat? So the more dehydrated you

get, the more difficult it is for your system

to convert your stored fat into fuel. To

prevent dehydration you need to drink

before you get thirsty. Now while riding

mild dehydration can happen very quickly

not only though the increased energy

demand but also thought sweating,

so sipping regularly on a balanced

electrolyte mix will keep you in fat burning










R nineT Scrambler R204,400

G 310 GS R81,400

F 750 GS R179,400

F 850 GS R188,900

F 850 GS Adventure R223,300

R 1250 GS R263,000

R 1250 GS Adventure R288,900


Multistrada 950 R207,900

Multistrada 950 S R253,200

Multistrada 1260 R232,000

Multistrada 1260 S R284,700

Multistrada 1260 Enduro R283,400

Multistrada Pikes Peak R345,300

Multistrada Grand Tour R312,900

Sixty 2 Scrambler R119,500

Icon Scrambler R144,900

Full Throttle Scrambler R172,900

Classic Scrambler R164,900

Desert Sled Scrambler R187,900

1100 Scrambler R199,900

1100 Scrambler Special R216,900

1100 Scrambler Sport R230,900


Africa Twin 1100 Manual R210,000

Africa Twin 1100 DCT R229,499

Africa Twin 1100 AS Man R236,000

Africa Twin 1100 AS ES R269,000

XR190 R49,620

XR150L R32,960

XR125L R30,000

CRF250L R74,999

CRF250 Rally R77,999

CRF110F R34,400

CRF125F R42,900

CRF250RX 19 R105,999

CRF250RX 20 R116,600

CRF250R 19 R98,900

CRF450RX 19 R110,999

CRF450RX 20 R122,100

CRF450R 19 R109,999

CRF450R 20 R121,000

TRX250TM R98,000

TRX420FA R154,999


TC50 mini R44,699

TC50 R44,699

TC65 R53,699

TC85 R66,699

TC125 R87,699

TC250 R99,699

FC450 R109,699

FC350 R113,699

FC450 R115,699

FC Rockstar 2019


TE150i R107,699

TE250i R127,699

TE300i R133,699

FE250 R127,699

FE350 R129,699

FE450 R132,699

FE501 R134,699

701 Enduro R141,699

TX125 R94,699

TX300i R123,699

FX350 R126,699

FX450 R128,699

FS450 R122,699

701 Supermoto R141,699


Versys-X 300 19 R79,995

Versys-X 300 20 R85,995

KX65 R41,995

KX85 BW R54,995

KX250 R115,995

KX450 R119,995

Brute Force 300 R74,995

Mule SX 2×4 R145,995

Mule SX 4×4 R179,995

Mule PRO-MX 4×4 R209,995

Teryx 800 ESP LE R299,995


50 SX R43,999

50 SX Mini R43,999

65 SX R52,999

85 SX R65,999

SX-E 5 R58,999

125 SX R85,999

150 SX R89,999

250 SX R97,999

250 SX-F R106,999

350 SX-F R110,999

450 SX-F R112,999

450 SX-F FE R126,999

150 XC-W TPI R104,999

250 XC TPI R121,999

250 XC-W TPI R122,999

250 EXC Six Days TPI R130,999

300 XC TPI R126,999

300 XC-W TPI R127,999

300 XC-W Six Days TPI R136,999

300 EXC TPI ERZBERG R141,999

250 XC-F R122,999

250 EXC-F R122,999

250 EXC-F Six Days R129,999

350 XC-F R124,999

350 EXC-F R124,999

350 EXC-F Six Days R133,999

50 XC-F R127,999

450 EXC-F R127,999

450 EXC-F Six Days R135,999

500 EXC-F R129,999

500 EXC-F Six Days R136,999

FREERIDE 250 F R101,999

390 Adventure R85,999

790 Adventure R181,999

790 Adventure R R194,999

790 Adventure R Rally R273,999

1290 Super Adventure S R241.999

1290 Super Adventure R R249,999

690 Enduro R R159,999

690 SMC R R159,999


V85 TT Evocative E5 R234,850

V85 TT Travel Pack R249,850


EGL Madix 250cc R38,990

EGL Madix ATV 125cc R15,999

MXR 180 - MX R24,990

STX200-Enduro R26,999

STX200-Motard R26,999

STX250 - Enduro R32,999

Thumpa 70cc R9,499

Whiz Kid 70cc R9,499

XP 125cc R11,999

XP Stomper 125cc R12,999


TF125K5 R33,550

DR200SEL5 R52,500

DL650XAMO R128,500

DL1000XAL9 R172,900

DL1050RCM0 R221,950

RM-Z250M0 R99,982

LT-F250L8 R76,950

LT-A400FM0 R131,750

LT-A750XL9 R160,700

LT-F400FM0 R131,855


SE 125 Racing 2T R99,000

SE 250 Racing 2T R129,400

SE 300 Racing 2T R132,700

SE 125 Factory 2T R109,900

SE 250 Factory 2T R137,300

SE 300 Factory 2T R137,900

SC Cross Country 125 2T R112,300

SC Cross Country 250 2T R135,400

SC Cross Country 300 2T R133,600

SE-F 250 Racing 4T R132,300

SE-F 300 Racing 4T R134,200

SE-F 450 Racing 4T R138,600

SE-F 500 Racing 4T R139,800

SE-F 250 Factory 4T R142,700

SE-F 300 Factory 4T R145,000

SE-F 450 Factory 4T R149,100

SE-F 500 Factory 4T R147,700

SE-F 455 Factory BAJA 4T R198,900

ST125 Racing R93,900

ST250 Racing R112,500

ST300 Racing R112,900

ST300 Factory R115,900

X-Ride 290 R90,700

All pricing correct as at time of publishing, but may vary due to exchange rates etc.

All pricing correct as at time of publishing, but may vary due to exchange rates etc.





SD 650T R132,572

SD 650 X R132,572

RS 300 R R111,198

RS 500 R R121,950


Tiger 800XCX R186,000

Tiger 800XCA R205,000

Tiger 900 Rally CN7 R192,000

Tiger 900 Rally Pro CS7 R215,000

Tiger 1200 XCX VN3 R226,000

Tiger 1200 XCA VS3 R260,000


PW50 R27,950

TTR50E R27,950

TTR110E R46,950

XT1200Z R209,950

XT1200ZE R239,950

YFM350 Grizzly 2x4 R114,950

YFM350 Grizzly 4x4 R124,950

YFM450 Kodiak 4x4 R149,950

YFM450 Kodiak 4x4 EPS R164,950

YFM700 Grizzly R214,950

YFM700 Grizzly SE R229,950

YFM90R R44,950

YFZ450R R179,950

YFM700 Raptor R199,950

YFM700 Raptor SE R209,950

YZ65 R66,950

YZ85 R72,950

YZ125 R84,950

YZ250 2 Stroke R99,950

YZ250F R119,950

YZ450F R134,950

YZ125X R84,950

YZ250X 2 Stroke R99,950

YZ250FX R119,950

YZ450FX R134,950

WR450F R139,950


ZT310-T R74,900

All pricing correct as at time of publishing, but may vary due to exchange rates etc.


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