Nebraska Yearbook - September 2020







NNA Mission and Core Priorites ....................................................................... 3

NNA Board of Directors and Committee List. ............................................................. 5

Annual Membership Meeting Agenda. .................................................................. 9

Standing Rules ................................................................................... 11

Board of Directors Reports

President’s Report. ................................................................................ 13

Vice Presidents Report ............................................................................. 15

Secretary’s Report. ................................................................................ 15

Treasurer’s Report: 2019 Budget report, 2020 Budget. ..................................................... 16

Committee Reports

Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee. ...................................................... 23

Nursing Professional Development Committee ........................................................... 27

Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee. ....................................................... 29

2020 NNA Slate of Candidates ....................................................................... 31

Mutual Interest Groups

NNA MIG Region 4. ............................................................................... 32

NNA MIG Region 3. ............................................................................... 33

NNA MIG Region 2. ............................................................................... 34

NNA MIG Region 1. ............................................................................... 34

Other Reports

Nebraska Nurses Foundation. ........................................................................ 35

ANA Membership Assembly. ........................................................................ 37

NNA-PAC. ...................................................................................... 38

NNA State Director. ............................................................................... 39

MWMSD CEO. ................................................................................... 41

MWMSD Continuing Ed ............................................................................ 42

NNA Affiliate Reports

Nebraska Nurse Practitioners (NNP). ................................................................... 43

Nebraska School Nurses Association (NSNA). ............................................................ 45

Map of NNA Regions .............................................................................. 47

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October 21, 2020 | 1

NNA Mission, Vision, and Core Priorities

Established in 1906, the Nebraska Nurses Association is a membership organization that engages in legislative

advocacy, education, and professional development. Although NNA does not engage in individual workplace

advocacy, NNA works holistically to support the profession of nursing.


Nebraska Nurses advancing our profession to improve health for all.


Nebraska Nurses Association will be a proactive voice for nurses and an advocate for health for all.

Core Priorities

C – Collaboration

A – Advocacy

R – Recognition

E – Education

October 21, 2020 | 3

4 | NNA Annual Meeting

2020 NNA Board of Directors and Committee List

Board of Directors




Kari Wade, Ed.D, MSN, RN, CNE

Professional Educator - Staff Development/Nurse


Karen Morgan, MSN, Med, BA, BSN, RN

(2nd term 2019-2020)

Jenna Hohenfeldt RN, CRRN (1st term 2020-2021)

Katie Messner, MSN, APRN-NP (2nd term 2019-2020)

Vice President

Echo Koehler, DNP, RN


Brodi Willard, BSN, RN-BC


Cathy Smith, MSN, RN, CRRN, CBIS

Chair, Legislative Advocacy and

Representation Committee

Denise Waterfield, MEd, BSN, RN

Chair, Governance Finance and

Membership Committee

Ashton Gerken, MSN, RN

Chair, Nursing Professional Development


Michelle Johnson PhD, RN

NNA Staff

State Director

Kim Houtwed, MBA, BSN, RN

NNA Lobbyist

Don Wesely

O’Hara Lindsay Government Relations

Nursing Professional Development

Committee (NPDC)

Nursing Practice

Ann Lif, MSN RN, CWOCN (1st term 2019-2020)

Wendie Nash BSN, RN, CRRN (1st term 2020-2021)

Stephanie Vodicka, BSN, RN (1st term 2020-2021)

Nursing Faculty

Michelle Johnson, PhD, RN (2nd term 2020-2021)

Jacy Henk, MSN, BSN, RN (2nd term 2019-2020)

Julie Skrabal, EdD, RN, CNE (1st term 2019-2020)

Legislative Advocacy and

Representation Committee (LARC)

Region 1

Jordan Colwell, DBA, RN (2nd term 2019-2020)

Ben Garcia, BSN, RN (2nd term 2020-2021)

Region 2

Denise Waterford, MEd, BSN, RN (1st term 2019-2020)

Rita Weber RN, MSN (1st term 2020-2021)

Region 3

Niki Eisenman, PhD-c MSN, RN (2nd term 2019-2020)

Libby Lewandowski MSN-E, RN (1st term 2020-2021)

Region 4

Linda Jensen, PhD, MN, RN (2nd term 2019-2020)

Lin Hughes, PhD, MS, BSN, RN, CNE

(2nd term 2020-2021)


Megan Rokusek, BSN, RN (1st term 2019-2020)

Alison Nelson MSN, BSN, CCRN (1st term 2020-2021)

Governance, Finance, and

Membership Committee (GFMC)

Clinical Practice/Staff Nurse

Ashton Gerken, MSN, RN (1st term 2019-2020)

Tonja Frank, BSN, RN (2nd term 2020-2021)

Nursing Faculty

Margo Minnich, DNP, RN (2nd term 2019-2020)

Nursing Management/Administration

Lisa Cantrell, MSN, BA, RN (2nd term 2020-2021)


Savannah Henn, RN (2nd term 2020-2021)

Sharon Masoner, BSN, RN (1st term 2019-2020)


Jan Tubbs, MSN, MS, BS, RN (2nd term 2019-2020)


October 21, 2020 | 5




Nurse Surveyors play an integral role, through regular and

unscheduled surveys at health care facilities throughout Nebraska, in

assuring safety for Nebraskans who access health care services.

The State of Nebraska is looking for nurses to join our survey teams.

For more information about job opportunities, duties, qualifications

and how to apply for a Nursing Services Surveyor Consultant (RNs) or

a Health Facilities Surveyor Consultant (RNs or LPNs) position, please

visit DHHS.NE.GOV - and click on “Nebraska DHHS jobs” to find

current openings.


6 | NNA Annual Meeting

Appointed Past NNA Officer

Anna Mackevicius, BSN, RN, PMP (1st term 2019-2020)

Midwest Multi-State Division

Board of Directors


Terry Reece, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Vice President

Jan Kemmerer, BSN, RN


Anna Mackevicius, BSN, RN, PMP


Chief Executive Officer

Jill Kliethermes, MSN, RN, FNP-BC

Communications and Graphic Design

Travis Gallup, Manager


Karen Harris, Director

Events Planner

Teri Longley, Assistant

Administrative Coordinator

Becky Kniest

Continuing Education Staff

Sara Fry, BS

Director of Professional Development

Judi Dunn, MS, CPP, RN-BC

Nurse Peer Review Leader

Carol Walker, BSN, RN

Nurse Planner & Nurse Peer Reviewer

October 21, 2020 | 7




Undetectable = Untransmittable

Educating patients about the value of treatment as prevention can help them manage their

HIV. Engaging patients in routine, brief conversations about treatment as prevention can also

help health care providers become more familiar with each patient, including their adherence

and transmission risk.

Tools from CDC can help foster discussions between providers and patients about HIV

care, and prevention.

Learn more at:|

Health care providers who treat patients with HIV have an important role in supporting HIV prevention.

Because a patient’s needs may change over time, health care providers should engage patients in brief

conversations at every visit to discuss the prevention steps the patient is taking.

