Winchester Hub 2019-20 Impact Report

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Winchester Hub is a local branch of the national charity, Student Hubs. Our team of volunteers and staff work in partnership with the University of Winchester to support students to tackle social challenges, learn about issues and connect with each other. Read all about what Winchester Hub achieved in the 2019-20 academic year and how you can get involved!





Welcome to the Winchester Hub

2019-20 Impact Report, an

opportunity to showcase and

celebrate our students and their

fantastic work within our local

community, while providing a

space to reflect on the future

direction of Winchester Hub.

This year, Winchester Hub has

seen change and growth at an

unprecedented pace. We have

been able to pilot our successful

Social Innovation Programme

(SIP) which saw students come

together to help local

organisations find innovative

solutions to complex problems. A

programme that came into its own

during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also saw our long-term

volunteering projects LinkAges,

Schools Plus, and Woolly Matters

partner with new members in our

community and Youth Theatre

reach even more young people.

Further, we saw the funding and

generation of 3 new social

enterprise ideas from Winchester

University students.

Our student committee continued

to show their passion and hard

work, running training sessions

and adapting events to new online

formats in light of lockdown.

Importantly, they carried out their

roles with wellbeing at the

forefront, making conscious

efforts to check in with each other

and create a supportive

environment where all volunteers

can thrive.

Now, more than ever, the support

that our volunteers and staff have

extended to our community, and

the extent to which we have all

adapted to change, has shown

the importance of social action

and compassion in flourishing


Why is this important?

At Winchester Hub, we believe

that students have the power and

potential to shape a better world.

Through connecting them to

social action opportunities while at

University, they have the

opportunity to foster a passion for

social action that will lead to them

being active citizens for life.

We provide long-term

volunteering, skilled placements,

and incubation work for students

to get involved in. Not only does

this help the students but also our

local communities, creating a

double benefit where both can

generate positive change.

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

Our Achievements

This year we had


Students who engaged in social action



Beneficiaries across

Winchester, Eastleigh, Fair

Oak and Basingstoke


Students attended events or training

with Winchester Hub to learn about

social and/or environmental issues


Total hours volunteered through our



Would agree that being involved in

Winchester Hub improved their

University experience

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

Schools Plus is our tutoring programme

that is designed to tackle educational

disadvantage. We currently run out of

Winchester, Eastleigh and Basingstoke.

This year we developed new relationships

with Stanmore Primary School, as well as

starting projects such as an after school

football club.

"Seeing how much children

increased in confidence and

ability from my support was


- Cait, Schools+ Volunteer

As we face a future where visitation to

schools will be limited, we have put plans

in place to adapt this programme. At least

for the first part of the year, we will now be

producing workbooks for children to do at

home as well as offering online mentoring

and recorded lesson content.

The Impact

45 volunteers

10 community projects

Over 500 children benefited

81% agreed that had learnt more about a social issue

"I feel happy that by doing this I am now really

confident that teaching is the right career for

me. This has therefore been invaluable for me."

- Ben, Schools+ Volunteer

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

LinkAges is our project that helps combat

elderly isolation through intergenerational


This year saw even more projects be set up,

including a gym buddy scheme at River Park

Leisure. This is alongside our continuing

activities such as our annual Tea Party.

"The support and friendship

the volunteers have given to

the Residents at General

Johnson Court has been a

pleasure to observe."

- Amber, General Johnson

During lockdown, we ensured that the elderly were

not forgotten. We set up pen pal schemes where

students could write to the elderly having to shield

in care homes.

The Impact

"For people with high

levels of care needed,

community support is

invaluable. I can see in

their face they are

happy when I talk to


36 Volunteers

9 Projects

Over 200 elderly

residents benefited

- Taqwa, LinkAges


93% agreed LinkAges

increased their confidence

when facing challenges

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

Youth Theatre provides free theatre

workshops for children aged 7-14.