Taking antiretroviral therapy (ART) to achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load enables patients with

HIV to stay healthy. It also helps prevent transmission to others, which is known as treatment as prevention.

Three landmark studies have shown that treatment

prevents sexual transmission of HIV.

Across all three studies, there were no linked HIV transmissions observed between mixed-HIV-status

partners when the partner with HIV was virally suppressed (defined in these studies as having a plasma HIV

RNA viral load less than either 200 or 400 copies/mL).

1. Cohen MS, Chen YQ, McCauley M, et al. Prevention of HIV-1 infection with early antiretroviral therapy. N Engl J Med. Aug 11


2. Cohen MS, Chen YQ, McCauley M, et al. Antiretroviral therapy for the prevention of HIV-1 transmission. N Engl J Med. 2016;375:830-9.

3. Rodger AJ, Cambiano V, Bruun T, et al. Sexual activity without condoms and risk of HIV transmission in serodifferent couples when

the HIV-positive partner is using suppressive antiretroviral therapy. JAMA 2016;316(2):171-81.

4. Bavinton B, Grinsztejh B, Phanuphak N, et al. HIV treatment prevents HIV transmission in male serodiscordant couples in Australia,

Thailand and Brazil. Presented at the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017), Paris, France; July 25, 2017.


Annual Membership Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Presentation of Agenda

Proposed Standing Rules


Board of Directors’ Reports

• President’s Address

• Vice President Report

• Secretary Report

• Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports

• Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee (LARC)

Committee Report

Legislative Platform

• Nursing Professional Development Committee (NPDC)

Committee Report

• Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee (GFMC)

Committee Report

2020 NNA Slate of Candidates

• MIG Reports

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

Other Reports

Nebraska Nurses Foundation

• ANA Membership Assembly


• State Director

• Multi-State Division - CEO Report

• Multi-State Division – CE Approver Unit

Organizational Affiliates

Nebraska Nurse Practitioners

Nebraska School Nurses

Discussion/Action Items

• Nominations from the floor

• Candidate Forum - each candidate will have 3 minutes



Installation of New NNA President- Dr. Kari Wade

Closing Remarks

October 21, 2020 | 9

Nancy R. Wynner Attorney at Law

Straight talk and sound advice in

administrative license matters including:

• Defense Against Disciplinary Action

• License Reinstatement

575 Fallbrook Blvd., Suite 100

Lincoln, Nebraska 68521

(402) 438-2500

10 | NNA Annual Meeting

Proposed Standing Rules

Rule 1

All NNA members and guests will be admitted to the Annual Membership Meeting. Each member will be identified

with a name badge ribbon (NNA Member).

Rule 2

To speak a NNA member or guest will rise, address the chair (President), giving name, and upon recognition may


Rule 3

NNA members will have two (2) minutes to speak on each topic and may not speak in debate more than twice on

the same question or topic on the same day or longer than three (3) minutes. Guests will have one (1) minute to

speak on each topic and may not speak more than once on the same question or topic on the same day or longer

than one minute.

Rule 4

Suggested amendments to presented ballot items will be in writing and shall be sent to the Chair immediately

following presentation of the amendment.

Rule 5

Business interrupted by a recess of the meeting shall be resumed at the next meeting at the point where it was


Rule 6

Consensus on amendments to ballot items will be reached through a voice vote of members in attendance. Guests

may not vote on consensus polls.

Rule 7

Additional self-nominations for NNA Board Officers, ANA Representative, and/or Committees must be received

before 5:00pm on the day preceding the Annual Membership Meeting (Wednesday, October 3, 2018) and must

include a Leadership Profile.

Rule 8

Voters unable to rise will be provided with a voting card consistent with the ADA.

NNA Bylaws reference regarding the Standing Rules:


Standing Rules may be amended at the Annual Membership Meeting by a majority vote by those present and voting

without previous notice.

October 21, 2020 | 11

Kearney Regional Medical

Center is a rapidly growing

organization that values

patient care and community

involvement. We are

dedicated to improving the

health of our patients by

delivering expert medical

care that is patient focused,

community inspired, physician

driven and cost effective.











Visit us at

for a full list of open positions.

804 22nd Avenue Kearney, NE 308-455-3600

Come make a difference

and Join our Family.

We are hiring!


Contact our HR Director

for more information:

We look forward to hearing from you!

12 | NNA Annual Meeting


President’s Report


As my time as NNA President comes to an end, I want to reflect on the work of this organization. NNA has been

consistently present for the nurses of Nebraska. Our ability to be problem solvers in times of crisis has been highlighted

by COVID-19. Thank you to the NNA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs. Thank you to the NNA Committee

members. Thank you to the NNA members, and the LARGEST Thank You to our outstanding State Director, Kim

Houtwed. Without your constant presence, this organization would not be where it is today. I have enjoyed my time

as President of the NNA and thank you all for your hard work as nurses. Thank you for your ability to continue to

move the organization forward and thank you for the opportunity to lead such an amazing group. Best of luck to the

newest NNA President, Kari Wade, and the outstanding group of NNA leaders. The organization is in excellent hands

and will continue to advocate for nursing excellence in Nebraska.

Board of Directors

Every NNA Board of Directors meeting had a quorum, which I know is an amazing feat with our busy lives outside

of professional organizations. The commitment of the BOD to be knowledgeable and engaged with the business of

the organization made the meetings enjoyable and productive.


Legislative, Advocacy, and Representation Committee

The LARC committee reviewed each of the 2020 legislative bills and provided guidance on the topics affecting the

nurses of Nebraska. Thank you to committee chair Denise Waterfield and the rest of the committee for all the hard

work. Also, a very HUGE and special thank you to Don Wesley. Without your expertise and guidance, we would be

years behind in our professional advocacy journey.

Nursing Professional Development Committee

NPDC upheld the professional development of the state with event proposals, scholarship applications, award

nominations, and hall of fame inductees. Thank you to committee chair Michelle Johnson and the rest of the

committee for keeping Nebraska professional.

Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee

The GFMC has once again pulled together an outstanding slate of candidates for this year’s annual ballot. The GFMC

works diligently to keep NNA on a forward journey with membership recruitment and retention while also keeping a

focused eye on our financial requirements. Thank you to committee chair Ashton Gerken and all committee members

for their continued work for the organization.

October 21, 2020 | 13

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That’s who we are!

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Visit our website at

for career opportunities

– or contact –

Megan Becklun,


102 W 9th St, Neligh NE 68756

402-887-6397 (Fax)

Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6 & Sat 10-4

409 N. Broadwell, Av.

Grand Island, NE 68803

Call (308) 384-1286


$10 OFF


(Excl Littmans) One per customer



We offer PT, OT, ST and

have a memory care

unit, an assisted living

staffed 24 hours


14 | NNA Annual Meeting

NNA MIG Oversight Committee

All MIG applications were approved in November, 2019.


Vice President’s Report

Jodi A Nelson, MSN, RN

MIG Oversight Committee Chair

The Mutual Interest Groups (MIG) across Nebraska had some great events planned for 2019-2020 but many were

cancelled due to COVID. The groups are working on how to still hold events but in a safe manner. Nebraska Nurses

Association members can be involved in MIGs as a member of the committee or can join any event the MIG sponsors.

Please contact your closest MIG if you have ideas of events or want to get involved.

The Tri-City MIG’s chair, Denise Waibel-Rycek retired from the committee and has been replaced by Stephanie Burg.

The Geriatric MIG chair resigned her position. That MIG remains inactive. If anyone is interested in chairing the MIG,

let Kim, Douglass, or Jodi know. A new MIG is being explored which would be made up of past NNA presidents.

In an effort to save money, the MIGs are funneling all questions through the State Director, Kim Houtwed and she

will involve the MDS when necessary. Another change implemented to save money is to switch the journal clubs to

non-peer reviewed continuing education events. These can be planned between the MIG and Kim.

2020-2021 MIG applications are due October 1.

Secretary’s Report

Brodi Willard, BSN, RN-BC

As the NNA Secretary, it is my duty to take accurate and precise minutes for all of the meetings. It is important that

the minutes maintain an exact record of what has occurred and what the board has voted on to change because

it affects all NNA members. It is also important that the minutes document all of the communication that has

occurred between members at the meeting so that there are no misconceptions. I would like to thank my fellow

NNA members for voting me onto such an amazing board. I would like to thank the Board of Directors for such an

amazing year. I have truly enjoyed learning about the inner workings of the NNA. It is so wonderful to be a part of

an organization that cares so much for its members. I especially enjoyed learning about the upcoming bills and how

they really impacted nurses. It motivated me to talk about these important issues with my coworkers so they would

understand what was going on as well. I always looked forward to our meetings because all the board members

were so supportive with every topic we discussed. I am excited to see what the upcoming year has to offer.

October 21, 2020 | 15


Treasurer’s Report

16 | NNA Annual Meeting


October 21, 2020 | 17

18 | NNA Annual Meeting



October 21, 2020 | 19

20 | NNA Annual Meeting



October 21, 2020 | 21

Access electronic copies of the

Nebraska Nurse at

22 | NNA Annual Meeting


Legislative, Advocacy, and Representation Committee

(LARC), 2020 Annual Report

Denise Waterfield, MEd, BSN, RN, Chair

Nurses have a responsibility to educate the public and legislators on issues that impact the health of Nebraskans

and our communities. The NNA has an established legislative platform to support registered nurses, RN and APRN

scopes of practice, the future of nursing, and health care access. Based on these priorities, the 2020 NNA Legislative,

Advocacy, and Representation Committee prioritized the following bills during the 106th Nebraska Unicameral

Legislature Session. Special thanks are given to Don Wesely and O’Hara Lindsay Government Relations, NNA President

Douglass Haas, and NNA State Director Kim Houtwed for their support, advice, and action during the 2020 session.

The following is a compilation of the prioritized bills:

Bill Position LARC Action Description/Activity





offered at hearing on


Surgical Technologist Registration Act would require

technologists to register with DHHS. Supervision and

oversite of the registry would be provided by the Board

of Medicine.

Indefinitely postponed




Eliminate an exception to the Medicaid preferred drug


Indefinitely postponed





offered at hearing on


Change (repeal) helmet provisions for autocycles,

motorcycles, and mopeds. Amended to require 16

years or older be a mandatory organ donor.

Indefinitely postponed




Establishes a task force to facilitate the Medicaid

Expansion Implementation process and report annually

to Legislature.

Indefinitely postponed





offered at hearing on


Requires all new school vehicles to have three-point

safety belts for all occupants. School boards can opt

out for financial reasons

Indefinitely postponed




Written testimony


Establish private room to express milk in State Capitol.

Indefinitely postponed

October 21, 2020 | 23






offered at hearing on


Change, transfer, and eliminate provisions relating to

advanced practice registered nurses.

Bill creates consensus language for APRN practice acts.

Indefinitely postponed




Written testimony


Provide for insurance coverage of epinephrine


Indefinitely postponed



Support after


Provisions worked on

with the NMA

Provide an exemption from licensure under the

Medicine and Surgery Practice Act

Amended into LB 783 (Update definition of

Ambulatory Surgery Center)

LB 783 advanced to second round of debate on a vote

of 42-0 on 7/23/20

Approved by Governor on 8/10/20



Support after


Testimony offered at

hearing on 2/13/20

Change provisions relating to emergency care

providers and provide for community paramedicine

and critical care paramedics

Amended into LB 1002 (AM 2774); LB 1002 advanced

to second round of debate on a vote of 43-0 on


Passed on Final Reading on 8/11/20





Support 1/29/20

Letter of Support

Support 2/18/20

Letter of Support

Presented to Governor on 8/11/20

Change provisions relating to eligibility for medical


Indefinitely postponed

Limit the amount an insured individual pays for

prescription insulin drugs



Indefinitely postponed

Support Letter of Support Require suicide prevention phone numbers on student

identification cards

Indefinitely postponed

24 | NNA Annual Meeting




Support 1/30/20

Letter of Support

Change provisions regarding the preferred drug list

under the Medical Assistance Act

Advanced to Enrollment and Review 7/22/20 Passed on

Final Reading 47-0-2 on 8/3/20





Support 2/6/20

Letter of Support

Support 2/3/20

Letter of Support

Approved by Governor on 8/11/20

Change provisions relating to payment for sexual

assault forensic examinations

Indefinitely postponed

Change provisions relating to the sale of tobacco

products, electronic nicotine delivery systems, and

alternative nicotine products

Indefinitely postponed

LARC was monitoring several bills of which LB 43 (Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act) and LB 247 (Advance

Mental Health Care Directives Act) were signed by the Governor. LB 518 (Trafficking Survivors Act) was presented

to the Governor on 8/12/20.

LARC also participated as monitors and reviewers with several other healthcare associations. At the request of The

Nebraska State Athletic Trainers’ Association, LARC provided supportive feedback of their Credentialing Review.

Also, Rita Weber represented LARC and NNA at the first meeting of the APRN Technical Review Committee on July

30, 2020.