This year saw them get even more


In semester one, the children were

tasked to create their own

characters for their own very own


The volunteers and children also

worked towards a performance of

Peter Pan in semester two. Although

cancelled due to lockdown, the

children managed to do a dress

rehearsal and hope to resume soon

to put on a great performance.

"I enjoy working with the

children and seeing the

progress that they have

made... Although I am

supervising the sessions I

think I have more fun!"

- Youth Theatre Volunteer

The Impact

7 Volunteers

7-16 children at each session

80% agreed they are more

likely to tackle social issues

in future

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

Woolly Matters knits for social change,

creating various items to help challenge a

social issue.

"It was relaxing and

therapeutic, and it makes

you feel good as in a

way you are both doing

something positive for

yourself and others."

- Thea, Woolly Matters


This year saw Woolly Matters go

out into the community! Running

knitting workshops with elderly

residents at Brendoncare care


They also got together to knit

clothes for the homeless at Trinity

Homeless Shelter at Christmas,

'Bobby buddies' to help with

children at police stations, and

socks and toys for the children's

unit at the County Hospital.

The Impact

15 Volunteers

3 Projects

100% agreed Woolly Matters

enahnced their wellbeing

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

This year we launched the Social

Innovation Programme (SIP), a sixweek

student consultancy course

where students work with social

impact organisations and mentors

from IBM to come up with innovative

solutions to problems they are

experiencing. They conduct both

primary and secondary research,

alongside training sessions to

develop their professional skills.

Thanks to extra funding from the

University of Winchester, we were

able to run a summer cohort of SIP

specifically to help social

organisations with COVID-19 related

issues. This included how to make

online spaces accessible to those

with learning needs and how to use

a space alongside COVID-19

government regulations.

This year we worked with:

Winnall Rock School


Age Concern Hampshire

Child Health International

St. Johns Winchester

Winchester GoLD

Wickham Community Centre

Wessex Green Hub

Compassionate Cuppa

"It gave me a chance to

look at my own ways of

working and change... it

also help[ed] me share

the skills I have."

- Michael, SIP participant

The Impact

48 SIP participants

9 partner social impact


7 IBM mentors

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

Incubation - Social Enterprise

"I enjoyed going on the tour,

seeing various social

enterprises to see what

exactly they do and how

they advocate themselves

to the community."

- Melissa, Pioneer student

Through our incubation work, we

support students who have new ideas

for projects or social enterprises that

tackle social and/or environmental


In first semester we saw 10 students

join our Pioneer programme, learning

about social enterprises and visiting

local social enterprises in Winchester

to meet entrepreneurs.

As part of this course, students also

had the chance to go to the University

of Portsmouth to compete in the

annual Dynamo challenge, working in

teams with students across the South

Coast and Portsmouth FC on issues

such as plastic pollution at matches

and attendance to women's football


Finally, we saw three students

awarded up to £500 for new social

enterprise ideas including: a

vegetarian bakery; that benefits

rescued animals; a production

company that hires people with mental

health needs; and a clothes company

that provides activities to improve

mental health.

The Impact

7 students competing at


10 Pioneer participants

3 Try it Award recipients

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

Give it a Go

Give it a Go (GIAG) is our one

off volunteering intiative,

designed for those who want to

volunteer but do not have the

time for our more regular


This year saw volunteers get

stuck in to a range of

opportunities including: litter

picking, river cleaning,

hedgehog house building, tree

planting and serving lunches to

the elderly.

During lockdown we also saw

individuals get creative, knitting

baby boots for premature

babies at the County Hospital

and hearts for elderly residents

in isolation.

"I've helped to make

a difference (no

matter how small)

within the


- Bethany, GIAG


The Impact

72 One-off volunteers

Over 5 partners for

one off events

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

Student Committee

Our student committee is responsible for helping with our

recruitment, daily runnings, and development of our various

volunteering projects. This year saw 15 passionate students

flex their leadership skills and help make our projects a


"Winchester Hub is a great

way for students to get

involved in the local

community while doing

something fun, I love how

we are able to bring

students together to help

the wider community."