Denise Waterfield – Chair (Region 2)

Rita Weber – Co-Chair (Region 2)

Niki Eisenmann (Region 3)

Ben Garcia (Region 1)

Linda Jensen (Region 4)

Alison Nelson (At-Large)

Megan Rokusek (At-Large)

Lin Hughes (Region 4)

Mary Nutzman (Region 3)

Jordan Colwell (Region 1)

October 21, 2020 | 25

can point you right to that perfect


Free to Nurses

Privacy Assured

Easy to Use

E-mailed Job Leads

26 | NNA Annual Meeting


Nursing Professional Development Committee (NPDC)

Committee Members:

Katie Messner (Past Chair) – Professional Educator

Jenna Hohenfeldt – Professor Educator

Karen Morgan – Professional Educator

Ann Lif (Secretary) – Nursing Practice

Wendie Nash – Nursing Practice

Stephanie Vodicka – Nursing Practice

Julie Skrabal – Nursing Faculty

Jacy Henk – Nursing Faculty

Michelle L. Johnson, PhD, RN

NPDC Chair

The core priorities of the NNA are Collaboration, Advocacy, Recognition, and Education. Together they form the

acronym C.A.R.E. This year the NPDC members have been upholding the core priorities and demonstrating C.A.R.E.

as a way to advocate for Nebraska nurses and recognize their accomplishments. One way the NPDC is an advocate for

Nebraska nurses’ voices to be heard is through the peer-review process of articles submitted to the Nebraska Nurse

magazine. This year, the NPDC members revised the process for reviewing the articles. The first revision was to blind

the articles before member review. The second revision was to the rubric the committee members use to evaluate

the articles and provide recommendations to authors, when needed. The last revision was to the author guidelines,

which are listed in the current edition of the Nebraska Nurse. Additionally, the NPDC reviewed the applications for

the 2019 NNA awards and scholarships that were announced at the annual NNA/NNP Joint Conference held October

2-4, 2019 in Kearney. I have enjoyed working with this dynamic group of Nebraska nurses! I wish to thank you all for

your time and collaboration in completing this year’s work.


The NPDC was honored to award two recipients with the following 2019 awards as recognition of their contribution

to the nursing profession.

Extraordinary Achievement in Nursing: Teri Tipton-Bruening, MSN, RN-BC, CNE

Outstanding Nurse Educator: Jodi Nelson, MSN, RN


NNA and the NPDC wishes to thank the Arthur L. Davis Publishing Agency, Inc. and Jacy Henk and her family for

their generous donations to support Nebraska nurses and student nurses pursuing their educational achievements.

In 2019, the NPDC was honored to award the following scholarships.

Arthur L. Davis Publishing: Wendi Hauffle & Adeline Hand

Gail Graham: Denise Waterfield

Hall of Fame Induction: Marilyn Valerio, PhD, RN

The NPDC was honored to induct Dr. Valerio into NNA’s Hall of Fame based on her legacy of dedication to the nursing

profession, and more specifically to nursing education. Thank you, Dr. Valerio, for your work in nursing education and

the difference you have made in many lives.

October 21, 2020 | 27



Unfortunately, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many of the events originally planned for the year were

cancelled. The one Omaha MIG event to take place was the Omaha Metro Area Nurses Fun Run/Walk which was

held virtually on September 12, 2020.

2020 Nurses Day at the Legislature: “Nurses 20/20 Vision for Today and Tomorrow” was held in-person February

26, 2020 at the Cornhusker Marriott in Lincoln.


The annual NNA Conference will be held virtually due to COVID-19 in 2020. Conference presentations will be available

October 10-November 10 on-demand virtually and the Annual Membership Meeting will be held live virtually on

October 21.

28 | NNA Annual Meeting


Governance, Finance and Membership Committee (GFMC)

Ashton Gerken MSN, RN – Chair of GFMC

Governance, Finance and Membership Committee: Ashton Gerken MSN, RN GFMC Chair (Staff Nurse), Savannah

Henn, RN GFMC Co-Chair (Rural)

Committee Members: Cathy Smith (Treasurer), Tonja Frank (Staff Nurse) Lisa Cantrell (Nursing Management), Sharon

Masoner (Rural), Margo Minnich (Nursing Faculty), Jan Tubbs (Urban), Past NNA Officer Anna Mackevicius (President

Ex-officio), Douglass Hass (President), Kim Houtwed (State Director, Urban (Open)

Membership Recruitment and Retention Strategies

• We did increase membership in Nebraska by 8% by adding 44 members from last year. The committee

will continue to look for trends in the coming months, especially during the uncertain times of being in a

pandemic. We are currently at 1288 members as of June 30, 2020.

• We will continue recruitment and retention plans by talking about ideas of how we can engage members and

recruit more Nebraska Nurses.

Nebraska Nurse article submissions were started, in which current NNA members answer questions and

all of the Nebraska Nurses throughout the state can learn more of what it’s like to be an NNA member.

Articles were submitted to the Nebraska Nurse and Nursing network on updates from GFMC and how

Nebraska Nurses can help take action during these uncertain times.

The committee will continue to focus on recruitment of newly graduating nurses and minority nurses

across the state of Nebraska. The committee members will bring more ideas forward to the board in the

near future.

2020 NNA Slate of Candidates and Election Processes

• Candidates for NNA positions were recruited and validated as eligible to be placed on the ballot. From July

through September 1, 2020 we will work to fill these open positions. Will send out an updated email for open

positions/ needs the committee and board need. Will give update during the convention.

• Openings on slate are as follows:

Board needs

- President Elect

- Treasurer

Legislative, Advocacy and Representation Committee (LARC) needs

- LARC Region 1

- LARC Region 2

- LARC Region 3

- LARC Region 4

- LARC – At Large

Nursing Professional Development Committee (NPDC) needs

- NPDC – Nursing Practice

- NPDC – Nursing Faculty

- NPDC – Nursing Faculty

- NPDC- Professional Educator

- NPDC – Professional Educator

Governance, Finance and Membership Committee (GFMC) needs

- GFMC – Nursing Practice Staff Nurse

- GFMC – Nursing Faculty

- GFMC- Rural

October 21, 2020 | 29


- GFMC – Urban

- GFMC – Urban

- GFMC – Past NNA officer

NNA Representative to ANA

- NNA Representative to ANA MA

- NNA Representative to ANA MA alternate

Bylaw Revisions and Proposals

• Only minor grammatical edits were made to the bylaws this year. Nothing that requires a vote from NNA



• Reviewed Drafted 2020 budget and gave feedback to NNA Board

• Reviewed the Financial report Profit & Loss Budget for trends related to membership

30 | NNA Annual Meeting


2020 Nebraska Nurses Association Slate of Candidates

Terms of Office: January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2022

Board of Directors

President Elect


Legislative Advocacy and Representation Committee

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4


Nursing Professional Development Committee

Nursing Practice

Nursing Faculty

Nursing Faculty

Professional Educator

Professional Educator

Governance, Finance, and Membership Committee

Nursing Practice Staff Nurse

Nursing Faculty



October 21, 2020 | 31


Omaha Metro Area Mutual Interest Group Annual Report

Anna Mackevicius, BSN, RN, PMP

Chair, Omaha Metro Area Mutual Interest Group

The on-going effects of the COVID-19 virus has, of course, changed the events planned by Omaha Metro Area

Nurses Mutual Interest Group of the Nebraska Nurses Association this year. Our venue vendors have been very

understanding and not required the cancellation fees. While many of our events were cancelled, we were able to

change our annual 5K Run/Walk to a virtual format. Our planning group has turned its attention to 2021 and looking

for ways to re-invent contact and engagement while still meeting the goals and objectives of the event. More virtual

meetings are likely. We are planning a couple of virtual meetings just to say “Hi!” Remember, all area nurses are

welcome at any of our events.

Student Leaders Recognition

This event was cancelled for 2020. There was no financial impact of the cancellation. The planning members for this

event, led by Beth Flott Assistant Professor at Creighton University College of Nursing, have turned their attention to

the 2021 event. The date and location/format (in-person vs virtual) has not been determined.

Celebrate Nursing! and Positive Image of Nursing Breakfast

Sadly, this event was also cancelled. Our venue did not require contract cancellation fees; however the deposit

($1,000) was forfeited. However, nominations for the Positive Image of Nursing recognition awards were accepted and

encouraged. We awarded 121 Positive Image of Nursing honorees in August. Certificates and letters of nomination

for each honoree were sent to their facility for distribution. A presentation of the honorees was posted to the NNA

website. Also, each facility was sent slides for their honorees, allowing each facility to hold their own event. A

decision about the 2021 event is pending. We are not under contract with a venue at this time. The MIG will carry

the tradition forward – it might look a bit different.

Planning members: Kim Houtwed and Brodi Willard

Helping hands: Terry Anderson and Alice Kindschuh

Nurses Political Reception

The restrictions in place for a large gathering did not support the format envisioned for the Legislative Reception; so

plans did not move forward. Two members of our planning group, Alice Kindschuh, DNP, APRN-CNS, GCNS-BC and

Echo Kohler, DNP, RN, developed a great article with a brief list of questions for nurses to ask any candidate in this

year’s election. Please see the article in the August 2020 issue of the Nebraska Nurse. The University of Nebraska

Omaha Thompson Alumni Center allowed us to apply our deposit to our next event and no further fees were owed.

As a result, the next Nurses Political Reception will be held on August 23, 2022 at the Thompson Alumni Center.

Planning members: Anna Mackevicius and Susie Ward

Omaha Metro Area Nurses MIG Fun Run/Walk

The annual Omaha Metro Area Nurses MIG Fun Run/Walk was held on September 12. The Fun Run/Walk was

updated to a virtual format. Registration cost was $5 for adults (11 and up) and free for children 10 and younger.

Participants could walk or leisurely jog, or competitively run by yourself, as well as choose the route. Look for an

update in the November issue of the Nebraska Nurse.

32 | NNA Annual Meeting

Planning members: Alice Kindschuh and Terry Anderson

Helping hands: Kim Houtwed and Travis Gallup (MSD)

Annual Dinner

After a lengthy discussion, we opted to cancel the in-person 2020 Annual Dinner. Perhaps a virtual meeting to catch

up on news from members and gather input on innovative ways to connect.

Planning member: Jodi Kempnich


Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the Omaha Metro MIG

events or membership to NNA.

Lincoln Area MIG Chair Report

Jodi A. Nelson, MSN, RN

The Lincoln Area MIG, with the support of NNA, works diligently to uphold the organization’s mission, vision, and

core priorities of: collaboration, advocacy, recognition, and education. We planned two different types of events this

past year but COVID-19 altered our plans.

The Celebrate Nursing event was cancelled.

We held two out of three journal club meetings. These were non-peer reviewed journal clubs. The first club, November,

2019, was hosted by Lina Bostwick and an article about Just Culture was discussed. The second meeting was in

February, 2020 and transgender health concerns was the topic of discussion. The third journal club was cancelled due

to COVID-19. We are considering continuing journal clubs using Zoom until we can get together again in person. The

photo is attendees at one of our journal clubs.

October 21, 2020 | 33


Tri-City MIG Report

Steph Burge, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

Tri-City MIG enthusiastic planning committee includes (Denise Waterfield, Melissa Florell, Heather Kaestner, and

Steph Burge). The planning committee has met twice this year, the last meeting being on 2/23/20. Big ideas included

planning for two events a) cornhole tournament at Platte Valley Brewing scheduled for June 11, 2020, at 6:00 PM,

and b) an afternoon/evening at the World Theater in Kearney, committee members considered a late Fall 2020 date.

The pandemic has stopped event planning and subsequent hosting in the spirit of protection. The committee wishes

to reconvene at the end of the pandemic, our vision for 2021 is to host above-identified “big idea” events in safety.

Western Nebraska Region 1 MIG

Wendy Wells, BS, BSN, MSN, RN

Due to COVID-19 many of our regular events were cancelled. We plan to resume them as soon as it is safe to do so.

We sent several members to the 2019 NNA convention in Kearney in October of 2019, welcomed new members to

our area, and met live two times at the Steel Grill in Scottsbluff to discuss business.

Our annual “Welcome/Welcome back” picnic is scheduled for August 24 at the Scottsbluff YMCA Trails West

outdoor facility.

If interested in learning more, please contact Wendy Wells BS, BSN, MSN, RN at

34 | NNA Annual Meeting


Nebraska Nurses Foundation

Teresa L. Anderson, EdD, MSN, RN, NE-BC

NNF Board of Directors

The Nebraska Nurses Foundation continues to work to address our annual goals around fundraising, marketing, and

our project grants for NNA members.

2020 Goals include:

• Webpage Maintenance – updates have been made with the support of the Midwest MSD

• Silent Auction Planning and Growth – The PayPal Here app and scanners were used for the auction in

October 2019 and worked well. We will continue with that low-cost service for other events. PayPal retains

2.7% of each donation. The Silent Auction was successful when partnered with the “fun night” activities.

The auction raised $1668, fun night $444.34; and $353.25 was donated by NNF Board members. Thank you

to everyone who supported the auction by donating items and/or purchasing items. Overall convention raised

$2557.35. October 2020 Silent Auction was canceled due to the pandemic and virtual NNA conference.

• Marketing Nightingale Tribute including Philanthropy – Packets were prepared and mailed to 161 funeral

homes/mortuaries in Nebraska. To date, one donation of $25 has been realized from the campaign, but our

goal to make funeral directors and families of deceased nurses aware of the program was met.

• Celebrate A Nurse – continued with donations received.

• $1000 project grant – was not awarded because there were no applications received.

• Explore Applicable Grants to expand the reach and benefits of the NNF – this project was tabled and will be

revisited in 2021 pending pandemic conditions.

$2500 Donation from Raising Cane’s

NNF is thrilled to report that $2500 was donated by Raising Canes restaurants in the Lincoln area and west. The

stores sold neck gaiters during May and all proceeds were donated for recognition of nurses across Nebraska during

the pandemic. In June 2020, at a special meeting, the NNF Board approved moving forward with a publication to

feature Nebraska nurses’ COVID-19 stories. The Raising Cane’s funds will be used to assist in that publication. Thank

you, Raising Canes, and all who purchased the gaiters (NOTE – these funds have not been deposited as of the June

30, 2020 statements summarized below).

Our four priority projects continue and are highlighted below.