Lydia, Woolly Matters


As well as helping us reach such high

volunteer numbers, our committee ran

various training and events for students

throughout the year. This included

trainings on Autism Awareness and

Single Use Plastics. Furthermore, they

ran fun events such as halloween face

painting, Christmas card making, and a

Christmas fayre. Once lockdown

happened, they remained enthusiastic

and passionate - moving planned events

such as a dance-a-thon onto an online

platform where they managed to raise

over £400!

"Being on the Hub committee

has given me a chance to

explore and hone in those

transferable skills that

employers will be looking for. I

have been given the space to

receive coaching, training

and advice in areas

comfortable to my own

interests while advancing in

my knowledge of professional

skills and situations."

- Aaron, Committee Co-President

A massive thank you to our wonderful committee!

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

And the rest!

Alongside our established projects,

Winchester Hub continues to be involved in

local activities and events that celebrates

volunteers and supports the community.

We ran Project SOUP twice this year,

gathering local surplus food from

supermarkets to make soup to sell,

fundraising while educating on food waste.

Students worked alongside the wonderful

University of Winchester catering team to

cook soup from scratch. We engaged over

100 people across our two events. We also

donated soup to Trinity Homeless Shelter,

adding even more community benefit.

What's Next?

As we enter the new academic year the

landscape in which we operate has never

been so challenging or uncertain. However,

we aim to face these challenges head on,

creating online opportunities for students to

continue to generate change in their local

communities, tackling social and

environmental issues.

We were also fortunate enough to work

with Sam Jenkins, the University, and

Students' Union to run the Champions

Awards for the second year in a row.

The event saw Winchester Hub volunteers

take home

Student Change-Agent Champion,

Creative Volunteering Champion,

Environmental Volunteering Champion

Awareness Raising Champion.

The current situation, though at times

daunting, has shown the compassion and

speed at which people respond to

communities in need. We have no doubt that

we will see another year full of student

leaders who are passionate and innovative

in generating a better future.

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.


Strategic Partners

University of Winchester Senior Management


University of Winchester Student Engagement

and Employability Department

Winchester Students' Union

Advisory Board

Liz Stuart

Tom Lowe

Nina Lazarski

Naomi Irving

Kate Adams

Mark Baker

Savannah King

Lauren Smith-Birch

Megan Ball

Sarah Louise Collins

Phil Dent

Barry Harwood

Special thanks to

University of Winchester Catering Team

Bruce White, Community First

Chloe Davanna, Winchester City Council

Cllr Jamie Scott

Bespoke Biking

Community Partners

Jonathan Mutton, Weeke Community Centre

Jo Clements, Harestock Primary School

Katy Layley, Fair Oak Junior School

Sharon Taylor. Stanmore Primary School

Kim Hawker, Basingstoke Library

Victoria Duffell, Eastleigh Library

Flavia Baretto, Brendoncare

Monica Gill, Hyde Gate

Louise Murkin, Sunrise Care Home

Amber Davies, General Johnson Court

Ashley Miles, Riverside Leisure Centre

Michelle Leverdier, Matilda Place

Frankie & Nikki, Action Hampshire

Tina Willoughby and our mentors at IBM

Michelle Savoy, Winnall Community Centre

Neal Allison, Osborne

Student Committee

Aaron Lee

Alice Jarvis

Kieran Morris

Charlotte Williams

Lydia Furgeson

Sam Jenkins

Rosanna Foster

Alexa Luga

Summer Bramall

Carmen McKenna Sandin

Hannah Wright

Bethany Hocking

Feyi Ogungbayi

Lucy Taylor

Steve Hallet

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

Want to be involved with us this year?

We are always looking for new partners!

Please contact Hub Manager, Liz Alcock at

Winchester Hub is a branch of Student Hubs, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1122328.

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