Honor a Nurse in Passing with the Nightingale Tribute

The Nightingale Tribute was written to be used as a remembrance, honoring a loved one’s service to the nursing


Celebrate a Nurse

Professional nurses touch the lives of millions every day. By combining compassionate care with clinical reasoning and

scientific expertise, nurses make a difference all day every day – at home and at work. Donate to the NNF to celebrate

or remember a nurse in passing and we will send a personal message sharing your pride in them.

NNF Project Grants

The grants are designed to provide funding for evidence-based practice, quality improvement, or innovation projects

conducted within education or clinical settings. Funds are available for several grants up to $1,000 each.

October 21, 2020 | 35



In collaboration with the Nebraska Nurses Association, the NNF annually provides several scholarships for NNA

members for both undergraduate and graduate education in nursing.

Board Activities

In January the NNF Board bid farewell to two active, founding members; Josh Hanshaw and Alice Kindschuh. We

thank you for your many years of service to the NNF Board. Thank you also to Jackie Steckelberg who departed the

Board due to retirement. The Board welcomed Justin Gripp, community member and treasurer, Anna Mackevicius,

nurse member, and first vice president, and Heather Jensen, nurse member.

Meetings were held in April, September, and December 2019. April 2020 face-to-face meeting was canceled. A

special meeting was held in June 2020 to approve the use of the Raising Cane’s donation and to cancel Silent Auction

2020 due to pandemic conditions.

Financial Statement 2019

Account Balances – December 31, 2019

General Checking - $23,677.09

Shirley Dooling Memorial - $1,196.15

Scholarship Endowment - $19,283.69

NNA Scholarship Fund - $10,916.27

January – December 2019 Donation Revenues = $3381.00

January – December 2019 Expenses = $1193.92

Advertising/Office Expenses = 123.00

Computer/Internet = 38.33

Gail Graham Scholarship = $500.00

MSD Services = $350.01

Credit Card Charges = $182.58

Financial Statement 2020 YTD

Account Balances – June 30, 2020

General Checking - $22,655.72

Shirley Dooling Memorial - $1,196.15

Scholarship Endowment - $19,283.69

NNA Scholarship Fund - $10,916.27

Gail Graham Higher Education Fund - $4500.00

January – June 2020 Donation Revenues = $180.00

January – June 2020 Expenses = $1201.37

Nightingale Tribute Printing = $610.14

Nightingale Tribute Postage = $375.80

Audit = $150

Service/Credit Card Charges = $65.43

36 | NNA Annual Meeting


2020 Membership Assembly

Linda Stones, MS, BSN, RN, CRRN

The 2020 Membership Assembly of the American Nurses Association was very unique. It was the first time that the

meeting was held virtually. Due to the multiple time zones of attendees, the meeting started at 5 pm CST, allowing

our colleagues in California and Hawaii to attend at a reasonable hour. While we are all getting accustomed to virtual

meetings, holding a virtual meeting with over 400 attendees is nothing short of a miracle. I was truly amazed at the

work that ANA staff did to orchestrate this large of a meeting in such a short amount of time. They did an amazing

job! As a result of the virtual setting, the business of ANA was limited.

Due to the limited nature of the meeting, only two resolutions were presented. The most important resolution was

an emergent proposal. This proposal was titled: Racial Justice for Communities of Color. The proposal calls for ANA

to oppose and address all forms of racism and discrimination, champion the Code of Ethics for nurses, partner with

nurses to educate, advocate, and collaborate to end systemic racism, particularly within nursing, advance legislative

policies that promote diversity, equity inclusion and social justice for all and advocate for ending health inequities. The

other was related to dues escalation. The proposal that was discussed was a 1% increase that would be implemented

every five years. In the past, increases were every three years and could be up to 2%. At this writing the results of

these proposals was not known, as voting was completing following the event.

As the elected representative from Nebraska, I want to first thank you for allowing me to represent the great nurses

in our state. It is an honor to participate in the governing organization of our profession.

October 21, 2020 | 37


Nebraska Nurses Association – Political Action Committee

2020 is celebrated as the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in the United States. During this celebration

of suffrage, NNA PAC has distributed hundreds of Registered Nurse/Registered Voter buttons. ANA has promoted

nurses collective voice with #NursesVote. During this year of COVID 19 nurses have seen the importance of having

elected officials who also represent the priorities of the nurses nationwide.

During the 2019-2020 year, the Nebraska Nurses Association PAC has been involved in fundraising, educational

activities and working with candidates running for office. The NNA PAC Board is comprised of 7-10 members. The

members meet as needed to review elections and determine activities for the year. The NNA PAC does not endorse

candidates for elected positions but does provide financial support for candidates that have been supportive of

nursing issues. The PAC is also responsible for educating nurses to vote and assists them on being informed voters

in state legislative positions.

This year, NNA PAC has provided financial support to Senators Lynn Walz, Dan Quick, Carol Blood and Mike

McDonnell. The financial support comes from fundraising events. In 2019, several fundraisers assisted the funding

of the PAC. The NNA PAC has continued to spread the message that was introduced by ANA, “Registered Nurse/

Registered Voter.” Advocacy starts in the voting booth by electing officials that align with nursing positions. Long

term goals of the PAC are to start working with nurses to create an interest in a nurse running for a state legislative

position. Nebraska is one of a few states that do not have a nurse elected to a state legislative seat. If there are nurses

interested in running for the State legislature, we encourage you to reach out to the NNA PAC. We will do what we

can to support nurse candidates.

Lastly, I want to thank Don Wesely, Government Relations contractor and mentor to all of us, as well as the NNA PAC

board members for their service.

NNA PAC Board Members are:

Melissa Florell, Treasurer

Lin Hughes, Secretary

Carol Lanouf

Alice Kindschuh

Linda Stones

Jean Phelan

Erica Parrish

Kari Wade

Respectfully Submitted,

Rita Weber, Chair

38 | NNA Annual Meeting


State Directors Report

Kim Houtwed, MBA, BSN, RN

The 2019-2020 year as the NNA State Director has been exciting and uniquely challenging. My first year with the

association has been one I have truly enjoyed and feel honored to be a part of. Committees and Mutual Interest

Groups diligently planned and budgeted for the 2020 activities in 2019, only to have to again plan and budget for

changes in 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Planning that had to be done quickly, with presentation methods

we learned to become efficient with, and wishing we had a crystal ball to guide us on staying with the in-person

plans or going virtual for the remainder of the year. Fortunately, our NNA Legislative Day was the only event we held

in-person- with the remainder either cancelled, rescheduled or held virtually. We missed the face-to-face interactions

at the events, but as an organization, we are very nimble and have embraced the new opportunities as we continue

to social distance.

With 2020 being the Year of the Nurse and Midwife, we were proud to be recognized during Nurses Month by

Governor Ricketts with a Proclamation that acknowledges that:

• Registered nurses constitute our nation’s largest health care profession

• The depth and breadth of the registered nursing profession meets the different and emerging health care

needs of the American population in a wide range of settings, with a renewed emphasis on primary and

preventive health care which will require better utilization of all our nation’s registered nursing resources

• Professional nursing is an indispensable component of the safety and quality of care of hospitalized patients

• The demand for registered nursing services will be greater than ever because of the aging of the American

population, the continuing expansion of life-sustaining technologies, and the explosive growth of home

health care services. More qualified registered nurses are needed in the future to meet the increasingly

complex needs of health care consumers in this community

• The cost-effective, safe, and high-quality health care services provided by registered nurses will be an

increasingly important component of the United States health care delivery system in the future.

Highlights of the Last Year


• In 2020 we experienced the highest total membership numbers over the last eight years.

October 21, 2020 | 39


• Success Pays was implemented in September 2020. In partnership with the ANCC Credentialing Center we

are now able to help nurses achieve certification, reduce test-taking anxiety, and eliminate financial barriers.


• NNA worked with the Nebraska Medical Association on LB838 to provide an exemption from licensure under

the Medicine and Surgery Practice Act. This was approved by the Governor on 8/10/20.

• NNA partnered with Nebraska DHHS and the Nebraska Medical Association to create the COVID 19 volunteers

listing. NNA had 75 nurses across the state register to be volunteers.

• NNA began discussions to develop interagency educational programs with the Nebraska Pharmacy Association,

Nebraska Hospital Association, Nebraska Healthcare Association and the Nebraska Medical Association.

Offerings are planned to begin in 2021.


• NNA website was moved to a secure server, adding additional layers of protection as well as faster load times,

cost savings, and enhanced user experience. This change facilitates our hosting of on-demand events with

almost instant loading.

• NNA provided two free webinars this year with CE credit. The COVID 19 Stress Free webinar is available to

members and Caring for the Dying webinar is available to members and non-members.

• Utilized Facebook Ads to promote events- reaching both members and non-members.

• With the economies-of-scale we have with the Midwest Multi-State Division, we now participate in Nursing

Network. This platform allows us to promote our events and association membership to every licensed nurse

in Nebraska.

40 | NNA Annual Meeting


Midwest Multi-State Division (MW MSD)

Chief Executive Officer Update

Jill Kliethermes MSN, RN, FNP-BC

Chief Executive Officer

Midwest Multistate Division

The MW MSD has been fully implemented and operational since January 2017. Utilizing shared resources has shown

to increase membership and strengthen the imprint of state nurses associations (SNAs) on nursing practice and public

policy within the states.

This year has been challenging with the pandemic. The MSD came together quickly in March/April to develop online

webinars and conferences to continue programs for registered nurses due to the cancellation of several in person

events. The MSD has an amazing staff who have worked tirelessly to produce additional programs to meet projected

budget. The MSD structure/teamwork has proven to be very effective in a time of crisis! I am proud of the staff and

SNA boards who work diligently to ensure successful SNAs.

The MW MSD board of directors have had two meetings this year and plan to hold an in-person board meeting on

August 21-22. We continue to be open to discussions with other state nurses associations who may benefit from

joining a MSD.

The current MW MSD board members are Terry Rees (MO), President, Jan Kemmerer (KS), Vice-President, Anna

Mackevicius (NE), Sec/Treasurer, Douglass Haas (NE), Rebecca McClanahan (MO), Stephen Pennington (AR) and

Michelle Harp (AR). Each member SNA is allotted two board seats.

NNA continues to have independent, incorporated and fiduciary Board of Directors at the state level to

manage strategic and financial decisions, events, local advocacy and legislative actions. Bylaws, elections,

reference proposals, membership and budgetary planning remain the responsibility of the NNA.

The MW MSD Board of Directors believe that the economy of scale created by the joint operations has enhanced

member value (responsiveness, technology support, additional education, and expert consultation) and reduce

expenses, while reducing the burden on volunteer leaders.

The Nebraska Nurses Association participated fully in the development of the MW MSD as a corporation and continue

their dedication to make it a successful and self-sustaining model for association operations. Douglass Haas, President,

and Anna Mackevicius, Past President are currently serving as the Nebraska representatives on the MW MSD board.

Should you have any questions regarding the MW MSD feel free to contact your NNA board representatives or


October 21, 2020 | 41


Midwest Multistate Division CNE

Judi Dunn MS, CPP, RN, NPD-BC

Nurse Peer Review Leader and Lead Nurse Planner

Approver Unit

The Midwest Multistate Division is an Accredited Approver through the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s

Commission on Accreditation. Our Accredited Approver Unit reviews individual activity and Approved Provider

applications from providers located in Arkansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri,

Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Individual activity applications arrive sporadically through the year and Approved Provider

applications arrive on a three-cycle schedule through the year. The Midwest MSD Approver Unit develops multiple

resources to help agencies plan and implement quality CNE activities, including white papers on specific topics our

providers are facing, a monthly newsletter, monthly conference calls with providers. The CNE Team also answers

a myriad of questions daily from applicants and sister organizations. Changes in the ANCC educational design

processes to make CNE more relevant and to measure positive patient outcomes has led to the need for an increase in

educational resources and support provided by the Midwest MSD CNE Team. Approved Provider Units and Individual

Activity Applicants require and receive significant personal assistance via direct phone calls, group conference calls,

emails, web-based resources and in-person training.

In collaboration with our Provider Unit, we will be hosting our Approved Provider Training again this year. Due to the

unusual circumstances related to COVID-19 the 2020 conference will be an online on-demand event.

As of June 30, 2020, the Midwest MSD is currently working with 54 Approved Providers, which include hospitals,

universities, health systems, and specialty nursing organizations, providing resources to help them plan their continuing

nursing education programs. We have also reviewed individual activity applications from 26 other agencies in the


All members of the CNE team handle individual questions, concerns, educational development, training and

administrative issues throughout the year. The CNE team holds bi-weekly conference calls to discuss significant topics

of concern, movement of Corrective Action Plans and Progress Reports due from Approved Provider Units, and

identification of topic areas for further educational resources.

Throughout 2020 the Nurse Peer Reviewers of the Midwest MSD have participated in educational updates to

maintain their competence when reviewing Individual Education Activity Applications as well as Approved Provider

Applications. So far in the first half of 2020, the Midwest MSD has welcomed two new Approved Provider Units.

Provider Unit

The Midwest MSD is an Accredited Provider through the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on

Accreditation. Our Accredited Provider Unit plans programs for the state nurse’s associations in Arkansas, Kansas,

Missouri, and Nebraska. State Directors and planning teams work with our MSD Nurse Planner, Carol Walker and

MSD staff to plan their state conferences, as well as Region and MIG events that utilize MSD services and/or provide

nursing contact hours.

42 | NNA Annual Meeting


NNP Liaison Representative: Douglass Haas

Nebraska Nurse Practitioners (NNP)

Nebraska Nurse Practitioners (NNP) is the state organization for all specialties of nurse practitioners. The purpose

of this organization is to promote, develop and support the role of the nurse practitioner (NP) within the state of

Nebraska, including but not limiting to high standards of clinical practice, professional leadership and representation,

legislation affecting health care, continuing education and peer support. Any licensed nurse practitioner is invited to

join NNP. Retired nurse practitioners and students enrolled in an educational program that prepares them to be nurse

practitioners are invited to join as well.

Benefits of Membership

• Legislative and regulatory advocacy regarding NP practice in Nebraska

• Access to Members Only portion of the website, including job postings

• Access to a searchable database for members

• Association communications delivered right to your email

• Reduced registration fee to annual NNP conference

• Discounted membership fee to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

In addition, students benefit from the following:

• Access to the NNP email server to help recruit and access MSN and DNP project participants

• Eligibility to apply for NNP student scholarships, see additional requirements

• Access to a student preceptor list to facilitate finding clinical sites

Here is a recap of the accomplishments and highlights from Nebraska Nurse Practitioners since October 2019.

1) Membership

• 1,970 Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in Nebraska, 1,474 (75%) are Nurse Practitioners (2018 RN


• 340+ members of Nebraska Nurse Practitioners

• We transitioned to a new website that has made membership renewals and communication more streamlined.

This new site also connects us to other NP organizations regionally and nationally and provides a preceptor

directory that should assist student members in locating preceptors. Check out to

browse through the new website.

2) Legislative Committee

• NNP was a Sponsor and board members and members were attendees at the NNA Nurses Day at the

Legislature in February.

• NNP continued to work with the Nebraska Board of Nursing, other professional groups, and interested

parties about issues related to NP practice and removing barriers to practice.

• The Nebraska Board of Nursing brought forth a credentialing review application for APRNs based on a

recommendation by Senator Howard from the LB 730 hearing in 2019. It is the intent of the Nebraska Board

October 21, 2020 | 43

44 | NNA Annual Meeting


of Nursing to provide evidence for a single APRN statute and scope of practice for all APRNs in Nebraska.

Alignment with the APRN Consensus Model for Regulation positions Nebraska for entry into the APRN

Compact which promotes provider mobility across state lines and improves access to essential health care

services for Nebraskans. As a stakeholder group in the APRN 407 application process, NNP is helping to

answer questions and provide data and information to the credentialing review committee.

• Terry Thomas, NNP Legislative Committee Chair, attended the AANP Health Policy Conference in Washington,

DC in March 2020. She lobbied the Nebraska Senators and Representatives about issues salient to NP practice;

Home Health Care, diabetic shoes for Medicare patients, Cardiac Rehab and reimbursement issues. These are

issues that can only be dealt with at the national level.

• Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but fortunately for NPs, in early March there was a Presidential

proclamation, the Cares Act, giving NPs/PAs the ability to order and manage Home Health Care for their

patients. This is something that AANP has been working on for greater than 10 years. This was a permanent

fix to and will not end once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

• After this proclamation, NNP worked with the BON and the Interim Director of Nebraska Medicaid to get

things in place for Nebraska NPs to order DME. NNP wrote a letter to the Governor to help expedite this. Home

Health Care cannot be provided without the ability to order DME. NNP would like to work with the Nebraska

Medicaid department to find a permanent solution as the emergency pandemic proclamation ends.

• The pandemic will change so many things and the future will be a time of great change for medical systems

and for NP practice. NNP plans to stay involved as these changes occur.

3) Public Relations

• The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) annual conference will be virtual this fall. A

membership update was shared virtually on July 25, 2020, and updated members on important events from

the year and a look ahead to the next year.

• The State Excellence Awards were given and NNP wishes to congratulate Marisa L’Heureux, MSN, APRN-NP

for receiving the Nebraska NP Advocate Award and Terry Thomas, MSN, APRN-NP for receiving the Nebraska

NP Award. Both are well deserving of these honors!

• NNP Scholarship committee awarded three $1,000 scholarships this year. We had a tie so it was decided to

give three awards! Congratulations to Lauren Awe from Nebraska Methodist College, Michelle Krumland

from UNMC and Michaela Ranallo from UNMC on being selected as scholarship winners!

4) Education

• NNP’s annual education conference was planned for April 24-25 at the Cornhusker Marriott in Lincoln, however,

due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event is postponed to February 19-20, 2021 at the same location.

• We were able to provide about 3.75 hours of continuing education via recorded presentations to members.

These presentations are available free of charge through December to NNP members.

• The 25th Annual Pharmacology conference was held virtually on July 9-10, 2020. It was broadcast to all

UNMC campuses across the state.

5) Nominations

• Elections were held in February. NNP welcomed Michelle Gulbrandson to the Nomination Committee. Julie

Brauer was re-elected as Secretary and Jody Yank was re-elected as Treasurer.

• Executive Board positions up for election in February 2021 include President-Elect, Bylaws Chair and one

Nominations Committee position.

On-behalf of Nebraska Nurse Practitioners, it is with special thanks to NNA for their continued leadership and advocacy

activities. It is together, through such relationships that we provide a voice for our patients and our profession.

Respectfully submitted,

Tara Whitmire, DNP, APRN-NP, CHFN

NNP President


Nebraska School Nurses Association

The Nebraska School Nurse Association (NSNA) - the official Nebraska affiliate of the National Association of School

Nurses (NASN), continues to use our collective voice and nursing practice expertise to keep Nebraska students safe,

healthy, and ready to learn. This is especially evident in these uncertain times of COVID-19 and the start of a new

school year. Nebraska School Nurses are in the process of preparing for the return to school by putting in processes

to ensure the identification and triage of students who may report to school with COVID-19 signs and symptoms in

an effort to mitigate the spread of the novel virus.

In order to mitigate the spread - school nurses are working with their district leadership, local health department

and other local and national agencies to provide early identification and isolation of any student with COVID-19

signs and symptoms; and establishing guidelines on when affected students can safely return to the classroom. This

work is being done in addition to the other regulatory requirements school nurses manage that optimize school-age

children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn.

In June 2020 - the Nebraska School Nurse Association co-sponsored the Annual Nebraska’s School Health Conference.

This was offered virtually for the first time and a record number of 213 school nurses attended. In addition, Wendy

Rau - who is the supervisor of health services at Lincoln Public School and also sits as a representative from NSNA on

the NASN Board of Directors designed and submitted a graphic to the NASN Annual Conference depicting the work

of NSNA (see attached).

Being a member of the Nebraska School Nurse Association continues to be a great benefit to school nurses. As the

official affiliate of NASN, NSNA members have real time access to all the resources NASN provides especially during

this pandemic on best practices.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine S. Heck, RN, BSN, MA

Assistant Supervisor of Health Services

President - Nebraska School Nurses Association

October 21, 2020 | 45

46 | NNA Annual Meeting


NNA Region Map

Region 1

Nebraska western border to Nebraska HWY 83

Region 2

Nebraska HWY 83 to Nebraska HWY 281

Region 3

Nebraska HWY 281 to Nebraska HWY 77

Region 4

Nebraska HWY 77 to the Nebraska eastern border

Communities that rest on border HWYs are considered to be part of the Region to the west of the boundary.

October 21, 2020 | 47

48 | NNA Annual Meeting


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